Communism and Socialism Explained



One response to “Communism and Socialism Explained

  1. he is a liar, shrewed, determined, dirty, and infiltrate many organizations getting control of them, they set up different groups using phoney names, humm this sounds so much like bankers, do you suppose they love communism because it means they get to own everything? also about how determined and cunning, this sounds like a propaganda piece as well, reminds me of the movie major payne, he speaks about how smart charlie is yet how animalistic and cruel he is as well and how he fights unfair, but he never says who charlie is, just some phamptom ghost out to get you so you better be prepared to fight or die!! so when do they put a face to charlie? when the powers that be want you to fear them so you will do their “dirty” work for them aka murder them, sure they will call it self defense or spreading demoncracy or war(as if changing the name changes anything of substance) but in the end you become their hired assassines, and not a very well paid one at that.

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