Important Booklets by Wesley A. Swift

GOD, MAN, NATIONS AND THE RACES BY WESLEY SWIFT – Read about what happened to the ”missing link” (Pithecanthropus Erectus) that was once shown in our museums, and about the many scientific discoveries that have confirmed statements found in the Bible – which sceptics could not accept. – $5.00 each.

IN THE BEGINNING GOD BY WESLEY SWIFT – Read what scientists have discovered about the ”evolution theory”, and what archeologists, anthropologists and paleontologists have learned about the origins of peoples – and what the Bible says. – $5.00 each.

YOU: BEFORE THE WORLD WAS FRAMED BY WESLEY SWIFT – A discussion of the pre-earthly existence of the White race, where it came from, as well as why it is here, and what will be its future in relation to the other races of earth. Should be read by every christian. – $5.00

TESTIMONY OF TRADITION AND THE ORIGIN OF RACES BY WESLEY SWIFT – Presents proof of the spiritual origin of the White race, from scientific, historic and Biblical evidence, and the testimony of ancient peoples of other races. This is a tremendous source of vital information. – $5.00 each.

BEHOLD, I MAKE ALL THINGS NEW! BY WESLEY SWIFT – The restitution of all things. – $5.00 each.

Send all orders to: H.O.T.K. MINISTRY P.O. BOX 685 OKMULGEE, OK. 74447. All orders are sent the next working postal day. Cash or BLANK postal money order only. (No over seas orders please.)


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