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If My People – Ella Rose Mast

ERM – If My People

IF MY PEOPLE  Part 1  7-98

by Ella Rose Mast


“If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sins, and will heal their land. (II Chronicles 7:14)

Then we also read: “Mine eyes shall be open and my ears attest to their prayers that is made in this place. For now I have chosen and sanctified this house that my name may be there forever; and my eyes and my heart shall be there perpetually. ” (Verse 15:16)

Yes, this is Old Testament. But also in that “time” frame then Israel was turning back to their God. And then Solomon built the temple in old Jerusalem for a HOUSE for YAHWEH (the LORD). Then he built a house for himself. And next rebuilt the cities of Israel, and the Kingdom of YAHWEH was thus set in place in the old land of Palestine. Thus we have an example for use today as to what is expected as this Kingdom is once more revealed and exposed to the eyes of the World Order. Thus today here in 1998 then what would you expect to happen as the Kingdom is exposed to the view of the world order? Will it not be like in the olden days? Could we not use this as an example for today, for the truth is always in the knowledge of the past?

Now; Solomon was given much knowledge. More than any man had ever had before. Thus he first built the Temple for the house of YAHWEH, and then he built his own home. Then he turned his attention to rebuilding the cities of ancient Israel. And as they were rebuilt, this signifies the cleansing of Israel was beginning. At that time, as it will be in this time ahead of us, then everything that does not fit in the Kingdom will have to go.

The first time the kingdom of YAHWEH was exposed to the gaze of the World Order was at Mount Sinai. The second time the Kingdom of YAHWEH was exposed to the gaze of the World Order, thus was this ‘Time” in the days of Solomon. And this Kingdom Administration then became the show place of the World at that time. And kings and other leaders of the world came to Palestine to speak with Solomon, the man who had been given this great knowledge.

Thus who was Solomon —but the son of David and Bathsheba. Yes, we know that David is listed as a man after YAHWEH’S own heart. And yes, we know that he did things that he should not have done. But he never doubted his God. The first son of David and Bathsheba died. And as you read this story in the old books you understand a bit better why YAHWEH could still forgive David for his sins, but he also punished him, or, should we say, chastised him. But David knew why YAHWEH did this and he never questioned his motive. The thing that David understood was that he must ask for forgiveness for his sin of sending the husband of Bathsheba to the front in the war and for hoping for his demise. Thus, the first son of David and Bathsheba then died. And during that time of the death of his little son, then David stayed on his knees beside the bed of this child asking for forgiveness, and for the life of his child, if that were to be. When the child died, then David arose and quit his grieving, for YAHWEH had spoken and David accepted his words. And he buried his child.

In this setting then in old Palestine, the kingdom of YAHWEH was exposed to the eyes of the World Order. And Solomon was regarded as being picked by YAHWEH as the ruler and given so much knowledge. And his fame spread around that part of the known world. Then everyone wanted to see this glorious kingdom. And the man who had received this knowledge from YAHWEH, they longed to talk to. There seems to be no question of this anywhere in the scripture. Thus you read that Solomon did all that was necessary to reestablish the laws of Israel, and see that this Israel Kingdom was established before the gaze of the World of that time.

It was into this setting that the Queen of Sheba came with many questions for this man, Solomon. This man who had built a house for his God. So who was this Queen of Sheba who came from the land of Arabia where she had heard of this land called the “Kingdom of Israel.” And this man who had this great knowledge. There is no doubt but that she knew who she was, thus she would have many questions for this man of knowledge.

From the old books then you find that the queen of Sheba was not from the lineage of Jacob from which Israel was now to follow until the birth of the Christ to fulfill this prophecy. But the scripture then says that this Queen came asking many questions. So who was she?

You will remember that in the lineage of Jesus there was this man called Heber, or Eber. And he had two sons, named Yoktan and Peleg. You follow the lineage of Peleg down to Abraham, thus Isaac and Jacob on down to David and then Solomon. But what about that other son Yoktan? 1Chron. 1:19-22 will tell you that one of the sons of this other son of Heber, was named Sheba. In history in the old records you have thus these children of Yoktan and follow them down thru the Persian Gulf and on down to the land that is called Yemen today.

Then there comes the Queen of Sheba to Jerusalem, and with her came a great caravan of gold, spices, and precious stones. And She came from the Sheba kingdom. And she had heard much about the wealth of this kingdom in Palestine, and the knowledge of Solomon, this king of that kingdom, and about this house that Solomon had built for YAHWEH. Then after hearing Solomon explain the program of YAHWEH for his world, then she replied:—“I believed not their words, until I came, and with mine own eyes had seen it. And behold the 1/2 of this wisdom was not told to me; for thou exceedeth the fame that I had heard.” Then she said, ” Blessed be the LORD thy God, which delighted in thee to set thee on HIS throne, to be king, for the LORD thy God loved Israel, to ESTABLISH IT FOREVER, therefore made HE thee King over them to do judgment and justice.”

Thus the Queen of Sheba was putting together the facts she knew of her own lineage, with the knowledge that Solomon possessed of the plans of YAHWEH for his world. And she now better understood her part in this plan.

The old records then tell us of the falling in love of Sheba and Solomon. And then when she was found to be with child then the Priests of Israel at that time would not let Solomon marry her because she was not of that close lineage thru Jacob of prophecy. Thus, Solomon was forced to send her away. But with this Queen of Sheba would go 1000 Israelites from Solomon’s court so as to form a court for this Child that she carried. This child, then named Manalex I, was born. And as he grew up he married a girl from this court of Israelites who accompanied the Queen. And later we find that they crossed over into Ethiopia and established a kingdom in that land.

From the September-October Archaeology Magazine in 1982, we found the story entitled “Empires, Capitals, Landscapes and Ancient Ethiopia.” And you could then trace that Ethiopian kingdom back to 500 B.C. to the time it was still joined with the country now called Yemen. Even between the fourth and fifth centuries this Ethiopian Kingdom was recognized as one of the four world powers. Beginning in the fourteenth century then fabulous reports came out of that area called Ethiopia. And we read of a Christian King of the interior of Africa known as Prestor (Priest) John. And this story intrigued many Europeans.

In A.D. 1543, –Catholic missionaries came into Ethiopia to try to wean these Conservative Mountain people from their long held tradition of Coptic Christianity, but were expelled by them in 1632.

In 1935-36, –Ethiopia fell to Mussolini and then Ethiopia was opened to the gaze of the modern world. And now you could see the obelisk’s, the rock cut churches and castles of this ancient land. And you found its Semitic language, background, and the early religious and political beliefs which had been introduced had come from the land now called Yemen. We also found that from this ancient group from this child of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, that this kingdom held their lineage clean for many long years. For remember that from the Bible that the Eunuch came to old Jerusalem, came to the Temple in Jerusalem, at the time that the Disciples had been sent out to the Lost Sheep of Israel. He was from this ancient kingdom in Ethiopia. And after he returned from Jerusalem, they tried to establish a New Jerusalem, in this mountain kingdom of Ethiopia. They planted Juniper trees. And the stream running thru there was called the Jordan river, and a grove of olive trees became the “The mount of Olives.”

Long after the birth of The Christ Child, and then his ministry, then mongrelization came to this ancient kingdom and thus began its fall. It was about 11 generations back from Haile Selassie that this break came. And tho they tried over the years to correct this violation, still the ancient Kingdom finally fell.

What a Lesson for America of Today. Billy Graham, then remember, said in August of 1960, that the first convert to Christianity was this Eunuch from Ethiopia. By that time, Billy had given up on what he knew and entered the stream of preaching to the world order. He was just quoting something he did not want to understand. However you must remember the great testimony this ancient Queen of Sheba gave as to Solomon’s role in this great Program of God Almighty.

“Because thy God loved Israel, and established THEM FOREVER, AND MADE HE, THEE (Solomon) King over them to do justice and judgment.”

But we also know that altho the Kingdom of Israel was set in place, perhaps as an example to you and to the world, still it lasted in its glory only 50 years. It was not to be the New Jerusalem–in that old place. For you do not put new wine in old bottles. Thus as Solomon grew old, he began to fall away from his great knowledge and thus did the kings who followed after him.

But you are not to be discourages as you see how the Israelites lost control of that old land and their kingdom. For as you read further then you see that the break up of the kingdom there in Judea was of YAHWEH’S planning. You find then from history that after Judgment, then he would be moving his kingdom people into chastisement and then moving them ever Westward, always Westward. Moving them until finally some would build this new land in America so as this would be the last great nation of his kingdom, thus fulfilling prophecy.

As you read then you see from II Chron. 11:2-4 that this break up of the Kingdom of Israel there in old Palestine came about because of God’s planning. He would tell the priest that he should tell the king that this break up came from him. And Rehoboam, this son of Solomon, was not to go to fight with the break away northern kingdom under the command of Jeroboam. For this break of the house of Israel into two kingdom’s was “Done of ME.” Thus the Israelites under the command of Rehoboam returned home and the program of YAHWEH proceeded on its path to fulfillment.

Thus we see that after this Kingdom of Israel was set in place, and it had all the wealth and glory which should accompany this kingdom, and a man as king with so much knowledge, still, as it became so high with its Glory and wealth, then the people began to forget their origin, and they began breaking once more the laws of the Almighty. Thus they went into Captivity, in Babylon, for their period of chastisement. (70 years.)

As we look forward here in 1998 looking for the ‘time for the kingdom of Israel’ to be once more in power, we believe that this time the Kingdom will come to the forefront with power and will no more walk into that trap laid by the Serpent people. For now the oppressors will be gone. And as you think like YAHSHUA THINKS—WITH THE SPIRIT—YOU WILL NOT BE TEMPTED TO FOLLOW THE World Order. You will be interested in this “Rest ” promised to the children of God.

In fact everything that hinders this kingdom will be once more moved out of the way, and only that which follows the laws of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA remains, thus a foundation to build upon. You will remember that this Great nation was laid out in its beginning on the laws from the Old Testament.

Today we already have a king, who is YAHSHUA. So the kingdom already has her king. But we are to have a rule of total justice for all. But your governors and representatives will be of yourself, and they will stand for their God and for their Country. Thus, we will build a New World Order on that Design. We then wonder who will be the men who will stand up, as we move into the 21st Century.

As we look back in history, we find that this nation has from its beginning been harassed by the children of darkness. This nation has been blamed for many things. And some of our own citizens blame the U. S. for starting the process of Slavery. But from history again we find that this is not true. For we learn that Slavery was in practice long before America became a nation. For instance in the U.S. Declaration of Independence it tells you this. In it original it tells you of how a Christian king of England, after he came under the influence of the people from whom he borrowed money that he then joined African companies working on the sale of their people as slaves. Then in later years this bit of information was removed from our Declaration of Independence, wonder why? The truth is that the Slave trade was brought to the new nation so as to help to bring down the people of this new nation. Especially was it aimed at the Southern states, the home of the Aristocrats of this new land.

Many were the methods brought to bear against God’s last great nation to keep it from developing into their position from which would come forth this Kingdom of YAHWEH in earth; to develop as He had taught you to pray,–“Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth, as it is in heaven.” Thus the symbol of the triangles, one pointing up and one down which would become filled with the Light as in the upper one. All of the darkness then of this earthy kingdom would be gone.

Today we are faced with the task of sweeping away all that hinders, from this kingdom. Thus you will see removed all that has been oppressing and holding back this kingdom, and America’s rendezvous with our Heritage, a new covenant, not a law of conditions, but a law of Destiny.

Remember the Queen of the south shall rise up in judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it. (She did her part in this great program. So have you done yours?) And shall condemn it. For she came from the inner most parts of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon. And behold! A greater than Solomon is here. That was her testimony. (Matt. 12:42)

One of the signs asked or was answered by the above, and by the story of Jonah. The message is repentance and turn back, stand for your God, your faith and your book where it is laid out. Remember who you are and your mission here in earth.

IF MY PEOPLE  Part 2   8-98

by Ella Rose Mast


Once more we turn to the scriptures for the meaning thereof. Thirteen is the number of the U.S.A. In Part 1 of “If My people,” we saw two signs given MY PEOPLE. The sign of Jonah stands for repentance—turn in your thinking. Then also the sign of the Queen of the South. –The Queen of Sheba was given as a sign that you must return to your knowledge of your inheritance, your lineage. The queen of Sheba knew who she was and she followed the path laid out of YAHWEH”S PLAN FOR THE EARTH.—Shouldn’t we? She acknowledges that ONE greater than Solomon was in charge. And it was HE who gave Solomon his great knowledge. She certainly did not acknowledge evolution as many do today.

Now, —“in those days, and after that tribulation, the sun shall be darkened and the moon shall not give her light. And the stars of Heaven shall fall, and the powers that are in heaven shall be shaken. And then shall they see the ‘Son of Man’ coming in the clouds with great power and Glory.”

But first you must go thru earth changes, earthquakes, famine, and many troubles. And that is said to be the beginning of Sorrows (Mark 13:8). But after much searching, we find that the beginning of sorrows would be translated instead as the beginning of ‘Birthing.’ So something must be born at this time. And here also then, this birthing is the coming of the Holy Spirit to return the Children of the Kingdom back to their understanding of their inheritance. In fact to the awakening of them to the knowledge of the birth of the Holy Spirit for them like as to what happened to the disciples after the Christ left the earth. Only this time it is called the ‘Latter Rain’ and is to be much stronger than the former rain.

The children of the Kingdom possess this spirit which is of their Father, but they have seemed, in many cases to have forgotten it, or they do not accept the fact unless all people can be classed as such. In fact during this time they have given their inheritance to a people who do not believe in our Savior. A people who deny HIM in all ways, and who now rule over this last great nation of God’s kingdom. Look at Washington, D.C. Can you doubt those words? Surely you cannot doubt the fact that the children of darkness are still against your message of The Gospel of the Kingdom. After all they know that if this kingdom comes to the forefront they are finished.

As for tribulation, the Adamic race has faced that since the beginning, sometimes it is worse that at other times. And here at this time that tribulation will be worse than at any time since your coming to earth as a race.

Now, according to the Companion Bible and the comparison of old words, then this time being spoken of here in Mark 13:24-27—this time is speaking of the end of this world order as we know it, and the bringing forth of the Kingdom in the hands of the Children of the Kingdom, under the rule of their King —-YAHSHUA. Here then you are told also that there are signs:—“The sun shall be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light.” What causes this, but Eclipses. Thus, there is now two eclipses to look for. One a Solar eclipse, and one a Lunar eclipse. These will be close together. So be looking for them.

In the meantime this is also a time of birthing meaning the bringing forth of this Holy Spirit in the Children of the Kingdom. It is a time of awakening as to who you are and why you are here. And then as to what you are to be doing. This return of YAHSHUA-Jesus is to be taken literally as he stated.—But not as a return in a material body governed by the laws of gravity, but rather as an energetic form that will initiate the Children of His Kingdom —initiate their human spirit into the mysteries of the bodily Temple. Remember the Apostle Paul said—-“Your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit.

Finally you will begin to think and to act as sons and daughters of the Kingdom are supposed to act. (Romans 8:14) “For the Spirit itself bears witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God. And if children then heirs of God, and joint heirs with Christ. If so be that we suffer with HIM, that we may also be glorified together. (Romans 8:16-17).

“For the creature (physical body) was made subject to vanity, not willingly but by reason of HIM who hath subjected the same in hope. Because the creature (Physical body) itself shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the Children of God.” Then as we come up to the millennium point in time, then every human I AM (child of God) can break thru this self created trance of darkness.

Since we as a people are so spiritually unbalanced then there is a probability that we are not feeding the situation with focused prayer and meditation which will readjust this problem and our planet.

We should begin doing a lot of praying and meditating before next year so we will be ready for the great events that we will see and experience. There are many events ahead that we could change if the proper balance were struck. And there are events which cannot be changed for they are things which must come to pass in this ‘time’. However you should realize that all crisis which come are only representing opportunities that will benefit the children of the kingdom.

All right. According to the Companion Bible –Mark 13:24-26 –this is then speaking of this ‘End time’. And attention is called to the time when the sun does not give its light and neither does the moon so you have had your two signs—which are eclipses for next year. And then we are told that “The stars of heaven are falling,” and this implies continuousness. The stars of heaven are to be understood as the children of the kingdom. But these events are also then implied to be continuous. And then “Shall THEY see the ‘Son of Man’ coming in the clouds with great power and glory.”

Thus, who is to see this ‘Son of Man’ coming in the clouds? And you are told to turn to appendix 133-8-a.—–This is something you are to see with the eyes, and in regard to the object presented to the eye (‘The son of man’) and to the subject which is perceived (his coming) at the same time. It denotes not so much the act of seeing as it does the state of mind of the one to whose eyes the object is presented. Hence here you are speaking of truly comprehending, or understanding.

The great power of HIS Coming takes you to App.172:1. and it means the power of reproducing itself. Thus HE (YAHSHUA) has the power to reproduce Himself. And this confirms that which Daniel said, 7:13-14. Thus besides establishing his kingdom, inherited by the Children of the kingdom who are spirit of his spirit then you ask am I one of them.

Acts 1:11 talks of his coming like you saw him go. He comes in like manner as he was after the resurrection when the spirit was on the outside of the body and in control. The Disciples saw him leave as he stepped into the spirit, and then into the great craft that was in the cloud.

But first we should see what this Gospel of Luke has to say about this time frame. Luke 13:24-26—–

Verse 24:–Strive to enter in at the straight gate, for many—I say unto you will seek to enter in and shall not be able to do so.

Verse 25:–When once the master of the house is risen up and hath shut the door of his kingdom, and ye begin to stand without and to knock at the door saying,—Lord, Lord open unto us; and he shall answer and say unto you, I know you not, whence are you? (This Is referring to the Virgins, those who had the oil for their lamps and those who did not). Verse: 26:–Than shall ye begin to say, we have eaten and drunk in thy presence, and thou hast taught in our streets.

Your references are to John 7:14. for here Jesus went into the Temple and taught. (John 7:14-34)

Thus we ask, ‘who sent Jesus?’ —Yes, the spirit, called the Father in translation. Read your references in the King James Bible. And we see that Jesus then went back into the spirit, and thus from the spirit he comes again. And Revelation 21, tells us as to who are the occupants of New Jerusalem, so we will cover that next month.

Now, John 13:24-26. —Simon Peter therefore beckoned to him that he should ask who it should be of whom he spoke, as this time came for the last supper and they were gathered together. Jesus had just said that one of them would betray him and Peter of course wanted to know who that could be. Jesus then answered:—It is he that I shall give a sop, when I have dipped it. And then he dipped the sop and he gave it to Judas of Iscariot, the son of Simon, but not Simon Peter.

Here at the last supper then Jesus said:—I speak not of you all; I know whom I have chosen, so that the scripture may be fulfilled. He that eateth bread with me hath lifted up his heel against me. Here he was speaking of Judas of Iscariot who was actually Satan’s own son. But the disciples were disturbed for who would betray HIM to the Jews. Thus, the true disciples were disturbed for they could not think that any of them would betray him, altho they wondered about Judas of Iscariot who carried the money bag.

All right, I hope I have given you something to think about. That is my purpose this month. There are many things that are to happen and some of them are already taking place here in this end time. And I find no one else who is even suggesting anything, so just wanted to give you something to think about. There are things that I have discovered and maybe they will help us to get thru these difficult times that we are facing and bring us into the Light.


FOR MY PEOPLE – Here at the end of the age

By Ella Rose Mast


Again we go to Matthew 13 and we find here the warning as to what will happen if MY PEOPLE do not chose to turn as did the people of Nineva and look for their heritage, their lineage, as did the Queen of Sheba. Thus remember, that you will do it. So why not the easy way?

We find this warning in verse 42. for we see here the Queen of the South (The Queen of Sheba) rising up in judgment to condemn this generation.—Why?—Because they do not know their lineage, thus their heritage.

She, knowing who she was, came to hear this wisdom of Solomon which would contain this Gospel of the Kingdom. Then she would understand more fully her part in it and would fulfill it. She could thus see that someone greater than Solomon had laid out this program for earth.

Here in Matthew 13, you also find the parables. And the Disciples, as they wondered why He spoke in Parables, received this answer:—“It is given unto you to know the mysteries of the Kingdom (Given to you the Children of the Kingdom). To them (the others of the World Order under the control of Lucifer) —IT WAS NOT GIVEN.”

(Verse 22-23)– “He that receiveth seed among the thrones, is he that heareth the word, and the cares of the world, and the deceitfulness of riches, which choke the Word and he then becometh unfruitful.”

Read that again. You do not learn the word all laid out for you, but you find it only as seeds among the thrones. We are told today that people do not care as to what the President does as long as they are making money off of the stock market and the economy is good. But just wait until the economy goes sour and see what they do.

Verse 23– But he that receiveth seed unto good round is he that heareth the word and UNDERSTANDETH IT, which then beareth fruit and brings forth sometimes an hundred fold, some times only sixty and sometimes only thirtieth fold. But there is still some seed of the Word even in the thirtieth understanding.

As you study the parables of Chapter 13, you find that they are all about the kingdom. In fact all of the parables are about the kingdom. And you find today that not too many people do not understand about the kingdom, but think that it is something connected with heaven. Yet you

are told (Matt. 4:23) that Jesus went everywhere in Galilee teaching in their synagogues (actually according to the old books–the houses of the scribes)—but teaching this Gospel of the Kingdom.

As Jesus went to the mountains for a bit of rest to get away from the crowds, the first things He then taught His disciples was that these parables would be teaching them something that had been kept secret from before the foundation of this world, which now the Adamites inhabited.

As the Disciples came to have HIM tell them of the parable of ‘The tares of the field,’ HE revealed to them that (verse 37:) –“He who sowed good seed is the ‘Son of man’ (the Christ). The field is the world and the good seed is the children of His Kingdom. The tares are the children of the wicked one–or Lucifer the devil.”

As hard as this is to believe for our people, it is that they do not understand the two seed lines, for Universal Brotherhood has been preached instead of scripture.

But today we find some good seed (word) among the thorns put out by the world order. But always the message is that HE gathers the good seed and throws the bad away. In fact it says His Angels gather the tares and burn them.

Yes, it is hard to live here among the people of the World Order and keep your feet on the straight and narrow track. But remember the time the disciples were with Jesus in the ship. And as they awoke from a nap, the wind had come up and the waves were rough. But here came Jesus walking on the water. At first they were afraid. This must be a spirit. But Jesus identifies himself and they were then not afraid. But Peter, the most adventurous of the disciples said, ‘YAHSHUA, if that is you then bid me come to you—walking on the waters.’

Immediately then Jesus said, ‘come.’—And Peter stepped out of the boat and he began to walk on the water. Then he realized what he was doing and how the wind was blowing, and right away he began to sink. So immediately he cries out for help. And Jesus stretched out his hand and caught Peter. Then he said unto Peter:—“Oh thou of little faith, why did you doubt?”

For a contrast to this then we turn to Matthew 15, and we read of how the woman of Canaan land followed Jesus and the disciples, crying out because her daughter was ill. The disciples thought that Jesus should send her away, for she was bothering them, was she not? Finally Jesus answered the woman saying:–“I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Thus, the woman was presumably not of the house of the lost sheep. But she sure believed that Jesus could cure her daughter, and she kept asking. The disciples then stopped. And Jesus stopped, and we are told that the woman came and fell at His feet and worshiped Him saying, “YAHSHUA, please help me.” And Jesus then said, “It is not meet (right) to take the Children’s bread (the children of the kingdom) and toss it to the dogs.” The woman replied: “Truth, LORD. Yet the dogs eat of the crumbs that fall from their masters table.” And the woman remained at the feet of Jesus, still asking for HIM to help her. This we learn from the old books, that this woman was a servant from a home of an Israelite and she had undoubtedly heard the Gospel of the Kingdom and she accepted it as truth. She also believed that it was from God himself.

Now you have heard many explanations over the years as to who this woman was that had accepted the Gospel of the Kingdom. But you are also referred back to the time of Noah when incest in the family produced this child Canaan from when came the name for a part of the land of Palestine. This child —a son—was white or an Adamite just like his brothers. But because he was the result of this breaking of the law, he was to live among his brothers, but never could be a leader in Israel, rather a servant in the households of his brothers. Thus this woman, knew of the plan and purpose for the House of Israel. And she also knew who Jesus was, and she came and worshiped HIM. Jesus then said unto her:–“Oh, woman, great is thy faith, be it unto thee, even as thou wilt.” And her daughter was healed that very day.

Now in the 15th chapter of Matthew, we find as the multitudes followed after him that they were fed, not only spiritual food, but regular food also. For if a person is hungry then that is the subject their mind is focusing on and HE wanted to reach them spiritually as well.

Now back to chapter 13, and the parables. —“The kingdom of heaven is like to a grain of mustard seed. When a man took it and sowed in his field. (And you are to understand that even the smallest seed is important) here found in the field, which is the world.”

Here then at the end of the World Order then the ‘son of man’ (Christ) sends forth his angels, and they gather out of his kingdom, all things that offend, and them that do iniquity, and casts them into a furnace of fire (Shekinah Glory). And there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth. (Forced to learn the truth this will be punishment will it not)?

Verse 43:—Then shall the righteous (right thinking) shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Who hath ears to hear let him hear. (Would this be the manifestation of the sons and daughters?) And here we are also referred to I Corinthians 42:22–which reminds us of the Resurrection of the dead. For that body is sown in corruption, but it is raised in incorruption. It is sown in corruption, then raised in a spiritual body. Here we find the resurrection which is to occur before the light comes to the sons and daughters, who are still alive, for the dead come first. But thus the resurrection is still a mystery, is it not?

But we are told that we who remain here at this time shall also be changed as those raised from the dead. For I Corinthians 15:51 declares, that as HIS children shine forth, they have their light, their aura back. And we found from the Gospel of the Stars that from now on the Children of the Kingdom, called in scripture “sheep” are with the Great shepherd from now on. With HIM to guide them, then it will not be hard to do your work here in earth.

Now as Jesus came into his own country, as we are told, then those people did not acknowledge him. Well, HIS earthly mother owned a parcel of land here in Judea, and she held it in trust for her first born. Besides this, of course, Judea was a part of his creation. But when HE came now into Judea preaching this Gospel of the Kingdom, the people were astonished, for they ask, ‘Is not this the Carpenter’s son? His mother is Mary and his brothers, James, John, and Simon and Juda? Where does he think he is coming from to speak this way? How dare he say he came down from heaven?’

These people were those who had taken control of that land in Judea and the government and temple here in Jerusalem. Jesus of course, knew their speech and their thoughts, and he said unto them:—“A prophet is not without honor, save in his own country and in his own home.” But then Jesus did not do many works there in that place because He knew of their unbelief.

Now following this story thru chapters 13, we move to the book of Mark. Here in the book of Mark, we are told of the great unrest when many would come claiming they were speaking in the name of Christ, and they would deceive many. This has to a great extent been going on for a long, long time. You were thus warned not to be misled. And in this area of time, there would be wars and rumors of wars, but that did not signal the end. Nations would rise up against nations, and kingdoms against kingdoms. And there would be earthquakes in divers places. And these would be the beginning of Sorrows. (But according to the old Hopi predictions this was known as (birthing.)

After all that, as you the children of the kingdom are beginning to understand what the Gospel of the kingdom teaches, as you are beginning to awaken, you find (verse 24) that there is still much trouble to go thru for the Children of the kingdom. Thus stop and look around you. Hasn’t this become a land of great unrest? For until HE gathers out the tares, you would expect this to happen. But as we have explained before, we have to go thus this ‘coming of the Holy spirit’ to his people, verse 26 before Verse 27, where He sends His Angels to gather from the four corners of the earth HIS ELECT, and also from the uttermost points of the heavens, for at the time of the resurrection He brings with Him all of his children who left physical bodies in earth. And at the time of the Resurrection then their spirit gathers to them all the elements of earth that were left behind. And those in the resurrection would have bodies like Jesus had after his resurrection. This is why we also must be changed so that we are in the same type of bodies and dimension. Then the children of the Kingdom left here in earth will also be able to ‘dwell on two planes’.

We are told here by the parable of the fig tree, the last parable in this 13 chapter of Mark that we are to watch these events as they take place and be ready for what is to come to pass. For we do not want to be sleeping as was the foolish virgins with no oil in their lamps. Meaning no spiritual knowledge with which to move forward.

Today we are hearing of false Christ’s arising. Now you should go to Africa, for God is there, the leader of a black tribe, who are from the Lost sheep of Israel. Then we are told that ONE shall come out of the Mideast. And he is said to be already in earth. Thus, when you hear these thing saying:–‘lo here is Christ, or there is Christ’, you are not to run here and there searching for the Christ, for you will know, that as HE gathers His elect, this refers to the Israel of the Bible. This falling asleep, according to the Companion Bible, does not mean as in death. It means that His people who are of this generation in which all of these final things happen. They are asleep as to the program of the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Thus, you are to watch. And you will see, if alert, the unfolding of this great program of our Father as He brings His earth back into its proper place of orbit in His Universe. Until the Kingdom on earth is as white as the top pyramid in the double symbol of the Kingdom of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA.

Now let’s see what the 13th chapter of Luke tells us.

Verse 5:—Unless you repent (turn in your thinking) Ye shall all perish. It is not just enough to run around saying ‘believe in Jesus and you are all saved.’ You must also turn around in your thinking—repent and understand what the Gospel of the Kingdom really is.

Jesus thus spoke here in parables. But those in the kingdom were Isaac, and Jacob, and Abraham, thus identifying the kingdom people, who shall come from the east and from the west, and the north and the south, and set down in the Kingdom of God. As for all of earth to be in this number cannot be correct. For this number shall be small. After all the people of the Kingdom today are said to be only 1/6th of the world’s population.

Then we are told that the first shall be last and the last first. As you will remember at the time of Christ, after the Crucifixion some were called out of their graves, and they walked the streets of Jerusalem. Those they tried to talk to were those who had been the last to die at that time, and people remembered them. This was only a partial resurrection, as they could not speak. But two of them were put in different rooms and given pen and paper and told to write as to what had happened to them after they had died from the date of the crucifixion up to their resurrection. Since they were known, then this would make more of an impression. Jesus made known that the Temple in Jerusalem was not to be desolate. He said they should not see Him until the time came when they would say, “Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the LORD.” Today those who still hold Old Jerusalem are not about to proclaim that message either. Jesus had been chastising his people for keeping a fig tree on which was no fruit. Suggesting that you cut it down so as to use the ground for something good. One man suggested that they leave it alone one more year and they would put fertilizer on it and then if no fruit they cut it down. Today we have nurtured this symbolic fig tree for years and still it has not born good fruit. Thus, the lesson still has not been learned.

In the Gospel of John, the 13th chapter, there is a message for the end time. The time of the last supper then came, and before the feast of the Passover. This being the reason why so many Israelites from all over were now in old Jerusalem. And Jesus now knowing that His hour was coming very soon, called His disciples to the last supper. And as it ended, then the devil, now being in the heart of Judas of Iscariot, would get ready to betray the Master. Then Jesus washed the feet of His disciples. And Peter couldn’t understand this. But Jesus told him that he would not understand now. But later he would know the reason for this. Peter being Peter, still protested further until Jesus said that if he didn’t wash Peter’s feet then Peter would have no part of HIM. Then Peter asks for his head and hands to also be washed. But Jesus said that not all those with Him were clean. For He knew who would betray Him.

Then He explained to the disciples why He had washed their feet. For since in the Kingdom then the servant is not greater than the Master, but neither is the LORD, YAHSHUA greater than He–the Holy Spirit who sent HIM. Thus if you understand these things then you will be happy as you do them. YAHSHUA knew who He had chosen, so that the scriptures would be fulfilled. He was telling His disciples these things so that when they came to pass, they would believe that HE was who HE said HE was. Then He told His disciples that now was the time when one of them was to betray HIM. The Disciples looked at one another in disbelief, for surely one of them would not do this terrible thing. And again the adventurous Peter asks who this can be

Jesus then told them to watch who He would give the sop to. And as He dipped the sop, He then handed it to Judas of Iscariot. Still the disciples did not know why Judas of Iscariot would be the betrayer. They thought maybe this was because Judas carried the money bag, and was always complaining as to how the money was to be spent.

After the giving of the Sop, then Judas was told to go and do quickly what he was to do. And Judas of Iscariot, this son of Satan, then left this group and went to those who would take Jesus later that evening. Then Jesus said to His Disciples:— “Little children, (for at that time their understanding of the events to follow–they were as little children) yet for only a little while will I be with you, but where I go you cannot come (at this time).” But they were to remember that HE loved them, and they were to remember to love one another. If they did this then men would know that they were HIS disciples. (But love one another among themselves).

Peter again spoke up asking YAHSHUA JUST WHERE WAS HE GOING? YAHSHUA replied, “Where I go you cannot follow ME. But later you Will Follow ME.” Peter still not understanding what was soon to happen insisted he would lay down his life for His Savior. But YAHSHUA reminded Peter that the cock would not crow announcing the dawn before even Peter, himself, would deny his LORD. Peter, here with YAHSHUA, felt so secure, he had not realized that without the Savior to protect him, he would then again fear the Jews, and they would do strange things because of this fear. Thus later that night after they had taken Jesus then Peter hung around the court to see what they were going to do with Jesus and he was asked if he was not a disciple. And now Peter was afraid, and in that strange crowd he would deny the Christ three times. Immediately he would remember that YAHSHUA had told him that he would deny Him and he would leave this place broken hearted. For Peter, in the company of the JEWS (his enemy), would not be nearly as brave as he had thought he was. But of course, YAHSHUA, KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN. And it would not be until the coming of the Holy Spirit to the Disciples, that they would find the power to stand against the enemy. Thus it is today as we wait for that ‘coming’.

After this coming of the ‘latter rain,’ men and women who you may think will never stand up will surprise you after they receive the power of this Holy Spirit. They will be like the Apostle Paul who altho he did not quite comprehend all of the message, still he woke up and believed, as he heard his LORD. Thus we must not be too quick to judge who will stand up for you may be surprised how people will act under the influence of this Holy Spirit which will come to HIS Children.

Now as a finish to the outlines of this New Age for My People, we would like to call your attention to the message from the Elijah ministry. Some people thought that Dr. Swift brought the Elijah message for MY people. Thus as YAHWEH called on men to testify to His People, it was not the man as such, that they were to concentrate on but the message he carried.

“Behold! I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the Great (day for MY People) and the dreadful day of the LORD (for his enemies).”

Now, John the Baptist said he was not Elijah (John 1 and 2). He said he was but a voice crying in the wilderness–this Elijah message. The reason for this was to prepare a people for the LORD. (Luke 1:17) Thus John the Baptist preached repentance and baptized them. He was thus preparing —MY PEOPLE for the entrance of Jesus upon the scene. This made it easier for Jesus to complete HIS ministry upon earth in a much shorter time for as Jesus came on the scene then HIS people followed HIM almost immediately. Thus, John the Baptist came preaching in the spirit and power of Elijah.

Here in our generation we who have followed the work of Pastor Wesley A. Swift believe that he did the work here at his time of the Elijah ministry. For many have understood the message that he proclaimed in his interpretation of the Bible. We today are now to go forward with what we have learned doing this work. For the message to be proclaimed in the Elijah call was for reformation, a full restoration of the laws of God—the commandments, the statutes and judgments of the law.

Today our Israel people are scattered over the earth, but they by communication can also scatter the message, over all of the House of Israel. Thus before this Great and dreadful day of the LORD the message of Identity was proclaimed by none other than pastor Wesley A. Swift –in a manner– we think — that impressed “MY PEOPLE,” to carry this message forward.

“Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet and show MY PEOPLE their transgressions and the House of Jacob their sins.” (Isa. 58:11)

Thus, this failure to keep the covenant God made with our forefathers at Mount Sinai is the most grievous of transgressions. Then comes the necessity to bring back the great truths and responsibility of Modern Israel to restore Divine administration so that the Kingdom reign in earth can take place.

Thus with the establishment of the identity of “MY PEOPLE” that covered not only America, but Europe as well, here in the 1900’s, for “ye are my witnesses.” And after the establishment and responsibility assumed of the Israel of God, it will be known that this was the awakening of spiritual values that has accomplished this.

“I will once more cause them to know mine hand, and my might, and they shall know that my name is the LORD (YAHWEH-YAHSHUA). (Jeremiah 16:21) And it will be this great spiritual rebirth that will save “MY People” in the day of Divine wrath.”

Ezekiel saw this as the time when HE opens the graves and places them in their own land with a heart of flesh, and His spirit in them, and they walk in His statutes and they keep his judgments and Do them. And this turns the hearts of the fathers (ancient Israel) to the children of (Modern Israel) their hearts will thus turn to their fathers, and grandfathers, or to their lineage. Until God’s people hear this call to restore the administration of His laws, then our modern civilization is still on a ride to destruction. But this restoration is the hope of our civilization and it brings Divine intervention.

When the great awakening comes then the rest of His people will join those who have been trying to carry forward the message. World Peace thus rests upon this fact –that modern Israel–these Anglo-Saxon-Celtic, Germanic, and kindred people accept their destiny. There must be universal acknowledgment that what the Psalmist in Psalms 19:8-12 proclaims is a great reward, you thus are to respond to the call of Isaiah, to ‘Arise and shine for thy light has come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.’

Seeing this reward to MY PEOPLE, then the whole world will be glad to have you govern all the nations of the earth. (Ps. 67:4) Thus we say that the word of Salvation has been carried to the world, but the Elijah Evangelism was not to come until the end of the Age be come. It was to be only a forerunner to the coming of the New order of the Ages, as a witness only (Matthew 24:14) then the end of the Age comes.

It is thus extremely important then for you to exercise greater wisdom in our generation than even in our Savior’s day when they did not comprehend that it was by the spirit and power of Elijah, that the message of restoration should be spread abroad. If we are among the wise who understand then we may once more have to understand the meaning of YAHSHUA’s words as HE said in Matthew 11:14–“If ye will receive it this is Elias (Elijah) which was to come.”