A Guide to the Inner Earth – Bruce Walton


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Adams, Frank D. – Writings concerning his scientific experiments which may prove that giant cavities exist in granite at depths of more than 11 miles, conclusions supported by Louis V. King, a mathematician who calculated that, at normal temperature, a cavity could exist at depths between 17.2 and 20.9 miles.  The author’s findings are also supported by the newly-discovered 16 Rouse Belts, which give planes of fracture completely penetrating the globe. (Also see: Stewart, C. Nelson – SUBTERRANEAN RACES)




Alexander, Hartley B.

— LATIN AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY., pp.28-29: A tradition learned by Fray Ramon Pane from the Taino Indians of Haiti (Hispaniola) that their ancestors emerged from two caverns called “Cacibugiagua” and “Amaiaura,” in a certain mountain of Hispaniola.

— NORTH AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY., p. 61: Cherokee Indians’ belief in a subterranean world much like our own, with mountains, rivers, trees and people, and how – with the guidance of one of the underground people who still remain below – it is possible to enter their underground world.


Allen, George W. – ENIGMA FANTASTIQUE., 1966, Health Research: Giant beings seen in caverns below Malta during a guided tour.


Allsopp, Fred W. – FOLKLORE OF ROMANTIC ARKANSAS., pp. 156-158: The legend of a certain cave in Arkansas, in which a remnant of the human race took refuge during an ancient ice age, eventually emerging from the interior of the mountain after a long space of time.


Amery, Colin – NEW ATLANTIS: THE SECRET OF THE SPHINX., Regency Press, London & NY., 1976.  Chapter: A SUBTERRANEAN ATLANTIS, pp. 89-110.


Ananikikian, Mardiras H. & Alice Werner – ARMENIAN AND AFRICAN MYTHOLOGY., Vol. 7, pp. 34,  147, 184-185, 359: Native American beliefs in ancestral origins from ancient subterranean lands, and the locations of many traditional entrances into the cavern worlds.


ANCIENT CRYSTALLINE RECORDS – Article in the NEW ATLANTEAN JOURNAL., Dec. 1977 & Winter 1979: Ancient records or libraries which remain hidden in undiscovered areas beneath the surface of our planet.


Andrews, Richard R. – THE TRUTH BEHIND THE LEGEND OF MOUNT SHASTA., Carlton Press, NY., 1976., Limited edition: Legends and strange phenomena surrounding one of California’s most mysterious mountains.


Anderson, Tim – THE HOLLOW EARTH: DOORWAY TO ANOTHER WORLD.  Article in BEYOND REALITY magazine., No. 44, July-Aug.1980, illus.: Ferdinand Ossendowski’s findings concerning the legends and stories of the subterranean world of ‘Agharti’, during his travels in China, Mongolia, etc. (Also see: Ossendowski, Ferdinand.  BEASTS, MAN AND GODS)


Angebert, Jean-Michael. – THE OCCULT AND THE THIRD REICH., McMillan, NY., 1974., pp. 93-98:  A legend of Hyperborean descendants living in a subterranean world beneath the Himalayas; T. Lobsang Rampa’s journey into caverns beneath Tibet; and Ferdinand Ossendowski’s description of the subterranean world of Agharti.  pp. 269-270: Unknown subterranean regions beneath the Great Pyramid of Gizeh in Egypt.


Anjard, Dr. Ron. – Article in PURSUIT magazine, Summer 1978: More than 30 vast tunnel complexes, or ancient abandoned underground cities, discovered near Derinkuyu, Turkey – one of which in ancient times contained as many as 10,000 inhabitants.  Also buried cities in France, and 44 underground cities in North America (six on the West Coast) which the writer had learned of from ‘anonymous’ American Indian sources.


APOCRYPHA. – Non-canonical books of the ‘Bible’, or books not included in the current text of the Bible because they were considered scripture mixed with ‘tradition’, and not ‘pure scripture’.

— II Esdras 13:40-48: Describes the one-and-one-half year journey made by the Ten “Lost” Tribes (or 9 ½ tribes, excluding the tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and half the tribe of Levi which compose the known ‘Jewish’ race in Israel today) of Israel, to a hidden land in the far north where “never men dwelt” called “Arzareth” – from whence they will return in the last days according to prophecy.

— II Maccabes, 2:17: Refers to the present location of the Ark of the Covenant, in the INTERIOR of Mt. Sinai, “where Moses climbed up and saw the heritage of God.  And when Jeremy came thither, he found a hollow cave, wherein he laid the tabernacle, and the altar of incense, and so stopped the door.  And some of those that followed him came to mark the way, but they could not find it.  Which when Jeremy (Jeremiah) perceived, he blamed them, saying, ‘As for that place, it shall be unknown until the time that God gather(s) his people again together, and receive them unto mercy.'”


Archer, Ray.

— THE MYSTERIOUS ROMAN MINE.  In SHAVERTRON, Fall 1981, No. 9:  Strange occurrences and noises like those of a subterranean train, within an ancient Roman mine in the Forest of Dean area of Gloucestershire, western England .

— PROJECTIONS FROM THE CAVERNS?  Article in SHAVERTRON, No. 13: Unusual tunnel related occurrences in England.


ARE THERE A PEOPLE IN THE FAR NORTH? – Article in the “Editor’s Table” section of THE IMPROVEMENT ERA (LDS church magazine), Jan. 1924, pp. 256-260: Suggests that the Lost Tribes of Israel are hidden near the North Pole. (Also quotes from an article in POPULAR SCIENCE MONTHLY, Dec. 1923)


Argo, Madeline – MY TRIP TO THE LOST TEN TRIBES INSIDE THE EARTH., n.p., n.d., Circa 1967: Traces the Lost Tribes of Israel from the time of their disappearance to the present.


Armitage, Angus – EDMUND HALLEY., Nelson Publishers, pp. 72-74: Refers to Edmund Halley (the discoverer of Halley’s comet) and his theory of a hollow earth, illuminated by “peculiar luminaries” and inhabited interior concentric spheres. (Also see: Halley, Edmund)


Arnold, L.W. – THE HISTORY AND ORIGIN OF ALL THINGS., B.F. Carpenter, Roselle, NJ, 1893., Section II, Chapters 12-15, pp. 85-94: References to the Earth’s hollow interior and formation.


Austin, Leonard.


— THIS IS THE DEVIL’S WORLD CONTROLLED BY LUCIFER DOWN IN THE CAVERNS., Los Angeles (Austin was the “Iowa Strong Man,” now deceased).


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Bailey, Alice – A TREATISE ON COSMIC FIRE., Lucis Pub. Co., NY., 1925., p. 91:  One chapter refers to human-like entities which exist in “the central caves several miles below the crust of the earth”.


Baker, Bill – THE MYSTERIOUS ‘SPACE SPHERE’., Article in UFO REPORT, Spring 1974., p. 28:  Describes a mysterious sphere allegedly left by flying saucer entities and now in the possession of the Antoine Betz family of Jacksonville, FL.  Some believe it to be a model representing the earth and its hollow interior.


Baker, Dr. Douglas – PRACTICAL TECHNIQUES OF ASTRAL PROJECTION., The Aquarian Press, Wellingboro, Northamptonshire, England.  1977., p. 52:  The author makes an astral journey to the Inner Earth, where he observes a subterranean civilization which survived from the sunken continent of Atlantis.


Ballard, Guy. (or Godfre Ray King – pseud.)

— UNVEILED MYSTERIES., St. Germain Press, Chicago, 1934:  The author’s journeys through great caverns, tunnels and ancient mines filled with strange treasures and ancient ‘Atlantean’ machines.

— THE MAGIC PRESENCE., St. Germain Press, Chicago, 1935:  The continuing story of the author’s adventures with ‘ascended masters’ in the caverns, including his visits to an ancient city within the heart of the Teton Mountains, and to a subterranean city beneath “Table Mountain” in Wyoming, during which he/they were able to speak through an ‘Atlantean radio’ with a being called ‘Pelleur’ from the inner surface of the geo-concavitic (hollow) sphere of the earth, or the “land of the Eternal Sun of Even Pressure” at the ‘center’ of the hollow sphere of the Earth. (Also see: Stark, Martha G.)


Benner, Box.  CRITIQUE: A news-magazine that occasionally includes Inner Earth material.


Baran, Michael.

— ATLANTIS RECONSIDERED (A NEW LOOK AT THE ANCIENT DELUGE LEGENDS AND AN ANALYSIS OF MYSTERIOUS MODERN PHENOMENA)., Exposition Press: Ancient Atlantean’s reside in the interior of the Earth and are responsible for some of the UFO phenomena.

— INSIGHT INTO PREHISTORY., Exposition Press: Atlantean survivors living deep underground and keeping watch over mankind on the surface.


Barbarossa, Frederick – Writings of his, concerning his visit to the interior of the Earth, and his explanations of what the ‘Hollow Earth’ is all about.


Barbeau, C.M. – HURON AND WYANDOT MYTHOLOGY., pp. 310-311.  The story of the underground city of Yooh-wah-tahyoe, built in ancient times by to (so-called) ‘god’ Tseh-stah, beneath the surface of Canada.


Baring-Gould, Rev. Sabine.

— CLIFF CASTLES AND CAVE DWELLERS IN EUROPE., Seeley & Co., London, 1911; Reprint 1968 by Singing Tree Press, Detroit, MI:  Accounts of extensive cave and tunnel structures beneath France and other countries.

— CURIOUS MYTHS OF THE MIDDLE AGES., Oxford Univ. Press, NY., 1978:  The belief by some that the mountain of Venus, in the Hurselbert Mountains between Eisenach and Gotha in SW East Germany, holds a portal to the Inner Earth.


Barton, Michael X (or, Michael X – pseud.) – RAINBOW CITY AND THE INNER EARTH PEOPLE., Futura Press, 1935.  Reprint, Gray Barker Books, 1969.  Revelations on the nature of the Inner Earth and Rainbow City, hidden in the ice and snow of Antarctica. (Also see: Hefferlin, W.C. & Gladys)


Bascom, Willard – A HOLE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA: THE STORY OF THE MOHOLE PROJECT., Doubleday, NY., 1961:  Plans of American scientists to drill a shaft through the bottom of the ocean where the crust is thinnest, in an attempt to penetrate the ‘Mohorovicic Discontinuity’ or ‘Mho’; Chapter 3:  SCIENCE FICTION AND PSEUDO SCIENCE INSIDE THE EARTH:  Science fictions’s depiction of the earth’s interior, and early promoters of Hollow Earth theories, such as sir Edmund Halley., Capt. John Clevises Sambas., and Karl Newport. (Also see: Malakov, A., THE NEW YORK TIME., McWhirter, Norris)


Bayley, Harold – ARCHAIC ENGLAND., London, 1919:  References to tunnels in County Down, southeastern section of northern Ireland, presumed by some to lead to the habitation of the subterranean ‘Tuatha de Danaan’ (Children of Donn) who are believed to have introduced Druidism into Ireland, then transformed into subterranean dwelling ‘fairies’ who now dwell in ‘palaces underground’.  Also reports from early travelers of great tunnels stretching under Africa, including one beneath a river called Kaoma, Tanganyika, Zambia, “so lengthy that it took the caravan from sunrise to noon to pass through…”


Baysworth, Pipa – UNDERGROUND MAN., Chapter in ‘THE SUBTERRANEAN WORLD’ (Beckley, Timothy Green., Ed. by)., Gray Barker Books., 1971:  Referring to legends and stories supporting a Hollow Earth and a Subterranean World & subterranean cities, etc.


Beaver, Harold. (See: Poe, Edgar Allan)


Beauchamp, William M., – IROQUOIS FOLKLORE., pp. 152-153:  The belief held by the five IROQUOIS Amerindian Nations that their ancient ancestors emerged from a subterranean world.


Beckley, Timothy Green.

— SHAVER MYSTERY AND THE INNER EARTH, THE., ed by., Gray Barker Books., 1967:  Several reports about encounters with the strange physical inhabitants of the interior of the earth.

— STRANGE ENCOUNTERS., Global Communications., 1980.  Chapter 10: “Mt. Shasta – Space Base”:  Describes a race of “little people” who live in caverns beneath the Mt. Shasta area, and a cave in northern California which leads to a race of technically  advanced humans, descended from an ancient Lemurian/Naga-Mayan race which abandoned the surface of the planet long ago.

— SUBTERRANEAN WORLD, THE., Gray Barker Books., 1971:  Several essays on the Shaver Mystery, and the earth’s interior inhabitants, both benevolent and malevolent., from some of the top researchers in the field.

— UFO REVIEW NEWSPAPER., ed by., Global Communications:  Occasionally includes articles on the ‘Inner Earth’ mystery.


Beekwith, Martha – HAWAIIAN MYTHOLOGY., p. 224:  The belief by natives on the island of Mangai that their ancestors emerged from the darkness of an underworld.


Behren, H., M.D. – THE NATURAL HISTORY OF THE HARZ FOREST., 1730:  References to a race of friendly dwarfs who live in subterranean caverns beneath the Walkenreid, in the Harz region of Germany, and who to this day are said to secretly engage in trade with some of the local villagers.


BELVA MINE DISASTER – Interviews with survivors of a mine explosion on Dec. 26 1945., which appeared in the Dec. 1981 – Jan. 1982 issues of the Pineville, KY, and other local newspapers, telling how the trapped men saw a “door” in the wall of the mine open, and a man dressed like a “lumberjack” who emerged from a well-lighted room.  After assuring the men that they would be rescued, the strange visitor returned to the ‘room’ and closed the door.


Bender, Albert K. – FLYING SAUCERS AND THE THREE MEN., Gray Barker Books., 1962., pp. 106-107 & 152-158:  The author reports how he was ‘teleported’ to an enormous cavern beneath the ice of the South Pole, which is the base for a race of ‘extra-terrestrial’ beings from the planet “Kazik’, and who once lived on planet earth in ancient times.


Bender, Peter – Writings on the Hollow Earth during the 1930’s:  The author, a German aviator, synthesized the theories of Cyrus R. Teed and Marshal B. Gardner, and founded the movement, “Hohl Welt Lehre,” which had among its membership several ranking Nazi leaders. (Also see: Derry, Francois)


Bennett, Robert A. – THYRA: A ROMANCE OF THE POLAR PIT., 1901., 258 pp., Reprinted by ‘Health Research’.


Benton, Floria (pseud.)


— SERPENTS OF FIRE: THE HITLER – HOLLOW EARTH CONNECTION., Gray Barker Books, 1983:  How Adolph Hitler’s beliefs that a race of powerful occult-technologists would one day emerge from the inner earth (based on E. Bulwer Lytton’s book ‘THE COMING RACE’) influenced his desire to create a ‘Master Race’ of blond Nordic/Aryan peoples.  Hitler also created the VRIL SOCIETY within his Nazi ranks, based on Lytton’s description of the underground race, the “Vril-ya”.  Also, Hitler’s alleged escape from Berlin to a secret German colony in South America – and then to the underground “New Berlin” base in Neu Schwabenland, Antarctica. (Also see: Leedy, Ruth)


Bergenson, Benjamine E. – THE EARTH IS A BUBBLE., St. Clair Press, Chicago, IL.  1922.  12 pp.


Bergier, Jacques & the editors of INFO – EXTRATERRESTRIAL INTERVENTION: THE EVIDENCE., Henry Regency Co., Chicago, IL., 1974., Chapter 4: The mysterious ancient, manmade “Moonshaft” discovered is a cave in Czechoslovakia in 1944. (originally appeared in the N.S.S. News of the National Speleological Society… Also see: Horak, Antonin T.)


Bergier, Jaques & Louis Pauwells.

— MORNING OF THE MAGICIANS, THE., Stein & Day, New York, NY., 1964., first published in France as “LE MATIN DES MAGICIANS”, by Editions Gallimard., 1960; Published in England as “THE DAWN OF MAGIC”., Anthony Gibbs & Phillips Ltd., London  1963; Part VII, pp. 185-190: Hitler’s and the ‘Thule Society’s’ interest in the Hollow Earth, and plans for a scientific expedition to investigate it’s  reality.

— SECRET DOORS OF THE EARTH., Henry Regenery Co., Chicago, IL., 1975: Unknown worlds within the earth, the home of great beings who possess extraordinary knowledge.


Bernard, Dr. Raymond W. (pseudonym for Dr. Walter Seigmeister).

— AGHARTA, THE SUBTERRANEAN WORLD., Health Research: Evidence supporting the Hollow Earth theory and the existence of subterranean human life.


— ESCAPE TO THE INNER EARTH., Gray Barker Books., 1974., 35 pp.: Mankind must seek refuge within the interior of the Earth in order to survive an imminent nuclear holocaust, according to the author.

— FLYING SAUCER’S FROM THE EARTH’S INTERIOR., Fieldcrest Publishers, New York, NY., n.d.; Reprinted by Health Research,98 pp.: Several reports on discoveries of entrances to subterranean cities in the southern Brazilian states of Matto Grosso, Parana, and Santa Catarina, especially near the Joinville area. Further discussions and theories on the Hollow Earth mystery.  Also the underground mysteries of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa.

— THE HOLLOW EARTH., 1968., Various editions, including Lyle Stuart, Secaucus, N.J.; Bell Publishing Co.; Gray Barker Books; Health Research; 191 pp. Much evidence supporting the possibility of a Hollow sphere put forth by early theorists such as Gardner, Reed, and other pioneers in the Hollow Earth field; legends from around the world which support the belief in a subterranean world.

— Letter in SEARCH magazine, October 1959, p. 48: Three tunnels discovered by Brazilian explorers, who followed one of the tunnels downward for three days, eventually emerging into an underground city inhabited by a race of dwarfs, or “Niebelungs”.

— A TRIP BY SAUCER TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH., Chapter in THE SUBTERRANEAN WORLD (Ed. by Timothy Green Beckley., Gray Barker Books)., Reporting on a Brazilian man’s journey to the Earth’s hollow interior via subterranean craft, where he observed a fantastic underworld city and the “Central Sun”.


Bernbaum, Edwin – THE WAY TO SHAMBHALLA., Weisers, 1980.


Bishop, Jason (aka ‘TAL’ LeVesque)

— AN ABANDONED UNDERGROUND CITY FOR 60,000 PEOPLE DISCOVERED! Article in THE HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter, Feb. 1983: Discoveries of ancient subterranean cities beneath Turkey, including those beneath Kaymakli, Oskonak and the Cappadocian Plateau.

— MYSTERIOUS PYRAMIDS., Article in THE HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter., May 1982: Subterranean passages and caverns beneath the pyramids of the earth.


Blain-Sanders, R.L. – TUNNELS AND CAVERNS UNDER NEW YORK CITY. Article in SHAVERTRON Fall 1981: Strange ‘Masonic’ tunnels beneath New York city.


Blaan, Tommy R. – THE HOLLOW THEORY. Article in THE HEFLEY REPORT (date uncertain): Discussions on the Hollow Earth theory as set forward by Dr. Raymond Bernard and others.


Blavatsky, Helena P. – THE SECRET DOCTRINE. Various editions, including the ‘Theosophical Society of America’, Wheaton, IL: Madame Blavatsky allegedly meets ‘Brahtma,’ the so-called ‘King of the World’, who resides in the subterranean world of Agharta; underground cities and tunnels in India and central Asia. Vol. 2 discusses ‘Vara’, the Persian story of an underground fortress said to have been made of clay and to have served as their ‘ark’ of survival during an ancient cataclysm. Constructed by ‘Yima,’ it was three stories deep with wide avenues. Its lord and ruler was ‘Zarathustra.’

Blessing, William L.

— OUTER SPACE PEOPLE AND INNER EARTH PEOPLE., House of Prayer for all People., Denver, CO  1965: Evidence from the Bible supporting the theory that benevolent subterranean beings exist within a ‘paradise’ beneath the surface of the earth.

— SHOWERS OF BLESSING., House of Prayer for all People… Issues, Oct. 1957; Sept. 1970; …and other issues give references to the Hollow Earth.

— SURVIVAL., House of Prayer for all People., circa 1953: some inner earth material.

— THE SUPREME ARCHITECT OF THE UNIVERSE., Chapter 8 – “The Garden of Eden and the Earth’s Interior’., House of Prayer for all People. 1956.


Blomquist, Hakan – THE INNER EARTH THEORY: A SOURCE STUDY., Article in AFU newsletter., Aug.-Dec., 1981 (No. 22), pp. 2-3.


Bolton, H.C. – ARAB LEGENDS OF A BURIED MONASTERY., “Journal of American Folklore”, Vol. 2: The  story of a man who was conducted into the bowels of the mountain “Febel Nagous” (Mountain of the Bell) in the desert near Mt. Sinai, where he sees an underground city or “monastery”, and: “subterranean gardens, date palms [trees] bearing fruit, and good water…”


Bond, Raymond – SUBTERRANEAN SAUCERS: GLOBAL NETWORK OF UFO BASES., Article in SAGA’S UFO ANNUAL., Brooklyn, NY., 1980: Caves within Mt. Sombrero in the Tampico region of Mexico, from which sounds resembling those made by “hydroelectric generating equipment” can be heard.  Also tunnels beneath Turkey, and the “inhabitants” if the interior of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa.


Bordsen, John P. – THE SKY’S NOT THE LIMIT IN K.C.: KANSAS CITY OFFERS ACTION UNDERGROUND., Article in THE MILWAUKEE JOURNAL., Oct. 27 1982: Reports on the extensive subtropolis beneath the Kansas City, including a large underground complex of tunnels and ‘underground buildings’ approximately the size of West Milwaukee.


Borino, Bob

— UFO BASE FOUND UNDER ANTARCTICA., Article in THE GLOBE., Jam. 18 1983: The belief by some scientists of a subterranean UFO base beneath the strange “Polynye Sea” in Antarctica’s Weddell Sea region.

— UFONAUTS’ BURIAL SITES FOUND. – Article in THE GLOBE, May 15 1982., p. 3: ‘Ancients Astronauts’ expert Eric Van Daniken’s investigations of reports of underground cities beneath the Andes mountains, the entrances to which are guarded by the Mongulalas, an ‘Indian’ or native tribe in southwest Brazil.  Ancient ‘gods’ which lie in a state of suspended animation beneath a subterranean temple near their lost city, Akakor, described. Tunnels stretching beneath Ecuador and Peru are also mentioned. (Also see: Brugger, Karl., &  Van Buren, Elizabeth)

— YES, THE EARTH’S REALLY HOLLOW., Article in the GLOBE., April 20 1982: The findings of ‘Hollow Earth’ researchers’ Michaels & Prof. William Jameson., author of the book ‘HOLLOW WORLDS’.


Boschke, F.L. – THE UNEXPLAINED., pp. 103-105: The exploration of giant ‘ice caverns’ and tunnels within Mt. Ranier in Washington state.


Boyes, Ivan

— (Ed. by) – NEW WORLDS (formerly: NEW WORLDS AZAG AUSRALIM)., International Search, Inner Earth – Psionics Organization: Information of extraterrestrial and subterranean life.

— THE HOLLOW EARTH., Article in NEW WORLDS, Vol. 1, No. 4: Concerning interesting facts and theories on the Hollow Earth and its’ inhabitants.

— ATLANTIS REAWAKENED., Article in THE HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter, Feb. 1981 (Reprinted in NEW WORLDS, Vol. 1, No. 2): Remarkable discovery in caverns beneath a mountain in the Amazon basin of Brazil of several ‘Atlantean’ beings who were awakened by the explorers from a state of suspended animation.

— NEW WORLDS, Vol. 1, No. 2, p. 18: Maps of major tunnel systems and UFO bases beneath North America.

— THE HOLLOW EARTH REVEALED., article in NEW WORLDS, special 60-page report (photocopy – unpublished).

— THE HOLLOW EARTH., article in NEW WORLDS, Vol. 1, No. 4: Alleged maps of the polar regions and the Hollow Earth continents.

— BEING A HOLLOW-EARTHIST., article in NEW WORLDS, Vol. 1, No. 4: What being a ‘Hollow Earthist’ is all about.


Bradshaw, William A. – THE GODDESS OF ATVATABAR., J.F. Douthitt Co., NY., 1851., illus., 318 pp: An occult novel relating the history of the discovery of the ‘interior world’, along with some new and interesting theories concerning the Hollow Earth.


Brakefield, Stoney – UNDERGROUND MONSTERS ATE 15 MINERS ALIVE! Article in NEWS EXTRA, a Pennsylvania newspaper, July 14 1974. Reprinted in THE HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 1: The disappearance of several coal miners in a mine near Dixonville, PA, in 1944, and the sighting of a frightening of an unearthly being by the rescue party in a previously unknown side tunnel shortly after the disappearance.


Brandon, Jim – WEIRD AMERICA., E.P. Dutton, NY., 1978.  p. 58: Tunnels discovered by Dr. John Thornton under Washington D.C. which some believe to have been built by the Ancient Atlantean’s of the Atlantic ocean which Washington lies adjacent to; pp. 54-55: A strange tunnel discovered in Devon, CT; Con-Edison’s discovery of an enormous cavern deep beneath Manhattan’s East River Park while drilling to a depth of over 200 ft. (Also see: Hudson, L. Frank; & Bukatman, Scott)


Braun, Kurt – UNDERGROUND CIVILIZATION ATTACKS GERMAN ARCHEOLOGIST., Article in BEYOND REALITY magazine, Dec. 1958, 6 p.: Other issues of this magazine also refer to the Inner Earth hypothesis.


Brinton, Daniel G.

— AMERICAN HERO MYTHS., pp. 91-93: An Aztec tradition that their ancient ancestors once lived in a “White and Bright Land” called “Aztlan” – and that they emerged from this land from seven caverns known as “Chicomoztoc” from a small mountain or large hill located at some indefinite distance to the north or northwest of their habitat, called “Colhuacan” (Bent or Curved Hill); pp. 134-135: Describes a cavern south of Chupultepec, known as “Cincalo” (To the Abode of Abundance), which is said to lead to the subterranean land of “Tlillapa” or “Mictlan” – a “happy and” governed by Quetzalcoatl and his lieutenant Totec, the same land from which he and the Toltecs had emerged in ancient times. (Also see: Folsom, F., & Marcoux, C.)

— MYTHS OF THE NEW WORLD., pp. 265-266: The belief of the Caribs, Arawacks, Warraus, Carayas and other South American native tribes that long ago man lived within the Earth “…in a joyous realm, where death and disease were unknown, and even the trees never rotted but lived on forever”.


Britten, Emma H. – GHOSTLAND: OR RESEARCHES INTO THE MYSTERIES OF OCCULTISM., Progressive Thinking Publishing House, 1897; Chapter, “SUBTERRANEAN MARVELS”: A huge subterranean cavern-temple and tunnels deep beneath the surface of India, near the ancient city of Ellore.

Brotherhood of Faithists (Canada)




Brough, R. Clayton – THE LOST  TRIBES., Horizon Publishers & Distributors., Bountiful, UT. 1979: Several theories explaining the present whereabout of the Lost Ten Tribes (or actually 9 ½ tribes – excluding the tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and half the tribe of Levi) of Israel, including the theory that they  now exist in a warm, hidden polar country, or beyond the rim of the alleged hidden Arctic polar “opening” – within the Geo-concavitic or “Hollow” Earth itself.


Brown, Dr. (?) – ACCOUNT OF MUNNIPORE., 1968., p. 113: An Angamis legend that their ancestors emerged in ancient times from a subterranean land.


Brown, E. Stanton – Letter in AMAZING STORIES magazine., Oct. 1847., pp. 171-172: The discovery of an ancient smooth man-made “bottomless shaft” in the Big Bend region of Texas, about 90 miles SW of Marathon.


Brown, F. – SPACE AND THE UNIVERSE., Geocosmic Research Division: Material relating to the ‘Hollow’ Earth.


Brown, Malcolm W. – UNDERGROUND TUNNELS THREATEN TOWN IN HUNGARY’S WINE COUNTRY., New York Times, Nov. 8 1976, p. 2: More than 60 miles of ancient tunnel systems beneath the town of Eger, Hungary, the origin and purpose of which remain a mystery.


Brugger, Karl – THE CHRONICLES OF AKAKOR., Boohi Tree Books, Delacorte Press, NY., 1977, 230 pp: The history of the  Ugha Mongulala Indian nation from ancient times to the present.  A race of ‘white Indians’ who claim to be descended from ancient ‘space gods’, and who once ruled over a vast empire which covered South America in pre-Incan times. In the year 1971, due to the constant encroachment of the white settlers and the ‘invasion’ of their territory, 30,000 survivors of the Ugha Mongulala escaped into 13 ancient subterranean cities in the Andes mountains, built long ago by and ancient ones, to await there the promised return of their forefathers from the stars – a race of extraterrestrial beings with ancient ties to earth, from a planet called “Schwerta”. (Also see: Van Buren, Elizabeth; & Borino, Bob)


Buckland, Dr. – RELIQUIAE DILUVIANAE: Describes the author’s explorations of Kirkdale Cave in England, where he found remains “pertaining to men who were swept away by Noah’s Flood”.


Bugliosi, Vincent. – HELTER SKELTER., W.W. Norton & Co., NY., pp. 232-233 & 246: Charles Manson’s belief in the existence of a subterranean paradise entered through a cave in Death Valley, which he called the “bottomless pit”.  He claimed that he and his “family” would take refuge there during a great Negro uprising (which he called “Helter Skelter”) in America, which he believed would be triggered by himself through the “Manson Murders”.


Bukatman, Scott & Michael Moore. – SUBTERRANEAN ALIENS – MINERAL WATERS OF THE DAMNED? Article  in OFFICIAL UFO., Oct. 1979: The authors claim to have been taken into inhabited caverns after investigating seismic interruptions at a cavern beneath Manhattan’s East River Park while drilling to a depth of 200 ft. (Also see: Hudson, L. Frank)


Burke, Michael. – ‘GREEN THING’ SPARKS RUMORS. Article in THE VALLEY NEWS DISPATCH., New Kensington, Tarentum & Vandergrift, PA. March 5 1981: Reports of a creature, describes as half man – half dinosaur, seen emerging from a sewer drain tunnel in New Kensington, PA (Also reported in UFO NEWS SERVICE., April 1981., No. 141., and THE NEW ATLANTEAN JOURNAL., Summer 1981., p. 7).


Burton, Eve – A NATURAL BRIDGE TO CROSS., G.P. Putnam’s Sons, NY., 1935., pp. 269-270: Two types of subterranean dwellers – a degenerate race and an advanced race or peaceful, intelligent beings “who are trustworthy and lead very clean lives”.


Butler, George – THE WOMAN WHO “SEES” TOMORROW., Chapter in BEYOND THE STRANGE., by the Editors of FATE magazine., Paperback Library, NY., 1966. p. 47: Mrs. Jane Savage of Lakeland FL., who claims to have taken notes on seven ‘astral’ excursions to underground cities one-and-one-half miles beneath the surfaces of Arizona and New Mexico (from where the Navaho, Hopi, and other native American tribes claim to have ’emerged’ in the distant past), where the remains of the greatest as well as the oldest civilization known to man could be found. A similar account appeared in THE HOLLOW HASSLE Newsletter., Vol. 1, No. 12.


Byrd, Admiral Richard E. – A FLIGHT TO THE LAND BEYOND THE NORTH POLE, OR IS THIS THE MISSING DIARY OF ADMIRAL RICHARD EVELYN BYRD. Forward by William Bernard (aka Capt. Tawani ‘W.B.’ Shoush)., International Society for a Complete Earth (Hollow Earth Society), Houston, MO; Also: International Search – Inner Earth – Psionics Organization: Describes Admiral Byrd’s ALLEGED encounter with the so-called ‘Arianni’ (Shoush is of German or ‘Aryan’

descent), a ‘Hollow Earth’  civilization with whom Byrd supposedly came in contact with during his Arctic flight.



**** C ****



Calais, Ronald A. – NEWSLETTER FOR THE COMMITTEE FOR THE SCIENTIFIC EVALUATION OF PSI., Vol. 1, No. 6: An account of a laborer in Staffordshire, England, who discovered a cave with a stone staircase leading into a vast cavern filled with strange machinery of an alien civilization. Also records the experience of David Fellin and Henry Thorne, two miners who, after their escape from a mine cave-in in Sheppton, PA., told of seeing a large door in the rock wall that was illuminated by a blue light. The two miners claim to have watched the door open and seen a group of strange men dressed in “weird outfits” standing on a beautiful marble stairway. (Also appears in THE UNDER-PEOPLE, by Eric Norman. For the full account of the case see: Schimeer, Bill)


CALIFORNIA MYSTERY HOLES – Article in FATE magazine, Sept. 1957, pp. 12-14: Mysterious holes which appeared in San Gabriel, and in the backyard of Manny Bluemenfield of Los Angeles, CA.


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Carson, Will & Jeannie Joy – PRYING INTO THE UNKNOWN. Article in SEARCH magazine, April 1963: The discovery of two tunnels in California, leading into ancient caverns containing golden artifacts and skeletons of giants, nicknamed “Lemurians”. Also the discovery by Mr. & Mrs. P. Ellmen of an entrance to a subterranean civilization near the Casa Diablo monument, in the desert floor in Inyo County, north of Bishop, CA., from where they heard emerging “music like from some other world”.


Carter, Lin

— JOURNEY TO THE UNDERGROUND WORLD. DAW Books, Inc., 1979: Allegedly based on an actual account of a visit by an explorer to the lost underground ‘world’ of “Zanthodon”.

— ZANTHODON. DAW Books, Ind., The 2nd volume in a series describing an explorer’s alleged adventures in the underground ‘world’ of “Zanthodon”.


Castillo, Francisco – RETURN FROM THE UNKNOWN. Article in FATE magazine, Nov. 1957: Discovery of a secret Mayan cave near the rivers Jetja and El Santa Cruz, in the state of Chiapas, Mexico, in which the writer witnessed a strange ceremony and the appearance of a supernatural being claiming to be ‘Quetzalcoatl’.


Carter, Joseph H.

— AWESOME FORCE., Cadaka Industries, 1982, 400 pp: Contains most of the author’s unorthodox theories on physics. Chapter 6, “THE HOLLOW CONDITION OF THE EARTH,” pp. 72-79, contains various proofs that the earth is a hollow sphere, including the falls of red pollen at the poles, ocean  currents flowing in wrong directions, and satellite findings. Admiral Peary’s alleged trek to the pole is reviewed, and the reader is taken on a hypothetical trip into the earth’s interior. The author  theorizes that our moon and the other planets are also hollow.

— HOLE AT THE POLE, THE., Article in SEARCH magazine, March 1969. illus., pp. 17-25: Presents scientific evidence to support the theory of a Hollow Earth, and identifies alleged entrances to its interior at the poles.

— SUPPRESSED FACTS CONCERNING THE EARTH., Cosmic Science Research Center., Portland, OR: Six-page report on the Hollow Earth, mentioning several theories, scientific findings, and evidence supporting the belief that the earth is hollow and inhabited within.


CAVE MARTIANS., Report in SAGA’S UFO ANNUAL., 1980., p. 4: Reprinted in SHAVERTRON ( http://www.shavertron.com )., Winter 1980, No. 6: A tunnel near the town of Xucurus, Argentina, some 90 miles from Buenos Aires, which had been discovered by agriculturalist Geraldo Cordeire, and found to contain nine connecting passages and strange inscriptions on the walls. From its entrance, so-called “men” nine feet tall… “green, with antennas on their heads, and square legs” have been seen to emerge, and which, according to hundreds of witnesses from the town and nearby locals, resemble enormous “portable radios”.


CAVERS FIND LINK – DISCOVERIES PUSH MAMMOTH CAVE LENGTH TO 212 MILES., News article printed in SHAVERTRON ( http://www.shavertron.com )., circa 1980., No. 4: Amazing discoveries in the world’s longest known cave system, created by the joining of the Mammoth cave and Flint Ridge cave systems, in Kentucky.


CAVES OF THE STATES., Article in FATE magazine., Oct. 1958., pp. 18-19: Discovery by Italian fishermen of a cave near the Tyrrhenian Sea “which has proved to contain (one of) the most amazing collection of ancient art objects ever found”, and identified as a treasure grotto of the Roman emperor Tiberius Claudius Nero.


Chaney, Dr. Earlyne

— REVELATIONS OF THINGS TO COME., Astara., 1982: “Inner Earth People” who are awaiting the return of their ancient ancestors who left for the stars long ago.

— ODYSSEY INTO EGYPT., Article in VOICE OF ASTARA., May 1982: Tells of the authors’ and Bill Cox’s discovery of two tunnels which lead into the earth in Egypt, one in the Temple of Edfu between Luxor and Cairo in the ruins of El Tuna Gabel, and another near Zozer’s Step Pyramid at Cairo near Memphis-Saqqarah, within the tomb of the Sacred Bull, called “Serapium”. The Egyptian government sealed both tunnels because of fears of archeologists that they “lead too deeply down into the depths of the earth”, and because they found the earth to be “honeycombed with passages leading off into other depths”, and the possibility of explorers becoming lost.

— SECRETS FROM MT. SHASTA., The Roth Agency Pub. Co.: The story of the actual initiation experienced by Earlyne and Robert Chaney within the “Inner Temple” in the interior of Mt. Shasta.


Charroux, Robert

— THE MYSTERIOUS UNKNOWN., British Edition., Robert Laffont Co., 1969: also Neville Spearmen Ltd., Suffolk, England., 1972; Corgi Books, 1973; Contains material on the ‘Inner Earth’.

— MYSTERIES OF THE ANDES: Discovery by scientists of two extinct Venezuelan volcanic craters, a mile apart, which were found to contain prehistoric plant and animal life forms at the bottom of each crater, both of which are connected by tunnels. Also describes native legends of the region, concerning a race of strange beings who live beneath the area in great underground chambers, as well as UFO’s which have been sighted entering and leaving the craters (Also see: Weaver, John).

— AGARTHA  AND SHAMBHALA: Underground cities and the Inner Earth.

— GODS UNKNOWN, THE., p. 206: The subterranean civilizations of Agharta.


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Chase, Frank Martin – DOCUMENT 96: A RATIONALE FOR FLYING SAUCERS., Gray Barker Books., 1968., pp. 100-103: A mysterious informant, Rex Ball, tells the author of sleeping outside his car in Illinois, and being awakened by small, oriental-like men and taken to a vast underground complex manned by U.S. military personnel. After witnessing the “orientals” preparing for a UFO flight, as well as strange weaponry and uniforms stored along the walls, the commanding U.S. general ordered that Ball be hypnotized and made to forget the experience. However in spite of this Bell retained the majority of his memories of the experience. (Also see: Keel, John A.)


Cherio – CHERIO’S WORLD PREDICTIONS., pp. 143-145: Cherio’s alleged divinely-inspired visions, including one of a “treasure temple” beneath the Great Pyramid at Gizeh, containing priceless ‘Atlantean’ treasures and ancient scientific knowledge, which will be discovered and used by the LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL upon their return.


CHINESE TUNNELS TO PROVIDE SHELTER IN CASE OF ATTACK., Article in THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS (issue uncertain); Reprinted in SHOWERS OF BLESSING., and THE HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter, May 1981: A massive network of underground tunnels beneath Peking, China, for the purpose of sheltering government officials and some of the population in the event of a nuclear attack.


Churchward, James – THE CHILDREN OF MU., Ives Washburn Publishers, NY., 1931: Mentions the complete Naacal Library, consisting of many thousands of tablets from an ancient race, hidden in vast chambers, along with subterranean temples and monasteries in the heart of a mountain near the headwaters of the Brahmaputra River south of Bhutan, India.


Clark, Harold D. – TREASURE CAVERN OF KOKOWEEF MOUNTAIN., Article in TREASURE TRAILS OF THE OLD WEST., Spring 1973, True Treasure Publications, Conroe, TX., pp. 47-54: The discovery of an enormous series of caverns and a huge subterranean river with shores of gold-bearing sand beneath this desert mountain in southern California, the entrance to which had been closed by dynamite by Earl Dorr, its, discoverer. (Also see: Gesner, Charles H., & Stringer, Sparks)


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CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS., B.S.R.F. (Discontinued to become part of ROUND ROBIN., same publisher): Occasionally included Inner Earth material.


Cluff, Rodney M.

— THE SUN INSIDE OUR HOLLOW EARTH., Article in SEARCH magazine., Winter 1982-83., pp. 10-13: Information of the Van-Allen radiation belts and their relationships with the Hollow Earth theory.

— WORLD TOP SECRET: OUR EARTH IS HOLLOW. Scientific evidence suggesting that the earth is hollow, and an ‘Edenic’ paradise within, and that the Lost Tribes of Israel and flying saucers exist inside the earth concavitic sphere.


Cohen, Daniel – IS THE EARTH FLAT OR HOLLOW? Article in SCIENCE DIGEST., Nov. 1872, pp. 62-66: Refers to the writings of Edmund Halley, John Clevises Sambas, Jules Verne, Marshall B. Gardner, Cyrus R. Teed, Peter Bender, Richard Shaver and Ray Palmer., most of whom believed in an inhabited Inner World.


Cohen, Michael

— Letter in FATE magazine., Aug. 1972: Explains why the writer believes that many flying saucers originate from the interior of the earth.

— THE LEGENDS OF MOUNT SHASTA., Chapter in JIM MOSELEY’S BOOK OF SAUCER NEWS., by James W. Moseley., Gray Barker Books., 1967., pp. 29-30: the legends of ‘Lemurian’ survivors within Mt. Shasta and an within an extinct volcano in Mexico.


Cole, Ira A. – THE GOLDEN ANTELOPE., pp. 11-12: A cave of which the author learned from a Cheyenne chief, ‘Stone Calf’, located in the Stakes Plains of NW Texas or SW New Mexico, the exact location of which was known only to Stone Calf and a few other ‘Indian’ braves, and which was believed by the Indians to lead to a subterranean land called ‘Shipapu’ (Note: The Hopi Indians of Arizona call their emergence place near the confluence of the Colorado and Little Colorado rivers, ‘Sipapu’).


Coleridge, Samual – (See: Vassos, John).


Coleville, W.J. – VRIL: THE ENERGY OF THE COMING RACE., Article in OCCULT REVIEW., Nov. 1912., pp. 278-286: The power of VRIL, as it is referred to in Eduard Bulwer Lytton’s book THE COMING RACE. (Also see: Lytton, Bulwer).


Collett, Johanna – Letter in THE HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter., May 1983: The writers abduction by a UFO and her ‘astral’ trip to a cavern inhabited by somber-looking women “dressed in black, with a sort of hood to keep their head warm.” She learned that these people eat only fish, and therefore must continually take what they call “Vitamin K”.


Collier, Gordon – WHERE WILL YOU BE IN THE COMING AGE? Tarry-town, NY., 1966., “Book of Destiny”, pp. 141-143: Secret chambers beneath the Great Pyramid and Sphinx at Cairo, Egypt., which will one day be found to hold ancient ‘Atlantean’ records, treasures and machines. pp. 211-213: Human-like creatures living at the bottom of the sea; a scientifically advanced race living at the South Pole; and strange people who live in caverns of the Andes Mts. in South America and who can see in total darkness – all of which is to be discovered by explorers within the next century.


Corcoran, Thomas  H. –  SENECA., Vo. 2 or 10., Harvard University Press., 1972., Cambridge, MA., pp. 97-105; 151-159; 171-175; 191-201: Refers to Seneca’s descriptions of vast caverns within the earth through which flow vast rivers and currents of  wind. (Also see: Lucius A., SENECA)


Courlander, Harold – THE FOURTH WORLD OF THE HOPI’S: The tradition of the Hopi ‘Indians’ of NE Arizona, that their ancient ancestors at one time in the ancient past migrated through four different cavern worlds, eventually emerging from a small ‘cave’ in the Grand Canyon, near the confluences of the Colorado and Little Colorado rivers, an opening that they called “Sipapu” or “Shipapu”. (Also see: James, Harry C.)


Cox, Bill

— PYRAMID GUIDE., Bi-Monthly newsletter, Santa Barbara, CA. No longer published. Some back issues contain Inner/Hollow Earth material.

— AGHARTA, LEGENDARY SUBTERRANEAN KINGDOM. Article in PYRAMID GUIDE, No. 40: Refers to this legendary land of paradise beneath the Gobi desert.

— HOLLOW EARTH CIVILIZATIONS: DO THEY EXIST? Article in PYRAMID GUIDE, No. 32. Illustrations by TAL LeVesque and Charles M. White.

— MOUNT SHASTA, REAL AND UNREAL. Article in PYRAMID GUIDE, No. 10: Mysterious legends surrounding this unusual mountain in northern California.

— SHAMBHALA, DREAM OR REALITY? – 4-part article in PYRAMID GUIDE., Nos. 41, 42, 43 & 44: Refers to the Inner Earth.

— Letter in THE HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter, Vol. 2 – No. 4: Ruins of El Tuna Gabel near the Nile River in Egypt, in which a tunnel was discovered and followed for several days by an expeditionary force which eventually turned back without reaching its end. (Also see: Channey, Dr. Earlyne – ODYSSEY INTO EGYPT)


Cox, Norma – Ed.  SECRETS., Periodical. Marshall, AR. Occasion included material on the inner earth and underground cities.


Crabb, Riley  H.

— THE REALITY OF THE CAVERN WORLD., Borderland Sciences Research Foundation (BSRF): Also distributed under the title “UNDERGROUND RACES” by Gray Barker Books: Mentions several accounts of subterranean dwellers, including a report on a race of subterranean giants seen in a closed-off section deep within the Hal Saflienti catacombs beneath the island of Malta, in the Mediterranean Sea.

— THE REALITY OF THE UNDERGROUND., Chapter in the book THE SUBTERRANEAN WORLD, edited by Timothy Green Beckley (Gray Barker Books); Several reports concerning the existence of subterranean beings.


CROFTON TUNNELS, THE., Article in THE WASHINGTON STAR-NEWS., July 25 1973 & Aug. 15 1973: Refers to ancient tunnels, an unexplored network discovered during the construction of a parking lot in Crofton, MD. Subsequent construction covered and blocked the tunnels before they could be fully investigated.


Cross, Charles – HOLLOW EARTH., Article in SAGA magazine, June 1973 (Brooklyn, NY): Concerning the ‘Hollow Earth’ theory.


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Curtiss, Harriette A.

— COMING WORLD CHANGES. 1929. Curtiss Philosophic Book Co., Washington D.C., Chapter 4: Refers to the so-called ‘King of the World’, who lives in the subterranean world of Agharti, and relays some of his prophecies concerning the future of planet earth.

— THE MESSAGE OF AQUARIA., Bantom Books., New York, NY., 1972. pp. 411-412: ‘Wonderful tunnels’, constructed by ‘the masters’, which run under the continents and the oceans of Earth. (Also see: Ossendowski, Ferdinand – BEASTS, MEN & GODS)

Cutcliffe-Hyne, Charles J.

— BENEATH YOUR VERY BOOTS., 1889: A novel based on the author’s research into underworld kingdoms, and in the novel this kingdom is inhabited by the “Nradas” – a fair-skinned, blond-haired people who have lived in a state of harmony and peace since prehistoric times. The entrance (based on actual research!?) lies in the valley of Wharfe, near Kettlewell, England.

— MY JOYFUL LIFE., 1935: The author’s adventures in cavern explorations, and stories and legends of subterranean kingdoms which he learned of during his travels around the world.

**** D ****


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Day-Ga-Chee – (See: Millet, Clair)


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Dick, William – ADVENTURERS BATTLE CAVE TRIBE ON WAY TO ‘CENTER OF THE EARTH’., Article in the NATIONAL EXAMINER, April 13 1982. The progress of cave explorers in their attempts to set a new world depth record in one of Mexico’s largest cavern systems, and superstitious native ‘tribes’ in the area who are determined to stop them. (Also see: Jordon, Jay)


Dixon, Roland B., – OCEANIC MYTHOLOGY., p. 168: Native Australian traditions that their ancestors “came up out of the ground” and traveled about the country and created new tribes, then “ultimately journeyed away beyond the confines of their territory, or went down into the ground again.”

Doerr, Paul – UNKNOWN Newsletter (no longer published)., Issue No. 6: A subterranean race of giants which, according to native traditions of the Carolines, especially Papua, went underground in ancient times. Once inhabitants of the lost continent of “Chamat” – they will, according to tradition, one day “emerge and remake the world.” This legend is spread widely throughout Malaysia. The same issue also reports on the discovery of massive caverns in Toulumne Co., CA, by three Oakland miners. The caverns were so extensive that a man would have to “take grub for a week, and plan to explore for a month.”


Doreal, Maurice

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DYZAN, BOOK OF (author unknown) – Speaks of “superior beings of dazzling aspect” who abandoned the surface of the earth, depriving the ‘impure’ human race of their knowledge, leaving in flying craft to rejoin their land “of iron and metal.”


**** E ****


EARTH’S CRUST IS JUST A MILE THICK IN SPOT ON FLOOR OF ATLANTIC, EXPERTS BELIEVE – Article in the ARIZONA REPUBLIC., Dec. 2 1981: Discovery of an area in the mid-Atlantic Oceanic Ridge between South America and Africa where the earth’s crust is thinnest.


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Elvers, Gary., Ed. by – HESPRS BULLETIN., Hollow Earth – Saucer & Phenomena Research Society., Logansport, IN.: Nine bulletins published, beginning with No. 1 (Jan.-Feb. 1971): Contains information on the Hollow Earth, and UFOlogy.


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Emerson, Willis George – THE SMOKY GOD., 1968. Reprint by Palmer Publications., Amherst, WI., illus.: Olaf  Jansen, a Norwegian fisherman, and his father, enter an interior world through an opening near the North Pole, where a highly advanced race of giant humans who spoke a language similar to ancient Sanskrit live. They stayed with these remarkable people for nearly two years before returning to the outer world through a similar opening near the South Pole.


Etter,  Francis R. – Letter in SEARCH magazine., Sept. 1960; pp. 50-52: Refers to an article in THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY (date uncertain), written by Dr. William Beebe (an oceanographer who disappeared under strange circumstances), in which he expressed his belief in “…the coming invasion of the [surface of] earth by an underground race.”


ENTOMBED MINERS STAIRCASE TO HEAVEN, THE; by Bill Schimeer; Article in FATE magazine, March 1965, pp. 28-37. The experiences of miners Henry Throne and David Fellin in a mine in Sheppton, Pennsylvania. (Also see: Calais, Ronald A., & Schimeer, Bill)


Euler, Leonard – 1707-1783. Euler was a famous Swiss physicist who was one of the most prominent mathematicians of his time, being the founder of the ‘calculus of variations’, the inventor of ‘binary logarithms’, and the third person in relatively modern times known to have advanced the theory of a hollow earth. Although he succeeded the scientists Halley and Mather, Euler was the first theorist to imagine the earth as w hollow globe devoid of additional “concentric spheres” as Symmes theorized, and theorized that the go-concavitic interior of the earth contained a single interior “sun” or luminescent orb at the exact center — some believing this to be a focal-point of auroral or electro-magnetic energies — which is now the most widely accepted of all ‘Hollow Earth’ theories today.


Evans, Hilary – UFO’S: THE GREATEST MYSTERY., Chartwell Books, Hong Kong., 1979; pp. 82-83: The Hollow Earth theory and the idea that UFOs originate from a subterranean world. German UFOlogist August Worner’s belief that UFOs come from bases deep below the earth’s surface, many of them emerging from beneath the mountains of Tibet.


Evans, Hilary & Michael Piccin. UFO ABDUCTION IN FRANCE – WHO TOOK WHO FOR A RIDE? Article in FATE magazine, Oct. 1982; pp. 51-58 (pp. 56-57 esp.): Describes the “Cergy-Pontaise” abduction case in Pontaise, France, and Jean-Pierre Prevost’s tour of an underground UFO base at Bourg-de-Sirod in the Jura mountains, inhabited by aliens calling themselves the “Intelligences from Beyond.” He observed their craft and installations within the mountains, and the tunnel-entrance to the base which is protected by an “illusionary rock-like screen.”


Evans, John – ARE THERE SUPERMEN IN A LOST WORLD? Article in WEEKEND (British periodical), May 19-25 1982. p. 7: Hitler’s belief in a super race living beneath the earth, based on E. Bulwer Lytton’s book THE COMING RACE. Also, other related subjects which appear in THE LOST WORLD OF AGHARTI, by Alec MacLellan.


Everett, Eldon E. – THE DUPUIS PAPERS. Article in SHAVERTRON news-magazine (see: http://www.shavertron.com ), issue No. 2: Reports on the discovery of unexplored tunnels beneath the city of Tacoma, Washington as it appeared in a 1400-word-document titled “THE MYSTERIOUS CHINESE CAVES” – filed with the Washington State Historical Society.


**** F****


FAIL TO EXPLORE HAUNTED MINE – Article in THE NEW YORK HERALD., Jan. 4 1902; p. 8;  reprinted with comments of Gary Mangiacobra & Lucius Farish in THE HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter, May 1981: A strange and ancient “mine” near Alpine, Texas, from which strange forces and phenomena have resisted all efforts of exploration.


FANTASTIC Magazine – July 1956 (‘Shaver Mystery’ issue): Stories by Richard S. Shaver, and material both for and against Shaver’s contention that the earth is hollow, and containing vast caverns and two warring races of subterranean beings descended from the ancients, the good “Tero’s” and the evil “Dero’s”.


Farish, Lucius – SECRETS OF THE OLD ONES: CONTACT ON MOUNT SHASTA – Article in ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS magazine, May 1977: One man’s contact with the “Old Ones” – an ancient of technologically advanced humans who live in underground cities 30 miles beneath the earth’s surface.


Farmer, Doland – SUBTERRANEAN SASQUATCH IN THE SHAWANGUNKS. Article reprinted in THE HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter, May 1982: The origin of Bigfoot from a subterranean world.


FAR OUT magazine., April 1982 – Article: BOTTOMLESS PIT FOUND ON THE OCEAN’S FLOOR: Huge openings in the ocean floor between Panama and the Gilapagos islands, which scientists say recieve a constant flow of ocean water which is being sucked through the hole and into the crust beneath the ocean floor.


FATE Magazine

— July, 1954. pp. 7-8: Discovery of an ancient tunnel system 8,500 feet below the surface of the earth, broken into and explored by miners in the Lion Coal Corporation’s Wattis Mine in Wattis, Utah.

— Nov. 1954. p. 52:  A French Jesuit priest, while exploring a subterranean lake in the San Pedro Cavern in Mt. Illampu (just east of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia-Peru) finds a tunnel-trail underground which is barred by an enormous gate of wrought iron which he cannot penetrate.

— Sept. 1956. pp. 8-9: Alfred Scadding of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the sole survivor of the famous 1936 Moose River Mine disaster, confesses to George Bryant of the TORONTO DAILY STAR, that just minutes before the cave-in, he saw strange lights and heard the sounds of “shouting and laughter, as of ‘little people’ having fun … like children playing in the distance.”

— Jan. 1957. p. 10: Report on a 145-foot-deep hole drilled on the property of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Meeks, seven miles from Douglas, Georgia, through which a constant flow of air was mysteriously drawn inward and sounds resembling “something like an underground railway” were heard. Sometimes the sounds were so loud that the Meeks covered the opening with planks so it would not keep them awake at night.

— Nov. 1958. p. 71: The mysterious disappearance of two young workers in a coal mine three miles east of Pikeville, Kentucky.

— Jan. 1975: An ancient satin-smooth black silo or crescent-shaped shaft, apparently man-made, is discovered within a cave in the Mt. Tetra region of Czechoslovakia.

— April, 1979: Underground sanctuaries with connecting passageways near St. Augustin, Columbia, containing the statues of 300 stone giants, stone jaguars guarding underground temple entrances, and stone-lined tunnels. Believed to be an entrance to the Inner Earth, this complex is located at the headwaters of the Rio Magdalena river.


Fawcett, Brian – RUINS IN THE SKY., Hutchinson Co., London 1958: The Miraculous Grotto of Lapa (Brazil?), the largest known at the time, being a series of interconnected caves with chapels and shrines.


Fawcett. Percy H. – LOST TRAILS, LOST CITIES; Funk & Wagnells Co., NY. pp. 5-13: Records Francisco Raposo’s discovery in 1743 of a lost city west of Brazil’s Sao Francisco river, near the Roncador Mountains, where his party found great chasms so deep that when rocks were dropped into them “not a sound came up to indicate bottom…” This region near the Xingu river was reportedly Fawcett’s destination before his disappearance.


Fesandie, Clement – THROUGH THE EARTH; 1898. 237 p., reprinted by Health Research: An occult novel, based on certain legends and stories, dealing with the earth’s interior.


Fields, Ralph B. – INSIDE MOUNT LASSEN. Article in AMAZING STORIES magazine, Dec. 1946: The writer’s discovery of a tunnel leading into the interior of Mt. Lassen, California, in which he and his friend encountered a strange race of humans who resided within the interior of the earth, and who traveled through the earth on strange electronic machines left by the ‘old ones’ and resembling sled-like conveyances which hovered inches above the smooth stone underground ‘road’.


Firdausi – SHAH NAMEH (THE BOOK OF KINGS); the pre-koranic ‘bible’ of the Persian nation.  Refers to the epic hero, Rustam, who is said to have entered the heart of the Qaf mountains to vanquish a race of Giants. Also speaks of the legendary abode of the ‘Jinns’ (Jinnestans), Peries (fairies) and Deevs (giants), who are said to be “dispersed through the earth” as well.


Firestone, Clark – THE COASTS OF ILLUSION; Harper & Bros., New York 1924: The rediscovery of an old lost Russian manuscript in the 1920’s which records the journey of the Samoyeds, an old Siberian tribe, to an underground cavern-city.


Fitch, Theodore





— “Our Paradise Inside the Earth” – Chapter in THE SUBTERRANEAN WORLD, ed. by Timothy Green Beckley., Gray Barker Books. Biblical evidence for a hollow earth.


Flammonde, Paris – THE AGE OF FLYING SAUCERS; Hawthorne Books, NY. 1971. pp. 135-137: Quotes lengthily from Ray Palmer in FLYING SAUCERS magazine, Dec. 1959, in which he argues his theories about the Hollow Earth and hidden polar openings, including the account of Admiral Byrd’s sighting of “lands beyond the pole”. On p. 137 we read how Dr. George Marlo invites Gray Barker and several show business celebrities to take a trip by flying saucer to a colony in South America where Dr. Raymond Bernard planned to escape an atomic war and explore tunnel entrances to the Inner Earth (The promised trip was ‘cancelled’ at the last minute).


FLOATING ISLANDS; Article in FATE magazine, May 1962. pp. 21-22. The discovery of ‘floating islands’ of ice covered with rocks, earth, plants and even small silt-floored lakes in the Arctic ocean. Evidence suggests that musk oxen, lemmings and other continental animals have roamed these mysterious islands. This may explain such oddities as Peary’s report of ‘Crocker land’ in 1908; a similar report by Dr. Cook in 1908, and the discovery of Takpuk island in the Beaufort Sea, which Eskimos found and photographed in 1931, but which was never seen again.


FLYING ROLL [Journal of the Borderland Sciences Research Foundation – B.S.R.F. – Formerly the Borderland Sciences Research Association, directed by Meade Layne – later directed by Riley H. Crabb., circa 1945-1946: Some issues contain Inner Earth material.


Flynn, George – SHE’S 80 AND ON THE TRAIL OF BIGFOOT; Article in THE SAN DIEGO UNION., Aug. 17, 1982: Bigfoot investigator Virginia Louise Swanson’s theories concerning the origin of Bigfoot in a series of caverns near the Santa Ysabel Indian reservation in California. She believes that these Sasquatch follow an underground river and cavern which stretches down through the state of California. (Also see: Louise, Virginia)


Fodirm, Nandor – KIDNAPED BY FAIRIES; Article in FATE magazine, July 1956 issue, pp. 82-87: Scottish and Irish accounts of people who were taken underground into “Fairyland.”


Folinsbee, J.P.

— THE PHANTOM OF BUCK HILL CAVES., Article in CORONET magazine., June 1951. (Also see: Smith, Warren – INTO THE STRANGE)




— Vol. 20., 1909. Folklore Society. Pp. 331-332, 398: An ancient tunnel in the Fjeld Kalken mountain, near Yulevolden, Norway which, according to rumors, runs entirely through the mountain, although noone is known to have dared to traverse its entire length. Also the story of a secret cavern in the same area that was once said to be inhabited by “underground folk” – both the cavern and tunnel are said to be closed by ancient, iron gates.

— Vol. 28., pp. 92-93: A cave in the foothills of the Partry mountains, 12 miles east of Westport, Ireland (through which runs  a tributary of the river Aille), and within this cavern strange occurrences have taken place.


FOLLOW ME TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH., Article in OUT OF THIS WORLD magazine., Vol. 33., reprinted in THE HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter, Vol. 1, No. 1: The Hollow Earth Mystery, and several of its early pioneer theorists are mentioned.


Folsom, Franklin – EXPLORING AMERICAN CAVES; pp. 203-204: A strange cave between Fredericksburg and Mason, Texas, called “Kiser Cave” – which, according to reports, pours out a steady stream of carbon dioxide from its mouth for no known reason. Pp. 206-207: The author also speculates that some day archeologists may discover in the U.S. or northern Mexico the entrance to the seven legendary caverns of the Aztecs… caverns far to the north of their territory in pre-Spanish Mexico, which, according to native beliefs, was the place of emergence of the ancestors of the Aztec Indian nation from the ancient subterranean world composed of the seven immense caverns. (see also: Marches, Charles A., & Brinton, D.)


Forman, Harrison – I SEE THE KING OF HELL., Article in HARPER’S magazine.,  Dec.  1934., Reprinted by Flagstaff Press, Inc., NY., Appears also in THE HIDDEN CITY OF CHIHUATLAN, by Charles A. Marches.


Fowler, Raymond E.

— THE ANDREASSON AFFAIR., Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ., 1979: Betty Andreasson’s abduction by a UFO and her visit to two subterranean worlds, one red and one green, inhabited by strange creatures, and of her witnessing something that seemed to be the re-birth of an actual (legendary!?) “Phoenix” bird.

— THE ANDREASSON AFFAIR, PHASE II., Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ., 1982: 278 pp., Chapters 6-8: Betty Andreasson’s encounter at the age of 12 with a strange “little man” who emerged from a hole in a mountain near Westminster,  England; and of a ride in a UFO – experienced later in life – to a huge cavern in which she saw a strange crystal “museum of time” and underground mountains, valleys, and enormous ‘icicles’.


Fox, William S. – GREEK AND ROMAN MYTHOLOGY; p. 143: Several caverns which, according to the ancient Greeks, were entrances leading to the underworld, including the caverns at Tainaron in Lakonia, at Trozien in Argolis, at Ephya in Thesprotia, at Herakleia in Pontos, and Hermione in  Argals.

Freund, Philip – MYTHS OF CREATION; pp. 131-132: Belief of the natives of the Malinowski’s Trobriand Islands that their ancestors emerged from a subterranean existence through a cavernous hole called “Obukula” near the island village of  Laba’i.


Frederick, Christof – SECRET NAZI POLAR EXPEDITIONS; Samisdat Publications.

**** G ****


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— NOTES ON SUBTERRANEAN SHAFTS., Article in AMAZING STORIES magazine., Jan. 1949, pp. 148-151: Several reports of strange artificial shafts and tunnels that have been discovered throughout the world, which lead into the unexplored depths of the earth.

— SHAVERIAN SIDELIGHTS., Article in AMAZING STORIES magazine., Jan. 1949, pp. 130-133: Several native American “emergence” myths which state that their ancestors came from a subterranean world in ancient times.

— SHAVER MYSTERY, THE., Article in AMAZING STORIES magazine., Aug. 1947: Descriptions of the discoveries of eight different shafts which lead to the cavern world, including one in Kentucky, and one near Sulphur and Bromide Springs in Oklahoma. Also the writings of Dr. Maurice Doreal.

— TUNNELS OF THE TITANS., Article in AMAZING STORIES magazine., Aug. 1947, pp. 162-167: Several reports of ancient tunnel systems and stories of underground civilizations from all parts of the world.


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Gatschet, Albert S. – A MIGRATION LEGEND OF THE CREEK INDIANS: Describes a journey made by hundreds of young Creek Indian braves in 1781, under the guidance of Chief Milfort, to a series of huge caverns near the Red River, about 40 miles ‘above’ the junction with the Mississippi river, from which the original Creek ancestors are believed to have emerged into the outer world in ancient times. According to ‘Milfort’, the caverns they saw “could easily contain 15,000 – 20,000 families.” Also, pp. 105-107 records the Cha’hta Indian belief that their ancient ancestors emerged from NANI-WAYA (Bent or Curved Hill), a mound 50 feet in altitude, situated in Winston Co., Mississippi on the headwaters of the Pearl River, emerging just a few generations before the “white men” came to the Americas, according to some versions.


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Girvin, Calvin – THE NIGHT HAS A THOUSAND SAUCERS., Understanding Co., Merlin, OR – pp. 117-118: Describes a race of evil reptilian beings who long ago “…disappeared inside the earth at a point where the Earth’s South Pole is today…” and…  “put themselves into a state of suspended animation.” Reprinted in – UFO’S: KEY TO EARTH’S DESTINY, by Winfield S. Brownell., Legion of Light Publications. (Also see: Dickhoff, Robert  E. & Larsen, Harvey)


Goad, Janice – CAVE LEGENDS OF THE CENTRAL APPALACHIANS., Article in the NSS (National Speleological Society) newsletter TECH TROGLODYTE., Vol. 12, No. 2: Several strange caverns and the unusual stories surrounding them, including “Devil’s Slide Cave” six miles SW of Tazewell, VA; and “Stoven’s Cave” in Kentucky; from the depths of which strange noises are often heard to emerge.


Godwin, John – OCCULT AMERICA., pp. 176-177: Stories of underground cities and subterranean dwellers.


Godwin, Virgil

— BIZARRE SHAVER., Published by the author., Salem, OR 1982: The author’s contacts with a subterranean race, his experiences with their UFOs, etc. The author has a profound interest in UFOs and Bigfoot, has taken thousands of photographs of UFOs, has appeared on talk shows, and claims to have been contacted by UFO occupants, a race of 8 ft. tall beings who live in tunnels and underground cities below the area of Lincoln Co., Oregon. They claim ancient ancestral ties with the American “Indians” – many of whom have “emergence” myths and legends of their tribes coming up and emerging from an underground world. (Also see: Letter from “Shu” in THE HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter, Fall 1979)

— INSIDE OUT., sequel to BIZARRE SHAVER. Published by the author.


Gofferel, Comte De – THE UNDERGROUND WORLD. 1654.


Goldstein, Lorrie – TUNNEL MONSTER OF CABBAGETOWN? Article in THE TORONTO SUNDAY SUN., March 15, 1979: A strange alien humanoid is sighted inside an unexplored tunnel beneath Parliament street in the lower-east section of the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Reprinted in THE NEW ATLANTEAN JOURNAL., Fall 1979)


Goodman, Jeffrey – PSYCHIC ARCHEOLOGY: TIME MACHINE TO THE PAST., pp. 70-77: Ancient “Atlantean” “Hall of Records” containing priceless records, artifacts, and scientific knowledge, which runs beneath the Gizeh plateau in Egypt, beneath the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid, the entrance to which is believed to be hidden within the right paw of the Sphinx.


Goodwin, Grenville – MYTHS AND TALES OF THE WHITE MOUNTAIN APACHE., p. 20: A tunnel in the San Carlos Indian Reservation in Arizona, located on the north side of a bluff about a mile or two above Tl’uk’a’al’i, an old Indian farming site on the west fork of Cedar Creek, which is said to lead into the underground “land of the Ga’n People.”


Gookin, K.A. – Letter in AMAZING STORIES magazine., pp. 168-170., Jan. 1948: The discovery of two unexplored, smooth, apparently man-made shafts or tunnels in Texas, one of them in the vicinity of Van Horn, Texas and another in “Hell Canyon” – a  southern offshoot of “Apache Canyon” next to “Apache Peak” – near the Texas salt flats. The latter was an extremely ancient tunnel which ended against a smooth, very cold marble wall, from behind which strange “roaring sounds” could be heard.


Gordon, Helen C. – Letter in the SHAVER MYSTERY MAGAZINE., Vol. 1, No. 2., 1947., pp. 32-34: An abandoned “mine” in the Organ mountains of New Mexico, about 60 miles NW of El Paso, Texas, which the writer and her husband explored, and within which they discovered an immense “bottomless” pit or shaft, also known as a “Glory Hole”, which earlier miners had partially walled-off.


GOSHEN STONE TUNNELS,  THE – Article in YANKEE magazine, Nov. 1971: A prehistoric well and tunnels, many of them unexplored, near the cemetary in Goshen, MA. (Also appeared in INFO JOURNAL)


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GRAVE MATTER – Report in SEARCH magazine., Oct. 1942 (reprinted  in THE HOLLOW HASSLE newslettere,  Oct. 1981). An old cemetary in Spain, now submerged by the waters of a hydro-electric project., the  graves in which were one day found to be empty, and the excavations seemengly bottomless! Since refilling the graves proved to be a difficult if not impossible task, they were boarded over, sealed with mortar, and fenced in.


Greene, Vaughn M.

— ASTRONAUTS OF ANCIENT JAPAN., Merlin Engine Works Publishers., Millbrae, CA., pp. 79-85: Chapter – “The Crystal Caves of Shaver”.

— Letter in the SHAVERTRON newsletter ( http://www.shavertron.com ) No. 14: A possible tunnel entrance at the bottom of an elevator landing deep beneath Hoover Dam near Las Vegas, Nevada, where there is a “wild tile inlay on the floor, with signs of the zodiac and all sorts of stuff suggesting an entrance.” Also refers to the caverns that were reportedly broken into and re-sealed during the construction of the dam.


Grene, Bob – THEY’RE PLANNING A VISIT TO THE LAND OF THE HOLLOW EARTH., Article in the STATES-ITEM.,  New Orleans, LA., Sept. 11, 1978 (reprinted in THE HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter, Oct. 1981): Tawani Shoush, president of Missouri’s Hollow Earth Society, announces plans to visit the poles in hopes of discovering the alleged enterances into the hollow earth.


Grew, Edwin S. – THE ROMANCE OF MODERN GEOLOGY., Seely & Co., London., 1911: Argues the impossibility of the “theory” of a molten interior of the earth, and also the theory that the earth is “solid” through-and-through is unlikely: “…We know that the earth cannot be solid all through because it does not weigh enough.”


Griffin, Howard F. – Letter in SHAVER MYSTERY MAGAZINE., Vol. 1, No. 2., 1947., p. 35: Vast caverns within the interior of Pike’s peak in Colorado, from which sounds of occasional subterranean cavern-rock-slides have emerged.


Grumley, Michael – THERE ARE GIANTS IN THE EARTH., Panther Books Ltd., St. Albans., Herts, England., 1976.,  pp. 42-47: Refers to an ancient tunnel on the Ecuador-Columbia border, inhabited by giant “Ape-Men” and which is believe to contain some of the answers to the mysteries of the beginning of civilization on Earth.


Gudde, Erwin G. – CALIFORNIA PLACE NAMES., University of California Press., Los Angeles, CA., 1962., p. 194: Moaning Cave, near Cave City, Calaveras Co., CA., whose large dome-like vault was so named because of a strange sound heard at the entrance. The “moanong” disappeared after a circular stairway was built in the main chamber.


Guenon, Rene – KING OF THE WORLD., California, 1922. (refers to the so-called “King of  the World”, or the leader of the subterranean network of “Agharti”, beneath Mongolia and surrounding regions).


**** H ****


Haigler, Frank W. – Letter in AMAZING STORIES magazine., Jan. 1948.,  pp. 164-165: Confirms reports of the discovery of ancient man-made tunnels, not completely explored, about six miles west of Burley, Idaho. (Also See: Haycock, George)


Hall, Manly P. – MAN: THE GRAND SYMBOL OF THE MYSTERIES., Manley P. Hall Pub. Co., Los Angeles, CA., 1932., p. 160: Refers to the “Caverns of the Mysteries” used by the ancients for initiations; the cave-dwelling Richi’s of India; the seven  ancestors  who emerged from caves; and the cavern of Zoroaster.


Halley, Edmund – Essay in PHILOSOPHICAL TRANSACTIONS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY., 1692: Halley argues indicators that the earth has “shell” about 500 miles thick, a central “sun”, and two concentric spheres capable of supporting life. Halley, who is well known for the discovery of the famous comet named after him, was one of the first theorists (including Cotton Mather, etc.) to advance the idea  of a Hollow Earth. (Also see: Armitage, Angus)


Halliday, William R. – DEPTHS OF THE EARTH., pp. 367-370: One of the world’s largest caverns may exist beneath the massive limestone strata located beneath the Coconino Plateau and the Grand Canyon region of Arizona. Much geological evidence supports such a claim, and the author also suggests that further exploration of “Sipapu Cavens” may disclose something of interest.


Hamilton, Edith – MYTHOLOGY: Stories of underground tunnels and cities in Sicily.


Hamilton, William F.

— CENTER  OF THE VORTEX., published by the author., Glendale, AZ: the Vortex theory of the earth’s formation is explained.

— THE HOLLOW-VORTEX EARTH., Article in SEARCH magazine., Summer 1980., pp. 45-46.





Hand, Wayland D. – CALIFORNIA MINERS’ FOLKLORE: BELOW GROUND., Article in  THE CALIFORNIA FOLKLORE QUARTERLY., April 1942., pp. 128-132: Several reports of encounters by miners with “little people” in certain California mines, including the Mayflower Mine, east of Nevada City, CA., where strange sounds were said to emanate from one particular long tunnel.


Hansen, L. Taylor

— THE ANCIENT ATLANTIC., Amherst Press., Amherst, WI., 1969., Refers to the Tuaregs, an African Berber tribe which tells strange tales of underground cities built by survivors of Atlantis.

— THE SEARCH FOR THE CITY OF SEVEN CAVES., Article in AMAZING STORIES magazine., Nov. 1948., pp. 143-145: Caves, tunnels, and subterranean cities beneath the area of Tiahuanaco, Peru (Also see: Letter in the Feb. 1948  issue of AMAZING STORIES., p. 164)


Harbinson, W.A. – GENESIS., Dell Pub. Co., NY., 1982., paperback, 605 pp. (A slightly different edition was published in Great Britain by Corgi Books): The story of an evil man (genius) named Aldrich who is attempting to rule the world through the use of secretly-developed high technology, including flying discs created by a secret society descended from the Nazis, who are headquartered in caverns beneath Antarctica. This realistic yet fictional account borrows heavily from actual yet suppressed characters and events from ‘UFO history’.


Harner, Michael – THE WAY OF THE SHAMAN. The book describes several alleged “astral trips” into the ancient tunnels and the lower (cavern) world.


Harper, Penny – INNER EARTH ENTRANCES IN GUATEMALA. An essay appearing in Bruce Walton’s self-published manuscripts, INNER EARTH ENTRANCES., Vol. 6: Four strange tunnels that the writer learned of during her travels in Guatemala, one of which she explored for some distance. There is also ‘Silpino’ cave in Eastern Guatemala, next to a major road leading to the east coast, which has been explored for weeks and even months without finding its end.


Hart, John H. – I SEARCHED FOR ETIDORHPA – Article in SEARCH magazine., Dec. 1963., pp. 62-68: The author’s expeditionary attempts to find the “Caves of Zoroaster” which, according to John Uri Lloyd’s book ETIDORHPA, are located somewhere in Livingston county, Kentucky.


Hartman, Franz – AMONG THE GNOMES: A man who entered a cave in the “Untersberg” mountain in the Austrian Alps, encounters its diminutive inhabitants.


Hasting – HASTING’S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF RELIGION AND ETHICS. Section: “Abodes of the Blest”: The Persian tale of “Yimavara” – an underground city built by a so-called ‘god’ by the name of “Yima”.


Haycock, George – Letter in AMAZING STORIES magazine., Oct. 1947., pp. 174-175: The author’s discovery of an ancient man-made tunnel which he believed led to massive underground caverns which figure in local Indian legends, and the entrance to which was hidden among a pile of boulders about six miles west of Burley, Idaho. (See also: Haigler, Frank W.)


Hayes, Christine, Ed. – THE SOURCE Newsletter (published by ‘The Rainbow Earth Dwelling Society’). Quarterly. Contained information allegedly received and ‘translated’ by the editor from the “Inner-terrestrials” or several races of subterranean beings who exist in the Cavern Worlds and within the Hollow interior of the Earth.


Hayes, Paxson C. – Writings appearing mainly within the B.S.R.F. (Borderland Sciences Research Foundation) publication ROUND ROBIN: The author’s discovery of the mummified remains of a race of 7-ft. humans whom he believed lived in huge caverns 9,000 ft. deep, in  prehistoric times. He also believed that UFOs originated from the center of the earth, emerging through the “polar vent”.


Haward, Dr. Winifred – HIDE OR HANG: Records stories of secret rooms and tunnels in northern England.


Hefferlin, W.C. & Gladys

— A DESCRIPTION OF RAINBOW CITY FROM THE HEFFERLIN  MANUSCRIPT – PART 1: Reprinted in part by B.S.R.F., CA. Circa 1960., 48 pp: The discovery of an extremely ancient subterranean city near the South Pole in which the remains of a highly advanced civilization were found; as well as the re-activation of the city in recent years.

— A DESCRIPTION OF RAINBOW CITY FROM THE HEFFERLIN MANUSCRIPT – PART 2: Arcturus Books., 1948. (Much of the ‘HEFFERLIN MANUSCRIPT’, which comprises about 160 pages, remains unpublished, and the preset location of the original manuscript is uncertain)


Henderson, Kenneth – Letter in AMAZING STORIES magazine., Nov. 1947., p. 174:  The alleged discovery by the U.S. Army of six ‘spaceships’ in some caverns in Mexico.


HESPRS BULLETIN. (See: Elvers, Gary)


Hewett, Edgar L. – HANDBOOKS OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL HISTORY., pp. 23-24: The ‘Tewa’ Indian legend that their ancestors in ancient times emerged from “Sip’ophe” – a cave near a small, brackish lake which, according to some, never dries up. Located within the Great Sand Dunes National Monument, NE of Alamosa, CO. Also the story of “Keres holes” – two ancient tunnels located in a cliff on the Oja Caliente Creek, near La  Cueva, Taos Co., NM., from which the Keres Indians are believed to have emerged following an underground migration in ancient times. The author, after investigating these tunnels, claimed that their floors and walls were smooth and ‘flesh-colored’.


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— ATLANTIA: PART 1., Roger C. Hight Productions., Phoenix, AZ., unpublished: A fictional work based on information gathered over several years of Inner Earth research, and considered to be an accurate portrayal of life inside the Earth. (The author was planning to produce a movie titled “ATLAN”, based on this work)

— ATLANTIA: PART 2., Roger C. Hight Productions., Phoenix, AZ., Unpublished: An explanation of the ‘Hollow Earth’ theory, with contributions by some well-known researchers and writers in the field, including Brad Steiger, David H. Lewis, Frank Howard, Brinsley Le Poer Trench, Kenneth Snell, Bruce Walton, Hal Crawford and Don Boyd.


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— Vol. 2, No. 1: The discovery of a mysterious stone stairwell leading into a network of unexplored caverns beneath the Caribbean Island of Bonaire.


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Horak, Antonin T.  – THE MOONSHAFT. Article in NSS NEWS (N.S.S. – National Speleological Society Inc.,  Huntsville, AL)., March 1965: The discovery of an ancient, man-made shaft within a mountain cave in  Czechoslovakia. (Also see: Bergier, Jacques & the editors of INFO)


Hoskins, Cyril T. – See: Rampa, T. Lobsang (Pseud.)


Hovey, Horace C. – CELEBRATED AMERICAN CAVES: Refers to the “Moodus Noises” which emerge from Mt. Tom in Connecticut, and the belief by some that they are due to “explosions of gas in subterranean cavities, which indicate the existence of a large vacuity underneath southern New England.”


Howard, Dana

— VESTA, THE EARTHBORN VENUSIAN., Essene  Press, Corpus Christi, TX. 1950: Tells about a remnant from an ancient civilization still in existence underground, within one of the mountain ranges near the Imperial Valley area of California.

— Letter in THE SHAVER MYSTERY AND THE INNER EARTH, edited by Timothy Green Beckley (Gray Barker Books): The writer’s brief psychic war with the “frog people” – detrimental beings that live in the interior of the earth.


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Howell, Martin A. Jr., – IS THERE A SUBTERRANEAN OUTLET TO THE UPPER LAKE REGION? A thesis in SCRIBNER’S MONTHLY, date uncertain: The writer’s belief in the existence of a gigantic subterranean cavern system connecting Lake Superior with the Mississippi River.


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Huntington, O.B. – Article in YOUNG WOMAN’S JOURNAL (LDS church)., March 1892., pp. 264: Describes a warm and fruitful land ‘beyond’ the North Pole, “a country inhabited by the ten tribes of Israel. It is divided by a river, on one side of which lives the half-tribe of Mannasseh, which is more numerous than all the others.” (Mannasseh is one of the two sons of Joseph, and is the brother of Ephraim [both half-tribes are part of the ‘Josephite’ tribe]. Some believe that 9 ½ tribes disappeared to the North, and that half the tribe of Levi stayed behind in Israel with the “Jewish” tribes of Judah and Benjamin who compose the modern-day ‘Israelis’. However there are some who believe that Britain and North America are largely composed of the descendants of Ephraim and Mannasseh, which the Biblical text says are two Israeli tribes – sons of Joseph who was sold into Egypt and had many children – that would multiply and be very fruitful.


Hutin, Serge – ALIEN RACES AND FANTASTIC CIVILIZATIONS., J’Lu, Paris., 1970; U.S. Edition – Berkeley Medallion Books., 1975., Chapt. 6., pp. 109-132 – IN THE BOWELS OF THE EARTH: Refers to the mysterious catacombs beneath Paris, and other underground mysteries.


**** I ****


Illion, Theodore (Ted) – THE SECRET CITY IN THE VALLEY OF MYSTERY., Excerpt from DARKNESS OVER TIBET., Rider & Co., London, n.d. Circa 1947; Reprinted by B.S.R.F.: The author describes his frightening adventure in a secret underground city of devil-worshipers, built around a “bottomless shaft” leading to even more hellish domains, in a remote region of Tibet.


Inca, The (pseud.) – I FOUND SHAVER’S CAVES! Article in SEARCH magazine, March 1960., pp. 26-29: The writer’s discovery of an entrance to the subterranean world in the Matto Grosso region of Brazil, and his meetings with a subterranean man of “Atlantean-Inca” descent, who invited him, along with his family and friends, to come and live with his people in the utopian underground cities.


INFO JOURNAL (The “INternational Fortean Organization” – Science and the Unknown)., Arlington, VA: Occasional references to strange tunnels and other underground anomalies.

— Vol. 2, No. 2.,  p. 7: Prof. Hapgood’s discovery of a stone staircase leading down into the earth at Acambaro in central Mexico, now filled with hard-packed volcanic material. The site is located on the Muzquiz property. P. 30: The “Souterrain” or Giant’s Hole, home of troglodytes and Gog-Magog, etc. These giant ‘graves’ or ‘passage tombs’ are said to be exact counterparts of early passage tombs of Japan, and are located in Cornwall, England (linking Scots, Scythians, and Mongolians).

— Vol. 3, No. 3, p. 24: The discovery of strange tunnels in Goshen, MA., Milford, CT., and Crofton, MD (Also see: GOSHEN STONE TUNNEL; STRANGE TUNNEL; CROFTON TUNNELS).


Ives, Franklin Titus – THE HOLLOW EARTH., Broadway Publishing Co., New York, 1904.

**** J ****


James, Harry C. – PAGES FROM HOPI HISTORY., Chapt. 6 includes a photograph of a strange mound believed by some Hopi elders to be the Sipapu entrance to the Hopi underworld. (Also see: Courlander, Harold)


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Johnston, Gilbert K. – Letter in SEARCH  magazine., June 1959., pp. 98-100: Refers to the writings of Gerald Light, G.W. Ballard, Ferdinand Ossendowski, C.W. Leadbeater, Madame Blavatsky, and Guidjieff… all of whom believed in the existence of tunnels and inhabited subterranean realms beneath the earth.

Jones, Paget – IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF ORPHEUS., Article in NEWSWEEK magazine, Nov. 1964. The cavernous entrance to “Hades” is mentioned in a brief review of this legend of an explorer named Orpheus who, according to Greek legend, descended into the caverns of Hades and returned.


Jorden, Jay – CAVE EXPLORERS FIGHT NATURE IN JOURNEY TOWARD CENTER OF EARTH., Article in THE GAZETTE TELEGRAPH., Feb. 14, 1982. Attempts by cave explorers to reach a new (1982) world’s depth record in one of Mexico’s largest known cavern systems. The explorers efforts are hampered by interference from superstitious natives.



— Vo. 38, p. 137: A hidden cave in Duncan’s Ridge, on Martha’s Vineyard, MA., and stories of a flight of stone steps within the cave, leading down into a “land of fruits and flowers” inhabited by a race of small, dark-skinned people.

— Vol. 46, p. 353: The story of a blind Yuvapai Indian shaman who claims  to have been visited at night by a being claiming to be the “goddess” named “Komwidapokuwia” who told him that his ancestors in ancient times emerged from a cavern world through what is now known as “Montezuma’s Well” about 60 miles south of Flagstaff, Arizona – in the Montezuma Castle National Monument.

— Vol. 47, p. 247: A Carrier Indian story of an Indian brave who entered a cave in a mountain beside Stuart Lake, in central British Columbia, Canada… and from which a stream flowed into the lake. He followed a strange “little man” into the cave, and eventually – after following the passage deep into the earth – emerged into a great underground country inhabited by the “Atnau” or “Little People”.

— Vol. 49,  p. 132: The Toas Indian belief that their ancestors emerged long ago from a subterranean land, through a cave in Mt. Blanca, 20 miles NE of Alamosa, Colorado.

— Vol. 52, pp. 242-249: Several Indian traditions and beliefs in subterranean worlds, including a belief of the Caraja of Brazil that  some of their ancestors emerged from a subterranean world where there was “neither sickness nor death.”


**** K ****


Kafton-Minkel, Walter

— SUBTERRANEAN WORLDS., unpublished manuscript., Portland, OR: A historical review of several ‘Hollow Earth’ theories, including information on the early proponents of  the theory.

— THE LEGENDS OF MT. SHASTA.,  Article in ‘HOLLOW EARTH NEWS’, Vol. 1, No. 1., Oct. 1981., Hollow Earth Society of Kentucky (Also see: HOLLOW EARTH NEWS); adapted from a chapter in SUBTERRANEAN WORLDS (see above).


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Keightley, Thomas

— THE FAIRY MYTHOLOGY., H.G. Bohn., London 1850; reprinted by Johnson Reprint Corp., 1969: Several accounts of encounters with fairies throughout the world. Pp. 281-283: An account recorded by Ralph of Coggeshall and William of Newbridge of two green-skinned children who emerged from a cavern, disoriented, in some ‘pits’ about 5 miles from Bury St. Edmund, Suffolk, England, and who – once they lived on the surface for a time and learned the English language – claimed to have come from an underground country called “St. Martin’s Land”, apparently named after a “Christian” saint who discovered this underground land in much earlier times. (Also see: Drake,  W.R.)

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— MEANING AND FUNCTION., p. 138: The Mesopotamian tradition of a man who, after traveling twelve leagues through the darkness  of a tunnel in the mountain of “Mashu”, emerged into the brilliant light of a  jeweled subterranean garden. This story is recorded in ancient Mediterranean records

— THE  SECRET COMMONWEALTH OF ELVES, FAUNS AND FAIRIES: A STUDY IN FOLKLORE & PSYCHICAL RESEARCH., 1691., Republished by Rowan & Littlefield (Publishers for the FOLKLORE SOCIETY – Mistletoe series)., Totowa, NJ; Also published by D.S. Brewer, Ltd., Cambridge, England: A treatise on the diminutive subterranean inhabitants of earth’s interior.


Klein, David – AMATEUR  EXPLORER DISCOVERS VAST CAVERN SYSTEM CONTAINING UNDERGROUND RIVER WITH GOLD., Article in THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER., Feb. 4, 1973., pp. 16-17; Discovery of a strange cavern system located about 300 miles NW of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, in which large amounts of gold-bearing sand, huge  unidentifiable footprints (subterranean  Sasquatch?), white frogs and perfectly round polished stones, were found. These findings, according to the article, were immediately suppressed by the Government soon after the discoverers reported it to officials. (See also: Gesner, Charles H.)


Klein, John – Letter in AMAZING STORIES magazine., Sept. 1945, pp. 167-168: The writer’s ‘dreams’ or ‘racial memories’ of an underground ‘city’ beneath the surface of an ancient Pacific ‘continent’ called Lemuria (which according to legend sank in similar fashion as Atlantis, some of the residents known as the Naga-mayas allegedly taking refuge within large caverns inside Mt. Shasta, California). Mr. Klein also describes his dreams/visions of a race of 12 ft. tall human giants who supposedly lived in and utilized these caverns beneath this now-sunken continent.


Kolosimo, Peter

— NOT OF THIS WORLD., Bantom Books, NY: A strange, ancient system of tunnels discovered under the Mongolian lamasery of Tuerin. (Also mentioned in THE NEW ATLANTEAN JOURNAL., Fall, 1980, p. 31)

— TIMELESS EARTH., Garnestone Press., London 1973: Inner Earth material, including a report about a “bottomless well” in Azerbaijan, Russia., which Russian scientist had found to connect with other similar tunnel systems in Georgia  and “all over the Caucasus”.


Koresh (Pseud.) – See: Teed, Cyrus R.

Kramer, Eleanore – Letter in AMAZING STORIES magazine., Sept. 1945., p. 175: The disappearance of seven students from the University of Cuzco (Peru) after they entered a dark opening leading into the bowels of the earth, which they had discovered amidst the remains of the Incan fort Sacsahuaman… the entrance to this tunnel was later sealed of by the Peruvian government.


Kupier, G.S. – Article in POPULAR ASTRONOMY., 1946 (specific issue uncertain): Inner-earth related information.


**** L ****


LAIR OF THE SNOWMAN, THE – Article in FATE magazine., Oct. 1953, pp. 11-12: The claims by Prof. Norman G. Dhyrenfurth of his discovery of caverns inhabited by the “Yeti” near Kathmandu, Nepal.


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LARGEST CAVE CHAMBER FOUND., Article (source unknown) dated Feb. 1, 1981., reprinted in THE HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter., May 1983: The discovery of the world’s largest – to date – cavern chamber in the Mulu National Park in Sarawak, Malaysia – a chamber 2/3rds of a mile long, 272 yards wide and approximately 76 yards high.


Larsen, Harvey, Ed – THE SHAVER MYSTERY: SPECIAL REPORT #6 (In THE CRYSTAL BALL newsletter., Torrance, CA.)., 1980., 26 pp. illus.: A collection of rare material on the Shaver Mystery, Inner Earth phenomena, and  the “Siberian Affair” (concerning an ancient race of evil reptilian entities – shapeshifters – accidentally awakened by Russian scientists from a state of frozen suspended animation). Also see: Dickhoff, Robert E., & Girvin, Calvin.

Leadbeater, Charles W.

— THE ASTRAL PLANE., Theosophical Publishing House., Madras India., 1985., p. 91: Discussions on the unknown inhabitants of the interior of the earth.

— THE INNER LIFE., Theosophical Publishing House., Wheaton, IL., p. 231: Description  of the interior of the earth and its inhabitants.

— THE MASTERS AND THE PATH., Theosophical Society of America., 1925., Theosophical Press., Chicago, IL., 328 pp.: Considerable information on the hidden underground kingdom of ‘Shambhala’ below Mongolia and surrounding regions, ancient tunnels, and a vast subterranean museum (like the Egyptian ‘Hall of Records’) under the surface of Tibet – containing ancient machines, artifacts, and priceless records which much of the forgotten history of the human race.

— THE THEOSOPHICAL MESSENGER., May 1909., p. 340: A description of the interior of the earth and its inhabitants.


Leadbeater, Charles W. & Besant,  Annie – THE LIVES OF ALCYONE; Theosophical Publishing House., Madras, India., 1929., 2 vols. illus., Chapt. 35: A semi-fictional “racial-memory” account describing “Alcyone’s” expedition to an inhabited subterranean world, entered through a secret cave in  northern India  or Nepal. the inhabitants of which were a strange race of people whom Alcyone believed to be descendants of an ancient ‘Lemurian’ root-race.


Lee, Bourke – DEATH VALLEY MEN., The Macmillan Co., NY., 1932., Chapter – OLD GOLD: Describes the allegedly real discovery within the Panamint  Mountain Range (on the west edge of Death Valley, CA) of an ancient, abandoned cavern city containing priceless treasurers and artifacts of an ancient civilization, the inhabitants of which long ago went deeper into the earth beneath the Panamint range where they found larger caverns with natural electro-magnetic auroral atmospheric illumination. Also mentions a tunnel in the vicinity which one man entered, leading to a cavern world deep underground, where he encountered strange beings with whom he lived for three years before returning to the surface. (Also see: Oga-Make., TRIBAL MEMORIES OF THE FLYING SAUCERS)


Leedy, Ruth A. – REBIRTH OF A PLANET., Privately printed., 1983 (Distributed by Gray Barker Books): Speaks about a conspiracy by government and scientists to deny the existence of a Hollow Earth. (Also see: Benton, Floria)


Lehew, George A. – Letter in AMAZING STORIES magazine., Dec. 1946., p. 162: A cave about 50 miles south of Pittsburgh, PA., in a peak in the first range of the Allegheny Mountains, which was found to contain a smooth, apparently mad-made shaft, which was – according to certain reports – explored in 1915 for 18 miles by an expedition party which at one point distinctly heard the rumble of machinery.


Leslie, Sir John (1766-1832) – THE NATURAL PHILOSOPHY: This famous Scottish mathematician and physicist theorized –

based on his calculations – that the earth was hollow, containing possibly two central miniature “binary suns” – one which he called “Pluto” and the other “Prosperina” in it’s interior. Leslie was the fourth known theorist to advance the idea of a hollow earth, succeeding Cotton Mather, Sir Edmund Halley, and Leonard Euler… and preceding later theorists such as John Cleaves Symmes, William Reed, Marshal B. Gardner, and Raymond W. Bernard.


Levesque, Mary (See: Martin, Mary & Davis, Mary)


Levesque, Thomas Alan (T.A.L.)

— OUR PARADISE INSIDE THE HOLLOW EARTH., Article in THE HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter., Vol. 2, No. 1: Refers to the lush vegetation and pristine-paradisial nature of the geo-concavitic world within the ‘hollow sphere’ of the earth.

— PHANTOM PHENOMENA: THE CATTLE SURGEONS. Article in the NEW ATLANTEAN JOURNAL., Spring (1980?). References to  the Inner Earth.

— SUBLIMINAL EXPLORATION., Article in the NEW ATLANTEAN JOURNAL., Sept. 1978: The ‘sacred’ (according to local native Americans) Cabazon peak – 40 miles NE of Mt. Taylor, NM – within the extinct volcanic interior of which, a giant human being was believed to have lived.

— UNDERGROUND UFO BASE SUSPECTED BY OFFICIALS IN WASHINGTON., Article in THE HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter., Vol 2, No. 2: A UFO base suspected to lie under the Yakima Indian Reservation, SE of Tacoma, Washington.

— U.S.A. INNER EARTH ACCESS MAP., 1978., The NEW ATLANTEAN JOURNAL., Fall 1980., p. 35: Shows the ‘first level’ of suspected tunnel systems below the surface of the United States (Also see a similar map of reported entrances in the Fall 1979 issue., p. 49).


Lewis, David H.

— THE INCREDIBLE CITIES OF INNER EARTH., Science Research Publishing House., 1979: The  daily account of the alleged exploration of an underground city and a subterranean mechanical complex attended by automatons, under the surface of Connecticut, one of seven similar cities believed to exist, according to an ancient manuscript reportedly uncovered in Egypt.

— MYSTERIES OF THE PYRAMIDS., Science Research Publishing House., 180 pp.: The alleged discovery of hidden chambers containing strange machines  and priceless  historical records, beneath the base of the Great Pyramid at Gizeh in Egypt.


Ley, Willy – THE HOLLOW EARTH. Article in GALAXY magazine., Article in GALAXY magazine, March 1956: Historical information on various Hollow Earth theorists, as well as some pros and cons concerning the Hollow Earth postulation.


Lindelof, O.J.S. – A TRIP TO THE NORTH POLE, OR THE DISCOVERY OF THE TEN LOST TRIBES AS FOUND IN THE ARCTIC OCEAN., Tribune Publishing Co., Salt Lake City, UT., 1903., 210 pp: A whaling vessel, the Mt. Walston, disappears during 1879 after leaving port in San Francisco, and enters a hidden northern Polar country on the far side of the Great Norther Ice Barrier. Here the crew finds the Lost Tribes of Israel, according to a bottled manuscript allegedly recovered south of Baffin’s Bay, off the coast of Greenland (Also mentioned in ‘THE LOST TRIBES’, by  R. Clayton Brough).


Lissner, Ivan – THE SILENT PAST (translated to English): Refers to the BOOK OF HENOCK, which  describes an underground chamber in the land of Canaan: “The subterranean building that he constructed in the land of Canaan in the bowels of the mountain, with the help of his son Mathuslalth, was in imitation of the nine vaults…” Also refers to large subterranean buildings (or ‘groundscrapers’) on the Grand Canary island.


Lloyd, John  Uri – ETIDORHPA, OR THE END OF THE EARTH., Reprinted by Health Research in an expanded edition., 518 pp., Condensed version by Palmer Publications, Amherst, WI.: This unusual book related the underground journey made by “I am the Man”, a member of a secret  order of Masons. Some suspect that this may have been Capt. William Morgan who disappeared after printing an expository work on Freemasonry, and who some believe was murdered by a dark Masonic cult. Whether or not Morgan was “the man”, the subject of the book ETIDORHPA – under the guidance of a peculiar being – leads him into the interior of the earth, through a hidden cave in Livingston county, Kentucky., and they eventually reach the hollow interior of the planet, or the “Inner Sphere”, some 800 miles under the outer surface of the earth.  The legends of “Aphrodite” apparently had some significance in the inner world, since “Etidorhpa” is “Aphrodite” spelled backwards. (Also see: Walton, Bruce)


LOS ANGELES HERALD EXAMINER., March 25, 1982: Article concerning Russian preparations for construction of a ‘Terra-jet’ engine to bore 62-125 miles deep into the Earth. (Reprinted in OUTER SPACE PEOPLE AND INNER EARTH PEOPLE, by William L. Blessing)


LOST BOOKS OF THE BIBLE – Apparently a collection of legends concerning Adam and Eve, yet not written by the original couple themselves. The “Book of Adam and Eve” (first ten chapters) refers\s to the earth’s interior. The “Second Book of Adam and Eve”, 1:1-9, refers to Adam, who was said to have dwelt beneath the eastern border of the Garden of Eden… “And God commanded him to dwell there in a cave in a rock – the Cave of Treasures below the garden.:


LOST PYRAMIDS, THE – Article in FATE magazine, January 1956., pp. 6-7: The 7 great pyramids of Shensi Province, China, the largest being twice the size of the Great Pyramid at Gizeh, Egypt. According to R.C. “Doc” Anderson, these pyramids contain an entrance point to a large tunnel system (Also see: R.C. “Doc” Anderson’s account in Warren Smith’s bok, THIS HOLLOW EARTH; Also: Ross, John C.)


Louise, Virginia  – NIGHT-SIDE OF GOLD., Budget Book Mfg. Co., San Diego, CA., 1978: Refers to Bigfoot or Sasquatch, which the author believes inhabits a cavern system stretching down through the state of California, through which large subterranean rivers flow. (Also see: Flynn, George)


Lovecraft, Howard P. – THE HORROR IN THE MUSEUM., Arkham House Publishers., Sand City, WI; The Collegiate Press., Menasha, WI; Chapt. 19., pp. 305-372: Contains a reportedly fictitious story by Zealia Bishop, titled THE MOUND, concerning a strange Spanish manuscript discovered in a mound near Binger, Oklahoma, in 1928. Describes a journey made by a Spaniard, ‘Panfile  de Zamacona y Nunez’, to the subterranean world of ‘Xinaian’ (pronounced “K’n-yan”). Essentially the same story appeared in THE SHAVER MYSTERY AND THE INNER EARTH, by Timothy Green Beckley, in the form of an old, reprinted newspaper article. Due to the similarities between the book and the article, there seems to be a connection between the two, but whether the story is based upon actual events or legends is uncertain.

Lovelace, Leland., LOST MINES AND BURIED TREASURES., The Naylor Co., San Antonia, TX., 1956: The discovery by two prospectors of a series of caves in the mountains of southwestern Nevada in which they found “furniture of an immense size, as if built by giants,” and dishes made of gold and an imperishable alloy, all bearing evidence of being undisturbed for many centuries.


Lukyanenko, Konstantin – CHAMPIONS OF THE UNDERGROUND KINGDOM., Article in THE MOSCOW NEWS WEEKLY., April 20-27., 1980., No, 15 (#2899): A group of Russian speleologists who spent more then 80 days exploring one of the deepest caves in for former U.S.S.R., called “Snezhnaya Cave” – entered high on the side of a mountain on the shore of the Black Sea. Although they did not reach its’ end, they discovered several forms off strange subterranean life forms, including large mushrooms, aquatic life, shrimp, and spiders existing at a great depth.


Lyon, William F. & Sherman, M.L. – THE HOLLOW GLOBE, OR THE WORLD’S AGITATOR AND RECONCILER., Religio-Philosophical Publishing House., Chicago, IL., 1868. Reprinted by HEALTH RESEARCH. A treatise on the physical “hollow” conformation of the earth.


Lytton, Lord Edward Bulwer

— THE COMING RACE., Joseph Knight Co. Publishers., Boston, MA; Reprinted by HEALTH RESEARCH: The story of a man’s encounter with a subterranean civilization called the “Ana” (or “Vril-ya”) during the exploration of a strange shaft which he and fellow miners had broken into. This race possessed a powerful force called “Vril”, and near the end of the 3rd Reich of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler heard of this story and created the “Vril Society”, and he and his demon-worshiping inner elite attempted to make contact with malevolent subterranean races in order to gain more occult power.

— VRIL: THE POWER OF THE COMING RACE., Rudolph Steiner Duplications., Blauvelt, NY.

**** M ****


Macculloch, John A. – CELTIC MYTHOLOGY., pp. 125-126: The cave of “Cruachan” – also known as “Ireland’s gate to Hell”; a legendary and ancient cave from which – according to legend – strange creatures would emerge in ancient times, causing havoc on the surface.


Macklin, John – STRANGE DESTINIES., Ace Books., NY.: The story of the “green-skinned children” who emerged from a cavern, speaking an unknown language. (Also see: Drake, W.B.)


McClellan, Alec – THE LOST WORLD OF AGHARTI., Souvenir Press., 1982: The link between the Nazi-backed ‘Thule Society’ and subterranean legends, and the ‘Hollow Earth’ theory. The author’s own experience while caving in Yorkshire is also mentioned, along with various reports of subterranean civilizations as developed in legend, occultism, and science fiction.


Malakhov, A. – THE MYSTERY OF THE EARTH’S MANTLE (Translated from Russian by David Sobolev): Explores the mysteries of the earth’s mantle and reports on Russian scientist’s attempts to drill a shaft through the ‘Mohorovicic Discontinuity’ (or ‘MOHO’ – the division line separating the earth’s crust from the mantle). Reports on their findings which startles the scientific world – PROOF that there is NO magma pockets beneath the outer CRUST layer of the earth (Also see: Malakhov, A.; NEW YORK TIMES; McWhirter, Norris).


Mamak, Zbigniew – IS THE EARTH HOLLOW? A two-part article in FATE magazine, July & Aug. 1980: Refers to several Hollow Earth theorists and their works, including an analysis of Willis George Emerson’s book,  THE SMOKY GOD.


Mansfield, Abraham – THE GOLDEN GODDESS OF THE LEMURIANS., The Lemurian Foundation – Mt. Shasta; Redding, CA., 1970., Chapt. 1: A man is led into the bowels of Mt. Shasta in northern California and into an underground ‘Lemurian’ city and subterranean gardens producing gigantic vegetables, a mile or more under the surface of the mountain.


MANY CAVE DWELLINGS IN CHINA., Article in THE MILWAUKEE JOURNAL., Feb. 18, 1983: Refers to 40 million Chinese citizens who are said to live in underground cavern dwellings or subterranean levels beneath major cities, according to PEOPLE’S DAILY, a Chinese newspaper.


Marcella, Elena M. – THE QUEST FOR EDEN., Philosophical  Library, Inc., 1966., 270 pp.: The Persian tradition  of two underground cities – ‘Jaqobsa’ and ‘Jabulsa’ – the inhabitants of which will emerge, according to tradition, on “Judgement Day”.


Marcoux, Charles A.

— DID SHAVER REALLY VISIT THE UNDERWORLD? Article in SHAVERTRON magazine., No. 14: The author describes ‘astral’ visits to subterranean cities and temples as a small child.

— THE HIDDEN CITY OF CHIHUATLAN., Article in THE NEW ATLANTEAN JOURNAL (see: O’Connell)., Fall 1981: A sealed cave in a certain canyon near old Sonora, Mexico, which is said to lead to the ancient Aztec underworld or the hidden city of “Chihuatlan”. (Also see: Brinton, D., & Folsom, F.)

— THE HIDDEN CITY OF CHIHUATLAN (booklet)., Published by the author., 1981. (Also see: Forman, Harrison)

— Letter in THE  HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter., Vol. 3, No. 1: Entrances to the subterranean world in the Organ mountains near Las Cruces, NM; in the Franklin mountains near El Paso, TX; and an underground cave with large stone steps leading deep into the unexplored depths of the earth, located near “El Moro” National Monument, northeast of Pie Town, NM.

— I SEARCH FOR THE PORTALS., Privately published by the author., Phoenix, AZ., 1981: The authors’ own researches into cave entrances and inter-dimensional portals in and around the Superstition mountains of Arizona.

— MARKED BLADE., Two issued published: No. 1, Aug. 1956; No. 2, N.D.: Discusses the ‘Shaver Mystery’ and underground civilizations.

— NOTES OF CAVERNS., Article in THE HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter., Vol. 3, No. 3 – May 1982: Unusual reports of caves and tunnels throughout the world.

— TEROS IN THE 20TH CENTURY., Article in SHAVERTRON., No. 13: The author’s encounter with two subterranean beings, dressed in surface attire, on a street corner in Flint, MI., in 1945.


Marcoux, Charles A. & Wight, George D. (See: Wight, George D.)


Margre, Maurice – THE RETURN OF THE MAGI., Philip Allan & Co., London., 1931., pp. 91-93: The legend of the cavern of ‘Ornolhac’, and its inhabitants.


Martin, Harold – EARTH SHAPED LIKE A DOUGHNUT., Article reprinted from an Atlanta, GA., newspaper, and appearing in the HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter, Vol.  1, No. 10: Refers to the Hollow Earth and the book ‘THE SMOKY GOD’, by Willis George Emerson.


Martin, Mary (Maiden name, formerly Mary LeVesque). Later remarried and became ‘Mary Davis’.


Martin, Mary (LeVesque), Ed. – THE HOLLOW HASSLE., Quarterly newsletter., Colorado Springs, CO., Published 1972-1974., continued in 1981 before once again going out-of-print: Contained news, theories, and other information concerning the ‘Hollow Earth’ research field.  Matchett, Frank D. – Letter in AMAZING STORIES magazine., Feb. 1948., pp 165-166: Description of a tunnel entrance in Nevada.


Mather, Cotton (1663-1728) – Articles in  THE CHRISTIAN PHILOSOPHER. Mather, a Colonial Christian preacher, was one of the earliest proponents of the  ‘Hollow Earth’ theory, supporting the idea of a Geo-concavitic sphere by combining theological thought with scientific theory. Mather was well known for the part he played in supporting the conviction of devil cultists in the Salem, MA., witch trials.


Maxwell, Robert – LEMURIA: FACT OR FICTION? The author claimed that he was taken into the inner cavern colony within Mt. Shasta, California, and was shown a large underground city by one of the ‘Lemurians’. (Also see: Smith, Warren – THE HIDDEN SECRETS OF THE HOLLOW EARTH.,  pp. 33-37)


McBride, James

— CAPTAIN JOHN CLEVES SYMMES., From McBride’s PIONEER BIOGRAPHIES., Vol. 2., Microfiche., PAMPHLETS IN AMERICAN HISTORY., No. B2174: Reports on Capt. Symmes’ theories of a Hollow Earth with inhabited concentric spheres.



McCandless, Lyon – Letter in THE SHAVER MYSTERY MAGAZINE., Vol. 1, No, 1: The writer explores a strange artificial shaft in a cave near his home in Pittsburgh, PA., and hears some strange, “very deep”, sounds.


McDonald, Dr. George – Article in ASTRONAUTICS magazine., July 1962., p. 14-15: McDonald, a NASA scientist, stated that according to an analysis of the Moon’s motion, as well as other factors calculated into his lunar scientific model, the Moon appears to be hollow: “If the astronomical data are reduced, it is found that the data require that the interior of the Moon is more like a hollow than a homogeneous sphere.” The thesis that all moons and planets are hollow is not so difficult to comprehend, considering that all space bodies, while in the molten state of formation, spin-rotate rapidly, and like the inside of a washing machine in its’ “spin cycle”, the molten rock would naturally be removed outward from the center of the spin. Only that matter at the exact center which is not be subject to the spin-motion will remain, and this may explain why many planets are said to contain a small “sphere” of electromagnetic energy and molten “gas” which serves as a central heat and light source (a mini-sun if you will) which illuminates and heats the inner concavitic surface of these spheres. (Also see: Snyder, Al)


McGovern, Dr. William M. – JUNGLE TRAILS AND INCA RUINS., p. 438: References to caverns and tunnels in Peru, including the cavern of “Chincana” – the end of which has never been found and which is believed to communicate by way of a long passage with the “Temple of the Sun” in the heart of the city of Cuzco, Peru.


McKenna, James A. – BLACK RANGE TALES., 1969., Rio Grande Press., Gloricta, NM., 300 pp., illus.,: Chapter “Radium Wells” describes the discovery of an ancient cavern, within which were seen strange flashes of light, artifacts and remains of a prehistoric race of ancient Americans, and unusual magnetic activity. The cavern, located a few miles south of the New Mexican border, was not explored to its end due to its “bad air”.


McLaughlin, Marie L. – MYTHS AND LEGENDS OF THE SIOUX., 1916., Bismark Tribune Co., Bismark, ND., 200 pp., illus.,: Describes a smooth, polished shaft in the bottom of a cave within a mysterious butte, from which strange perfume-like odors emerge.


McWhirter, Norris – THE GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS., 1981., pp. 280-282: Man’s deepest known penetration (as of 1981) into the earth, including a drilling project began in May, 1976 at Saatly, Azerbaijan, U.S.S.R. (now Russia) in an attempt to reach the “Mohorovicic discontinuity” (or nick-named “MOHO”, the separating point bet0een the earth’s crust and the mantle), a target depth of 49,212 ft. (Also see: Article in the NEW YORK TIMES., Sept. 19. 1981., p. 3; & Malakhov, A.)


Mercer, Henry C. – THE HILL-CAVES OF YUCATAN., 1896., Lippincott Co.


Merrystone, Cyril – 1982: THE YEAR OF THE WARNING., Published by the Author., Bronx, NY., 1982., Distributed by ‘Gray Barker Books’, 2 Vols.: The location of ‘Hell’ inside the earth, the ingress and egress to which is gained by UFOs via the oceans. Argues that many UFO occupants are part of a ‘demonic’ race.


Merton, Loner Nikolai – BEYOND ARZARETH: A STORY OF THE LOST TEN TRIBES., Article in THE RELIEF SOCIETY MAGAZINE., Oct. 1919 – July 1920., Salt Lake City, Utah; Reprinted in SEARCH magazine., Palmer Publications., Summer 1980, Fall 1980, & Winter 1980-1981, under the title: “ARZARETH – LAND BEYOND THE POLE” (Forwarded by John Bringingham, who allegedly discovered this manuscript-diary telling of the experiences of the author, the sole survivor of a wrecked whaling vessel in the Arctic Ocean, and his encounter with the Lost Tribes of Israel, who reside in a hidden Polar country in the extreme north.


Messerschmidt, Gottfried – THE MESSERSCHMIDT MANUSCRIPT: A collection of various accounts about the Inner Earth, by a German  researcher. Parts were printed in THE HOLLOW EARTH BULLETIN., May 1967. One of the accounts in the edited version appears in ‘THE HOLLOW EARTH’, by Warren Smith: The account of a young French woman’s frightening encounters with subterranean dwellers, and with the ‘Gray Men’ – a race of scientists from a distant star system, in tunnels under Paris, France.


Mezta, Frank J. – Letter in HIDDEN WORLD magazine, Winter 1962., pp. 1361-1363: Refers to a strange network of tunnels in Mexico, also an “enchanted cave” into which many people have disappeared, and an exploring party’s encounter with two strange beings, one a half-man half-bull (similar to the “Le Mont Torreas” of Aztec legend, or the legend of the Minitor), and a “naked midget or little boy”, deep inside the cave.


Michell, John, & Robert Richard – PHENOMENA: A BOOK OF WONDERS., Panther Books.,New York, NY., 1978: Contains a section on the Hollow Earth theory, and a photograph reputedly showing the polar opening.


MILE OF LIGHTS – Article in  SEARCH magazine., Fall 1980., p. 7: The discovery of “long rows of lighted candles as far as the eye could see,” the origin and use of which remained a mystery, within an abandoned mine in Brewster, NY.


Miller, William M. – THE THEORY OF CONCENTRIC SPHERES., Article in ISIS magazine., Dec. 1941., pp. 507-514: The theory of concentric inner spheres, postulated by Captain John Cleves Symmes and others.


Millet, Clair (or ‘Day-Ga-Chee’) – THE LEGEND OF THE TAURTUMS: OF THE VALLEY OF THE SUN., a two-part article in THE NEW ATLANTEAN JOURNAL., Spring-Summer, 1981: An ancient race of ‘little people’ or ‘Tuar-Tums’ – who  live in subterranean cities under the ‘Valley of the Sun’ (Salt River Valley) of Arizona.


Mitchel, Alexander – A TREATISE ON NATURAL PHILOSOPHY., 1826. Information relating to the inner earth.


Mohr, Victor – A SPIRITUAL VISION OF THE UNIVERSE. Inner earth related information.


Mohr & Paulson – THE LIFE OF THE CAVE., 1968: Evidence of extended animal migrations underground in the central-eastern U.S., indicated by troglodytes found in widely separated caves, indicating past interconnections which have become blocked. These caverns are found from time to time during deep drilling operations.


Mohr, Professor (?) – A thesis on Thermometric investigations, title unknown: Marshall B. Gardner refers to Prof. Mohr of Bonn who “has written a very important paper on thermometric investigations of a 4,000 feet boring at Speremberg, and who finds that while there is an increase of temperature, as we go down, the rate of the increase gets less and less all the time, so that it will be nil; that is to say, there will no longer be any increase, and the point at which heat  would cease to increase would be about 13,550 feet.” (Also see: Gardner, Marshal B. – A JOURNEY TO THE EARTH’S INTERIOR., p. 357)


Montesinos – MEMORIAS ANTIGUAS (HISTORALES, POLITACAS DEL PERU)., Publishing information not available: Refers to a gigantic subterranean ‘road’ stretching from Cuzco to Tiahuanaco, Peru, the origin of which remains unknown even to the Incas.


Montgomery, Ruth

— HERE AND HEREAFTER., pp. 75-77 & 157-160: Vast tunnels stretching beneath the Egyptian desert, an ancient underground civilization beneath the Arctic circle which existed long ago, and subterranean vaults under Inca ruins in Peru, containing priceless treasures.

— THE WORLD BEFORE., Fawcett Publications, Greenwich, CT., Chapt 4: A race of ancient ‘Lemurians’ who went underground to live in order to escape the saurians which roamed the earth, attacking humans, in ancient times.


MONTREAL: THE CITY THAT WENT UNDERGROUND – Article in THE LOS ANGELES TIMES., Aug. 10, 1972; Reprinted in OUTER SPACE PEOPLE AND INNER EARTH PEOPLE, by William L. Blessing: A climate controlled subterranean city consisting of miles of tunnels, plazas, concourses, etc., built under the surface of Montreal, Canada.


Mooney, Richard E. – GODS OF AIR AND DARKNESS., Stein & Day Publishers, NY., 1975: Refers to the island of Temuen (Nann Madol), on Ponape, in the Carolina Islands, where investigators reported the discovery of an ancient well, now filled with water. The well enters a tunnel, the beginning and end of which is unknown, and which has not – at the time of the report – been explored fully. (Also see: Von Daniken, Erich – THE GOLD OF THE GODS., Chapt. 4; & Rittlinger, Herbert – THE MEASURELESS OCEAN)


Moore, Justin H. – THE WORLD BEYOND: The belief of the Mewen Indians that their ancestors emerged from caves at “Kpp-lo-te” near where they lived until they were moved to reservations in California.


Moore,  Patrick – CAN YOU SPEAK VENUSIAN?  David & Charles Publishers, England., 1972: Contains a chapter in reference to the ‘Hollow Earth’.


MORE MYSTERIES – Article in FATE magazine, June 1961, pp. 6-7: Statements  attributed to Dr. Gordon J. F. MacDonald of NASA that “studies of satellite orbits indicate that there are some huge unknown lumps inside the earth at depths of a thousand miles or more. At present we don’t know where these lumps are; or what they consist of.”


Moseley, James W. (See: Cohen, Richard)


MOUNTAIN CAVE HAS MYSTERY, MAYBE MONSTER – Article in the HOUSTON POST, Feb. 19, 1976; Reprinted in THE HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter, Aug. 198: The discovery by scientists of a cave, “the oldest in the world … with smoothly vaulted roots and level floors…” located inside Mt. Autana in the Orinoco jungle, 400 miles south of Caracas, Venezuela, and believed to be the legendary home of a giant humanoid being.


MOUNT SHASTA HOLDS AURA OF MYSTERY – Article in the ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL, New Mexico, 1981: Numerous mysteries surrounding this mountain in northern California, including the belief that it is the home of an ancient race of ‘Lemurian’ survivors.


Murdock, Mildred

— THE EAST’S “KING OF THE WORLD” – Article in FATE magazine, May, 1949,pp. 73-74: Mongolian and Tibetan legends of a subterranean land called ‘Agharta’ as it appears in Ossendowski’s writings. (Also see: Ossendowski, Ferdinand – BEASTS, MEN & GODS)

— KING OF THE WORLD – Article in SEARCH magazine, July 1957, pp. 46-47: Information based on the research of Ferdinand Ossendowski concerning the legends of the subterranean ‘world’ of ‘Agharta’ or ‘Agharti’.


MYSTERIOUS PATH TO THE UNKNOWN WORLD, THE – Author unknown, but reportedly published in Egypt: Describes a “third tunnel” near the Great Pyramid at Gizeh, said to lead deep into the earth.


MYSTERY OF THE LITTLE GREEN CHILDREN – Article in WEEKEND (British), July 22, 1970: The account of two “green-skinned children” who emerged from a cavern near Banjos, Spain, in August of 1887. (Also see: Drake, W. Raymond; & Wilkins, Harold T.)



**** N ****


Nebel, Long John – THE WAY OUT WORLD., Prentice-Hall., Englewood Cliffs, NJ., 1961: Chapt. 9, pp. 134-140 – “Deros, Devils and Snowmen”. A review of the ‘Shaver Mystery’, including MANTONG, the so-called Shaver alphabet.


Neihardt, John G. – BLACK  ELK  SPEAKS: Refers to a journey to the land of the thunder beings: “…You shall see and have from them my power; and they shall take you to the high and lonely ‘center of the earth’ that you may see even to the place where the sun continually shines, they shall take you there to understand … for yours shall be the power of the white giant’s wing, the cleansing wing…”


Nelson, Nicholas R. – PARADOX: Dorrance & Co., Cricket Terrace Center, Ardmore, PA: Refers to the Hollow earth and proposes a  point of view rarely explored in literature.


NEW ATLANTEAN JOURNAL, THE – Also see: O’Connell, Joan & Patrick. Article in the Summer, 1980 issue, p. 48: A Mexican, Jose Carmen Garcia, who claimed to have met a man who was taken into a subterranean city inhabited by tall, fair-skinned extraterrestrials beneath an extinct volcano near Irapuato, Mexico, where he was given a formula for growing gigantic vegetables. The man gave the formula to Garcia, who in turn presented it to the Rosicrucian Order in California.


Newell, Neil K. – SEARCH  FOR UTAH’S PRICELESS GOLD HOARD: Article in TREASURE magazine (date uncertain): John H. Koyle’s “Dream Mine” which was founded upon his vision of a vast field of gold ore within seven ancient artificial caverns filled with ancient treasures, artifacts, and records from a prehistoric civilization near Spanish Fork, Utah. According to the vision this mine will, at a time of global economic collapse, begin  producing and shortly afterward excavators will break into the seven caverns, and it will eventually become the largest producing gold mine in the world. (Also see: Walton, Bruce – THE DREAM MINE STORY)




NEW WORLDS: See Boyes, Ivan


NEW YORK TIMES, THE – Article in the Sept. 29, 1981 issue, p. 3: Reports on a Russian drilling project at the Kola Peninsula and at Saatly in Azerbaijan, resulting in two unexpected findings. These included the discovery of traces of biological activity of fossil microorganisms at a depth of 22,000 ft., and a dramatic sudden increase of temperature at 33.000 ft., instead of a dropping of temperature as was expected. (See also: McWhirter, Norris &  Malakhov, A.)


Neiman, Lester F. – STRANGE DESERT ICE CAVE., Article in FATE magazine., June, 1972: The “Arnold Ice Cave” 27 miles northwest of Bend, Oregon., in the  Lava River State Park, which had never been fully explored and which contains a continuous river if ice leading into the earth, the cause and origin of which remain unexplained, this being especially puzzling since the cave lies in the middle of a desert.


Norman, Eric (Warren Smith, pseud.)

— HIDDEN SECRETS OF THE HOLLOW EARTH, THE., Zebra Books., New York, NY., 1976: Contains several reports of strange tunnels, and subterranean legends.

— INTO THE STRANGE., Popular Library., New York, NY., 1968, pp. 70-71: The Legend of ‘Buck Hill Caverns’ three miles north of Natural Bridge National Monument in Virginia, which is said to have a ‘bottomless pit’ from which strange human-like voices or cries are occasionally heard.

— SECRET FORCES OF THE PYRAMIDS., Zebra Books, New York, NY., 1975: Quotes R.C. (Doc) Anderson, noted explorer & ‘psychic’ (now deceased), on the Inner Earth mysteries.

— THIS HOLLOW EARTH., Lancer Books., New York, NY., 1972., Several accounts of encounters with subterranean dwellers, theories on the nature of the ‘hollow’ interior of the earth, and legends and traditions the world over of subterranean lands beneath the surface.

— UNDER PEOPLE, THE (The Startling Discovery of a Lost World)., Award Books., New York, NY., 1972: Unusual stories and claims about the bizarre inhabitants of the interior of the earth.


NORWOOD REVIEW OF ENGLAND – May 12, 1884: Summarizes the surprising discovery of a ‘warm country’ in the extreme north, by arctic explorers: “We do not admit that there is ice up to the pole – once inside the great ice barrier, a new world breaks upon the explorer, the climate is mild like that of England, and afterward, balmy as the Greek Isles.”



**** O ****


Obruchev, V.A. – PLUTONIA., Moscow, 1224: The romantic account of a voyage into the hollow interior of the earth. Although obviously fiction, the untranslated (at the time) work borrows heavily from ‘Hollow Earth’ pioneers, along with the writings of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells.


O’Connell, Joan (Editor) & Patrick O’Connell (President) – THE NEW ATLANTEAN JOURNAL., quarterly: Several back issued include articles on the Shaver Mystery, the Hollow Earth, and subterranean cities.


O’Connell, Patrick

— LOST CITIES AND ANCIENT SUBTERRANEAN PASSAGES., Article in THE NEW ATLANTEAN JOURNAL., Winter, 1980: Maps designating tunnel and mysterious cavern systems throughout the world.

— SACRED CAVES AND LOST CITIES OF THE ANCIENTS., Two-part article in the NEW ATLANTEAN JOURNAL., Summer – Fall, 1981: Tunnels and Lost Cities of Central America, and Strange mines, caverns, tunnels and underground cities built long ago by the ancients.


Oga-Make – TRIBAL MEMORIES OF THE FLYING SAUCERS: Article in FATE magazine., Sept. 1949: Written by a Navaho ‘Indian’ (native American) who tells of a Paiute tribal legend of a race of beings, the Hav-Mu-Suvs, who  live/lived in a subterranean paradise — huge caverns containing electromagnetically-induced phosphorescent atmospheric auroral-like illumination — deep underneath the Panamint Mountains adjacent to Death Valley, California. (Also see: Lee, Bourke – DEATH VALLEY MEN)


Old Dog Tray (reputedly the pseudonym for Gray Barker) – MIB/HOLLOW EARTH ALERT: A letter circulated to Inner Earth researchers and reprinted in GRAY BARKER’S NEWSLETTER., Gray Barker Books., Dec. 1982., No, 17: Warns of visits by strange representatives promising an expedition to the Hollow Earth. These visitors turn up unexpectedly, driving a car filled with electronic equipment, and according to some may be ‘programmed’ androids. In a following commentary Barker reprints letters from others visited by these ‘representatives’, one of whom was put into a hypnotic state by the ‘gaze’ of one of the ‘men’.


Oliver, Frederick Spencer (amanuenais) – See: Phylos, the Thibetan


Osbourne, Harold – SOUTH AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY., p. 119: The belief of the Tupari Indians, who live up the Rio Bronco (or Parima) river in the Mato Grosso region of Brazil, that their forefathers emerged long ago from an underground land, and that many of their ancestors remained inside the earth. These “Kinno” – according to tradition – will one day migrate to the surface of the earth as the Tupari ancestors did long ago, when many of those on the surface have died (of war, disease, cataclysm, etc.); p. 42 also tells of the place of emergence of the ancestors of the Inca Nation, three caves collectively called “Paccari-Tambo” which are believed to be located about 20 miles east of the city of Cuzco, Peru.


Ossendowski, Ferdinand – BEASTS, MEN AND GODS., E.P. Dutton & Co., New York, NY., 1922: Chinese and Mongolian beliefs and stories about the ‘Agharti’, a race of highly advanced humans who live in a vast subterranean cavern world stretching beneath a large part of Asia, a kingdom ruled and led by a line of long-lived leaders known as ‘The King of the World’. (Also see: Roerich, Nicholas)

**** P ****


Paget, Walburga L. – COLLOQUIES WITH AN UNSEEN FRIEND., William Rider & Son., London., 1909., p. 36: Buried Cities beneath the ‘Great Desert’ where descendants of Atlantis allegedly live to this day, along with prehistoric flora & fauna, a land which will be discovered by surface dwellers in the 21st century according to prophecy, when the “air ships and Rontgen rays are made practically useful for exploration purposes.”


Painter, Roger – THE BROWN MOUNTAIN LIGHTS., Article in SEARCH magazine., July 1968., pp. 50-58: Describes incidents of mysterious lights emerging from Brown Mountain, 12 miles east of Highway 181 near Jones Ridge, NC., lights which are believed to emerge “from a cave or crevice on the mountain.”


Palmer, Marjorie., Ed. by., SEARCH magazine quarterly., originally edited by the late Raymond A. Palmer., Amherst Press, Amherst, WI: Many issues included articles, letters, and comments on the Shaver Mystery and the Hollow Earth / Subterranean City hypothesis.


Palmer, Raymond A.

— AMAZING STORIES magazine (science-fact & science-fiction): Most issued from 1945 to 1949 included articles, stories, letters and comments concerning the ‘cavern world’, ancient tunnels, the Inner Earth and the Shaver Mystery.

— EARTH’S CENTER OF GRAVITY – UP OR DOWN? – Article in FLYING SAUCERS magazine (Ed. by Palmer), Dec. 1958: Describes an experiment conducted by the Geodetic Survey Department which upset the Copernican theory and proved that the earth’s center of gravity does not lie at the center of the planet as previously believed.

— FLYING SAUCERS (Edited and published by Ray Palmer): Many issues contained articles and editorial material containing the author & editor’s research and beliefs pertaining to the Inner Earth and Hollow Earth mysteries. The Dec. 1959 issue contains a description of Admiral Richard E Byrd’s flight “beyond the pole” and his sighting of “iceless lands and lakes, mountains covered with trees, and even monstrous animals moving through the underbrush…” Palmer theorizes that Byrd flew over the inner edge of the ‘doughnut hole’ opening to the Hollow or Geo-Concavitic sphere existing ‘beyond’ the North Pole.

— FLYING SAUCERS magazine index., Unpublished computer printout by Gray Barker, Gray Barker Books, indicating the following issues of FLYING SAUCERS magazine as containing Hollow and Inner Earth references: Aug. 1957, vol. 1, wn. (whole number) 2; Dec. 1959, vol. 3, wn. 13; Vol. 4, wn 16; Feb. 1961, vol. wn. 18; Nov. 1962, vol. 6, wn. 28; April 1965, vol. 9. wn. 41; June 1970, vol. 13, wn. 69; Sept. 1970, vol. 13, wn. 70; Dec. 1970, vol. 13, wn. 71; March 1971, vol. 24, wn. 71; Dec. 1971, vol. 14, wn. 75; June 1972, vol. 15, wn. 77; Dec. 1972, vol. 15, wn. 79; Fall 1972, vol. 16, wn. 82.

— HIDDEN WORLD, THE., sixteen volumes, Spring 1961 through Winter 1964: Includes much of the original Shaver material that originally appeared in AMAZING STORIES magazine, and new material contributed by the late Richard S. Shaver, as well as letters from the readers and editorials by the late Raymond A. Palmer.

— HOLE AT THE POLE RE-EXAMINED, THE., a series of 5 articles in SEARCH magazine, Spring 1977 – Spring 1978 (Reprinted from SEARCH magazine: July 1970, July 1973; and FLYING SAUCERS magazine, June 1970, June 1972).

— SAUCERS FROM EARTH., Article in FLYING SAUCERS magazine, Dec. 1959: Evidence supporting the idea that Fling Saucers originate from the interior of the earth and enter and exit through the vortex-openings at the poles.

— SAUCERS FROM EARTH., Article in SEARCH magazine, July 1968, pp. 28-43: Describes the Hollow Earth theory and presents evidence suggesting that many UFOs originate from a world within the interior of the earth.

— SECRET WORLD, THE., VOL. 1 (The only volume published)., Amherst Press, Amherst, WI: Coverage of the ‘Shaver Mystery’.

— THEY FLY OVER THE POLE EVERY DAY.,  Article in SEARCH magazine. References to the Hollow Earth.

— WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS ABOUT THE POLAR MYSTERY AREA., Article in FLYING SAUCERS magazine, Aug. 1960: Refers to the Hollow Earth and Polar entrance mysteries.


Palmer, William R. – WHY THE NORTH STAR STANDS STILL AND OTHER INDIAN LEGENDS: A band of Paiute Indians, who in relatively recent times, journeyed from their home in Nevada to the legendary ‘place of origin’ of their ancestors; a great cave within the interior of a mountain, from the top of which a great body of water could be seen to the west (the Pacific ocean?); a mountain far across a western desert, within which live the ancestors of the Paiute Indians to this day.

Paltock, Robert – THE LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF PETER WILKINS: A ‘Hollow Earth’ fantasy novel concerning a sailor who entered a chasm at the South Pole through which a great river surged, and after five weeks he emerges into the inner world of “Graundevolet”.


Papashvily, George & Helen – ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN., Harper & Bros., New York, NY., 1940: Tells of the discovery within the Caucasus mountain range of a cavern containing large artifacts and giant human skeletons “with heads as big as bushel baskets”… and of an ancient tunnel nearby which led down into the earth. One man who entered this tunnel never returned to the surface.


Parsons, J. C. – Letter in THE HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter.,Vol. 1, No. 1: The discovery of an 8 ft. diameter, perfectly smooth, vertical shaft inside a cave in Tennessee. The cave was found to be well over 100 ft. deep, and discussions of possible plans to explore the shaft.


Patch,  Howard R. – THE OTHER WORLD, ACCORDING TO DESCRIPTIONS IN MEDIEVAL LITERATURE., Harvard Univ. Press., Cambridge, MA., 1950., 386 pp., illus., pp. 114-115 & 233-234 contain descriptions of journeys into the interior of the earth, including the Cave  of ‘St. Patrick’s Purgatory” on Station Island, County Donegal, Ireland. (Also see: Write, T.)


Patrick, Jo – Article in THE AMERICAN MERCURY magazine, May, 1960, pp. 145-149: The ‘Hollow Earth’ theory and John Cleaves Symmes’ teachings of concentric spheres within the interior of the earth.


Pauwells, Louis – See: Bergier, Jacques.


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Pence, Victor – Editor of COMSEP (See: White, Arnold).


Pennick, Nigel – SUBTERRANEAN KINGDOM., Turnstone Press Ltd., Wellingborough, England., 1981: Contains material on the Inner Earth.


Percival, Harold W.

— THINKING AND DESTINY., 1946; Word Foundation Inc., edition., Forest Hills, NY., 1964: Describes the nature of the interior of the earth and what one may expect to encounter as one journeys towards the center of the planet. The description parallels in some respects that found in ETIDORHPA, by John Uri Lloyd.

— GHOSTS THAT NEVER WERE MEN., Article in THE WORD., Vol. 15., No. 6., Sept. 1917., Theosophical Publishing Co., New York, NY., pp. 355-356: The inhabitants of the interior of the earth, “some of them human in form and some of them strange beyond fancy.”


Perkins, David – Letter in THE HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter., Vol. 1, No. 1: Report of a strange ‘breathing well’ that drillers broke into 17 miles east of Walsenburg, CO. Representatives from the Colorado School of Mines examined it, and concluded it to be part of a tunnel system which they had tracked to Oklahoma from the Gulf of Mexico.


Perreault, Bruce A. – MISSION: PEACE., New Age Science Association., Manchester, NH., Chapt. 3: “OUR HOLLOW EARTH” – Several reports and findings which support the idea of a Geo-Concavitic or ‘Hollow’ Earth.


Perry, Clay – UNDERGROUND EMPIRE., pp. 199-201: Reference to The “East Caves of Syracuse,” a subterranean cave system running beneath the Atlantic Ocean, which ‘allegedly’ connects the British Isles with the North American continent, running beneath the surface of the Atlantic ocean floor.


Perry, Vincent L., Ed. by – INTO THE UNKNOWN., Readers Digest Association, Inc 1981., pp. 338-339: A segment of the book which refers to the ‘Hollow Earth’ theory.


Peters, Byron E. – Letter in SEARCH magazine (issue uncertain)., pp. 61: Refers to “Project Aurora” – a proposed expedition to the Inner Earth via the North Polar entrance, in an attempt to contact the “Inner-Terrans.”


Peterson, Jack. – Letter in SHAVERTRON newsletter-magazine., No. 14: The writer’s experience in the wilderness near June Lake, CA., where he observed a humanoid being come out of a strange cone-shaped machine which emerged from the ground.


Petscheck, Joyce S. – THE SILVER BIRD., Celestial Arts Publishers., Milbrae, CA., 1981., Chapts. 12-14: An advanced civilization existing at the bottom of the oceans, the last days of Atlantis, and a subterranean world lighted by a lime-green fluorescence favorable to vegetation growth… information which the author allegedly received through ‘automatic writing’ in 1976 from a human who supposedly made an ‘astral journey’ to the interior of the earth. The book reads like ‘Metaphysical fiction’.


Philip, Brother (pseud. for Dr. George Hunt Williamson) – SECRET OF THE ANDES., Neville Spearman Ltd., London., 1961: U.S. Edition by SAUCERIAN BOOKS, titled: BROTHERHOOD OF THE SEVEN RAYS: Refers to subterranean temples and tunnels in the Tiahuanaco region of Peru, and elsewhere. (Also see: Williamson, Dr. George Hunt)


Phylos, the Thibetan – A DWELLER ON TWO PLANETS., Neville Spearman Ltd., Sudbury, Suffolk, England., 442 pp.: Written with Frederick Spencer Oliver as amanuensis and describes the ‘SACH’, an ancient ‘Lemurian’ outpost located within the heart of Mt. Shasta in California. (See: Hamilton, William F.)


Pierce, Norman C. – THE DREAM MINE. (Also see: Walton, Bruce – THE DREAM MINE STORY)


PIGMY KITABOU (Author uncertain): Refers to an African tribe which went underground during an ancient ‘ice age’ in that part of the world, where they were cared for by a subterranean race of black dwarfs.


Plato (Greek Philosopher) – PHAEDO., from THE WORKS OF PLATO., Sections 132-145: Refers to vast caverns existing within the earth through which subterranean rivers flow from the surface of thee earth, and from the inner surface of ‘Tartarus’ – a vast ‘hollow’ which is the  greatest of the Earth’s abysses, and which is “exceedingly large, and perforated through the ENTIRE earth.” Did Plato know about the geo-concavitic or “hollow” nature of our planet? From there the rivers flow back to the surface of the outer world through the process of pressure pushing the waters to the surface, or back to the ‘surface’ of Tartarus, some of the subterranean rivers “folding themselves once or several times around the earth, like serpents…” before returning to the inner or the outer surfaces of the planet.


Plot, Dr. (?) – HISTORY OF STAFFORDSHIRE., (publication details unavailable) The original account of the laborers in Staffordshire, England, who entered a strange subterranean world through an entrance referred to as the “Rosicrucius’s Sepulchre”. (Also see: Jennings, Hargrave & Calaias, Ronald A.)


Preece, Harold – WORLD UNDERGROUND., Article in the ROSICRUCIAN DIGEST., Nov. 1948., 8 pp.: A description of ancient civilizations which escaped inside the earth from an early natural catastrophe, and also speculations that modern man may have to find shelter within the earth in the event of a nuclear war.


Poe, Edgar Allan – THE NARRATIVE OF ARTHUR GORDON PYM OF NANTUCKET., Penguin Books., Baltimore, MD., 1975., 311 pp.: A strange unfinished semi-fictional manuscript referring to the Hollow Earth and the Polar openings. Recent editions carry an introduction by Harold Beaver (pp. 7-30) containing historical information on Hollow Earth theorists John Cleaves Symmes and Capt. Adam Seaborn, explaining their hollow earth theories. Pp. 234-244 & 267-281 also refers to the ‘Hollow Earth’.


Pound, Louis – NEBRASKA FOLKLORE., Article in THE LINCOLN SUNDAY STAR (Lincoln,  Nebraska)., July 5, 1925., pp. 23-24: The story of Ponoca Cave, allegedly an entrance to huge underground caverns containing diffused electromagnetic ‘auroral’ atmospheric illumination, and also containing prehistoric plants and animals which survived ancient cataclysms by remaining safely in their huge underground ‘shelter’. These mega-caverns, said to be located beneath the northern part of Dixon county, Nebraska, were allegedly discovered by  a Prof. Jeremiah Perrigone, who was very protective about revealing their location. The entrance has allegedly long since caved-in.


Powell, Col. A. E. – IS THE EARTH HOLLOW? Article in THE PSYCHIC OBSERVER (date uncertain): Describes the ‘theories’ advanced in Willis George Emerson’s fact/fiction(?) book, THE SMOKY GOD.


Prytz, John M. – THE HOLLOW EARTH HOAX., Article in FLYING SAUCERS magazine., June 1970., p. 23: Presents scientific arguments debunking the ‘Hollow Earth’ theory. However, 12 years later in a letter in the April, 1982 issue of the PSYCHIC OBSERVER, Prytz expressed his change of perspective, and admits his newfound belief in the possibility of a ‘Hollow Earth’.


Pringle, Murry T. – CAVE COMMUNITY., Article in the GREEN BAY PRESS-GAZETTE (Green Bay, Wisconsin)., Dec. 15, 1974 issue; reprinted in THE HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter., Oct. 1982: ‘Cavern Communities’ that have been established or re-established in France and other countries.


PSYCHIC AUSTRALIAN: Some back issued contain material on the Inner Earth mystery, and related topics.


PSYCHIC OBSERVER: Feb.-Mar., 1973 issue., Contains an article on the ‘Shaver Mystery’.


PURDUE UNIVERSITY EXPONENT (Campus Newspaper)., See: SHAVERTRON., No. 7., Spring, 1981 (reprint): Letter from an anonymous reader regarding the inner earth.



**** Q ****


Quackenbush, Ezra – Unpublished Diary in the British Museum: The author, a lone survivor of a shipwreck near the coast of India, swims to a desert island where a strange race of tall, blonde ‘underground people’ cared for him until he was rescued by a passing ship.



**** R ****


Rampa, T. Lobsang (pseud. for Hoskins, Cyril T.)

— THE CAVE OF THE ANCIENTS., Corgi Books., London, England., American editions by Bantom & Ballantine Books: Describes huge ancient chambers beneath the Himalayan mountain range of Tibet, filled with marvelous fantastic ancient machines, records, and wonders from a prehistoric civilization.

— THE HERMIT., Corgi Books., London, England., 1971: A race pf extraterrestrials who have an underground base in caverns and tunnels deep within the Himalayan mountains of Tibet.

— Letter in ‘THE SHAVER MYSTERY AND THE INNER EARTH’, edited by Timothy Green Beckley (Gray Barker Books) telling of the discoveries, concerning the “in-worlders”, which have been suppressed by certain covert segments of the government.

— TIBETAN SAGE (Dr. Rampa’s last book – he died in 1981). The authors’ experience as a young boy of the lamaseries of Tibet, and of his travels with his guide, the Lama Mingyar Dondup, into the timeless worlds of the caves of the Potala, where the young disciple witnessed breath-taking visions and phenomena of the past and present.


Ranck, G. W. – HISTORY OF LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY: The discovery and subsequent loss of a tunnel entrance in or near the city of Lexington, Kentucky… which upon exploration was found to lead into vast subterranean chambers containing ancient altars, artifacts, idols, and  more than 2,000 human mummies from a vanished civilization.


Randolph, Vance – OZARK GHOST STORIES: Describes the legend of a ‘bottomless pit’ in the Ozarks, surrounded by great cliffs, and  from which strange sounds, lights, odors, and even strange ‘people’ are said to have emerged, from the pit OR from a point nearby. Foreigners have also been observed making regular pilgrimages to the pit, and have been seen throwing odd objects into it.


Raposo, Francisco – MANUSCRIPT NO, 512., Microfilm available from ‘Biblioteca Nationale’, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The English translation appears in LOST TRAILS; LOST CITIES, by Percy H. Fawcett; An old Portugese manuscript detailing an expedition to the Mato Grosso area of Brazil in 1734. The expedition entered a small fissure in the side of a mountain, which led into a hidden valley and to an enormous ancient hidden city with several very deep underground shafts around its edge, along with two strange men near the ruins who had “white skin, long black hair, and wore white robes.”


Ravenscroft, Trevor – THE SPEAR OF DESTINY., Bantom Books., New York, NY., 1973. Chapt. 19 – ‘THE CRITICAL TURNING POINT IN TIME’, and chapt. 20 – ‘AGHARTHI & SHAMBHALA’: Refer’s to E. Bulwer Lytton’s book THE COMING RACE, the legendary power of ‘Vril’ used by the subterranean  race in Lytton’s book, and Adolph Hitler’s obsession with the book – and his creation of the secret Nazi ‘Vril Society’ to apparently prepare Germany for a future encounter with this subterranean race and make a secret alliance with them, and jointly rule the planet – surface and subsurface. Also refers to Willy Ley, and the legends of the subterranean ‘world’ of Agarthi and Shambhala, which Nazi explorers tried to discover during their secret expeditions to Tibet.


Raynes, Brent – Article in SHAVERTRON., Summer, 1980: Capt. James Cook’s encounter with a friendly race of 7-ft. tall ‘Antarctican’ beings who communicated with his party through telepathic means, during his 1772-1775 expedition to the South Pole, according to a highly classified ‘diary’ written by Capt. Cook, which was discovered by an individual in the top secret archives in a U.S. Army base in Texas.


Reed, William – PHANTOM OF THE POLES., 1906. Reprinted by HEALTH RESEARCH: Reed was among the original theorists of the 1900’s to advance the theory and idea of a Hollow Earth, inhabited within.


Renaud, Robert P. – THE BOB RENAUD STORY – PART 31., “Flying Saucer’s International”., official publication of AFSCA (Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America)., Yucca Valley, CA., Issue No. 25 contained the author’s story of his encounter with beings from the planet ‘Korender’, who have established a massive subterranean (‘UFO’) base beneath the surface of Massachusetts.


Revis, B. B. – BYRD WATCHER., Letter-article in SAGA magazine, June 1970: Refers to Admiral Byrd’s controversial expedition to the North Pole, and speculations concerning his alleged discovery of the allegedly vast hidden funnel-like ‘orifice’ into the ‘hollow’ geo-concavitic interior of the earth.


Rittlinger, Herbert – THE MEASURELESS OCEAN: Reference to a tunnel discovered in the South Pacific island of Temuen, the end or beginning of which has not been found.


Rhoden, Joseph R. Jr. – Letter in AMAZING STORIES magazine., Feb. 1948., p. 165: Refers to the ancient, secret tunnels of the Inca, running beneath the surface of Peru.


Robinson, John J.

— TWO INCREDIBLE STORIES. Chapter in THE SHAVER MYSTERY AND THE INNER EARTH., edited by Timothy Green Beckley., Gray Barker Books: Strange encounters with beings from the ‘subterranean world’.

— UNDERGROUND ENTRANCES., Chapter in THE SUBTERRANEAN WORLD., edited by Timothy Green Beckley., Gray Barker Books: Several accounts of tunnels, cave entrances, and the stories behind them.


Roe, Katherine H. – SUBTERRANEAN WORLDS UNDER OUR FEET. Article in THE NEW ATLANTEAN JOURNAL., Spring 1981: Several accounts of tunnels and ancient caves throughout the world.


Roerich, Nicholas – SHAMBHALA., Frederick Stokes & Co., New York, NY., Chapt. – SUBTERRANEAN DWELLERS: Traditions and beliefs in the existence of ancient tunnels stretching beneath the oceans and continents, and of a subterranean ‘world’ inhabited by civilizations of technically advanced humans, including the peaceful “Chud” – and the great Kingdom of “Agharti” which abandoned the surface of the earth in ancient times, a subterranean Kingdom with it’s capitol city of “Shambhala” (which is said to be the center of a global subterranean network – for instance the underground city named ‘Telos’ which is said to lie deep beneath Mt. Shasta in California, is believed to be a western extension of the ‘Agharti network’). Also similar stories collected by the author from the natives of Mongolia and other countries of the Far East. (Also see: Ossendowski, Ferdinand)


Roger, Albert – IS THERE A SHANGRI-LA IN THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS? Article in THE NEW ATLANTEAN JOURNAL., Summer, 1980: Reports of a hidden valley paradise surrounded on all sides by high mountains, which lies hidden somewhere deep in the heart of the Rockies of Colorado, and which can only be entered through a secret ancient tunnel.


Rogers, Margaret

— Letter in AMAZING STORIES magazine., Sept. 1946., pp. 177-178: The writer’s contact with a race of tall, highly advance, and peaceful subterranean humans living in underground cities beneath the surface of Mexico.

— Letter in AMAZING STORIES magazine., Dec. 1946., pp. 162-164: Tells of the reactions from readers to her earlier letter in the Sept. 1946 issue of AMAZING STORIES.

— I HAVE BEEN IN THE CAVES. A story in AMAZING STORIES magazine., Jan. 1947 issue: Describes the author’s three-year stay with a race of tall, friendly subterranean ‘giants’, who due to their peaceful existence and intelligence are far more technologically advanced in many respects than those on the surface. These people, known as the “Nephli”, claim to be descended from an ancient race who also explored and colonized other star-systems, and they live in huge cavern-cities deep beneath the surface of Mexico. One of the enterances to these underground cities, the one which Ms. Rogers entered according to her account, is  located near the Mexican city of Ixtaccihuatl… with another entrance being within the “Cave de los Vientos” (Or, the “Cave of the Winds”). There is a cave by this name which is part of the huge “Brinco Sistema Purification” cavern network, however whether this is the one Ms. Rogers referred to, or another one with a similar name, is uncertain.

— Letter in AMAZING STORIES magazine., Feb. 1948., p. 105: Tells about the author’s book, “BEGINNING”, which is based on the original article in AMAZING STORIES magazine – “I Have Been in the Caves”, yet much more detailed and updated than the original version. Published by the author., 1947., 77 pp. Details the author’s stay in the caverns of the “NEPHLI”, including the science, history, and religion of this race. A small number of copies were printed (Much of the Margaret Roger’s story appears in Eric Norman’s books, THE UNDER PEOPLE, and THIS HOLLOW EARTH).


Rosenberger, Joseph – DEATH MERCHANT: THE SHAMBHALLA STRIKE., Pinnacle Books., E. Los Angeles, CA.: Fiction (?). Includes interesting footnotes and references to the “King of the World” and Ferdinand Ossendowski’s travels in the Far East. (Also see: Ossendowski, Ferdinand & Roerich, Nicholas)


Ross, John C. – Letter in FATE magazine., Nov. 1950., p. 88: Includes a photograph of the Great Pyramid of Shensi, China, which the writer – a U.S. Air Force pilot – took while on a reconnaissance mission. According to R. C. “Doc” Anderson, this pyramid contains an entry point to a huge tunnel system. (Also see: Doc Anderson’s account in THIS HOLLOW EARTH, by Warren Smith)


Rothovius, Andrew E. – MYSTERIOUS STONE VILLAGE IN NORTHERN SALEM, NH – Article in FATE magazine., Sept. 1962., pp. 60-66: Stone steps leading into the earth discovered at the bottom of a strange ‘well’ in New Hampshire. Although the shaft was blocked by boulders which archeologists were unable to remove, the stone stairwell below was visible through the boulders. (Also see: Norman, Eric – THE UNDERPEOPLE)


ROUND ROBIN – official journal of BSRF (Borderland Sciences Research Foundation)., Vista, CA.: Many issues from 1945 and onward included ‘Shaver Mystery’ and Inner Earth material.


Roussea, Victor – EYE OF BALAMOK: Story of a gold prospector in Australia, who enters a subterranean world where he finds the descendants of the Atlanteans living inside the Hollow Earth. Fact/fiction?


Royal, V. J. – UNDERGROUND CITIES., Chapter in THE SUBTERRANEAN WORLD, edited by Timothy Green Beckley., Gray Barker Books., Jane Lew, WV.: The author’s visit to a fantastic cavern city deep beneath the earth, inhabited by a strange race of technically-advanced ‘alien’ beings.

**** S ****


Sachs, Margaret – THE UFO ENCYCLOPEDIA., Perigee Books., pp. 147-148: A section titled HOLLOW EARTH HYPOTHESIS presents a history and basic description of the ‘Hollow Earth’ theory.


Sanderson, Ivan T. – INVISIBLE RESIDENTS., Avon Books., New York, NY: Underwater civilizations of scientifically advanced beings who live beneath the surface of the oceans, and findings to support their existence.


Sergeant, Winthrop – THROUGH THE INTERSTELLAR LOOKING GLASS., Article in LIFE magazine., May 21, 1951: References to the ‘Shaver Mystery’.


Sauders, Alex. (Also see: Wentworth, James – pseud.)

— HAUNTED CAVES., Article in SEARCH magazine., Oct. 1961: The legend of Buck Hill Caverns (Also see: Smith, Warren – INTO THE STRANGE)

— PROJECT MOHOLE., Article in SEARCH magazine., Nov. 1964., pp. 41-43: Plans for an off-shore drilling project to attempt to sink a shaft through the ‘Mohorovicic Discontinuity’ (or ‘MOHO’), the layer of the earth separating the crust from the mantle. (Also see: Malakhov, A. & Bascom, Willard)


Saunders, St. George – SEVEN SLEEPERS: THE HIDDEN KINGDOM: References to Symme’s theory of a ‘hollow’ earth.


Saville, Frank – BEYOND THE GREAT SOUTH WALL., 1901., 322 pp., Reprinted by HEALTH RESEARCH: “Inside the North Pole, Center of the Earth fantasy novel. Sundry graphic illustrations painted by Robert L. Mason.


Scaparra, Jack – LOST CONTINENTS BEYOND THE POLES., Article in SAGA magazine., Feb 1970.  References to the geo-concavitic or ‘hollow’ earth theory.


Schmeer, Bill – THE ENTOMBED MINERS’ STAIRCASE TO HEAVEN., Chapter in STRANGE WORLD OF THE OCCULT, by the editors of FATE magazine (Also appeared in FATE magazine., March 1965 issue., pp. 28-37)., Paperback Library, New York, NY., 1970: A full account of the experiences of David Fellin and Henry Thorne while trapped in a Shappto, PA., coal mine in 1963. (Also see: Calais, Ronald A.)


Schwartzberg, Richard – THE EERIE WORLD BENEATH OUR CITY’S STREETS!., Article in BEYOND REALITY magazine., Oct. 1980: Several reports of ‘animal-men’ that have been discovered in hidden caverns and tunnels.


Scott, Ervin M. – Letter in SEARCH  magazine., July, 1964., pp. 84: Report of a woman’s abduction by evil cavern dwellers through a hidden tunnel in the  cellar of an old abby in the north section of Boston, MA., and into caverns below. Some suggest, based on certain indicators, that this may be a reference to the First Church of Roxbury in north Boston, however this is not entirely certain. The report also refers to beings that live in caverns under the Salt Flats desert of Utah, who are apparently good-natured humans who are opposed to those beneath the city of Boston – who along with their  collaborators apparently invaded the subterran regions of Utah. Also refers to a tunnel entrance with stone steps leading into the earth, located near the bank of a certain river.


Scrymsour, Ella – THE PERFECT WORLD., Reprinted by HEALTH  RESEARCH., 391 pp.: A rare fantasy novel dealing with the Hollow Earth theory.


Seabrook, W. B. – ADVENTURES IN ARABIA., Chapt. 15 speaks of secret caverns under the temple-shrine at Sheik-Adi on Mt. Lalesh, near Baadri, Arabia, with a subterranean river which the Yezidee’s believe flows from the miraculous of Zem-Zem in Mecca, under the desert and across all the country.


SEARCH magazine  – (See: Palmer, Raymond A. & Marjorie)


SECRETS – (See: Cox, Norma C.)


Seigmeister, Walter – See: Bernard, Raymond W. (pseud.)


Seaborn, Capt. Adam – SYMZONIA: A VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY., A ‘Hollow Earth’ novel published by the author, and with a title based on John Cleves Symmes theory of a Hollow Earth. 1920: Describes the author’s alleged discovery of an inner world inhabited by a superior race.


Seneca, Lucius Anneaus (First century Roman philosopher) – QUESTIONS OF NATURE: Tells of men who “…forced their way into the caverns,” and entered the bowels of the earth, “penetrating to the deepest hiding places,” where they saw “great rushing rivers, and vast still lakes,” a world where “the whole of nature was reversed… the land hung above their heads while winds whistled hollowly in the shadows… while in the depths, frightful rivers led nowhere into perpetual and alien night.” (Also see: Courlander, Thomas A.)


Sequoyah, Chief – SPIRIT OF THE SERPENT GOD: Article in AMAZING STORIES magazine., June 1948: A large hidden cave in  southwest Oregon in which lies a vast hoard of treasure from an early native American tribe, the entrance to which, according to legend, is guarded by the ‘spirit of the serpent god’. Also stories of prospectors who had terrifying encounters in the cave, and others who have entered and never emerged.


SERIA DOCUMENTAL DEL PERU – Peruvian newspaper (date uncertain): Describes an expedition that explorers from Lima university – accompanied by experienced speleologists – undertook in 1923. After entering a tunnel in Cuzco, Peru, and advancing underground towards the coast, they lost communication with their point of entry. After 12 days only one member of the expedition, almost starved, returned to the surface; but his report of a confusing underground labyrinth was so incredible that his colleagues declared him mad. Police prohibited entry into the mysterious passages and dynamited the entrance to prevent further ‘loss of life’.


Shakespear, J. – FOLK-TALES OF THE LUSHAIS AND THEIR NEIGHBORS: Article in FOLK-LORE – A QUARTERLY REVIEW., Vol. 10, 1909. Legends of the tribes in Bengal and Burma that their ancestors emerged fro a subterranean world, the entrance to which is believed to be located in the Lhoosai country close to Vanhuilen’s village of the Burdaiya tribe. A similar legend is found among the Naga and Kabuis tribes to the north.


SHAVER MYSTERY CLUB LETTERZINE: Shaver Mystery Club., Chicago, IL., First issue circa (ca.) 1950. Last issue – Vol. 3, No. 6: Each issue contained material about Richard S. Shaver and the ‘Shaver Mystery’, or his writings on a war between two underground civilizations… the evil Dero and the peaceful Tero.


SHAVER MYSTERY MAGAZINE, THE – The Shaver Mystery Club., Chicago, IL.,: The Shaver Mystery Club., Chicago, IL.  Issued Nos. 1-2, 1947; Nos. 3-7, 1948; Nos. 8-9, 1949 (Last Issue).Each issue contained letters from readers, stories by Richard S. Shaver, and discussions of the Shaver Mystery and related subjects. Reprints of all nine issues and an incomplete tenth issue are available from; http://www.shavertron.com )


Shaver, Richard S. – Wrote many articles and short novels for AMAZING STORIES and other science fiction-fact magazines during the controversial “Shaver Mystery” period (ca. 1945-1949), including his most famous short novel, ‘I REMEMBER LEMURIA’, which was re-written and expanded by editor Raymond A. Palmer from the original draft titled ‘A WARNING TO FUTURE MAN’. This story, as well as later ones based on the same theme, tells the history of two underground races, the DERO (or DEtrimental RObots), of a very negative-evil nature, and their nemesis, the peaceful TERO. These subterranean races were allegedly descendants OR contemporaries of the ‘Elder’ ones who abandoned the surface of the Earth ages ago, and built underground cities. They later departed for the stars, leaving their underground abodes to be occupied by less sophisticated subterranean dwellers, who separated into two factions… those who served the D-Force (the force of decay, degeneration, etc.) and those who served the T-Force (the “creative” force, etc.). Shaver wrote many “scienti-fiction” stories, however only ONE he alleged actually occurred to him. This was when a woman’s voice ‘led’ him to get a rowboat and get on Delaware Bay, and head toward a shore-side cliff where, hidden in the shadows and the foliage, he discovered a hidden crack in the cliff, just large enough for his rowboat to enter, and he then entered a long tunnel half-filled with water. Rowing through this for some time he came to a large cavern where the underground “Tero” people lived… however, while there, this particular “Tero” community was attacked, and most if not all of it’s residents were killed by the “Deros”… however Shaver – if we are to believe his story – was able to escape in his boat, and returned to the seaside cliff-crevice where he originally entered the ‘underground world’. He says he never again entered that cave.


SHAVERTRON Newsletter (See: Toronto, Richard – http://www.shavertron.com )

— Summer, 1980 issue., p. 9: A strange cave in the Guadeloupe Mts. of New Mexico, into which two men entered, traveling deep into the earth, and arriving at a large cavern where they witnessed an unusual ritual performed by strange dark-robed subterranean beings.

— Spring, 1981 (No. 7): Letter from an anonymous reader, telling of a letter which appeared in a certain issue of the Purdue University EXPONENT, from a student of the University in Lafayette, IN., stating that “There are men who walk the tunnels beneath Purdue,” and maintaining that certain forms of related activity were spreading across campus.

Shepard, Leslie A. – ENCYCLOPEDIA OF OCCULTISM & PARAPSYCHOLOGY., Avon Books., NY.:Includes the following sections relating to the Inner Earth: AGHARTA – p. 8; HOLLOW EARTH – pp. 431-432; MOUNT SHASTA – p. 831; SHAVER MYSTERY – p. 831; SUBTERRANEAN CITIES –  pp. 889-890; SUBTERRANEAN CRYPTS AND TEMPLES – pp. 890-892.


Sheppard, J.M. – Article in AMERICAN WEEKLY., Feb. 1944: The writer’s discovery a smooth shaft in the top of a mountain on the Equador-Columbian border, from which emerged a “mysterious man” who beckoned him away from the area.


Sherman, M. L., Co-author – See: Lyon, William P.


Shuttlewood, Arthur – THE FLYING SAUCERS., Sphere Books Ltd., London., 1976., Chapt. 2 – ENTERING THE TREASURES OF THE SNOW (esp. pp. 19-23): Inner Earth references.


Simmers, Cleve & Aileen – MOUNT SHASTA’S MYSTIC QUALITY. Article in the MEDFORD MAIL TRIBUNE., March 3, 1963: References to the legends and stories of Le-Murian descendant (or “NagaMayas”) living beneath the surface of the ‘extinct’ volcano, Mt. Shasta, in northern California.


Simpson, Wayne D. – Letter in the SHAVER MYSTERY MAGAZINE., Vol. 1 – No. 2., 1947., pp. 28-29: Tells of the “Spillman Manuscript” written by C.J. Spillman (of Phoenix, AZ), who in 1912 discovered an entrance to an underground ‘cavern city’ near San Simon, Bolivia… and who, along with other adventurers, encountered a race of “Christ-like” beings who stood nearly 8 ft. tall, looked almost exactly alike, and claimed to be part of an exploration party who had colonized a distant planet. The whereabouts of the unpublished manuscript were unknown to Mr. Simpson.


Singer, Jon

— THE BRISTOL HUM. Article in UFO REVIEW., Issue No. 9: References to the Inner Earth Mystery, and various reports of underground cities, etc.

— REALITY OF THE UNDERGROUND WORLD., A two-part article in UFO REVIEW., Issues Nos. 10-11: Several  accounts concerning physical human life beneath the surface of the Earth.


Slate, B. Ann

— (co-authored by Alan Berry) – BIGFOOT., Bantom Books, NY., 1978., Chapt – THE COINCIDENCE FACTOR., pp. 141-148: Refers to ‘Bigfoot’, and strange noises from under the ground.

— CALIFORNIA’S TIME TUNNEL. Article in SAGA’S UFO ANNUAL., 1978: A friendly race of very ancient and intelligent humans called the “Old Ones”, who colonized other star systems, and who live under the El Paso Mountains, near Randsburg, CA., and of some men who were exploring an old mine in the area when they “heard a rumbling beneath their feet as if there were a hollow in the mountain.”

— GODS FROM INNER SPACE., Article in SAGA Magazine., Jan. 1975.


Sleigh, Bernard – THE GATES OF HORN., Aldine House., London., 1926., 244 pp., illus.: References to the subterranean realm.


Sloyan, Patrick J. – MOUNT WEATHER: LAST SHELTER FOR THE BUREAUCRACY. Article in THE PHILADELPHIA ENQUIRER., Dec. 10, 1978: A secret government-built underground city, totally self-sustaining, and built within the interior of Mount Weather, in the Blue Ridge mountains near Bluemont, VA., which is to be used by high officials in government and military as a refuge in the event of a nuclear war.


Smith, Michael G. – “SASQUATCH, YETI, ‘EARTH GUARDIANS’, ANCIENT AND PRESENT: ‘THE OLD PEOPLE'”., Article in THE NEW ATLANTEAN JOURNAL., Sept. 1971: References to the ‘Old Ones’ who live under the surface of the earth.


Smith, Warren (pseud.) See: Norman, Eric.


Snell, Kenneth., Ed. – NEWSLETTER FOR THE HOLLOW EARTH SOCIETY., The Hollow Earth Society., Sydney, Australia. Several issues published.


Snyder, Al – NEWTON’S LAWS ARE FULL OF FLAWS. According to the author of this book, Sir. Issac Newton made errors in his gravitational equation. Snyder’s calculations indicate that the earth is five times less dense than is derived from orthodox scientific computation. He states that this minimal density means that the earth “…could only be hollow.” He also calculates that the moon and sun are also hollow, and that nature contains within itself a conservation of matter principle to prevent matter from being wasted unnecessarily. He calculates that the sun is only 574 times as dense as the earth and not 330,000 times. “This would explain the mystery of why the sun has 98.8% of the mass of the Solar system, but only 2% of its angular momentum.” (Also see: McDonald, Dr. George)


Somadeva, Bhatta – THE KATHA SARIT SAGARA, OR OCEAN OF THE STREAMS OF STORY., New Delhi, India., 1968. Ten volumes of ancient East Indian lore. Vol. 6., pp. 108-109: A description of the seven subterranean worlds of PATALAS, an underground realm beneath India, which appears deceitfully benign outwardly, yet is a reptilian ‘hell’ within, according to other sources.

SOMETHING QUARE DOWN THE TUNNEL., Article in THE PEOPLE (British)., Dec. 1, 1968: Reports of  a strange ‘phantom’ creature, about7 ft. tall, seen by workers during the construction of London’s NEW VICTORIA tube line.


SOME THINKERS INSIST THAT THE EARTH IS HOLLOW., Article in WEEKLY WORLD NEWS., Aug. 18, 1981: Refers to early proponents of the ‘Hollow Earth’ theory, including Cotton Mather, Edmund Halley, John Cleves Symmes, Marshall B Gardner, and Cyrus Teed (who influenced several high-ranking Nazi’s with his “Koreshian” or “Hollow Universe” theories — that the universe is a vast hollow sphere, however the surface of planet earth is also the surface of a great concave world-universe with the sun, stars, planets and moon also existing within the great ‘hollow’ — so profoundly that Hitler was believed to have sent expeditions to prove or disprove Teed’s theories.


South, Wilfred A.

—- Letter in THE HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter., Vol. 1, No. 10: The discoveries of ancient lost cities under Alaska, Canada, Turkey, Britain, and Europe… by a secret group of explorers, of which the writer was a member.

— Letter in THE HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter., Vol. 1, No. 12: Contains a diagram showing the theoretical makeup of the earth’s interior.


SOVIET TESTS REVEAL THE 55-HOUR DAY! – Article in WEEKLY WORLD NEWS., April 6, 1982: Records the strange discoveries of Russian scientists who spent 71 days in one of the world’s deepest caves, located in the Abkhazia mountains in the former Soviet Union. At a depth of eight miles, the scientists reported increased vitality, less fatigue, and a natural change from the normal 24-hour working-sleeping cycle to a 55-hour cycle.

SOVIET TREASURE CAVE – Article in FATE magazine., July 1958., p. 1: The Mata Tash cave in the Kalak-Tash Mountains in the Republic of Kirghizi, within which – according to legend – lies hidden a vast hoard of treasures left by a culture which flourished more than 2,000 years ago.


Spence, Lewis

— LABYRINTHS AND THEIR MEANING., Article in THE OCCULT REVIEW., Aug. 1927: References to legendary labyrinths such as those of Crocodilopolis, near Lake Moeris in Egypt; the Aurignacian caves in the Pyrenees and the Dordogne Mts.; at Niaux in the Ariege; and the ‘endless’ cavern of Gortyna, at the foot of Mt. Ida in Crete.

— THE OCCULT SCIENCE IN ATLANTIS., Rider & Co., London., pp. 87-88: Refers to the cavern of Querti in the island at Elephantine, which is surrounded by much tradition; and arcane traditions of a certain cavern which was the source of all the waters that circulated through the Atlantean dominions. Pp. 110-111: Describes the “Great Labyrinth of Atlantis” with its entrance near the city of Cercenes, Atlantis.

— THE PROBLEMS OF ATLANTIS., p. 95: Several South American tribes who claim that their ancestors took refuge in huge subterranean caves during a time in the ancient past when the world was scourged with fire, and later by a world-wide flood.


Spillman, C.J. – THE SPILLMAN MANUSCRIPT: Unpublished manuscript describing the author’s visit to a subterranean city beneath Bolivia. (Also see: Simpson, Wayne D.)


Stacy-Judd, Robert – FROM UNDERNEATH., Article in THE VOICE OF ASTARA., May 1982: The travels of the famous explorer Robert Stacy-Judd, who, while exploring one of the Caves of Loltun in Yucatan, became lost, along with his party. They are rescued by an old man who comes from the interior  depths of the cavern, and lead them to safety. Local residents claim that the strange “hermit” is more than

a thousand years old. Also refers to Dr. Earlyne’s expedition to these caves.


Stark, Martha G. – Letter in INNER EARTH ENTRANCES (self-published manuscripts circulated among a limited numbers of ‘Inner Earth’ researchers, and which became the basis-foundation-inspiration for PROJECT REDBOOK — http://www.angelfire.com/ut/branton/redbook1.html )., by Bruce Walton., Vol. 5: Refers to an entrance to “Pelleur’s Kingdom” near Carlsbad & Lecheguilla Caverns in New Mexico. (Also see: Ballard, Guy – THE MAGIC PRESENCE)


Statler, Gene A. – Letter in SEARCH magazine., Oct. 1961., pp. 76-81: Concerning L. Taylor Hansen’s discovery of a “black, polished shaft, leading down into the earth near Death Valley”, and of Hansen’s later disappearance and return 12 years later, and of his (or her, according to some?) refusal to tell anyone where he/or/she had been during the missing years. (Also see: Hansen, L. Taylor & Oga-Make)


Stauffer, Truman


— UNDERGROUND UTILIZATION., (edited by) 8 Vols.


Steele, Henry M.

— ADVENTURES WITH THE SPACE TRAVELERS – AND LESSONS TAUGHT… Unpublished manuscript telling of the author’s astral journey’s which he claims to have made as a child, to a subterranean city under Stonehenge, England… and also physical visits to the Earth’s ‘Hollow’ interior via ‘flying disc’, where he claims to have observed its cities, the inner sun, etc.  (Also referred to in an article by the same author which appeared in SHAVERTRON newsletter – < http://www.shavertron.com > – Spring, 1981 issue, titled: DERO’S CON HISTORY)

— Letter in SHAVERTRON newsletter… No. 3, p. 5., Steele claims to have learned from Dick Williams, an ex-CIA agent, of the government’s discovery of a cavern containing ancient machines, some of which they had learned to operate, including a ‘time travel’ device “…not at all like we think of H.G. Wells’ time machines… works different.”

— MILLION $$ CAVE ENTRANCE REVEALED BY STEELE – NO CHARGE., Letter-article in SHAVERTRON., No. 5: A story an Indian (Native American) man heard as a young child, from his grandmother, about a tunnel on the shore of a certain river in Texas which led far in to the earth, where exists an illuminated subterranean land inhabited by the ‘Old One’ – who occasionally make visits to the surface, but had little if any contact with the local tribes.


Steen, Irene M. – THE CAVERNS OF HELL: Article in SEARCH magazine., Aug. 1957., pp.46-47: Based on Ferdinand Ossendowski’s research on legends of the subterranean world of Agharti.


Steichart, Prof. J.A. – THE TEN LOST TRIBES., Article in FATE magazine., May 1949., pp.65-67: Presents the writers’ theories on the whereabouts of the Lost 9 ½ Tribes of Israel (excluding the tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and ‘half’ of the tribe of Levi); also mentions an old Chinese legend which tells of the Lost Tribes, saying that the day will come when they will be found again.


Steiger, Brad – ATLANTIS RISING., Dell Publishing Co., New York, NY., Chapt. – AN INNER EARTH EMPIRE OF MASTERS AND MONSTERS.


Steinberg, Gene., Ed. – CAVEAT EMPTOR., No longer published: Some issues carried Hollow/Inner Earth material.


Stenuit, Robert & Marc Jasinski – CAVES AND THE MARVELOUS WORLD BENEATH US: Describes an expedition which succeeded in partly opening the doors of the “fabulous grotto of Bou-ch’la in Morocco.”


Stephens, J.C. – Letter in SEARCH magazine, April, 1958., p. 102: Concerning the “Plutonians” who in ancient times built colonies deep within the  earth. (Also see: Obruchev, V.A.)


Stevens, Lt. Col. Wendell C. – UFO: CONTACT FROM THE PLEIADES., A PRELIMINARY INVESTIGATIVE REPORT., UFO Photo Archives., Tucson, AZ., 1982., p. 79: Describes the sixth face-to-face contact between Eduard ‘Billy’ Meier and the extraterrestrial woman ‘Semjase’, and of the  confirmation that strange people – unknown to us – live in the hollow interiors of certain mountains and in caves beneath the earth’s surface. They are of various types, some with blue skin, and others who often come to the surface and blend in with surface inhabitants, unknown as to their true origins.


Stewart, C. Nelson

— BULWER LYTTON., Article in MAN, MYTH & MAGIC., Marshal Cavendish Corp., NY., 1970., p. 1670: Mentions “The Vril Society” of Germany and the belief that a race of subterranean beings will one day emerge, as related in E. Bulwer Lytton’s book, THE COMING RACE.

— SUBTERRANEAN RACE., Article in MAN, MYTH & MAGIC., 1970., pp. 2712-2713: Legends and  accounts of subterranean life, and of scientific evidence suggesting the existence of vast cavities within the  mantle of the earth.


Stone, Fred., Ed. – AUSTRALIAN SAUCER RECORD., Vol. 7, No. 1., 1961., 6 pp.: An article titles ‘AN AMAZING STORY’, concerning the ‘polar entrances’ to the geo-concavitic (hollow) earth.


Stoppel, Florence E. – Letter in AMAZING STORIES magazine., July 1947., pp. 172-173: Describes attempts to reach an underground city believe to exist beneath the surface of Los Angeles, CA. (Also see: Cleveland, Stanford M.)


Story, Ronald – THE SPACE-GODS REVEALED., Harper & Row., New York, NY., Chapt. 10: CAVES FILLED WITH GOLD: The discovery by Juan Moricz, of a gigantic tunnel system running under the surfaces of Ecuador and Peru. (Also see: Daniken, Eric Von – THE GOLD OF THE GODS)


STRANGE GREEN VALLEY – Article in FATE magazine., Feb. 1959., pp. 6-7: Two Canadian geologists reported the discovery of a beautiful green valley 10 miles long and two miles wide in the barren frozen lands near Bathurst inlet, at the southern tip of Coronation Gulf, inside the Arctic Circle, and possibly warmed by underground geothermal heat.


STRANGE PHENOMENA., Psychic Australian., Spit Junction., N.S.W., Australia: Contains some info on the inner/hollow earth.


Stranges, Dr. Frank E.

— THE HOLLOW EARTH MYSTERY., National Investigations Committee on Unidentified Flying Objects (N.I.C.U.F.O.)., Van Nuys, CA: Cassette tape.

— THE HOLLOW EARTH MYSTERY: YOUR PARADISE INSIDE THIS PLANET., National Investigations Committee on Unidentified Flying Objects (N.I.C.U.F.O.)., Van Nuys, CA: Cassette tape.


STRANGE TUNNEL, A., – Article in THE BRIDGEPORT POST., Bridgeport, CT., Sept. 30, 1972: The discovery of an ancient tunnel near Milford, CT., on Edgemont Road near Hubbell Place., and more than 200 feet long and made of stone dry masonry with a brick arch. (Also see: INFO JOURNAL)


Straus, Commander J. – Articles appearing in “O CRUZIERO”, a Brazilian magazine: Presents Straus’s theories concerning the subterranean origin of many of the ‘Flying Saucers’. These articles inspired O.C. Huguenin’s book, FROM THE SUBTERRANEAN WORLD TO THE SKY: FLYING SAUCERS.


Stringer, Sparks – Letter in AMAZING STORIES magazine., Nov. 1947., p. 173: Reveals a blueprint-draft of a huge, unexplored cavern system beneath the Kokoweek mountains adjacent to Death Valley, California. (Also see: Gesner, Charles H., & Clark, Howard D.)


Strumbough, Virginia – FAIRIES WERE REAL., Article in FATE magazine., Nov. 1957., pp. 83-90: Evidence that fairies, who are notorious for their subterranean existence, actually existed.


Summers, Montague – WITCHCRAFT AND BLACK MAGIC., Rider & Co., NY., 1946., Later reprints by Arrow Books., pp. 246-247: Describes two so-called “haunted mines” in Saxony, Germany.


Swanson, Virginia Louise – Letter to Bruce Walton referring to Devil’s Hole, in the Death Valley National Monument, northeast of Death Valley Junction, CA.  Two boys entered the ‘cave’ several years ago and were never seen again. Navy scuba divers were lowered on cables and reported seeing a large underground river which roared up from far below. They could not estimate it’s width because of a myriad of colonnades of black rock which it flowed through before plunging down an abyss. The cave was sealed shortly following the incident.


Swift, Dr. – (See: Ginner, Al)


Symmes, Americus Vespucious – THE SYMMES THEORY OF CONCENTRIC SPHERES., Bradley & Gilbert., Louisville, KY., 1878: Americus was the sone of John Cleves Symmes, known as one of the first persons of modern times to advance the theory of a hollow, concentrically-sphered, Earth, inhabited within. (Also see: McBride, James)


Symmes, John Cleves – HISTORY OF BUTLER COUNTY., 1852., pp. 171-173: Symmes’ beliefs and teachings of an inhabited inner world, concentrically sphered (one hollow sphere within another., 5 in all – however earlier and later theorists, considering the improbable logistics of such a series of concentric spheres, theorized one hollow sphere with a central matter-energy orb’ or ‘sun’ suspended in the center of the ‘hollow’).  Symmes was one in a series of relatively ‘modern’ theorists on the Hollow Earth, preceded in order of their appearance and work, by: Cotton Mather, Edmund Halley, Leonard Euler, and Sir John Leslie.  (Also see: McBride, James)



**** T ****


Tarde, Gabriel – UNDERGROUND MAN., Hyperion Press, Inc., Westport, CT., 1905., 196 pp.: Novel based on the premise that mankind will have to escape to the earth’s interior to survive a worldwide catastrophe in the future.


TATTLER, THE – by the editors of WEIRD STORIES., Illustrated Newspapers Ltd., London., pp. 54-58: Records the story of a mysterious “haunted cave” in Burma.


Taylor, Douglas – TALES AND LEGENDS OF THE DOMINICA CARIBS., Article in THE JOURNAL OF AMERICAN FOLKLORE., Vol. 65: The tradition of the Bataka tribe (Dominica, West Indies) of people who live in caverns beneath “Pegua Rock” on the Barakua Ridge, and a legend that they will not emerge to the surface until “the end of the world.” Also mentions a nearby cave, entered through cliffs down at the ocean, which also plays an part in Baraka traditions.


Taylor, William Alexander – INTERMERE., 20th Century Pub. Co., Columbus, OH., 1901; Reprinted by HEALTH RESEARCH: After miraculously surviving a sea disaster, a man finds himself in a strange Inner World inhabited by a peaceful, highly advanced race of humans.


Taylor, Michael., Ed. – WONDER MAGAZINE., Vol. 3., No. 2., 1951., published in England: Special ‘Shaver Mystery’ issue.




Tiede, Tom – JOHN SYMMES’ PROPOSITION THAT THE EARTH IS HOLLOW STILL HAS ITS SUPPORTERS., Article in THE HERALD., Provo, Utah., July 10., 1978; Reprinted in THE HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter., Feb. 1981: Discusses the Hollow Earthy theory, and early theorists.


Tomas, Andrew

— ON THE SHORES OF ENDLESS WORLDS., Contains a chapter about the Inner Earth and ancient tunnel systems beneath Asia. Also describes the underground cavern cities of the “Nagas” beneath India and elsewhere, a very cunning and evil race of “lizard people” apparently descended/mutated from ancient bi-ped saurians like the Veloci-Raptors that lived on the surface ages ago, yet went down underground where they continue their secret war against the human race. (Also see: Wilson, H.H.)

— SHAMBHALLA: OASIS OF LIGHT., Sphere Books Ltd., London, England: Inner Earth material, including descriptions of the subterranean kingdom of “Agharta” beneath Mongolia, with its capitol-city of “Shambhalla.”


Tompkins, Peter

— MYSTERIES OF THE MEXICAN PYRAMIDS., Harper & Row., NY., 1976: Contains some information on ancient Mexican tunnel systems.

— SECRETS OF THE GREAT PYRAMID., pp. 268-269: Describes tunnels, vast catacombs, and even a subterranean city believed by some to exist deep beneath the Gizeh plateau in Egypt.


Toronto, Richard., Ed. – SHAVERTRON ( http://www.shavertron.com )., Quarterly: Includes articles, letters, editorials, and other features relating to the Shaver Mystery, the Inner Earth, ancient mysteries, and related topics.


Trainor, Joseph – Letter in FATE magazine., Jan. 1980: Refers to two separate incidents in China, of encounters with subterranean creatures. Reprinted in THE HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter., May, 1983. (Also see: Willoughby-Meade, G.)


Trench, Brinsley Le Poer (or, The Earl of Clancarty) – SECRETS OF THE AGES: UFO’S FROM INSIDE THE EARTH., Pinnacle Books., New York, NY., 1974., 217 pp., illus.: Recounts many of the legends, stories and theories concerning the interior of the earth and its inhabitants.


Triven, Dr. – HOLLOW EARTH CITIZENS., Letter/article in SAGA magazine (date uncertain): A Longview, WA man claims to be a citizen of the ‘Hollow Earth’, and is able to visit the surface world through a “proton reversal process.” He also warns of the dangers of publishing articles on the ‘Hollow Earth’ such as on in the Feb. 1970 issue, because some of the entities that inhabit the inner earth, especially the cavernous regions, are not at all benevolent. (Also see: LOST CONTINENTS BEYOND THE POLES)



**** U ****


UFO-NACHRICHTEN (Swedish UFO Publication) – July, 1970 issue: Article, HOLE AT THE POLES.


UFO REVIEW (See: Beckley, Timothy Green)




Uhey, Lee – JOURNEY TO THE UNKNOWN., Article in THE HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter., May 1982: The story of one man’s frightening encounter with the subterranean world.


**** V ****


Vassos. John – KUBLA KHAN., E.P. Dutton & Co., NY., 1933: Records Samuel Coleridge’s poem, KUBLA KHAN., which includes the phrase: “…In Xanadu did Kubla Khan a stately pleasure dome decree, where Alph the sacred river ran through caverns measureless to man, down to a sunless sea…”


Van  Hoof, Kenneth., Ed. – DIAMOND STAR., periodical: Certain issued carried information on the Inner Earth mystery.


Vaughn, Ralph E. – THE SEARCH FOR THE HOLLOW EARTH., Article in BEYOND REALITY magazine., Nov.-Dec. 1975., pp.12-15.


Verill, A. Hyatt – SECRET TREASURES., D. Appleton & Co., NY., 1931: Chapt. 11 – TREASURE CAVES OF BRITAIN.


Verill, A Hyatt & Ruth – AMERICA’S ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS., NY., p. 94: Presents ‘evidence’ suggesting that the legendary ‘Chico-Moztoc’, or ‘Place of the Seven Caves’ from which the Aztec’s – according to tradition – were believed to have emerged from an underground world, is located somewhere in southern Utah, near Kanab.



**** W ****


Wagner, George H.

— ABOUT CAVES AND OTHER SECRET HIDING PLACES IN THE WORLD., Article in SEARCH magazine., Jan. 1967: Describes an underground city 75 miles NW of Portland, OR., nearly 10 miles beneath the earth.

— LOST CAVES: SECRET SAUCER BASES? – Article in SAGA’S UFO REPORT., Oct. 1976: Several unusual accounts of lost caves and underground cities, and their connections with the UFO mystery.


Wallace, Irving – SQUARE PEGS., Alfred A. Knopf Co., New York, NY., 1957: Several unorthodox people and their beliefs, including Capt. John Cleves Symmes, who taught that the earth was hollow, inhabited within, and entered through openings at the poles.

Walters, Richard – WANDERERS WHEEL IN MALTA – Article in THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazine., Aug. 1940: A network of caverns and tunnels under this Mediterranean island, Malta, the entrance to which were closed by the government after a large group of school children entered the catacombs of the ‘Hypogeum of Hal Saflienti’, and never returned. (Also see: Crabb, Riley H. – THE REALITY OF THE CAVERN WORLD)


Walton, Bruce (aka ‘Branton’)

— (Ed.) The ‘INNER EARTH ENTRANCES’ series., self-published: 6 volumes. Unpublished manuscripts containing various reports, legends, stories, and articles concerning the Inner Earth mystery. Reports from several sources on Inner Earth related accounts throughout the world.

— THE SALT FLAT MYSTERY., Article in the HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter., Aug. 1981: Accounts of strange encounters with subterranean beings.

— THE EMERGENCE CYCLE (revised)., Article in NEW WORLDS newsletter., Vol. 1, No. 3: Traditions and prophecies from several tribes stating that he subterranean inhabitants of the earth will one day emerge and help to bring about a new world (The original version appeared in the HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter., Vol. 2., No. 3).,

— THE SURFACE CONNECTION., Two-part article appearing in SHAVERTRON magazine ( http://www.shavertron.com )., Issues No. 10-11: The infiltration of the surface world by subterranean beings.

— THE DREAM MINE STORY., Unpublished article about an ancient gold mine in central Utah, now sealed, and which reportedly led to nine ancient large caverns containing a fabulous golden treasure trove and huge veins of gold, mined by an ancient pre-Indian civilization… as well as priceless records containing the lost history of this forgotten culture, including a prophecy that the mine will be re-opened and activated at a time of economic collapse to help bring ‘relief’ to the people at the time. (Also see: Newell, Neil K.)

— WAS WILLIAM MORGAN ‘THE MAN’? Article in THE HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter., Aug. 1982: Evidence that William Morgan, a famous former Mason and author of a Masonic expose titled ILLUSTRATIONS OF MASONRY (Chicago, 1827) — and who according to history disappeared without a trace and was assumed to have been assassinated by angry Masons — was also the actual author of the book ETIDORHPA (APHRODITE spelled backwards), which was allegedly delivered to John Uri Lloyd by this man who went by the name of ‘I Am the Man’). The book describes how ‘The Man’ was taken by an inner earth being to a cave in Livingston county, Kentucky, and through a labyrinth which eventually led them to the ‘hollow’ or geoconcavitic interior surface of the earth, some 800-1000 miles below the outer surface. (Also see: Lloyd, John Uri)


Ward, Jimmy – Letter in GRAY BARKER’S NEWSLETTER., Aug. 1982., No. 16: An announcement made by the “Canadian National Research Council” in 1942 of plans for the construction of a vast underground complex to be built by AVRO, which was to cover an area approximately 75 square miles, between British Columbia and Alberta, and bordering on the state of Washington on the south, and the Peace River district on the north. No further word of the project has been released.


Warren, Martha – MANDAN-HIDATSA MYTHS AND CEREMONIES., p. 10: The Mandan tribal belief that their ancestors in ancient times emerged from a subterranean land through a cave at the foot of a high cliff-bank on the north side of the Missouri River, near where the river meets the ocean, or at least where it did so in ancient times.


Warren, William F. – PARADISE FOUND, OR THE CRADLE  OF THE HUMAN RACE AT THE NORTH POLE., Fieldcrest Publishing., New York, NY., n.d., reprinted by HEALTH RESEARCH: The belief that the human race originated from a hidden paradise that is accessed through secret route via the north pole.


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  1. ‘LOST WORLD’ SOUGHT IN 650-FT. HOLE., Feb. 4, 1974.
  2. ‘LOST WORLD’ MEN GO BACK., Feb. 17., 1974.

(Also see: Charroux, Robert – MYSTERIES OF THE ANDES)


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— SECRET CITIES OF OLD SOUTH AMERICA., Rider & Co., London, England, n.d.: Generally theorizes that parts of South America contain the remains of ancient Atlantis, thrust upward during great upheavals in ancient times. This work refers to other underground tunnels and stories of underground civilizations. This book was reportedly originally  suppressed in the U.S., however it is now available in certain libraries.

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Willoughby, Cosette

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— Letter in INNER EARTH ENTRANCES., Vol. 4., by Bruce Walton: Refers to entrances northwest of Silver City, NM., north of ‘Truth or Consequences’, NM; and an underground city entered through a cave in the Don Anna Mountains of New Mexico, found by a couple who lived in the subterranean city for several years before returning to the surface.


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Wilson, Don – OUR MYSTERIOUS SPACESHIP MOON., Dell Publishing Co. Inc., New York, NY., pp. 99-107: Records the findings of Apollo 14 and 15’s seismic experiments which indicated that the moon vibrates, or “rings” like a bell when struck by meteors. Also the findings which suggest the possibility that the moon is hollow, with a metallic crust 60 miles thick. Some theories as to why this is verge on the extreme, for instance one theory is that the moon is actually an artificial sphere, a vast spaceship that was used in the most ancient times by a pre-Adamic Luciferic ‘race’ which fled to earth after losing an ancient war in the heavens. (Also see: Snyder, Al; & FATE magazine., July 1962 – “The Earth – A Vast ‘Bell'”)


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Williamson, George Hunt

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Wiseman, Alan – Letter in THE HOLLOW HASSLE newsletter., Aug. 1982: Refers to caverns beneath the Texas Instruments complex next to the LBJ Freeway, near Dallas, TX., below a certain building beginning with an “S”. Also reports on a group of ‘Shaver Mystery’ fans who were allowed to enter the tunnels and caverns to observe the ‘little green men and women’ who were discovered living in the underground caverns by the explorers.


Wolfe, Louis – THE DEEPEST HOLE IN THE WORLD., a ‘Science Explorer Book’., G. P. Putnam & Sons., New York, N.Y., 1964: The story of ‘Project Mohole’. Chapters 1 & 2 refer to various Inner Earth beliefs, mentioning theorists such as Leslie, Euler, Halley, Symmes, Teed, ad several others, including inner earth fiction writers. (Also see: Bascom, Willard)


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**** X ****


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**** Y ****


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**** Z ****


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