The Complete Works of Bertrand L. Comparet

Complete Works PDF – Bertrand Comparet

PDF – Your Heritage

PDF – The laws of God

PDF – Babylon’s Money

PDF – Merchants of Babylon



In Loving  Memory of Mike K. Hallimore



The Complete Works of Wesley A. Swift

Sermons 1 PDF – Sermons – 1

Sermons 2 PDF – Sermons – 2

Sermons 3 PDF – Sermons – 3

Sermons 4 PDF – Sermons – 4

Sermons 5 PDF – Sermons – 5

Sermons 6 PDF – Sermons – 6

Sermons 7 PDF – Sermons – 7

Sermons 8 PDF – Sermons – 8

Sermons 9 PDF – Sermons – 9

Sermons 10 PDF – Sermons – 10

Sermons 11 PDF – Sermons – 11

Sermons 12 PDF – Sermons – 12

Sermons 13 PDF – Sermons – 13

Sermons 14 PDF – Sermons – 14

Sermons 15 PDF – Sermons – 15

Sermons 16 PDF – Sermons – 16

Sermons 17 PDF – Sermons – 17

Sermons 18 PDF – Sermons – 18

Sermons 19 PDF – Sermons – 19

Sermons 20 PDF – Sermons – 20

Selected Sermons PDF – Selected Bible Sermons


You: Before the World was Framed PDF – You Before the World was Framed

The Mystery of Iniquity PDF – Mystery of Iniquity

Blue Tunic Army of Christ PDF – Blue Tunic Army

Heraldry of the Nations PDF – Heraldry of the Nations

Michael: Prince of Space PDF – Prince of Space

Hosanna in the Highest PDF – Hosanna in the Highest

The Adamites Became Nations PDF – The Adamites Became Nations

Mystery Babylon PDF – Mystery Babylon


Hollywood High School Speech with Pastor Wesley A. Swift PDF – Hollywood Speech


Ella Rose Mast:


PDF- Astrology and Astronomy

PDF- The Star Bible

PDF- The Epistle to the Hebrews




HOTK Printed Sermons –

HOTK Ministry



We are not the First PDF – We Are Not The First

Subterranean Worlds PDF. – SUBTERRANEAN WORLDS

Invisible Residents PDF- Invisible Residents

To Heal the Nation PDF – To Heal the Nation

Obedience Training PDF – Obedience Training – B A Hunter

Diplomatic Immunity PDF – Law of Nature and Diplomatic Immunity

God’s Law for Modern Man PDF – God’s Law for Modern Man

The Bible as History PDF – The Bible as History

The Divine Economic System PDF – The Divine Economic System

Moses the Economist PDF – Moses the Economist

Authority of Law PDF – Authority of Law

The True People of Israel PDF – The True People of Israel

The Reformation of Israel PDF – The Reformation of Israel

Webster Bible PDF – Webster

The Wycliffe New Testament PDF – wycliffe and kjv nt

The Archko Volume PDF – archko

Lost Chapter of Acts PDF – Long Lost Chapter of the Acts of the Apostl

St. Paul in Britain PDF – st paul in britain

Drama of the Lost Disciples PDF – Drama of the Lost Disciples

The Coming of the Saints PDF – The Coming of the Saints

Far Above Rubies PDF – Far Above Rubies

The Bible and Flying Saucers PDF – bible and flying saucers

Round Trip to Hell PDF – Round Trip To Hell

Gods and Devils From Outer Space PDF – Gods and Devils

Gods and Spacemen PDF – gods and spacemen

The Smoky God PDF – smoky-god

Secret of the Ages PDF – secret-of-the-ages

This Hollow Earth PDF – this-hollow-earth

The Under People PDF- The Under People

A Journey to the Earth’s Interior PDF – A Journey to the Earths Interior- Gardner

Flying Saucers from the Earth’s Interior PDF – Flying Saucers from earths inter

Secrets of our Spaceship Moon PDF – secrets-of-our-spaceship-moon

Underground Alien Bases PDF – underground alien Bases

The UFO Cover-Up PDF – UFO Cover-up

The Night Mutilators PDF – the-night-mutilators

Agharta PDF – agharta – robert dickhoff

Stranger at the Pentagon PDF – Stranger at the Pentagon

UFO Secrets & Bases PDF- UFO Secrets and Bases

Mind Controlled Sex Slaves PDF- Mind Controlled Sex Slaves

The Significance of Oklahoma City PDF – The significance of oklahoma city

The Red Fog Over America PDF – The Red Fog Over America

Usury – Destroyer of Nations PDF – Usury – Destroyer of Nations

Treason in High Places PDF – Treason in High Places

Sabbatean Frankists PDF- The Sabbatean frankists

The Satanists PDF- The Satanists


Subterrene Programs PDF – Subterrene Program

CPS Corruption PDF – thecorruptbusinessofchildprotectiveservices

Corruption Network Vol. 1 PDF – Corruption Network Vol 1

Corruption Network Vol. 2 PDF – Corruption Network Vol 2

Corruption Network Vol. 3 PDF – Corruption Network Vol 3

Corruption Network Vol. 4 PDF – Corruption Network Vol