This Generation Shall Not Pass – Ella Rose Mast

ERM – Tape 102 – This Generation Shall Not Pass – Matt 24:34


TAPE NO. 102  –  By Ella Rose Mast




The word Generation carried a double meaning which is often not realized. It carries the meaning of RACE as well as a period of time in someone’s life. The Generations of the Adamic Race begins in the Scriptures in Genesis 4:1. When The Christ walked the earth as Jesus..Saviour..the word still carried the meaning of Race because many of the generations of this race would come and go and still the Kingdom Administrations is not in place. Jesus thus was saying that there would still be some of His race here in earth as He comes as KING OF KINGS. He was also saying that the Viper Race would still be with us also right up to the time of the Return of The Christ as KING OF KINGS. They would still be denying the Resurrection, still be trying to pervert the doctrines of the Church (the spiritual center of the Kingdom), still be trying to subvert the plan of this Divine Administration of earth, and still be shedding the blood of men who are on the ‘RIGHT’, as well as usurping the position of God’s chosen people.

For instance:..’The tree (family tree or race) is known by its fruit …O Generation (race) of vipers how can ye being evil speak good things?’ Matthew 12:34. ‘The children of the World (order) are in their generations (races) wiser than the Children of Light’ (Luke 16:8). ‘A seed shall serve HIM; it shall be accounted to the LORD for a generation (race)’. Psalms 22:30.

Today we still find the same battle raging between the Children of Light and the Children of Darkness. In this tape we are recalling to your memory another time in our history when this battle was very much in focus. At that time in our history as a nation there were still too many communists in our Government, too many people in high places in our nation did believe in our God, and the drive was on to make these United States a part of a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, no longer a Sovereign Nation.

At this time in history then God ‘called’, and another Patriot stood for God and Country and denounced the enemy. As we look into the life of this other Patriot in this continuing battle we have the testimony of a Lady who worked for this Patriot during the time the powers of Darkness sought to destroy a young Senator who sought to warn the American people of this Communist infiltration of their Government…this was Larry Lent. We also have a book by the young Jewish attorney who worked for this Senator and his name was Roy Cohn.

This Patriot…Joseph Raymond McCarthy was born November 14, 1908, on a farm near Appleton, Wisconsin. Young McCarthy became a lawyer at an early age, and then a circuit judge. He left his Judgeship to enter the Marines when W.W.II came, and he served in the Pacific area. It was during the War that he became acquainted with John F. Kennedy and although they were of very different backgrounds they became friends, and this friendship continued after the war.

Young McCarthy returned home from the War and became interested in the situation facing his government and he decided to enter politics and see if he could be of any use in that area. He ran for the U.S. Senate against Robert La Follette…and this young Senator won the election.

Larry Lent tells us that Senator McCarthy loved his country very much and this was always on his mind, as well as his love of the American people and of course our Constitution which has served us well. He believed that he could help get rid of the enemies in our country. Senator McCarthy was a friendly unassuming young man, as soon as people met him they were his friend. He had a fabulous mind and a brilliant memory and he should have made a good Senator for this nation.

This was the type of young man who came to Washington D.C., to serve in the United States Senate at a time when many hard core Communists still remained in different ‘high up’ jobs not only in the Government but also throughout the nations. Even the Defense plants had been full of Communists who were outright ‘security risks’. Harry Dester White had risen to great power and even the President was fooled by this man. Edward Rothchild still remained in the Government printing office in spite of dozens of F.B.I. reports concerning his Communists activities until later exposed by the McCarthy committee.

The Over Seas Libraries had been set in place in foreign countries…supposed to contain reading material telling about our country, its people and our life style and beliefs. But upon examination the shelves were found to contain 30,000 books by Communist Sympathizers, or those who promoted Communism. There were tax supported libraries and Senator McCarthy was appalled that this had been allowed to happen, this use of tax payer money to help and promote Communism which was the enemy of these United States. The more places he looked the more he found and this young Senator then started the Senate Committee of Investigation.

All at once this Young Senator became a menace to the United States Congress because of his outspoken charges. He upset them so they said the sensitive feelings of this great house called the Senate of the U.S. with his outrageous charges:….

1. He charged the Democratic Party with 20 years of Treason, and this infuriated the 47 Democrat Senators.

2. He accused the Eisenhower Administration with appeasement, retreat, and surrender to Communism.

3. He charged General Marshall, a friend of the President with being soft on Communism.

These were serious and outspoken charges and of course they raised the hackles of the sitting body. But if the Republicans were to win the control of the Senate in 1954 then Joseph McCarthy would have been the Chairman of the Committee on Government Operations, this of course was uppermost on the mind of Senators as well as those in control behind the scene of the Eisenhower Administration. They realized that Senator McCarthy was popular with the people and if he were to break away from the Republican Party in 1956 this would bring disaster to the Eastern Liberals of the Party. Thus we would say that politics would play a large part in all that happened to this young Patriot who came to Washington D.C. hoping to help this nation. He had been greeted by no one on his arrival, after all he was just a young Senator and would not be welcomed by the Entrenched Senators for they did not want, so to speak, ‘to Rock the Boat’. Besides many of the Senators were locked into the Eastern Liberal Philosophy that suggested that a little Communism would not be a bad thing in our modern world.

This was the climate that the young Senator would run up against as he tried to remove the enemies from our nation. Gerald L.K. Smith would say this about this young Senator McCarthy:..(quote) ‘he was a decorated Marine, a fighting Christian Irishman, a handsome heroic son of God fearing parents.’ (unquote)

Imagine then that after fighting as a Marine and winning the war how he must have felt to come home to find his government through ‘negotiations’ had lost the Peace. From a victorious nation we became a defeated nation, not only would Stalin control one/half of Berlin, and one/half of Germany but Stalin also convinced our leaders to sacrifice Poland, and all the nations which joined the Soviet Union. These little Eastern nations had all been free and independent nations before this and there was no good reason to let the Communists take over.

While in the Marines, Senator McCarthy came to know the Coast of China and Japan real well, and when reminiscing later he maintained that our policy to maintain a friendly China was a wise one because the Pacific Ocean was essential to the protection of the United States. Imagine his surprise to find that this policy was being abandoned and China was being turned over to the Communists.

Sometime after coming to Washington D.C. the Young Senator was invited to have lunch with the Secretary of the Navy, James Forrestal. Larry Lent was to wonder if perhaps God had a hand arranging this meeting because Secretary Forrestal was to bring the Senator up to date on the Communist infiltration of our Government, our school, and our News Media. In the State Department the Communists had recommended other Communists for jobs, and those people were now in policy making positions. Our Foreign Policy was therefore slanted toward Soviet Objectives. Before this meeting with the Secretary of the Navy the young Senator had thought that we were losing to the Communists because of the Incompetence or stupidity. When he mentioned this to the Sec. of Navy, James Forrestal, the Secretary replied:..’Consistence has never been a mark of stupidity..if our State Department boys were merely stupid they would make a mistake once in a while…in our favor’.

Now; the FBI had not been asleep during the 40’s and 50’s, their investigations had produced volumes of files on Communist infiltration into the American Government, but they had no way to get this information to the people, and no authority to remove these people from their Government jobs. One time the FBI notified President Truman…in fact they had notified him 7 times that Harry Dexter White was a suspected traitor, but President Truman under the influence of the enemy only gave the man a raise in position. The Un-American Activities Committee had held hearings and exposed Algers Hiss as a Communist in the State Department and reported this to President Truman, but the President ridiculed this report calling it a ‘Red Herring’. Secretary of State Dean Atchison declared that he would never turn his back on Algers Hiss. Thus American leaders in blindness were being influenced to betray their nation.

Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal however was one of the men who was able to see beyond all this blindness and he was now informing this young Senator as to the danger our nation faced at this time in our history. Then the Almighty raised up Patriots to counter the threat to his nation and Senator McCarthy would play a great role in this uncovering of Communist infiltration and its results. The Secretary of Navy named names, and places and this young Senator began his crusade. It was soon after this that Secretary Forrestal fell, OR WAS PUSHED from the upper window of Bethesda Naval Hospital and another voice of protest was silenced.

After he had come to Washington D.C. and took his oath of office Senator McCarthy found that there were other members of Congress who were also outspoken and had also been trying to alert the American people for years, but when they had proved for certain that some one was a Communist the story was hidden..if printed at the Want Ad sections of the Newspapers. Senator McCarthy was soon aware of the frustration of these Patriots who witnessed our Foreign Policy ‘give-away’. He after day the evidence of Treason, but unless this evidence could be gotten out to the American people, and they rose in anger, how could you expose the Traitors as well as the Dupes who were helping them? After all Foreign Policy does not just happen, it is well planned, it has faces and names and these would have to be exposed. Even J. Edgar Hoover believed that once you exposed the Traitors and Dupes to the public then you could expect they would no longer be able to do harm to our nation. The problem was, how do you bring this exposure when the enemy controlled the Communication system? It would do little good to try to reform Foreign Policy as long as those men forming that policy were your enemy.

Day after day this young Senator had come across more and more evidence of Treason, and more and more government employees were now coming to the Senator with ‘absolute’ proof of Treason or Sabotage in their departments of government. The Senators files were now bulging with proof and he decided he must begin to speak out no matter what the cost. Some Senators came to him and advised him to be quite, for there was nothing that he could do and it would only look bad for the Senate of the U.S. if he tried to expose all this conspiracy, but the young Senator could not settle for this which he termed cowardice.

The first opportunity to speak out to the American people in hopes of awakening them came when he was asked to speak at a Lincoln Day Dinner in Wheeling, West Virginia. This dinner was given by the Republican Women of Wheeling on February 29, 1950. This was the opportunity the Senator was looking for to put his Crusade in action. He began his speech this way:..(quote) ‘Today we are engaged in a final ALL OUT battle between communism and Christianity!’ In his speech he charged the Communists who worked in the State Department. He stated that he had names of 57 Communists who worked in the State Department. He showed a letter from Secretary Burns showing that earlier there had been 184 ‘unfit’ persons working in the State Department, and that there were 205 people considered as Security Risks working in the State Department, and he had the names of 57 of them. He declared that he would give these names to a Security board, or another interested Committee. All this information would also be sent to the President of the United States, and the President then could ask Dean Atchison who these people were.

The President never acknowledged receiving the letter which was sent, and the Press of course ridiculed the charges, but at least they did admit that the charges had been made. The Senate then moved to appoint a committee to investigate Senator McCarthy’s charges, and the Communists in this country then lost no time in coining the word:…’McCarthyism’, and they began a ferocious attack upon the young Senator and anyone who would join him.

Senator Tidings was appointed head of the Senate Investigating Committee and he challenged the figures given by Senator McCarthy in an effort to confuse everyone. The Committee sent a man to Wheeling, West Virginia to interview the people who had heard Senator McCarthy speak, and everyone gave the same figures. This angered the Committee so they sent another man to Wheeling, and one of the Committee members went along. Back in those days of course the speech was not taped as it would have been today. Larry Lent had coffee with the man who was first sent to Wheeling, West Virginia and he told him that Senator Tidings was furious, and was out to destroy Senator McCarthy. When the second Committee report was the same as the first, they fired the man who reported to the Committee.

After Senator Tidings was defeated in the next election the McCarthy people began to realize why the Senators who had held power so long did not want to disturb the ‘status quo’. The Press was turned loose, and McCarthyism began to mean an attack on innocent people, character assassination, a witch hunt, but this was the enemies way to try to destroy anyone who seemed to stand in their way.

Senator McCarthy then wrote a book in which he explained what McCarthyism was all about. He urged the American people to take a hard look at what happened as the Communists took over the Soviet Union, how this had led to total destruction of freedom. One Old Line Communist said:..’Now it is total war between Communism and Capitalism of the West. We are today to weak to strike, but our day will come in 30 to 40 years. Today we must lull the Western Nations to sleep with a Cry of Peace and Disarmament, then when their guard is dropped we shall smash them with a clenched fist’.

When the Senators book was published it was sent to Libraries, but almost never displayed, it was hidden from the public while the Press played the tune of ‘McCarthyism’ again and again. Today we still have people who think McCarthyism is a dirty word, whereas old time Conservatives looked on Senator McCarthy as an American Patriot, one point of light, standing tall for his god and his nation against the Children of Darkness.

One of the names given by the Senator to the Investigating Committee was Owen Lattimore, for he was a highly placed individual who the State Department look to for Foreign Policy decisions. He was known all over the world for the book he had written about China. Mr. Lattimore was a professor at John Hopkins University. Again the News Media was in an uproar, and the Committee soon cleared Owen Lattimore of all the charges. The Liberals were in control and they did not plan on loosing that control, and they protected those they considered their friends.

Larry Lent had worked in Washington D.C. for some time, she had worked for the Navy and she had experience in seeing how the Communists moved in on a country and enslaved the people. She had at one time worked in the Pentagon, and in the Far East Intelligence Division, and had come in contact with the names of people who were working for the Communists. She was also acquainted with the work of the Institute of Pacific Relations of which Owen Lattimore was a member. If you will remember..this was a Rockefeller Organization as is the C.F.R. Larry Lent also became a secretary of the Committee that was finally investigating the McCarthy files therefore she had much experience in these investigations and she became a good judge of character, all before she joined the staff of Senator Joseph McCarthy and then became his personal Secretary.

The Senate Committee finally took possession of all the McCarthy files, and after a five month study the investigation started, and for six months more hearings were held. This was the most careful investigation ever conducted by a Committee of Congress in the opinion of Larry Lent who was in and out of the hearing room frequently. At times she was taking dictation from one or more of the witnesses. There were many Pro-American witnesses, even Elizabeth Bently testified who had joined the Communist party at one time and had become a Soviet Courier back in those days when Communism was a craze in Washington D.C. Now she was working to expose her former Party members. A number of witnesses took the 5th., Amendment while others refused to answer any questions, and a number of witnesses answered the questions but failed to tell the truth. The Committee finally had to agree that Owen Lattimore testified falsely in reference to 5 separate matters that related to the inquiry.

In July of 1952 the Investigation report was finally published, and among the conclusions of the Committee was:..(quote) ‘We find that effective Leadership of the Institute of Pacific Relations used its influence to promote the Interest of the Soviet Union in the United States. Through the year of 1945 that 49 persons associated with the IPR were effective in keeping the U.S. policy on a course favorable to the Communist objective in China.’ Owen Lattimore proved to be a Conscious Conspirator of the Communist conspiracy from sometime in the 1930’s onward…this was now an established fact, and once more an American Patriot was correct, but this was not to be the end of the affair because this is not the way the ‘Children of Darkness’ play in their battle to take over the world for their god.

After the Senatorial hearings were over Larry Lent applied for a job in the office of Senator McCarthy. In her interview for the job she tells us that they talked mostly about the sad problems of our country, and how best to solve them. She then became Sub-secretary to Senator Joseph McCarthy and when his secretary left she became Secretary to the Senator. From this position she learned much about the personality and beliefs of this young Congressman. She tells us that 85 to 90% of the mail that came into the Senators office was favorable, and that people asked..How could they help? The Senator always replied…You can alert the American people to a much greater danger than even the Communist in the State Department. Always the Communist line of thought is that if you control the minds of the youth of a nation then you can control that nation indefinitely, this was why the Communists were then trying to move into the schools, and Universities… to control the education of the youth of America. They were moving in the areas of teachers, and books, and only the mothers and fathers of America could sweep that out of the schools. Senator McCarthy went on to warn that if you were to expose a Communist teacher you would be attacked, and smeared, and accused of in-dangering academic freedom. But to the enemy… this Academic freedom means to force you to hire them to teach your children a philosophy which you do not believe.

We remember when this fight was on and parents were trying to fight back although they did not quite understand what was happening. President Kennedy had been educated in an Ultra Liberal philosophy and he helped open the way for Communist Propaganda to flood the schools. From his far Left background he saw no wrong in this. But as we move into the 90’s we now see some of these things exposed…we wait for everything to be exposed so that our people wander no longer in the darkness which has obstructed them for so many centuries. At that time they will have CHILDREN OF LIGHT AND THE CHILDREN OF DARKNESS. They will finally understand the part that controlled Media has played all this time in this age old fight for the Kingdom Administration.

Back in the days of Senator McCarthy this young Senator did not realize that the President of his own Party..President Eisenhower under the same influence as the presidents before him would also become his enemy. The Senator decided to come out ‘publicly’ once again, and he went to Chicago Ill., and gave a speech. He took along all the documents that Larry Lent had numbered. He asked the reporters to come backstage after his talk and receive the Documentation of all that he would say. Not one reporter came back stage, yet the next morning the Newspapers carried a vicious attack on Senator McCarthy. This still goes on today my friends therefore you do not want to be too influenced by what is reported in the so called ‘news’.

Senator McCarthy following his path of Destiny exposed 81 persons….Communists working in the State Department, and all were proved guilty and removed. He turned over names of many other suspected Communists working in our Government. In his position as Senator he investigated other departments of Government saving millions of dollars of tax payers money. He was thought of as a hard working, dedicated Patriot by all who knew what he was trying to do, but the enemy would never forgive the exposure of their plot to take over these United States, with the help of the Ultra Liberals in both major political parties and the people who became dupes because of the power they had acquired and wished to keep.

The attacks on the Senator would of course continue, with the Press suggesting he was just trying to be President, but according to his secretary he only wanted to remain a Senator from Wisconsin, and work to rid our nation of Traitors. Hollywood even got into the act of character assassination with their movie..’Tail gunner Joe’. This movie carried many untruths one after the other, even suggesting that McCarthy was shooting down coconuts. Today we see how Hollywood handles the John F. Kennedy story and how they replay it over and over again, yet these two young men were both in the Pacific War Zone and Joe McCarthy had received the ‘flying cross’ Medal. However it was even suggested that McCarthy had not earned it, just requested it.

A few years ago you will remember that Roy Cohn died of Aids, and people recalled that he had at one time worked for Senator McCarthy, and they wondered why the Senator had hired him. Roy Cohn came from a Jewish family who were opposed to Communism because they believed that it would upset their lives they had carved out here in America. Most of the Jewish people however were in favor of Communism. This was a known fact..Roy Cohn was a young Attorney, and he became a prosecutor and learned about Communism and when Senator McCarthy headed it then these two young men did not get along to well. Kennedy was the minority Counsel for that Committee.

In his book ‘McCarthy’..Roy Cohn spoke well of the Senator and pointed out many facts. He pointed out that President Eisenhower in his ‘Memoirs’…’Mandate for Change’ said that McCarthy made wild charges against James Bryant Conant..Harvard President when Eisenhower nominated him for U.S. High Commissioner of Germany. But the charges were made because Conant had endorsed the ‘Morganthal Plan’ for as we know today the destruction of Germany. Roy Cohn tells us that President Eisenhower at one time asked Senator McCarthy to stop all public hearings and to hold only executive sessions. The minutes of these Executive sessions would be taken to Ike personally and he would then read them carefully and take appropriate action on an Administrative level against the people named in the testimony. Of course the Senator could not do this for then the public would have been shut out of the picture. Roy Chon thought that this rejection of the President’s plan led to the plot to destroy Senator McCarthy for the powers that-be now believed that he could not be stopped any other way.

Other Senators then began to call in Roy Cohn and intimate that he should resign or he might be caught in the ‘crossfire’. The Republican Senator on the Committee were urged to resign..let it now become just a one man show and only Senator McCarthy would thus be hurt. Besides they were under pressure to get rid of Roy Cohn because he was thought to be the Attorney who was digging up all the evidence against the Communists. After all remember that although his people were Jewish they had been against Communism, and this would make him a target for the enemy never forgets or forgives anyone.

Finally another young lawyer was brought on board as an attorney for the Senate, and his last name was Schine, and he was also of Jewish lineage, but this young man was always trying to gain an advantage for himself and even went so far as to use the Senators name to gain this advantage. Young Schine then was called to the army and the McCarthy hearings were then turned into a public side-show. The plot was to become sort of like the ‘Iran-Contra affair’..the idea being to try to find out if McCarthy and Roy Cohn had used their ‘Influence’ to get young Schine a soft place in the army. Even the top brass of the Army were called out in these public hearings, in this waste of tax payers money, in this side-show, of investigations. But the actual objective was just a ploy to stop McCarthy’s investigation into the Communist Infiltration in all parts of the United States society.

After those hearings were over then the Senate set up the Watkins Committee to investigate Senator McCarthy himself, and the Senators who sat on this Committee were:..Samuel Irwin Jr. (remember him? later he would be in the same position as President Nixon would be removed from office, for Nixon has also been in the drive to expose Communism in this nation), Francis Case, Edwin Johnson, Arthur Watkins, John Stennius, and Frank Carlson (of Kansas). This of course was a ‘cover-up’ Investigation it was said to focus on a young Jewish aide to Senator McCarthy but everyone who was paying any attention knew that it was to stop Senator McCarthy from exposing any further the enemy infiltration, not only into the U.S. Army, but the Congress of the United States as well.

The reason this was thought necessary was because the enemy knew that the people were with the Senator from Wisconsin..he had made a speech at Carnegie Hall in New York City in 1956, and Larry Lent was in the McCarthy group and reported that people had come from all over the nation, until they had to put loud speakers on the outside of the building so that the people arriving on the busses waving American Flags and McCarthy banners could hear the Senators speech. The enemy had watched this and had been worried by the show of awakening on the part of the American people. General Douglass McArthur had been honored at this meeting and Larry Lent told us that when President Truman had removed McArthur from office that the Post Office did not close day and night for some time trying to handle the bags of mail coming in. Bags were dumped on the floor at the Senators offices, and secretaries tabulating the letters said that 90% of them were from furious Americans at the removing of General McArthur. But remember that the enemy was moving to turn China to the Communists, and even the President did not seem to know just which way they were working. Being blinded by his advisors he had gone along with the dumping of McArthur.

Since the enemy had determined that to succeed with their program another American…Patriot must be moved out of the way then the heat was on the Senators to get rid of the trouble-maker out of their midst. Senator McCarthy had suggested that:..(quote) ‘The casting out of McArthur was testimony to the fact that the reigning Liberal-Bi-Partisan Machine had cast into exile the principals of National Honor, Natural Freedom for which George Washington stood’. (unquote) This of course was just another instance which did not endear the Senator from Wisconsin to his colleagues. McCarthy also went on to say that our Government had made 14 mistakes which had seriously injured our prestige and leadership:…

1. In 1945 the U.S. Government instructed the Chinese people that the only way for them was to take the Communist into their Government. General George Marshall went to China and presented this ultimatum to them.

2. in 1947 our Government made good on that ultimatum when Chang Kia Shek refused to take Communists into their government then the U.S. government cut off his supplies and let the Communists take over China. Thus men high up in our government had turned China over to the Communists and Senator McCarthy had pointed this out.

Senator McCarthy also pointed out that there were still hundreds of American Service men still in Communist Servitude, he pointed this out time after time. The U.N. was then called to Investigate and 15 of those men were released and the U.N. was given credit for this release and the rest of the men were forgotten. Even today we know that men were left behind as we pulled out of Korea, and then Vietnam..for after all, men high in our Government allowed the Communists to take over the Far East. Men of our own race under the influence of the enemy did the work of the enemy. General Marshall actually saw material and all kinds of arms given to the Communists in China so that their army could be trained.

Here in our own United States character assassination would be used to ‘get’ Senator Joseph McCarthy for pointing out the conspiracy which was wrecking our nation and the world. It was a Senate subcommittee which handed down the resolution to censure one of their own Senators for so called ‘alleged’ and unethical behavior toward the United States Senate.

Believing that if Senator McCarthy was not silenced the Liberals of both parties would lose their hold over this nation, and the people would take control, the program to stop the Senator went into high-gear. Jewish concern for Civil Liberties was also pushed by the Press and Senator McCarthy was censured. Senators under the influence of the enemy were so helpful in this vote of censure, and with it the threat to the Far Left was removed for the time being.

Later as the Communists repudiated everything they had agreed to a few months earlier the Press then presented President Eisenhower as Disillusioned, and although Senator McCarthy was proved to be RIGHT, still this was soft peddled, after all Eisenhower was the President and it was just a junior Senator who had been silenced.

Jean McCarthy the Senators wife had helped him to write the book… ‘McCarthyism’, and he had written the book..’Retreat from Victory’ and she knew that the Senate was turning against her husband who had only wanted to help his nation. She stood in silence as this young Senator, only in his 40’s, gave his life and at that time it must have seemed to no avail.

Senator McCarthy died May 2, 1957., at that same Veterans Naval Hospital where the other Patriot, Sec. of the Navy James Forrestal died. He had contracted..of all things..acute hepatitis. Where did he pick that up? His friends would like to know.

And then after turning their back on this good man the United States Senate gave him a big State Funeral, and although 67 of them had voted to condemn him for un-senatorial conduct less than three years before…many of his sharpest critics were now at this State Funeral. President Eisenhower did not attend, but he sent Vice President Nixon.

The Tribute from the Catholic Church was the greatest in the memory of Washington Officials. 300,000 people came to the Funeral Parlor on Pennsylvania Avenue not far from the White House, to pay their respects to an American Patriot, for he had become a symbol of the war against the Communists and their sympathizers.

In Appleton Wisconsin where he was buried, long lines of people moved slowly to pay their respects to this man who had aroused their devotion. More than 70 bags of mail was received by Mrs. McCarthy in the first few days after this funeral.

Thus the United States buried another Patriot, one the people loved and respected. There was however two avenues of thought as to this man Joseph McCarthy the Senator from Wisconsin. One was that he was just a ‘country’ boy who never outgrew his origin, friendly and ready to help anyone in trouble. To his enemies he was bestial, got an enormous pleasure out of heckling people. He would not ‘play the game’ after being elected to the Senate of the United States. HE PUT THE PEOPLE AHEAD OF THOSE WHO FINANCED HIS ELECTION. His enemies then tried to say that he had a drinking problem and that liquor had eaten up his liver but his Secretary and friends said that they never smelled liquor on his breath.

Today anyone who reviews the facts will not deny that Senator Joseph McCarthy was right when he claimed the Government of the United States had in it enough Communists and sympathizers, and pro-Soviet advisors to twist Americas Foreign Policy for two decades. No one will deny that this young Senator gave his life trying to help lead America back to her Destiny. He fought a monumental evil which most people do not as of this day understand and he did this against an opposition even from his own race. But he did his job and guided the U.S. back toward the path of her Destiny.

Thus again we saw the Almighty change the balance in this battle between the CHILDREN OF LIGHT and THE CHILDREN OF DARKNESS. Here in 1990 we are seeing this great struggle as the Eastern European Nations try to come out from under this Communist oppression that was imposed on them. We are seeing the re-uniting of the German People and we know that this battle is far from over. Always this enemy draws one step backwards in hopes to take two steps forward later.

Today we believe this is all in God’s hands as we struggle onward trying to stay in place for the setting up of the Kingdom of God in earth. We recall the struggle to hang on in Ancient Egypt until The Christ Child would be brought there for protection. We see this struggle enacted many times in these lost generations, and we believe that everything that is to happen will thus happen and we do not fear, we are just anxiously awaiting the outcome of this great battle between THE CHILDREN OF LIGHT and THE CHILDREN OF DARKNESS.


Until next time may YAHWEH BLESS


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ERM – Tape 031 – Epistle To The Hebrews





1. The Epistle to the Hebrews


This Epistle to the Hebrews is the greatest Mystery Book of all the Scriptures. It contains the deepest and most vital truths concerning the character of the race, and our relationship to Our Father. It contains this Mystery of how you are tabernaceling in this physical body. In otherwords a tabernacle is a dwelling place for a Celestial son and daughter and in this instance then YAHWEH became flesh and dwelt as we do in a body formed out of this race. He thus became kinsmen with us, and was not ashamed to acknowledge this fact. Therefore whether you are a good son or a bad son still YAHSHUA is YAHWEH in the flesh. . .the same High Priest who took care of our transgressions, thus by His Stripes. . .by His suffering we are healed. Thus what YAHWEH performed for His people was something we did not have anything to do with because it was not determined by our reaction, but by and for HIS purpose. When He calls His Sheep by name and leads them out . . . His sheep were not made sheep by something they did, but were sheep before He called them. Therefore you can’t make sheep out of goats at a revival meeting no matter how hard you try. If fact a revival meeting is for the people of the kingdom because a revival is for something which had ‘Life’, and just needs to be reactivated until it has more Life. Goats never had this spiritual Life, and they therefore need to be led by the sheep who can be revived. The children of Lucifer have no spiritual capacity thus you can’t take them into Biblical organizations, or write their names in a book, and dunk them in water and have them come out of the water anything but Lucifer’s children. This is just a fact our people need to realize. You cannot place Lucifers children in Christian theological seminaries, and have them teach men to be Christian ministers without those men coming out with a twisted theology. This is where the idea originated that God is dead. They say that God is just a thought form . . . until the time of Jesus. The sum total of all this revolution was found in Jesus. So we follow Jesus who was a great man altho a revolutionist, but God is dead, there is no God outside of the ideas which exist in you. This then is a developing God so throw out all the old tenants of religion and form a new brotherhood, accept all faiths, all philosophies, socialism and liberalism. This was the drive intensified in the early 60’s, but it was designed to cut you off from your Father and His Holy Word, to turn you from His instructions, from the story outlined in the Scriptures in this Book written to the Hebrews who were His race. After all the enemy would like to do away with the truth of the purpose of the crucifixion, the resurrection, this Atonement which was for you. This is the work of what we call humanism of today.

Now; in this period of the great ‘Falling Away’ from the Faith we have seen the theologians embrace the enemy. They would now have you believe there is no help coming because all has to be developed right here, out of us. And if we as a race have the idea that our Christian religion is better than any other then it will be better,..only..if we can sell it to them. For after all God is dead, so we better except all religions and develop the good from all of them, but my friends that is not what the Bible is all about. It is not what is unveiled in the mysteries of this Book to the Hebrews. In fact such are the mysteries of this Book that if the Apostle Paul wrote this Epistle to the Hebrews then we believe that YAHSHUA guided his hand. We tell you that we believe that all those whose names are written in the Book of Life before the foundation of the world are the people of this Book known as the Bible. They are the Adamic . . . Aryan race known as Sethites, Shemites, Hebrews, Israelites, and of course always Adamites, and many other names of branches of their race. We believe YAHWEH has a plan for this earth which is outlined in this Scripture, and He has not abandoned on iota of this plan which promised empowered sons and daughters. We believe that the power of truth contained in this Book is more powerful than any force turned loose against you in the earth today. So don’t give away your birthright for in this time of great challenge to our society, to our Faith we are promised deliverance.

QUESTION:…’For unto which of the angels said he at any time . . . ‘Thou art my son, this day have I begotten Thee’ . . . and again:..’I will be a father and he shall be my son.’ Hebrews 1:5.

ANSWER:…Remember that this is a Book of mysteries and it is your Book, and you would not translate it as one of the world order would you? But this has happened to the Scriptures so lets consider what it really is telling us.

The Apostle Paul says that at different times YAHWEH in the past Spoke to the fathers of our race by the prophets (vs:1). Then in these last days YAHWEH spoke to us by His embodiment . . . YAHSHUA . . . when He came as our redeemer. And after His work was finished here on earth He raised again the symbol of authority on HIGH. (vs 3) Now; He was of course the creator of the Angels so was higher in name than they, in fact HE is above everything since by HIM all things consist. (vs 4) And you also know that Adam was a son of YAHWEH as Luke tells us. You know that YAHWEH begat Adam as He said … In the womb of yesterday. You know that this Book of Hebrews belongs to our race, the Israel of the Bible, so the Apostle Paul was just refreshing your memory in the first chapter of Hebrews.

Thus the Angels were created beings, but Adam was the begotten Issue of YAHWEH and at no time did YAHWEH ever call the Angels sons or daughters. It was Adam and Eve who were YAHWEH’S offspring, the beginning of the flesh . . of this one race to carry forward the spiritual seed thus fulfilling their responsibility of building YAHWEH’S kingdom in earth. Then YAHWEH came . . . embodied, He who made the world, who is Heir of all things . . . came and purged out our sins then returned into the spirit.

Again:…HE emerged, the first begotten deity out of His race. He did this so as to redeem His people, but the Angels worshiped HIM for they knew who He was. (vs 6) But even embodied as YAHSHUA . . . Messiah His Throne is still forever and ever. After all He was YAHWEH in the flesh, and ‘A scepter of righteousness is the scepter of the kingdom.’ (vs 8) The scepter is the symbol of authority of rulership, and this kingdom is to rule with righteousness on earth as it is in heaven.

This is again the same story found all thru the Scripture, this is to be understood by our race as YAHSHUA told us:..’It is given unto you, to under stand the mysteries of the kingdom, unto them (of the world order) it is not given.’ This is in the Old Testament as well for YAHWEH said:…’Ask of me concerning my sons, command ye me.’ Isaiah 45. He said He placed His sons in the world to set the captives (races) free, and to liberate the nations. In other words to restore unto the nations and races of the world the things they lost under the rebellion by Lucifer. You are going to enforce the laws of the kingdom, for ‘out of Zion . . . which is the kingdom . . . is going forth righteousness. And in the fullness of time even ‘All Flesh’ is going to be saved. This is a declaration seventeen times for YAHWEH refers to this, and all thru the Epistles Paul refers to this. In the Book of Hebrews it brings out the absolute supremacy of the Priesthood of YAHSHUA . . . YAHWEH in the flesh, which then passed down in similitude to His children thru their Patriarchal responsibility until every Adamic father is the Priest unto His family. Thus every Celestial son now inside a physical temple is a Priest unto his family, and this is your reasonable service for you are a kingdom of Priests, a Holy Nation. This embraces all of the Adamic race, now called Hebrews, Israelites . . . Anglo-Saxons and so forth. This is your responsibility to fulfill in earth, and not only here but thru out the Universe.

As the Apostle Paul has been revealing all these mysteries pertaining to this family of YAHWEH, many of whom are now embodied in earth, he was not worried about death for he knew that ‘Absent from this physical body is to be present with YAHSHUA’. But the same token applies, the children of YAHWEH are all involved in what He told Adam, that He would do this before any of the children came into the flesh. This is absolutely confirmed clear thru the Epistle’s of the Apostle Paul. ‘But to which of the Angels said He at any time, sit on my right hand until I make thine enemies thy footstool? (vs 13) Knowing that YAHSHUA was YAHWEH in the flesh, then the promise is to His children that He will make His enemies and ours to be ruled over by the kingdom. When talking about Angels . . . there are two words translated Angels. When speaking of ministering Angels, this should not be translated Angels . . . this is the Elect. Lets get this clear, the word Angels only applies to the beings created as Angels. There are different kinds of Angels such as Cherubs around the Throne called anointed Cherubs . . . ‘that covereth’. Michael is an Archangel who is commander of the Hosts of Heaven, this is his job while Gabriel was the Archangel who was the great proclaimer of knowledge, and coordinator of information. Thus there are all kinds of orders of Angelic beings that exist in Celestial planes. They can be visible in physical planes, can move around and use influence in this plane. But they are not physically embodied in the physical plane unless they took upon themselves a body by changing the vibratory wave length of their existence. This they could do as long as they obeyed Divine Law while in that category. But if they violated Divine Law then they had left their first estate, and might not be able to get back into it. Maybe they would have to stay disembodied. Once they violated Divine Law after being embodied in physical form, in the creation, such as Lucifer and his followers did they could not go back to the status they had before unless YAHWEH would intervene in their behalf. This is why you find in the Book of Enoch that Fallen Angels were appealing to Enoch as he visited the Netherworld before being taken into the heavens, they wanted Enoch to appeal to YAHWEH for them.

Now; understand there are propagating Angels as well, these are Angelic orders who serve before THE MOST HIGH, and they multiply their own order, thus there are propagating Angels thru out the Universe. There are also Angelic hosts in high positions who are not propagating Angels. Lucifer and some of these Angels who were Masters of Orders were not propagating Angels. But when any slipped out of their order, or their first estate, and took on bodies then intermingled with the daughters of men they were fallen Angels as the Scripture records. This intermingling started in the Milky Way as in rebellion they planned to try to destroy YAHWEH’S control over the Universe. This great rebellion, this caused great catastrophe and it started in the heavens before it was confined to our earth. There are then separate orders of Angels but still none of these Angelic orders were greater than the offspring of YAHWEH who were His own spiritual seed, for we were spirit of His Spirit, light of His Light, life of His Life, before this world was ever framed.

Now; then in earth bodies those Angels who could not die were greater in power than a man whose physical body could die due to the fall. We are talking about such as Michael and Gabriel, but before the fall of the Adamic race they were not greater than Adam and Eve. This then is the reason why in this Book of Hebrews you find this statement:..’For unto which of the Angels said YAHWEH at any time…thou art my son.’ (vs 5) This is speaking of the Adamic son . . . Adam the first of the family of YAHWEH in earth . . . but with HIM in the beginning in the heavens. Again:..’I will be unto him (Adam-Israel) a father, and he shall be to me a son.’ (vs 5) ‘Thou YAHWEH, when you brought your body forth out of your race said:..Let all the Angels worship HIM.’ (vs 6) All right . . . Heaven was watching this miracle development and knew this was now YAHWEH in the flesh as Messiah, a tiny babe to fulfill prophecy. They also knew that this Adamic race was His race, His kingdom, and they watched this miracle of redemption, and they knew who was His children. They knew that in the beginning YAHWEH formed the foundations of the earth, and that the heavens were the work of His hands. (vs 10) They knew that those who violated Divine Law shall perish. (vs 11) But thou YAHWEH art the same . . . all factors are considered here, but YAHWEH stays the same, and all things He has planned come to pass. Thus, to which of the Angels did YAHWEH say:…sit in the scepter hand of authority while I make your enemies thy footstool? This scepter hand of authority is rulership of the kingdom, and this is a question thus He asked . . . no Angel to do the Atonement for HIM . . . no . . . He did this Himself as He came embodied as YAHSHUA . . . Messiah to redeem His people, His household, His kingdom. (vs 13)

Now; in verse 14., it read:…’They are not all ministering spirits who are sent to minister to those who are heirs of the salvation.’ What? To those who are heirs of the kingdom. But listen. Angels are created beings, servants in heaven and they serve our Father and His family, thus the correct translation of verse 14 is:…’Are they not all ministering spirits who are sent to minister to those who are heirs of the kingdom?’ Again . . . Angels are servants, some of the greater like Michael or Gabriel have been sent on special missions to earth. But Angels are still servants, and at no time did an Angel ever measure up to the status of the son level, the Elect . . . the Saints or believing offspring. Thus there are two words and both are sometimes translated as Angels, but there is a big difference in Angels, and the Elect . . . sons of the household of YAHWEH who are ministering spirits and who are administering spirits to rule with HIM.

QUESTION:…’Now we see Jesus who was made a little lower than the Angels for the suffering of death, crowned with Glory and honor that He by the Grace of God should taste death for every man.’ Hebrews 2:9.

ANSWER:…Yes, YAHWEH in a body of flesh as YAHSHUA-Messiah was a little lower than the Angels because this body of flesh was going to die where as the Angels who kept their first estate did not die. But in this instance always remember that YAHSHUA did not become something by what He did, as you may have heard some declare. He just established before men . . . the Deity of flesh. He could have stopped the Luciferian rebellion anytime for He had absolute control of the Universe at all times, but He allowed these things to happen so as to take out of this a greater good, a greater development by letting things run their course. Letting spiritual seed establish itself and letting all these experiences take place, then see the triumph occur, let the Majesty of Grace be demonstrated, let the superiority of spirit over the Luciferian order show itself.

Thus it was becoming of YAHWEH for whom all things are . . . in bringing His many sons unto Glory by being the captain of their salvation, thru HIS suffering. The translation may not be clear, but it was a great thing for YAHWEH to have done this, because He alone could atone for us. We could not do it for ourselves. We are His household, and He designed this program so He was not about to lose His kingdom, therefore how could He not do this? Here in this tremendous second chapter of Hebrews this great mystery is again confirmed:..Since the children of YAHWEH were here in bodies of flesh and were partakers of flesh and blood, then HE came, taking a body of flesh just like His children had, and was not ashamed to call them kinsmen . . . family. HE did not say He came to make them sons and daughters but that He came because they were sons and daughters here in the flesh. Remember how in the Majesty of His ministry He said:…’I call my sheep by name . . . I lead them out’ ???

Again the Apostle Paul is talking about this man Jesus the Christ of translation. Paul tells us that HE was a man among men, that He was YAHWEH embodied, the same yesterday, today and forever thus YAHSHUA was YAHWEH in the flesh and the Eternal God of the heavens. We are then told in this Epistle to the Hebrews that this YAHSHUA as HE materialized into our world and took upon Himself, not the nature of Angels, but was born of woman as you were, born of the seed of Abraham, grew up among men and was not ashamed to call us family, . . . why?..Because His children were here in bodies of flesh, and to identify with us He took a body just like we have. This was YAHWEH (God) dwelling among men, but never before had He allowed his visible body to die. However if we could have remembered what had been told to us before the foundation of the world these events would have been more clear. We would have remembered how He told us that the strange power of the forces of darkness, the subtlety of Lucifer would have caused our fall. That our race would surrender much of our freedom by bowing to suggestions and the plotting of Lucifer. That the mongrelization called for methods of survival of the race, for the correction by His intervention as the substitutionary sacrifice. That He alone had the power to place upon any act which He performs or anything in His creation, or in His power which He intends to be used to produce the accomplishments He has ordained. Yes, we forgot this would be necessary, however men of our race had this brought back to their memory, and Enoch recorded it for the race and our ancestors looked forward to Messiah, knew that some form of death awaited HIM. Knew also that ‘very God’ would triumph over this situation, while in earth. And while in earth He made always a marked distinction between those who were HIS Household, His sheep and the World Order. Not only concerning what He was going to do, but concerning their identity and their abilities. It is significant that you understand how theology has been attacked over the years until we stand today with the visible church having blinders to these passages of Scripture having so much meaning for our race. But with vision gone, the search for knowledge stands still. If you were not with HIM before the foundation of the world how and why do you think your name was written in the Lambs Book of Life? How do you think you were blessed with all spiritual blessings by the Father before this world was framed as Paul tells us in the Book of Ephesians? How . . . if you were not with HIM in spirit? If you do not think there is a difference in people and nations then why do you think as He spoke of His reentry into human affairs did He say the first thing He would do was separate the sheep nations from the goat nations? On what basis would He make this separation? The Apostle Paul talks of this separation as he spoke of the things he himself suffered then says:…’They are not to be compared with the Glory which is revealed’ . . . and Paul catches the concept that ‘HIS Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are offspring . . . children of YAHWEH.’

This second chapter of Hebrews shows some of the results of Paul’s trip into the heavens. There he went into different dimensions, and he talked to Angels, was reminded that this was where he came from. Paul was told that these millions of people he saw coming and going thru out the Universe, many of them were his kinsmen. That many of them were also in earth thus YAHWEH had come into earth to redeem them, came in a body of flesh like they had.

Now; Justification . . . this sanctification of verse 11 . . . ‘For both HE who justified and they who are justified, are all ONE, for which cause HE is not ashamed to call them brethren.’ Or family. Justified means no area of conduct can be weighed against you. The weight of temptation, the forces, the vibratory impact of evil, and the necessary impact of what YAHWEH puts in and feels compelled to put in, because HE owed this to His offspring who are now in this environment with His foreknowledge, prescribing destiny, knowing what HE was able to do, knowing that He could have eliminated evil to begin with, that HE put you in this environment, knowing what you would do in these circumstances, so HE says:..’I justify you’ . . . and HE alone can do that. YOU are thus justified by His Grace. We don’t boast that our conduct is so excellent that they can’t keep us out of heaven, we just say we can’t be kept out of Celestial realms because of the greatness of Our Father, because our transgressions were in this body of flesh, and in spirit we have Eternal Life. People all the time are running around trying to get sanctified, to justify themselves but only HE can do this for you. This is an act of His Grace, this is what justification or sanctification means . . . this is total Faith, you can now look your heavenly Father in the face and say:…’here I am . . . I have accepted your atonement, it is complete and there is nothing I can add to it, but I can believe that it is done. YAHWEH does not run around challenging, He knows it is done. He just wants you to have Faith so that no one can come around and put a guilt complex on you, to beat you down in spirit. By the time you know this then your desire is for good anyhow, and if it isn’t then you wouldn’t be interested.

Now; since the children of YAHWEH are partakers of flesh and blood . . . HE. YAHWEH as Messiah-YAHSHUA took upon Himself a body likewise (or the same) so that HE might destroy him who has power of death. This was of course Lucifer . . . the Devil . . . ‘for fear of him those of the Adamic race were in bondage as well as the fallen creation.’ Verse 14-15. He, YAHWEH, did not take upon Himself the nature of Angels, but took upon Himself the seed of Abraham. (vs 16) He did this to be like His children, to redeem them here in the flesh. (vs 17) This is the same story is it not? The same story outlined for you thru this Bible, and to bring this chapter to a close the Apostle Paul then records in verse 18 . . . that since YAHWEH as YAHSHUA-Messiah had suffered, and been tempted here in His physical life, now He is able to comfort and strengthen, for He has redeemed His household.

QUESTION:…’And to whom swore He that they should not enter into His Rest, but to them that believed not.’ Hebrews 3:18.

ANSWER:…His rest is doing the work of the kingdom until the things YAHWEH has determined are done. So what is the Great Commission? Some would have you go unto all the world and preach the Gospel and save all people. But actually the Great Commission is to occupy earth until HE comes . . .working always for the kingdom which is our rest as it is fully established.

In this chapter of Hebrews Paul is still talking about YAHSHUA . . . ‘For this ONE was counted worthy of more glory than Moses in as much as He who builded the house hath more honor than the house, for every house is builded by some man, but HE that built all things is YAHSHUA . . . who was YAHWEH in the flesh.’ (vs 4-5) But YAHSHUA is over His own house, and we are that household so hold fast the confidence and the rejoicing of the hope holding firm unto the end. (vs 6)

Thus take heed brethren lest there be in any of you a heart of unbelief lest you depart from the LIVING YAHWEH. Remember what happened to those who came out of Egypt under the command of Moses, it was those who did not trust completely in YAHWEH who died in the wilderness. Those who did not believe He was able to move His people in the way that He wanted them to go as they built His kingdom, those who died in the wilderness. They were not a part of the army of Israel as they moved back to Old Palestine to retake that land from the Canaanites, and all those pagan nations. Only those Israelites who were ready to obey perfectly would have protection as they retook this old land which once belonged to their ancestors. Remember how the Canaanites came into that land after Enoch and Job left to go to Egypt with the Savants for the memorial building there, and all those of the race left in that old land were slaughtered by the Canaanites. Now this young fighting army of Israelites led by Joshua came back to retake the old land of Palestine. After all it was there the kingdom would be centered in Israel’s glory under Solomon, this was prophecy and it must be fulfilled. And later this would be the area of the great work of Messiah as He completed the atonement. Three times that old land and its city of Jerusalem had its greatness in history. Today the abominations of the desolator lives there, today that land awaits its judgment for what was done to the Messiah and His people.

Paul in chapter four of Hebrews is still talking about this rest for the people of YAHWEH when they finish their work. This rest will be when the kingdom rule is set in place and from then on. There is some fear then lest this promise of rest would not come to some. (vs 1) ‘For unto us was the Gospel of the kingdom preached as well as to others, but the word preached did not profit them not being totally in the faith when they heard it.’ (vs:2). But we believe . . . we who believe do enter into His Rest, we believe this program was set in place before the foundation of the world. (vs 3) The translation is not too good because what it meant in Ancient English and what it means today are very different. In other words this rest is an understanding. It is inner satisfied consciousness of the things which YAHWEH as YAHSHUA did of things He has finished which are the mysteries, His power, and His Law. Thus there is a rest which we enter into when we believe, thus total belief is also our rest, perfection of belief as the kingdom develops, this is also our rest.

For instance YAHWEH did not rest on the seventh day from living . . . No, but He still lived, and went ahead with His program and brought forth Audaum on the seventh day as His issue. Thus, He rested from creation but not from living. (vs 4) But remember it was on the seventh day, or in that seventh era that YAHWEH said there was not a man with the knowledge of agriculture on the earth. Before this people were picking fruit off the trees and running their cattle over hills and eating them, but Adam knew how to make the earth produce. That was the gift given to Adam. But then Adam and Eve were the beginning of the kingdom so . . . ‘Let us labor therefore to enter into that rest, for there is rest that remains for the children of YAHWEH.’ (vs 9) So be careful that you do not fall into unbelief. In other words instead of straining for truth, just let it come, don’t put obstacles in the way, open up your mind. The secret in discovering truth isn’t cornered by just a few, so receive it, pulse with thought, catch the tempo. Once you have caught the knowledge as to who you are, and where you came from, and you know the kingdom is real and that it is on earth, that heaven is for you, then there is no secret thing hidden from you. Now you can have it all, and the more you learn the better it is for you. Oh, you don’t strive for it in the way some people do, but you just keep on learning and learning, and you are then satisfied with this way of life even tho it separates you from the world.

This is the important thing about Faith, YAHWEH does not want an unhappy people. But you are also never satisfied until you have attained all because the earth could not contain all the things there is to know. In other words if books were written about all the things Jesus had done . . . well be reasonable . . . He never had a beginning and of course thru out the ages He has been busy. So if books were written about HIM, and the things He has done the world could not contain all those books if they were published because again . . . there never was a beginning for YAHSHUA . . . who was YAHWEH in the flesh. For this reason we never think of being bored, never think there is nothing else to be learned for now we know that we have the capacity as spirit of His Spirit to think every thought in the mind of YAHWEH. We here in earths environment haven’t even mastered all there is to know, haven’t learned to apply the fullness of Divine Power of the Kingdom. Sometimes we work so hard at it that some go out on a tangent and obscure the true picture.

But this mystery of the family of YAHWEH does not belong to someone else, it belongs to His race, for only ‘Unto you is given to know the mystery of the kingdom unto them (the world order) it is not given.’ This flow of knowledge of your destiny is for you so don’t bottle it up, just let it flow into an ever widening picture.

Back in the Ancient mystery schools they taught how to receive this knowledge, how to apply it. They taught the symbols of identification, those picture symbols the world order would see, but not understand. YAHSHUA talked in symbolism . . . in parables saying as long as I am in the flesh, the world order has its eyes on me, therefore I talk to you . . . to my family . . . in parables so that the enemy will not understand. After the atonement then it was necessary that He go away for then the wave length of His Spirit would activate the consciousness of His people, and the Apostles, and disciples would be led to the knowledge of all truth by His Spirit. Then as His Spirit moved thru His children would hear the message the Apostles delivered. His Spirit then called and the Lost Sheep of Israel came to their Shepherd.

Now; seeing that we have this great High Priest who has passed into the heavens who is YAHSHUA . . . YAHWEH in the flesh, let us hold fast to our Faith. (vs 14) For we have not a High Priest which cannot be touched with the feelings of our infirmities, but was tempted like we are, but He was without sin. (vs 15) ‘Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of Grace that we may obtain mercy, and find Grace to help in time of need.’ (vs 16) The Apostle Paul is talking about Melchizedek . . . KING OF KINGS . . . LORD OF LORDS . . . Our Father the High Priest of His Household. And since He is our High Priest then we can go directly to Him to obtain mercy, and to find Grace, you do not need another to intercede for you just come direct to Our Father . . . Melchizedek.

In chapter five of Hebrews the Apostle Paul starts explaining this mystery of Melchizedek.

QUESTION:…’For every High Priest taken from men is ordained for men in things pertaining unto YAHWEH so that he may offer both gifts of sacrifice for sin.’ Hebrews 5:1.

ANSWER:…The Priesthood of Israel after Mt. Sinai came from the house of Levi. This Levitical Priesthood was also a ministry given to all the tribes of Israel forever. But from Mt. Sinai on us to the time of the crucifixion, and atonement, the Levi Priesthood prepared and carried out the ritual of sacrifice for Israel. Aaron was a Levi and was appointed by YAHWEH. There was in the Levitical Priesthood different standards, different areas of service. A lot of them were like theological students, they had different responsibilities in the service of Israel, as tho they were an apprentice. When a Levite decided, they would enter the Temple in service they went first to what would be called today a type of Ecclesiastical school. Some of them may have received higher spiritual insights as they attended the school of the prophets, and were taught how to meditate. These were the type of Priests who would gather around the molten sea to check the rippling of the water. This was another area where YAHWEH gave them vision and perception.

Then there were the Levites who were not particularly adapted to spiritual responsibility or at least did not apply themselves. They came from Levite families however who wanted to share in the responsibilities so these young men studied the law, and were more or less the legal lawyers of the Temple and the Sanhedrin. Thus there were different orders of the Levitical Priesthood for different functions and you had a High Priest and a lesser Priest, and Levitical students and legal students then became teachers of the law and lawyers before the Ecclesiastical court of Israel. You might say that in the Old Testament times there was a witnessing discernment among Priests and elders. They baptized their people in clear water, ceremonies were considered and conducted for the testimony of YAHWEH to be free from all their transgressions looking forward always to the atonement, actually a type of preliminary baptism. There were rites and rituals that we Don’t pay any attention to today, but these were all a part of the selection of that Priesthood.

This chapter of Hebrews has also been tampered with somewhat to try thru translation to set up Ecclesiastical teaching that the Godhead is in three persons, that YAHWEH-YAHSHUA in the flesh is just the son of God and today this has been carried as far as to suggest that Jesus was just a good man. For instance notice verses 8 and 9 . . . Though he were a son yet He learned obedience, by the things He suffered; and being made perfect He became the author of Eternal salvation unto all them that obey HIM.’ Remember they are talking about YAHSHUA who was the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow, who was YAHWEH in the flesh, and HE did not learn obedience by the things HE suffered for HE was not made perfect by what He did for He was already perfect to begin with. He was YAHSHUA . . . MESSIAH . . . SAVIOR . . . MELCHIZEDEK, the High Priest of our race.

Now; the mystery of the Melchizedek Priesthood is that this Priesthood was started with the embodiment of YAHWEH. Remember the Apostle Paul has already told us that the first thing YAHWEH did was to take a body for himself so as to be visible in the physical and this was long before Adam. In fact His physical body was the first formed of every creature. Colossians 1:15. Thus YAHSHUA or YAHWEH in the flesh is the Melchizedek Priesthood, without father, mother, or beginning of days or end of life, abides a Priest King forever. (vs 6) The Apostle Paul then says that there are many more things to say about this order of Melchizedek but they are hard to say so that you will understand because ‘ye are dull of hearing’. (vs 11) Why does he say this? Because by this time, after he had told Israel all these mysteries when they should know enough to be teachers still one must teach them again the first principals of the Oracles of the Faith; in fact Paul tells them these mysteries are hidden from the world but revealed to those who are spirit of His Spirit. Thru the Priesthood of the Old Testament, and now the ministers comes the responsibility for teaching the people their ABC’s of Faith which is referred to as milk, but after you are grown you don’t remain on a milk diet. So move forward from this milk diet to the strong meat of these mysteries which include the laws, the covenants, identity of Sonship, restoration, restitution, all those things involved in the mysteries hidden from the world order since before the foundation of the world. But you are able to understand because you are spirit of His Spirit so awake Israel and move forward in knowledge. But if those instructing the people of Israel are still on a milk diet, then the people stay on the bottle.

In the average Seminaries today they will give a pastoral psychiatry, social sciences, a brand of church socialism supplied by the National Council of Churches. They will give you a sort of historic continuity of the Bible and then tell you that this is tradition, this is an allegory, and this is a myth. In other words this fills the description of what the Apostle Paul called the Great Falling Away from the Faith. Now; the great structure of strength men receive is out of the wisdom and knowledge which they are capable of receiving. Being spirit of His Spirit you should see the mysteries of YAHWEH, the power and essence of your being, the message of Divine Origin, and the incorruptibility of the internal nature. Instead of this we either get a fantastic bed time story of torture chambers and burned up people. All those kinds of things, even burned up spirits when spirits cannot burn. From one end of this superstition ladder to the other end this does away with knowledge, with the purposes of YAHWEH, and tried to throw people into a socialist revolution without God.

You say:..but our people believe in Jesus Christ that all you need to know. But this is only where you start from, here you start growing. If a teacher does not have something to offer more than the pupil already knows then what can you teach? Milk thus is symbolic here of spiritual baby food but don’t forget there is adult food by which you grow, one of these is Sonship, then there is pre-existence, origin and material destiny, the purposes of YAHWEH and the synthesis of the kingdom. These are the strong meat and they are mysteries . . . yes, and many of our people have never had a square meal in their lives. There is a famine in our day, a famine of hearing:…’Thus saith YAHWEH’. However Ezekiel the Prophet records that this time of being spiritually dead is to end, and YAHWEH’S people are to become spiritually energized, to rise and become a mighty people, they are to stand on their feet a great and mighty resurrected, restored people. Thus the Apostle Paul is telling Israel not to stay at the beginning point, on this milk diet, but feed on the great truths delivered to Israel by the Apostles. Don’t be mentally and spiritually lazy for now the Holy Spirit will reveal to all Israel . . . even in our day . . . what has to take place as YAHWEH chastens and awakens His people, and power moves out with judgment on the enemy in our midst. This is a part of the strong meat and if you know some of the mysteries you are better able to understand what is taking place, to discern good and evil, to take your stand on the right side. In chapter six of Hebrews Paul is still talking about the milk of the WORD, this idea that the belief in Christ is all there is. Paul says:… ‘for it is impossible for those who were once enlightened and have tasted of the heavenly gift and made partakers of the Holy Spirit, and have tasted the good WORD of YAHSHUA who is YAHWEH in the flesh, and the powers of the world to come . . . if you fall away from all this you have learned, and have to go back again to repentance, are you trying to crucify YAHSHUA once again, and put HIM to open shame?…Why?’ Because my friends you are doubting His atonement. Do you want HIM to do it all over again, to save you one more time?

Now; YAHWEH is not unrighteous, and does not forget your work, and labor of love which you have showed toward His Name, in that ye have ministered to the Saints. (vs 10) We therefore desire that every one of you show the diligence to the whole truth, for you inherit the promises. (vs 12) Remember that YAHWEH made a promise to Abraham and swore by Himself since there was none greater saying:…’surely blessing I will bless thee, and multiplying I will multiply thee.’ (vs 14) YAHWEH who wanted to show this to the heirs of the promise thus confirmed it by an oath. (vs 17) Therefore there is two immutable things, first it is impossible for YAHWEH to lie, second is this hope set before us. (vs 18) For this hope is an anchor for the soul and is sure and steadfast and it is within a mystery just as is this Priest hood of the order of Melchizedek. (vs 19-20)

Now; once again:…the Melchizedek Priesthood starts with the embodiment of YAHWEH . . . you see . . . YAHWEH in the flesh as YAHSHUA . . . the Melchizedek Priesthood, without father, without mother, or beginning of days or end of life, and abides a Priest King continually. Hebrews 7:3.

YAHWEH Himself then is the Patriarchal father of His entire family as you are told in Ephesians:…’The whole family in heaven and earth is named.’ He is head of the Patriarchal Priesthood of His household. He is creator and author but more than this not only the maker of the Universe but also Father of His family. Thus the Melchizedek Priesthood is the Patriarchal Priesthood which also comes down thru the family, but it has to be a divine seed. Thus it was that this man . . . YAHSHUA (Jesus the Christ of translation) was the fullness of YAHWEH dwelling bodily. It ties in with the words of the 82nd., Psalm . . . ‘Ye are Elohim and all of you are the children of YAHWEH.’ Because this is true the Melchizedek Priesthood is the Priesthood of the Patriarchs, the ‘called out’ for service, and has to be Divine seed embodied. There can thus be no Melchizedek Priesthood outside of our race, this is a fact for it only comes down thru those who are spirit of His Spirit. This Melchizedek Priesthood of YAHSHUA . . . YAHWEH here in the flesh carried on in earth because ‘As Christ was, so are you’ . . . because you are also embodied out of the heavens into earth. Remember YAHSHUA said:..’You are not of this world as I am not of this world.’ AND ‘Thine (spirit) they were in the heavens, and mine (now embodied) they are in earth’ . . . and under this Melchizedek Priesthood.

The Apostle Paul is telling you that this Melchizedek Priesthood is maintained as it comes down as the highest order of the Patriarchal Priesthood and then moves thru the Levitical Priesthood and on down thru the houses of Israel, always stays among Israel. This is a Patriarchal Priesthood but it did not start after the flesh of our race, for it is without father, mother, without beginning or end of life, and abides a Priesthood of the Incarnate YAHWEH (God) forever.

QUESTION:…’For this Melchizedek . . . King of Salem, Priest of the MOST HIGH who met Abraham returning from the slaughter of the kings and blessed him, to whom also Abraham gave a tenth part of all; first being by interpretation King of Righteousness, and after that also King of Salem which is King of Peace’ . . . who was this? Hebrews 7:1-2.

ANSWER:…We have told you before so this will be repetitious, but this was not Shem to whom Abraham paid tithe. Shem would not have been greater than Abraham. This was incarnate YAHWEH in the function of Patriarchal High Priest to His family, and Abraham was one of the Patriarchs of His household. Later the Levi assumed the office of Priesthood, this Levitical Priesthood was established by YAHWEH, and they were then to take tithe from the children of Israel which was to be used for the maintenance of the spiritual center of the kingdom. (vs 5) The Apostle Paul goes on with his explanation of how this is a continual Priesthood for Levi came from the lineage of Abraham. But if there was perfection in this Levitical Priesthood then it would not have been necessary for another to come after the order of Melchizedek. Verse 11.

In other words; if the Levitical Priesthood after the order of Aaron was all that was necessary for atonement then YAHSHUA would not have needed to come to carry out the atonement. But the Levitical Priesthood was just a little interlude to lead you to the perfect sacrifice and atonement. Levi could not redeem his race, only YAHWEH could redeem His people. Thus YAHSHUA CAME EMBODIED THRU THE TRIBE OF Judah, not Levi, for Levi was not the power of an endless life. Levi was only a High Priest of His race after the Melchizedek order. Verse 17.

Now; the law made nothing perfect, it was for the correction of Israel, but under this Patriarchal Melchizedek Priesthood we have a continuing, unchanging Priesthood which lasts forever. (vs 24) After all the Israelite Priests died, and others took their places, but this is not the way for this High Priest of our race for HE is YAHSHUA . . . YAHWEH in the flesh, and HE since He fulfilled the atonement is able to save unto the Uttermost. (vs 25) Remember these words:…’Save to the Uttermost’. There is no condition that can occur in which our Eternal Father when embodied cannot save unto the Uttermost. The Apostle Paul has revealed earlier that

‘All Israel shall be saved.’ But our High Priest did not need to daily as the Levi Priests offer up sacrifice for himself, and then for the Israel people, no He came and offered himself as the sacrifice for His people. (vs 27) The Mosaic law made men High Priests who were not perfect, but YAHSHUA the Living Word . . .is consecrated for evermore, Melchizedek, the Incarnate YAHWEH-YAHSHUA . . . a High Priest of His Household. (vs 28)

QUESTION:…What is this better covenant established on better promises? Hebrew 8:6.

ANSWER:…The Apostle Paul in verse one says:…’now of the things we have spoken’ . . . in fact he is just going over what he has already told us, that we have such a High Priest, He sits in the seat of authority in the heavens. He is a minister of the sanctuary, of the true tabernacle which YAHWEH Himself established. (vs 1-2) But those Priests on earth such as the Levitical Priesthood served as an example, as a symbol of heavenly things. For Moses was instructed by YAHWEH as he was about to make the tabernacle saying:…do it this exact way which I showed you on Mount Sinai. (vs 5) But now that the atonement has been made and if that former way had been faultless then the atonement would not have been necessary. But Israel Priests could not save Israel, they could not even save themselves, this work had to be done by the ‘Spotless Lamb’ of prophecy.

‘Behold the days come saith YAHWEH when I will make a new covenant with the House of Judah and the House of Israel, not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day when I took them by the hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt, because they continued not in my covenant, and I regarded them not, saith YAHWEH.’ Verse 8-9. Remember this will be a new covenant different than the one in the days of the Exodus and at Mt. Sinai. Israel was not able to walk in total Faith, and keep the law and the rituals which was as a taskmaster to bring them to YAHSHUA. In other words they stumbled and fell along this path which saw them 40 years in the Wilderness, but they would retake Old Palestine, and after many years they would establish their nation and its greatness under Solomon. Then they would not be able to maintain their way of life and the kingdom would be split into the kingdom of the House of Israel and this was called the Northern Kingdom, and the House of Judah the Southern Kingdom with its headquarters at Jerusalem. Then would come the captivity of the Northern kingdom and finally their migration to the Westward while the Judah Kingdom went into the Babylonian captivity. Many of the Judah Kingdom went into migration with the House of Israel, the Throne and all the symbols of Israel were moved to the west, and finally some of the Judah Kingdom returns to Jerusalem and tries to reestablish their temple and their nation, so as to stay in place for birth, crucifixion, and resurrection of YAHSHUA which they were looking forward to. This old covenant depended on Israel doing her part, and she was not always able to stay on the right path so she slipped into chastisement as she also was fulfilling her destiny, for Our Father knew exactly what His people would do.

Now; this new covenant . . . the one He makes with the House of Israel . . . this covenant is for after the resurrection and when both Houses of Israel are again back together in One House. He says:…’I will put my Laws in their mind, I will write them in their hearts; and I will be to them their God and they shall be to me a people.’ (vs 10) All right the atonement is finished and this covenant does not depend on Israel being able to keep the law, or the rituals of the law. In this covenant YAHWEH says:..’I will do this’ . . . Israel has proved she cannot save herself. Thus, YAHWEH said:… ‘I will’ and by His Cross He did just that which Israel was not able to do. And the Apostles were sent to Lost Israel to tell them that YAHSHUA had come, the atonement was finished . . . completed, and they have been redeemed, and now they can look forward to the coming of the kingdom rule after a certain length of time. The Holy Spirit will now reveal the laws to His people, will reveal the Gospel of the Kingdom and in time they will not have to teach . . . rather the Holy Spirit will teach every Israelite and it will not be necessary for every Israelite to say:..’Know YAHSHUA as I know HIM’ . . . for all Israel shall know HIM from the least to the greatest. YAHWEH said:…’I will be merciful to their (Israel’s) unrighteousness and their iniquities will I remember no more.’ Verse 11-12.

Quite a promise is it not? This should be what Life in the Kingdom is like when His people come to power and rule with righteousness. The method or design of entering this household of YAHWEH has always been by the Holy Spirit, for we are spirit of His Spirit. But you wouldn’t look for perfection in Israel, for she was here embodied in earth, and the weight of the World Order was always thrown against her. But now under the new covenant you leave the old behind and move forward under the program of Our Father reaching for our Destiny. Oh, we stumble and fall but this time YAHWEH says we will do certain things, and He brings the situations where as the new covenant will be fulfilled in spite of the stumbling we do. Thus the new covenant is better, and the promises are better because this time we as a people won’t be able to louse it up, for what He determines, He delivers. Now; we find today that our people say they believe in Jesus The Christ, and they are saved. Then some are reaching for the same kind of religious experience they see portrayed perhaps on T.V. or in other instances. We get this question quite often:…I see a minister in meditation and he is describing people in T.V. land who have different troubles, and God is healing them right then. And pretty soon someone calls in saying they had this trouble, why can’t I? We would say that this is reaching for the same experience as another individual, and is a part of the problems of today. It looks good on T.V. or in a meeting and please don’t misunderstand for YAHWEH can heal anytime, the Power is all HIS, but with this type of program you are not disturbing the enemy, you are also not reaching or working for the kingdom, but rather an emotional high.

There is a gift of healing, we have seen it work. We also know that the Apostle Paul, this great Apostle to Lost Israel, was not healed of his physical infirmities. YAHSHUA just told him as Paul asked for healing . . . ‘My Grace is sufficient to carry you until your work here in the physical is done.’ Perhaps we His people should not just concentrate on the healing of our bodies but reach ahead, learn our responsibilities while here embodied and then carry out those responsibilities which is our Great Commission which is to occupy earth looking forward to and working for the kingdom rule until HE comes, or we go home. While we are occupying then hold up HIS standards as you resist the enemy. Learn all you can about the program of YAHWEH for this earth, and our part in that program, because the more you learn the more this knowledge becomes an armor around you until your work here in the physical is finished.

Different individuals of our race have fulfilled their Great Commission in their physical life time. We are thinking of Enoch and Job, and of the Apostles and of this Apostle Paul who was to go to Lost Israel telling them that Messiah had come, that their YAHSHUA of Nazareth was YAHWEH in the flesh. Now; Lost Israel would know they were no longer wild Olive Branches but again a part of the ONE Olive Tree, this family of YAHWEH. Now they were to know that since they were still spirit of His Spirit that they were once more installed as sons . . . All Israel united in His Purpose.

Now; going further in identifying Melchizedek as the Apostle Paul has been doing, we think again about this ONE . . . without father, without mother, without descent and having neither beginning of days or end of life, but made like unto the abiding embodiment of YAHWEH. Yes it is translated some what differently but He has just told you that this ONE was without descent for His is Melchizedek . . . and is out of YAHWEH Himself, the first formed before any creature. Therefore His is a Majestical Priest, a Priest of righteousness not a Priest of transgression, thus perfect, but also somewhat mysterious.

The Apostle Paul as well as Moses of the Old Testament records that Abraham this Patriarch of our race paid his tithe to Melchizedek. Thus where then did Melchizedek come from, where was the city of Kings, where was the city of Peace? This is a part of the mystery you need to know so as to understand your Bible. The city of Kings is the offspring or descendants of the MOST HIGH as they form the city Jerusalem conforming to His program. This New Jerusalem coming down out of the heavens prepared as a bride for her husband is a family, now in earth forming the kingdom, this New Jerusalem descends thru Adam-Seth, Noah, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob down thru all their descendants for the kingdom people for this end of the age. The rest of the Adamic race played their part, and either were absorbed into this final stream of the race or their offspring died out, or were absorbed by the other races ending their stream. Thus this kingdom race is a living city, the city of kings, or the city of Peace . . . Salem. They are the living sons and daughters of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA who is incarnate after whom the whole family in earth and in heaven is named. This is the ‘ONE’ that Abraham paid tithe to for he being the head of the household is greater than Adam or any of His descendants.

Now; since Abraham established who was the greater then out of Abraham was to come Isaac, and Jacob and eventually Levi whose descendants YAHWEH established as the Priesthood of Israel in the Old Testament. Since the Levitical Priesthood was set in place by YAHWEH then Levi could now take tithe from men, and the tithe would be for the maintenance of the tabernacle and the temple, and for the Levi families. Then the tribe of Levi was scattered thru out the tribes of Israel so they remain ministers in YAHWEH’S Household on earth. Today Israel still pays their tithe for the support of His Household and the work of YAHWEH. But also in this mystery Adamites were paying tithe to Levi symbolically when Levi was still in the loins of Abraham, and in that manner Abraham paid tithe to this ‘ONE’ who was greater than all.

The Apostle Paul records:..’Blessed be this for there was HE that received, and we bear witness that HE lives.’ The sons of Levi get old and the die, but HE that received this tithe was without father, without mother, without descent, without beginning or end of days, abideth as a Priesthood forever, and it is written that He liveth.’ Hebrews 7:1-8. We then have this declaration in the passages of Scripture which is not well translated in the Book of Hebrews, and we also in the passages of Scripture which are written about HIM . . . that HE was YAHWEH in a body. That HE had also appeared in a body in times past, and this body was the same yesterday, today, and forever, this body of YAHWEH does not change. Then here in the Book of Hebrews we are to understand that He took a body a little lower than the Angels so that He might taste death for every man. Thus had He permitted His body to be completely covered with His enveloping Glory which He possessed as the Eternal YAHWEH . . . EL-Orien thru out the Ages He could never have been crucified. Therefore the Love of YAHWEH would predestinate the death of God, and the Melchizedek Priesthood was laid aside until His death was accomplished. But in the fulfillment of His Majesty YAHSHUA who was YAHWEH in the flesh was born of a woman, and this woman’s race came out of Himself, for this race is also His Household. Thus He completed His cycle and emerged out of a woman, but did not emerge with His Glory, for He separated Himself from His Glory which was the only new thing in creation.

Here YAHSHUA . . . while in the flesh performed miracles. He called the dead out of their graves. He had the power over life and death, was master of all things yet His body was also subject to death, and as He moved among the enemy it was necessary to use the mystery of His Power such as moving thru walls, as they sought to kill HIM for He knew that if they attacked His physical body they would kill it. So He protected His physical body until they had seized HIM in the Garden and brought Him before the High Priest and Pilate until the children of darkness cried:…’His blood be upon us and upon our children.’ This was the physical body of YAHWEH and the fullness of the Power of YAHWEH dwelt bodily, but the Light or Glory of YAHWEH was not upon HIM, until the crucifixion was over. Oh, He had permitted the Majesty of Glory to shine forth on the Mount of Transfiguration and at other times, but we want you to always remember that this one known as YAHSHUA was YAHWEH in the flesh, He was the Majestic ONE of the Old Testament and before He was . . . El-Orien whose appearance is marked with the Old Testament again and again. He appeared in His Majesty as Melchizedek the Priest King Forever. He appears also as the tremendous conqueror, and also as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. But in the course of the concepts of the Scripture each time He appears it is the same body, the same presence, but when He appears as Melchizedek as He did to Enoch and Job and then to Abraham He appeared covered with Glory, with the Light and Majesty of His position and they were lifted to a position to receive HIM. Once He appeared to Joshua clothed in the armor of His Righteousness and Joshua realized that He was . . . THE MOST HIGH YAHWEH and Joshua acknowledged HIM as he said:..’MY LORD (YAHSHUA AND MY GOD (YAHWEH).’

Now; we discover that in the hour when the crucifixion had taken place and this our Father-Savior had taken upon Himself . . . the transgression of the entire world . . . so that He might buy and pay the price for His Household. In this hour He did not sacrifice the blood of goats or sheep, but sacrificed the blood of the body of YAHWEH. Thus showing that His blood had been without transgression, without sin, thus He had taken upon Himself the transgressions of the whole earth so that He might redeem His own Household, His race, and thus establish their course in the hours of victory.

Now; we then realize that the first covenant which was referred to as a great covenant was the covenant of the law, and that law existed in the days of Adam, in the days of Seth, the law was the way things were put together then . . . YAHWEH then established the Law, added the rituals and gave it to Israel at Mt. Sinai, gave it to Israel by way of Moses, and the children of Israel said:…’All he hath given us we will do.’ But in the Majesty of having received the Law, the children of Israel found that this Law was a harsh route, it brought a situation where they sometimes violated the Law. However the Law when violated is not an act of vengeance, but just the act of how things are put together. When violated it was a violation of the Law of YAHWEH, and that violation brought a reaction. Adamic people were not able to keep this Law to perfection, so the Apostle Paul talks about this as he talks about the Melchizedek Priesthood. He explains to you as he says that the Law was not perfect because men did not keep the Law. They even had to make sacrifices for themselves. The High Priests of Israel had to make sacrifices for sin before they entered the Holy of Holies. But in the ministry of YAHSHUA no sacrifice for Himself was necessary for He became the Living sacrifice, and by the Power of HIS Resurrection was then enveloped once more in Light.

Now; in the Power of His Resurrection, the clue which the Apostle Paul brings forth as a mystery is . . . ‘Thou art a Priest forever after the order of Melchizedek.’ Thus the Spirit was endless and the Spirit of endless Life raised up HIS body which lay in the tomb, and enveloped it in Spirit, Light then took upon itself in its incarnation as Messiah-Savior the Priesthood of Melchizedek once again.

Now; there was a short time when the Priesthood of Melchizedek was not in operation and for a moment Lucifer thought that he had won, but that was not in the plan, had not been in the plan from the beginning of his rebellion.

During the ministry of YAHSHUA as He became the High Priest now in earth, as He measured the transgressions of the world and took them upon himself there was in this body a Spirit that could save from death, we thus say the fullness of YAHWEH dwelt bodily in the man YAHSHUA . . . Christ Jesus. But in the hour of HIS Resurrection He again took up the Majesty of the Melchizedek Priesthood. This then is a Spiritual Priesthood, and has the Spirit of the Living YAHWEH enveloping the body. Thus, when He speaks of His many sons and daughters He says that they also will be filled with the Glory of YAHWEH, the Light of YAHWEH, and this Light which is of the Spirit will come upon them, and they will build His Kingdom and set the captives of the world free. This Melchizedek Priesthood will descend upon His sons and daughters. Oh, you say, but we have fathers and mothers . . . yes, He alone is Melchizedek until the hour of the Restoration of His Household, but in that hour there will be Priests according to the order of Melchizedek who will go out to the ends of the earth, and to the ends of the Universe. Yes, we shall set with HIM in the seat of authority in the administration of Priests. For the New Jerusalem which is the bride of YAHWEH will stand forth as the city of Salem, the City of Kings for the King of Salem . . . King of Peace.

We would point out to you that the Apostle Paul records:..’This man because He continues forever’ has an unchangeable Priesthood. Thus the law which was not kept perfectly made that law not perfect, but the new covenant comes forth out of this perfect Melchizedek Priesthood, so remember that Melchizedek our HIGH PRIEST is the Eternal Creator, the Master of the Universe. He said this new covenant would emerge, for all Israel, and this would not be a law of conditions, but a Law of Destiny. This old covenant was not flawless, and it did not contain as much as the second covenant will contain.

ERM – Tape 032 – Epistle To The Hebrews – Continued





1. The Book of Hebrews continued…..

Now as to the covenant . . . this second covenant . . . ‘Behold! The day will come when I will make a new covenant with the House of Israel and the House of Judah not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers when I took them out of the land of Egypt because they continued not in my covenant. But this is the covenant I will make with the house of Judah and the house of Israel in those days, I will put my laws in their minds, and write them on their hearts, and I will be unto them a God, and they shall be unto me a people. And they will no longer need to teach their neighbor or his brother saying:…know the law, because they shall all know ME from the least to the greatest.’

Won’t it be a great day when the new covenant is thoroughly implemented, the house of Judah and the House of Israel again . . . ‘ONE stick in HIS hand?’ The Law then will come from the hearts of the Israel people, and the world order will know who they are, as they rule with righteousness because every Israelite will understand what YAHWEH has proclaimed, and every Israelite shall see as He knows. In His Melchizedek Priesthood He calls the working of the Law forth out of the hearts of HIS people for the Sheep will respond to the Shepherds call.

As the Apostle Paul talks about this new covenant and the Melchizedek Priesthood, he records:…YAHWEH swears and shall not repent concerning the embodiment of His own body . . . in hour of His Resurrection as He again took up the mantle of the heavens . . . ‘thou art a Priest forever after the order of Melchizedek . . . King of Salem (Peace) High Priest of His Kingdom, existing without father, without mother, without descent, without end of days or beginning of time, abides a Priest continually, after the incarnation of YAHWEH. ‘ And now you understand why His is without father, mother, without end of days or beginning of time, because YAHSHUA is YAHWEH in the flesh.

Now; the sons and daughters of YAHWEH can come in similitude to the Priesthood of Melchizedek. They can take a Priesthood alike unto HIS with HIM alone being above all, and to all the abiding father of the kingdom since this is the kingdom of Peace (Understanding) the kingdom of Righteousness (rightness).

Yes, Abraham is blessed by Melchizedek, and he paid tithe into the hands of YAHWEH. As the power of YAHWEH saved Abraham that day so shall he be possessor of the earth. There is then no Priesthood as high as the Priesthood of Melchizedek because His Priests don’t have to make a sacrifice for transgression, for life, because under this Priesthood there is Endless Life, and it is passed on to the household of YAHWEH as we reach this point in time. There might have been a time when one of the race entered the Priesthood for instance . . . this being Enoch for he was carried into the heavens by a chariot of space. But we see this Priesthood of Melchizedek as a mystery, as a symbol. Have seen it move into its pattern of atonement then its fullness because it is a message of endless life. It is a Priesthood not of judgment but of blessing world without end. It is for the Adamic Race, these children of His Kingdom, and it points us toward our Destiny.

QUESTION:…And for this cause He is the mediator of the New Testament, that by means of death, for the redemption of the transgressions that were under the first Testament, they which were ‘called’ might receive the promises of Eternal inheritance.’ Hebrews 9:15.

ANSWER:…Read that over again . . . YAHWEH-YAHSHUA is the Mediator of the New Covenant, He redeemed His Household by His Cross so that they might receive the promise of Eternal inheritance.

Go back to verse one as the Apostle Paul is explaining the difference in the Old and New Testament or Covenant. The old covenant was a law of conditions. Had ordinances and rituals of ceremonies of Divine purpose . . . Divine service and a Sanctuary (Exodus 25:8) where YAHWEH could dwell with His people. There was first a tabernacle and within was the candlestick, and the tables, and the shewbread. Then past the second veil was what was called the Holy of Holies. (vs 3) And there in the Holy of Holies was the golden censer, and the Ark of the Covenant overlaid with gold. There was the golden pot that held the manna, and Aaron’s rod that budded, and the tables of the covenant.

Now; the Priests would go always into the first tabernacle and perform the service of YAHWEH, (vs 6) but into the Holy of Holies only the High Priest alone went in, and only once a year, but not before he had also offered blood sacrifice for Himself, and then for the errors of the children of Israel. (vs 7)

In this first tabernacle the Holy Spirit was not as yet made manifest, it was just a symbol of what was to come. Gifts and sacrifice were offered but that did not make the one that did the service perfect (vs 9). There was different ordinances, rituals, rights imposed on them until the time of the fulfillment of the true sacrifice (vs 10). But since YAHSHUA came this High Priest pointing toward good things to come which was a greater and more perfect tabernacle not made by hands, not in a tent such as was the first tabernacle, and not even as the Temple in Jerusalem. (vs 11) This YAHSHUA who was YAHWEH in the flesh did not need the blood of calves and goats for He shed His own blood . . . once . . . and obtained Eternal Redemption for us. (vs 12). If the blood of bulls and goats and the ashes of a heifer sprinkling the unclean . . . sanctified (or justified) the purifying of the flesh then how much more shall the blood of YAHSHUA, this Eternal High Priest . . . YAHWEH in the flesh who offered HIMSELF? HE was the Spotless Lamb of sacrifice for you and me, thus how much more should this purge your conscience from dead works and bring you to serve the Living YAHSHUA . . . YAHWEH in the flesh. (vs 14)?

And for this cause He is the Mediator of the New Testament (covenant) that by means of death on the Cross redeemed us from transgression which was held against us under the first covenant so they who were called might receive the promise of Eternal inheritance. (vs 15) For where a testament is, there must of necessity be the death of the testator. For a testament or covenant is in force . . . after death; otherwise it is of no strength at all while the testator liveth. Therefore the first testament (covenant) was dedicated in blood. (vs 18) For when Moses had spoken every precept to all the people according to the Law he took the blood of calves and goats, with water, and scarlet wool and hyssop and sprinkled with blood both the tabernacle and all the vessels of the ministry. Almost all things then are by the Law purged with blood, and without shedding of blood there is no remission of sin. It was therefore necessary that the pattern of things in the heavens should be purified with these. For YAHSHUA does not enter into the Holy places made with hands, these are but figures of the real things which are in heaven. He does not offer himself as does the Earthly High Priest once a year with the blood of others. (vs 25) For if that had been the case He would have suffered often ever since the foundation of the world; only this once in the end of this program for the world He appeared to put away sin by sacrifice of Himself. (vs 26) It is appointed unto men (Adamites) once to die but after this the judgment. And YAHSHUA would ‘Once’ bear the sins of many and unto them that look for HIM to appear another time. But He comes not this time to die for sin, but for salvation. (vs 28) . . . How could the Scripture be any more plain than that?

QUESTION:…’Wherefore when he cometh into the world He said:..Sacrifice and offerings thou wouldest not, but a body has thou prepared for me; In burnt offerings and sacrifice for sin thou hast had not pleasure.’ Hebrews 10:5-6.

ANSWER:…The translation is still trying to establish that YAHSHUA was not YAHWEH in the flesh, but you now know different, and you allow for that as you read the tenth chapter. Notice . . . but a body has thou prepared me . . . showing how He came and thru whom so as to identify with His people. The Apostle Paul is still talking about the old covenant, a law of conditions which is only a shadow of the good things to come. Under this old covenant were the rituals of sacrifice offered year after year, but the blood of bulls and goats could not take away sins. It would only be this ”ONE” who came in a body prepared out of the Adamic race who could be the perfect sacrifice to redeem His people. Thus it was necessary for this physical body of YAHSHUA to die on the CROSS . . . ONCE . . . and for all. (vs 10) And after He had completed the atonement He again picked up the scepter of authority in the heavens. (vs 12) For by offering His body on the Cross He has perfected those that are sanctified (Justified). Verse 14.

Now; the Holy Spirit witnesses to us that He has made this New Covenant with Israel as He said:…’I will put my laws in their hearts and in their minds will I write them, and their sins and iniquities will I remember no more.’ (vs 16-17) And since there is remission of sin then there is no need of an offering for sin. (vs 18) Therefore brethren since the atonement by the blood of YAHSHUA we can enter into the Holy of Holies by a new and living way which He has consecrated for us by His work in the flesh. (vs 20)

And now that we have once more a High Priest over our Household let us draw near with a true heart, in the full assurance of Faith because we are washed with pure water (vs 22). This being washed with pure water is being cleansed by the Spirit.

Let us pause for a second and remember back to the early winter of 1983 when the Sunday School literature at least from the Methodist and Christian churches here were telling Christians they should go find a Jewish friend and learn all about the Jewish Passover table. Remember that at the Temple in Jerusalem in the time of YAHSHUA there was no Ark of the Covenant nor the throne stone, or the other symbols of Israel, even the Glory of YAHWEH had been gone from the Holy of Holies for many years, actually since the time of Jeremiah for he had removed them and hid them then transferred the Ark, the Stone and the other symbols of Israel with his granddaughter Tea Tephi to Ireland. Then after the resurrection and the work of the Apostles was done in that old land then in 70 A.D., the temple was completely destroyed as YAHSHUA had told them it would be. Old Jerusalem is thus finished in the plan of YAHWEH except for judgment where as Israel moves on under the new covenant, with the communion table, and no longer do you look back at old Jerusalem as the center of the kingdom. The new covenant is a testimony of destiny for the household of YAHWEH’S children. Now you look to your hearts and minds and you see how you in blinders still followed your destiny and established His kingdom in the westward. Old Jerusalem now just represents those who are enemies of the kingdom until their judgment is finished, while New Jerusalem moves with and lives with His Household. Why then would you want to go back and learn the ways of old Jerusalem which at that time was occupied by the enemies of our Savior and still is today? Almost 2000 years ago YAHSHUA . . . YAHWEH in the flesh was our Passover from the old covenant to the new. And we now have HIS communion table for our symbol of our Savior’s work. We have the Holy Spirit connection activated so that if our people will listen, He moves in our hearts and minds to unfold the mysteries of the kingdom. The New Covenant is a better covenant for it is a covenant of Destiny, this we will see fulfilled for it does not depend on our doing something, it is HIS WILL that brings us to Destiny. Even tho we His people stumble along thru the Great Apostasy, the falling away from the Faith, still Destiny decrees that the kingdom will rise and the World Order fall. The New Covenant is YAHWEH’S program and He will see that it is done, and we can count on that. Destiny will be fulfilled no matter how we stumble, so don’t let yourself be entangled again in the rituals of the old law by your enemy until you put yourself in bondage once again as the Apostle Paul warned in Galatians 5:1. Open your eyes and see who it is that hates our Savior and the Christian Faith, works against it always.

Again we listen to the mysteries the Apostle Paul brings out as he talks about the work of YAHWEH, about the ultimate pattern of a great and mighty reconciliation in which Our Father is going to have at one in YAHSHUA . . . His embodiment . . . in the fulfillment of HIS Priesthood . . . all things . . . both in heaven and in earth . . . ALL THINGS . . . even under the earth, meaning in the Netherworld, until every knee shall bow and every tongue proclaim . . . WHAT?…ALL WILL PROCLAIM THAT YAHSHUA IS YAHWEH IN THE FLESH. ‘Ye of Israel have obtained this inheritance, having been predestinated by the word of YAHWEH thru out Eternity, and before the world began that we should be like unto HIM . . . HOW?…Holy and without blame’. Why oh why then would you want to give away such an inheritance? Only thru blindness and ignorance of the word would Israel do this.

YAHWEH perceived the majesty of His Holy Household, and He brings this honor upon his sons and daughters for He determined that His children will be like HIM, and they with HIM shall rule the Universe. El-Orien who rules the Universe divides up the habitation of men according to the sons of Adam . . . according to the number of the children of Israel, and bestows upon them HIS blessings because HE is the Master of the earth, He owns the Universe, an sets the course of time . . . He fulfills His judgments.

In the Ancient Books such as in the writings of Enoch we discover that they wrote of an emerging of YAHWEH embodied with all the trappings of the great encasement of His Presence in the Melchizedek Priesthood thus without father, mother, having neither beginning or end of Life. Only ONE could measure up to this and He was the Eternal MOST HIGH YAHWEH. This then sketches the magnitude of human comprehension, it reaches beyond the perimeters of the things we are capable of thinking about in their purity. The endlessness in existence, the majesty of His power, the effulgent Glory of His countenance, all this exists in the Priesthood of Melchizedek. And now that we know we are under this New Covenant of Destiny we know that all shall be fulfilled because our Father has ‘Willed’ that it shall be . . . ‘We are not of them who draw back into perdition, but them that believe to the saving of the soul.’ Hebrew 10:39.

QUESTION:…’By faith Abel offered unto YAHWEH a more excellent sacrifice, a more excellent sacrifice than Cain, and by this Abel obtained witness that he was righteous (right). YAHWEH testifying of His gifts; and by it he (Abel) being dead yet speaketh.’ Hebrew 11:4.

ANSWER:…Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. And Abel offered a sacrifice unto YAHWEH based on that Faith that YAHWEH would come to redeem His people. The sacrifice was a symbol of that Faith. Cain being the son of Lucifer saw things differently. He wanted his father to win this battle between Light and Darkness. In fact Cain offered a sacrifice pointing to things of the earth, not even understanding the symbol of ‘The Lamb of Sacrifice’. In this eleventh chapter of Hebrews Paul explains the mystery of how the spiritual thought waves can fill men so that they live by it. He refers to Noah, Abraham, and his sons . . . Moses all who lived by this Faith which was a Living abiding Faith imputed to them as righteousness because they believed and obeyed YAHWEH. It was a growing, pulsing living Faith with these Patriarchs of our race, these leaders of the race who as with us were strangers and pilgrims in the earth, and the world (order) was not worthy of them. Paul talks about how these men of our race had come down out of the heavens, and were performing as they were supposed to do while in the flesh. They had stopped the mouths of Lions, had turned to fight the armies of the aliens, some died, some were martyred because they would not give up their Faith which was a part of them. Paul talks about a continuing work by this race who are the household of the MOST HIGH. This obedience to . . . this belief in YAHWEH is what set them apart from the world order. Because of his Faith Enoch was taken into the heavens without facing death. He had believed and obeyed YAHWEH in everything he did. (vs 5) Without this Faith it is impossible to please YAHWEH. Why? Because Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen. Without Faith you cannot believe that HE is, or that He rewards those who diligently seek HIM. (vs 6)

By Faith being warned of YAHWEH, and believing YAHWEH Noah built the Ark and saved His household from the flood (in the Tarim Basin). (vs 7) Moving by Faith Abraham when he was called out of Ur, following YAHWEH’S instructions to the letter sojourned in a land promised to his seed, dwelt there as tho in a strange land. The promise to Abraham moved on thru Isaac and Jacob all heirs with Abraham of this same promise. (vs 8-9) For Abraham was looking for a city which hath foundations whose builder and maker is YAHWEH. (vs 10)

Now; remember that YAHSHUA spoke of a city on a hill, this is the kingdom, it is not to be put under a basket but the Light and Knowledge of the kingdom is to be as on a hill, where all can see it. Abraham saw the outline of this program of YAHWEH, SAW THE KINGDOM DEVELOPING TO FULFILL THE PROMISES and he believed this would come to pass. Today this is still our Faith we believe the words of YAHWEH because we are spirit of His Spirit. The Light emerged because your spirit is out of His Spirit, and His Spirit abides with you forever. Therefore Abraham saw that out of the soul consciousness of men of the race moved the patterns of statesmanship of YAHWEH’S kingdom because they are children of Light.

Thru Faith, Sarah received strength to conceive a seed and was delivered of a child altho she was well past age, but she judged that YAHWEH was able to fulfill that promise which was that . . . ‘Sarah shall have a son.’ (vs 11) Thus from Abraham altho he was 100 years old came children for the kingdom who number as many as the stars of the sky, or the sands of the seashore. (vs 12) How?…Because of this kingdom there is to be of no end. All these who were looking for that promise of the city . . . New Jerusalem fulfilling the promise, all died believing in that promise, believing they would be rescued and return home. They knew who they were, and that they were strangers and pilgrims in earth, but they were longing to see the kingdom set in place in earth, and to have their Light restored. (vs 13-14) Yes, they were seeking their birthright, but if they had remembered how to return to where they came from they would have grabbed the first opportunity to return. (vs 15) They desire their heavenly home where YAHWEH is their God, where there will be no one who does not believe that YAHSHUA is YAHWEH in the flesh, this will be the kingdom in place, the city on a hill which will never again be molested. (vs 16)

Therefore by Faith, Abraham when tested was ready to offer up this only son of Promise, Isaac the seed of the kingdom because he believed that YAHWEH was able to raise him even from the dead. (vs 17-19) By Faith, Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau and instructed them in the way they should go. Esau fell away but Jacob then by Faith, blessed both the sons of Joseph. Put his name Israel on those two sons making both sons of Joseph leaders in Israel and Joseph thus was given a double portion blessing. (vs 22) By Faith, the parents of Moses hid him for three months for they saw he was an exceptional child. Not obeying the kings commandment they hid the baby for three months then put him in the basket and the daughter of Pharaoh found him. (vs 24) Moses was then raised as the son of this daughter of Pharaoh, was schooled in the Ancient city of ON. Then when he found his people being mistreated he chose to suffer rather than to deny his race and enjoy the pleasures of Egypt. Moses as he was trained in the city of ON then learned the program of YAHWEH for this earth. Remember the Mystery Schools established by Enoch and Job and this White Priesthood was still in the city of ON when Moses was in school in that city. By Faith, then Moses moved to follow the directions of YAHWEH as he came back to Egypt to lead the children of Israel as YAHWEH delivered them from Egyptian bondage. (vs 27) By Faith, he instructed the Israelites in the ‘Passover’ and the sprinkling of the blood lest the first born would suffer the fate of the Egyptians. (vs 28) By Faith, the Israelites went thru the Red Sea as by dry ground while the Egyptians following were drowned as the waters came back together. (vs 29)

Later the Israelites by Faith marched around the city of Jericho carrying the Ark of the Covenant as YAHWEH had instructed, and the walls came tumbling down. (vs 30) By Faith, the lady Rahab, the innkeeper on the wall helped the Israelites. But she was a lady of the Adamic race, and she believed, and helped the Israelites . . . those spies escape from that old city. (vs 31) There were others of course such as Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jephthah, David and Samuel and the Prophets, all thru Faith subdued kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouth of lions, quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword. But out of weakness they were made strong, waxed valiant in the fight, turned to flight the armies of the aliens. Women received their dead raised to life again, and others were tortured, not accepting deliverance, that they might obtain a better resurrection. And others had trial of cruel mocking and scourging, yea, more over of bonds and imprisonment; they were stoned, they were swan asunder, were tempted, were slain with the sword, they wandered about in goatskins; being destitute, afflicted, tormented. The world was not worthy of this race as they wandered in deserts, and in mountains, in dens and caves of earth. (vs 38)

These all having obtained a good report, thru Faith, yet they did not receive the promise. But YAHWEH having provided some better things for his race still those who died before this reward . . . before the kingdom is set in place will also be made perfect, and those of Israel still here at the time will also go thru transition, for all Israel enters into HIS REST. Here the Apostle Paul has been telling you of this continual struggle generation after generation of the children of Light as they occupy earth, and move forward in their determined Destiny. In case you think Life is rough today better then go back and review history. For all thru the Adamic march as they struggled to expand the kingdom they have faced the Satanic enemy generation after generation. This is something our people need to realize today, but it was Faith that carried our ancestors thru, and it will be Faith that brings us into the kingdom rule.

QUESTION:…’Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race set before us, looking unto YAHSHUA the Author and finisher of our Faith, who because of the joy of redeeming His Family endured the Cross, and now sits again in the seat of authority in the heavens.’ Hebrews 12:1-2.

ANSWER:…The Apostle Paul has just told us in chapter eleven of a few of the faithful of our race, but there were many, many of the race who have gone on who have witnessed, and took part in the battle for earth. They ran their race as each of us should run our race always looking forward toward YAHWEH-YAHSHUA the author and finisher of Our Faith.

We have said before that each generation has had their fight with the children of darkness, and history bears this out. Thus this great crowd of witnesses, for YAHWEH-YAHSHUA set forth an example for us to follow.

Now; in spite of the programs of the Great Society, and others, the program of YAHWEH’S kingdom is not a war on poverty. No, it is a war on sin and darkness. Poverty will be eliminated when sin and darkness are phased out, not before. It is true that the Elect, the children of YAHWEH establish standards by things that are right. It is time we selected the street called ‘Straight’ that we establish values based on their relationship to the laws of YAHWEH WHICH ARE INDESTRUCTIBLE. There is no doubt that we are in a might struggle for the enemy is trying to remove YAHSHUA (Christ) from our nation. Trying to pull the kingdom of YAHWEH down to the level of Lucifers own order under his guilt and revolt against truth. There is no question of the fact that we go thru cycles which look like temporary victories for the darkness. But always the triumph of spiritual wisdom, the laws of YAHWEH, the purposes of YAHWEH always make themselves manifest, and the kingdom surmounts it, survive it, and goes on with more of the race added continually to this great cloud of witnesses, those who have served in earth and gone home.

The Apostle Paul then goes on with his witness as he asks if you have resisted unto blood as you battle the darkness? Also you must not be disturbed because you are chastened by YAHWEH when you step out of line, for He does this because he loves us. Every son or daughter needs chastening at times so as to keep us on the path we should travel. If there are violations of law those violations bring chastisement but at least you know thru this chastisement that you broke the law. Even your own children do not love you just because you let them break the rules you establish. Someday they may remind you that you did not fulfill your responsibility. Since our earthly fathers need to correct and guide us because they love us, how much more then should we expect our heavenly father to correct us so that we live the life which brings us the greater reward? (vs 9)

But if ye be without chastisement whereof all His children are partakers then ye are bastards, not son? (vs 8) In other words are you then not born of this race, if not chastised then no you are not of this race. For our earthly fathers do try to correct and guide their children so that they walk the path deemed best for them, but our Heavenly Father chastens us so that we may partake of His Holiness. (vs 14) Therefore lift up your hands in praise and straighten your knees so you can walk tall and set an example for others of the race so that you cause no other to falter. (vs 13) Use understanding with all your brethren, and do nothing which might cause any of the race to fall away from the Faith so that no one sells their Birthright for a mess of pottage as did Esau. (vs 16) You remember that Esau married outside the race, thus he sold the birthright of his children. Later Esau tried to be reinstated in the blessing, but even tho he sought it carefully with tears he had still rejected his Birthright . . . held it lightly. (vs 17)

At Mt. Sinai remember this translation of Beast . . . ‘Let not so much as a beast touch the mountain’ . . . this was not four legged beasts, it was not oxen, sheep or goats that were to be stone. This was non-Israelites that they were talking about in that translation. The Apostle Paul is now going on with our history lesson and he asks:..What have we approached to? But we are come unto Mt. Zion, and unto the city of the Living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of Angels, to the general assembly of the first born which are written in the heavens, and to YAHSHUA-YAHWEH in the flesh, who is the judge of all, and to the Spirits of just men made perfect. (vs 22-23)

Now; we have come in contact with the spiritual center of the kingdom today it is called the church. So as we participate in church activities what have we approached to? Did we approach to the Mountain Mt. Sinai which was burning with the fire of the presence of YAHWEH, in the time when Moses was called to the leadership position? No. What we approach today . . . what we search for in the visible church, and what we find in the true church is Mt. Zion which is YAHWEH’S kingdom. Throughout the ages it has been His Kingdom that His children have been searching for throughout the old Testament and in the New. We are come unto Mt. Zion, the Kingdom, and to the city of the Living YAHWEH-YAHSHUA, the Heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of ministering spirits. You have thus come to the realization that the New Jerusalem has been coming down out of heaven, from YAHWEH thru Adam’s race since the days of Adam, still coming down in our time, descending from the Celestial world into the physical world, by way of birth thru this Adamic race. This is not a city built of stones unless they are termed . . . Living Stone . . . thus a city of a race of people, and the entrance to this city is by 12 Gates with the names of the 12 Tribes of Israel above the Gates.

Let us point this out again, the Apostle Paul says that you have approached the church, the spiritual center of the kingdom which is this city of the Living YAHWEH, the heavenly Jerusalem, this company of Living Spirits, . . . ‘Ye are the general assembly of the church of the ‘first born’, your names are written in the heavens, and to YAHWEH the judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect.’ . . . All right. What does it mean by . . . this church of the first born? Where does this church come from? Today we hear the churches call themselves the ‘church of the first born’, but we happen to know who makes up that church so this is not the answer. This church (spiritual center) of the first born is the first begotten of His Spirit in the heavens. Yes. We can prove this for back in the Book of Romans where it is talking about the manifestation of the sons of God, then Paul said:..’We (Israel) and the whole creation are waiting for the manifestation of the sons of YAHWEH.’ Romans 8:19. Here you are talking about YAHWEH’S posterity, His household in earth . . . ‘The whole creation vibrates together with us waiting for this manifestation of the sons of YAHWEH (God). They as well as we who are the first fruits of His spirit.’ Thus the first fruits of His spirit are His Celestial Issue in Celestial realms in the heavens of yesterday. Then He translated these of the first Celestial Issue to earth and we are thus embodied. We made our entrance into the physical world into the physical bodies of the Adamic race, and the fall of the race was because of violation of Divine Law by Adam and Eve as they cohabited with the Luciferian kingdom already here in earth. Thus in the beginning of our race immortality, this Light and Glory which made them immortal was lost. But this did not change YAHWEH’S plan for He knew this would happen even before He made the world. Thus Adam and Eve were still His Issue, still possessed a Holy Seed, still possessed the promise contained the reassurance that He would be as the Scripture refers . . . ‘The Lamb slain before the foundation of the world.’ Thus we who are the first fruits of the spirit became embodied in earth, and this seed continues on down to our time. And we who make up the church of the first fruits of His Spirit are also members of the church of the ‘first born’.

Oh, you say:…but you are still referring to the church of today which started at the time of YAHSHUA (Jesus). No this church . . . the spiritual center of the kingdom is the church of the regeneration, this is the church of the renewing of the mind, this is the restored church, the true church, because the original was perfect in the spirit the day it was begotten.

Remember . . . thru His prophet that YAHWEH makes this declaration:…’Thou art my sons and daughters.’ Then the Apostle Paul after his revelation writes in Ephesians, Galatians, and Romans saying:..’We are the offspring of YAHWEH, we are His children. His Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of His Household.’ Here then in the Book of Hebrews this Apostle to Lost Israel tells us that as we approach the church we have come to the assembly of those who were in the spiritual center of the kingdom, in the heavens, but now are spiritually embodied people who make up the kingdom of YAHWEH in earth. We are this race now called Israelites-Anglo Saxons and so forth, and we are this New Order, the spirits of children (offspring) now justified by YAHSHUA in earth, thus the race of Destiny of YAHWEH’S purpose in earth.

We then ask you, can you take all that and reduce it to just man’s choice? Turn then again to the Book of Romans where Paul records:..’The whole creation is waiting for the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God’. Why are they waiting? Because we will finish the task, we were sent here to do. Thus we also who are here embodied wait for things to develop which relate to the kingdom because we are that people. We who are the first fruits, first begotten of His Spirit know that He is eventually going to put the whole world in order because He . . . our Father . . . our High Priest has Willed it.

We find people who say that this Gospel of the Kingdom teaches hate, but we tell you that this Gospel of the Kingdom is the only thing which shows any hope for the world at all. Every Satanic substitute, everything they have tried has ended up in destruction where as the kingdom of YAHWEH will only destroy evil, those designs of evil which enslave mankind for all times.

Now; we point this out. The Apostle Paul has made this identity, and refers to the fact that those who constitute this household of YAHWEH, (this church of translation) is loved by YAHWEH. He identifies this church this way:…’Even as a husband is head over his wife so is Christ head of His church, and He is Savior of our bodies.’ Why is this? Because of what happened to our race in the fall of Adam and Eve . . . this brought a severance of our Seal of consciousness with the full spiritual guidance allowing death to come to the Adamic bodies. But the thing promised is that this will be restored. Immortality will be returned so that death can finally be conquered. This is what Paul was talking about as he said:..’The redemption, to wit, of our bodies.’ Thus we of the first fruits of the Spirit, the church or assembly of the first born are waiting, to wit, for the redemption of our bodies for this conquest over death. And the whole creation is vibrating together as well waiting for the same thing. This does not mean flitting away into the heavens somewhere. This ‘absent from the body is to be present with the LORD’, means this spirit which in you can dwell there. It has been established, we are resident in physical bodies to develop the kingdom of YAHWEH in earth. Well then that being the case then YAHWEH did not put His Spirit in a physical body to develop a kingdom if it was not made up of men and nations, and if it does not mean exactly what the Scripture says for the occupation of the earth.

Thus we have always pointed out to you that this Israel of the Scripture is a household, a people, a race of people, the children of YAHWEH embodied in earth, and you are to rise and rule the earth with righteousness. This is the story of the Bible, the same people of the Old Testament and the New, a continuing posterity.

Let us go back once more into the covenants and the promises of YAHWEH for HE said:…’I will make a new covenant with the House of Israel and the House of Judah’. (Hebrews 8:8-12 & 10:16-17 and Jeremiah 31:31) This is the covenant of Destiny, it does not depend on our doing anything either good or bad. This is YAHWEH moving, it is His developing the awareness of His children as He moves to bring about this Destiny. In the place where it is said:…’They are not my people’ . . . where the Jews call you goyim, and have said you have no part or lot in this matter then YAHWEH says:..I am going to have it known that you are my seed, my children of the household. That you are as the sands of the seashore and the stars of the heavens. That you are out of the heavens into earth as ‘Thy kingdom come, thy will be done.’

Now; do you understand why there is such a warfare directed against those who believe the Gospel of the kingdom? Why they do not want to dwell on those things which have been declared? Now do you understand today why this attempt to mongrelize, to integrate, to destroy the society of the nations of Gods Kingdom? For if you mutate this race, call it the wave of the ‘New Frontier’, the ‘Great Society’, or the United Nations, any of the catch phrases to sweeten, yet the design is still the absorption, the destruction of our race and its integrity. It just ends with the destruction of your FAITH. It is only the people who can understand their covenants, and their inheritance that can read the 43 chapter of Isaiah and understand what it means for he records:…’I am YAHWEH, thy YAHSHUA, I am the mighty YAHWEH controller of the Universe which I created . . . I am thy Savior.’ This is the mystery which Joshua talks about, and which the Epistle of the Apostle Paul contains that YAHSHUA was the fullness of YAHWEH dwelling bodily, that this was YAHWEH’S purpose as HE fulfills the promise to His offspring.

Turn back then to these great historic chapters of the Book of Hebrews given for the consumption of the followers of YAHSHUA. This Book belongs to no others, it relates to a people who are called Israel, to a people descendants of Heber, thru the Shem line of the House of Noah. This was a house in which a careful selection of racial purity was maintained, preserved. There were usurpers who tried to break this racial purity idea by YAHSHUA repudiated them. And all thru the Book of Acts you find who it was who put the Apostles and Disciples in prison or tried to kill them as they waged their war against our race, and of course against our Savior. Always they lift up opposition to YAHWEH’S kingdom, and seek to destroy it utterly if possible.

But in this Book of Hebrews the Apostle Paul is writing to the visible and invisible Christian church, and made this statement that since the children of YAHWEH are embodied in flesh He took a body like they had so as to identify with them. And remember Paul was writing this to those descendants of the Adamic race by route of Heber, the Hebrew of the Hebrews.

Now; we also want to make this clear, no amount of fear will ever stop the Gospel of the kingdom or the purposes of YAHWEH. The enemy is worried, and the reason they are worried is because you cannot be destroyed. They have thrown everything at the kingdom and still what YAHWEH had ordained . . . what He has declared they cannot stop. When He calls, His Sheep hear His voice and respond, and they have not been able to mongrelize this response out of the race. This they will not be permitted to do for you are a part of an Eternal Kingdom, you have an Eternal center, and He has declared He will use this center called church to call the signals. He will give the directions and you will lift up the standards of law, of spirit, of Grace, and indestructible people who are the church of the ‘first born’. YAHSHUA of course is the mediator of the New Covenant, and this sprinkling of blood which we see thru out the Old Testament will not now be necessary, for under the New Covenant the Atonement is finished. This scarlet thread which runs thru the story is the symbolism of the blood of YAHSHUA, and it is the mark of those who are covered by the Blood Atonement. (vs 24) Once more He is to shake the earth, (the world order) and the heavens (the Adamic race) but this marks the removing of all things which can be shaken. This then is error that will be shaken loose and destroyed. (vs 27) We therefore who are receiving the kingdom that cannot be moved, let us then serve our YAHWEH-YAHSHUA-Savior with reverence and Love, for YAHWEH is a consuming fire which removes all error. (vs 29)

QUESTION:…Be not forgetful to entertain strangers; for thereby some have entertained Angels unaware? Hebrew 13:2.

ANSWER:…Back thru history Archangels have appeared with messages. If it is necessary for a personal appearance then some Angel appeared like Gabriel. The Apostle Paul in this last chapter is still recalling things that he has said before:…that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Thus the only individual embodied in human form who never had a beginning of days, and has no end of life was YAHWEH . . . who came as YAHSHUA . . . Savior.

Now; the body of YAHSHUA when it came forth from the Virgin birth by Divine participation and preparation is now an offspring by the process of birth. Therefore, this is in the same similitude of His original being. So in this Book of Hebrews, again the being who resided . . . this YAHSHUA was before Adam but the same yesterday, today and forever, and He had visited earth before. But now as He was embodied in earth thru the immaculate birth, then He had a mother, but this did not take away the fact that the body she carried had a totally inclusive seed prepared and developed by YAHWEH to bring forth at its completion the fullness of YAHWEH in the body. And this body of the Virgin Mary by a miracle, and it emerged still . . . YAHWEH-YAHSHUA the same yesterday, today and forever.

QUESTION:…Wherefore YAHSHUA (Jesus) that He might sanctify the people with His own blood suffered without the gate. Let us go forth therefore unto HIM without camp? Please explain???

ANSWER:…This outside the camp bearing His reproach is the religious system which has turned to embrace the world order. Always He calls for His people to come out of her, walk with HIM in a realm He will show you. Remember the Apostle Paul recorded in II Corinthians 6:14-18 . . . that you have no place with the darkness. ‘If ye be Christs then what concord would Christ or his people have with Belial . . . the kingdom of Lucifer?’ Come out from among them and be ye separate and touch not the unclean things. Remember Enoch walked outside the group in his day. Noah was righteous in his generation. Moses fled Egypt and then met YAHWEH. David was a man after YAHWEH’S own heart, but outside the system until He said:…’Thou desireth not sacrifice else would I give it.’ Psalm 51:16.

Instead of Blood sacrifices which are no longer necessary let us offer praises to YAHWEH continually so that the fruit of our lips gives thanks to His Name. (vs 15)

The Apostle Paul closes this Book of Hebrews by saying:..Now this YAHWEH-YAHSHUA who raised His body from the dead, this great Shepherd of the Sheep, who redeems them thru the blood of the Everlasting covenant, makes you perfect in every good work to do His will working in you, thru this Holy Spirit in you. We thus hope to be pleasing in His sight. (vs 21) Again . . . Salute the Saints . . . these believing offspring of YAHSHUA . . . who is YAHWEH in the flesh.



Now; in the rest of the tape . . . there are still things we would like to bring to your attention as we turn to other sources such as Archaeology to verify the present and future with the past. From the Library here we would like to call your attention to the word Semite once again, so that you understand where this word came from when it is so wrongly used today. Dr. J.O. Kinnaman and Archaeologist with more than 54 years in the field reports and explains this word Semite, as he tells us also where the Hebrews came from. And you remember as you hear this the Genealogy of the Scripture from Adam, Seth and on down thru the outlined lineage. Dr. Kinnaman……………..

The Hebrews came under the philological classification of Semite. This name was given to a group closely allied in language, religion, customs and physical appearance inhabiting South Western Asia and Northeast Africa long before Abraham. In reality the name Semite or Semitic refers to language not race. The word was coined about 150 years ago (now about 160) and has had no reference whatsoever to race. It seems to have been coined from the word Shem, the son of Noah.

From whence came the Hebrews, one of the groups of the Semites? Let us investigate the branches of the Hebrews from the finding of Archaeologists and thru interpretations especially of Biblical knowledge. Arabia is a land that has always in the past defied explorations. The pure blooded Arabian is a white man. Part of the Peninsula of Arabia is known today as Yemen, and it is 1000 miles from Palestine. The Ancient Port of Mocha famous for its coffee lies on the Red Sea. The soil of Yemen is rich, its climate is in every way favorable, producing commodities that the whole world has always from most Ancient times desired. Yemen is also identical with Sheba found in the table of nations. Genesis 10:26-32. The word Yemen means . . . right hand or south.

In the Arabian Peninsula in the Yemen sector there arose two forms of civilization . . . the Minoan, and the Sabaean. The first with its center at Main . . . the second at Marib. These people were the original Semites. To the rear then of the land of the Bible, to the far south, but an integrate sector of the Semitic world developed and lived a great civilization which has a great influence and molding power upon Palestine and surrounding countries. These people were founders of the International Commerce as it existed in antiquity. Also developed was Semitic politics, and we now possess thru the work of Archaeologists over 2,000 inscriptions that give us quite a clear view of these people, their economics, politics, foreign relations and so forth. We have the temple organizations, the members of which constituted a special caste. The city-state was a theocracy centering in the temple of the cities of God. The political and economic power of these religious organizations were very great and extensive. It was from such a civilization that the ancestors of the man known as Abraham came, or more properly we should say that it was from such a civilization that Abraham was produced. For Eber (Heber) had two sons by the names of Peleg and Yoktan. Thus the Patriarch ancestors of Abraham and the Biblical Hebrew was Eber which is pronounced Heber. From the son . . . Peleg came the close ancestors of Abraham, and from Yoktan came the ancestors of Arabian people who were also Hebrews. The Archaeologists cannot as yet give a date for the rise or beginning of this family called Hebrews but it goes back hundreds of years before Abraham himself. These people thru those years were always increasing, and migrating from their home country into surrounding territories north, east and west.

The name Abram is a good and fine West-Semitic name, appearing in the Akkadian, and even in other parts of the Old Testament as A-bi-ram (Numbers 16:1) and it means . . . the Divine Father is high.

We then trace the ancestors of Abraham as migrating from Felis-Arabia north into Babylonia, and then westward to Ur of the Chaldees. In this Ancient city of Queen Shu-bad . . . Abram was born. But Abraham never saw that Ancient city altho he walked over it. For that Ancient city was buried by the flood of Noah’s time, and walls buried more than 60 feet below the city level of his time. Archaeologists have now found this Ancient city where Abraham was born, and can tell us what life was like in his home, about his schooling, and have even found bank drafts signed by Abraham. They have also gone deeper to find the city which was destroyed by the flood. It is easier to trace this line of the Hebrews after Abraham than it is to trace the Yoktan branch because the Bible story continues thru Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob but there were other Hebrews who carried out their part in the program of YAHWEH.

(Now look . . . the word Semite then came from a man, it was a coined word about 160 years ago. We also have the coined word Jew today, and Jew and Semite are considered one and the same, but still the work of men which confuse the story.)

James T. Hammon also adds his voice with an interesting comment:…For those who want proof outside the Bible for this story then you now have it amply excavated from the sands of antiquity. The Bible does not aim to give a detailed account of how men lived in the past, of their customs and of their accomplishments, that would require a library instead of these 66 Books. But digging up the past brings to light places and people mentioned in the Bible, and helps shed light on these Books of the Bible, the writers, on words, and on statements questioned and denied by critics. The criticism has now been soundly refuted by Archaeologists and their findings. The skepticism of the past as to knowledge, civilizations, and so forth is now laid to rest. The building of the Great Pyramid when understood does the rest. The word Pyramid in Hebrew is ‘a memorial monument’ it is located in the center of the earth, and was built by Shepherd Kings, as the ‘Book of the Dead’ and the Books of Horus both declare. And from all findings the Shepherd Kings were Sethites who invaded Egypt. It was not but for a tomb, but for ONE who was to come, and the Egyptians called HIM Osiris . . . Lord of Light and Resurrection.

Absolute truth rather than theory, or probability or possibility is what the true Archaeologist seeks. Archaeology is now then an exact science, it is classified knowledge. We can depend upon a law of the Universe always acting the same, it does not act one way at one time and another way at another time. Science then is the word of truth as seen and interpreted by mankind, especially the white race to whom the documents now called the Bible were given. If science then is the word of truth, and the Bible is the word of God, how can they conflict, or contradict each other? Of the hundreds of thousands of artifacts discovered by the Archaeologists, not one has ever been found that contradicts, denies, or obscures ‘The Word’, phrase, or sentence of the Bible from cover to cover, if compared with the true or original manuscripts, not just any mans translation. And now the flood . . . we have told you that the flood of Noah’s time was not all over the earth, but that there was once such a flood which did cover all the world. Let us then see what Dr. Herman L. Hoeh has to say about this subject:…Yes, there was a Pre-Adamic destruction by a flood. This is the only possible way by which hard coal deposits found today could have been formed. Geologists are in agreement on this because world travelers know that coal is not being formed in the jungles today. Plant life dies, decays, and rots into humus. Before coal can be formed plant remains must not only be covered quickly to prevent decay, but must be covered deep enough so the massive weight of millions of tons of sediment will transform the carbon of these plants into coal. The Pre-Adamic destruction is the only possible way by which hard coal found on earth today could have been formed. What greater proof of a world wide Pre-Adamic flood do evolutionary geologists need before they will admit that the true facts of science agree with the simple plain truth of God’s Word:..’In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.’ The earth was so beautiful that the morning stars and the sons of God sang for joy, but in the very next verse it says:…’The earth became without form and was void.’ The Hebrew word translated here as . . . was . . . should have been . . . because it is. Genesis 19:26 and Genesis 2:7, and many other places in the Bible translated as . . . became.

And another witness as to the Archaeologists findings is at the old city of Kish on the bed of the Euphrates River which is now dry. Dr. Langdon in 1928-29., found the bed of clear water laid had laid clay in the lower strata of the ruins of Kish. Pictures show the flood layer just above the wall ruins. At Fara, half way between Babylon and Ur, once on the Euphrates River but now 40 miles east, were low lying groups of mounds, beaten by the sands of the desert. They were excavated in 1931 by Dr. Erich Schimidt of the University of Pennsylvania. Here he found water laid clay and sand without relics of human occupation between the middle city, and the bottom city.

At Ur of the Chaldees the same results, thus along the Euphrates, this mighty River you find where the flood waters came down out of the high mountains on its way to the sea. Excavations at Ur of Chaldees have been extensive. A pre-flood city destroyed by the flood has been found preceding the time of Abraham, it was a most magnificent city, a center of manufacturing, of farming and shipping, in a land of fabulous fertility and wealth, with Caravans going in every direction to distant lands, and ships sailing from the docks of Ur down the Persian Gulf with cargoes of copper and hard stone. Then by the time of Abraham that city Ur had been rebuilt altho magnificent still it was eclipsed by Babylon. And yet it remained an important city on down to the Persian period of time, the gulf receded and changed the rivers course and now it was running ten miles to the east, and Ur finally was abandoned to be itself buried by the sand storms of the desert.

The University Museum of Philadelphia, and the British Museum in a joint expedition under the leadership of Dr. C.L. Wooley for twelve seasons from 1922-34., each season lasting four or five winter months with 200 workmen each season, then quite thoroughly explored the secrets of those ruins. In the University Museum of Philadelphia you may see the many things found in those excavations. Many pictures are found, and this old city being excavated now shows the walls of the city, the Royal Cemetery, the streets of brick and so forth.

In our world today we find that everyone demands proof of the authority of the Bible while they reject the proof within the Bible itself that there was a great flood at one time, as well as the flood in the time of Noah. People seem to have a chip on their shoulders, so to speak. They want some man to prove as to whether the Bible is true. They accept Gods world only if some man verifies HIM. For well over a century or two we find Biblical Scholars have labored to undermine the Bible. They taught the world that Moses could not have written the Books attributed to him because writings was not yet invented until after the time of Moses. Archaeology then came to the front and by 1963 while working in a dig in Ashketon, Israel, the author learned that Biblical Archaeology was piling up confirming evidence so rapidly that the critics had to come up with a new way to stop this knowledge. They do not accept the Bible as the basis from which to begin their studies, but now interpret the Bible by facts they are arranging to fit their concept of what the Bible should say. Today they use a framework of isolated and often unrelated facts unearthed by Archaeology built into an elaborate house of cards. The Bible then is judged by this fictitious interpretation of history. When a difference appears, it is the Bible which is judged wrong. Yet the Bible is the only authentic Ancient, and well-organized framework in which to fit all the facts unearthed. No secular source contains such a vast array of historical facts from which to interpret the myriads of tiny unrelated details of Archaeology.

More Archaeological findings to prove that the Bible story is true, are found among Ancient Babylonian tablets. One of these is the ‘Temptation Seal’ and it is now in the center of the British Museum. In the center of this Seal is a Tree, on the right a man, on the left a woman plucking fruit and behind the woman a serpent standing erect as if whispering to her.

Then we now have the Adam and Eve Seal which was found in 1932 by Dr. E.A. Speiser of the University Museum of Pennsylvania, near the bottom of the Tepe Gawa Mound which is twelve miles north of Nivevah. He dated the Seal at about 3500 B.C., or more and called it strangely suggestive of the Adam and Eve story, a man and woman naked, walking as tho downcast and broken hearted followed by a serpent. The Seal is about an inch in diameter engraved on stone. It is now in the University Museum at Philadelphia.

Then in 1872 George Smith of the British Museum found tablets from the Library at Ninevah, and on them accounts of the flood of Noah’s time which curiously parallel the Bible story. In those tablets were these expressions repeatedly:…the flood, the age before the flood, and inscriptions of the time of the flood. This epic gives the story of a ruler who visited Noah and how Noah tells him of the flood, the building of the Ark, the loading of the Ark. How the rain poured down, and then the flood being over, the ship grounded on Mt. Zazir, tells of coming out of the Ark and the offering of sacrifice. This Gilgamesh Seal is in the University Museum of Pennsylvania as well.

Now;…did the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah really exist as the Bible tells us? In 1924 Dr. W.F. Albright and M.G. Kyle directing a joint expedition of the American schools and the Zenia Seminary found at the south east corner of the Dead Sea, five Oasis, made by fresh water streams, and centrally located to them on a plain 500 feet above the level of the Dead Sea at a place called Bab-ed-dra, the remains of a great fortified enclosure, evidently a ‘high place’ for religious festivals. There was a great quantity of Potsherds, flints, and other remains dating between 2500 B.C., and 2000 B.C., with the evidence that the population ended abruptly about 2000 B.C., and has been a region of unmixed desolation ever since. There is indications that a great cataclysm changed the soil and the climate. The opinion of Albright and Kyle and most Archaeologists is that Sodom and Gomorrah were located on these Oasis further down stream, and that the site is now covered by the Dead Sea. Kyle said that under Mt. Usdom there is a stratum of salt 150 feet thick and above this stratum of Marl mingled with free sulphur and that with the vast beds of black petroleum products on both sides and more abundant at the south end, then as the proper time came God kindled the gases and a great explosion took place. The salt and sulphur were blown red hot into the heavens so that it literally rained fire and brimstone from the heavens. There are many pillars of salt at the south end of the Dead Sea which have thru time born the name of ‘Lots Wife’, but everything about the region seems to dovetail exactly with the Biblical story. (Dr. Swift told us that the bit about Lots Wife becoming a Pillar of Salt was not in the original . . . that perhaps she turned back to the city for the rest of her family was there.)

Now; we always get this question:…why did god command Israel to destroy the Canaanites and drive them out? Deuteronomy 7:2-3. Well Joshua went to the task in dead earnest with God helping in a mighty way, but why??? In 1904-09, in excavations at Gezar, a Canaanite stratum was discovered that preceded Israelite occupation; there is the ruins of a ‘high place’ which had been a temple in which they worshiped their god Baal, and their Goddess Asntoreth (Astarte). It was an enclosure 150 to 200 feet surrounded by a wall and open to the sky where they held their religious festivals. Within the walls were ten rude stone pillars five to eleven feet high before which the sacrifices were offered. Under the debris MaCalister found great numbers of jars and these jars contained the remains of children who had been sacrificed to Baal. This whole area proved to be a cemetery for newborn babies. Another horrible practice was what they called ‘foundation sacrifices’ for when a house was built a child was sacrificed, and its body built into the wall to bring ‘good luck’ to the rest of the family. Many of these were found in Gezer also at Megiddo, Jericho and other places. Also in this ‘high place’ under the rubbish MaCalister found enormous quantities of images and plaques of Ashtoreth which rudely exaggerated sex organs designed to foster sensual feelings.

Now; the Cainanites worshiped by immoral indulgence, as a religious rite, in the presence of their gods and then by murdering their first born children as a sacrifice to these same gods. It seems that in large measure the law of Canaan land had become sort of Sodom and Gomorrah on a national scale. Thus do you still wonder why YAHWEH commanded Israel to exterminate the civilization which was now such abominable filthy and brutalized that they had no right to exist. This is one of history’s examples of the wrath of God against the wickedness of the nations. These were a Satanic progeny who had murdered a peaceful people, but had now reached the fullness of the cup of their iniquity. Besides God was establishing Israel for the grand purpose of paving the way for Christ, and showing the world there was one True and Living God. If Israel fell this far there would be no reason for her to exist as a nation. So it was needful to cleanse this land for Israel to live in, and Joshua made a good start, but Israel did not keep it up fully.

Again the Oriental Institute excavating at Megiddo which is near Samaria found in the stratum of Ahab’s time, the ruins of a temple of Ashtoreth the wife of Baal. Just a few steps from that temple was a cemetery with many jars containing remains of infants sacrificed in that temple.

Immanuel – Wesley A. Swift



By Dr. Wesley A. Swift – 12-14-61

Today all Christendom is in meditation on the great things that God has wrought. There is no doubt that all of us who are assembled in this auditorium know who we are, thus the whole Christmas message takes on added significance. It is good that all Christendom pauses to celebrate the Birth of The Christ, and it is more important that they pause to celebrate the Birth of The Christ amidst all the affairs of life, than that they get the right day. There is no question about the fact that he was not born on the 25th., of December, but the important thing is that this is the day when all Christendom has been recognizing the birth of The Christ, and continues to recognize the birth of The Christ in face of all the opposition that does not want the recognition of the Birth of The Christ known to the world or witnessed to it. THE SIGNIFICANT THING IS……WHAT TOOK PLACE THAT DAY.

I listened to a minister over the air who said:…’It isn’t important how Christ came, it isn’t important who he was, it is just important that w follow his example and that we accept his teaching. Well that is the trouble with the church today…there are a lot of people who think that the most important thing…ISN’T IMPORTANT!, We have a lot of people who think the same thing…the most important phases of their independence and their national life and their constitution. But this Clergyman says that it is not important who HE was. But we tell you that the most important about the birth of The Christ is who HE was. The second most important thing is that HE came…the way He said He would come. And He came to a people, and for a people HE had promised he would come to.

Thus, Clergy today was trying to divide the message in the Book of Matthew and the Book of Luke. He was trying to say that the two messages had two different significance. The one in Matthew was a Jewish story and the one in Luke was a Gentile story to all the of the world. Well that is why we have so many Christians who don’t know whether they are coming or going. They don’t know what it is all about. However there isn’t much in the Book of Matthew for the Jews to want. The Book of Matthew does give the house of Joseph…the genealogy of the husband of Mary the Virgin to whom was born …THE CHRIST.

Now; I want you to consider for a moment, the background of the Bible, which God caused Holy men to write, and they wrote a record of great history. And in the early texts as these Scriptures were brought together they were the greatest compilation of the words of God that man had before him. And they went thru much testing and great attempts by many for changing. In fact when in the early church of Rome they had attempted to copy many of the manuscripts we find that a fifth column invasion took place in the Church of Rome as the enemies of the church of Christ moved in and tried to obstruct the truth. And their original Alexandrian text was changed, yet in spite of this that church still carried the testimony of The Christ, and the story of his birth. Still carried this message even tho inside their version of the Scripture there was now two accounts and they are slightly different, one in Matthew and one in Luke.

Then when Protestantism started and Martin Luther had established the church in Germany, and even tho the great Abboteries of Britain had existed long before, and the free church had been there from the beginning…still Protestantism took the same sets of Scriptures as Rome used, even tho the earlier texts were known. So thru the course of time all Christendom had accepted the great basic facts of the story as true. But there were great areas of the panorama which they had somewhat confused, because of the effort on the part of the enemy of Christianity to obstruct the truth, and try to change the story and have men believe something which is not true.

The enemies of The Christ today are the same enemies that he had at the time of his birth and his ministry. Do not forget the prophetic significance of this…that ‘The Dragon stood before the woman to devour this child as soon as it was born. And we remember how Herod the King and his soldiers tried to fulfill this at the time of His birth. We must remember that in their animosity they wanted to dissuade the world that this was the embodied YAHWEH (God).

Now; either today this was the birth of God in a miraculous program which He had prepared for Himself, before the foundations of the world, and prepared for you…or Christendom is built upon a fraud and had no greater life than the energies of its people. There is no room today for vacillating Christianity with the challenge that lies before it. And there is no greater power than the great instrument of catalyzed Faith in the hearts of the children of God, when they recognize what God has accomplished and what he has purposed. We would then turn to the Book of Isaiah and read again the words we find concerning God’s purpose for there was never a greater panorama of God’s covenants that is satisfactory to you…and you alone…than those words found in the Book of Isaiah:…’Therefore YAHWEH himself, shall give a sign:..behold! a Virgin shall conceive a bear a son and thus call his name IMMANUEL.

Now; the word Immanuel was not his name…the word Immanuel meant God embodied in the Flesh. So when it says thou shall call his name Immanuel, it should have said:..’Thou shall call Him God…YAHWEH embodied in the Flesh, the reigning Supreme ruler of the Universe.’ This is the declaration of the prophet Isaiah. Therefore turn to the 9th., chapter of Isaiah and this is written specifically to a people, and that people..Israel..the Adamic race, now having passed into the beginning of its national stages and its prophetic Destiny. ‘Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given’…Not unto Asia, Africa, or the world but unto us..the white race, the Adamic Race, unto the children of His Household, unto His Kingdom, and the government shall be upon His shoulders.

I was talking to some Clergymen a few days ago and they were discussing the world crisis and they said:..Dr. Swift what do you think our government is going to evolve into? I said:…’It is not going to evolve into anything, it is going to be liberated and in the transition of our government you are going to see it grow into a great world centered government of Jesus the Christ…a Theocracy. In which the entire parliamentary procedure will rest upon a group of great statesmen of the white race. In which every nation of YAHWEH’S kingdom shall exist as a nation, and in which they shall provide the service of that nation to one throne, and in that hour it shall be Incarnate YAHWEH REIGNING OVER MEN. If there are any who have any political opposition to this you might as well surrender, for it won’t make any difference, for its going to come JUST THAT WAY. And until that hour comes, when THE ETERNAL assumes that throne, which is one of the great days of your race, it is your responsibility and mine to carry out the destiny which YAHWEH has ordained, and to preserve the ramparts of this nation for the protection of this leadership in YAHWEH’S kingdom, that the prophecies of the Scriptures have outlined for these United States. As I turn to this passage it says:..’Unto us’…a child is born, unto us a son is given, the government shall be upon his shoulders. I want you to note this prophecy of Isaiah:…’His name shall be called…Wonderful, Counsellor, The Mighty YAHWEH.’ Lets look at that part of the prophecy for it says:..’HE shall be the Mighty God..the Everlasting Father’. I think it is significant that we recognize that this is the fullness of YAHWEH who was born in Bethlehem of Judea. That this was to be the Everlasting Father, the embodiment of YAHWEH our YAHSHUA (Savior), the Prince of Peace and of the increase of His government there is to be no end. And if you want the final pattern of this, HE is going to rule in the earth with everlasting righteousness.

Then in the Book of Malachi, chapter 3 it gives us the events which were here prophesied concerning…THE MESSIAH. ‘Behold! I shall send My messenger and he shall prepare the way before me’. These are the words of the Almighty YAHWEH…speaking thru the lips of the prophet Malachi. ‘I will send my messenger and he shall prepare the way before Me.’ Malachi 4:5..’Behold! I will send YOU…Elijah the prophet and he shall prepare the way for ME. The miracle of events that we recognize at this time of year includes this story, and includes the miracle of the coming of Elijah, out of the heavens, born also as a babe, for one of the greatest mysteries and phenomena of the Scriptures!

Before we go into the phases of that event, I would go back to the ancient Patriarch Enoch, for among the history supplementary to the things we have in the Scriptures are the writings of Enoch which were Scriptures in themselves. The Book of Enoch tells of his experiences. We will talk tonight on the subject ‘The Star of Destiny’, and we will touch on this subject of Enoch more fully, and of his measures and what he was shown. But I think it is important that we remember that there was a man who found Angels at his door. They were not wearing wings, but there was a strange craft at his door. They said:…Enoch we have come from the presence of the Eternal, and we are to take you into the heavenlies and into HIS PRESENCE and we are to show you things that the Eternal wants you to know. Well, Enoch just said…O.K., let me close up my house and tell my children goodby, and he told them he was going with these men out to see YAHWEH, and that he would be back soon. I wonder how many men would walk out their door like that today and not feel any fears? Enoch went out the door of his home and met the two men and he entered into their chariot which is described in the Book of Enoch as their vessel.

And they left the earth and they traveled over earth, and continents and oceans and out over the icy pole and into the space above, into the Majesty and beauty of the Galaxies, in which the light which shown around about them was described by Enoch in a beautiful way. Finally after he had transversed the heavens, he moved into the Pleaides and he talks about the speed of the wind, and he talks about the streaks of flames and fire that went behind him. He talks about his arrival and about the people who were coming and going all over the Universe. And he talks about how he was taken into the presence of the MOST HIGH AND THERE SAT ONE ON THE THRONE. The thing that thrilled Enoch the most was that YAHWEH said:…’My Son’ speaking to Enoch, then HE told him that he had brought him there to tell him things that Enoch was to go home and tell his kinsmen. Thus in the day of Enoch…YAHWEH called your race..His kinsmen, and He said to Enoch:..As I have promised unto Adam and to his children thy fathers…I shall visit My Kinsmen and I shall redeem them from the curse of their errors. I shall establish them again in the light of My Glory and they shall accomplish My purpose, and they shall build My Kingdom. Then HE said:…Enoch I shall show you when these things shall be….and then an Angel showed Enoch how the formation of the stars looked from the earth, showed him where to find the wandering stars which you call planets, at the time of the coming King. Told Enoch that this would be the very embodiment of YAHWEH, and the fullness of HIM would dwell bodily in this manifestation. Then Enoch returned from the heavens and wrote many books telling of the many mysteries shown to him. And out of the wisdom of those past experiences and with the instructions received in the heavens, then Enoch fulfilled those instructions given him.

Out of Oruselem he gathered 144,000 Wisemen of your race and they went down into Egypt, there were in that group Savants, Architects, Builders, Designers, and they laid out the city of ON in Ancient Egypt, they built the Sphinx and the Ancient Temple beneath the Sphinx and then finally they erected the Pyramid. And Enoch and Job the two great Pillars of your race worked together in significant wisdom of revelation, for they knew when they built…that the hour was coming when YAHWEH would visit his people. They knew when they built that they were the children of the LORD of Life and Light. They also knew what this was going to bring forth, and that the enemies of YAHWEH’S Kingdom were going to be confused. Enoch and Job and those of your race in this great work were known as the children of Osiris …the LORD of LIFE and RESURRECTION.

The Egyptians picked up a part of that story, and wherever the white men migrated, whether they were the Manu of India, the Aryans of Persia, the story of the Messiah, the Incarnate coming of YAHWEH was upon their lips. That is why the Scriptures bears this testimony as Timothy writes:…that YAHWEH was The Christ, for Christ was embodied. There is no short cut to the truth. The story had been unveiled by our forefathers, and told and retold with anticipation. And even tho we have been thrust into contact with every religion on the face of the earth, and even tho we have been carried into captivity, we have been shoved by migration into other areas of the earth, still these traditions remained among the great schools of wisdom and mystery of our race. It is significant thing when we turned to the scriptures to see what did transpire. We will talk about the astronomical measures and about the tremendous events that took place and the timing of all of it, as we speak tonight of The Star of Destiny. But I want you to turn to the Gospel of Matthew and to the first chapter and the 18th., verse:..Now the birth of Jesus the Christ was on this wise;…Here we are told that his mother was Mary and that she was espoused to Joseph, and before they came together she was found to be with child…OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. This is a foundation cardinal point of the Christian Faith. The great creative Holy Spirit of YAHWEH, the Mighty power…creative energy force of His Universe. The very life force of all life having emerged forth out of the Eternal, had accomplished the purpose of embodying Himself in the womb of a Virgin.

You will note that an Angel appeared unto Joseph and said:…Fear not to take Mary as thy wife for she has conceived of the Holy Spirit. She is going to bear a son, and thou shall call his name YAHSHUA. This is translated as Jesus in your version, but the word Jesus comes from the Greek word…YA-ZUSE….thought to be the Mightiest God of the Heaven in Greek theology who was Zuse, and YAH was the oldest Universal word for God…. thus Zuse was the Savior God. Ya Zuse, was the word in Greek and Ye-Souse was the word used in India. Thou shall call his name YAHSHUA…in the 43rd., chapter of Isaiah it says:…I YAHWEH AM THY YAHSHUA…The Holy One of Israel, I am thy Savior. Then the Eternal says in Malachi:…I shall send forth my messenger and he shall go before me.

Now; turn back to Matthew I….HE shall save His people from their sins. That is why The Christ came into the world, not only to fulfill a redemption but to save His people from all their errors, mistakes, and catastrophes, of all violation of laws and principals that are undertaken because of the conspiracy of Lucifer and the process of temptations and the conflict of the world order. To establish the righteousness and fulfill the destiny for which we had been sent. Now it was fulfilled, that which was spoken by the Prophet of YAHWEH who said:…’A virgin shall conceive and bring forth a son, and shall call his name Immanuel, which being interpreted is ‘ YAHWEH with us.’ We discover that it was in this way..and Joseph received the message from the Angel and accepted it. There is one thing we discover that surrounds the year of Christ’s birth, it is that Angels were coming and going from the earth. Important Angels and that all the forces of heaven were focusing on this coming event! For Angles like Michael and the Hosts of Heaven were bending low…and Gabriel who was also a Chief Angel, being a Great Archangel had appeared unto Mary, and unto Joseph and other also. And then Gabriel in the Book of Matthew tells how the declaration came and how Joseph accepted it.

Now turn to the Book of Luke, for this Book gives us a record of the narration, tho other early church writing such as the writings of Clement contains the whole expanded story. But we are told here in the Book of Luke that the Angel Gabriel first came to a priest by the name of Zacharias who used to burn incense in the Temple at Jerusalem of Judea, and now served in the Temple at Bethlehem as well. He was of the House of Abia, and his wife Elizabeth was a daughter of the lineage of Aaron, and a cousin of the Virgin Mary. This Zachariah was an aged man as was his wife and she had been barren. But now the Angel Gabriel came to the house of this aged man and he told Zacharias that his wife was to bear a child and that child would be the Messenger that YAHWEH said he was to send. But Zachariah did not quite realize just what was to happen and he just could not believe what he was hearing. So the Angel Gabriel said:…because you do not believe then you will be unable to speak a word unto this child is born, and then you shall call his name John. And it all happened just the way that the Scriptures declared, for Elizabeth conceived and was with child. Then in the 6th., month of her pregnancy the Angel Gabriel was sent from YAHWEH into the city of Galilee, named Nazareth…to this Virgin espoused to Joseph of the House of David, and the Virgin’s name was Mary. The Angel said:…’Hail thou that art highly favored the LORD is with thee:…blessed art thou among women. The Angel said unto her…Fear not Mary for thou hast found favor with YAHWEH. Thou shall conceive in thy womb and bring forth a son and thou shall call his name YAHSHUA.

When you go back into the patterns of this translation you will discover that this name is the same as in the 43rd., chapter of Isaiah. This is my name…Thy YAHSHUA…thy Savior. Thus He was to be called YAHSHUA…HE was to be great, and HE shall be called the Son of the Highest, and YAHWEH, thy Savior shall establish this embodiment upon the Throne of David, and He shall reign over the House of Jacob and over his kingdom and there shall be no end to this Kingdom. Then Mary said:…’How can this be for I have not known man? And the Angel answered her and said:…’The Holy Spirit shall come upon you and the power of the highest shall overshadow thee, therefore this Holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called… Incarnate YAHWEH’. Then Mary went to the city of Judea to visit her cousin Elizabeth, and when Mary came Elizabeth said:..’blessed art thou and the fruit of thy womb. And whence is this to me, that the mother of My YAHWEH hath visited me?’

Now; we are protestants and our form of service is different than that of Rome, but I want you to know that this is one area within their Faith that they often repeat, but it was not without foundation, for an Angel came to this woman of your race and he did say:..’Blessed art thou among women’. And her own cousin moved by the spirit also said:…’Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, that the mother of YAHWEH should come to see me.’ Yes, we know that YAHWEH was the Eternal One, and that by him all things were made. And for His embodiment in earth, He had selected a mother, thru whom he was to be born, and that physical body of the man we call Christ Jesus would be formed in the womb of a woman of your race, and that the fullness of YAHWEH would abide bodily with in that body. This is one of the purposes of the MOST HIGH WHICH HE DECLARED FROM MILLENNIUMS BEFORE THAT EVENT. Now; every young woman of Israel, from the tribes of Judah and Benjamin had hoped that they might be the one chosen for this great event. We listen to the dialogue:…’Blessed is she which believed; for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her…from THE LORD. And Mary said:..My soul doth magnify the LORD, and my spirit hath rejoiced in YAHWEH, who is my Savior….the original text says:….rejoiced in YAHWEH my YAHSHUA. He hath regarded the low estate of his hand maiden, for behold! from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed. Then in the declaration of all this, in the things that are involved, is the conformation that He hath spoken to our fathers, and Abraham and to his seed for ever. This was his fulfillment of prophecy.

We then have another record which I think we should recognize, for it is involved with this story. Our enemies try to say that he was just a man. Our enemies and YAHWEH’S enemies have sought to deny his Virgin Birth. They have sought to challenge and say that he was an illegitimate son, this has long been their story, for they hated him and they lied about him. They wage religious warfare upon him, but to this date they have not prevailed, for Christians unto this hour still believe in His Virgin Birth and recognize that Jesus is the Christ. We have prophecy of His opposition and what they would say, and how they would feel, and who they are and where.

Among those magnificent events, it must be remembered that his enemies killed thousands in order to accomplish what they thought would be the liquidation of the Christ child, but they were not successful.

Remember that the Angel came to Mary…to Joseph…to Zachariah and to Elizabeth. The Angel forces were bending low to earth, they were getting ready for this great event. There were shepherds on the hills, the night of this great event, and suddenly the Angel of the LORD came down among them. And when they heard this challenge their hearts leaped with gladness. ‘Glad tidings of great joy, for unto you is born this night in the City of David, a Savior who is Christ THE LORD’. Great space crafts hovered over that hillside, but I want you to know that all the forces of the Universe were involved in this happening in Judea. Then suddenly the shepherds heard the great heavenly hosts singing above and around them, and I know you don’t move all the heavenly hosts without preparation.

Then I think back to the 33rd., chapter of Deuteronomy and how it tells that when YAHWEH gave the law to Moses, that not only was YAHWEH, Himself there, but also thousands of heavenly hosts were there also, in their great crafts. And in their great crafts they shown great lights down on those of earth. The Aramaic text makes it very clear, but this one is clear enough. The Shepherds on the hill suddenly found the air filled and the hills around them were also filled with the heavenly crowd and they were singing, and Praising and then shown their spotlights of Glory down upon the shepherds. The Shepherds were told….Leave your flocks in YAHWEH’S protection and go see the child. Clement said:…The Shepherds were suddenly filled with amazement and with joy and they went to the manger where the child lay and then they returned to their flocks and their flocks were safe. But the Shepherds tell of the heavenly hosts bending low to earth and of the Majesty and the Power and the Glory that surrounded the Throne of God, which now was transferred to earth around a manger and a babe.

I think again to those words:…’All things were made by HIM and without HIM was not anything made. I think of the fact that prior to this in the home of the Priest of the Temple in Bethlehem, that a son was also born, and that night of the birth…Zachariah did finally speak and he said:… ‘his name shall be John’. And we remember that at the birth of John the Baptist, this babe did prophecy that the visitation of God would take place, very soon. And then I remember the words of Jesus as he spoke to his disciples and he said:…’What did you go into the wilderness to see?’ and he was speaking of John the Baptist. Then Jesus said:…’Did you go out to see a man dressed in goat skin who would prophecy? Did you go out to hear his gospel? Did you know who he was? If you can understand this…then this man was John the Baptist yes, but he was also Elijah who came to prepare the way for me.

Then I turn to the writings of Paul who also went into the dimensions of spirit, and did not know whether in his body or out of it, but he came back to write of those events. He wrote about the mysteries of this in the Book of Hebrews. And he wrote that YAHWEH was Incarnate…embodied, born into a physical body so that he could be just like his kinsmen, and wasn’t ashamed to call you his family, and that his embodiment in the earth was a part of that covenant and a part of that promise. I think of Jesus as he talked to the Jews and he said:…’He who hath seen me hath seen the father’…for this was YAHWEH walking with his people, redeeming his people and taking them back into himself. No wonder that Jesus said:…’Thine they were in the heavens and mine they are in earth’.

Redemption is getting back what you once had. Redeeming it and this is … ‘Unto you’. This whole Christmas story and all that it tells is… YAHWEH being born into a physical world the same as you were born into a physical world. Only he…by power of Divine energy of His Spirit concentrating the life force, and presenting his own life spirit thru this process of miracle, emerged ‘A MAN AMONG MEN’. There are men today who try to attack this story that we find in Luke and in Matthew and they are trying to say there is a discrepancy in the two stories, because in the Book of Matthew it tells us that after the visit of the Wisemen that Joseph was warned in a dream to take Mary and the child and go down into Egypt because the King of the Jews and his armies would try to kill the child, and the Scripture tells us that Joseph took Mary and the child and went into Egypt, so that the Scriptures could be fulfilled… ‘Out of Egypt have I called my son’.

If you will turn to the Book of Luke there is a little different story, that on the 8th., day they took Christ to the Temple according to the manner of the ordinance of the law for the dedication of Christ, and for circumcision, and for the fulfillment of all the ordinances of God. Then they waited until the completion of the ordinance of the law of purification and then they went back to Nazareth and there Christ grew up, and that every passover thereafter they went to the Temple in Jerusalem. The enemies of The Christ say one of these stories isn’t true so maybe neither is true. I’m going to tell you that the enemies of YAHWEH…the Jews..tried to garble the story. It was not this way in the Alexandrian text. And we have out of the writings of Clement the whole story and there isn’t any error, only added knowledge to complete the sequence of event. For the Shepherds came in that hour of that birth, and they were there the same night, and the Wisemen did arrive by the 5th., night, and Christ was now in the home of Zachariah and Elizabeth, so after the Wisemen came and on that 5th., night an Angel came to Joseph and told him to take Mary and the babe and leave that place, so Joseph took Mary the mother and the babe to the home of Joseph of Arimathea in Jerusalem, and then on the 8th., day they took Christ to the Temple, but none of this was known to Herod, for he was not a religious man, and also he was a Jew. On the 21st., day, Mary went to the Temple of ON. And there Christ stayed at the Temple of ON between the Paws of the Sphinx until the death of Herod the king. There is not any discrepancy in either of these stories because at the death of Herod the king they went back to Nazareth and there they stayed until they went tot the Temple…and then Christ’s ministry started as he astounded the Masters and the Scribes of the Temple with His knowledge and His Wisdom.

The enemies of today have sought to garble and confuse…why? Because the great story of this testimony is that he came as YAHWEH to visit his people and do the great things he had promised to do.

I want you to know why as Christians, we worship and enjoy Christmas so much, it is because YAHWEH did visit us and redeem us, and was born a baby, grew up as The Savior-YAHSHUA and did save us by his own work on the cross at Calvary, and no one can lay any transgression to your charge. I want you to know that it was his purpose to build a kingdom, and to build it with your race, and he is going to see that this is done. And it was his purpose that the children of his kingdom would carry his name, and they would be known as Christians. It was his purpose that of this Kingdom there would be no end. And it was to his purpose that out of Abraham was to come these nations, and the company of nations, and this great nation and they have come forth as prophesied. It is his purpose that they be Christian nations, charged with the impact of his life and the power of his spirit, and the spiritual center is his church. He has accomplished that, and there isn’t anything startling about the fact that today the hoards of evil are trying to destroy his kingdom. That they would do this was also told by the prophets of old, but I want you to know that the story of YAHWEH’S program is one of ultimate victory and triumphant power.

I think there is no reason for any man of your race to ever fear again… when he realizes that promises made to our forefather 7400 years ago have been kept. Promises made to us in Celestial plane, before the foundation of the world have been kept.

The Incarnate YAHWEH brought forth a miracle…a Virgin brought forth a child and that child was Immanuel…YAHWEH IN THE FLESH..with us, and because of that he is our father, and because he accomplished this then we know that he can do anything else he said he would do. As long as you and I know that…we know that everything he said he was going to do will be accomplished thru you and in you. If there had never been a Christmas we might say there was nothing we could be sure of and we would be battling without hope. The Kingdom of YAHWEH shall triumph and we can do all things, thru the Incarnate Spirit of Life that YAHWEH hath begotten, which resides in that house of Light which is your body. This is the story of YAHWEH embodied in the flesh. You are the story of YAHWEH’S children transferred from heaven to earth and the Christ in you is your Hope of Glory.

No wonder then that the great corner stone of the Christian Faith lies in the identity of who..The Christ was. And there are some who say…we don’t have to accept this for it is just dogma of the church. There are certain positions of truth that you can argue with, but cannot reason away, nor can you book an attack upon these, and these could also be called a dogma but they are true, and if there is one important point in the identity of The Christ it is this account of who he was and how he came. If that is not true, then Christ was not telling the truth and he was a deceiver. If this account is not true then all Christianity is built on a myth. If this account is not true then he could not say:..’Before Abraham was…I AM.. or HE who has seen me hath seen the Father.’ Either we accept the word of YAHWEH and we grow with the strength and the power of his truths, or Christianity will crumble like an empty thing.

There is also a second document which is also an arch and a keystone of the Christian Faith. It is that altho his enemies thought they had destroyed HIM when they put Him to death..still the power of His resurrection had conquered death. This testimony was of Ancient Rome and still today…with its rulers and government…a testimony of people and witness that YAHWEH permitted his physical body to be crucified, by His enemies and then triumphed over them by the challenge of His resurrection. That is why the two most important days in the Christian calendar are Christmas and Easter…we call it Resurrection day. One commemorates the birth of YAHWEH as YAHSHUA, and the other His Resurrection. The great dynamics of your race and its culture lies in these two events. For this was Immanuel. There is no doubt of the miracle of this birth and the Glory of the birth of This the Christ, nor of the effulgent glory that shown around that manger that night. Nor of all the hosts of heaven who stood on guard roundabout. All the animosity of the enemy showing thru their hatred, and turning it upon a child…still is futility.

Today the world is in a dark tossed night, and everywhere there is fear. I see some are digging holes in the ground and giving them as Christmas presents. Bomb shelters for Christmas!!!!! Means hearts are failing them for fear of what is anticipated that is coming upon the earth. But I want you to know and remember the words of two Angels who stepped out of a cloud and you should also remember those clouds, because they were of Shekinah Glory….effulgent Glory which was hiding something which was not to be seen at that time. And as Christ and his disciples walked out to a hill at the climax of his ministry that cloud settled upon that hill. And Christ stepped into that cloud and they could not see him, then the two men stepped out of that cloud, but they could not see what they came in and out of. But these two men said:…why are you disciples staring into that radiant cloud of light for? Remember that the same Christ will come right back as you saw him go. Now you go back to Jerusalem and occupy and wait for your power as he told you to do.

I am convinced that the sign of the son of man is in the sky. I am convinced that we are in the very last remaining moments of an era closing and of a new one beginning, when we shall see the kingdoms of this world becoming the kingdoms of our LORD…and you his many membered body of Christ. For you are the body of Christ in the world today, for he unveiled this truth to the Apostle Paul for you to understand. I cannot help but thrill to the realization that YAHWEH is my Father. That He took a body of flesh like I have, and out of the race from which we have come, and then dwelt among us, in the fullness of YAHWEH, and yet looked at us and called us kinsmen and family. Then ascended into the majesty and glory of the dimension of spirit, and took a transformed resurrected body into the planes of spirit, into the heavenlies, from whence he had come, and left you strangers and pilgrims in the earth looking for a great new day. Because of this you can say…MERRY CHRISTMAS! Did you know that YAHWEH wants you to be Merry? He wants you to rejoice, he called you children of laughter because you alone of all people in the world know that in this dark hour you have something to rejoice about. That you are going to triumph, that the spirit is going to stir you, and that you are going to be quickened to do a great work, and mighty exploits and the power of darkness is not going to prevail.

The forces of evil will be rolled back and the kingdom of YAHWEH will come in and Christian nations shall rule all over the world. There will be no more experiences of retreat to the forces of darkness in this world. No more burning of Christian cities. There is going to be the law of YAHWEH going out from one end of the earth to the other and righteousness shall cover the earth and the kingdom of God shall be in power and the nations of his kingdom shall rule. The Sheep nations shall be in power and the goat nations under their administration. Then the world will know what is meant when the Scriptures say:…’KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS’ Christmas is made for you…it is time for you to rejoice, and to lose all fear. His name shall be called Wonderful..the Almighty YAHWEH. And when we remember this then we will know that the cry:…’O Israel…THE LORD THY GOD IS ONE LORD’…is true! For He dwelt among us in a human body and He was tempted with all temptations, and was touched with all the feeling with which you can feel infirmity. Then met all these things and with Incarnate Triumphant Deity and Righteousness…gave you an example. He is your kinsman and you can say….OUR FATHER. And more than that…in spiritual relationship He is your Father…a father unto the Adamic race from whence you have come. Paul said:..’We are flesh of his flesh and bone of his bone’. So with these matters being studied and weighed at each Christmas time, thru out all Christendom as they are singing the songs of Praise and triumph, there are two days when we are Triumphant…those being Christmas and Easter.

This proves that the majority of your race can say:…MY LORD AND MY GOD.. and because you believe there is not enough darkness in the world today to overthrow this kingdom of Light of which Christ is KING!

We are living in Biblical times, living in historical times at the climax of an age, living in the midst of the threat of final Armageddon, and in the hour of great victory for the kingdom of your race. And you are going to look for signs that will soon be made manifest.

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