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QUESTION:—-How can you trace the heritage of a race and then come up with the early life of Jesus the Christ?

ANSWER:—-Easy. Go to your favorite university and many libraries and read, read, read. Go back into the old records and books. There are many places of antiquity which show the path of the Adamic or Aryan race in their journey over this planet since they came into earth in physical bodies as Adam and Eve. Then trace the lineage of Jesus the Christ and how he says that HE came the same way you did—born of a woman to identity with his people, his race. Go to the bible for the message of the Woman of Revelation 12 and digest that from a spiritual understanding, and then go to Genesis 2, and see who the people of this WOMAN (Israel) really are. There are also many publications on this subject for a person is interested in reading, and they are easy to find. The reason why this subject is not well known is that over the years the enemy has been busy turning the thinking of our people from their heritage and their background.

In ancient times and thus thru the old book this Aryan race could be traced from the time they left the garden of Eden, went down into Northern India from the Tarim Basin, and then started their westward movement from there where they had built a civilization.

            Here at the end of this Century the enemy is still trying to cloud this issue. Even to try to remove from America the worship as, yes, even the name of Jesus Christ, our LORD and Savior. Look here in October of this year of 1997. You have heard the hue and cry as the ‘Promise Keepers’ came to Washington, D.C. 

Mrs. Ireland’s thinly veiled protest rested on the fact that their Christian Faith is based on Jesus the Christ whom we say is YAHWEH in the flesh. She stressed that there are other people just as she is that worship god who is not Jesus Christ. She does not want the “Promise Keepers’ who are mostly white males to make this a part of their political feelings, as they call for America to reconsider her lost values. Mrs. Ireland remember is head of the women’s group called NOW, which we call the women’s lib organization. She is married to a man, as she tell you, but she also does not tell you that she lives in another city from him, with a woman friend. We still say that her biggest objection to the ‘Promise Keepers’ is that they pray and worship Jesus Christ and are trying to rebuild America’s Christian Faith which made this country great.

            And now as to the early life of Jesus Christ before he came for his ministry to the old land of Palestine, to save HIS People from their sins. You are all aware of the story of how Mary and Joseph came to Bethlehem to pay the taxes, since both owned land around there. Mary owned the threshing field and held them in trust for her eldest son as was the custom. But at that time then we see the story of Mary and Joseph coming to Bethlehem, and Mary heavy with child and seated on a little donkey which Joseph was leading. When they arrived then there was no room in the Inn.—Jerusalem was having a celebration–a world celebration.—But stop and consider this:—Joseph, who was appointed as Mary’s protector, was a wealthy man.  he was from the king line which had once been in power in Jerusalem of Judea. And those people had horses in those days, even back in the days of Solomon, he had stables of beautiful horses, and archaeology has confirmed this fact. If horses, do you think they did not have carriages? Remember also that Mary had not so long before that been to visit her cousin Elizabeth in the city of Bethlehem where Elizabeth was the wife of the priest of the Temple and where her child John the Baptist has been born six months before. Surely there would have been room in Elizabeth’s home during the birth of Mary’s child? Remember also that Joseph of Arimathea, the brother of Mary’s mother’s husband also had a great home just outside the city of Jerusalem on the North East, and then another a few miles north of Jerusalem at Arimathea.

            Now; this LAMB of God had been proclaimed as the LAMB slain before the foundation of the world. So where would you expect a LAMB to be born? Why not in a stable? Such a stable was to be found just on the outskirts of Bethlehem, the facility or place where the animals were raised for sacrifice in the Temple of Jerusalem. Thus we tell you that the old records tell us that Mary and Joseph went to the Stable where Mary’s child was born. This child Mary was told would be called YAHSHUA–Jesus Christ in our day, and in the writings of Isaiah the Prince of Peace.

            After arriving at the stable, then making Mary comfortable then Joseph hurried off looking for a midwife. And sure enough one was coming to the stable and they hurried back. But when they arrived for a moment, they could not see because of the bright light in the stable. Then as the light faded they saw the young girl sitting there holding a tiny babe in her arms.

            Now; many date the birth of this child as being 4 B.C. or even 9 B.C. (before Christ). How do you date a period of thinking as before Christ for his birth?  I think the misunderstanding is to their understanding as to the dates of the reign of Herod I and Herod the II. But in spite of this disagreement it still is a historical fact that HE was born in earth into a physical body just like you and me. Born of a woman, (Revelation 12—the Israel, or race of the scripture). After the birth this night the shepherds came to the stable to worship the child, and then the next morning Joseph moved Mary and the child to the home of Elizabeth at the Temple in Bethlehem. Here is where the wisemen found the child and his mother, and here they delivered their gifts, and also talked to Joseph warning of Herod on the throne of Jerusalem.  And they worry about the safety of the Child. They were sure that Herod was not a Hebrew and they worried about this. Next Mary and the child were taken to the home of Joseph of Arimathea for safe keeping until all prophecy could be fulfilled.

On the day for the circumcision of the child then Mary and her child were taken to the Temple where the old priest Simeon by name still resided and he had so wished to see the Christ Child before his death. After Mary’s time for cleansing was over then they would go into Egypt for safe keeping as the Wisemen had recommended.

            Why Egypt?—–There the Aryans or Hebrews still held the Priesthood in the city of On where it had been since established there by Enoch and Job. And at the temple under the Sphinx, they also controlled as they did the great pyramid which the Aryan’s had also built as a memorial for their God. Here we find YAHWEH God as YAHSHUA IDENTIFYING WITH HIS PEOPLE, leaving you one more clue as to your identity also.

In earlier times we used to find pictures on Christmas cards of Mary and the child between the paws of the sphinx. Once in a while you can still find that today.

            Now; the story in Protevangelian is quite a story.  But go into the old books and then think a bit, and perhaps these stories were allowed to hide the facts from certain people. Remember Joseph of Arimathea being a rich man and a trader, with many ships maintained a fleet of ships in the harbor in Palestine. The scripture says (Matt. 2:13-14 ) that after being warned in a dream that Joseph took the young child and his mother, and went by night into Egypt. Do you think they went that long way in the heat, with the little donkey and on foot when they were fleeing from that area where Herod would soon order the killing of the babes of Bethlehem?  In the footnotes of Protevangelian, we are told that a story similar to this was found in the Jerusalem and Babylonian Talmud.

Now; the scripture does not tell us how long Mary and Joseph and the child remained in Egypt. —Why Egypt? Where do you think a more safe place could be found for the child than there with the Race and the monuments built by the Race to commemorate their God —YAHWEH —there where he as a young child could see these monuments built in his name?  Thus YAHWEH, AS YAHSHUA, –when a young child visited the place where these great monuments were built, perhaps as a symbol to keep the knowledge alive among his people.

            The knowledged brought by Enoch and Job to this place in Egypt went back to the ancient Star bible.  And here in 1997 we have been pointing out to you as Hale-Bopp moved thru the heavens, this wondrous story of a people, on a mission for their heavenly father.

            Finally an angel appeared unto Joseph in a dream saying take the young child and his mother and go into the land of Israel, for they have all died which sought the young child’s life. (Matt. 2:19-20).  As they came back into the land of Israel then Joseph learned that Arcelaius ruled in place of his father Herod II and he turned aside into Galilee to the city of Nazareth.

            In the book of St. Luke’s writings, we are told that the child grew and waxed strong in spirit, and the Grace of God was upon him. Then at 12 years of age his earthy parents went with a group to Jerusalem for the Passover, and HE accompanied them. As they started for home no doubt thinking that he was in the group, they reached the city of Arimathea, and they looked for Jesus but could not find HIM so they hurried back to Jerusalem and they found HIM in the Temple, both hearing and asking questions of learned men. And those who heard HIM were astonished at HIS understanding. When his earthy mother rebuked him for worrying them, he replied:—“How is it that ye sought me? Know ye not that I must be about my Father’s business?”  Then HE went home with them, but they understood not what HE had said. Mary however pondered these sayings in her heart.  For surely she know altho not quite understanding that something was to take place.


            As to these missing 18 years of HIS life you turn to the old books to trace his steps. For HE did not as some would have you think spend all those years in the carpenter shop and never ventured more than 200 miles from that spot as some Christmas cards would have you believe.

            Now; Luke 4:16-22 —-“And HE came to Nazareth where it was believed that he had been brought up, and the eyes of all of them that were in the synagogues (the house of the scribes) were fastened upon him. And they said: “Is this not Joseph’s son?” Thus this implies that his childhood had been spent in Nazareth. But the impression was that he had not been there for some time. Remember in those days that a boy of 12 years was considered as an adult.

            Another incident pointing this out is when YAHSHUA came to the Jordan river where John the Baptist was preaching and baptizing people. But this John, his earthly cousin did not recognize HIM. If both men had been in this same place throughout this 18 years surely HE and Elizabeth’s son would have seen each other often.

            Having established this then it would not be so surprising to find that Jesus had traveled on the ships of Joseph of Arimathea to other places in the known world of that day. We find that he visited far away places like India and also along the China coast where he went inland at different places to his people who welcomed him as the Master.

            Then of course we think of Glastonbury in England where his uncle Joseph of Arimathea owned the Tin mines. Many are the poems that tell this ancient story:—

   “Have you walked along the Mendips,

    Where His weary feet have gone.

    When He climbed the Tor and looked out,

    O’er the isle of Avalon?



   “Have you seen the Holy Thorn tree,

    Standing in the evening sun,

    Full of blooms and scented perfume,

    On the Isle of Avalon?”



   “And the led mines on the hill tops

    I have often gazed upon,

    Where HE walked—a lonely figure

    On the Isle of Avalon?


    Up the Chedder Gorge to Priddy,

    In the rain and snow and sun,

    Just to give his simple message,

    To the Isle of Avalon.


    Near the Chinese Well His hut stood,

    When the days work was done,

    HE would watch the golden sunset,

    Or the Isle of Avalon.


    You may walk there in his footsteps,

    And your eye will rest upon,

    Glastonbury’s sacred mountains,

    On the Isle of Avalon.

       (Kirston Parsons)


            If one wonders why this selection of Glastonbury as the place for a retreat for Jesus, then remember that this was where Mary HIS earthly mother was to be taken for safety and to live out her physical life.  Here on the Isle of Avalon the Romans were never allowed to penetrate whenever they tried to invade England. In 55 B.C., Julius Caesar, in a half-hearten attempt invaded Britain but never progressed into Western Britain in earnest.  And by 47 A.D., they did reach Somerset, but were stopped short of Glastonbury. For that was the center of the Druidic faith in Britain. It was here that the Druids taught three duties for every Adamic man which were:—

l. Worship YAHWEH GOD.

2. Be just to all men,

3. Die for your country.

Their emblem or symbol was three golden rays of light coming from the Godhead.

            What better place for the coming of YAHSHUA?  For this was the land that had accepted HIS truth which HE was to proclaim soon in his ministry. 

Druidism prepared the way for Christianity and nourished it thru the early stages of stress, giving it the vigor to endure thru this adversity.

            Thus tradition has established that YAHSHUA-JESUS as a young man came to the Isle of Avalon, in Britain, –to Glastonbury. And from there he moved north to teach in the great universities that were already established there. For here the young men of the Western world of that time came to be educated.

            Tradition tells us that at Glastonbury, YAHSHUA and his earthly uncle built a little wattle home for his earthly mother, for by foreknowledge he knew she would need a place of safety soon after his ministry in Palestine was over.

            Some traditions tells us that Mary even came once with Joseph of Arimathea and her son to help prepare the little home which she would be brought to later. Thus, Mary and her God-man son did come to Glastonbury. And then Mary returned to Nazareth with Joseph of Arimathea and Jesus then went to teach in the Universities

            Thus, it was later written:—–

   “And did those feet in ancient times,

     Walk upon England’s mountains green?

     And was the holy Lamb of God

     On England’s pleasant pastures seen?

     And did the countenance divine

     Shine forth upon our clouded hills?

     And was New Jerusalem builded there

     Among those Dark and Satanic Hills?


          (William Blake, 1757-1827)


It is thus clear that this author meant to convey his belief, even at this later date that Jesus the Christ did come to England before he began his Ministry in the old holy land. In his work as a London engraver he did his engraving of Joseph of Arimathea showing that as an engraver and also a poet he was aware that Christ did visit England’s green and pleasant land. And that this impressed him deeply. Some say that he also visited America. I have never found any definite facts of that, but of course it could have happened, for some of his people were also by that time in the Western world. Here at the end of this age at our time in physical life we do not totally understand but once more we turn to the stories of our past. We may not have as yet unraveled all of the mystery surrounding our heritage.  But traditions like this surrounding Glastonbury —like truth—never die. Glastonbury was and is the Holiest earth in England and the spirit of its traditions is still vibrant and alive, close knit with a living Christ.

            Go to England today and talk to the people, especially the young, and the people are not interested in their traditions because of the absence and clear, reliable documentary that the whole of Britains history for the first 500 years of the Christian age, is almost entirely blank as regards known written records. As we have see this is not the case if you turn to Traditions for certain authorities have testified in times past, to the truth of that tradition.

QUESTION:—You do not understand Joanna Southcott’s sickness at the end of her life described as a pregnancy?

ANSWER:—To me much of the writing of Joanna Southcott was rather veiled as tho not to be understood by everyone easily. For if the enemy understood easily they would of course move to block and destroy before the children of the kingdom would grasp the message. For the time of fulfillment was still a long way off. Her message thus starts with the Woman of Revelation 12.  then check Genesis 2, for who this woman represents. Then pick up the happening of the last days from Revelation 19—-thru chapters 20-22.  As Joanna’s work is done here in the physically then her friends who are now writing for her and describing what she is telling them, then describe that like a pregnancy she is bringing forth something. This is her spirit.  And now, as the Woman of Revelation 12—The Israel of the Bible –she is made ready for the marriage supper of the Lamb. This telling you that the wife has made herself ready means that she–This Israel of God, the administration of the Kingdom is now obedient and ready for the rest of the book of Revelation to be fulfilled.

            Thus in her veiled way then Joanna was confirming that she possessed the spirit of this race which could be remarried to their God as in olden times. Thus she is pictured as giving birth to this spirit, and the process she is saying that this woman of Revelation will also have to struggle to bring forth, the proper setting for the end of the age. And only by this struggle, which is likened to child birth, that it goes on for a certain length of time and then there is no stopping it at the proper time the spirit comes forth and leaves that physical tabernacle which you are now finished with. Thus now we see that we of the race have another comforter —this spirit which we possess.

QUESTION:—-The Promise Keepers??????

Answer:—Whee! Don’t know whether I should tackle that subject or not—but here goes.

The good part was that at least the name of Jesus Christ was still declared as LORD and Savior. The enemy you know has been trying to even take the name out of our nation. I thought this was mostly a gathering of white males to make a stand for Christianity and our values for this our land which have been mostly discarded. What I saw when TV took over was of course almost the voice and pictures of the World Order.

            Now; further back from the platform where the TV camera was recording events, were thousands of men and boys and when called upon they were on their knees to their God. Surely that will have some good in it altho their religion in this case is still that of the fundamental sort of Charismatic type.

            Now; we know that every knee will bow and. Every tongue proclaim that YAHSHUA –Jesus was and is YAHWEH himself. That was good and this was mentioned. And when He comes he will divide the Sheep of his pasture from the goats. And when we progress to that day when Satan is confined, these other people will also not protest HIS WAY OF DOING THINGS. The promise of the restitution of all things is real, but so also is EVERYTHING IN ITS CORRECT ORDER. There is no simplicity such as this idea that everyone is going to heaven, and that is all there is to look forward to.

            One of the good things I thought about this great meeting of men on the Mall in Washington, D.C. was the way it worried the women’s Lib. Mrs. Ireland has been so disturbed by it, so that was good. These men may not understand the word Gentile of scripture but if it causes some of them to look at their lives and see where they are headed, and what they have been putting their families thru then it will have all been worthwhile, but to me they are still giving away their heritage.

            We are told in Holy scriptures (Micah 4:10) ‘that I shall take you to Great Babylon and then you will be delivered. There the LORD shall redeem you from the hand of your enemy.’  Great Babylon is described as being total confusion.

            So what did you think that you heard and saw from this rally in Washington, D.C. by the Promise Keepers?  I hope we will see some broken homes fixed. But I also think that going on TV and turning the coverage over to the World Order, that the ‘Promise Keepers’ lost some of their message which was so good, and joined the world order. They seemed to lose their message of being better, fathers, husbands and family providers, which is their earthly message. Then look for the Spiritual message of Revelation 19 to see how this story is supposed to end. The message proclaimed by the TV seemed to be join with the other races, apologize to the Black race for you being white, and then remember there is a separation of church and state. In the scripture this is just opposite.

            The ‘Promise Keepers’ are now planning a meeting in every state capital in the year 2000 and then going world wide. Let us wait and see what the Almighty has in mind.

I read that there is a kingdom to be set up, a kingdom administration to be set in place, and many events to occur here in earth before that movement into the heavens that everyone is looking for, where you take everyone with you. As people declare they believe in Jesus Christ they are just getting ready for total obedience as to what he has in store. That is what we are watching for.

   “Arise and thresh O daughter of Zion”–this being the government—Zion was the place of the government of ancient Israel. Jerusalem was the place of worship. There was no separation of the two to be used in the government. So arise and thresh you daughter of Zion. For many nations are gathered against you saying let her be deviled, and let our eye look upon her. But they know not the thoughts of the LORD, neither understand his counsel, for HE will gather them ‘As the sheathes into the floor. (Read the 13 verse of Micah 4). Did it ever dawn on you that the no. 13 has a message for you?


Mrs. E.R.M.—

Question:—Could the woman (Israel) of revelation 12 be the woman on the throne of David here in the last days, then there could be a man on the throne in England?

Answer:–We have been talking of this since the death of Diana the Princess and since Mildred asked where do you find in scripture that it says that there will be a woman on the throne when all prophecy is fulfilled? Thus in trying to answer JoAnn’s question, we will also answer Mildred’s question.

            Since the study of the writings of Joanna Southcott as she says that for the interpretation of scripture for the last days then you start with Revelation 12. We thus know the woman of Revelation 12 as the Israel of God, or his kingdom people then this is in symbolism.  And as you come to that conclusion then you would have to narrow that idea down and in reality since you know that the throne of David is in England, and that there would always he someone on that throne until HE comes whose right it is, then in reality the queen of England now holds that throne in trust. She when crowned 40 years ago was crowned as the Queen of Israel. So where do we find in scripture this story that there will be a woman on the throne at this time?

            After going thru the concordance and not finding those exact words then we knew that Dr. Swift had told us this interpretation during his ministry so we turned to the library of his sermons and began to search.  In the highlights of those Sermons we ran across the Swift sermon of 5-30-1965–“The Signs of the Sun, moon, and stars.” And there Dr. Swift suggests the writings of the minor prophet Micah. So we turned to the Companion Bible and the prophet Micah and we find that Micah says that this is the word of the LORD, so we are to receive it as the WORD of the LORD and as being only from Micah’s pen.


            This minor prophet Micah was from the land and city between the Judah territory and Philistia. During the captivity of Judah by the Edomites this city was used as the Capital of Idumea. This was in the time of Ahab thus toward the last of the time when Judea had a king. Thus Micah then talks about what is to happen in time. That the LORD God will come forth out of the heavens and will come down and will tread the high places of the earth.  “And the mountains shall be molten under Him and the valleys shall be cleft, as wax before the fire, as the waters pour down a steep place.” The reason for this is the transgression of Jacob, the sins of the house of Israel which was the idolatry of Samaria as the house of Israel parted from the House of Judah. And then behold the Jerusalem of the House of Judah became the high places of that land. And he tells of some unnamed foe who has come to the house of Judah which brings on her judgment.

            Verse 16, tells of the going into captivity of the house of Judah. But also WOE to those who have caused Israel to sin. But you see–Judah was also to go into captivity and then later into migration for old Jerusalem was not the rest for the Children of God. A part of the house of Judah came back from the 70-year captivity in Babylon, to try to rebuild and thus be in place for the birth of Messiah, and on till the Resurrection had occurred. But back with Israel at that time came also many of the enemy for the house of Judah in captivity had even married strangers, especially was this true of the Priest line.

            Chapter 4 of the book of Micah is for the last days.—–And we are told that the mountain (nation or government) of the House of the LORD shall be established in the top of the mountains (nations) and be exalted above the hills (little nations) and people will flow into it. Then we are told that many nations will come and say: “Come let us go up to the mountain (nation) of the LORD to the House of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of His Ways, and we will walk in his paths. For the law shall go forth of Zion (the government) and the WORD of the LORD from Jerusalem (New Jerusalem–for God was moving his people out of the old land.)

The prophet Micah has now told us that the government and the Word of the Israelites has now left the old land of Palestine so look for it somewhere in the west for the migrations of God’s people pointed that way.

Now, Verse 3:…And HE shall judge among many people, and rebuke a strong nations a far off and then shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hook, and Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war no more.

Verse 4:…But they shall sit every man under his own vine and under his own fig tree; and none shall make them afraid; for the mouth of the LORD hath spoken it.

Verse 5:…For all people will walk everyone in the name of his god, and we (the children of the kingdom) will walk in the name of the LORD—Jesus the Christ, or God forever and forever. (Read that again)–All right:—every man under his vine–his path of creation and under his fig tree–you find the Jews. But we will walk in the name of YAHSHUA JESUS THE CHRIST. This we are trying today to do but we still are under the yoke of the ‘tares.’   For Christianity today is trying to take in all people and take them all into the heavens with them. When no one is going there as of now except those who have passed thru death. This is on strike against the Promise Keepers, they are trying to appease the World order for their leaders have been taught this way but it will not work. This is going to have to be straightened out for them, a little further along.

Verse 6:…”In that day–(In the day of the LORD), saith the LORD, will I assemble her that halted (Judah went back to Jerusalem to rebuild and stay until the Resurrection). And I will gather her that is driven out, (The House of Israel) And her that I have afflicted.

       I will make her that halted a remnant and her that was cast off a strong nation. (The children of Joseph went over the wall to build America). And the LORD shall reign over them in Mount Zion (the government of the established Kingdom administration) from henceforth even forever. (When that Kingdom administration is in place then that is the rest for the Children of God—that is what we are looking for.)

Verse 8:…And thou o tower of the flock (this refers to David thus the throne of David–and to Jerusalem–now New Jerusalem) The strong hold of the Daughter of Zion, unto thee shall it come, even the first dominion; the kingdom shall come to the daughter of Jerusalem (New Jerusalem)

            All right.  The throne of David now sits in England and on the walls of Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth can trace her lineage back to King David. Thus she represents literally this Woman of Revelation 12, for the last days in the king line of Israel. Thus a daughter is on the throne of David in England and has been for these past 40 years. She is yet to be delivered –(proclaimed to the world once more). Her mind is also to be renewed.

            Thus from symbolism to reality we then find the Woman on the throne for our day which Joanna Southcott also pointed out.  For the kingdom is to come to the daughter of Jerusalem . . . to the New Jerusalem of course.

Verse 9:…The LORD then asks (us of this day) why doest thou cry aloud—-Is there no king in thee? (Do you not see that Jesus the Christ is your king?) Is thy counselors all perished? For pangs have taken thee as a woman in travail. (Remember that Joanna bowed out of her life in the flesh describing it as the pangs of a woman in travail–but to bring forth the spirit.)

Verse 16:…Then you read:—Be in pain, and labor to bring forth, o’ daughter of Zion, like a woman in travail. (Thus we are to labor in trying to bring in the Kingdom Administration.  It will not be handed to us on a silver platter. But look at what we are doing today, at least some are working for this same thing.)

            Thus, you are to keep working.  Do not quit laboring to bring forth this kingdom administration HERE IN EARTH. For Micah tells you that you were to go forth from the city and dwell in the field (the world) and you shall go even to Great Babylon, and then you shall be delivered. There the LORD shall redeem you (as a kinsman) from the hands of thine enemies.

Verse 11:…Now; many nations shall be gathered against thee, that say let her (Israel) be defiled, and let our eye look upon Zion (the government of the Kingdom). The reference here is to the writings of Obadiah and Edom —the Jews.

Verse 12:…But they know not the thoughts of the LORD, neither understand his counsel, for HE shall gather them like the sheaves unto the floor (for burning).

Verse 13:…Arise and thresh o daughter of Zion (13 = Manasseh) for I will make thine horn iron and thy hoofs brass and thou shalt beat in pieces many people. (See?  You do not join them unto yourselves. And I will consecrate (devote) their gain unto the LORD, of the whole earth.

            In the rest of the book of Micah which also pertains to THAT DAY –(the day of the LORD—when he takes charge). So gather yourself into troops, for you are to have sore tribulation from the enemy.  For the enemy has laid siege against Israel, and they even smite the Judge of Israel (the Messiah). But Bethlehem of Ephratah, (signifying that this is a little group of the thousands of Judah)—Yet out of ME shall HE come forth unto Me (the spirit) that is to be the ruler in Israel. (This coming forth —there are two coming forths; one is I Thess. 5:2, 3, and II Thess. 2:8–the former being in Grace and the latter in Judgment.

Verse 3:…Therefore will HE give them up (Israel) until the time that She which travaileth hath brought forth, that the remnant of his brethren shall return unto the children of Israel.

Verse 4:…And then HE (the shepherd of Israel) shall stand and feed (tend as a shepherd, his sheep) in the strength of YAHWEH in the majesty of the name of Israel’s God for now HE shall be great to the ends of the earth. (Now the Promise Keepers can go to the ends of the earth and tell them of our God, and they will understand and not fight them).

Verse 5:…And the man (this shepherd of Israel shall be the Peace (understanding)

Verse 6:…When the enemy comes into our land, and when he shall tread in our palaces, then shall we raise against him seven shepherds, and eight principal men. (When this time comes then we shall see the meaning as men — Adamic men. For Christ is called the Son of man.) And they shall waste (eat up) the land of the enemy with the sword.  Thus shall HE deliver us from the enemy as he comes into your land, and when he treadeth within our borders.

Verse 7:…And the remnant of Jacob shall be in the midst of many people as a dew, from the LORD, as showers upon the grass, that tarrieth not for man, nor waiteth for the sons of man. (Thus HE does it for us.)

Verse 8:…And the remnant of Jacob shall be (this refers to Restored Israel) in that day among the Gentiles (the nations) in the midst of many people, as a lion among the beast of the forest, as a young lion among the flocks of sheep. Who if they go thru, HE treadeth down and none can deliver.

Verse 9:…Thine hand shall be lifted up upon thine adversaries and all thine enemies shall be cut off.

Verse 10:…And it comes to pass that in that day saith the LORD that I will cut off thy horses (the military power) out of the thee, and destroy their chariots as well.

Verse 11-14:…And HE cuts off cities and throw down strongholds, and the standing images, and takes the groves of the heathen out of Israel and bring vengeance to anger, upon the heathen such as they never have heard before. (So He is cleansing Israel, taking out very thing that will hinder the kingdom administration.)

            In chapter 6, we are told:–Hear ye what the LORD hath said; The LORD hath a controversy with his people. And He will plead with Israel.


Now; he brought you up out of the land of Egypt–redeemed thee out of the house of servant, and made you sons and daughters. His people are now to remember all that HE has done for them. He showed you both the good and the bad, and all he requires of you is to love HIM and have mercy and walk humbly with thy God. Yes, you have followed the wrong path, the path of the enemy.  But the enemy shall now bear the reproach of his people.

            Chapter 7 of Micah is a lamentation.—Evils are lamented.  And we find that remedies sometimes are vain only those from YAHWEH being true.

The NOTICE:—-Verse 5: Trust ye not in a friend, put your confidence not in a guide, keep the doors (lips) of your mouth from he that lieth in thy bosom (our enemy). (In other words be careful whom you talk to and try to share your inheritance with).

Verse 6:–For the son dishonoreth the father, the daughter riseth up against her mother, the daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. A man’s (Adam’s) enemies are the people of his own house. (This pertaining to the House of Windsor—David’s throne.–Then the son dishonors the heavenly father as he breaks his laws. The daughter defied her mother in marriage, and the daughter-in-law–Princess Diana–in her striking out because of her treatment as the wife of Charles, was going out into the World order with the idea of bringing down the Monarchy.—So YAHWEH stopped that as he took her home and now she will soon know better.)

            So what does Restored Israel then do?—–

Verse 7:…I will look unto the LORD and I will wait for the God of my salvation, My God will hear me. Mine enemies shall not rejoice over me. For I (Israel) shall arise, the LORD is a light unto me. Mine enemies should not rejoiced for they shall see my restoration. And the other kingdom (Satan’s kingdom shall see it for they have said:—‘Where is the LORD thy God? But now they shall be trodden down as the mire of the streets.

            And as HE did when he brought Israel out of the land of Egypt HE will show you marvelous things. And HE will confirm the truth unto Jacob and the mercy of Abraham which He hath sworn unto our fathers from the days of old.

            (Thus we suggest that you read the book of Micah and remembering all that we have learned over the years. And use the Companion Bible if you have one.)

QUESTION:—Jeremiah 43——I thought the city of On and the Temple and so forth in Egypt were the centers of truth but here we find talk of punishment for Egypt by YAHWEH for things that these  Judahites would do wrong.

ANSWER:—-Now wait a minute. What is the time of this event? Go back a bit and find out just what brought this about, this chastisement in Egypt.

        As you know, the House of Israel suffered a 7-times punishment (2520 years) for disobedience.

        Now; in 741 B.C. Tighath Pileser invaded Israel and took a portion of this kingdom captive. In fact took the tribe of Reuben, the tribe of Gad, and 1/2 of the tribe of Manasseh captive. These tribes were, in their territory which was on the other side of the Jordan river. But this was also the start, or beginning of the ‘7 times’ punishment for disobedience. For the Kingdom of Israel. 2520 years later brings us to 1779+1. And by that year America is now in her struggle for Liberty. And from then on the U.S.A. would begin her rise to power as the GREAT NATION OF THE ABRAHAM COVENANT.

        In 721, then Shalmaneser invaded the Northern Kingdom of Israel and 2520 years later in 1799+1, the British commonwealth of nations was formed.  Then the British house of Ephraim would become Queen of the Seas, this company of nations of that same Abraham covenant.

        In 713 –Sennacherib came and invaded Palestine and he took 200,100 people of the House of Judah, and some of those left of the stragglers of the House of Israel, and took them also captives. 

Thus from 713 for 2520 years then that brings you to 1807+1 A.D.  And by this time the British had translated more than 90% of their Bible into the language of the world. 

The Steamboat also came into being and revolutionized the method of Transportation.

        Now; many make the mistake of considering that date of 713 A.C., as a Judah kingdom date, but those Judahites (still Israelites) had been taken to the same place in captivity that the other tribes of Israel had been taken and they were mixed in with the rest of the house of Israel in captivity. And many of them then went out of that captivity with the House of Israel. Thus, there were a lot of the Judahites in that first migration to the westward. A lot more than went back from Babylon to try to rebuilt old Jerusalem.


        Then there is another date to consider and that is found in Isaiah 7:8.  This is a 65 year period and seems to be the last of the punishment of the people of Ephraim with the people of Manasseh and Benjamin with Ephraim, and located on the west of the relocated House of Israel after their migrations. Thus the House of Judah started their punishment in 604 B.C., when Nebuchadnezzar came and took Jerusalem. Then Britain retook Jerusalem, from the Turks, 2520 years later in 1917.

        Remember that in 603 B.C., Nebuchadnezzar had the vision of that great world Empire with the head of Gold. And also at that time we are told of the ‘stone’ cut out of the mountain without hands? That would be God’s great stone kingdom, and 2520 years later than the U.S.A. and Britain both brought about the end of the rule of Nebuchadnezzar’s image as the Head of Gold. Thus in 1933 A.D., the U. S. went off the gold standard, and Britain did this in 1931.  Thus, 65 years for the Chastisement of Ephraim then brings us to the years 1998 and the year 2000 A.D.

        In 585 B.C., the Judah kingdom had her last invasion and the temple in Jerusalem and the city was destroyed. King Zedekiah and his male heirs all of his sons were taken captive. And the sons were killed and Zedekiah, with his eyes put out, was taken into Babylon. But this still left a remnant of the Judah kingdom in Judea, who were now afraid and wondering what they should do next.

This is now the time for this 43rd chapter of Jeremiah. And we see that now Jeremiah moves to try to protect the King’s daughters who were also his Granddaughters. But they were then taken captive by this remnant of Judahites who thought they should go into Egypt for safe keeping.  The leaders of this group ask Jeremiah to appeal to YAHWEH, to see what they should do.

        Here, remember, that as this last invasion of the kingdom of Judah was being invaded that Jeremiah had taken the Ark of the Covenant and other things of symbolism of Israel, and had hidden them in a cave. Of course YAHWEH was now moving his people westward, and they would want to take these things with them. For these things were the symbols of this race. Thus at this time then the scripture tells us that YAHWEH took a ‘Tender Twig’ of the Pine or Cedar tree, and moved it westward. Well in fact, as Col. Totten would tell us, he took these three granddaughters of his, and they were heirs of king Zedekiah and he moved them westward.

        Now; back to our story.—After a time, Jeremiah hears from YAHWEH and this was the message that this remnant of the Judah kingdom should stay in this land of Judah.  And if they would do this then YAHWEH would build them and not tear them down. He said: –Be not afraid of this king of Babylon for He was with them. And He would deliver them out of the hands of this king. But if they would not dwell in the land of Judah, and did go into Egypt then disaster would follow them.—Why?  Because they were being disobedient. Fear was replacing Faith.  So they took Baruch, and Jeremiah and the kings daughters and they went into Egypt. So YAHWEH sent the king of Babylon on to Egypt and that land would suffer for it would have to be cleanses so as to leave the Aryans in power and in control of those ancient monuments, until the Christ Child would be taken there later for safety.


        Then YAHWEH said: –“Fear not, my servant Jacob, and be not disturbed Israel, for I shall save ye from afar off, and thy seed’s seed from the land of captivity. I will make a full end of all the nations whither I have driven you, but I will not make a full end of thee; but I will correct thee in measure. Yet I will not leave thee wholly unpunished.

        Now; as the U.S.A. was trying to be established as a nation, then Col. Totten was hired to investigate ancient Israel for the U. S. Congress. They were trying to assemble the symbolism for our nation. For our forefathers knew that they were of the seed of the Children of Israel from the old land. Thus Col. Totten begin his work and he wrote many books tracing the Lost Tribes of Israel.  And he wrote of this movement of Jeremiah and Baruch and the King’s daughters to the west.

        In Scripture in Ezekiel chapter 36, we learn of Israel being restored and moved westward and disappearing from Biblical life in Palestine. But at the same time being established in the west.  There they were to shoot forward and multiply, for now they are the green tree and the dry tree is lest in old Palestine.

        Thus here we are today and what are we looking for?

1. The end of the age.

2. The end of this world order.

3. A new age not controlled by Satan.

And your two witnesses to this are the Bible and the Ancient Star Bible which Hale-Bopp was calling attention to.

        Then you come to what John saw as a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and earth had passed away and there was no more sea.  (Division) as Revelation 21 tells us.  Babylon is to end, it is to be no more. And the Kingdom age is come which will be very, very different.





QUESTION:—–Since we have been thinking about this end of the age, and all of the prophecies, how do we learn what will be this changing of us so that we will be ready to meet our Priest-King Melchizedek? Also what disturbed the people in power at the time of Jesus so much that they cried Crucify HIM?

ANSWER:——(The last question, first)—what disturbed some people at the time of Jesus there in old Jerusalem was that Jesus claimed the Kingship. When asked if he considered Himself a King. HE replied:—For this purpose was I born. He not only did this but he demonstrated this power among the enemy, as well as among his people. The Martyrs saw this, they beheld HIM, not only as savior but as Priest-King and their Faith–then caused them to realize that he was Priest-King before HE took upon Himself this garment of flesh. Thus their Faith was then so strong that they marched with strength to their death, for they thought that they were then going HOME.

            Isaiah was caused to record that– “His Name shall be called wonderful, The Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.”

            Now; He took this garment of flesh, in Bethlehem’s stable in order to be revealed to His people–Israel. This the enemy did not want for they feared that they would lose control of this nation which they had succeeded in taking over.

            In Psalms 72, he is thought of as the KING of old, but also HE is none other than the redeemer of his people Israel, for HE is the LORD God of Israel.

            The Apostle Paul in the book to the Hebrews speaks of this ONE, this Jesus of Nazareth as being the ONE who in the beginning laid the foundations of the heavens and the earth. In the writings of Isaiah (Chapter 44), He is also the King of Israel.

            Nathaniel when asked who HE was replied: He is the son (embodiment of YAHWEH —the King of Israel. And of this reply then Jesus said: “Behold an Israelite indeed, in whom there is no guile.”

            Christ is also the King of the Nations, for kingdoms have risen and crumbled which is always true of kingdoms of men as earthly rulers. Only ONE then holds this Kingship of Nations. For “every knee shall bow of things in heaven, and in earth, and under the earth (or in the Netherworld). And every tongue shall confess that YAHSHUA-JESUS is Priest-King for the Glory of God the Father (spirit). II Philippians 2:9-11)

            Thus we see that the Christ is not to be listed among the religious leaders of the past. The followers of those Religions will take you to the place where their great leaders lie. But the Christian stands before the open door of an Empty Tomb.

            Now; as you passed thru the Christmas season did, you remember that we are not worshiping a helpless infant in a manger, altho we adore him.  WE are also not worshiping a young boy in a Temple answering questions for the doctors of Theology. No and we are not worshiping a dead body hanging on a cross. But we are worshiping a Resurrected Savior and a soon coming Priest-King who said: “All power is given unto ME in Heaven and in earth, and Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world (order).

Did you remember that the religion of Jesus the Christ is a Super Natural Divine Revelation? Take away Buddha from Buddhism and you still have a religion. But take Jesus the Christ out of Christianity and you have nothing left. You cannot get away from the fact that HE came into the world because His sheep had gone astray.

            I John 3:8 says that for this purpose the son (embodiment of God) was manifest that HE might destroy the work of the devil. This is the old Serpent that has led his people astray.

            Thus there is a danger that as we move thru all this tinsel, and toys and bright lights and decorations, with Santa and his reindeers that we forget the purpose for which Christ thus came into World Affairs. For HE came to deliver His people from the effects of the fall of Adam and Eve.

Then as we emerge from the Christmas season hopefully you will remember these essential things. For there is another season to be faced in which we are wondering as to how we will be changed so as to stand in place, in the presence of HE who is Priest-King of His Kingdom, this mysterious Melchizedek.

            Norene Nichols was one of the teachers of this race and she wrote about this Melchizedek as did Dr. Wesley A. Swift, and they called attention to His connection to His kingdom which is to be established here in earth.

            They wrote from inspiration and from their understanding of the book of Daniel. Remember the three Hebrew Children that were thrown into the fiery furnace, and their mighty deliverance?  Someone walked in that furnace with them and the fire never touched them did it?

            One must look up the meaning of the old words and go into this understand of this so called “latter rain’ which will help Israel to make ready to face the events now before us. One of the things totally involved here is this “Renewing of the mind.” For it is written that we are transformed by this ‘Renewing of the mind’. There cannot be a body change without a changed mind. And in that final hour we find this mind then cannot be broken down, for its power, and beauty and separation will remain for the mind is now fixed on HIM–Our Priest-King –Melchizedek. Our Minds cannot therefore be changed, by words out of the World Order. The word changed in Hebrew means not removed to another place. This explodes the theory of ‘The Rapture’ for you are not to be moved out to another place, maybe out somewhere in space. No we are going to stay right here and be witness to HIS Great inner working. The word also means His people will no longer be disguised, but they will stand with HIM in this Great and Terrible day of the LORD. Now will be the time when HIS Priests will be ordained, and from then on will be ruling with HIM.  This will bring about the redemption of the bodies which the Apostle Paul spoke of. But now as in the days of the Hebrew children, the trouble, anger and fury that Babylon tries to stir up will have no effect on these the Servants of the MOST HIGH GOD. This is the final deliverance, which has never been preached or witnessed before. This is the deliverance of the bodies of HIS people, not from illness, but from death and destruction, moving them now into this period of HIS Great restoration of Immortality. This then is a part of the ministry of the order of Melchizedek which one of these days you will finally understand.

            Christ was being harassed by the Chief Priests of that day. They were referring to his speech of this temple not made with hands. But here Jesus was talking about his body where HE (spirit) was now dwelling.  We also dwell in a Temple or body formed by HIS hands. And as our earthly house is dissolved we have an house not made with hands, eternal, age abiding in the heavens. This is the house for which the Apostle Paul longed for as finally he understood these things. We will also come to that understanding and will long for this house not made by hands which is in the heavens (spirit) And we will also remember that we laid it aside as we came into this flesh body of earth, for a glorious good.

            Now; you ask, how does this change take place without going the way of the Grave? What our Father is interested in is the change in us. Every mental reaction, is mirrored in the body, for the body is transformed by the renewing of the mind. We do not want to shed this body like something that is worn out. We want to see the day when our heavenly body moves upon this earthly body to change it forever.

            The feast of Tabernacles was a witness to this fact. For the purpose of the booths was to let the light shine out. Thus, as our bodies are clothed with our spiritual house not made by hands. Then and only then will these Priests of the MOST HIGH–Melchizedek, and yes even those of this Priestly order can show love, light, and life to those who will be administrators of the Kingdom. For they are of this unchanging, undying, Priesthood with the power of an endless life.

As we wait for what is to come next, there is so much to look forward to. In this Great Day (for the children of the kingdom) and the terrible Day for the enemy, then we will see the wind up of our Father’s program for this earth and the people there on.

            We have discovered from the ancient books of Enoch and Seth that at times YAHWEH came to his people embodied as High Priest. Emerging with all of the trappings of the great encasing of His presence into the Melchizedek Priesthood. Thus, we read:–Without Father, without Mother or descent, having neither beginning nor ending of life. Only ONE then can fulfill this picture. Only ONE could measure up to this—ONLY ONE.  That being the MOST HIGH GOD. For He is the only one without father, without mother, the Eternal existing YAHWEH (GOD). This stretches the magnitude of Human comprehension. It reaches beyond the perimeter of the things we are capable of thinking about in their purity. The endlessness in existence, the Majesty of His power, the Glory of HIS countenance –all this is for the MELCHIZEDEK PRIESTHOOD.

            We have told you before how Enoch was called out of his home, and from his family and taken in a Heavenly ship far out into space. He passed out of our solar system, where he had seen the planets of this system. He was taken thru out the far flung sidereal system, but he never saw Venus for that planet had not settled into this solar system orbit. But he was taken to the throne of YAHWEH, himself. There Enoch had brought back to his memory by the presence of the Holy spirit all the things he needed to know so that he could teach the sons and daughters of Adam as he returned to earth. And also write them in a book for later use. 


Enoch records that he was brought into the presence of the Most high.  Enoch saw HIM enveloped in Light, and there were Seraphims round about Him who were saying: “holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty. And this ONE CAME OUT OF THE LIGHT as MELCHIZEDEK and HE talked to Enoch, for HE was now embodied as Enoch war. Thus Enoch we are told was taken into the heavens in the flesh, and met with our Priest-King MELCHIZEDEK, who was spirit, soul, and body and yet had all the majesty of the Eternal ONE. And HE told Enoch that he had been brought this way into the heavens so that he could be told in the flesh and could return in the flesh and teach the things that our Eternal father wanted his children now in earth to know. Enoch returned to earth and entered into his Patriarchal ministry. He did his work so well that he returned home into the heavens without facing death. He was carried back into the heavens, passing into the dimensions of spirit while physically embodied.

            Now; do not be misled.  For there were wisemen in this Adamic race which was coming into earth. For they brought with them a written language, and much knowledge of why they were here, and what was the purpose for their being here. They knew they were to build a kingdom, and in the process conquer Lucifer, overthrow him, and do this for their Father’s good purpose. And they retained this knowledge for many years.

            Here then in this ancient city of Peace, this old Oruselem, as it was built. This was the residence of Enoch and Job and their families in time. And while there these two wise men received the revelation that they should go into Egypt and build a city. Thus they took 144,000 savants out of that city of Peace men, who would go with them, were 12,000 workers for each month of the year. And they would not only build a city, but within it they would build a great Temple, and altar, and a monument to their God. Thus, came the great foundation for the Great Pyramid of Giza. These men would thus build a great and mighty Temple unto their God whose pattern and symbol was to be measured for all times.  They were to fix with the tint of iron and with lead in rocks forever.  Thus fix the mysteries of the Most High God, which would last forever.

            Job knew and he recorded that HIS Redeemer liveth, and that HE would stand upon the earth in the Latter Day. And that “with these eyes and in this body I will behold the power and majesty of the embodiment of YAHWEH (God). And Job and their great company, went into Egypt and they were met by the by hoards led by the pagan priesthood of Egypt. The only weapons this great company had was great polished discs that they carried. And the mass of men and horses then came against this great company they turned those great polished discs so that they picked up the reflections of the sun and shown those reflections into the eyes of that advancing army. Well this sunshine was so bright that it blinded the eyes of men and horses, and even their clothing began to catch on fire. And they retreated saying:–surely this is the household of the Great God, for they are carrying “The eye of YAHWEH.” —“The all seeing eye of YAHWEH”.

            These men with Job and Enoch were men of knowledge, workers, and technicians, engineers and so forth. And since they were not to return to Orusalem they had brought their families with them. They then live in this great city, and all streets of this round city led to the center in which they built a great temple. And on either side of the opening to this temple they erected two pillars. These represented the two schools of wisdom and mystery. And they built an altar there, and it was at this altar that they paid their tithe to the Almighty. They sacrificed as was required and they built this great Temple of Dendera and on the ceiling or dome of that Temple they place the outline of the heavens with all of the stars of 7th magnitude that the visible eye could see. There also they showed the progression of the equinox as well as the 612 stars of the heavens. And they also place a miniature Sphinx between the woman of the heavens and the lion, thus telling the people where to start reading this map of the heavens.

            The ancient Egyptians, those who had come from the sinking continent Atlantis recorded:—“These are the children of YAHWEH-Putah the God of light.”  In the books of Horus they tell of the time when these people of God were ready to dedicate this temple. They say that ONE came who rode upon the wings of Light. He was Osiris, LORD of Light and Resurrection.  And HE came before Enoch and Job and He spread the cloth before them and brought to them Communion. The Records left by Enoch and Job say that MELCHIZEDEK came forth and out of the heavens HE visited them and placed His blessing upon their project. No wonder that the Egyptians fell back before HIS mighty power. They said that Angels came with this ONE whom they referred to as the Ka of Ra or Osiris, the son of Light, that great and mighty Potentate. No wonder for this was the embodiment of the Son of Light, in human form who was actually Melchizedek their Priest-King simply visiting his people.

            In the Old Testament, you find that Abraham was also thus visited. You know the story of how the ancient kings were fighting. None of these are listed as having come out of the Adamic race. But Lot and all of his people were taken captive but Abraham took 318 men from his household and went after Lot and his household. The number 318 when understood had a great significance here for in all its meaning it was the power of God which Abraham used to accomplish his task. And then when the battle was over then MELCHIZEDEK our Priest-King came and brought communion to Abraham, our honored ancestor.

            Now; where was this city of Peace, where did Melchizedek come from?  The City of Peace—A city of Kings—this is a figure of speech meaning the descendants of the MOST HIGH GOD as they form a city in their conformation. Thus, like the city of New Jerusalem, coming down out of the heavens prepared as a bride for her husband. They descended thus thru Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and on down thru their generations (race). Thus they are a living race, a living city, thus the city of Kings, or the City of Peace, sometimes called Salem. A living city of YAHWEH’S sons and daughters as the Apostle Paul says as he lifted his voice in praise unto the Eternal Father, the majestic God is incarnate, on whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named.

All right then.  Abraham paid his tithe to this One.  And then out of Abraham would come Isaac and then Jacob and eventually Levi who would be the established Priesthood of the Old Testament. Thus, then Levi could take tithe from men. Thus, the household of Levi continues unto this day as God’s ministry in his household, in earth. Thus men are paying tithe unto Levi, and Levi was paying tithe while he was in the loins of Abraham, and in this manner paid tithe to this ONE who was greater than all Men.

The Apostle Paul would then say that the sons of Levi get old and die.  But HE who received this tithe from Abraham was without father or mother, without descent, without beginning or end of days and abideth a Priesthood forever. And it is written that HE LIVETH.

            The Love of God would predestinate the death of God, therefore the MELCHIZEDEK PRIESTHOOD would be set aside until his death be accomplished.  For in the fulfillment of His Majesty then Christ born of woman, and this woman’s race coming out of Him for His Household would signal that He had completer His cycle. But as he emerged from the woman (Israel) He separated himself from His Glory so as to fulfill his purpose. Oh! Yes.  He brought forth miracles, and HE raised the dead. He had power over life and of death and he was the master of all things. But as he went out among the Jews who sought to kill him he had to protect his physical body until time for the crucifixion. So he would move thru walls with his power but that was only the manifestation of power. There was no Shekinah Glory to call attention to this power. This was the embodiment of God dwelling bodily here in earth. But the Light of God was not upon HIM. If it had been then they would not have been able to have killed him and you and I would still be in the bondage of sin.

            He permitted the majesty of His glory to shine on the mount of Transfiguration, and at other times. For HE was the Majestic One of the Old Testament, over and over again, He appeared in his majesty as MELCHIZEDEK the Priest-King forever. He appeared as the conquered to Joshua the leader of Israel’s army. He appeared as the Lion of the tribe of Judah also. And each time HE appeared it was in this same body, it was this same person that appeared unto Enoch and Job and then to Abraham.  In those patterns this was a visitation of the Most High God to his people.

            As the Crucifixion took place then remember that Christ had taken upon himself the transgressions of the whole world so that HE might pay the price for His whole Household and establish their course in this hour of victory. Thus, the first Covenant was a covenant of law. But that law existed in the days of Adam and Seth. The law was just the way things were put together. And then He appeared on Mount Sinai and gave the law to Israel. But men were not perfect and they could not keep the law. They even had to make sacrifices for sin before the Priest could enter into the Holy of Holies where HIS Presence resided.

            But the Christ then sacrificed himself, He became the Living sacrifice and by the power of his Resurrection he was again enveloped in Light.  And thus the Apostle Paul then comes forth with is Mystery—“Thou art a Priest forever after the order of Melchizedek. Thus the spirit of endless life raised the body of God which lay in the tomb, and enveloped it with light and in its incarnation as messiah, the Priesthood of MELCHIZEDEK was once more in operation. For HE thus brought forth again the majesty of the MELCHIZEDEK PRIESTHOOD.


            Now; this Melchizedek Priesthood is a spiritual Priesthood, and has the spirit of the living God enveloping the body. And as God speaks of His many sons and daughters he says that they also will be enveloped with His light and Glory, and when this happens, as this Light of spirit comes upon them they will set the captives free and build his kingdom. This MELCHIZEDEK PRIESTHOOD is thus reserved for Him. He is the only Melchizedek. He is the MOST HIGH AND THE ETERNAL YAHWEH AND REMAINS THE ONLY MELCHIZEDEK until the hour of the restoration of His household. And in that hour there will then be more priests according to the order of MELCHIZEDEK, WHO WILL GO OUT TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH AND THE ENDS OF THE UNIVERSE.

            Yes, we shall sit with HIM in the seat of authority, in the administration of the kingdom, as Priests. For the New Jerusalem which is the bride of God will be exemplified as the city of Salem, the city of Peace, the city of, the city for this king of Salem.

            Then the Apostle Paul pointed out that there would be a new covenant that would be much better than the old covenant, which HE made without fathers of old as he took them out of Egypt, this covenant now made with the House of Israel, and the House of Judah (restored Israel). And under this covenant then the sons and daughters of God will come under this MELCHIZEDEK PRIESTHOOD. And as Peter was to say:–“Heaven must receive HIM until the day of the Restitution of all things, spoken of by all of the Holy Prophets since the (Adamic) world began. All Israel had obtained this inheritance for has been predestinated by the word of God throughout eternity. God has determined that his sons and daughters shall be like him, and with him shall rule the universe. And He brings this hour upon His sons and daughters. When El-Orion rules the universe He divides up the habitation of men according to the number of sons of Adam according to the number of the Children of Israel. He bestows upon them his blessing because He is the Master of earth. There is then no Priesthood as high as the Priesthood of Melchizedek for this is a Priesthood of endless life. And it is passed on to the household of God as they come forth at a stated time.

            This is a Priesthood of Mystery and it is also a symbol of things to come. And It is moving into its pattern of atonement, into its fullness, because it is the message of endless life. It is the Priesthood not of judgment, but of blessing, world wide without end.




Turn to the book of Malachi and to the passage which says:—“Behold! I will send you Elijah the prophet, before the coming of the great and dreadful ‘Day of the LORD’. He shall turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse. (Malachi 4:5-6)

        First a correction in verse 2.  according to the old books it should read:—“But unto you that love MY name, shall the sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings, and you shall go forth and grow as the light HE has protected in His household.” This sun of righteousness was covered by the symbol of the Winged Orb, which Israel carried. You have see this symbol in the west after the Children of Israel migrated westward.  This a symbol of the world like it shall be when perfected as the children of the kingdom came to earth to accomplish.

        Today, you ask? Has the spirit of Elijah come in this latter time we face today? The lady Joanna Southcott brought her message from the spirit of truth, telling you what to look to as to what to study at this end of the age. We saw her message as the forerunner of the Identity message, or the forerunner of the Gospel of the Kingdom. Then we have had Dr. Swift and his great message as the preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Thus ask is there more to come from this message of the spirit of Elijah?  For instance we would suggest that you turn back to II Kings to the time of Elijah and you will find that Israel at that time was in a serious plight. The king of Israel was Ahab and he had married Jezebel, an outlander woman from the hills of Belial where they worshiped all pagan doctrines. She had brought into Israel the Priests of her religion and put in place their type of Babylonian religion. And being Queen she had used her power and put to death the prophets of God. And of course she hated Elijah and now was after him. Elijah had spoken out about this evil then he became of course a target of her animosity. Ahab being so he thought in love with this non-Israelite woman sought for Elijah and put out a warrant for his arrest. When Elijah said that because of this evil that God would send a drought upon the land, then there came not any rain for three years then of course Elijah was blamed. But God had said that it would not rain until there be an end of these things. And thus the rains had stopped and now the situation was getting desperate.

        At that time the Pagan Priesthood of Belial had affected the economy of all Israel, and sought to take over from the people their homes and their farms, as they took over and managed their economy.


        One day Ahab sent out Obadiah, one of his household, but a righteous man, to look for food for the household and for the cattle that still remained in Israel. On his way then Elijah appeared to Obadiah, and he said to Obadiah—–you go tell Ahab that the LORD said that Elijah would appear unto Ahab and after that he would send rain upon the earth. Obadiah was afraid that if he told this to Ahab that he would search and if he did not find Elijah he would demand Obadiah’s life. But Elijah said– you tell Ahab I will await him. I will meet with Ahab.

        The two met and they had a bit of an argument as to who it was that was working against Israel. So Elijah told Ahab to gather the people onto Mount Carmel. And to bring also the Prophets of Baal 450 of them with him, for 400 of them sat at Jezebel’s table. SO the people gathered, 7000 of them. (This number signifying that they were Adamites whose number is seven.) And all of the Priests of Baal came also with Jezebel.

        They built two altars there on the side of the mountain, and they cut up two Bullocks and placed them on the altars. And the Priests of Baal were called upon to have their god Baal set fire to their altar and sacrifice. To send down a holy flame. Elijah said; if Baal can set fire to the altar, I will place myself in the hands of Ahab and he can kill me. If these Priests of Baal cannot call down their fire then I will call upon YAHWEH God, and whoever answers by fire will be God.

        This sounded like a good sporting proposition to those assembled here, and the prophets of Belial were thus caught in their own trap. Elijah watched them very close. He rolled up their sleeves so he could see that they had no tricks with matches. So the pagan Priests began their calls. Oh! Great Baal send down your fire. They called and they called, then they in desperation cut themselves with knives, and did everything they could think of to attract the attention of their god. Toward the close of the afternoon Elijah said; I think you have had enough time. Then Elijah placed his altar to his satisfaction, and then he ordered a trench built around it and finally he ordered four barrels of water to be poured on the sacrifice. Then four more barrels of water poured over all. And then to make sure then four more barrels of water and the trench was also full of water at this time.

        Elijah then stood at one side of the sacrifice and said; –OH, Almighty YAHWEH, the Most High God of my people, Elohim. God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, send now the fire to ignite this altar, and consume this sacrifice. 


So what happened? Static electricity began to pop on that mountain side.  It ignited that altar and it burned until all was consumed, even the water was gone. Elijah then told the Israelites to take those 450 pagan Priests down to the pits and cut off their heads. And they did just that, getting rid of these pagan aliens who had deceived Israel. Ahab had watched all of this and you can imagine how this backsliding Israelite felt. He threw himself on the ground and he rolled in pain, as he ask for forgiveness.  Then he said:–Now YAHWEH I want to see the sign of rain. So YAHWEH said: Look seven times and then you will see the sign of rain. Seven, remember is the number of Israel, thus Ahab looks, and seven times passed and then he saw a little black cloud and it was coming closer and closer. And then it began to get bigger and lightening flashed, and there came a tremendous downpour over Israel, the first in three years. Thus Ahab knew that he had witnessed the power of YAHWEH. And Ahab was told to go back to Jezebel and to tell her that all of her false prophets are gone. Tell her that I YAHWEH, answered her with the power of fire.

        Make no mistake, Elijah was one of the great men of this race. We don’t have to prove it, history does that for us. But Elijah had established a contrast before the Israel people, and they now realized that YAHWEH was their God and thus they liquidated all those pagan priests from their midst. Ahab went back to find Jezebel, and he went knowing the prophecy that dogs shall eat the body of Jezebel.

        Some today may think this was awful for you are supposed to love everyone. But these were pagan Priests, and Jezebel was not an Israelite, and they were bringing down YAHWEH’S Israel.

        Now; Elijah never died. He just got into one of those great crafts in the sky, and dropped his mantle back on Elisha and went away in the great chariot of the heavens.

        In the later time according to scriptures there was a certain Priest who served in the little Temple in Bethlehem, and his name was Zachariah.  An angel came to him and told him his wife Elisabeth was to have a child, and that this child would be filled with the holy spirit from his birth.  And they were to call him JOHN. Well Zachariah was an old man and his wife was also old, and he said he could hardly believe this could happen. For this doubt he would be unable to speak until this child was born. Well then Suddenly Elizabeth is with child but Zachariah had to correspond in writing for he could not speak. Then in nine months this baby is born. Relatives came to help name the baby. Elizabeth says that his name is John, but the relatives believe he should be named after his father. But then they appealed to Zachariah and he wrote that the baby would be names John and at once he could speak. Zachariah then filled with the spirit then prophesied and he said: –‘Blessed is YAHWEH, the God of Israel for he has visited and redeemed his people. He has raised up a horn of salvation for us out of the house of David.

        At this time the virgins begotten embryo was still in the womb of Mary but it was still true for Zachariah’s prophecy was still being formed.


        Of course the wise man who had come late to Judea searching for the Christ child would be in the right place at the right time. As the Jewish soldiers from Herod’s army came up the steps of this temple in Bethlehem, then remember that the babe John the Baptist lay inside the Temple in his cradle, in the living quarters of the Priest. Thus we find that this fourth wise man took the sleeping baby in his arms and donned the great robe that he had carried, and he strolled to the front at the head of the steps as the enemy came up to meet him. In his hand he held a great jewel. And we find that greed ruled that day for the Captain of Herod’s army took the great jewel and ordered his men to leave. The fourth wise man then walked back inside the temple and put the baby John, the Baptist back in his crib. This babe would later astound the elders with his knowledge of heaven and the plans for this earth. Later he would be on hand to declare:–“make way for the King. Repent for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

        Now; in the body of John the Baptist then YAHWEH performed the miracle of sending the spirit of Elijah back to the people of the Most High. This time Elijah would taste death but he had prepared the way for the Christ the Messiah. But in the measures of justice then Christ predicted that the spirit of Elijah will come again for not all of that prophecy was fulfilled. The part of the messenger before the day of the LORD was fulfilled. But HE also said that HE would send the spirit of Elijah and he shall move upon the voices of my ministry of MY household, and My kingdom. And in the latter day the spirit of Elijah shall descend upon voices in the pulpits thru out the land of Israel. Thus when the spirit of Elijah descends upon His ministry, it will be to give them the unction to proclaim the word against the hosts of Babylon and Baal. He said at that time that the thoughts of the fathers would turn to the children and as they turn in that direction then they will realize that they have stood back and been silent and have allowed the kingdom to be taken over by usurpers.  They now see their children caught up in the apostasy of the World Order.

        Thus, here at the last he sends the spirit of Elijah down upon his people. In the past we have watched the dumbing down of the people of America. The prophets of Baal and their ministers have told us that all we need to solve our problems is Brotherhood. Fellowship —erect a Temple of  “All Faiths,” respect every pagan idol and every pagan god and every false pattern of theology. It is a proven fact that Eleanor Roosevelt was a communist. Today our First Lady is a devoted fan, claims that she even talks to Eleanor.

        Well then, what did the Most High do back in those former days, to help his people? Today we note that at the last of the 1700’s he sent the ‘Spirit of Truth’ to Joanna Southcott telling us thru her what to look for in the scriptures as to the prophecy for the last days. Her message was for you to understand the meaning of Revelation chapter 12— then from there go to chapter 19 and on thru the book. Thus you would then realize that the Woman of Revelation 12 was Israel, and you would then be able to read the rest of the book knowing who is this Israel of the scriptures.


        In the early 1900’s HE sent the spirit of Elijah into Dr. Swift who emerged as a minister with a great knowledge as to what the scriptures really said. He created a great wave of truth for the so called “Right wing” of America. He was one who had not bowed the knee to Baal. Altho YAHWEH took him on home still thru the tape ministry of Swift’s day, his message lives on.

        Today we see America still in trouble, still ruled by those who do not recognize your God. But they have not been able to bring down this nation and they never will be able to for there is a great crowd out in the center of this nation who have absorbed much of the message of the Elijah Ministry, and they fight on, keeping the name of our Priest-King alive. And people are beginning to stir, for they find that America has trusted to long. The enemy says we, of the “Right wing” do not believe in the United Nations. We do not believe in they things they advocate, and they are right. We do not believe in these things for they have been a betrayal of the MOST HIGH GOD. Thus as the thoughts of the fathers turn again to the children then they begin to worry about all our substance going–not to their children but to the pagans. Thus, what kind of a belief are we leaving for the children??

        Yes, the message of the Spirit of Elijah is still going out. The drive against it is now very intense and Israel has a tendency to try to get along with the World order. But when push comes to shove then Israel begins to stand for their God–The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  And the rest of prophecy will now be fulfilled.


End of Q & A, No. 4



QUESTION:—-Why is it that of all the race problems in America it seems that there is more tension between black and white than between the Caucasians and any other minority in America?

ANSWER:—-There is we feel several reasons for this. One is the political football that this race situation has produced, and which envelopes this idea. Another is the teaching of religion by leaders of the colored people over the years, and yes even by the Caucasians. There is this teaching of  “The nation of Islam” which has been with us over the years, and today is now led by Lewis Farrachan. Another is the idea of the way that the Black man came to America, this by the practice of slavery. This occurred in the past but there were black people here in the south, and into Central America long before that. But if you do not understand where the origin of the black race started, and then who instigated this practice of slavery and how it did occur, and the truth of this matter, you still do not have a complete picture either. But since the memory goes back only as far a Africa as to where the slaves came from, then this idea of African-American came into being. And even tho they may be born in America then in tracing their roots, they go back to Africa. Thus an idea then had to be born as to their early existence, and this has certainly clouded the issue as they looks for their roots.

        Now; in the book “Elijah Muhammad” the ideological foundation of “The Nation of Islam,” you will find some of the answers as to what brought about the thinking of many Negro people here in America who are searching for something, so they can remember being abused, and that they should be the most important people in America and they have not as yet reached that goal.


        The man, Elijah Muhammad, then laid the foundation for the longest lasting and most enduring, and most influential black religious -Nationalist movement in American history. He took selected biblical verses from the Arabic Quaran with the idea of turning the Negroes from White-Christian belief. His teaching brought on Malcolm X and others to keep the Negroes from accepting the God of the White man of America, the God which America recognize from her beginning. Not of course understanding the bible of which he was not capable of, Elijah Muhammad then took White Christian eschatology , and aspects of Islam to divorce Black people, so he said from their slave mentality. It was this Elijah Muhammad who taught his followers that they were connected with these strange terms of:–Islam, Muslims, Holy quaran, Mecca, and prophet Mohammed. Thus taking part of the Christian and the Arab religions, he built his African American brotherhood, Black unity, with the perception that the white man is a devil. That Jesus was a black man and so was Mohammed the prophet to the Arabs. Thus, putting the Negro above every man on earth. In fact he states that the God of Islam, his creation is not a national or tribal God, but says that the Quaran describes him as the LORD of the Worlds.

        In other words then Muhammad presented himself as a God to the black man because he wanted to dismantle the Europeanized form of God. But then he stresses that he had a morally pure Caucasian woman for a mother and an original black man for a father, and thus brought forth their religion as Islam.

        Actually the truth of the matter is that “the nation of Islam’ did not produce itself. A Muslim from the east, an eastern Sunni Muslin did this. I can tell you this, that at the time of Roosevelt there were still leader of the Arab world who still knew who they were, and that they were of the household of Ishmael and Abraham. They informed our President at their meeting with him, and he came back and reported this to the Congress of the United States. Soon after that he was a dead man.

        Thus, Elijah Muhammad replaced the image of the Europeanized White God with a black God. And from this then grew this idea of racism. But you see that Elijah Muhammad or those before him were not the prophet Mohammed to the Arabs who are our 1/2 brothers. This was simply a fake religion to begin with. Just as the enemy infiltrated the Christian religion to steal your inheritance, so they also worked on the religion of the Arabs. It is the Sunnie religion which rules in Iraq today. Many if not most of the Black people in America rejected this idea put forth by Elijah Muhammad and his racial rhetoric and then accepted a universal brotherhood which of course many Christians also embraced.

        Then the idea of equal justice came into play so as to gain political power. And with the election of Adam Clayton Powell to the Congress the black power structure thought they had their foot in the political door of the world of America. Later Malcolm X would attach Powell as an “Uncle Tom,” for he was moving in one direction and then another for political gain. Malcolm X then sought to internationalize the civil rights struggle to the level of human rights provision of the United Nations charter. And this was for the purpose of radicalizing it.

        Then Ralph Bunche, came on the scene and he also tied his concern for the condition of the black man to the United Nations. Then came Paul Robeson and another black man seeking leadership preached the idea of racism and tied it also to the United Nations. In 1947 Dr. Dubois came on the scene and he appealed to the United Nations and tried to get the Genocide Convention treaty ratified. What they were talking about here was an economic genocide, the dividing up of the wealth of this nation.


        Robert Williams was the NAACP President of the North Carolina Branch and he was one of the first to advocate armed self defense and he went then to live in Cuba and China and to follow revolutionaries in the world, when the leaders of this movement of Islam began to disagree. Malcolm X and Elijah Muhammad broke up as Malcolm X moved away from the teachings of Mohammed and radicalism took over. Then we saw Lewis Farrachan come on the scene and into the leadership position where he is today.

        Do you remember Father Divine? He even married Euro-American women and created quite a following who believed that he was god. But like all such he in time died.

        According to the teaching of Hurley’s so called Prophethood to God head, this was found in the Aquarian Gospel. And this was supposed to be the end of white Protestantism and the end of segregation in America. Then the word such as Negro must be replaced by the word Black, and those words such as Nigger, Coon and Sambo must of course be suppressed.

        Thru the years there has always been some leader to keep the Negro people stirred up and dissatisfied. Even Darwin helped in this area as he wrote:—-‘Where was the birth place of man? It is known that in each region of the world the living mammals are closely related to the extinct species of the region. It is therefore probable that Africa formerly inhabited by extinct Apes closely allied to the Gorillas and Chimpanzee, and these two species are now man’s nearest allies. It is thus somewhat more probable that our early progenitors lived on the African continent than elsewhere.” Even Chruchward argued for this idea in his work “The origin and evolution of the Human race.” Then Delancy wrote:–“Survival of the Fittest,” and in it stressed that Africa was the only birthplace of the human being. And it also the continent that produced the builders of the Pyramid and so forth. These writers were white men who adopted the idea of Evolution, but they also helped the process of bringing to the forefront later in America such men as Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X, and now Lewis Farrachan.

        Now; many Negroes in America entered the system, and studied, and climbed, to the best of their ability, into Americas system. I am thinking of Mr. Watts the Oklahoma Congressman. He embraced the God of America and happily is moving toward the restitution of all things when this Black-White business will be straightened out.


        But using false interpretations of Biblical history and the works of the Quaran men over the years have kept this division between black and white going. Even in Jewish literature in the “Song of Solomon,” which is one of the books in the Bible that is a phony, and not Israelite teaching, speaks of the beauty of the blackness. Then in the book of Numbers, Moses’s sister, Miriam, denounces his marriage to an Ethiopian woman. Afterwards she is punished, and the punishment is Leprous—white as snow. Many Christian ministers then not understanding the people of the bible have taught that the wife of Moses was a Negro from Ethiopia.  If they had bothered to read the old books, they would have known that the wife of Moses was blond and blue-eyed. She was the daughter of one of the White Shepherds of that time, Her father was the Priest of Midian.

        The Quran mentions Abraham, and Noah but says little about Nimrod or Cush. Ham is not mentioned in the Quran either. Thus the Quran does not make color an issue, this came later. Darkness in early times meant –in belief if you moved from the path of the true God.

        Elijah Muhammad had a burning desire to get rid of what he called “White supremacy” and that became his motivating factor. Lewis Farrachan has this same desire but he is more subtle and does not express it so openly.

Elijah Muhammad said this about the bible:—From the first day that the white people received the Divine scriptures they started tampering with its truth to make it suit themselves and blind the black man. It has poisoned the minds and the very hearts of the Negroes so much they cannot agree even with themselves.

        The method of slavery was used in America by the enemy to help in the downfall of America. You should read the old books by Thomas Dixon, about the conditions in the south in the days of the ends of slavery, then you will better understand what brought on the civil war and how it still did not end this trouble between black and white.

        When the Apostle Paul wrote to the Ephesians and talked of servants he was not talking about the Negro. This is just man’s misunderstanding of scriptures, which mentions this. Another verse of the Bible is also quoted out of context and been used in this great struggle of life and that is:—“God hath made of one blood all nations of men to dwell on the face of the earth.”  Look it up and see what is being talked about here. It is speaking of these Children of Israel who were to build the kingdom of God upon the earth. They were of one race, one blood, but they were not the only people on the earth for the World Order was there all the time.

        You can all remember Dr. Martin Luther King. —He preached nonviolence but did not practice what he preached. He sat in Communists schools and learned their philosophy which colored his teachings.

        Nobel Drew –Ali (Timothy Drew) started teaching about 1913 about the people the Moorish (North African) and he identified them as black.  Thus, Moors from Morocco. He traveled to Egypt and came away with the idea that the black man came in with laws, science, math art and godly esteem. Thus, he mixed ancient Masonry, esotericism and Marginal Islam.  He claimed that he was sanctioned by Ibu Saud but this cannot be true because Ibu Saud was one of the Arab leaders who met with F.D.R. and told him that America and Britain were the Great nation, and the company of nations that came from Abraham.


        Today the Arab religion is as splintered as Christianity. There are at least 72 different sects. Just as there are so many different denominations of Christianity. The devil has done his work well in dividing these two basic religions. Thus, this teaching of a religion so twisted has held some people in slavery for life.

        Elijah Muhammad stated that the Nation of Islam believed in a succession of gods who followed the first black god, the supreme being who created the universe, 76 trillion years ago. He has had successors but no equal.

        The ‘Son of man,’ according to Elijah Muhammad, is not a spirit. He is the son of the original black man. He is the MADE man, the white man whom the original black man drove out of the Garden of Eden.

        Elijah Muhammad taught that his father went up into the mountains of the Caucasians and picked out a white woman to marry so that she would give birth to a son looking white but whose father was black. This you understand was something that was prohibited—a mixed blood.  But this has also helped confuse this division between black and white in America.

        Some of the so-called Christian groups have helped cloud the issue by the things they in blindness taught over the years.   

Booker T. Washington was another person who had an influence on this black-white situation. He, as himself, the results of mixed bleeding. His father, a white man, tried to raise this sun to a position of importance in the world. And he hired white men to come and help in the work that would promote his son, whose mother was of the Negro race.

        And then comes Minister Lewis Farrakhan and he brought such figures a Mahalia Jackson, Sammy Davis Junior and others of the music world into his use and they money helped him to expand. Today he has quite a following, and black professionals as well as black politicians were openly acknowledging the redeeming message of Elijah Muhammad. The rhetoric has been toned down but the feelings still exist.  And they show at times this division between the black and white as well as black and black.

        As we come to this time when the devil is penned up, then people can learn to worship the right God and we will finally be able to solve this idea of RACISM in America. It will take the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God’s kingdom to settle once and for all times just who and what is the program of YAHWEH for this earth. But every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus the Christ is and was the Almighty YAHWEH, and He alone is the only God of this world. He alone is the boss. Then people will fall into place and the restitution of all things will finally be accomplished, but this takes time. Knowing where the colored race came from we then will see them being restored to their origin and there will be no more arguments in earth as to who the first man was. No more man made religions either.


        Incidentally, if the black man of Africa was the first man, then where did the Caucasians come from so that he could pick a wife from them?