To Heal the Nation

snookTo Heal the Nation PDF – Heal-Nation


One response to “To Heal the Nation

  1. I think people are confused, most of the feds are not concerned with what works to the benefit of patients or doctors or taxpayers at large their agenda is totally different hten the average joe, they are interested in power, they want to implement agenda 21 which requires drastic population reduction and making health care so expensive and intrusive and burdensome they are hoping to use regulation/economics to destroy people’s health, decrease life expectancy and justify refusal of care for costly patients and other ways to speed up death. so all of this stuff in washington is not about logical reasonable and smart solutions, but rather what will furthur their power/land/rent seeking grab for them and their friends in high places. those who do care in washington are overwhelmed with the financial control by the creeps who tie the hands of the honest people in washington. the states might have a better chance of doing it state by state, not sure tho

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