Angels Don’t Play this HAARP Book Review – Ella Rose Mast



As we have told you and the Internet has told us, HAARP is a big ‘power grid’ built by the U.S. and based in Alaska.  This messing with mother nature and the children of earth electromagnetically, started years ago.  It was in the 1800’s that Nickola Tesla was working on such an idea that would transmit electrical energy thru the natural mediums.  In 1858, White House advisors on Weather Modification were studying ways to manipulate changes ‘of earth and sky,’ and so affect the weather.       In the 1980’s, the United States began to use the developing process in hope of defense purposes and thus ‘Stars wars was born.’  In 1995, Congress budgeted ten million dollars for the year of 1996 under nuclear counter-proliferation efforts for HAARP.  From 1994-1996, testing of HAARP equipment has been frozen, supposedly.  Altho we now learn that HAARP was turned on this year.  So who is now calling the shots on this project?  The system was not projected to be fully operational until 1998.

            Today we are living in an age where scientific progress seems to be advancing at a more rapid pace than spiritual values.  Is this a danger for our civilization?  Some people seem to feel that this is true.  We must remember that absolute power corrupts and since we are now governed by people with no spiritual values, this is the danger that we face.  In order to move on from the ‘cold war,’ did these corporations which were all involved in HAARP in the days of the danger from the Soviet Union need to find a way to keep the money flowing and  decide to work with a force within our government that would use this technology not for the good of America and her citizens, but for their own enrichment?  And at the top, was the plan to manage the citizens of this great nation thru mind control until we would walk into this great big ‘One World government’ that they had planned for us for decades?  That is the question.

            Jeanne Manning and Dr. Nick Begich thus, came into this story as their curiosity grew and they put together this book “Angels Do Not Play This Haarp.”  Dr. Nick Begich is a researcher.  And in the case of HAARP, he saw a tiny one-paragraph notice on the project in Nexus Magazine. As he began to research this project, he found layers of deception at every level. Here was a megalithic project, that if implemented, could profoundly affect the lives of every person on earth. Thus, this project needs to be studied to see how those now in power intend to use it.  Researchers soon learned that HAARP represents a technology which could lead to a new class of weapons that could change our world profoundly . . . an all-purpose military tool.  IF MISUSED, THE TOOL COULD MESS UP OUR WEATHER.  It could be used against humanity in a way that would change what people think,

believe, and feel.  It could be used for ‘Good or Evil,’ just as a harp can make the music of Mozart, or the melody of the death march.

            Today no one is supervising the big boys who have this big toy and the fat black wallets.  The Clinton Administration, as of May 1995, planned to spend 15 billion on ‘theater defense missile systems’ in the next seven years.  But today, they are also not budgeting enough money to supply even the bullets for the weapons the military now uses.  And they have strung our service men all over the globe.  Also, they have not used any money that has been appropriated to upgrade the safety of our military air craft.

            Nicolas Tesla was a great inventor of our race and he presented many inventions to the government agencies.  Such as the idea of sending electricity thru the air without wires, and the idea of cheap electric power for everyone by just putting a rod into the earth and extracting energy–free.  After Tesla admitted to J.P. Morgan that his experimental tower on Long Island was meant to send power as well as messages, his public career was ended.  And no longer did the money men finance him.  He died a pennyless inventor.  He continued to learn and to invent, but he was kicked out of the spotlight because Corporate Moguls were interested in creating monopolies and SELLING the electric power to the people.

In her research, Jeanne Manning followed the trail from Tesla to ‘Star Wars.’  In this research, she found what we have known as the Russian Woodpecker, that radio frequency signal, or low frequency (elf) waves which had been discovered in this country in late 1976, which would at times disrupt electrical equipment.   Jeanne Manning found that for some reason, Tesla was being downgraded as an inventor.  And she wondered why, since Tesla had invented the florescent lights.  Whereas Thomas Edison invented the incandescent light bulb; Edison was revered and not Tesla.  Altho Tesla’s AC system was better because AC electricity can travel hundreds of miles over power lines at high voltage, while a wire carrying DC would be unable to light bulbs a mile away from the generating plant.  Then she read a list of military uses of Tesla’s many inventions such as Earthquake contrivance, World radar, Particle Beam weapons, and brain wave manipulations.  One or more magnifying transmitters could send destructive impulses thru the earth to any location. A well-placed jolt of many millions of volts, could theoretically destroy the communications of any major city.   Particle beam weaponry was such a high-level secret that even Jimmy Carter was screened from vital technical developments by the bureaucracy of the C.I.A. and Defense Intelligence Agency.

            Thus, ‘Star Wars’ came into being at a time when we were searching for a way to stop incoming missiles from the Soviet Union.  And she found that they were using the Tesla inventions.  The idea being to heat up a portion of the atmosphere thru which Russian missiles would come and they would explode as they hit that shield of electric heat.  Yes, it would work.  And the Soviet Union caved in and the Cold war was over.

            Now looking backwards, then back even in the Kennedy years, another inventor had taken research papers to the President showing the massive amounts of power which could be distributed by broadcasting it, which Tesla had proven, could be done before 1911.  This inventor was then shocked to find his papers placed under the Secrecy Act legislation.  And altho offered a government contract, still they did not want to work under that syndrome.  So he was told that he and his helpers were to sit down and shut up.  Thus, again there was to be no cheap energy for the people of the U.S.A. even back in those days.  Have you ever wondered who it is that in the different Administrations, that does not think first of the American citizens?


            A man by the name of Gregory was very, very disturbed at the ideas he saw being developed.   This heating of the atmosphere, to him, seemed to be dangerous.  He called Jeanne Manning and told her that the ‘mad scientists’ were going to build a super-powerful ionospheric heater, and an array of antennas in the Alaskan bush outside of Anchorage, Alaska.  This man was an environmentalist and he was angry as to what might be done to the environment.  In early 1994, there was still no interest in the press about this building going on in Alaska.  Then Dennis Specht, an anti-nuclear activist then living in Alaska, sent a news item to an Australian Magazine, and the reporter asked:–“Has anyone raised the thought of things getting out of control?”  And then interest began to mount over the world as to this HAARP which Angels do not play.

            Now some statistics:—The electron that hits your T.V. screen is moving at 25,000 electron volts.  When it gets more than 1/2 million volts that is when you call it relativistic.  The ones HAARP is talking about are one to three million electron volts. The Physicist in charge emphasized that he is in favor of HAARP.  For if 10% of these things they envision work, it is a very neat thing.

            Now this experimenting with ionospheric heater began long before HAARP.   In 1960, one was built at Plattesville, Colorado.  Then in 1983, this was moved to a site east of Fairbanks, Alaska.  Long before HAARP was conceived, the Soviet Union built more powerful heaters than the West and involved more scientists in ionosphere changing experiments than the West.  Max Plauch Institute in Germany, built a heater at Tromso, Norway.  In 1991, the Europeans had caught up with the Russians by beaming one megawatt of effective radiated power from Tromso.  You must remember that the heaters were to heat the atmosphere in spots to stop incoming missiles.  But at this time, no experimentation was taken so as to see what the effects on earth would be.

            In far off Alaska, they depend on the radio for life or death calls.  And when they learned that such places as HAARP could interfere with the radio frequency, then they began to worry and to protest that the HAARP should be located somewhere when this radio interference would not interfere with the military establishment.  Then what made them think that the Alaskan wilderness would welcome it in their back yard?  And of course, they did not.  People against this project express it with an Alaskan’s common sense expression.  They say,—(quote) “They are like boys finding a sleeping bear and poking it in the butt to see what is going to happen.”

            Thus, the arguments go on and on since the big boys don’t know the results of what they are planning to do.  Here today, as we study this situation, we realize that so called ‘star wars’ seemed to stop the Russians since they could not keep up.  But look today, here in 1996, we are now going into space with the Russians and we now have a woman up there in the Russian capsule with those men.  For what purpose??? Environmentalists worry about the loss of the ozone belt, then want to ban hair spray pressure cans while the government builds such things like HAARP which can destroy, in a minute, more than hair spray pressure cans could in a life time.

            The danger from HAARP today, we would say, comes from those who control it.  The CIA reports that National governments are already able to manipulate weather for military purposes.  We have often read in the past about this weather manipulation and modification.  And if you mentioned it, your were laughed at.  But now we find this has been going on for a long time just as we said.

            Now we are told that experiments have been going on since 1940.  But that using environmental modifications techniques to destroy or damage another state are prohibited.  Do you suppose our enemy would adhere to that if they were to take over from within??

            The Poker Flat Rocket Range is the largest land-based research facility in the world, and the only high altitude rocket range in the U.S. It is the only university operated range in the country.  It has been funded in the past with NASA grants of 1.5 million annually.  It received a 30 million dollar upgrade as part of a national defense bill passed by Congress in 1990.  The plans were to build the best upper-atmospheric research facility in the world.

            In February of 1995, the Star Wars missile defense shield was supposed to be dead.  The U. S. House of Representatives voted to kill the program.  Yet HAARP continues on while the motives of the military or those who are in power, are hidden from the world.  Looking back in time, the C.I.A. interest in mind-control began with the Korean War during which the North Koreans had demonstrated skills in the areas of mind-control not previously seen in the West.  The C.I.A. undertook a significant research effort into this area which extended to numerous related fiascos.  Some of these were uncovered in subsequent scandalous revelations which included Canadian citizens being mentally manipulated without consent, treatment of thousands of university students and military personnel with LSD, and such.  To the C.I.A., Dr. Delgado’s wireless effects were thought-provoking. He discovered that animals could be manipulated without any physical contact.   Moreover, the fields Delgado uses are as low as 1/5 of strength of the earth’s own magnetic field.  Yet when the signal is tuned to precise frequencies, it was found that Delgado’s can do much more than make a monkey sleepy.  These technologies were increasingly being recognized by other researchers, and the data base has reached a level of certainty not understood as little as ten years ago.  Today, a number of tools for brain entertainment are being marketed.  Even some devises are being marketed for people to alter their own brain activities.

            Now in its beginning with the HAARP program, it was made clear that this program would always be carefully controlled.  This has always been the fear of those who are opposed to the program, ‘WHO WILL CONTROL? AND IN THE HANDS OF THE WRONG PEOPLE, WHAT IS THE DANGER TO THE AMERICAN CITIZEN?”  This high frequency active auroral research project is ‘the HAARP that Angels do not play.’

            Remember the 1960’s thru the 1970’s, there was the story and also intelligence reports of microwave beams being directed at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow?  The government has never released the whole story.  Beginning in 1965, the Government tested Embassy personnel to see if any genetic damage was done.  They claimed no ill effects.  But when President Nixon went to the USSR in 1971, members of his party showed abnormal behavior, including crying and depression.  The spy community already knew that the Soviets had developed microwave beaming technologies which can affect mind, memory, and health.  Soviet research had already shown that it was also possible to create hallucinations and significant perpetual changes in people.


            The C.I.A.’s use of mind altering technologies is not new.  We have told you this for years.  They conducted memory experiments on thousands of unknowing people across the U.S. in 180 hospitals, and research centers and prisons. They used LSD and other drugs, brainwashing, sensory deprivation, hypnosis and many other mind control techniques until 1976, when the U. S. Senate investigated and stopped these practices.  It appears that the names of the programs and their approaches changed, but the programs may have continued.  And the Soviets moved ahead of the U.S. in their development of the ‘mind war’ technologies.  They perfected a device called the ‘Lida’ which produced low frequency pulsing fields.  Lida was then used on prisoners of war to put them into a trance so that secrets could be extracted from them more easily.  As they increased their pulse waves so as to talk to their submarines, they became known to some radio operators as the ‘Russian Woodpecker’ because of the steady pecking signal.  The negative side to this caused communications interference, power failures, mood alterations, and weather modifications, which have had a devastating effect on food production in the Soviet Union since the 1970’s.

            Since the ‘Cold War’ is over, Russia and the U.S. have been cooperating in a number of research efforts including electromagnetics. In 1995, discussions about the policy of the Defense Department was that these systems could be used by law enforcement and military applications on their adversaries.  The term ‘Adversary’ includes those who are engaged in activities that they want to stop.  This policy does not preclude legally authorized domestic use of the non-lethal weapons by the U.S. Military in support of Law Enforcement.  This allows use of the military in actions against the citizens of the country they are supposed to protect.  Thus, who are these citizens they wish to stop and what are their activities and who will make the decisions to stop these activities? (Remember Waco?)

            An important aspect of this word ‘Non-lethal’ is intentionally misleading.  The policy adds:– ‘It is important that the public understand that just as lethal weapons do not achieve perfect lethality, neither will non-lethal weapons always be capable of precluding fatalities and undesired collateral damage.’  In other words, you might destroy property and kill people with the use of these new non-lethal weapons.  But for riot control for instance, now the government can use these new weapons against their own citizens what they cannot use in warfare with real enemies.  Because they now have agreements with their enemies as to their use.  This then was the reason that the non-lethal was moved out of the Department of Defense into the Department of Justice.  This places the American nation, the Americans, and citizens of other countries in a lesser protected class than individuals seeking to destroy our nation.

            All right . . . Playing the HAARP.—–

December of 1994, the system was put thru a number of tests.

January of 1995, the system integration phase of testing was continued. February thru March of 1992, a number of tests were run.

March 29 thru April 13, 1995, formal testing was done.

July 25 thru August 10, 1995, corrections were made as a malfunction occurred.

September 11-22, 1995, the system was used to test patents and the heaters turned on to send energy to the same spot in the ionosphere. Spring of 1996, the testing of earth penetrating begins.  There are still problems.  And funding by Congress has been stopped.  But other funding is still coming in and the testing is going on.

            Thus the people of Alaska who are alert, are worried.  And they claim that HAARP is already affecting their people.  The others say, “Oh, it just means more jobs and prosperity.”  But others remember as we do that as early as 1970, Zbrigneiu Brezinski, later National Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter, predicted a more controlled and directed society would gradually appear linked to technology.  This society could be dominated by an Elite group which impresses voters by allegedly superior scientific ‘know how,’ unhindered by the restraints of traditional liberal values.  This Elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behavior and keeping society under close surveillance and control.  Technical and scientific momentum would then feed on the situation and its exploits so Brezenski predicted.

            Today a number of new tools are emerging for the Elite and the temptation to use them increases steadily. How could the U.S. be changed bit by bit into a highly controlled techno society?  Among the stepping stones, Brezinski expected, were persisting social crisis and use of the mass media to gain the publics confidence.

            A different opinion was expressed by Newt Gindrich, now the Speaker of the House, who has always been fascinated with technology. And as he read these reports, he thought this project had potentials to control these brush fire wars around the world.  He was always interested in technology for the Western world and the protection for the U.S. from enemy missiles such as ‘Star Wars.’

            Now in review, we understand the anxiety of some of the people of Alaska who are alert.  If we did not depend on the protection of our Heavenly Father, we would be more worried.  But we know we are in a time of trouble such as there never has been such a time since we became a nation.  And, yes, it seems like the enemy is gaining all of the time. But we also know that there has to be an end to this sometime.  And we trust that HE WHO IS IN YOU (US), IS GREATER THAN HE THAT IS IN THE WORLD.  Thus, the enemy thinks they have succeeded in destroying the kingdom, still they come to the end of ‘their time’. Meaning their time to molest the kingdom.

            And, yes, the love (or fear) of the LORD is wisdom, and turning from evil is understanding.  Thus, there is hope for our nation and for us.

(Job 28:28)  

End of review.


Questions and Answers 7-7-65 (Hollow moon, Teleportation etc.) – Wesley A. Swift

7-07-65  Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study – Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:…This teleportation, some claim they can do this?

ANSWER:…You mean disappear here and arrive there? Well! I don’t buy much of it, the only area where this seems to function is in Occultism. And generally it is familiar spirits and whether they ever came from there or were here all the time is questionable. There is a high system of communication in all Celestial realms, and in other realms as well, and of course the Luciferian system is pretty well organized in their many orders, so communication is rather bad in many areas. In many Celestial realms teleportation is used if you want to use that term. We have been told that Christ can be here instantly when summoned or be there, can cross intervene miles by just instantly appearing here and disappearing over there. But there is no Biblical evidence of this. I know nothing about such happenings. So teleportation if it works would seem a more practical way to transit crossing the distance of space. But strangely enough when we have Biblical record of Christ coming to earth as He did when He brought the law to Mount Sinai, He came with 10,000 of His Saints, Administering Spirits, and His Hosts out of the Heavens. And they came in vast fleets, came over Paran and Sinai and came down..Deuteronomy 33, came throwing great search lights down over Paran. Then circled around and came down over Sinai. We know that when Christ ascended He went up on a Mount and a big cloud, hiding something without a doubt, and as Jesus was received into the cloud they didn’t see Him anymore but two men stepped out. This wasn’t something dangling out of space, this was just a cloud sitting on a hill. You couldn’t see what was in the cloud but Jesus stepped into it and two men stepped out saying:…why are you looking into the cloud? He will return as you saw him go. Then these men stepped back in the cloud and it went away. You will note in the Old Testament the abiding presence of God is with them whether it be embodied or in Celestial realms. You will note that a great cloud traveled with Israel and it says YAHWEH was in the cloud. This was as though a fire by night, and a radiant Shekinah cloud by day. All this was covering, shielding something they couldn’t see. We keep hearing about the chariots of the MOST HIGH, we find in the writings of patriots like Enoch who had traveled from here to the Pleaides and back, he traveled in a craft able to make a fast trip from here out to the Pleaides and came back to finish his book he was writing. So they didn’t have to wait on slow transportation, it was fast, but it was also transportation.

Now; this teleportation facet, I don’t see to much of this actually supported Biblically so I do not feel inclined to accept too much of it. Moses and Elijah stepped out of spirit and were visible on the Mount of Transfiguration. They had shape and form and the disciples could hear them talking with Jesus. And finally they stepped back into spirit and were not visible anymore. Where they went and how is not discussed but we do know that the Celestial plane surrounds the physical plane. That Celestial beings can materialize until they are visible in this plane but still you would not be able to touch them. Whether or not you can step into that plane of spirit depends on certain abilities you may or may not have developed, and wouldn’t be in possession of.

The fact that Christ was spirit, soul, and body but also the fullness of God dwelling bodily could step into the dimension of spirit and be invisible, and walk right out through the wall, and then step back into the physical on the outside was most upsetting to the kikes in His time. When they wanted to stone Him down in the Treasury building He just disappeared. They looked under the tables and behind doors but couldn’t find a target for all those stones they had brought down there. But outside Jesus was talking to people. This is not teleportation, this is an inter-dimensional ability to move from one dimension into another from one plane to another. The firmness of planes are determined by the firmness of the substance of which they consist. For instance, all the walls of this room are made up of particles of electricity. So therefore they are so well solidified here by the law of ionization, and their atomic structure that it is a solid wall to you because your body also exists in this same plane. But if you could accelerate the electrons in your body as they go around the nucleus of the molecular masses then you could walk right through that wall, and it wouldn’t hinder you one bit, if you moved within enough frequency of wavelength of change. This is the matter of the speed of those electrons. If we could speed up the electrons of the human body we could speed them to the point where decay or disintegration was impossible, or until the breaking down of the atoms of substance until the whole balance of the body would be perfect. This was also hinted in the Greek, and of course the Apostle Paul tells us in the Book of Romans written in Latin that if the spirit of Christ dwells in you it shall quicken your mortal bodies, and they won’t die. In fact if the body is broken down the speeding up of the electrons, the reactivation of the substances would produce the synthesis of power and light.

Then he goes further and says:…if the Spirit of Christ dwells in you it shall quicken your mortal body. But actually in the Greek this was:… It shall speed up the motion in the atoms of its substance. So in the atom of your being it speeds up the electronic structure, the velocity around it and therefore would be synthesized, be beyond the area of decay or breakdown. It would have a healing body. All these are within the realm and with in the facets of the subject you are asking about..see. Actually the ability to set here and project yourself from here to Europe, this is only done in Occult circles, and is pagan spiritism. It is not a spiritual achievement, it is not something which is taught in Christianity. I do know of one or two people who got involved in this area of witchcraft in France. And there is a lot of areas where they have Temples to the Darkness, and a Black Mass is celebrated in them. And also there are missionaries to various areas of occult quite active around Paris, and I have known of people who got mixed up in this, they were told it was spiritual but it isn’t, it is Satanism. They have had the experience of having their consciousness outside their body capable of looking at their bodies from the outside. And for a short time they have gotten out of their bodies and traveled even to distant places as far as their consciousness was concerned while their body was still home. And in a moment of consciousness they find themselves drifting back and re-entering their bodies. As far as their consciousness is concerned this is their experience. Then their body comes up as tho from a trance and stands up. This is the only time teleportation can be witnessed to as a sort of psychic phenomena, an occult phenomena if you will. Sometimes however peoples bodies seem to die in those moments and then they can’t get back into the body. Then they are like the demons Christ cast out of the mans body in the cemetery, and they are disembodied and have to walk the empty dry places until the judgment because there was no way back in. or back and forth. I have known one or two people in my time that were in this occult practice and they became frightened when some ones body died and they couldn’t get back in so they got out of the group. But the fact is that this was 100% demon operated, and this again did not teleport the body, only the consciousness went out and came back.

Now: as far as spiritual areas of revelation are concerned, the consciousness can be carried into far distant periods of time and it could be carried over the pattern of events that God synthesized to do. The Synthesization of your spirit and His are one and the same substance, your soul consciousness can draw out of the spirit and sometimes it gathers all its inspiration, guidance, and inspiration from that area. But there are times when it might be given a prophetic patter, especially if you have been given the gift of prophecy, or if God has given you this responsible area of forecast, for some purpose, therefore you would have the experience like John had who was meditating on the LORD’S DAY and a door opened in the dimension of spirit. And he heard a voice say:.’come hither’, and John went right thru a wall in the plane of space into the Celestial realm. But he was now in a light dimension, altho it could have been a soul dimension as well were it not that Celestial planes were involved. His consciousness was in his Celestial being alright, and he traveled forward and back on the thought plane of God’s purpose. He saw people, he ate food, he traveled and he had to do it in the Celestial plane.

Now;..whether his body had actually gone from the Isle of Patmos thru the dimension that his consciousness passed thru I don’t know. But I will say that the Apostle Paul said he could not tell. In his experience he said whether in the spirit or the body he didn’t know, only God knew, but he went into the plane of spirit and into the different dimensions of heaven. What happened was that he was shown many things about things which happened before he came to earth. He was told that he was the son of the MOST HIGH and was called to be an Apostle. Was brought up there to be shown thing which would quicken his consciousness, and then he would go back and finish the things he was supposed to do. So the Apostle Paul was transported to the second, third and fourth heavens, and he could not tell the difference as to whether he was in the spirit or in the body. So it doesn’t make much difference if the consciousness doesn’t know any difference. And if you can think, touch, eat, and travel, all these things, then it doesn’t make any difference. Many people have sort of an owlish idea that living is so much different in the Celestial plane, so much different than the living in the physical plane, and that there is nothing in common with it. But according to the Apostle Paul’s experience he couldn’t tell whether in the body or out of it. So living in either plane isn’t to much different other than there is no suffering or disintegration in the plane of spirit. It would be quite possible for an individual to travel to a far out realm of space, and be ushered into the very heart of the spiritual dominion, and be permitted to walk into Celestial planes by the quickening of his body, and he would walk in…intact. Enoch did this, he locked his house, closed the shutters and said good-by to his children then stepped into a space craft and went out into space over the North Pole. Took a quick pass inside the earth and then out, went up out through the largest Star of Pleaides and was ushered into the outer Universe, and then into the great chamber of Light, the great Palace of Light. Then he was caught into the higher levels of this and taken into planes of revelation. So Enoch left here in a body, rode there in a ship and then was carried from one pattern to another, and whether his body went through all these routes I can’t tell you, but he thought he did and he remembered what he saw and wrote them in a Book. Then he finished a great Ministry and left in a chariot and went back…and never tasted death.

Now; all of these are evidences that this can happen. But if any little group gets over in a corner and starts practicing and then tells you that they are doing this, I don’t buy one bit of it unless it is the occult side of the negative influence. And then I stay away from it because teleportation is not for us at this moment. If it were in the area of vision to travel with your consciousness for the purpose of God, what He has willed to show you then this is different. This is a division or a revelation and this experience is being carried into spiritual planes to perceive it, and then the things will come to pass. Things will happen and the spirit will bear witness that this is true. Generally with any of these things you find that they harmonize with what we do possess. And whenever someone comes back, whether they went off in a space craft or traveled out and back some way, and they have a big story to tell me that doesn’t agree with anything in God’s blueprint, then I don’t buy any of it. If they have been gone and then come back, then they were with the devil, not with God. And if they traveled out there in a hypnotic trance which someone conned them into I don’t want to buy the content. But I am not skeptic, I am a true believer, I believe all things are possible, I believe that demon power can do all kinds of things, and God can do all kinds of things. But God doesn’t do everything the devil does just because he can do it. Because with God there has to be a purpose in it, not just demonstration. Again…teleportation to be able to swish yourself from one place to another on the wings of thought, you can do this and never leave your chair. You can travel to the east coast or the west and never leave your chair. But you traveled on the wings of remembrance, you never left your chair. You could travel on the wings of foreknowledge on the consciousness of God’s Spirit and never leave your chair. This is not true teleportation. I have never had any evidence of this except when Enoch walked out, got into a craft and rode away. Just as Christ went out and got into a craft and went away. Oh, He could through the wall or do anything He wanted to do. But that walking through walls is not teleportation. He was still right there on the other side of the wall, just stepped into another dimension and then out again.

Does that answer your question? I could take you into my library and start pulling out volumes, some are very interesting and some are seemingly tremendous experiences but they are malarkey. They have been written to sell to Americans. They say oh, but this is from India, this is from the Himalayas, this is something from the Masters. But it was all printed in South America. If we wanted to evangelize India we would translate what we believe into a book that is in their language, only we would tell them the truth, and what they are telling us is not truth except where as they are dealing with demon temples.

QUESTION:…Is this story of Enoch in the Apocrypha?

ANSWER:…Some of it, only the story of Enoch is bigger, much bigger than that. No man was more of a prophetic writer than Enoch. He wrote books called The Towers of Enoch, The Secrets of Enoch, and The Wisdom of Enoch. These were the sum total of his experiences and revelations. He wrote 365 books and each one was about the size of a good thick pamphlet or a thick scroll. If bound together they would be almost as big as the Bible itself.

First, remember how old Enoch was and remember he traveled out in space and back. He was one of the greatest residents of Ancient Orusalem (Jerusalem), long before the Israelites entered the land at a much later time and built the City of Jerusalem. He was there long before the Cainanites came in after he and Job and their great company went into Egypt. He helped build the Pyramid Giza. Irrespective of what you may read today, the building of On and the Pyramid were under the guidance of Enoch and Job. Irrespective of these so called authorities today the Great Pyramid was there about 5000 years before Christ. The others came later, and if you want to trace back the great lore and antiquity of this you want to read the works of Plato and pick up the works of the Greeks who spent much time in Egypt. Of course after Alexander the Great conquered Egypt and built the City of Alexandria and this is where that great Library was built. That Library became filled with more books, more knowledge, probably more information than any library in the Ancient world. Everywhere that Alexander went he took scrolls from every area, from Scotia, from Babylon, from Ray, from way over in the Crimea and beyond, and far out in Ithaia. He brought them back before the time of Christ, and he packed this Library with more scrolls, more tablets, more material than was ever put in any one place before. And in this Library was the record of the Tall White Manu, or Aryans, as to how they had come down into the land later called Palestine. And having settled there later their Wise Savants went down into Egypt there building the City of On and erecting the Pyramid. And of course they were Aryans, coming out of the High Steppes of Asia, and they carried the symbol ‘The Winged Orb’ with them. You still see this ‘Winged Orb’, it was still prevalent in the days of Darius and Exerxes for the Persians of that time were Aryans and they carried ‘The Winged Orb’. Persia of today is not as it was in the days when Persia was ruled by tall white Aryans. But the records and the timing show that the antiquity with which the knowledge of the things Enoch writes about, and his experiences are all contemporary with white mans experiences 5000 years before Christ. They in turn also knew all about Enoch. For instance, in the Library of Alexandria and the Pre-period before Christ they talked about Enoch, about him being the greatest of the Pho-Hancok. You see the children of Enoch were the Phoenicians, and the Phoenicians before they went to sea traveled over the lands as well, but this was the name they gave to one of the Schools for tall white men who were Savants and city builders and enterprise builders, and Job was of course one of the co-builders with Enoch, and his genealogy comes down thru those Patriarchial ages. You don’t start picking up a specific line of this seed until you come down and start talking about Abraham, because you are starting in the upper Tarim Basin and coming on down. The flood came long after the building of the Pyramid, and long after Enoch’s journey. So all Enoch’s writings were all pre-flood.

QUESTION:…How do you get those books now?

ANSWER:…Well, you can hope….you can get an Oxford edition if you are lucky. I think there was 5000 of them printed the last time. The Oxford edition of Enoch is 35% accurate, and the rest of it has been effected by translation. In otherwords, the Catholics did not want the book to be printed in its entirety because it didn’t have any purgatory, or limbo or any of these things. So therefore they tried to put it in, and they retranslated Enoch to make it acceptable for Catholic use. This wasn’t done until 400 or 500 years after Christ extensively, and they put in terrible flames and had Enoch walking through the fire and all this kind of stuff. And they did the same thing with the Apocalypse of Paul, they did a terrible job on that one. But they had Enoch writing about perdition and hells and all those things. So the trouble is that the Episcopal edition carries on from the Catholic edition, and Ezra Charles translation of the Book of Enoch has a lot of commentary in it, but it is pretty well Romanized. Every once in a while you can find one which is like that used back in the time of Calvin, printed from that used by the early church, and they don’t have the same story. They have all that is in this one, but a whole lot more. The Secrets of Enoch, and The Towers of Enoch are separate from the Book of Enoch and are sometimes called The Wisdom of Enoch. So you get the stories of his experiences, all the books tell of his going out and coming back, but some don’t always tell you as others. After all, there were not too many men who were so right in their thinking, so in tune with God that there was no need for him to die. He just took him away, so if you get that smart you are smart enough to teach anyone.

QUESTION:…Why will not people accept what you are telling us?

ANSWER:…I cannot tell you why people do not accept things. I have talked to many people in many denominations, mainly they have never been exposed to this. Some times people think things just because their fathers did. If their fathers don’t think much then neither do they.

QUESTION:…Were the people who built Tyre, Sidon, and Carthage called Phoenicians at a later day?

ANSWER:…They did not built Tyre and Sidon, this is an error in Harold Lambs writings, the people who built those cities were not Phoenicians. Though there might have been some fusion of early Sethite blood into this live. The ships of Phoenicia used those ports before they at a later day became those cities. In fact they used the great rock of lower Tyre to draw up their ships and scrape the bottoms. In fact they do this today but the city of Tyre is not there, it is just a rock now and it was just a rock when they used it in the old days. We can trace genealogy of Tyre back to Sodom and Gomorrah, pre-Adamic and mutations and all of that. During the reign of one king who overthrew Tyre and ruled over it for a while had a better society…for a while. His kingdom was very strong and he was a friend of David who had befriended him, but the fact is that India had sent a lot of ships in trade and finally took over this kingdom of Tyre with false priests, and pagan philosophies which they absorbed. And all these Ancient kingdoms were pretty well filled with pagan religions. They didn’t want to insult anyone so they had a Temple to Amen-Ray, and one to Babel, one later to Hercules, and on to Ashtar. This way they thought they would not insult anyone, but some of their philosophers knew that some gods came later than others so they would search for the path of the gods. The Greeks being Aryans, Sythians, and great philosophers, and having been deep students down in Alexandria, Egypt at the Great Library, they probed and studied more than others and knew the backgrounds of these people better than others. For instance all of the Tribe of Simeon who are the Spanish people, as well as the Tribe of Dan were quite sea going people. And this Israel stock traveled on the ships of their Sethite kindred that had been at sea for years, and they were also called Phoenician. The earlier settlers inside of Britain came down from the Aryan Steppe people, and formed the Celts, and Northern Sythians were actually Sethites who did not come out of the Abraham line of the family…the Israel route as such, but were joined with the Israel seed coming later into Britain. They were called Celts, but actually there were older Celts who came over from the Persian Gulf, but the Pho-Hanoch, was one of the great Schools of Wisdom and was called ‘The Sons of Enoch’. This was one of the names first given to the Masters of the Rose Cross. Later the sons of Enoch became in- filtrated, in fact about the time that the Jews were trying to gain control of The Temple of Jerusalem and all of its thinking after Nehemiah had returned to oversee the building of the Temple…this was beginning. So Rosicrucian is a deteriation from what it was in the days of Enoch. The occult came in and took it over just like they came into Masonry. This is what confuses the issue, but they called most of the High Seed in the Wisdom Schools….The Sons of Enoch. And then called them Phoenicians also, but some were Astronomers, and Navigators, and so forth, a brilliant people.

QUESTION:…Who were the Picks of England who are called wild people by some, they said that they had massive noses?

ANSWER:…That didn’t have anything to do with it. The Picks were forced into a Nomadic life, they had come on over from Persia, were Aryans and they had moved all over those Isles. They actually were a pretty strong white strain so don’t confuse them with some strain which came in from southern Europe during the Roman Empire influence over Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. You see Rome built roads all over the British Isles. The Britons would retreat in the areas where they wanted roads and the Romans would build roads for their armies, then the Britons would come out and pay some tribute and the Romans would go home. Then when they went home the Britons would quit paying taxes. It wasn’t long before quite a few Romans from the Tribe of Gad would be settled in Britain to see that they paid the taxes. Well, either they were absorbed by the British who married them or they were assassinated. So the Tribe of God did have a larger nose than some, this was called a Roman nose. But a Jew nose is not necessarily a Roman nose, it is more like a hooked beak. The Indian has a Roman nose, lots of them. But actually it was the Gadites who sowed the big nose into Britain.

QUESTION:…Do we think that God would let astronauts land on the moon, or on Mars or Saturn. The question being framed on the understanding that the Angelic Hosts have driven Lucifer and his hosts to earth and that he is earth bound at this time. So would God take a chance by letting astronauts get out to any of these other planets and maybe sowing some transgression into these other planets where they don’t have any?

ANSWER:…I don’t think you have to worry about that at the moment as a hindering factor. Because Lucifer was driven out of Saturn once, and Mars. These were two areas of the Solar System that he had used in his battle against Michael who had already driven him out of the upper Heavens. For some time there was no question as to whether or not Saturn and Mars forces were not still in league with the Netherworld. And there is little doubt as far as the moon is concerned…we have craft flying around the world today who are spacecraft not of earth. Many of these are actually piloted and navigated by the Celestial Hosts of the MOST HIGH GOD. There is one great satellite also which circles the earth that belongs to the MOST HIGH GOD. Because the Scripture talks about this craft circling the earth. Enoch wrote about the Watchers of the Earth. We know that there has always been a watcher circling the earth, not an asteroid but a great space vehicle of unprecedented size. In fact they photographed it over Australia. It was over New York at one time about 18 to 20 miles high. It was pursued by our fastest jets. Our radar tracks it once in awhile as it goes around the equator, and when it goes somewhere else then they get excited. But crafts like this are under control of Angelic Hosts. We have great fleets of THE MOST HIGH GOD who come and go throughout space. And we know that we have been told of thousands times ten thousands, times thousands and thousands. Then they tell us about ten thousand very special streams of fire, of chariots of the MOST HIGH that served or moved out from His presence as messengers. Then in Daniel he multiplies this so we know there are all kinds of crafts of THE MOST HIGH traveling in space.

Now; we also know that all the crafts flying are not good, they are under evil influences…some of them, and they may well qualify for these hosts who come out of the Netherworld, whose crafts are described in Revelations whose Commander is Appoloyon or Abadon, or Lucifer. And he goes forth to make war but God does not permit him to hurt the children of God until the time of the end and then when he strikes against them he has to tangle with the Hosts of THE MOST HIGH GOD and is defeated. But remember they have the power to go out, prophecy is being fulfilled.

These great monsters…there is no doubt of people seeing and smelling them. Then there are those who have been witnessed by our aircraft. Some of our own pilots have told this, one pilot was a witness to something which caused his hair to turn grey after he got back. The chilling fear of what he saw in that cockpit of the great craft traveling along side of him aged him pre-maturely, it was so strange and hideous. This didn’t come from our side.

As far as the moon is concerned, I think the Luciferian forces have been back and forth to the moon, I don’t think this is any great problem. I think the moon is inhabited, that the inside of the moon is very much inhabited. That there are great cavern systems from the surface of the moon I am sure. I don’t however think that God is keeping the astronauts from going to the moon because any place Lucifer has been…well, there is nothing new under the sun really….see? And not necessarily that the American astronauts wouldn’t be on good behavior. If you are making a trip like that then you better be since you are planning on coming back. Ha. There is nothing in Scripture that says God would not let us make the trip if we knew how, but He could of course forbid it.

QUESTION:…This space craft which is to get to Mars next week. They said the reason they wouldn’t land there is because it might contaminate it.

ANSWER:…Well this is the idea we have become inhibited with, to protect ourselves from germs. But they have worried too much about bringing in people from other countries who have things we never had before. I don’t see why they get so excited about the Mars inhabitants.

QUESTION:…could you give us the history of the Kazzars?


QUESTION:…Well, did they migrate from old Assyria?

ANSWER:…They were old Assyrians and Kurds, mixed together. And I will say this much, the Kazzars had a bunch of demon witchcraft before and they worshipped the devils of the sky much like the Mongols did of outer Mongolia. Their Priests were Asiatic Jews who worshiped devils. And interestingly enough, Babylon was south of Kazzar land and the Babylonian Jews controlled the Priesthood, and the Babylonian Talmud came from Babylon and follows the Jews everywhere showing the affinity of their organization. So they had no problem making converts out of the Kazzars, they just switched them from one kind of devil worship to another. They were actually being monitored by Satans own children. So Kazzar Jews of today are actually Asiatic round-headed, bullet headed Jews, Mr. Begin for instance. They are intermingled, mongrelized Jews. And today because of their strength in Asiatic Jewry and their financial strength then you find them scattered all over. People don’t realize the tremendous power and affluence of the Ancient world and the millions and millions of units of gold under various values which existed in all of the great cities and states of Babylon and Kuah and all these places. When a battle was fought for a city maybe there would have been 20 million drachmas of gold if that would be what they wanted it to be called. Maybe they would call it Greek owls of gold because these were about 10 to our poind as against our ounce. All these Ancient Empires inter-traded with this gold, unless they cheated with it and mixed it with copper then it was pure. The one way to get yourself discounted was to cheat so the Emperors used to strike their faces on the gold coin. Whether by Darius, Alexander, or by an Emperor from China, whenever his face was on the gold this was his honor and they traded with these coins, and it was always the right amount.

Now the Kurd Kazzars were Jew traders and they were called Ashkenazim and they did two things, they traded in gold, and in horses. And their horses numbered in the thousands and they carried their loot on these horses. Of course they were good open targets for the Mongols or anyone else, but I think anyone should be a target when traveling with these great bags of gold. Then finally they came into Europe but now they are called Gypsies. And they were Ashkenazim Jews from the Steppes. They were swept up by the hoards of Genghis Khan and for a while many of them were fighting with the forces of Genghis Khan, as they came against Christianity. And they warred against the Czar of Russia, and became the sort of resistance to Orthodoxy of Christianity in white Russia. This is their background and they were not good before they were converted to Judaism in which they perverted some of the Old Testament, twisted into Babylonian Talmudism. And the Babylonian Talmud is the whole basis of the Jewish religion of today, and has nothing to do with the Bible as we know it. But a Baalism of Satan worship is woven and twisted in which they seek to project as…Satan as God, and God as the devil, this is their strategy.

QUESTION:…The Book of the ‘Upright’ and the Book of ‘The Wars of the Lord’….where are they found in the Lost books, or where? ANSWER:…Do you mean are they in the Apocrypha?

QUESTION:…I just don’t know.

ANSWER:…Well, one of the books of ‘The Wars of the Lord’ is also a part of the Dead Sea Scrolls. It is the ‘Battle of the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness’ which climaxes in the victory of the Children of Christ over the Anti-Christ at Armageddon. This is still prophetic, and in the Syrian versions there is several titles to these books. I can’t tell you without seeing these volumes whether they are good Apocrypha or not, for that just means hidden, that’s all, it doesn’t mean all hidden scrolls are good. But hidden scriptures not canonized were just called apocrypha because the church wouldn’t see to the publishing of anything not canonized. The Priests of Baal were cannibals…eaters of human flesh…and that is where we get the word…Cannon, from.

QUESTION:…The Tree of Good and Evil….

ANSWER:…It is a Family Tree. It has intelligence because to have both good and evil you have to have intelligence. Therefore you have to have a soul. To know both good and evil you have to have experienced in your background both good and evil, or you would only know one or the other. So the Trees in the Garden were many, for fruit and food, but there were already racial trees on earth of all kinds. It tells you of these in the Book of Ezekiel chapter 31. It tells you how the Assyrian tree was all over the earth, and that the Egyptian tree was also an Empire. But the Assyrian branches were all over the earth when God put Adam and Eve on earth. So when Adam was placed here he was the first white man, an Aryan man, but he wasn’t the first man if you are talking about everything that runs around walking upright.

Now; these countries were all under the fall of Lucifer and had some areas of darkness, so of none of these races was Adam permitted to marry with. So the Adamic race was told not to have anything to do with Lucifer either, or any of his race, or with any of the fallen races of earth like the Tungus people who were the original people, because they had been seduced and mongrelized and mutated. This is why Adam had been told he was not to have anything to do with these people…after he had given names to everything in earth…he knew there was no woman of earth he could mingle with, no race from which he could take a helpmate. The old Hebrew uses the mysteries of all the trees for food of which you can eat, but this Tree of Good and Evil is not a food tree. This was a race tree without life. ‘The day ye eat of the tree ye shall surely die’. It was not poison food Adam would eat, it was a mutation of seed which could not bare Light, it would be cohabitating with darkness.

So…Eve was seduced by Lucifer, and Cain was the son of Lucifer, then after being seduced then Eve went to Adam and said:…I have received this son from the lord, and the word is just translated Lord, it was actually Baalie (he being Lord of the earth). Then she introduced Adam to Lillith the Serpent Woman, or the beautiful consort of Lucifer, called the mother of the Ganges or Kali in Hinduism today. This first connection with the darkness was made by Eve whom Lucifer seduced. He said:…did God tell you not to mingle or associate with us? Well, He just doesn’t want you to become as gods, and be greater than He is. You will be just like we are, just like God, if you will join with us. We will show you all kinds of pleasures, all kinds of things you have never seen before, and Eve fell for this. She then came running to Adam and she said:…I have mixed with these people, and I have had new experiences and see I am not dead. I want you to come and meet them. So she introduced Adam to Lillith. Well, Adam knew Lillith and sowed some of the Adamic seed into India thru this consort of Lucifer. They have this in their theology in India today that some of them descended from Adam and Lillith, the mother of the Ganges. This is why Adam was co-responsible with Eve for this violation of law. Among the foremost things Adam and Eve were told, was not to mix the Holy Seed. You were put down here to build His Kingdom and it could not be done that way. But God knew they would make this mistake, He had told them so before the foundation of the world. And they said:…not us…but they did. So when god comes to talk to them then Adam knows he has done wrong and he is hiding. He knows that he has assumed the cloak of Lucifer. It says he made a covering for himself of fig leaves, but this is symbolic. Lucifers Kingdom has the symbol of the Fig Leaf. And Adam was now wearing the Temple finery of the golden fig leaf. So when he came out to meet God then here is this beautiful coat covered with fig leaves. God stripped them off of Adam and Eve and made coats of skin of animals for them, and the blood ran from these animals from whence the coats were made as symbols. Then God told them that He would redeem them and put enmity between the seed of Adam and the seed of the Serpent forever because of what happened. In the Luciferian Kingdom, Lucifer was known as the Great Exhaulted Serpent, the Dragon is Satan’s chief symbol as far as his personal authority, and his signet seal is concerned and his religious system carried the seal and identity of the Fig leaf. This is the reason why Jesus cursed the Fig tree because these Jews had control of the Temples religion, and they were serpent seed. This is also why you read in Revelation 12., that Lucifer is also known as the serpent, the dragon and Satan. Jesus said to these Jews who had clothes on and were walking around that they were the people…’ye are the generations of the viper’ thus they had descended from the Serpent Seed. So the Tree of Good and Evil was the Luciferian tree which had descended from those who rebelled against God. A tree which had both intellect and intelligence, but also evil.

QUESTION:…Is this then that evil is to be a contrast with good?

ANSWER:…You are getting philosophical. In this instance you are saying that God permitted evil because the positive always precludes the fact that there has to be a negative even though it never came into being? But Lucifer is on a string, he can only go so far and then God pulls him back. He has invested an Archangel in this and He will get the Archangel back. And he will cease to be the devil, and once more be an Archangel. But evil is not good even though evil may contrast righteousness. In otherwords you appreciate righteousness when you contrast it with evil but you might be better off not to have as much contrast. I think we have more contrast right now than we need.

QUESTION:…following this same thought is there a difference in good and evil in positive and negative?

ANSWER:…Well, if there were no difference between positive and negative it would be impossible to designate between them.

QUESTION:…No, I don’t mean that…not in conduct. I have been confronted by people who thought that when all evil is wiped out that there won’t be any challenge. So I wondered if there would always be a positive and negative force, but not in the same people.

ANSWER:…Well, it doesn’t require negation free, for in having existed, and having been defeated then for it to be, shall we say, forcibly imprisoned, because the overthrow of Lucifer, the defeat of the powers of darkness and then the ruling that such evil shall not take place, still the law remains stable, can hold it always in non-existence but just as a knowledgeable experience, as a conquest of God over all opposition. But wouldn’t become an active participant and revelation in the human mind. You see Omniscience precludes evil, and if an individual possessed perfect knowledge they would know that evil disintegrates and destroys. Therefore perfect knowledge will never permit anything against its interest to destroy it. If it is permitted then the knowledge isn’t perfect, it hasn’t an evaluation of the values as yet.

So if you knew that a certain set of laws would give you health, vitality, strength, security, development of kinship with God, if you understood this and perceived it in every phase and your seeing this in all areas of law, as to what you ate, how you performed, that it would cause sickness and death in your body, that it would end up in destruction, if you could perceive this then you would never do evil. If this were not true then God is all wrong because He says that anyone who has perfect perception will never do evil. So it is only in imperfect perception that a person might follow areas of what they considered as pleasure when it would not be pleasure, when the law of sowing and reaping was applied. Then if they were to compare it with positive patterns of the same law they would never consider the negative at all.

So….the sin question is the violation of Divine Law. The sin question as far as the guilt question is concerned was paid for at Calvary. The utter emancipation of the world from the bondage of sin will come with great spiritual revelation, totally unveiling to man until they think as God thinks, and as you think as He thinks you will act as God does, and that will be good enough.

Now if your worried about getting bored, I haven’t fished all the streams out yet on earth so I won’t get bored for quite a while, to say nothing of the solar system. I haven’t gone through all the mountains here on earth. I haven’t done all the things I want to do. There is none on the face of the earth like the Sons of God who want to go into everything. Let us say that when we have finished this battle here on earth and brought this planet back under our Father, and reigned here for say 100 years…and I know people sing of reigning for 10,000 years, but that is not in the Bible, it is just a song. But there may be some Island Universes out there somewhere and God wants some work done there. Could even be some new devils out there we don’t know about, or maybe some tracks he has left which we have to fix up. But of one thing I can assure you…God won’t let you get bored. ‘Eye hasn’t seen nor ear heard what God has planned for those who love him’. I don’t know how far Lucifer has gone or what tracks he has left that have to be straightened up, I just know what we have to do here, and that Lucifer was driven here, and when we get this out of the way, our first job, then we may find out about some other trouble spot.

QUESTION:…You say the Negroes have been here for 73,000 years?

ANSWER:…No, I said they have been burying them in Africa for 73,000 years.

QUESTION:…I was trying to tie this in with Lucifers being driven out of the heavens, was he only driven out 73,000 years ago?

ANSWER:…that is about right for being driven to earth.

QUESTION:…then what about the civilizations on earth a million years ago?

ANSWER:…there wasn’t anything wrong with them when created.

QUESTION:…Well then when did Lucifer start to integrate and mongrelize the people of earth?

ANSWER:…Oh, I would think at least 75,000 years ago. The utter evil that was sweeping Atlantis and Lemuria, dropped those continents about 14,000 years ago. The last pieces to break off was about 11,000 years ago.

QUESTION:…What about the medical insignia?

ANSWER:…Well, it shows you that this is inter-related to our race. But they used to tell you that it was a sign of Wisdom…this serpent incorporated here. Some doctors may think so, but that wasn’t the reason. You remember when the children of Israel were out in the wilderness, and they began to murmur that the sun was too hot and the food was the same all the time? They only had honey and quail from heaven everyday, but they wanted some garlic and roast pork from Egypt. And they were listening to some of the mixed multitude who came along and they were unhappy, as there was wild orgies over the hill and they thought they were missing something. So God sent Serpents among them, and these serpents were much like our copperheads only they had a bad bite, so they would soon swell up and die. So those who murmured against God got bit. Then after they were bitten they called for Moses to call on god to intervene. So Moses went out and he said:…Oh, YAHWEH save this people. So God said:..alright you get some brass and make a serpent of it, and take a stick…actually it was a cross, and you wind this serpent around it, then go stand this serpent up in this community and those who look upon this serpent, and you, shall be healed of the snake bites. But this is by Grace of YAHWEH who they had been murmuring against. In the Zohar it says:…I also shall be lifted up to destroy the bite of the serpent, or the way of the Great Serpent. So the serpent on the staff was a sign of healing, and was historic and it came on down. But over in Venice they wanted a sign of the healing practice of all the doctors who came to this convention, and there were all kinds of doctors, even herbologists and so forth there and they weren’t quite as hostile to each other in those days, so they gathered together in this and produced the symbol, the entwined serpents on a stick. As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness on a stick, so also the doctors were to provide healing. So this is how this came about and they decided they wanted two serpents so there is two of them.

QUESTION:…If there are different Celestial planes, did each of us who are different come from different planes? could this maybe account for different abilities that we have here?


QUESTION:…Did we come from different Celestial planes?

ANSWER:…The differences in people are determined by the components. It isn’t Celestial components as much as physical components. Because you are the sum total of all your ancestors, and all their conduct, and all their experiences have been added to the making up of your soul nature, and the obedience and disobedience of the soul strength. These are the components that mark the differences. I would say that there are natural tendencies that are related to you because of the time of the year when you are born. Someone said, why is that? Well because the gestation period being 9 months during that time when you were growing and developing in your mothers womb, and she was inhaling the atmosphere and feeding on the food of the earth thru its cycles, and all the vibrations of our Universe as our earth was making its trip, was exposed to you through the air she breathed, the food she ate, which came unto you the developing embryo. So when you were born you were 3 months incomplete from one solar revolution through space. So…when you were born you were three months incomplete from one solar revolution through space, and there are 612 major luminaries from the first to the seventh magnitude which are visible, these were listed in the Temple of On, and over in China in the great sky chart you find these 612 listed. We are not talking about the planets which wander. Now, you divide this by the stellar lines such as the equinox at the equator…intersect the equinoxes and you get 153 stars in each quarter. Now the strange thing is you can bisect the rotation and still end up with 153 in each corner. So the Ancient realized thinking was that every man was short and that all the big stars were equally dispersed in their fields. So 9 is the number of judgment, in our race to begin with, and in the seduction of Eve it put us under the laws of the Beast System. And instead of cosmic conception and ease of birth, spiritual forces that emerged into embodiment in birth were entirely by a different process. So this was the curse of Adam…birth under the fall, and it was a nine month gestation and it was short of the influence of the 153 luminaries. This was why Jesus told the disciples to put the net down by the ship, then told them to count the fish and there was 153. Again this is the displacement factor of the Great Pyramid…so this is an important number. The Pyramid is an astrolabe of unprecedented size, it measured the course of the processions of the equinox, it measured the course of all the wanderers. It also showed our progression because the passage looked on Dragonis at the time the measures were to begin. And they knew exactly that they were building the Pyramid under the measures of the judgment of God on Dragonis the Dragon Star, or the North Star.

Now; when I say this again…the natural man in the physical is incomplete, in the gestation and the 3 month judgment. Therefore Christ is the completer, He is the cap stone of the Pyramid, and seals all of you in. ‘You are lively stones who grow into a Holy Temple unto God’, and HE is the chief corner stone. So He is the completer and anything you lack then Christ completes. He quickens by the impact of His Spirit upon you. There He quickens your mortal consciousness. And tho His sons carry the spiritual seed, and this passes from generation to generation because as they cohabit with their own race they pass on this spiritual seed. But the Holy Spirit of God quickens this spiritual seed for a re-activation of its Celestial perfection. Because a spirit being was not a 9 month child, it was perfection. And it was spirit of HE who holds the whole Universe together. So the regeneration of an individual is to reactivate them, He renews the mind. And this renewing of the mind is a spiritual input which comes recharging and re-balancing the whole Adam-man…back to his Celestial Sonship position so that he no longer is limited.

Now; this can get into something quite involved and the pattern of death is involved in this. And the pattern of your ability to perceive what has been restored and to break the barriers, has a great influence on the impact of the death ideas, and the death control over the thermostats of the body. And the spirit can eventually stop this, and we shall break thru into full perception of what the Atonement paid for, and death will no more have power over us. Its already paid for, the price is paid, there is nothing to be added to it. If we could have perceived Israel would not have died. God said:…why do you die like common men Psalm 82. Alright so you have to break through this, only Christ can set men free, can break thru the barrier. The fact is that the last enemy to be put down is death. This is the last most powerful expectation force that you have to conquer. Because the expectation factor is sown in the chromotin that you have inherited from your ancestors. Everyone sort of gets the idea that they will live three score years, maybe you expect to die at 60 years and this is what you are looking for. There is more to this but its all I want to say on tape unless I can start early and roll through this on the point of law. Because otherwise it would be incomplete as the tape goes out to minds which would think this is fantastic. But this is one of the most vital triumphs which is going to be manifested in Christianity. This is one of the great sensational acts of the sons of God, this triumph over death..masters of Eternal Life. They are going to glow like the sun, and the restoration of their Light and aura is a part of their Destiny. That enveloping Light itself is immunization against sickness, disease, and death. It is like a wall about you, but it is also a spiritual force. It is the aura activated to its full, and that aura would be far more active if up here in this third eye, this terminal center, if we didn’t block off any of the truth of the things which God has empowered to be done, until every part of our mental being was now charged with the physical factors not complete.

The Apostle Paul said…I don’t want to die, I want to put on my Celestial house. Even though I know that to be absent from this body is to be present with the LORD, I still want to put on my Celestial house, my house of LIGHT. Then he said:…I comprehend this but I haven’t as yet apprehended it. This comes from appro…so go back to the Greek and there is the words which have far more meaning that he had full perspective of the tremendous things which were entailed, but he hadn’t the process of his consciousness working out until he wouldn’t die. But he wasn’t going to let go…he struggled on and kept alive quite a ministry, and even though his eyes were somewhat dim from cataracts, he carried on. Then he began to think about his age, and he said:…after I am gone tell them about these things and….he was gone. Paul never lasted but a few days after he wrote that last Epistle…’Tell them these things after I am gone’.

So much was this true that fathers like Clemens discussed this until forbidden by the church. I guess there were forces who were afraid people would learn to much.

QUESTION:…what was the thorn in Paul’s side?

ANSWER:…I have the tendency to say that it was his eyes. I totally repudiate the Methodist church recent statement that Paul was not a natural man, that he was a deviate, and his love of God fought against this at all times. The Methodist church says this about Paul to justify their taking in all the perverts and queers and so forth. This is not true, they thought this because the Apostle Paul did not marry and he said men shouldn’t marry. But I would make this modification..this is ecclesiastical license which has effected this. Paul said that in the dangerous time when he was called to be an Apostle it would be better for a man to be unmarried, free…so he could expend himself in the work of God. Wished all young ministers of his day were like he was so they could do the work of the Lord without fearing for their families, or having their families to support. This is what Paul was talking about, nothing more or less. It would have been foolish for him to have said he wished all the males of the kingdom of God would not marry. Pretty soon there wouldn’t be any kingdom …see? Anytime someone says that then you would know they were off their rocker, this was not Paul’s position.

Now; Paul as he got older, he was very disturbed by some of the practices moving into the churches of the Aegean Sea area. They had all the impact of Asia on those churches in that area. So in some of these churches these transgressions would be enumerated as quite high even in a puritan church. But the Apostle Paul said:…if you were saved from that you would do that which was good. But if you will note as you read here, the older Paul became then the larger his letters became as he wrote. And if his letters appeared large to them it was because of his failing sight.

Now; some people thought he wasn’t a very good looking fellow, some said he was a gnarled up dwarf, and one silly preacher said he was a hunchback. But I can prove all these are lies. In the first place when Paul and Silas came to Corinth who did they say was coming?…Appolo, and Zeus, and Mercury. So just go take a look at Zeus and Mercury, the pictures of these two showed an excellent physic and good health. Brilliant of mind also, and could stand up on Mars Hill and hold a discourse with all those philosophers, so he had to be sharp to do that because they had the knowledge coming in from the four corners of the world. The Apostle Paul could talk in Greek, Latin, Aramaic, and Hebrew, he could talk to them about Plato and could quote to them from Plato’s writings. So if Paul had short comings it wasn’t what the Methodists are thinking of him. Paul wasn’t always right, he said:…now I am talking as a man, and he was battling a kind of stoic philosopher, for Paul was a stoic you see all along. I mean he was full of Grace, but also full of Sovereignty and Destiny, he was a pre-destinarian and this is good for God is a pre-destinarian that is the way He runs His Universe, that is His job. There is no if’s nor an’s…God is…Paul knew this so he talked about sovereignty, grace, pre-destination, all of those things.

Then Paul would speak as a philosopher and would say:..why do I do the things I do? The things I should not do, I do, and those I should do, I do not….terrible wretched man that I am, why do I do all these things, and he gets himself all wrapped up in a knot. Then he has to come out of the knot with his Faith and he says:…he knows he has triumphed through Christ and he isn’t going to worry about this. One moment he says:..don’t let the violations of the law disturb you in your mind as to whether you have the Grace of God, and all those things. Then the next moment he is worrying about the law, that the law of sin and death has given him lots of trouble and now he is thankful that he is set free of the law (of sin and death) through Grace, but still he wasn’t trying to get people to disobey the law. But people don’t understand this because when these ecclesiastical translators translate these areas as philosophic discussion and discourse, so in the light of their theology, which is limited, cannot be compared to Paul’s revelation.

We don’t have the time to go into all the Epistles of Paul, but I can tell you this, you don’t see Paul until you see him without the theologians interpretations who try to interpret Paul for their own churches position.

QUESTION:…What are the seven thunders?

ANSWER:…Seven big noises…Ha. They are the seven big, tremendous vibratory forces that are heard throughout the solar system, and the earth is to be rocked by its sound. Its the triumph, the trumpets of Archangels, its the sounding peal of a tremendous force. Maybe they are the sounds and the impact on the consciousness of men, or upon the history of men. Maybe not so much as a noise in our ears as much as they are a great impact upon time. However there is coming a day when you will hear a sound like you have never heard before. You will note that the seven thunders are like the breaking of the seven seals, and the next Angel then sounded…then these things happen.

QUESTION:…Why, when he ate the book was it sweet and then it became bitter?

ANSWER:…I don’t think we have time to go into that tonight but it has something to do with its content. This is symbolic of his devouring TRUTH, and some of these things were bitter that still involved areas of the kingdom and the household. Remember involved in this was martyrdom for some. Whole churches were liquidated in the fights against Anti-Christ. When is it going to happen? Well, it has been happening. Look at what happened in the days of Genghis Khan. Look what the powers of darkness continue to do behind the Iron Curtain today. So you realize how many millions and millions of people have been put to death by communism for the testimony of Jesus the Christ. We have cause to take up the sword against communism and never lay it down. I don’t believe that any Christian should cease war against communism as long as one communist stands up on a soap-box any- where in the world.

QUESTION:…Is the end of the age if the battle is Armageddon, and why is everyone wanting Peace and Love…that is what most ministers are selling, isn’t it?

ANSWER:…I don’t speak for ministers who want Peace and Love. I am going to tell you this though, we want peace with our own people, we want the brotherhood of the household, but we don’t desire Peace with the devil. But there are a lot of fellows that want peace with the devil because everything bothers them and they don’t want to be bothered with anything. In fact they have reached the point where they don’t know the difference between good and evil anyhow. So with this position I don’t have to justify or explain why Satan has been able to delude ministers until the do the things they do. The Scripture says that being ministers of Satan they will appear as Angels of Light. They are actually ministers of darkness, they deny his virgin birth, they deny the atonement, they deny the kingdom, they deny the segregation of the races. I could tell you something…they can make it plausible when you don’t take up the BOOK and see what it says. It is only plausible when you know who you are and what you are here for. I think it is a waste of time to try to go through mental gymnastics of one of Satans children, just ignore them. There will come a time when you will no longer call them ministers, anymore than you will call a con-man a banker.

QUESTION:…We seem to be building up to the situation where Ezekiel says:..they will come over against us. Doesn’t something have to stop us from sending our fighting men away from home so they won’t be here when they come? (remember this was in 1965)

ANSWER:…The battle isn’t going to be over there. It is not however wrong to fight communism in the Viet Cong, but it is wrong not to fight it anyway with our boys. The difference in battles today and those 2000 years ago is the speed of transportation and the peculiar technology of the weapons…you are just as dead then as now. Remember the Alamo? That was pretty bloody and it was done with relative unimproved weapons. And when Genghis Khan and his hoards moved they would number 7000 to 8000 men in a Cavalry unit. They would hit a city and wipe it out. Today the difference is that we get there faster and with modern weapons, but we don’t kill as many. This may seem strange but its true…except when they hit the cities of Germany and England…then we saw the killing of women and children but this was different, we were killing our own people, for a cause. We sent wave after wave of bombs against the cities of Germany…no one protested. But today God has given you a sharp threshing instrument and it would be far better to use our weapons then our manpower in Asia.

Armageddon is all over the world, but in the massive assaults against the kingdom they will come against us seeking to wipe us out here at home. Europe has had war but America has never had war from the outside. We have won every outside war but this Castro deal and it was sowed in here from the inside. Never forget that communism is the Jews today…and it is right here on the inside.

(End of this Message)

The Life of Christ – Wesley A. Swift


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift – 3-22-70

As we go back into the panorama of the great drama of the Life of Christ, it is important that we see its impact upon us, even today as we review some of these situations, as we do year after year, for they are quite dramatic. This is a most beautiful and colorful story of the patterns of history. We have the beautiful records of the scripture concerning the events which took place. We have the writings of Nicodemus. We have the records of the Sanhedrin which were basically against Jesus. We have the records of the Roman Empire. And of course, we have the records that came out of the people who were symbolically writing at that time. And so it is that we can see the whole pattern, the whole picture of what took place in that time.

We want to point out that as the life of Jesus approached the time of Palm Sunday, that the land of Palestine was filled with excitement. This excitement came from the great hope that now they would overthrow the power of the Roman Empire. And that the day would come when they would be able to overthrow the power of organized Jewry which had taken control of their Temple. For the true Israelites of Judah and Benjamin, and the Galileans of the land, understood and recognize that the Jews (Canaanites) of Jerusalem were not the proper administrators of the Temple. That they were usurpers of the areas of authority. So it was that they wanted to see the removal of these people that held power over them.

We want to point out that a whole area of the community, a private group called a pastoral cult of Pharisees, were meeting outside the city of Jerusalem in the land of Palestine, in caverns and caves. And as this group met, they had with them the savants, and the philosophers and the students of Israel. They had the High Priests of the Leviticus Priesthood background. And they were meeting and copying the manuscripts in the caves outside the city. So also, was a military group present. And some of them were descended from the old military leaders of Israel. All thru out the land of Palestine, these were meeting in the underground and preparing for the day when Messiah would take the throne and overthrow the power of Jewry. Then Israel would be again, a Kingdom and a nation. And yes, they had expectancy, great expectancy. The people of Palestine were aware that the Virgin Mary had been told that the child she carried was to be named YAHSHUA, and would take the throne of HIS Father David. They had heard and remembered these words. They knew how Herod, king of the Jews, had ordered the killing of the babies of Bethlehem in order to destroy Jesus. But that Mary and Joseph had taken Jesus into the land of Egypt for protection. And there at the Temple of On, they remained. There at the ancient temples built by Enoch and Job in earlier times, they remained until the death of Herod the king. Then they returned unto Nazareth, and there in that area of Nazareth, Joseph opened his carpenter shop and there Jesus spent the remaining days of HIS boyhood. Thus, the people had watched the growth of this young man. And then later as HIS ministry started, they watched the vast miracles HE performed, such as the turning of the water into wine, the unstopping of deaf ears, the opening of blind eyes, the stilling of the wind and the waves, and the raising of the dead. All these things were the powerful record that this man was different from any other man. Surely, this man was Messiah. No man spoke as this man spoke. And the people were tense with excitement for they thought without question this was the Mighty Messiah.

Joseph of Arimathea, the uncle of Christ, and uncle of Mary, looked at the developments that were very significant. He was a powerful and wealthy man, there in the land of Palestine. And not only was a great trader, but his ships moved thru the area of the Mediterranean and on to the British Isles. He owned the tin mines of Cornwall, as well as land in Britain. And he brought the tin into the Mediterranean area and exchanged their goods with those from Britain. He was a Pharisee and a member of the Sanhedrin. But he as also a member of this mysterious company of Essenes who were living outside of the cities of Judea.

In the records of the Sanhedrin, we find that the Essenes were a pastoral cult of Pharisees who were segregationist and nationalists. Why–segregationists?—Because the Essene Company were against the intermarriage of the House of Judah and Benjamin and the Jews of Jerusalem. They claimed these Jews were Canaanites. And intermarriage was a violation of the law. So you see this was why the Sadducees of the Sanhedrin were against the so-called pastoral Essenes, and why they called them a cult. Of course, they used to call David a pastoral King, because David was for segregation also. It was not until the days of Solomon that internationalism had moved into the House of Israel. Of course, as we go back into the writings of Moses, we find that God had warned the Israelites against intermarrying with the Canaanites and all these other people, and that these of the mixed multitude would turn them from worshiping God. And that this mixing would produce a mongrel people whom God would not recognize. God had said to Israel, ‘Thou art a Holy people unto YAHWEH thy God.’

So it was that the Essene Company had an immense number of its people thru out Palestine working for the day when the Messiah would come. There was this brilliant young man who had descended from Jeroboams army and his fathers and grandfathers before him had been military leaders. His name was Barabas. And he was a brilliant young man. And he was working for the position of the leadership of Messiah’s army in the land of Palestine and Israel.

During this time, we see that Joseph of Arimathea was also very busy and very interested in the events that were taking place. While a member of the Sanhedrin, he was also a Pharisee and an Essene. But the true Pharisee believed in the Laws of God. They believed in the Mishnah, the oral Laws of God. They believed in the coming of Messiah, the power of Resurrection. And they looked forward to the areas of Truth. Then also in the Sanhedrin, were Asiatic. And they were reincarnationists of course. They had taken the Temple by fraud and Annas was high priest. And then Caiaphas the son-in-law of Annas, was high priest in the days we review in our meditation of today. We point out that Barabas had been building an army as he watched Jesus expanding HIS ministry. Jesus sent out 70, two by two to every village and town thru out the land of Palestine. And thus, they notified the crowds that Jesus was coming. And under this organization the people gathered and they heard Jesus speak. And they watched the miracles of Jesus as they were performed. And thus, excitement was intense all over the land of Palestine—that this was truly Messiah—that Messiah had come.

Then Jesus was to turn to Peter and HE said, ‘Peter who do you say that I am?’ (Matthew 16:15-16). And Peter answered and said, ‘Thou art the Christ, the embodiment of the Living YAHWEH.’ And then Jesus said, ‘Peter, flesh and blood did not reveal this unto you, it was revealed unto you by the Spirit.’

Thus, it was that Joseph of Arimathea involved in all the events of that time, then brought the beautiful blue velvet material from along the coasts of the Mediterranean into Palestine for these uniforms for this army of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA. And across the chest of the uniforms were the crossed golden fishes–the sign of the Church (children) and the army of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA. And in the hands of this army flashed the short swords of Damascus which Joseph of Arimathea also brought in. He had spent time and money and he secretly sought to help the organization for this army for Jesus. Across the country, the army was rising and they thought that miracle power would be bestowed upon them and they would overthrow the powers of darkness. True, the Sanhedrin could refer to them as nationalists, for they thought that Rome should not control their land. And also, they were segregationalist, because they would not marry Canaanites and would have nothing to do with the Sadducees who ruled the Temple.

Jesus proved that they were Canaanites when HE said they were of their father the devil and a lair and a murderer from the beginning, and the truth was not in him. So HE identified them for what they were. For Jesus in that day speaking to the people, said, ‘Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.’ But the Jews said, ‘We were never in bondage at any time.’ Thus, they proved that they were not the children of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin. Nor are they a part of the 10 tribes. For they said they were never in bondage. Thus, they had excluded themselves of the Egyptian bondage and the Assyrian, and Babylonian captivities as well. They were Canaanites indeed. And they proved it by their actions and their activities.

So it was that as the people had prepared and worked for this climax of this period when the time was getting close. Strangely enough, when John the Baptist as the messenger to prepare the way for the Messiah. So when he was a child, and until he was 10 years of age, he spoke of the mysteries of heaven, and of the magnitude of the ministry of the Christ, whom he had come to announce. He was the forerunner of the Christ. And we remember that his father had been High Priest in the city of Bethlehem. Then it was necessary for his father to take this babe out to the Essenes in the caves outside the city, and there they cared for him lest Herod find him and kill him, as he had the other babies of Bethlehem. And there the Essenes were engrossed with the words of John the Baptist as he said that, ‘Yes, Messiah would come, but there would be a mystery surrounding HIS taking the crown, because HE would take the Chalice instead.’ They were somewhat mystified by this. And Joseph of Arimathea was also mystified for he, himself, had quizzed John the Baptist as a boy and John had told him that he knew not why, but Messiah would take the Chalice.

So it was that Joseph of Arimathea and others decided there were several things they must do to prepare for the crowing of Messiah. They had one of the crowns worn by David when King, and they had used artisans to install a ruby, emerald, and diamonds and a sapphire of enormous size. Jewels were brought to Mary by the High Priests–wise men–who came to see Jesus when a babe. And these had been given to Joseph of Arimathea for safe keeping. These jewels were now placed in this crown and now it was a beautiful crown. Besides this, Joseph of Arimathea had the beautiful robe brought by the 4th wise man. This was the robe which had been used to save the life of John the Baptist at the time of the killing of the babes of Bethlehem, as this babe had been wrapped under this great robe by the 4th wise man.

So it was that as Joseph of Arimathea pondered these things, he sent to Greece for Demetrius the artist, the silversmith of great fame. And so in Jerusalem, then Demetrius was installed in an alcove off the great dining room in the home of Joseph of Arimathea. Here he was to produce a chalice and to engrave it. And as Jesus and HIS Disciples came often to the home of Joseph of Arimathea, when Jesus and HIS Disciples were in the area around Jerusalem, they would set upon the couches around the dining table and they would talk about the program of the Kingdom. And peoples of Jerusalem would come and they spent hours there listening to the words of Jesus, and questioning HIM. All this while the silversmith was carefully engraving. He had engraved Jesus in all the magnitude of HIS ministry, as HE was visiting with the people. And on either side of HIM sat all the 12 Disciples. Thus, Jesus and the 12 were pictured upon the outer cup, or chalice with its inner cup or Holy Grail, as it was later known. And one of the areas of mysteries was that as the silversmith came to Judas, this one Disciple, he could not place that face upon this chalice. So that face is blank—turning away. But the Chalice had the beauty of the magnitude of the Christ and HIS Disciples of HIS ministry as HE sat in the home of Joseph of Arimathea. So it was that Jesus went out around the city with HIS Disciples and they were becoming very excited, for they were discussing with the Essene Company and others of Palestine, as to the day when they would crown HIM King. James and John were over-excited. And their mother got over-excited as well, for one day, she said to Jesus, ‘when you take over your Kingdom, will you put my two sons, one on your right hand, and one on your left?’ Jesus replied that HIS Kingdom was not coming at this time, for it would still be in the future. But they thought, ‘oh, yes, it will come, we have made all the preparations which Christ did not know about.’ Of course, Jesus in Omniscience, knew what as in the mind of the people, and what was going on in the land of Palestine.

Then it grew close to Passover, and the people said of this week, ‘We will gather all Israel in the land of Palestine, and then we will crown HIM King.’ So they began to pour in to the city of Jerusalem and the Essene Company, those of true Levites, were also very much excited.

And Barabbas was also getting his company ready. They had attacked many of the caravans of Rome coming into the city. And they took weapons and food for their army, as well as taking from the caravans that the Jews brought in with foreign goods for trading on the Temple steps. Jesus said that they had made of HIS Father’s House a den of merchandise and of thieves. And thus, the Jews had done this by buying and selling on the steps of the Temple.

Barabbas had killed a Roman soldier in one of these raids, and Rome now had a price on his head. So they called him a murderer. But he was also a Zealot and a Patriot. After all, if George Washington had failed in his Revolution, he would have been called a murderer also, instead of being called the father of your country.

But the program was of great magnitude as they prepared for this day. And then Jesus turned to HIS Disciples and said, ‘I go to Jerusalem.’ And HIS Disciples were tense with excitement. As they came over the hill toward Jerusalem, they stopped and Jesus said, ‘Over the next hill is the little town of Bethany.’ And it was just a little way over on the other side of the Mount of Olives. Jesus said, ‘I want you to go over there and you will find a little ass with a foal by its side. Untie this ass and bring it to me, for I will fulfill the passage of scripture which says, ‘Behold, thy King cometh riding upon an ass, with a colt, the foal of an ass by its side.’ (John 12:15.) Literally, HE fulfilled the Old Testament prophecy (Zechariah 9:9) as HE came into Jerusalem riding on the ass with a colt, the foal of an ass along side. Now, the Disciples were more excited than ever, for they knew this old prophecy. And they knew that they had made preparations for this day. When the two Disciples went to take the ass, the man who owned it said, ‘Where are you going with this animal?’ And the Disciples said, ‘The master has need of it.’ The man said, ‘Take it,’ for it was a great honor for him to supply the ass for the Master whom he also recognized as THE MESSIAH.

Thus, Jesus mounted the ass and started the ride toward the gate of Jerusalem. And the multitude were not streaming out the gate and were throwing their garments down before HIM as they shouted, ‘Hosannah in the highest.’ Then out of the city came the people by the thousands, and the great cry rose up, ‘Hosannah to the Son of David. Hosannah to YAHSHUA who comes in the name of YAHWEH.’ Yes, the cry rang out. And instantly the blue tunic army is in full view, and their glistening swords shown in the sun. And they with the multitudes, cried, ‘CROWN HIM KING, CROWN HIM KING.’ All Jerusalem is now echoing with the cry, ‘CROWN HIM KING.’

Jesus made HIS way to the steps of the Temple and the throngs followed. And the whole city was filled with excitement for the cry came again and again, ‘CROWN HIM KING.’ The true Israelites had gathered for this very purpose. Joseph of Arimathea had separated himself from the other members of the Sanhedrin, and was in this crowd of Israelites there at the steps of the Temple when on a beautiful crimson pillow, the Crown appeared, and it was carried by the True Levi of Israel. And Joseph of Arimathea was also with them. As they moved to Jesus with this Crown of jewels showing in the sun, also came another pillow, and on this pillow was the Chalice. For altho they had great hopes, they knew not quite what to expect in this hour. Therefore, they approached the Christ still shouting ‘Hosannah in the highest—CROWN HIM KING.’

The high priests high on the steps of the Temple were puzzled. And they said, ‘How can they call HIM David’s son, when David called HIM LORD?’ But the people of Israel were saying, ‘HOSANNA, HOSANNA TO YAHSHUA WHO COMES IN THE NAME OF YAHWEH.’

Then these of Israel approached Jesus and would have placed this beautiful shimmering diadem, this crown upon HIS head. But then Jesus dashed their hopes as HE said to them, ‘No, I cannot at this time take this crown.’ Even the little Jew who carried the money bag began thinking, ‘sure, crown HIM King and I will then carry the money bag for a King.’ And he said, ‘Take the crown.’ But Jesus just looked at this little Jew and HE turned back to these of HIS Children, and HE said, ‘No, I will not take this crown. If I were to take this crown at this time, I would rule you in sin, and in slavery and without freedom. I must fulfill this purpose for which I have come. I MUST TAKE THE CUP. What man of you can drink of this cup, and by taking this cup, fulfill My responsibilities in the purposes of YAHWEH? For when you are set free, then you will be free indeed, for now My Kingdom is hence, and later it will not be delivered to the Jews.’ Then HE also elaborated on this as HE said, ‘At the proper time My servants (Israel) will fight, and My Kingdom will not fall into the hands of the Jews (Canaanites).’ Then Jesus pushed the great crown back and HE took the Chalice instead.

Instantly, the crowd felt a great wave of total disappointment. The wave of excitement disappeared as did the blue tunics of the army and their swords. The anger of the priests on the highest steps of the Temple had been high, but they were also worried as they saw the masses, and the swords. And they did not quite know what to do.

Jesus took the beautiful Chalice and held it for a moment and then turned and handed it to John. Then HE turned and took a rope and quickly wove it into a cat-o-nine tails, and with it HE drove the moneychangers and overturned the tables of merchandise that were on the steps of the Temple. HE said, ‘Ye have made My Father’s House a den of thieves, murderers, and robbers.’ And HE started to scourge those on the steps of the Temple. And the high priests and even their armies drew back in fear that day, whereas still in the back of the crowd they were still saying, ‘CROWN HIM KING.’

Then the crowd disappeared, each unto his own place. And Jesus and HIS Disciples then went to the house of Zebedee. Judas of Iscariot separated himself from the other Disciples and he went to the head Jews and he said, ‘do you want to know where this Barabbas–the head of this army which saw with their gleaming swords, and blue tunics–this power behind this Jesus, is? He is going to be at the home of Peter’s father, Bar Jonas tonight. And there you will find this one who is the head of this army which can take over Palestine at any time they wish.’ Well, the Jews called the leaders of the Romans and told them where they could find Barabbas. So they went and took Barabbas and put him in prison.

As the end of the week was approaching, then Jesus told HIS Disciples to prepare for HIM an Upper Room, that they might eat the Passover Supper together. And at the Passover, the Disciples sat with Jesus eating the Passover and the Master took the ‘Inner Cup’ from the Chalice and said, ‘Can you drink of this ‘inner cup’ with ME?’ And the Disciples said sure we can. And Jesus said, ‘Yes, so shall ye drink of this cup.’ Then Jesus broke of the bread and then said, ‘One of ye who puts his hand in this cup with Me shall betray Me.’ And Peter said, ‘Oh, LORD, is it I?’ Peter could not imagine this happening. Then each of the Disciples asked, ‘LORD, is it I?’ Then later this would come back to the mind of John, and he would record that even Judas of Iscariot asked ‘Lord, is it I?’ Then Jesus turned to Judas and answered him, ‘Go and do what you must do.’ And Judas of Iscariot went out of their midst and ran to the Jews. After all this was not surprising for Jesus had told HIS Disciples earlier, that, ‘I have chosen you twelve, but one of you is a devil.’ We are told that after this ‘Jesus walked in Galilee, for the Jews sought to kill HIM. (John 7:1). Of course, thru out the background of the life covered by the Gospels, always the Jews sought to take the Christ, to stone HIM, or to kill HIM in some way. Even to sending out soldiers to do that work for them. But the soldiers returned saying, ‘Never a man spake as this man spake.’

Having concluded the Last Supper, Jesus took the ‘inner cup’ and left the outer Chalice with John, and HE said, ‘we go to the Garden of Gethsemane and there I will pray.’ So they went into the Garden of Gethsemane and Jesus went a little apart from the Disciples and there HE filled that Cup with Living Water. As HE filled this Cup with clear water, it was to fulfill the most important area of the drama of that week up until the Crucifixion of Jesus the Christ. Symbolically, this was to fulfill a symbol of mystery which comes down out of the program of the Kingdom of Heaven. For as Jesus took this water as a substitution for the transgressions of the human race, it was for every transgression that had been committed by the sons of Adam on down to the time of Christ’s ministry and on into the future unto your life, until the fulfillment of HIS returning majesty. All transgression–all sin–was significantly and symbolically in the liquid of that cup. And thus, JESUS BECAME TRANSGRESSION FOR US. When HE drank that Cup, HE said, speaking here in HIS humanity, ‘Eternal Spirit, if it be possible, let this cup pass from ME, but not My will, but thy will be done.’ As HE drank that cup to the last drop, HE was the Lamb of God without spot or blemish, without sin. HE was the magnitude of God walking in the flesh, and HE became transgression for you. HE took upon HIS spotless nature, all the guilt, the condemnation, the background of all transgression, and every sin upon the face of the earth. Only God could do this. Only God had this authority. And only God assumed this responsibility. And the agony of all this upon the body of Christ caused HIM to sweat great drops of blood, as HE took that Chalice, that Holy Grail and drank it to the last drop. Thus, it is we have the mystery of the Holy Grail.

The Holy Grail, this Inner Cup, was taken by John from the Garden as the soldiers came to take Jesus and lead HIM off to the chambers of Annas and Caiaphas the high priest, after the betrayal of Judas of Iscariot. This Holy Grail was then taken by Jon and placed again inside the Chalice and then given into the care of Joseph of Arimathea.

Thus, we have the background of these events that were to transpire, and we know that Joseph of Arimathea took this cup which later, after the Resurrection of Christ, the Church was to guard this Holy Grail with their life, for it was a priceless treasure, this Chalice with its inner cup.

As pressure increased against the Disciples and the people of HIS Church, the treasure was taken in to Egypt to Alexandria, where later Mark would be the Pastor. It passed then from Church to Church in the East. And later the Great Church of St. Sophia was built at Constantinople, and this chalice and inner cup was taken to that Great Church and used in the communion services. Then when the Turkish conqueror Sultan______(Suleman?) came, he conquered Constantinople and the Priests of this great Temple fled and with them went this Chalice with its inner cup to Antioch. There in a small church in Antioch, this great treasure graced the Altar for about twelve years. At that time, then the Turkish conqueror then conquered that city and part of this little church was burned. But the Turkish conqueror did not take the chalice form he did not even know it was there. Later Arabs excavating the ruins of Antioch about twenty-five years ago, unearthed the Chalice of Christ. This Chalice had long been sought. We remember that King _______(Applestain) With the Knights of the Round Table—and you know that this king was King Arthur, and the Knights of his Round Table had hoped to find that Holy Grail.

Then later this inner cup was found and brought forth, this great treasure of Christendom, and Rockefeller bought this great cup and gave it to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, for a treasure of Christendom forever. The Greeks keep borrowing it when they open up a great Cathedral. This cup is also now in this city for the opening of a great church, in the Cathedral of St. Sophia. And is in another museum of art, where you can go and behold that treasure,—this cup used by Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, that Chalice that the KING took instead of the Crown.

We can be so thankful this afternoon, that the King took the Chalice instead of the Crown, because now we stand before HIM absolutely free. Because when HE drank the cup to the last drop, HE removed our transgressions from us as far as the East is from the West— and TO REMEMBER THEM NO MORE. Thus, by HIS stripes, we are healed.

As we turn to this pattern of the Chalice and the King, then we recognize that we will behold the day when HE shall take the crown. We know not where this crown is today, but it shall appear again when they bring it forth to crown HIM ‘LORD OF LORDS.’ As we see the conditions that are sweeping this world, we see the fulfillment of the patterns of prophecy. We see these conditions getting worse in some instances. But again, these are some things which must come to pass. For very soon the Heavens are going to be filled with the Divine glory of the Host of Heaven as they make their appearance with Michael, with the power of God. And then the King of Kings will re-enter the affairs of this world and re assume the administration of HIS Kingdom. In that day, we will then bring forth that Royal Diadem and Christ will take the Crown. We will crown HIM KING of Kings, and the majesty and Glory of YAHWEH will spread over the House of Israel, like the sun upon the earth and the waters which cover the sea. In that day, when we behold the Majesty of God’s Glory, we shall remember that HE is our KING of Kings, our LORD OF LORDS