From Horizons Beyond – Wesley A. Swift

From Horizons Beyond

by Dr. Wesley A. Swift

We are speaking tonight on the subject of ‘Horizons Beyond,’ realizing as we are discussing this subject that there is no scriptural or concrete evidence, as to the complete identification of whence it comes as to what we are beholding. We are living in one of the most unusual periods in the history of the earth, especially as to the things which are happening round about, in relationship to the earth and to the people upon it. Never have we had a period with more forces, their vibratory fields in direct opposition and at work in earth and among its societies and its races and peoples. The powers of the earth are divided into two equal spheres of resistance altho the great majority of people and their great land masses are behind the ‘Iron Curtain.’ And Communist countries may be greater in number than then White race, which is one-sixth of the worlds population. It is this race and this people that has the technological leadership, the spiritual vision and the creative abilities of earth.

Thus there are two civilizations. One destructive and negative, this combination of the powers of darkness are using their cutting ability and their stealth to try to steal the secrets of the Western World, and then harness them in a program of weapons and Western offensive, eventually anticipating a crushing offensive and an overall attack, against the nations of the Western world. There is nothing which transpires round about that is not viewed immediately by all government operations and departments, as surely it is related to this. On the other hand, America’s technology is advancing and we who are the source of virtually all the technological sciences we and our Western nations allies—have made advances in electronics and nuclear sciences. Together with German scientists who have joined with us especially in defense of Western Civilization, against the hoards of Communism, their technology has been added to ours. And out of this great White race development of technology, we have watched this great wave of development in rocketry and in various types of space plans and designs which has never been equaled in our time. The enemy has been watching, observing, and taking such secrets as they could steal, and adding to it his own design for achievement and technological advancement. The first Sputnik which was turned loose, was by Russia, but the scheme and design was that of the German and Anglo-Saxon minds. In fact, we could have placed the same design in orbit before that if it had not been for unseen hands and forces which were working in our government and were trying to obstruct and block the achievements which would have given great prestige to the Western World.

It is the type of individual with his liaison activities and his program of the Red Revolution which made the work of Senator McCarthy so outstanding because he was aware that there was an attempt not only to sabotage and destroy the defense system and observation, but to gain our technological secrets, to block them and turn them loose in the Russian field. In fact, the investigation he was conducting related to the Signal Corp. and to out defense of our ‘Do’ line across the Arctic North. So into this picture which has been going on for some eighteen years, and has had its greatest development since the war, there has been a lot of new and unusual events. For suddenly all over, and around our nation, starting early, but coming to a climax around the end of W.W. II, there were unusual things sighted in the air. There were great air battles between the nations of the Allies and the Axis. And after W.W. II was over, virtually all of the nations of the Western world were finding observations being made by technological observers by men in their air craft, and by men of experience—objects that seemed not to come from any air fields of the world, or of the U.S. and they were not the by-product of our own experimentations. Nor were they of any new air craft we were designing. When the first of these were reported, the intelligence branch of your Army, as well as that of your Air Force, became involved in research and espionage as far as we could carry it, with all types of observation, to see if the Russians had developed a new type of air craft and were some how using this new type of air craft in observation of the United States.

Now, we thought that we had pretty good instrumentation and could tell if they were flying over the Arctic, thus we had ways of determine if these crafts were coming from the Soviets. And not one single word of evidence came from the outposts of the Western world, that inside of the Soviet Union that any new style of aircraft, outside of Jets and rockets, were being worked on. And that no aircraft in early 1946 or 1947 were in the skies except those of the conventional types of both nations. And even to add weight to this, there was inside of the Russian Secret Service an immediate flurry of activity. There were reports made to the Chamber of Deputies, there were secret applications of new equipment to make sure that they could check the skies more completely than they had ever checked them before. So it was that the Soviet Union reported back and our own intelligence was able to crack the Soviet Intelligence report that she was busily engaged in trying to find out if America had some secret basis from which she was launching into the air, crafts of a different type and nature, and with a different type of propellant than was known by the Soviet Union.

So as soon as the listening posts of our Western world discovered that the Soviet Union was trying to find out whether these crafts were coming from us, they became virtually sure that none of these strange and unidentified objects which were traveling thru space, either came from Russia or any of her satellites, or from the U.S. Government. Every once in a while we find some individual who says that, ‘Yes, all of the space craft which are apparently flying around the world and are not satellites are actually something designed by America or by the Russians.’

In fact, the other day, I heard a clergyman say that anyone who believed there were flying saucers not made by the technological science of men of earth, were foolish and silly. Then recently another clergyman made the remark that there is no such thing as a ‘flying saucer.’ And therefore, there are no unidentified flying objects. Well, you can be crazy, but I don’t know how you can, before further than the general panorama of fact, than to make a statement like that. Some folks that do not know anything about a subject are those who talk about that subject the most. That is one of the problems we have in our society. And a preacher who spends a long time trying to say that it does not exist, is very foolish in this time in which we live. There are a lot of things which have happened and there is no sense in repetition of the sightings made of objects flying thru space.

We have been most interested in this phenomena because we have been interested in field astronomy, and much interested in the major planets of our solar system. And have been long, an enthusiastic one of observation. Altho not being close in order to well observe, but there is much phenomena which has taken place on the moon in the last few years. There have been great bursts of light and flashes have taken place in different parts of the moon’s surface. There has also been activity in a great number of its craters which are seen with those puffs and flashes and puffs of smoke or dust which could be seen in parts of it. One can bring the moon up very close with the great scope which we have at Palomar and it makes it possible to scan the ground as tho one were but a few miles away. But actually there has been assurance from every observation post of every major observatory of today that there has been something going on in the moon that is hard to explain unless somebody is utilizing it and are coming and going from it. They say it does not have any atmosphere. So nobody can live there. So whether they carry their atmosphere or whether they are contained in some kind of space suit like a deep sea diver with his own oxygen, there is somebody or some intelligent being laying out and using some portions of the moon. Looking at some of the smaller craters, it looks like there are tunnels into the side of the mountain. And out of it has been coming reflections of light form the inside. And there are reflections saying it could not have occurred any other way, since it was in the dark of the moon, and still it is visible by powerful scopes as coming out of the side of these craters. We have had many observations last year and the year before, with our own equipment in the High Sierras where the air is clear, where we had no distortions. And we noticed on several occasions the phenomena of light coming out of the tunnel like holes in the side of the moon which was dark.

More than that, we have had observations with witnesses who were also able to see and observe while we were observing the moon in one of the most easy points of observation, there suddenly flashed across the scope—altho this was close to the moon and a great distance from the scope—a formation of near triangular objects—somewhat long, but still triangular shaped. These could have been a cone-like object, but they were very long and they passed one after the other fleetingly, taking some little time to cross the surface of the lens. Had they been some object close to the earth, or had they been a jet going by, they would have been no more than a flash across the lenses, because of the speed by which a jet passes. But when something moves very slowly across the moon, then it is very close to the moon. Much closer to the moon than it is to you, or you do not get but a fleeting glimpse of it. But for over three-fourths of an hour, we watched one after the other in formation of objects flying quite low across the surface of the moon. At that time all of them were of triangular shape and could have passed as Jet-like ships. As one observed them, there was not one single shred of evidence that there was anything behind them and nothing before them. No signs of propellent, no sign of fire, no sign of smoke. Yet the movement of these objects was with great speed, in formation and in maneuver on the surface of the moon.

That is not the only time we have had the opportunity to see that with our own eyes. And we have talked with a great number of astronomers and observers who have been studying this situation for navigational factors and they have come upon the same thing. There has been a great number of objects flying thru space and a tremendous number of them have been flying around our own satellites and our moon. It is very possible that our moon has been used for a base for operations of some very intelligent individuals who have been observing the earth itself. Because these ships going around and across the surface of the moon, are something which cannot be passed up.

On the other hand, it would be very simple for ships like this to be based on the other side of the moon and you would never see them anyhow, for the moon does not turn over. It always presents to us the same side as it travels thru space. Someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, this is not possible for someone to live on the moon.’ What makes you think so? Has someone told you that the other side of the moon is hot and this side is so cold that you could not stand it? That is not necessarily so. Because the other side of the earth is not so hot, and the moon is not so much further from the sun. After all, 200,000 miles is not such a great distance. So when you think of this distance, the moon should not be any more hot on one side than the earth is, due to these circumstances.

You say scientists have given us an exact picture of the surface of the moon? I have in my library, a great many scientific treaties, and fourteen temperature estimates of what the temperature is on the moon. But as close to our earth as it is, I do not think that the temperature factor would be something to worry about. Except for the fact that without the filtering in of a dense atmosphere, it may tend to be colder. On the other hand, the heat pattern would not necessarily follow as did the cold pattern. There are not many factors involved in this and they would eliminate too much heat. But there is atmosphere upon the moon, because observations along its edge seem to show that there is atmospheric factors upon the moon. Not only is this color factor there, but seismographic factors are made by reflections as the suns rays come back off the moon, and demonstrates that there is a difference between reflected rays from the moon, and rays that come directly from the sun thru the same atmospheric patterns, of the same density as the patterns of the earths surface. And experts are well convinced that there is some atmosphere upon the moon, even tho it would be very thin.

Someone said, ‘What has this to do with us now?’ Well, it is very natural that you look to the closest object to you, when objects are flying around the earth that did not come from the earth to begin with. And very, very definitely there are a great many objects which did not come from the earth that are flying around out there. And by no stretch of the imagination, can the be imputed to be objects of earth. Our United States Government has been taking a very strange attitude toward these unidentified flying objects. I do not know if whether because of this frontal attitude of Socialism wherein they have to take a frontal attitude toward you in which they seem to insist that you are not able to take care of yourself, so they have to provide for you from the cradle to the grave, including not only the managing of your affairs and your businesses, disrupting the people by their design of mixing them all together, eventually hoping to control you to the last of your voting days, bu their expensive programs. They seem to think that you would not be able to take what the U.S. experts and government can take. They seem to think that if you knew there were flying objects all around that did not come from earth, that you would all panic. So the best way to protect you from that panic, is to tell you there is no such thing, so you don’t worry about it. Then they continue to spend millions of dollars investigating things which they told you did not exist. The U.S. Government is right now investigating things that do not exist from the declaration of their periodicals. In fact, one of the highest officials in the U.S. Army who engages in such investigation s had under pressure, released declarations mocking and scoffing at things which are already on record of supporting by observation.

It is a matter of significance that there had been in the last few months, a lot of activity reported. In fact, the last year has been one of increased activity. Of course, they have never gotten over the fact that a top W.W. II aid, Captain Mantell, was pursuing a saucer when his ship was torn apart, under the clear eye of earth bases which were watching him. And that was back near Fort Knox. In fact, the object he was pursuing in order to get a better sight of it,—he apparently came too close to it and the torque (pressure) around it tore his ship to shreds. And his ship came down a certified wreck under the watchful eye of officials of the U.S. Government. They have never been able to explain that, altho they said that he literally tore his ship apart in an effort to catch what might be the reflection of the planet Venus in the sky. But the funny thing is, that you do not pick up Venus on a radar screen. And they already had the other ship that Captain Mantell was chasing in their radar screen. And they had that ship as it moved and shifted in relation to Capt. Mantell’s and its location on the screen as it related to the field. So that is the only catastrophe we have had as far as our aircraft is concerned, with these objects that are flying around the earth. But there has been innumerable sightings and conditions that they have never been able to explain away. Long circular ships, these being somewhat tubular and more like the Zeppelins and the great dirigibles we had in the early thirties. This type of craft had been visible in space and visible as moving with great speed and an entirely different procedure of operation than anything we have ever placed in the sky, in what we might call the dirigible field. Ships of that shape have been observed and there are many reports supporting that. And from our great observatories these photographs have been turned over to government agencies. An order has gone out that whenever an unidentified object of found, on the plates, or observed anywhere in the sky, the government wants to immediately be notified and they want absolute secrecy about these things until they get a chance to screen these pictures and determine whether or not they will let anyone see them or let anyone know anything about them. So by some strange policy, they have moved in to try to silence these facts.

This idea that gave the name of saucer to these circular type crafts which move thru the sky is not the product of some ones imagination. Of course back in 1947 and 48 these were sighted all over the U.S. And many people saw them. And some saw whole squadrons flying around the earth. More than that, they were observed in South America, over the Andes Mountains. And they were observed in Britain and in Europe. And many of them were seen flying back and forth over the beaches of Britain.

During the Korean War, there were several situations in which the army had a full record of as well as the U.S. Government Department on Research in this field. One of them was the paralleling pursuit of one of our jet aircraft with a strange type of flying object on either side, which was about thirty feet thick and about two hundred feet long. One of these type of aircraft was observed by our aircraft while they were engaged in a reconnaissance flight in the Korean War. It had a large window in which our pilot was able to look at an unusual and strange looking creature which piloted that ship. Such fright came over him as that strange ship moved parallel with his, that when he came to earth, he was almost incoherent, and his hair very shortly after this, turned grey. He was interrogated and he made his descriptions. And on various check points, where they were watching the whole sky picture, it did support the fact that some huge object flew along side of the man. In fact, on either side of him was one of these objects and our pilot said that he had flown his ship right thru the heart of a strange group of aircraft, the likes of which he had never seen before. And in one of the ships in a huge window-like opening covered over with something like plastic, there was this unusual strange creature which drove great fear into him. The strange gaze fixed upon him had caused that great fear. But the officials chopped this up and they explained that the pilot had been under great strain and had been flying too many hours during the war.

But there is nothing like your air force, for them to have a continual pattern of sightings. For they are in the air so much and so high, with experimental ships. There has been a number of men testing out equipment for our air force. And in the last few months they have reported that they have been approached and have had along side of them and sometimes trailing them, a great number of objects. Many of them saucer like ships. But all of them had mechanical appearance and were not just a flash of light, and not just a sort of ray passing them, but actually looked to our men, as being made of metal and of plastic. This has not only been occurring at Edwards Air Base, where we have been testing some of the most advanced equipment, but this has been taking place also in fields located in the heart of the country. In fact, at Cape Canaveral we have reports that there were seen flashes of light measuring the speed at which our rockets go into the air, and watch them stage after stage and carry forward the responsibility of watching these new rockets going higher and higher as they reach the range of their projection. They have had the phenomena of watching some come in at 3000 miles per hours and then turn and parallel our rockets going into the sky, and tracking our object from either side as tho just escorting it into space. This has not only been observed by many observers, but the number of times that they have, on their radar screens, as well as in the tracking devices they have been using, the evidence that there has been along side of some of our Cape Canaveral rockets, those objects with them that have been observing them on their entire flight. This has also been true at several other rocket bases which we have. These objects have noticed as flying round and round our Naval Bases, where the latest type of interceptive type of rockets and other types of missiles and war type heads of different types are experimented with. Every once in a while, some strange thing happens and the public hears about it, and wonders what is going on. In the some of the bases they have a new type of rocket which will track down any type of rocket and hone in on any engine or any piece of equipment which is not normal to the use of our own aircraft in its field. One of them went haywire a while back and it knocked out the engine completely out of a big truck which was going up to Bishop. And this scared the truck driver half to death. But unfortunately there was no explosive in the war head. But it had honed in on the heat of his engine and just destroyed that engine. That is one of those rare mishaps. And very seldom does something like that happen, or the traffic running up and down our highways would not be very secure.

But today, it is a matter of fact that we have missiles that can knock missiles out of the sky. We have tracking missiles which can track and destroy most of the heavier missiles used by the Soviets and knock them out of the sky. But we need a lot of them. And they should be distributed where need be for our protection and when the button is pushed, your button when pushed can seek and destroy the enemy. But the thing which is amazing and is a matter of record, and I have a lot of documents and material and details on this, that all around in the last few months, again at the bases where we are engaged in rocketry, there are observation ships coming from somewhere which are faster than our rockets by many, many times. In fact, the ability of some of these ships to dive and to turn at from three to seven thousand miles an hour is one of the great mysteries. How it could be done with the human dimensions that you and I have, and with our adaptability, even so, we can’t stand the great ‘hydrostatic pressure that this situation sets up.

Modern physicists are aware that there is a type of ‘force field’ that can be involved in transportation when we use that magnetic field of ‘force’ in which every object in the ship as well as the ship itself, would be moved along with the same velocity and then they would not have these experiences of hydrostatic pressure which we discover occurs. The reason being, that every atom of the being would be projected at the same speed and turning at the same speed and thus no pressure internally or externally would take place with the pilot. We have not yet been able to accomplish this type of thing in our own technology. But it is being done for intelligent beings to direct these beings which we are seeing. And the scientists are talking about this even tho your government is not willing to admit it at this time. In fact, we know that one of the men who was most interested in this, and who was moving to see that this secrecy should be cracked was Senator Lyndon Johnson. He was not only interested in this, but other Senators were also interested in seeing that they crack open this secrecy around the flying saucers, these unidentified flying objects, and let the people know the truth in this matter.

Now, there happens to be a great number of people in these United States that are greatly interested in this phenomena. The reason for this is quite simple, for it not only carries within the range of their imagination, the greatest field for thinking and design, and the greatest horizon, for it lies out there in space. With almost all of the earths surface explored and known about, it does not look like there are any more areas to conquer. But the vastness of the solar system and the space around it, the perimeter and the vision and the hope and the expectation of the two fields are so complete and tremendous, a great many people have been carried away by its possibilities. These ships that today are passing over America and over the nations and are watching so carefully, are not coming from the earth, but are definitely coming from outer space.

Now, there is one thing which is quite obvious. We have a lot of curious minded people who tell us that the earth may face an invasion at any moment. In fact, this is one of the most unique things which I noticed that was supposed to be one of those strange visitors who came form Mars, on one of those crafts, and he was supposedly getting in touch with a ‘Medium’ who wanted to bring the message in for those of earth to observe. And they were warning that these people do not like the vibrations that come from our nuclear explosions. And that they do not like the possibility that the earth will soon be engaged in an nuclear war. And this will so upset the balance of the heavens that they have decided to intervene.

And then another masters of the sky tells us that they are also angry and that the only solution is for us and the Russians to all come together and be one happy family.

Then I listened to another space crafter who had another explanation of this situation. And this unusual and ‘brilliant’ mind said that all of the people of earth had a common source regardless of their race, their creator, or background. And all of them had been a byproduct of evolving consciousness. And they had been sent from other areas to earth for their chastisement or some lesson to be learned. Thus if they were a Negro, this time then there was a lesson they had to learn. And if a White person, then that was because they had turned out to be a little better than the one who turned out to be a Negro. And if they ended up down here in this same portion of the earth, then that was to teach them a lesson. And after they learn all of this, then they will learn what this is all about. And they will be sent somewhere else for their next lesson. But now men were fighting one another and some were eating people who came back as sheep and goats. And some were eating people who came back as steers and venison. But this makes the ‘main boss’ very unhappy and if they don’t stop this right now and turn vegetarian, then a terrible catastrophe is coming on the face of the earth.

You say, ‘People don’t believe that.’ But let me tell you how much some people believe something like this. Every once in a while, I receive a very secret letter about something like this. Maybe they have been to a special convention and some of the most unqualified and untrained people have taken advantage of peoples interest in this an have set up space airports and giant conventions and gathered people around. And if you knew the educational background and the capacities of these men, and how their panorama of theology and ideas change form day to day—one moment they pose as Christians and the next they are Yogis, and the next they are Asiatic in their philosophy in their theology, and the next moment, they are worshiping at the feet from some supposedly being from outer space. But the thing they are worshiping the most and apparently getting the biggest kick out of, is the tremendous support they can get from these enthusiast who want to believe that there is something happening down there or over here.

You say, ‘Dr. Swift, don’t you believe there is any space people?’ I think there are more space people than you know about. I think that Angels walk your streets unaware and wear coats like you do, act like you and are doing one of the most important pieces of heavenly operations on the face of the earth.

I think that God Almighty not only has tremendous fleets of space craft flying around, I think that any time they transport some substance from one part of the Universe to the other, that they move it there in one of the great flying chariots of the heavens. Call it a flying saucer, or a flying chariot of heaven, call it anything that you want. But they are a vehicle for moving goods. Not only that, but God, Himself, uses them for transportation. And there is nothing wrong with that. They have been used by Angels and Archangels, who fight and die using weapons and by mortals who never knew death. They have been used to transport material and objects as the behest of practically every known type of intelligence which God has operating in His Universe. And I can take you thru the scriptures and show you place after place, where these great ships of space moved thru space and where they landed on earth and where someone saw their occupants. The circular ships of Ezekiel were beyond question a part of the great space fleet of God. And when Daniel talks about a thousand times ten thousands of these ships with their streams of fire, going out from the presence of the Most High, it gives you a little idea of the size of the heavenly fleet. In fact, when we say ten thousand times thousands time ten thousands, then you have a hundred million times one thousand and automatically you jump up into the billions and thousands of billions and you are up into the trillions. So anytime anyone wants to match a little weight against the program of God, against His space fleet and against His hosts of heaven, just remember that there are trillions of ships in this Universe flying at the command of the Most High God, His Archangels and His Sons.

When we talk about suns, remember that there are over a thousand trillion suns in the Universe that are visible today from the electronic scopes we are using today at Harvard University. The electronic scope has ten times the range of the 200 inch scopes, with the ability to record and to measure. So do not think for a moment that we are an unbeliever. We are not scoffing at reality. Let me tell you that these Angels of God and these sons that are scattered throughout His Universe, all of them have their responsibility and all of them are going to be at harmony with the very word of God whom they serve and whose word you have.

Now when one man comes from Mars and he is supposed to be the savior of the earth, and he uses a ‘tetron ray’ and no one knows what a ‘tetron ray’ is, but it is something which is supposed to come out of the sky and you can catch it on a tape recorder for some reason.—But you have to be in tuned and a proper ‘Medium,’—and if your tape recorder is right–and is reflected into the sky, then your tape recorder can catch this. Someone said, ‘Do you believe that?’ No, I don’t believe that. But I listened to the tape and as I listened to this metallic voice it sounded like a modern advertiser trying to tell us who he is and where he came form and who stood at his side on either side. And then he warned us that if we did not make friends with Russia, that then we would have great judgements. And I knew right away that if that was anything but a fraud, then the devil was doing the talking. If he had said look out for Russia, the armies of God are standing by and the enemy is about to jump you, then you might have listened for a little bit. But when he said make up with the Russians, for there is nothing at all in this division between you two, but just an empty philosophy of opinion.

So I listened to this. And then I listened to another voice which came thru this ‘Medium’ and this voice was put on tape. And this voice said, ‘these saucers are just materializing out of space around you. They are living spiritual things which take on the will power of which we are able to project ourselves, and they are great satellite creatures in our midst. And then this voice warned us that earth was about to be invaded from forces of violence which were still in our solar system from Mars and Saturn. So America, and Russia, and Red China and England, all better get together, form one great and powerful government and get our weapons ready to protect ourselves from these strange creatures from outer space. And then the message said, ‘the time is very short, so get ready to fight that which shall come out of the sky.’

So what do I think about it? I think that this ‘familiar spirit’ is the devil. I think that the voice that those in the seance heard which was on the tape was a voice right out of the unseen dimensions of demons and of Lucifer. Why? Because, my friends, it tells me in my Bible that you are not going to join with the Soviet Union. But that the nations in the Christian world are going to have to fight the Soviet Union. It tells me that the hoards of world Communism are going to make war against your Christian civilization. It tells me that right in the midst of this, the largest group of space craft is going to come into human affairs. It says that there will be no question about who is in charge. If you think that you have beheld a majestic spectacle,—and there have been a lot of them in the past. In fact, the motion picture industry, in trying to duplicate them has come out with some of the most spectacular ones of all time. You see some of this in ‘The Robe’ and in such pictures like ‘Ben Hur.’ And these are trying to portray the reliving again of tremendous strength and confidence and majesty of ancient Rome of the foreign legions. And as man has made history, he has tried to make it live again on the screen. And in this panorama of records it has been tremendous in the symbols and records, and the bringing forth of the pictures of Great Babylon or Medo-Persia, or Alexander the Great, or the sweeping hoards of Genghis Khan, or any of these factors which were tremendous in history. All the powers in their military array have fought for the earth and the powers of darkness now gather, not the spectacle of yesterday, but they gather the hoards of Asia. And they drive them with all of the Satanic hatred, of lust, that they fan day by day, and Christian America is their number one target. For they say, ‘if we can knock this America out, then we can capture the world.’ So again, comes these strange voices saying that we must patch things up even if we have to join with them.

Let me tell you something. If messages start to appear that we are in danger from an invasion from the heavens, then we should look up. There is no doubt that the World Order is in danger. But not the Kingdom of God. I am going to tell you that the day that you are locked in battle with the Red hoards of China and the Red hoards of the Soviet Union, there is going to be such a mass appearance of strength and power in the heavens, that anyone who looks up will see it. So great and over the approach of it, as it comes, will be the spectacle, that mens eyes will turn toward it, and the Soviet high command and all of their satellites will quickly get into a military huddle. For the great Master Ship of all—the one which moves ahead of the Army—will carry the Banner of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords—the Almighty Creator of the Universe, who holds all things together. And there will be a name across that side of that ship that no man has ever uttered. But it will be the name to the ultimate Glory of HIS own person. And the great hosts of the Universe will come in with the mighty strength of the Master.

You say, ‘How do you know?’ The Scripture tells me so. In the book of Revelation, John gives us a preview of this thing as the mind of God planned it. Let me tell you something. Anything the mind of God plans happens. He throws the energies in that make it come to pass. He throws in the amount of energy which synthesizes the substance of tomorrow. Do you know what the enemy does when they see the hoards of heaven coming in? It tells me right here in the book of Revelation that when they see this coming to pass, the hoards of darkness, the ‘5th Column’ of the Anti-Christ, the fallen demons, the unassimilatable people who dwell in earth and don’t belong here, and every host of evil,–they join together and turn their weapons, their space artillery on the mighty space hosts of heaven. And they strive to make war with HE who is coming in the clouds.

You say, ‘But is that in your Bible?’ Yes, it is in my Bible and in your Bible. And you can read here in the book of Revelation, just what they will do. And it tells us that they turn against HE who is coming in the clouds and they try to make war with HIM. Of course, it is not a long battle. But when it is all over every pagan hoard in the world will surrender.

Oh, I know that some people do not like that kind of a space story. They want to see all of these ships come in loaded with little Angels who will jump out and throw their little arms around everybody and give them a flower to smell—and every Communist will walk away with a little flower in his buttonhole and everything is Peace after that. But it is not going to be that way. In the first place, because Almighty God has declared that they make war with HIM when HE comes out of the sky. And then HE destroys the power of evil. And the world would then know Peace like they have never known it before. But the greatest spectacle of all human history is going to be the Majesty of the GREAT FLEET, the Armies of heaven as they face your earth, acknowledging you as the sons and daughters of God. And the great nation of these United States and the other great nations of God’s Kingdom, as HIS Colonial outposts in the earth. Let me tell you that God says He is happy to honor His nations in that day.

Someone says, ‘But how long will that be?’ Who know? It could start next month—who knows? The measures are very close to the end of the age. By this month you are in the ‘Midnight Hour.’ You are in one of the most important times in all human history concerning prophetic measure.

Now, getting back to some of the things which recently happened. An airline pilot was flying from Detroit toward New York. This was a regular airline pilot with 200,000 hours to his credit, and almost one million hours behind him of previous military flying. This was a man with an unimpeachable record and able to make full observations. He turned to his co-pilot and said, ‘Do you see a strange object flying along out there? At first I though it was a light on a ship, but it seems to be a great long object coming close to us.’ As the other pilot looked, they saw a tremendous circular ship, which they decided was about thirty feet in diameter and over three hundred feet in circumference. And they estimated that it was several times the size of the air craft they were piloting. The Stewardess came in and said that some of the passengers were excited and some of them worried because they saw something out there that they were afraid of since they do not know what it is. So they brought the passengers who were observing this, one at a time, into the cabin and the Pilot told them, ‘Now this is a phenomena of some kind, there is a strange type of aircraft flying out there and we are getting in touch with the earth and we are calling the various ground stations to get some type of identification and to tell what they see on their radar screen. But there is no doubt that this is one of the strangest and the largest air craft that we have ever seen. It has already flown past us twice, once under us, and once over us. So apparently it does not mean us any harm, for it could have accomplished that harm at any time. We can’t run from it, but don’t worry for there is no record that we have that any passenger ship of any type has ever been attacked by any of these ships. And the passengers were all glued to their windows. Yet when the plane landed, after viewing this tremendous saucer, the U.S. Government immediately demanded an interview with the pilot. The press and radio were prepared to tell more of the story. And then the facts were reviewed and reviewed. And finally, a statement was made by the pilot. And this is what was recorded:–that this was the first time he guessed, that he had been able to see a Jet being refueled in the air. So it’s possible that must have ben what it had been.’

Now, when the pilot’s have observed and the passengers have looked at a circular ship as large as this, a different type of air craft than they have ever seen, surely these observers used to the air, could not have been confused by the refueling of a Jet. Why? Who knows.

A great Concord Naval ship was coming from Europe in the United States. It was still some hours out of the base where it would land in Maryland. The pilot of this air ship had been looking out at the sky above him and suddenly as he looks out to the water horizon, to the fading Orion, he noticed what looked like a whole city of lights down beneath him just a little way ahead. He said, ‘I must be off course, for there is no town down there. How could there be a city of lights down there close to where I think the surface of the ocean should be.?’ So he turned to his co-pilot and his navigator and they looked and they said, ‘Yes, it must be a town for there are lots of lights, but we don’t know where we are or how we could have gotten off course.’ In the back of this transport there were two Naval crews. All of them crews of Naval transport returning from Europe for a rest cycle. They were all awakened and all observed the town of lights just below them.

Suddenly the pilot noticed that one of the lights had a great ring around it and apparently the ring was getting bigger and bigger. The co-pilot said it is not a ring. It is an object that is coming up and it gets bigger as it gets closer. And that strange ring of light happens to be like a friction fire around the edge of it. They were thus above a whole fleet of these objects illuminated from the top, flying just about the ocean. And they now realized that this was a whole fleet of unidentified flying objects. And the great transport realized that there was no way to get out of the way of these objects which were maneuvering around them. And they estimated that these objects were approximately 300 feet in diameter and about forty feet thick. These Naval transport flyers, many who had been flying for many years, are trained to observe all types of craft. Not only were they in touch with the mainland, and told what they saw, but as they continued on their way, they were escorted above and below and on all sides by these gigantic crafts.

Thus a fleet of crafts hovering over your ocean just a little way above it, with so many of them and with so many lights that they looked like a whole town, then took off into the sky as your transport made its landing in Baltimore. Does someone say there are no existing conditions in our times? Strangely enough, another airliner, a 736 going east,—and this was in the day time,—and their pilot looking out, saw this great ship which was approaching. This time as the ship stopped, everyone on the airliner had seen the saucer. And the pilot had made his routine report. And they were picking it up as being along side of him in the air from the various radar points on the ground. When military planes came close to this sighting, the object sped away thru the sky at great speed. A flight of Naval Air craft were on maneuver about another maneuver going on at sea as well. Suddenly a large rocket type object many times the size of the air craft, almost as large as the largest vessel that was involved, came steaming in out of space. It was even mechanical. And there were even puffs of explosive impact, as it changed and leveled out its course. Then it flew round and round the Naval maneuver at speeds faster than any of the air craft in the exercise. Then suddenly, it turned and pointed its nose up toward space, and there was a burst of smoke from the tail of this strange rocket and then they turned off their rockets as it disappeared out of sight. This is in Naval records. And I have a copy of what was for a long time a secret file on this. The Naval observers and the fleet and any who were in this position at this time, saw this object. Nd they said it was a gigantic rocket of some type and apparently did not have to depend upon any earth supply. For it went away, disappearing into the vaulted blue without any possibility of any tracking of it but just the photographs which were acquired of it, as it left going into space.

Now, it is quite obvious that if aliens want to get in touch with you, all they have to do is just manifest themselves. It is quite obvious that if God Almighty had wanted some special message to reach you, He would send one of His own messengers to do it. He could send Michael or any one of the heavenly messengers. He has already given you a ‘true word of prophecy’ which has never missed. He has unveiled to His ministers by inspiration and by an awareness of what is coming to pass and an alertness to find the evidence of things which have not yet happened. His voice of prophecy has never failed. The guidance of that prophetic vision which passes upon those who seek to know their fate, have positive assurance concerning God’s plan. There is not change in the blueprint. As individuals mature and reach for an understanding of what God has to say in His Word, are going to realize that if someone comes over to you and says, ‘we have just had a visitation down here from a person from space,’–just be skeptical.

I am interest in this fact that there is a man and his wife down here now that say they are from Saturn. And they have been traveling all over Southern California, and they are telling the people of earth what to do and they are just doing this out of the goodness of their hearts, as they do, and they have also published a book of these instructions of how they lived on Saturn and how you are supposed to live on earth. Now, you may not like this, and you may have that book. But he is selling it for $3.50. And they are selling this book about this man from Saturn who is supposed to be a special friend of God who came down to warn you.

Well now, if there was a tremendous warning God has for the earth, and He sent some special man down from Saturn—Why don’t they print these books up there? The book tells us that the money is of no importance at all, but if they just gave you the book you wouldn’t read it at all. So they have to bring the book down here and sell it in order to get some teeth into it. Let me tell you something. Any time anyone from outer space prints for me, knowledge he has brought down from outer space and gives it to me, then I will keep it. But when they come down here and set it up on printers ink, I think this man who says he originated from Saturn is wrong. Every once in a while some Schmoo comes over here and gets a deep tan and winds a towel around his head and tells us that he is some man from India—an all wise Yogi. You have more ‘Yogis’ over here playing in Cabarets and giving you special readings from the gods that were born in Brooklyn than any where else.

You say, ‘But why is that?’ Well, we are just in the end of the age where many people are deceived. And you are in a time when there are many deceiving forces, and you are in a time when you find that many people are interested. So these guys are engaged in going out here and fooling people. ‘Oh,’ you say, ‘I have some intelligent friends, they go to the University and they came out here to see this man from Saturn.’ Well they go to see everything, don’t they? Remember this man who said that he was Jesus Christ and would be down here on the steps of the Presbyterian Church, and the police had to keep the people back who went down to see him. No one believed that he was Jesus the Christ. But they still went down to see him. Do you know that if we put an announcement in the paper that the devil was going to appear on this platform next Sunday night, if we positively guaranteed that he would appear here next Sunday night, then you wouldn’t be able to get in here next Sunday night. No necessarily that the devil would be here, but the people would come to see.

You don’t believe that? But there is an ad in the paper about a haunted friar. They have this ad in the paper and they have some Evangelists over there and he has the grotesque head supposedly of John the Baptist on a platter. And he carries this up and down the isle crying, ‘The road to destruction.’ And a lot of people are going over there because they saw it advertised in the newspaper.

Now, I do not know what type of sadistic mind would want to see the head of John the Baptist on a platter. I don’t know who would want to see any head on a platter. But talking about grotesque and evil probably carrying the head of John the Baptist on a platter is probably one of the top ones. I do not have to see the head of John the Baptist on a platter to know that the forces of evil have made war on Christians by the thousands. But if one of these valiant Knights comes back with Khrushchev’s head on a platter, I will suit up and go to see it. All of these things are related to this hour. You say, ‘Do I believe that these ships are flying around? And yet I do not believe that these guys are who they say they are who came from Saturn?’ No, I do not believe these men came off these ships. But I do believe there are men on these ships that have been sighted. I believe that the man from England saw one of these ships on the beach and a man got out of the ship and took some water from the beach and then got back in the ship and went away. I don’t know what he will use that sea water for, but this is just one of those things that is supported by observers. I also know that a ship came down up here along the Oregon border and a man with a mustache watched some men get out of the ship and get some water from the stream and then get back in their ship and go away. They never said a word, just went away. And since this was observed by three of four people on several occasions, I believe some very intelligent creatures wanted a drink of water and they got it. And it doesn’t matter where they came from, they just wanted a drink of water and they got it.

I was high up in the Piute Mountains one night at a log cabin a friend of mine owns, and we heard a throbbing noise like an old boat going along. We went outside to check and looking down in the valley, there was a great plane not too far from a place in the Piute Mountains where a gold camp existed over 100 years ago. At first it looked like a moon out there in the valley, but there was no moon in the sky to reflect it. And then we realized that this great illuminated object was where the noise was coming from. And as we watched, that object moved across that valley and soared above the trees and disappeared. How big was it? Well, it was wide enough to cover half of that valley field. We did not see anyone and nobody gave us any message. There is a strange tingling sensation which goes thru anyone’s spine when they see something like that happen in the remote hills of California.

But I am going to tell you that I am going to expect lots of things to happen. For there are signs in the heavens, and there are signs in the scriptures. And there are signs in the sun, moon, and the stars. And God Almighty has given us an Oracle. And He had given unto us an Administration, and He had given unto us His Spirit.

Now, there happen to be leaders here in America who love the Kingdom and they love your race. And they are not as few as you might think. For God has thousands of them scattered across America. You say, ‘But who are these people?’ I think they are people who are fighting the enemy. I think they are men like Gerald Smith, Jerald Harper, the Internal Security Committee. In fact, I know some of these men who are in Washington offices who are devout Christians, prophetically interested. I think that across this nation there are one thousand men who are doing everything they can to oppose evil in this nation, and they are devout. And if they were on the wrong track, in anything, they were doing they would be the first people willing to change that course.

No, God has all the records. He is absolutely Omniscience. He has Archangels in command and He has thousands and thousands of saucer leaders. He has space craft of every description in the technological field. He has roving messengers, for He sent one down to talk to Daniel. And if God Almighty wanted all of the patriotic Christian leaders to keep America at the forefront of the leadership of the Western world, He would send messengers to those alert men.

If someone comes and says, ‘Dr. Swift, you are all wrong, I got a direct revelation, God told me to come and tell you,’—Well, let me answer that. I would not pay much attention to that. For I happen to know if God had something He wanted me to know, He would tell me. For He tells me things all the time. So why would He send a stranger to me to tell me something that He wanted me to know? I am going to tell you that if God Almighty had a message for those at the forefront, He would sent it with His own messenger to the Gerald Smiths, and He would sent it to the forces of righteousness in your midst and see that they understood it also. If He saw that men like Bill Gale were on the wrong track, He would tell them. If they were on the wrong track down in Arkansas, He would tell them. So why? Because God raises up leadership with a vision. They don’t deny that there are saucers. And they do not deny that there are space ships. They do not deny things that are self-evident. But they are not accepting the voices of fraud, who are out to siphon money out of your pockets.

I had people covering every convention they ever had at the Big Rock Airport. So don’t come back and tell me what happened. I know that one of the men in charge of that thing was belittling Jesus Christ, belittling Christianity. And he was talking about ‘Yoga Asiatic incarnation, talking about the mighty gods of other races, talking about who he was before he came here. I happen to know that before he came here he forgot to pay the bills, just like he did here. People traveled from San Diego and they came from Los Angeles, and they said, ‘See it is right there.’ And I looked up in the sky and I didn’t see anything. But people said, ‘Yes, it is right there—-there it goes.’

We were in a meeting a few weeks ago in San Diego and someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, there was a man here from Saturn and he believes everything that you believe. We saw him go out and look into the sky and when he turns his mind into the sky, the saucers come right down to him. And he can make them show up right now.’ So I said, ‘Well, let’s see them.’ And we went outside and he said, ‘Do you see that bright light out there? That is a saucer.’ And I said, ‘No that is the planet Saturn.’ And he said, ‘Oh, no, that is a saucer.’ And I pointed out Jupiter, ‘That star has been there all night.’ Then he sighted another one in the sky and I said, ‘This is the Dog star.’ And he says how do you know? So I said, ‘I have studied them since I was a little boy. These are not saucers, they are there every night.’ But he said, ‘These are moving faster.’ And I said, ‘No, that is a planet, for stars stay fixed in place.’ So he said, ‘You just do not have the vision.’

Let me tell you something. If God wants to talk to you, He does not have to use a tape recorder. And when some messenger starts to tell me that I have to make friends with the enemy of Jesus Christ, then I know who he is. And I know what his representatives look like. And when some of these so called ‘learned’ men tell you that Jesus Christ was just a small boy, that tells me from where they came. They better go back to work in the machinist shop of the ‘left.’

I got a flier form a little temple the other day. And it says that you ‘walk in one door and out the other and you are healed.’ And someone said, ‘I believe in that, I put some money in that one.’ Well, you are silly if you did, for you are never going to get healed walking in and out of that building. No amount of television aerials on the top of that building is going to bring down the vibrations that heal you when you walk in and out of that building. None of this will bring down any special vibration as you walk thru. The healing power which can heal your body is already on the inside just waiting for your Faith. It is the Christ in you that can reactivate your healing. That is all. You don’t have to worry about going thru anyone’s doorway.

Then there was the time when someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, have you heard about the water?’ And I said, ‘What water?’ ‘Oh, they said there is a guy over here and he has healing water and everyone who drinks it is healed.’ I went down to taste it, and we get better water than that right out of the tap. There is more cosmic energy coming out of the vibrations of the earth. There is more energy, my friends, than anyone can get thru a box thru a radio aerial. You say, ‘Why do men believe this?’ It is because they want to believe there is some kind of healing, but they do not want to believe the simple things which is to believe God and take life.

Then someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, they are selling lessons now, you can get out of your body and fly around the world.’ Well, don’t you pay any money for those lessons. And they say, ‘Don’t you believe in anything like this?’ In spiritual realms, there are a lot of things transpiring. But when God sent you down here in this body, He intended for you to stay in it unless He sent for you. If He sends for you, then it will not cost $100.00. If He decides that He will take you out and get the vision, then you will go out and then come back and get into the same body. But a lot of people like to fool around with these strange patterns and strange mysteries of the Kingdom. But a few got out of the body and then could not get back. Did you ever hear of spirits that walk in light places? Bodies that go in to a strange kind of teleportation trance and then are found distributing strange kinds of artifacts. These are going on all the time. There are lessons in New York and in Los Angeles. And one is under a black priesthood associated with ‘The Black Mask.’ And they are selling secrets of how to leave the body and then come back into it. These are phenomena. These are strange lying signs and wonders. Most of us want to stay in this body as long as you can.

You say, ‘But why do these messengers who come sweeping in from outer space, want to teach us all these things?’ Why had God been unable to unveil His great purposes thru these years? I believe He can do what He wants to do. I believe that the Holy Spirit can confirm what is in this Book. But if you cannot find these new things and confirm it out of inspiration, which is akin with God’s purposes, which He has vowed to perform, then I am going to tell you just how silly this idea of the ‘New’ Christian is. The time factor of when a new Christian takes place, is only an illusion. For strangely enough, John has already traveled thru these next few years and recorded it. He traveled on a great time track of time and his own consciousness was made to see it. And then he wrote the book of Revelation. And there is not anything that you and I will find in the great panorama of history that will not fit into the Book.

But these things will come to pass. There is no greater hope than that the mighty hosts of God will show up in the time of crisis. I have no hope of faith that Mr. Kennedy has the answer. I have no thought but that Mr. Stevenson would take away your freedom and put into a United Nation ‘State’ and give it to the ‘One World’ conspirators. I see no individual on the horizon that I can trust to make a stand for our land. But I see a whole host from the nations of God’s Kingdom when the enemy rattles his sword. I see a great hope, for God has millions of people who He is going to stir with His Spirit, millions of them which He has promised to raise up and the mighty hosts of heaven He has promised to sent in, with Michael the Prince who will fight for the children of God as he fought for them before.

Daniel the prophet was told concerning your nation ahead of time, and he was told that Michael would come in with his fleet. Do you know when Michael the Prince fought for you the last time? I can give you proof that you were with the Father in the heavens before the world was framed. Because Michael the Prince has not fought for you before on earth. Then this must have been while you were in the spirit. But when Lucifer took one third of the planets, and the peoples of the Milky Way and tried to make a tremendous army, using the technology of God which he had been using for years in the heavens, when Lucifer tried then to take over the throne of God, the whole dimensions of the creations of the Universe, then Michael the Prince of heaven, distributed his army and broke the power of Lucifer and most of his broken space craft landed in the earth. And this is where Lucifer has been ever since—right here. This is what upset the ancient civilization in South America. This is what upset the nation of Africa and turned it into darkness, for some of the warriors of Lucifer’s fleet were now in earth. This is what started Voodooism and the degeneration of the Negroes. It is what started the great battles of the Matavaras of history, with the ancient people of India and China. And in the panorama of those events, it effected whole continents and they sank beneath the waters of the Atlantic and the Pacific. The mighty battles in the sky are now a matter of history. And the Matavaras of India and the battle of the gods in the sky, and the dragon god of Asia, now come to earth, to try to stop His Kingdom. It is all there. And what has transpired in the ancient past is thus told.

But in that day, when Lucifer said, ‘I am going to destroy God’s Kingdom because I don’t like His children. I don’t like the fact that they are spirit of His Spirit. So I am going to fight and take over.’ That is the time when Michael fought for you. And do you hear what God said, ‘Michael the great Prince is going to fight for you as he did when he threw Lucifer out of the heavens. This time he is going to throw him out of the earth.’

Let me tell you this. Just remember who you are. And then just stand back and watch what God has on standby. What an experience it will be to see that great fleet streaming out of the heavens, brilliantly illuminated, shinning like the sun. Their great speed going thru the atmosphere gives a roar like a mighty rushing waterfall, like the mighty wind whining thru the trees. And Ezekiel lifted his eyes to that great panorama of objects. Oh, there is no doubt that there might have been signs of awe and some apprehension when he saw this. But he watched them turn and move and come on down. He said that they were circular objects and they came very, very close to earth. And he saw that there were eyes looking out at him. There were living creatures on the inside. There were great portholes around the ship and eyes looking out. And Ezekiel says that as they landed, they all came down together. And when they went up, they all went up together. But when they came down and settled in earth, then a door opened in one and from this door, there ran out a long gangplank like a loading ramp.

You say, ‘Why did they do that?’ They are just as smart in heaven as you are. They brought out a big throne and set it right there on the earth. And the illumination and the Glory of it all, filled the area and Ezekiel was rooted to where he stood. And this one who now sat on the throne, looked just like a man from His head to His feet. But the Glory which came from Him, the rainbow of color that went out from Him, the light from HIM that went out from HIM in this spectrum of color, was so bright that Ezekiel knew that he was in the presence of YAHWEH the Creator of the heavens and the earth. For out of Him came the Glory which broke all the color bands of the spectrum. The very elements which moved out from Him, were the very substance with which He created things. And Ezekiel beheld the very Glory of this ONE the Light Giver.

Ezekiel fell before this Light Giver, who then said, ‘Come here Ezekiel, for I have come to talk to you, for you are My prophet. And this is the message I have for My people.’ But Ezekiel did not come in with a strange new story about someone who just took over Mars. He did not come back and proclaim that some mysterious person just landed from Saturn. Ezekiel came to tell Israel about the Great God of the Universe, about YAHWEH, about His ships and about His message, which was for His people of His Kingdom and what He had ordained to do.

And Elijah left this earth after he had decapitated all the evil kikes who had come in to destroy God’s Kingdom, in the days of Elijah’s ministry. God said, ‘Here is a man after My own heart.’ And when Elijah was thru, He sent a ship down for Elijah and Elijah did not have to die. He just climbed on board and sailed away. Let me tell you this. As Christ left His disciples out there on the side of the mountain, after His last visit, He then stepped inside this shinning aura of light and they could see Him no more. But pretty soon, two men stepped out for a few moments. Then as they entered back inside the light, then the whole space of light and glory rose and disappeared.

The disciples stood there looking, not knowing what kind of a ship was in that cloud of Glory, no more than Moses knew when that ship was over the children of Israel in their march. And the Angelic hosts, representatives of Celestial realms said, ‘You men of Galilee, why do you stand there gazing into this disappearing cloud of light. This same Christ is going to return the same way you saw HIM leave.’ Someone said, ‘Do you believe that?’ Yes, I believe that and that ten thousands times ten thousands will be following HIM. Yes, I believe very much in unidentified flying objects. For my Bible tells that they are under the control of my Father which is in heaven. If Satan tries to substitute them and bring them out of the Netherworld thru some of the cavern entrances, then I believe this for my Bible tells me that they come out of the Netherworld like locusts. And some of these strange looking creatures like John saw in Revelation, may appear and they cause some fear as people look at them. For everything connected with Satan is a monstrosity.

But I want you to know that everything coming in from the distance and beyond, is coming in under the guidance and the knowledge and under the leadership of Michael the Archangel. There may be some phenomena that we cannot explain, such as the man out in the field pitching hay and in the next field were two men also pitching hay,—and they say that man standing there with his pitchfork and then suddenly up and up he went. But where did he go? Nobody knows. There are lots of strange things going on right now in the earth. But let me tell you something. If you want knowledge and you want wisdom, don’t turn to the ‘Wizard’ for it. Ask your FATHER and He will give it to you.

‘Oh, you say I have been too hard on some of these people. Then alright, if you want to buy a book that is published after these people say they came into earth, then go ahead and buy it and subsidize their work. For they may set up a booth and start importing things from Saturn. But we won’t be there to help them. I believe that there are beings on Saturn and beings on Venus and beings on Mars. But I am going to tell you that they do not have anything to do with what God has in store for you.

(End of message)


Thy Kingdom Come with Power – Wesley A. Swift


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift – 10-20-68

There is no question about the fact that the Kingdom of God comes with great power. In Matthew chapters 5 and 6, Jesus taught HIS Disciples how to pray:–

“Our Father which art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in Heaven.——-For thine is the Kingdom, and the Power and the Glory, forever.”

HE instructed HIS Disciples, that as they prayed this, pray ‘Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.’ Then they were not only to pray this prayer because in similitude it covered the greatness of all the issues that were of great need, but in this, HE had covered the full scope of the necessity of prayer. However, God was not talking about the individual necessity of a cry for help, but HE was giving them a pattern of prayer. HE didn’t say every man had to pray this way, HE said cover these things when you pray, ‘Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done in earth—-thy Kingdom come again in power and great glory.’

Jesus went about throughout all Galilee preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom. HE healed all manner of sickness. HE met every need of HIS ministry. But the embodiment of YAHWEH–God, preached and taught the Gospel of the Kingdom. (Matthew 4:23). Why? Because the Gospel of the Kingdom was the Gospel of God embodied in the earth, victorious over the power of darkness, and the ultimate achievement of the scripture promises. I want to point out to you that the Kingdom of God is a tremendous Kingdom. And if we go back into the Old Testament, we find out a lot about the program of God’s Kingdom. In the first place, the Kingdom of God is an administration—a rule. The Kingdom of God is definitely a Kingdom which shall rule over every portion of the earth. When we turn into the scriptures of the Psalms, we discover the areas of greatness and the magnitude of God’s Kingdom.

Psalms 22:28—– ‘For the Kingdom is the LORD’S and HE is the Governor of the nation.’

So, therefore, from there on he says, ‘the LORD prepareth a throne in the heavens and HIS Kingdom ruleth over all.’

Now, as far as God’s throne and HIS Kingdom in the heavens is concerned, the center of all the Universe happens to be the throne of the MOST HIGH GOD. The Pleiades with its 7 little planets or suns, that you see when you look into the heavens, is the exact node center of the Universe, with Orion helping to form the elliptic of the orbits of a vast number of the planets, pulling them to one side as it pulls them away from the areas of their own suns. Thus, we have Orion the balancer, and we have the 7 suns of Pleiades which happens to be the 7 centered heavens, the exact node center of the Universe. In Job 38:31, it speaks about the influence of the Pleiades and this center of God’s Kingdom. God has set HIS throne in heaven, but HE ruleth over all the Universe. In other words, the Father’s sidereal systems which are still further out than you and I can ever be able to measure the existence of, or still further out at the farthermost extent of the range of our large telescopes, these sidereal systems are still revolving around the Pleiades, the center of the Universe. God is the absolute power in all of the Universe which was created by HIM, and for HIM. Created in the pattern’s of the endless yesterdays of the Everlasting. ‘Thou art out God in all generations.’ (Psalms 90)

That then is the declaration—our God existed from Everlasting to Everlasting. HE has been in all hours and in all patterns of time and antiquity, the great, creative, Master—YAHWEH–God.

Now, the program of the survival of the Kingdom is the program people talk about. But you don’t have to worry about the survival of the Kingdom. Instead, you better get adjusted to what the program of the Kingdom is going to bring forth. When the people get adjusted to the purposes and plans of God, this is what preaching and teaching is supposed to do. Then they will understand. So the preaching and the teaching is supposed to bring to Saints of the MOST HIGH GOD

–bring to the believing offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD–an awareness of God’s plan, so that as they find themselves in any area or location, they adjust themselves to the plan of God and put their shoulder to the operation of helping to bring in the things that God has unveiled and is going to do. Now he is going to do these things. But the adjustment of the ministry and of the preaching, and teaching, brings people to an awareness of what is to come to pass. But the Kingdom of God is over all, HIS dominion is over all.—-

We find the declaration by the Psalmist. (Ps. 145:10-13) “HE has prepared HIS Throne in the heavens and HIS Kingdom is over all.” “All thy works shall praise thee, O YAHWEH, and thy Saints shall bless thee. They shall speak of the Glory of thy Kingdom, and talk of thy power; to make known to the sons of men HIS mighty acts, and the glorious majesty of HIS Kingdom. Thy Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom and thy dominion endureth throughout all generations.”

These again, are the words of the Psalmist. They are the concept of the Israelites of the Old Testament, as the Psalmist and the Prophet talked about the Kingdom of the MOST HIGH GOD. They understood that the Kingdom was established thru out all the Universe and was now established on earth thru the begetting of a Household, that would inherit the Kingdom. That was one of the reasons why the Adamic race was placed on the face of the earth. That was why God, Himself, breathed HIS breath of life (Spirit) into the Adamic race. And HE made it very, very clear that HE was establishing HIS Kingdom in earth, thru that race. That this race was to grow, to multiply, to increase as the sands of the seashore and as the stars of the heavens, until they would eventually rule over the earth and bring down the powers of darkness.

Now during this period of time, you would find existing here on earth, the temptations of Lucifer and his strategies of destruction, the program of his evil, of sin, of integration and mongrelization; his program of vice and catastrophe which is aimed at trapping the children of the Kingdom and their nations, and thus reducing the attempts of the sons and daughters of God to rise in spiritual power, because of wickedness and transgression. Therefore, one of the most important things for the sons of God to know is the purposes and plans for the Kingdom. Thus it was that when YAHWEH–God–was embodied in the earth, what did HE preach? People tell us that Jesus only preached salvation. But salvation is only one of the requisites of the children of the Kingdom. It is one of the blessings of the children of the Kingdom. But Jesus went around preaching the entire Gospel of the Kingdom.

What is the Gospel of the Kingdom? The Kingdom was the bringing to earth of Spiritual dominion and political power. The Kingdom of God exists in spiritual planes and in physical planes, and in the physical planes and dimensions you don’t even comprehend, as well as in planes of light and the planes of atomic substances of the created Universe. The Kingdom of God is in dominion over all, and is Everlasting to Everlasting. But the dominion of that Kingdom belongs to the Father, and is the inheritance of the sons and daughters. Therefore, the sons and daughters of God inherit a Kingdom.

Now, Kingdoms come down from generation to generation, from dynasty to dynasty. But since God is a perpetual God reaching from Everlasting to Everlasting, and HIS Kingdom is an Eternal Kingdom, and the life of God is an Eternal Life, then all the sons and daughters of God who are HIS heirs, inherit this Kingdom and they are given Eternal Life. The ruling of the Universe, God shares with HIS Household. And wherever the powers of darkness or the forces of evil have taken over constellations or solar systems, then God intends that they shall be taken back by HIS sons and daughters, and that Kingdom shall reign.

Now whatever God purposes to do, HE will do. HE says, ‘My counsel will stand. I shall do all my pleasure. I tell you this from the beginning. I tell you this in the book of Isaiah, I, alone, am God.’ Thus, it is under this declaration then we discover that when Jesus was preaching and teaching, HE was preaching ‘The Gospel of the Kingdom.’ HE was trying to get this message across to HIS Disciples, that it was their Father’s good pleasure to see that you get the Kingdom. HE has to stir you up. HE has to cause you not to fear the enemy, so you will not be afraid of the size of the enemy because you happen to be the children of the MOST HIGH GOD, who is all powerful. You are the children within, in whom HE has placed HIS Spirit. And HIS Spirit is going to triumph. Therefore, Jesus, in HIS ministry, constantly produced the pattern of guidance and the pattern of education, and the pattern of wisdom to those who are HIS Household. And HE made this quite clear as to the greatness of HIS Kingdom. ‘Jesus went about Galilee teaching and preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom.’

Those who were the sons and daughters of Lucifer, were also there and they were always laughing and attacking Jesus. They thought there was no importance to HIS message, for they didn’t understand it. But the High Priests and political strategists understood that HE was a danger to them. Therefore, they tried to trick Jesus and to trap HIM before their attorneys and their standards of law, and before the theologians of that day. Jesus was not speaking to them, however, for HE told them so. HE said, ‘You are not the children of the Kingdom.’ HE talked about and TO the children of the Kingdom, and explained the pattern of the Kingdom. HE talked about the field, which is the world, and about the planting of the Divine sovereignty of God’s Kingdom in the world. HE talked about the good seed planted, and that they grow up as the children of the Kingdom, that the Kingdom belongs to them and that they are the Good Seed. HE said that the bad seed are the children of the wicked one, talking here about the progeny of Lucifer. HE talks of their pattern and strategy of design, which is to take and rule the earth with the powers of darkness and the forces of evil. HE talks about how the TARES WILL BE GATHERED OUT AT THE END OF THE AGE. And Jesus talks about the coming in of the Kingdom with power, about the separation and the distinction of the citizens of HIS Kingdom, and those who are the citizens of the Kingdom of darkness. Thus, as we read in the book of Matthew, we have the greatness of this passage, ‘HE preached the Gospel of the Kingdom.’

Now, again, I want to point out to you that as Jesus not only talked about the strategy of the Kingdom, but when HE talks about their obedience to the laws of God, and about their status in their own lives, of conquering the powers of darkness and the forces of evil, HE talks about their health and HE talks about their vitality and about their fasting. And HE says you don’t do all those things for men, you do it for yourselves, because HE wants you to be a powerful people, because HE is going to pour out HIS Spirit on you. The strategy of the Kingdom is going to be a tremendous strategy, and lots of people don’t understand it.

HE says in the first few years of the redevelopment (starting with the Disciples) of the taking of the Kingdom, ‘I am going to build my Church; I am going to build it on a confession of Faith.’ The enemy is going to persecute that Church. They are going to put some of you to death, but that Church is going to grow so strong, that eventually it will control nations and Kingdoms. Eventually, the Church will be the most powerful spiritual institution on the face of the earth. HE said, ‘I must convince the sons and daughters of the MOST HIGH that this is the truth.’

So Jesus went about preaching and teaching the Gospel of the Kingdom. Soon, Jesus had followers and Disciples; and 500 of them followed Jesus the day HE went in the heavens, and Jesus told them to return to Jerusalem and wait until they received power from on high. These followers believed this and they waited in Jerusalem until the day of the coming of the Spiritual power, and then it rained down on them. They were shaken with the Spiritual power and with spiritual unction, that rained down on them. In that day, and in that hour, the dawning concept of the strategy of the Church took place.

Peter was just a fisherman, altho he had walked with Jesus through the three years of HIS ministry. But here at Pentecost, Peter arose and began to speak, and he did not sound like a fisherman, but rather a man with a great story to relate. He spoke to those of your race who dwelt in that land. But he also spoke to the Israelites of other lands that were gathered there that day. All could probably have spoken Hebrew, but Peter spoke to them in the languages of the nations from whence they had come. Then as the ministry continued, 5000 were added to the Church, and 30,000, and so on. Then these people went out to their homes and they also told of this ministry and they preached ‘the Gospel of the Kingdom.’ They spread the story of what Christ had wrought, of the building of a spiritual congregation and an ecclesiastical center of worship, and the gathering of power, until they would control nations, until they conquered the powers of darkness and until they take over this world for God.

This was the thing that drew men to their assemblies. Regardless of how they were persecuted, they did not fear, because they were told about their Eternal existence with the Father which they would go back to. That even if they were killed, while standing for the Kingdom and the Truth, that they would be resurrected again and their spirits would return to the Father who gave it. They, then, knew no fear and they answered the powers of darkness with the testimony of the Kingdom and the Church grew. Make no mistake about it. The Church grew. And it has grown until it has covered all the White nations of the House of Judah and the House of Israel. Thus God has fulfilled the Covenant.

‘I shall put My Spirit in your heart, I shall give you a heart of flesh. I shall move upon My people. I will make a new Covenant with the House of Judah and the House of Israel.’ Jeremiah 31:31.

Verse 33:– ‘I will put my law within their inward parts and write it in their hearts, and I will be their God, and they shall be My people.’ This is also a part of the Kingdom, because the Kingdom of God moves–both, in the spiritual realm and in its mental realm. The Church was one of the most important areas of the spiritual and mental movements. It was here that God met with HIS people. It was here that HE poured out HIS Spirit. Here, HE expanded the testimony of the Kingdom. It doesn’t matter what you have in mind. If you have a political program in mind there is only one way in which you can get that across. You have to spread the idea. You will never get a political program off the ground unless you spread the idea. And remember, the Kingdom is political as well as spiritual, for the Kingdom of God is Dominion, in all dimensions. The Kingdom of God is not only throughout all the Universe, but it is here on earth as well. Oh, you say, ‘It isn’t here everywhere, because the powers of darkness have their kingdom in lots of places. The Kingdom of God isn’t running Russia. It isn’t running China.’ But that is because the predominate pattern of people running those governments are of the children of darkness. But I want you to know that God Almighty is only letting them go ‘just so far.’ They don’t realize this, and they think they are gathering the masses which they will use to destroy America and the Christian nations. They think they are going to liquidate the Church and make it agnostic and atheist. And if you read the newspapers, you will probably think the whole world has become more and more agnostic and atheist. Even our own nation has reversed the draft laws so that you don’t have to believe in God to be a conscientious objector. But this nation is a nation under God. Then we say everyone should have political freedom and liberty, so we release people from being under God. But under the great strategy of the program of the Kingdom, you have to let everyone know what it the program of the Kingdom. You have to awake everyone to this program. God intended to wake people up. HIS Spirit was to guide them, and the preaching of the Gospel was ‘the Gospel of the Kingdom.’

Now, as far as God’s salvation is concerned, this is a part of the program of the Kingdom. HE has promised salvation to all of the House of Israel. HE said HE not only promised them salvation, but they also have Eternal live because they are HIS sons and daughters. The Salvation of God is great, for every need and every problem faced by man. The Salvation of God is great for the transforming of men’s minds when they stat to transgress, and they start to error. And that is hwy the scriptures say not to be conformed to the world, but be transformed by the renewing of the mind. (Romans 12:2). This is another work of the Holy Spirit of God. But I want you to know that in this hour, that those who listen to the Gospel of the Kingdom, are interested in the Kingdom of this world being taken over by the people of the Kingdom of God.

Now, let’s be practical and reasonable. There are so many people today you do not want to admit that there is anything in their religion that will activate their thinking or that their religion will activate their political consciousness. They say we must separate religion from politics. We have to separate in our minds our religion and the design of our nation. They say our nation must be all things to all men, it cannot be a Christian nation, or a Buddhist nation, but a nation for all men. Well, the Supreme Court has ruled ‘Three Times’ that THIS IS A CHRISTIAN NATION. And more than this, even tho there are a great many people in this land who are sound asleep, still–I tell you that we who are awake, will not bow the knee to Baal and we will adhere to what God has revealed and we will work until this small group becomes a great and mighty group. Because God started out by spiritually energizing HIS Household. And by the time of HIS Resurrection, there were probably two or three thousand people who knew and were interested in Christ. There were many more than this who knew of HIM. But there were only about 500 or 600 people who saw HIM after the Resurrection. But HE started with those 500 who met in the room to wait for the outpouring of HIS Spirit, and then from there, the power of God and the Spirit and ministry of God poured out over the White Western nations and HIS people became followers of Christ called Christian.

Now you say, ‘The Church doesn’t act like Christians today.’ Well, I admit that many in the pulpits today do not know about the Gospel of the Kingdom. In fact, a lot of them don’t know anything about Jesus Christ either. Because they think that the important thing in the world today is to satisfy all people, so they can get along with the press—because if they don’t, they will be called bigots or any of these things the press will call you if you don’t speak the program they advocate. Do you know why this is? Well, those that know the Gospel of the Kingdom are not working for the Republican Party or the Democrat Party. They are not working for any party. Rather, what they are working for is seeing that every White man is awakened to the fact that he is the son of God. That every White man knows the destiny of the White race, that every White nation of the Western World, knows why they are to stand together. I am interested in knowing that the White man knows that he is to battle Communism and its forces because he is part of God’s Kingdom. I want that man to know that God said, ‘I shall give you the power and the strength and give you victory.’ I want them to know that God said that you shall build armies and whether small of large, they shall be victorious. I want you to know that the God of the Old Testament who answered with miracles out of the sky, and shook down the Midianites, is the same God who is on your side for the final issues of time and history. I think the most important thing for you to know is that we are living in the ‘latter day.’ I think if we can wake up all the White men in this nation and in all the Western nations of the White world, we can get a foothold, then move forward to show these White men that they are living in the ‘latter day.’ That we are living in the latter days when God says HE is going to awaken HIS people. HE says, ‘I am going to show them what I want them to do.’ And then the Saints of the MOST HIGH GOD are going to take the Kingdom and retain it forever and forever. The MOST HIGH GOD says that you are going to be successful in that undertaking. In the book of Daniel, God speaks out on this subject:– ‘The Saints of the MOST HIGH shall take the Kingdom and possess the Kingdom forever and forever.’ (Daniel 7:18). And then in verse 28:– ‘And the Kingdom and the dominion and the greatness of the Kingdom, under the whole of heaven, (over the whole earth) shall be given to the people who are the believing offspring of the MOST HIGH.’ HIS Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom and all dominions are going to serve and obey HIM, and HE is going to put HIS sons and daughters in the seats of authority.

This is what we have to awaken people to. This is what God says HE is going to awaken HIS people to. HE says HE is going to call them by name and then your job is to carry HIS message and help in this awakening of God’s people, unto their work for their Father—and to their destiny. As you believe these things, you are going to tell others and tell and tell. And you aren’t going to care whether people of the press agree with you or not.

Of course, the press of our country will not agree with me if I tell them that the White man is going to rise up and smash the powers of darkness then rule this earth from end to the other. Oh, you say, ‘That isn’t fair, we should let everyone do as they please. Let them worship whom they please.’ Well, this is God’s world and that is not HIS plan. The program of God’s Kingdom is ‘Rule over all of the earth.’ HE says, ‘I am going to rule over this earth with a rod of iron. Men are going to obey My law, because I am YAHWEH-God. And My Law is the best thing for the Universe. It is the best thing for the earth. And my sons and daughters are going to realize the goodness of My Law and the rest of the earth is going to keep My Law because I will rule over them with a rod of iron.’ I tell you that you have to rule over these people of darkness with a rod of iron, because it will take almost 1000 years to ever bring them around.

Now, some will say, ‘Do you think we should make the Chinese obey the Laws of God, even if they don’t want to?’ That is exactly what I think. We should also make the Negroes who move around like wild animals and try to eat each other obey the Laws of God, or liquidate them. I think we should rule over them with a rod of iron. I think we have reached the day when the sons and daughters of God are to be awakened to the Gospel of the Kingdom.

The Gospel of the Kingdom is political. The Gospel of the Kingdom may possess the great spiritual facets of God moving on HIS Church, it may have the facets of spiritual power and the facets of spiritual healing and God helping HIS people by stimulation and quickening the consciousness of man. But God also says, ‘If thy eye be single, thy body be filled with light. The spirit, mind and body may see the great transition of God.’

HE has promised you transition, and immortality, and indestructibility. HE has promised that when HIS people answer HIS call, the power of light will cover their bodies and they will not be able to destroy you. That no weapon formed against you shall prosper. ‘Arise and shine, thy light has come, and the Glory of God will come on you.’ Then you won’t have to tell the world that you are the sons and daughters of God, for the world will see your Light. This is the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God. (Romans 8:19). This is all a part of the working of the last days. You are a part of the last days. You are living in the last days of time and history. And the program of God’s Kingdom is to put out the Word.

I think that God has started the stimulation and education of HIS people. Because they were falling for the Communist program, the deadly program of the Beast, so HE stirred the people and they started forming in to organizations to combat this Beast System. Then the enemy moved quickly into these organizations to split them up. Then that left a vast group of people thinking. And they started moving in this nation into the Conservative camp. This is a constant steady movement. It will now be the process through which you try to figure out who is the lesser evil as you vote, because both political parties are trying to carry on the work of error. One of these days, that is going to come to an end also.

Now, I want to point out to you that under this set-up, then the Gospel of the Kingdom, must awaken the sons and daughters of God to the program of the Kingdom, to awaken them to the program of what God has in store for the earth. If men would realize what God has in store for them, then they would put their shoulders to the wheel to help accomplish the fulfillment of HIS plan for the earth.

When men realize what is in store under God’s plan, then look for a small force to become a large force with the Christian Church, its evangelist of the White race. Then watch the great pattern of the Gospel of the Kingdom as it will evangelize the White race and the White race will rise to its place of leadership. And it will move with mighty power against the powers of darkness and the forces of evil. The time is going to come when we will no longer have these apologizers who say that we must let everyone go his own way–let everyone have his own god and govern himself. We have already tried this way in Africa and other places and it has only produced the idiots who eat one another. Their tribal priests come with their witch doctors and all want their own way and they end up fighting and eating each other. You went through the period when the Mongol hordes came out to destroy, every generation or so. They came out of the Mongol mountains and always came to destroy. Today, the Russians are again fulfilling that tradition for they are literally the Mongolian hordes come out once again to destroy Christian civilization.

I ask you. When is Christian civilization going to realize that there is only one way for peace in this world? And that is for this world to become the Kingdom of our LORD and HIS CHRIST, and for us to rule this world.

Jesus went about teaching the Gospel of the Kingdom. So as we see this declaration of the Gospel of the Kingdom, we realize that God has ordained throughout all periods of time, that victory shall come. HE has advocated this to HIS sons and daughters. ‘It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.’ HE says one of these days that Kingdom is going to come forth with great power and with great glory. HE says one of these days, the sky will be filled with great war chariots of the MOST HIGH GOD. One of these days, like lightening cometh out of the east and shineth toward the west, so will be the appearance of the Glory of the Kingdom of God.’ (Matt. 24:27). Then the great space ships of the Mighty Hosts of God shall come.

HE tells us in the book of Matthew:– ‘Then shall appear the sign of the son of man in the heavens, and then shall the tribes of earth mourn and they shall see the son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with great Glory.’

We have lived pass the measure of the sign of the son of man in the heavens. (The Kingdom.) We are now on the edge of the sign of the son of man coming with Great Glory. This will happen just as quick as the enemy thinks they will have the power to jump on us. But in the meantime, God says, ‘I am going to awaken my people until a great mass of them realize that the only solution for this world is for the Kingdom of God to rise and take over the world and rule. Then they will be ready to do anything to accomplish this.

Now, Jesus says the son of man shall come in HIS glory, and all HIS Holy Angels with HIM, and HE shall sit upon the throne of HIS Glory. HE will gather all the nations before HIM and separate them as a shepherd separated the sheep from the goats. (Matt. 25:32) HE is going to say unto the sheep nations, take your place on My right hand, the goat nations take your place on the left. Then HE is going to say to those on HIS right hand, ‘Come ye, blessed of the Father, inherit the Kingdom, prepared for you from the foundation of the world.’ (Matt. 24:34).

So we understand that when this time comes, this is a final program. I want you to know that HE says when HE comes that HE will gather HIS Elect from one end of the heavens to the other. (Matt. 24:31) Know ye therefore, that when this time comes the vultures and all birds gather because they know that as the kings of the earth gather with their armies, it will be a great battle. For all the kings of the earth are gathered to fight HIM who comes as KING of Kings, and LORD of Lords.’ (Rev. 19:16).

Now, I am not worried about that battle, because that battle has already been decided. HE has already set down the program for that because HE has already said that it will take seven men with great earth movers to go out and bury the dead. There will be none unemployed because all will be working at burying the dead. (People of the Adamic race—No. 7—will all be employed at waking up people?)—I want you to know that the enemies of God’s Kingdom are going to be wiped out by a great manifestation of spiritual power than has ever been manifested in the history of the earth. Now, therefore, the Kingdom of God comes with power. Not only a Spiritual Kingdom, because it belongs to the sons and daughters of God, but it also challenges men and women for this purpose.

You go out to the voting places and you try to pick out the men and women who will fit into the program of the Kingdom. People will say they like this man or—that man is a good man, but they don’t like what he says about sending arms to Israeli. Then– they like ‘that’ man pretty good, but they don’t like what he said about another subject. You are trying to select, but what are you setting your program of choice on? In the first place, you want them to be positive and strong against the mongrelization of your race. You want them to say, ‘I believe in Jesus the Christ and the Gospel of the Kingdom.’ You don’t want them to be helping Israeli, because this is the abomination of the desolator. And who wants to be on the side of the abomination of the desolator in the days of the Gospel of the Kingdom?

Do you think that you can select between the lesser of two evils at this time? God already has you working for the Gospel of the Kingdom. And I tell you this. If a man came out to run for office and said, ‘We are going to stand for the Laws of God, we are going to take control of this great nation for God, we are going to close out the control over our money by the Jewish bankers, we are going to drive out the powers of darkness.’ The White Christian race is going to do all these things. And we are going to stand for our Christ. And anyone who doesn’t believe in HIM, can leave our shores. I think that if a man stood and said this to the nation, it might take a little while–but then the idea would take hold and little by little the entire nation of White Christians would arise behind this man. I think you would have all the pastors weeping behind their pulpits. I think the N.C.C. and the Jewish communities would be weeping over the surging power that White Christianity would show, when the Right man came out and said the Right thing.

Then they would all want to say the Right thing. They would want to lower your taxes, and the first way to do that would be to get out of the U.N. and stop that money flow. Cut off the flow of your taxes to support the enemy. More than that, one-half of your tax dollars at least, go to support your enemies. All this is a part of the program. The kingdoms of this world become the Kingdoms of our LORD and HIS CHRIST.

Now, someone will surely say that this sounds like fascism. It sounds like Nazism. Well, what brought the Nazi’s to power in Germany, but men who stood and said, ‘We will not bow to the Jewish money system. We will not be ruled over by the Communist.’ The Jews didn’t like this, so they hurried to other countries and took different names and said, ‘Look, they killed the person by that name.’ And they stirred up the emotions of a people who did not know that situation. And people moved in a situation which they didn’t know what was going on. I’m going to tell you that it isn’t only Germany, but the whole White race that must be stirred until they stand together and say, ‘No longer will we be ruled over by the powers of darkness.’

That is the Gospel of the Kingdom. That is the Gospel of Liberty, of victory. And it is triumph and it is power. This is the Gospel of the Kingdom, the coming of the Kingdom of God with power and great Glory. You pray for it every day. Jesus taught HIS Disciples to pray, and still, today the Christians still pray:– ‘Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.’

So what is God’s program on earth? That there shouldn’t be one person in your land denying Christ. That there shouldn’t be teachers teaching your children that do not believe in YAHWEH–thy YAHSHUA–God. That there shouldn’t be one person that moves into any department of your government that doesn’t believe in God. That no member of another race be in any position of power by which to rule over you. If others don’t like this program, they can go back to where they came from. This is the program of God’s Kingdom. This is what the Bible has to say about it. Now, the preachers stay as far as they can from the Gospel of the Kingdom. So you never hear about it. But I really don’t think most of them even know about it, because really, they don’t know what the Bible does teach. They get a book once a year with fifty-two sermons in it and the fifty-two sermons have a text in each one of them, and they are to talk and build their sermons on those texts. This will be the same message which all the churches will carry. And so everyone will like them. Even the modernists and the ‘left wingers’ and the Communist like these sermons. So they send out the beautiful book of fifty-two sermons each year with Easter eggs on the front. That, my friends, is about what America gets form its ministry. No wonder the pastors don’t preach on the Gospel of the Kingdom. They have never heard of it.

I heard a minister preach and he said, ‘My God, give this meeting the power to help save these people from going to hell.’ Then he turned around and threw his arms around the Negroes and then said, ‘God bless the Jews.’ Well, he was in hell right there and didn’t know it. I think it is time that people knew what Jesus talked about when HE preached the Gospel of the Kingdom. If the ministers were to answer the Negroes like Jesus did, they would be de-churched. But remember when the Negro woman asked Jesus to heal her daughter, and Jesus walked right on? Then when she persisted, Jesus said, ‘I cannot give you, a Canaanite, the Gospel of the Kingdom.’ Then she said, ‘We dogs will take the crumbs from your table.’ Then Jesus said, ‘alright, you shall have the crumbs because of your faith.’ But the ministers are afraid to preach these words of Jesus, for they know that they will be de-churched. Maybe they do not even know those words of Jesus. I can preach them because if you de-church me, I just won’t go. (Everyone in the audience just laughed and clapped at this.)

But there are lots of people today who are afraid to hear the Truth. Something will have to stir them up. Maybe some great catastrophe will do the job. Some of our Coast line may have to slip under the water some day., or something like that. But I want you to know that the program of the Gospel of the Kingdom is a final program of the MOST HIGH GOD. He talks about the signs of the times, about pressures and about catastrophes and about judgments. And then, HE talks about areas of victories.

Then HE says, ‘The hosts of the MOST HIGH shall come in with great power–and I have all the power—and all of the dominion.’ The Old Testament Psalmists tells you that HE had the power and that HIS dominion is from everlasting to everlasting.

‘Ye shall see the son of man coming with power and great Glory.’ As ye see this, the Kingdom of God shall come with power. Then that which has been ordained and prayed for is literally fulfilled. The dominion and Kingdoms under the whole of the heavens shall be given to the people who are the Saints of the MOST HIGH–the believing offspring. And their Kingdom shall be an everlasting Kingdom and all dominions shall obey and serve HIM.

Now, some say, ‘Oh, that is not religion.’ But yes, it is. For God says all are going to worship ONE LORD. All are going to be ruled over by HIS LAW. And that they will be ruled over by HIS Spirit filled offspring.

So the Kingdom shall come with power and great Glory. And you who are the heirs of the Kingdom will join that Kingdom. You will share in the growth of that Kingdom. This is a political idea to rule the world. And every White man should be thrilled to join that Kingdom rule because that is the only way he will ever find peace.

The KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS brings the Victory as the great PRINCE OF PEACE.

I have only one political ambition, and that is to awaken every White man until he stands for the Kingdom and it rules the world. The rest of the world may look on this process, but they will not stop it because you, children of the Kingdom shall enter the promised land. You shall not be held out for another generation because of unbelief.

Then—the Kingdom of this world becomes the Kingdom of our LORD AND HIS CHRIST.

(End of sermon)