The Stargate Program



One response to “The Stargate Program

  1. They are focused on physics and consciousness experimentation to understand the connection between the mind and outside reality now. As far as I experienced they like using sound waves or harmonics and psychotronic weaponry that impacts the electromagnetic field of the viewer and causes them to be able to access seemingly paranormal abilities. They are obsessed with genetics and are trying to figure out how the genetics and physics work together to explain what they are seeing.

    I say, the creator gave me my genes and I give credit where credit is do- Christ. They can experiment on and try to make it scientific- but, we are all able to do these things and more through our Christ awareness. However, these gifts are not suppose to be used for any purpose other than God’s so they blaspheme the Holy Spirit trying to replicate it. Do some research in Keylontic Science and you will get a taste for how scalar waves can impact the fields of consciousness manifestation at different dimensional levels. All this stuff on the video is old news to the Navy- that much I can say with certainty. But, it is an important place for people to start opening their minds to the reality that as a general population we are kept ignorant to most of what is real and that there are agencies doing research in this area.

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