Remembering Richard Wayne Snell

Richard Wayne Snell was born on May 21, 1930, the son of a church of Nazarene preacher. He was a child of the great depression. Since both his father and grandfather were preachers, it was natural for Richard to follow in their footsteps and after completing four years of study at a Nazarene Seminary, he became the youngest ordained preacher in the history of that church.

After serving pastorates in Baton Rouge and Lafeyette, Louisiana, he became disillusioned with what he saw in the church. During those years, he was a successful businessman in various fields. He became aware of the criminal activities of the I.R.S. and refused to comply with their unconstitutional practices, thus becoming one of the first lone-wolf tax protestors. After his first encounter with the organized criminals of the I.R.S., he left the ranks of legitimate business to operate in the so-called underground of ”barter and business for cash.”

In 1981 at a meeting of the Christian Patriots Defense League, in Louisville, Illinois, he came in contact with the Scriptural teaching of Anglo-Israel and returned to a faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He became active in the patriotic movement with various organizations and ran afoul of man’s law. He offered no apology for his actons, nor any defense – knowing that God looks on the intent of a man’s heart.

Remember our brother Richard Wayne Snell who was murdered. (He is buried on Elohim City’s property.)Elohim City a right-wing compound in Oklahoma


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