The Results of Public School Education



One response to “The Results of Public School Education

  1. watching this all I really can say is REALLY!!! it is a shame that there is so much lack of love for thy neighbors anymore and it is distrubing that so many people are ignorant of even the basics one should have, when I was in school we had a map on the wall, we had to point out countries and name them, especially the united states capitals and states. we knew what a country was (not a state, tho who knows maybe the powers that be are changing the dictionary again will call all countries states now). this is what happens when people are to busy to pay attention to the world around them, they are caught up in the mundane things of life, not that there is anything wrong with making money or having nice things or having a family and vacations and the like but one must be cognizant of what is going on in areas that they can’t see directly and at least educate oneself if you can considering the schools (which really suck the life out of kids and suck the money out of the wallet)are not doing their job.

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