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Norma Dorothy Cox Interview

Exclusive interview with Norma Cox done by Norma Cox

( Please notice that this interview was done after a U.F.O. magazine had dropped all of Norma’s adds and was done as a ”spoof” on that magazines article section. That’s why Norma refers to herself as ”this entity” ect. I kept the entire interview as the original.)

S.E. Will you please tell me your name-you may eliminate your family surname- place and date of birth, and a little of your bloodline.
N.C. This entity wishes to state that she is glad to comply. This entity’s name is Norma Dorothy Cox. This entity was born in Houston, Texas, Harris county, March 8th, 1908. Both parents of this entity were born in Texas, father in San Antonio, mother in Houston. This entity’s grandparents came from Germany and Lithuania.
S.E. Good grief, that makes you 83 years old!
N.C. Yes, it does indeed.
S.E. March 8, 1908 plus pisces makes for pretty potent stuff. Is that not correct?
N.C. This entity wishes to indicate that, yes, she believes it does. Not only is the number 8 identified with the constellation of Pisces, this figure also represents our planet, especialy as it relates to the last years of this age. But, of course, you know all about that stuff.
S.E. Doesn’t that upset you a bit – I mean in conjunction with the things you write about?
N.C. This entity wishes to state emphatically that none of what this entity writes disturbs her. As for the number 8, which has dominated her life, this entity has for a very long time had the feeling that her birth, coupled with happenstance passion, was the result of design, in part, being what this entity has been writing about for eleven years.
S.E. Would you be so kind as to tell me something of your married life?
N.C. This entity had one husband… Jessie Earl Cox. We lived together for 40 years…most of the time in harmony and with affection.
S.E. You lost your husband in an accident, did you not?
N.C. You can call it an accident if you want, but this entity calls it attempted assassination…an exquisitly timed, intentional mishap that occurred squarely in front of a Texaco filling station …you know, the kind with the five pointed star, the symbol of the planet, Venus. The intent was to get this entity. It happened around noon of friday (assassination day) of July 2, of the bicentennial year of 1976. ( 7+6=13, indicating the planet Venus; July 2, the actual date of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.) My husband died almost instantly, or so I was told. It was to have been a ritual murder, but the Baal priests got the wrong person. This entity understands it was her knees that caved in the dashboard of the pickup when the big, yellow schoolbus slid across the wet pavement and slammed into us. I understand that the bones of both my upper legs were crushed into a hundred or more pieces. One orthopedic doctor who would bring visitors to my room to talk about my legs, said he’d never seen anything worse in vietnam where he’d served. After 5 months of agony and tears, this entity left Boone county hospital to return home and live alone and try her best to get out of the wheelchair and back on her feet … And a miracle happened. This entity has long felt that the God (Gods) of good have protected her, and that the work (SECRETS) that this entity embarked upon was more their doing than the doing of this entity.
S.E. Ummm. Now, in as few words as possible, will you tell me what possessed you to walk out on your husband in 1972, leave your new home, and move to North Arkansas where you knew no one, to live in a trailor house?
N.C. In the late 60’s this entity and her husband purchased a track of land out of a little N. Arkansas community called Morning Star. It was, you might say, a sort of investment. But this entity fell in love with the place. There was a beautiful cave, and a wall with gushing water; there was a brook with clear water; there was a gully with huge boulders and a profusion of fern. In the openings, the grass was high, and there were cedar and walnut and hickory trees. This entity felt compelled to move onto the place. Later, in 1973, when my husband saw that I wasn’t going to return to Texas, he took early retirement and moved into our place together.
S.E. Have there been any men in your life during your 15 years of widowhood?
N.C. This entity is pleased to report that, because of my writings, men have come back into her life via mail, phone calls and personal visits. It did this entity’s flagging ego good when it was discovered that men still liked to be in her presence, despite her broken leggs and many years… creation is of the force of opposition. Without the warmth and sweetness, the magic that only man can bring to woman (or woman to man) woman is badly out of balance.
S.E. But at your age, others your age are going to their graves, or wasting away in nursing homes. Don’t you worry about dieing?
N.C. No I don’t. With spirit as high as ever, without a bottle of pills anywhere, this entity feels as good as she ever has. Considering the way calamities are piling up around the world.
S.E. You’re a student of the Bible, and of late you’ve been studying the work of the super mason, Albert Pike… is that not correct?
N.C. Yes, that is correct. It is a crying shame that the Bible cannot be taken out of the church, where it has been stigmatized, and have the corruption removed, and be taught as it should be taught to anyone wanting to learn the truth of creation, the true form of earth and it’s underground inhabitants, the truth of U.F.O.’s and beings of other worlds. This isn’t done because, if it were people would know the truth of what’s going on, and they would do something about it… As for Albert Pike, those who have studied and written about masonry, and it’s involvement in world affairs, have failed utterly to perceive what is at the core of the world’s most ancient and insidious secret society of devious and conniving men: the ”jew” kabala, astrology, old testament corruption and possibly, the source of the new testament. While some people repudiate what is written in ”secrets”, I’m not going to bend truth to accomodate assimilated truth.
S.E. You write alot about underground inhabitants. Will you give an example of this in the Bible?
N.C. Probably the most striking example of this unknown truth is to be found in the 7th chapter of Micah, which states: ”They shall lick the dust like a serpent, they shall move out of their holes like worms of the earth. They shall be afraid of the Lord our God, and shall fear because of thee…” There is an enormous network of elaborately fortified underground facilities housing super high-tech weaponry, and other electronic devices far more sophisticated than any known on the surface. When the time comes, and it is coming fast, the hidden men of surface governments manning these far-flung citadels of defense and offense, will be forced to abandoned them, for the time will have arrived. Fire from heaven will burn all the weaponry that was to have beaten back the invaders from space. Fire will block entrance ways and the men of deceit and lies will crawl on their bellies seeking a way to the surface, which will be under attack. This entity declares this interview closed.

( The content and facts of Norma’s life are true. That was a very rare look into the prophet Norma Dorothy Cox’s life.)