The Philosophy of Liberty



One response to “The Philosophy of Liberty

  1. unfortunantly many do not respect the lives of others, by the way there are no good people who support evil if they were good they would not support evil in any of it’s form, a good person is good by reputation only and not by actions. a truly good person would not get involved in politics or religious that santion fraud or force against others no matter what the end goal might be. good people just dont do it, only evil people who believe they are good do so, slavery and violations of property rights have been in vogue since cain killed abel, but the one property right people always seem to forget is the property right of the creator of life. he owns it all and has a right to set the standards of right and wrong. but no one wants to talk about his rights. frankly I dont get involved in government because it is futile, you cannot solve the worlds problems through human agencies, Jehovah is going to destroy the governments of the world real soon (daniel 2) revelation 19 if you dare to read it, to get involved to try and reform it is to deny the principle that it is not in man to direct his own steps and call God a liar, and to be treasonous to support his enemy. but I get your point by the way, no one has a higher claim over me except my creator.

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