Galatians, Colossians and Thessalonians – Ella Rose Mast

ERM – Tape 027 – Galatians, Colossians, Thessalonians






1. Answering Questions from the Book of Galatians.

2. The Epistle to the Colossians.

3. The Book of I Thessalonians.


QUESTION:…’Remember also that YAHWEH is not mocked, for whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap.’ Galatians 6:7.

ANSWER:…You reap in the same field that you sow, thus since you are in the world this is where you reap, and this is where you have also sown. This is also the reason all this talk and publications about this place called HELL…is such a fantasy. For what are you going to burn forever and ever after you have laid this physical body in the grave, and the spirit of this Celestial child has gone back to he who gave it. Remember it is the Christian religion that has pushed this hell concept so hard, after it was fed into it by the enemy which entered the church. The Apostle Paul then goes on to say:..’But he that soweth only to his flesh, shall of the flesh reap, but he that soweth to the spirit shall of the spirit reap life Ever- lasting.’ (vs 8)

Now; understand..that as we preach this Gospel of the Kingdom we do not hate people of the world order. We are to do good unto all, but especially unto them who are of this household of Faith. This is the program which YAHWEH has set in place which shall be a blessing to the whole world.

The Apostle Paul said:…’God forbid that I should glory, save in the Cross of our Redeemer, by whom the world is crucified unto me, and I unto the world. For in YAHSHUA neither circumcision nor uncircumcision availeth anything, but you will be a new person.’ (vs 15) Old things have passed away, the kingdom enters a new phase, and you acknowledge the Atonement and forgot the rituals which brought you as a school master to HE who made the Atonement. And if you walk this way then Peace..which is also understanding is with you and the Mercy of the God of Israel is upon you. (vs 16)

The Apostle Paul then went on to say:..therefore let no man trouble me with the silly argument, for I bear in my body the marks for my stand for YAHSHUA..WHO IS YAHWEH in the flesh. Thus Israel brethren, the Grace of our Redeemer be with the real you..which is your spirit. (vs 18) With this the Apostle Paul ends his Epistle to the Galatians. Later the Apostle Paul will go into this subject of the great falling away from the Faith, but you will notice that some one was trying to sidetrack it back there at this time when he was writing to the Galatians.

QUESTION:…What are the highlights of the short Epistle to the Philippians?

ANSWER:…Paul found himself like many people round about today, he was evaluating the things around him. He said:..I am in this physical battle but I know I can lose these physical possessions, but I have now learned of the continual working of YAHWEH’S power, so how can I evaluate by even beginning to compare, by being resistant about a Christian work or what a Christian should do on the basis of how much it is going to cost? You know you can be forsaken by friends who want to evaluate your Faith, and their responsibilities.

The Apostle Paul then said:…’For me to live is YAHSHUA, and to die is Gain.’ 1:21-24. He said that he desired to depart and be with YAHSHUA which is far better, but he had a job to do for Lost Israel, so he would continue in his service for YAHSHUA. But tells these Israelites to let your conversation, your teaching be the Gospel of the kingdom which YAHSHUA preached. Stand fast in one spirit, one mind, striving together for the Faith of that Gospel. In fact let the mind be in you which is in YAHSHUA. For He came in the flesh, in the likeness of Adamic men and humbled Himself, even suffered the death of the Cross. It is recorded that by YAHWEH’S embodiment as YAHSHUA all things were heaven and in earth. Have you ever stopped to think about that statement? HE was, when embodied, both physical and spiritual. ‘His name is above every name,’ for He is head of His household both in spirit and in the physical. And at the Name of YAHSHUA every knee shall bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; and every tongue shall confess that YAHSHUA is YAHWEH in the flesh, to the Glory of YAHWEH forever.’ (vs 7-11)

In this second chapter of Philippians the Apostle Paul again tells us that all Israelites have the mind of YAHSHUA whether we use it or not. This is a tremendous statement; that at the Name of YAHSHUA every knee is going to bow, this means eventually even Lucifer. This is the assurance given to the Apostle Paul and passed on to us that our Father is going to triumph over the powers of darkness. That He is going to gather every last living soul existing in His Universe, and every one who was in areas of revolution with Lucifer, all races caught in the areas of that revolution, all within the violations of the process of Divine Law, and all are going to acknowledge YAHSHUA. This will make new creatures out of them, all this is in the course of His time schedule.

The Apostle Paul is saying that he is preaching a marvelous gospel. In the first place YAHWEH placed His Kingdom in the midst of the earth. He put the spirits of His own Eternal children into these bodies of flesh in this Adamic race. He then brought forth this household of Israel. These were HIS children, His offspring, and since He foreknew they would fall in the flesh then He promised to Redeem them, and thru them He would redeem the world.

Now; you would not think that any of Israel would fight this gospel of the kingdom even going so far as helping the enemy, but they do because we seemed to have lost to a great extent this battle of the mind. Yet Scripture declares that ‘every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess’ that YAHSHUA is YAHWEH in the flesh. This my friends will take a tremendous miracle.

We look out today on the blindness of our people in our own nation. Then our mind travels in this instance to the nation of India where we see millions of people laying in the streets, there is no property, no substance, no homes, they are a propertyless people. And then we see their golden temples and all their great wealth in precious jewels, but filled with godless immorality, demons and devils. We see their overpopulation which is responsible for their not having enough food to eat. But their overpopulation comes out of the background of their temples. How? ..because these temples take 30 to 40 percent of the girls of India and turn them into vestal virgins of the Temple to serve the gods. These illegitimate children of Hinduism are part of this catastrophe of India. We see this all passed over because it is a part of their religion, but there is great ignorance because of this absolute idolatry. Oh you say, what about Nehru before he died, or Gandhi the great man of Peace? My friends, dig into the background of those stories and you find they also lived under this pattern of idolatry and they knew not YAHSHUA who was YAHWEH in the flesh. Even what India once knew from that which was carried there by our race, by our Aryan forbearers has been lost today. These people of India today do not like the white man altho they turn to you to be fed. But think for a moment, they will have to..whether they like it or not. They will have to turn to the right God before they gain the areas of development which they anticipate.

Americans at one time went to India with pumps and tractors and farmed a strip along the Ganges River, taught them how to grow food. But their pagan Priests didn’t like this and they drove the white man out, ran the tractors into the River and broke up the pumps and put the stick back in the hands of their people to use as plows. And they again use oxen or hand labor to lift water and they can only feed about 40% of their people.

Yes, America and Western nations have tried to lift those people but leave them under their pagan gods as well, and this will not work. President Eisenhower went to India and Mrs. Carter. Perhaps they thought that would lift the spirits of those people as they acknowledged their pagan gods, but no, they did not know that wisdom only follows the mind of YAHWEH, THAT ONLY WHEN IN TUNE WITH THE MIND OF YAHWEH DOES THIS WISDOM COME THRU. Adam remember was placed in earth because there was no one with the knowledge of agriculture to make the gardens grow. The pagans copy the methods but it is not a fruitful project with them. After all Buddhism was set in place to keep people in bondage, and has turned the people to communism which is the politicos of hell. But remember that ‘Every knee is going to bow and every tongue is going to proclaim that YAHSHUA is YAHWEH in the flesh’, and communism will thus be destroyed. This will set those people free. This is the declaration, there is no other way. The law is to come forth in righteousness, and disobedience of the law bring forth these discrepancies even in the conduct of our nation. But the teaching of YAHWEH however comes thru the law, while salvation comes by Grace. The law was then given to Israel because as the Grace of YAHWEH develops in our consciousness the law becomes…The Way. In the instance of this then we find that in the fullness of time when YAHWEH gathers into one all things, and we of course have an inheritance in this because we are His children, when we recognize the great magnitude of the conduct and nature of YAHSHUA that transcends any capacity of duplication. After all it was YAHWEH who Lucifer rebelled against. It was the Majesty of the MOST HIGH that was installed in the flesh as our Redeemer. And it was the sons of Lucifer who called for His blood altho there are some who would try to lift this off of them.

Now; there is no peace for the wicked until they turn. YAHWEH thru Isaiah in chapter 57 talks about how He alone inhabited Eternity. ‘For thus said the Most High and lofty ONE, that inhabiteth Eternity whose name is Holy. I dwell in high and lofty places with him who is a contrite spirit with he whose spirit is not lifted up against mine.’ Who is this but His children, His household?? ‘For I will not contend forever, neither will I be angry forever with these forces against me, but I am going to bring them into areas of understanding.’ There is no peace for the wicked until they turn to the right God. For HE who inhabits Eternity..there is time..He brings all things to fruition thru His kingdom which shall reign from one end of the earth to the other. The Kingdom shall extend all areas of His Grace, and shall lift up His standards, and the world shall know that He alone is God. There is Grace sufficient to eventually bring all people to the understanding of truth. We do not hate the world as we tell you of these promises, but we fight the evil which has been installed in it. In that fighting we fight those who perpetuate the evil, and brought it upon the people of the world. But remember that spiritual souls can be brought back because there are several resurrections, and many shall be chastened. How long will it take? We don’t know but you may be sure that The Eternal YAHWEH has a purpose and a plan for all these people in earth. And we of His Kingdom are the force in the world today which is carving, working, and building His Kingdom. Because of this we extend the hands of mercy to the ends of the world, for this kingdom is to set men free in the areas where they think.

In chapter three of the Epistle to the Philippians the Apostle Paul declares his identity, and the translators recorded what he said in verse 5; Circumcised the 8th., day, of the stock of Israel, of the tribe of Benjamin and a Hebrew of the Hebrews, as touching the law..a Pharisee, concerning zeal…persecuting the followers of YAHSHUA (the church), touching righteousness which is the law, blameless. But what things were gain to me, those I counted loss for YAHSHUA. (vs 7) Thus all those things he thought he knew Paul threw aside so that he could know YAHSHUA…our Father who is YAHWEH in the flesh. So that he could know the power of HIS Resurrection, the fellowship of His suffering, even conforming to His death, so that he be among those resurrected from the dead. Paul said he may not as yet comprehend some of these mysteries but he sees them before him and he presses on toward the ultimate goal of restoration. Thus the coming of YAHSHUA will change these physical bodies until we be like His body after the Resurrection. For He is able to do this, to subdue all things unto Himself. (vs 21)

In all the discussions the Apostle Paul had with YAHSHUA, Paul was shown that sin was not going to triumph in any phase. In order that He might make these things known to the Apostle Paul then YAHSHUA showed the Sovereignty of His Will, the Majesty He had measured out in the course of time, and how HE was going to triumph. Thus the Apostle Paul finishes his Epistle to the Philippians in chapter four as he says:..YAHWEH shall supply all your needs by way of YAHSHUA (His embodiment). Thus unto YAHWEH our Glory forever and forever. (vs 19-21) The Grace of YAHSHUA-YAHWEH in the flesh be with you always.



As you read this Epistle you realize that the Apostle Paul is once more reaffirming these Mysteries which he has been revealing, and he begins this Epistle thus…..’Paul an apostle of YAHSHUA who is YAHWEH in the flesh, and Timothy our brother in Christ to be believing offspring, to the faithful followers of YAHSHUA-Messiah. We have heard of your Faith in YAHSHUA, and the love that you have for all the believing offspring. (vs 4) For the hope is laid up for you in heaven (spirit), whereas you heard the word of truth, this Gospel of the Kingdom.’

Notice what the Apostle Paul recorded, the hope laid up for you in spirit where you heard this word of truth. It was only thru the power of the Holy Spirit that Israel is able to hear and understand the word of truth, this Gospel of the Kingdom. In otherwords if HIS Spirit was not in us we would not have known what the Apostle Paul recorded. And if you do not reach to activate that spirit then you are almost, but not quite as blind to its true meaning as the pagans.

The Apostle Paul then goes on saying that since the day you believed, since the day you knew the truth, and now believe, you know of the Grace of YAHSHUA. We pray that you will now walk worthy of YAHSHUA, and increase your knowledge of this program of our Father. Giving thanks unto our Father who has Redeemed us, and set up in place to be partakers with the other believing offspring in Light. For now that Lost Israel, the wild Olive branches are grafted back on to their own Olive Tree then even these Israelites who have been separated from the center administration of the kingdom are now also able to receive this knowledge from the spirit which was in them all this time. For YAHSHUA hath delivered us from the powers of darkness and translated us into the kingdom by the Atonement consummated as Messiah, Savior. (vs 13)

QUESTION:…’In whom we have redemption thru His blood, even the forgive- ness of sin, who is the image of the invisible YAHWEH, THE FIRST BORN OF EVERY CREATURE.’ (vs 14-15)

ANSWER:…Alright..the Apostle Paul is bringing out further a mystery, this being the ‘the first born of every creature’. You know of course that YAHSHUA died for us, that redemption comes thru His blood as well as the forgiveness of sin. Then since YAHSHUA is the image of the Invisible YAHWEH then His physical body here in the flesh as YAHSHUA or Jesus The Christ of translation was the Eternal YAHWEH. For the ‘fullness of God dwelt bodily’ here in the flesh.

As the Apostle Paul records this then he is telling us that the first thing the Almighty YAHWEH did was to bring forth a physical body for Himself so that He was visible in any dimension of the Universe. He then had a spiritual body of Light and a physical body of flesh, and could appear wherever and whenever and in which ever dimension He chose. Then in verse 16-17., the Apostle Paul tells us that ‘all things were made by HIM.’ and thus YAHSHUA and YAHWEH were One and the same. That ‘He was before all things and by Him all things were made, and by Him all things consist.’ Remember the Apostle Paul makes this declaration after he was taken into the heavens, and met with our Father. Paul realized that there is nothing in this Universe that He did not WILL in the seat of His intellect, did not direct the mighty mentoids of energy and group these powers of energy, which HE created out of the Majesty of the power of His intellect and mind, and then synthesize into the elements, until the whole Universe, everything in it was thus made by HIM. The Apostle Paul then knowing that YAHSHUA is YAHWEH in the flesh makes this statement:..’All things were made by HIM, and without HIM was not anything made.’ That my friends is ‘All Power’ for it does not say all power within limits. No it is all power, and then going further with this description of all power, he tells us that:…’He knows all things’ that He knows the end from the beginning, He that purposed all things’..that there is noting in the range of knowledge that men know, that He does not know. How could it be any other way for He made all things and would have to know how they are made, and how they would perform. He possesses in the capacity of His Spirit because it is the entity out of which life exists, this attribute besides Omnipotence or All Power. Another attribute is Omnipresence, and there is nothing which exists, nothing that vibrates in any field, anywhere in the Universe that the consciousness of YAHWEH is not aware of because of ‘Omnipresence’, this Great Spirit which holds everything together. There is one more attribute..Omniscience of Almighty YAHWEH, AND YOU CANNOT TAKE ANY PORTION AWAY FROM HIM. You cannot take away a part of the power revealed here, and still come out with YAHWEH-YAHSHUA (God). Why? Because the Eternal Father is all power, all wisdom, and fully present thru out His Universe. He is present thru the wavelength and perception of His Spirit. Yet He can possess the entity of being embodied in the flesh. This He did for the fullness of YAHWEH (spirit) walked with men as YAHSHUA of Nazareth, and this my friends was and is Deity.

If there is any problem we face as we consider our religion, and there are some who do not like to call Christianity a religion, but remember it is a true religion, a way of life, but still a religion. For when you can have errors in it which did not come from Life, when the errors come from within it is a religion. For Hierarchy of theology have created concepts within our religion which have impaired the great freedoms which belong to YAHWEH’S children inside the kingdom as far as the knowledge of the kingdom is concerned, this tyranny of fear as it effects men dwelling all over the earth..was found that people under fear will many times bow and fulfill responsibilities placed upon them, and do it thru fear whereas they might not under other methods.

Look around the world today and see…a lot of nations doing as the Soviet Union wants them to do because they are afraid. America treats them well, and yet they won’t do as we want them to do because they know America won’t do anything to them. This is a part of the objective which some Ecclesiastical Hierarchy use concerning things as they relate to YAHWEH-YAHSHUA. Thinking they have more power thru fear then whole doctrines are shaped and slanted so that the patterns by which men follow the ‘Word’ in the Scriptures were influenced by interpretations to create a field of fear. Why?…to produce the kind of conduct men thought proper. But we want you to know this about Our Father, He is not seeking the obedience of His children thru the use of fear! He is asking for obedience thru love, and thru understanding, and anything He has purposed or requested is for your best interest. And the highest intellectual capacity you can develop is to know the things He has purposed for our best interest. You cannot be educated beyond YAHWEH, that is impossible as there is nothing else to know. Sometimes we find someone who thinks his sophistication in the interest of modern affairs has educated him even beyond the need of YAHWEH, or even beyond YAHWEH Himself. And that in itself is most fallacious because there is nothing which does not have its existence in HIM, thru HIM, and by HIM.

The Apostle Paul also brings to your attention again that YAHWEH-YAHSHUA in a body of flesh is head of the Spiritual center of His Kingdom, His church because His children are here also in the flesh. He is also the beginning because by HIM were all things made. He was the first born, His physical body was the first thing He had brought forth..and this physical body was also the first time He had brought it forth out of the Adamic race, but that was so that HE could raise this body from the dead showing that in all things He has pre-eminence, that He is head of the household whether embodied in earth, or in spirit in the heavens. In YAHSHUA then dwelt the fullness of YAHWEH (Spirit). (vs 19) And having made the Atonement on the Cross, then He will reconcile everything unto Himself whether it be in earth or in heaven.

Now; the Apostle Paul in this first chapter of Colossians has revealed more of the Mystery. ‘This first formed of every creature’..this was the synthesis of the body of YAHWEH by His mind, His spirit. Thus before any creation YAHWEH synthesized a body of entity, vibrations of substance for Himself. And if you say when? Then there is no beginning for when. In fact this synthesis could have been a consciousness in or out of synthesis because YAHWEH..The Great Spirit..Father of all matter always existed. And as YAHSHUA was born of the Virgin Mary she brought forth this body..His body which existed before the foundation of the world. This is the miracle of the Immaculate conception, for there was no conception other than that which the Spirit synthesized to produce this body in her womb, and we are told that she conceived by what?..The Holy Spirit. And since Mary conceived of the Holy Spirit as we have told you before, then there is no trinity for YAHSHUA is and was YAHWEH in the flesh, but spirit, soul, or mind and body.

Since He is also head of the spiritual center (the church) of His Kingdom then there is no question of the design of YAHWEH to see that the truth will ultimately be unveiled. We are living in the climactic age, and the overlapping of a new age when knowledge has been increasing. It is designed to increase until every secret thing will be made known, when wisdom, knowledge, and truth shall come forth and expand across the whole earth. There is one thing you can be sure of..the ‘truth’ of YAHWEH has never been destroyed altho at times it has been obscured. We are aware today that some of the most obscuring forces in our world are the Ecclesiastical institutions thru which truth was to pass. This is not an attack upon the ‘living church’ itself for this true church of which YAHSHUA is the head is a ‘living institution.’ It is an organization which was established among the people of His kingdom. There is nothing so important or more precious to the Most High as the carrying forward of this spiritual center, translated church is an Eternal institution, and is not about to be destroyed by the forces of darkness which all their conspiracy has tried, nor will it be swept from the face of the earth. We think this is most significant that His church, has passed thru lots of transition, and history in its physical experience of existence, and that the enemies of our civilization have sought to join the physical church to condemn its doctrines, and change its effectiveness, and yet thru the course of history that beachhead of spiritual expansion has unveiled these Great Truths. This great spiritual center which has been thru out the years proclaiming these great ‘Truths’ falls within the category of the institution called the church whether it existed in its greatest antiquity in Britain by those who came out of the catacombs of Rome, or whether found among the descendants of the Franks, the Germans, the Protestant protesting activities of Martin Luther as he came out of the errors which he felt were totally wrong, the fact remains that this spiritual center of the kingdom has been the possessor of certain truths which make it immortal and Eternal. Why? ..because the church itself knows of the existence of YAHWEH, recognizes HIM as YAHSHUA-MESSIAH, Savior in His Embodiment. However over the years there has been patterns sown into the church by the enemy which effects you. But generation after generation always some of this race were copying scrolls, and documents until we now have our Bible, and these truths are still here in this grand old Book, hidden to be sure, until you search for the understanding of what are term- ed mysteries. But since these mysteries were revealed by the Apostles to Israel then they are still for our understanding today.

In this 1st chapter of Colossians the Apostle Paul has once more warned Israel not to let the enemy foul up your semantics. Don’t let them in this battle of words bring you to a position of bowing your head and trying to disallow your inheritance. Oh, they would like for you to disallow the name of YAHSHUA..Jesus The your schools and in your nation because they do not like that Name. The enemy does not want to accept the fact that YAHSHUA this Jesus Christ of translation is the Eternal YAHWEH in the flesh before whom all are going to bow, and every tongue proclaim that He.. YAHSHUA is YAHWEH the Eternal God forever.

When you understand semantics then Jesus Christ is the word for the Eternal God. The devil and his children are also going to have to admit that what is termed ‘the Christ in you’ is worthy of respect because inside of the bodies of our race are the Living Spirits of the Eternal YAHWEH. This is the mystery that has been hidden in the ages past and now is made manifest to His Saints (believing offspring), this the Apostle Paul tells us in verse 26. ‘To who YAHWEH would make known what is the riches, the Glory of this Mystery among Lost Israel (translated Gentile) which is…the Christ..this embodied spirit in you..which is the hope of Glory.’ (vs 27) Yes, it is His Spirit in His children which will bring the Glory promised in restoration.

QUESTION:…’To the acknowledgment of the mystery of God, and of the father, and of Christ in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.’ Colossians 2:2-3.

ANSWER:…Here in Colossians one more time the Apostle Paul has told us that this YAHSHUA (Jesus the Christ) is almighty YAHWEH embodied in human form.’ In fact the first thing YAHWEH did was form this body for Himself, and that He made all things, and was ONE by whom all things consist. Thus YAHSHUA is YAHWEH in the flesh, the Almighty EL of the Universe, and yes, Lucifer’s God as well for He said to Lucifer as Lucifer tried to tempt Him ..’thou shalt not tempt the LORD thy God.’ This day will come by the authority of this very God when Lucifer himself will bow the knee and acknowledge that this YAHSHUA of Nazareth is YAHWEH in the flesh.

Yes, it would be nice if this, our Bible, did not carry translations as tho God were divided in three parts. But notice verse 9., when talking about YAHSHUA that in HIM dwelt all the fullness of the Godhead bodily. Thus He was YASHUA…Messiah, but also YAHWEH in the flesh, and the head of all principalities and powers. (vs 10) And you are buried with HIM in Baptism then raised with him thru Faith of the operation of the Holy Spirit which also raised His body from the tomb. (vs 12)

Remember that the Apostle Paul is talking to those called Lost Israelites as he says:..’Being dead in your sins’ meaning your sins are now forgiven, as well as the fact that they had even forgotten the ritual of circumcision thus by The Cross He was blotting out the ordinances, the rituals of the law, anything that was held against Lost Israel. He took all this out of the way, nailed it to His Cross. (vs 14) Thus Lost Israel is now free to turn back to HIM. Even the rituals of the Levitical Priesthood were done away with. You remember how the High Priest had to cleanse himself then offer a sacrifice for Israel every so often for they did not always keep the law and the ordinances and rituals? All those rituals are the curses for not keeping the law, those sacrifices are now nailed to His Cross. After the Atonement these practices were not necessary. Oh, the chastisement for breaking the law is still there because that is for your own good. But the work of the sacrifice of the ‘Spotless Lamb’ has been fulfilled. Now there would be ministers, and teachers, Apostles, disciples and so forth and you can come to YAHSHUA without having to go thru a Priesthood such as Israel had which was part of the ritual, the schoolmaster, to bring her to YAHSHUA who is YAHWEH in the Flesh.

Remember that now great waves of knowledge, spiritual power was thrust into earths environment to create the response our race is capable of responding to. You saw this at the time of the Apostles and disciples. Thus was the work of the Holy Spirit as it turned to turn Israel to recognize YAHSHUA, and to think as He thinks, and more as He told them to move until they applied their energies to do His work after He left the earth. This is termed the former rain, the outpouring of Spirit, and it will not come again until we will rise to resist the darkness, and build crusades against the evil, until eventually the race will establish a kingdom like unto Him…totally righteous.

You are to conform to His image, which means that from your hands will go out miracle power. That at your command then ‘Life’ will go forth..this is your Destiny. Oh, you say, but there are so many of the enemy. Yes, but there is also about 600 million white people in the earth, we are about 1/6 of the worlds population, but don’t let that trouble you for kinsmen in spirit that number in the figures uncountable who have never been seen by you in earth are out there. With this..the overpopulation of the enemy does not stop YAHWEH’S purpose or plan in earth. He has outlined this plan and purpose and He has ordained that the children of the kingdom shall fulfill His will. For even tho we have as a race gone thru a lot of experiences and sometimes been chastised as the law was broken, still our Father has protected our survival as a race, and these chastisements were given to us for a purpose.

Now; having spoiled principalities and powers, having defeated the power of Lucifer by His Atonement His Cross when YAHSHUA took His sons and daughters out of prison of the Netherworld. Then raised His body from the tomb (vs 15), and as He left for the planes of Spirit and took His Spirit children with HIM. Later they will return with HIM to raise their physical bodies for Lucifer gains nothing in this struggle. He would bow the knee and admit that YAHSHUA of Nazareth was YAHWEH in the flesh.

The Apostle Paul then goes on telling these Israelites not to let any man judge you by what you eat or drink, or by the Holy days you keep, or by the Sabbath day you keep for those things were only a shadow of what was to come (vs 17). For now you have met YAHSHUA who is head of His embodied household in earth.

Yes, perhaps the translation is troublesome but it is still the same story the Apostle Paul has been telling all the time, that YAHSHUA is YAHWEH in the flesh. That He consummated the Atonement. That if we in symbolism are buried with YAHSHUA, then we are raised with HIM, and here in the physical world we don’t need those old rituals or ordinances of sacrifice anymore. Now you can go quietly straight to YAHSHUA with your troubles and talk to HIM. No longer do you follow commandments and doctrines of men which is the way of the world order.

QUESTION:…’Where there is neither Greek nor Jew, circumcision nor un- circumcision, barbarian, Sythians, bond nor free, but Christ is all in all.’ Colossians 3:11.

ANSWER:…The Apostle Paul continues with his Epistle to these Israelites reminding them always that if ye be..thru baptism..risen with YAHSHUA then seek the things which come thru the Holy Spirit from YAHSHUA who now sits in the place of authority in the heavens. The right hand remember is the symbol of authority. So set your affection on things from above not on things of the world order of earth. For it is from HIM that we have our life, and when He appears then we also shall appear with HIM in Glory. (vs 4) Turn from the ways of the world order which you live among, and put on your new way of life since you have this knowledge that you are children of the MOST HIGH. So act like children of the King for you are the image of HIM that brought you forth. (vs 10)

Therefore there is neither Greek, Judean, Barbarian, Scythian, bondage or free, if you are all Israelites, then you are all of the household of the HOST HIGH. Even circumcision or uncircumcision has nothing to do with this since the Spirit of YAHSHUA is in all Israelites. He is everything you need so turn to HIM.

Now; why did the Jews so hate YAHSHUA..Jesus The Christ..besides the fact that He was YAHWEH in the flesh as the Apostles were also to proclaim? You read about circumcision and uncircumcision..even the Apostles had arguments about it. Then the Apostle Paul says that it is not important now that you know that all Israelites are the sons and daughters, it does not make the difference as to whether you are a son or daughter.

In one of the old books we find the report of Caiaphas who was High Priest and he tells us why this YAHSHUA was so despised by the Jews. Remember that the Jews (Yehudin) were in control of the temple at that time, they had taken over the Israelite custom of sacrifice at the temple as well as their government and high court. And they also had taken the ritual of circumcision and thus claimed they were of Abraham’s seed because of that. Then here comes YAHSHUA and he teaches Baptism as the Seal of YAHWEH instead of circumcision for the expanding Kingdom, even tho circumcision was the decree with Abraham, and the Jews thought it was their seal of approval. YAHSHUA introduced bread and wine of the communion table other than the Passover table of the Yehudin which they had established. HE set the temple at naught which was the very life blood of the Yehudin control at the time. All down thru the history of the Adamic Race the Yehudin had tried to counterfeit the Israel way of life, and here comes this YAHSHUA of Nazareth and upsets their way of life by declaring there is a new way, that He is the Life, the Light, and no longer after the Cross will be the old longer are they necessary. Even some of the Israelites so used to this ritual at Jerusalem had a hard time seeing that there was a new way, and that old Jerusalem was finished as a place of worship. Thus when the Apostles went out with the same teaching as YAHSHUA then the Yehudin with a vengeance went after them, but still old Jerusalem was to run its course, and that part of our history is finished for New Jerusalem moves with the people.

Also this John the Baptist was a thorn in the flesh of Herod so he had him killed. But Herod records that this John the Baptist had set up a new mode of religion altogether different from the Yehudin (Jewish) religion, and he started his teaching of baptism instead of circumcision. Had God changed his mind after setting forth this with Abraham? Not understanding the plan of YAHWEH for this earth and for His people of course this was probably a puzzle for those people. But Herod said:..John the Baptist had no authorized authority..all he could say was:..’He that sent me to baptize is true; and he cannot tell who he was.’ He changes God’s place of worship, he changes the doctrines, he changes the mode of application. This troubled the leaders of the Jewish mystery schools such as Hillel…Shammai and Hilderium. Herod Antipas in his defense as to why he killed John the Baptist was that in his fathers private papers was the account of the coming of the Wisemen to Herod’s Court and the decision then was made to kill all the male children in Bethlehem under two years of age. Herod says that he was informed that this YAHSHUA of Nazareth was the same his father aimed to destroy in his infancy. That this YAHSHUA was not a citizen of Galilee for He was born in Judea, and He wanders from place to place. He was a wild fanatic who had taken up the doctrines of John and was quite an enthusiast. Herod said he tried to get Him to perform some miracle in his court for He had learned soothsaying while in Egypt, but he was to sharp to be caught in a trap.

Now; there were two men by the name of Hillel, one a Pharisee, and one a Sadducee, and there was also mystery schools still in the area, but the true mystery schools were with the Essene company, but the Satanic mystery schools were much in the open at the time of YAHSHUA.

Now; going on with the teaching of the Apostle Paul he has stressed this new way for Israel to travel now that the Atonement has been made..leave the old way and follow HIM. And he goes on to say:..therefore forgive each other because YAHSHUA has forgiven all Israel, He has paid the price, He has redeemed His children. (vs 13) As we have told you before, the word charity is best translated as friendship, as it is in other versions, so let friendship rule between the Israelites of the old Judah kingdom and Lost Israel for you are all one body, one household. (vs 15) And whatever you do then do it in the Name of YAHWEH who was after all in the flesh.

Wives submit yourselves unto your husbands as Israel should to her husband redeemer. And husbands love your wives the same way. Children obey your parents for you are all in your family life in earth a symbol of the household of the MOST HIGH, His Kingdom in earth. Fathers provoke not your children let them become not discouraged, set a good example for the children to follow so that the children will not be confused as to which path to take, so they walk tall and proud as heirs of the kingdom.

He that does wrong then reaps what he has sown for our Father chastises each and every one of His children when it is necessary. This is what is meant by…’He is no respecter of persons’ (vs 25)

Now; there are places in the Epistles of the Apostle Paul where the church by translation, and under the influence of the enemy was attempting to build a doctrine. Instead to clear what Paul said they were trying to confuse it, for by that time they were trying to put forth the idea that people who had no part nor lot in this administration of the Kingdom could be absorbed into the kingdom of YAHWEH in the earth. This doctrine was built by inserted passages for instance like the last chapter of Mark where you find several of these inserted passages. They would have you now think that YAHSHUA’S instructions were to go to all the world and preach the Gospel, when actually HE sent His Apostles and Disciples only to Lost Israel. In fact He said He came only to Lost Israel. Then in the last of the second century and beginning of the third century you find these passages inserted in your Scripture as tho YAHSHUA had changed His mind. The footnotes in many Bibles will tell you that these verses were added on, but most ministers do not point this out, perhaps don’t even see as they follow church doctrine and of course the people do not read much but their church doctrine thus does not know these passages are added on and of course the people do not read much and don’t know. They don’t know that these passages were added after the enemy joined the church when they could not stop it by killing Christians. Once inside the physical structure of the church they were thus able to twist and condemn doctrines always working for the day when there would be a One World church without YAHSHUA in it.

You find many Christians quoting John 3:15..thinking this is the whole story of the Scriptures while not understanding what YAHSHUA has said, or why He said such things. They do not know who answered when His Spirit called as He walked the earth. And they do not know that John 3:15 was not a Sheep call. In fact they do not know why the word Sheep is used, or who the Sheep of His pasture are.

As for Colossians 3:11…the Apostle Paul one more time is simply telling you that you of this race are the children of YAHWEH by Faith in YAHSHUA you show this fact. That as He came embodied Israel heard the Sheep call, and came to HIM. Then as many as were baptized in the Name of YAHSHUA they have put on their identity. Thus there is no difference in an Israelite of the old Judah Kingdom and an Israelite of the Lost House of Israel whether he be now a Greek, Scythian, or even called a barbarian, all are of the whole House of Israel. And now as the last of the children of Israel leave the old land of Judea they are still all Israel, and since YAHSHUA is all powerful and His Spirit is in all Israelites then this is the status of the family. This should then clinch that fact:..’if ye be Christ’s then ye are Abrahams seed and heirs according to the promise.’ And if this promise is to Abrahams seed thru Isaac and Jacob how then do you give it to the world order?

Before Paul wrote to the Colossians remember he had already brought out the mystery of adoption. Not as we use the word today but of the positioning of sons, the timing of birth because ‘ye are sons of God’. YAHWEH sent forth the spirit of His own embodiment into your hearts not to make you sons and daughters but because you are already sons and daughters.

In some Bibles the footnotes will tell you that the word sons and daughters is used for offspring, not as slaves, but for a child in a family who arrives at the position of Sonship. This is the message that the Apostle Paul is telling..that all children of spirit are offspring, even when in physical bodies, and in bondage to the world order, still they are all children, and heirs of the kingdom.

Now; actually the meaning of the word ‘son’ when speaking of YAHSHUA is that HE is the only begotten issue (thus son) out of the Adamic race which came forth from HIM (for spirit). This word son when speaking of the children is not necessarily a matter of gender for it covers all the children of YAHWEH who are..begotten issue. Adam was the begotten issue of YAHWEH but YAHWEH did not begat or bring His body for Himself out of this race until the Virgin Mary brought forth His body for Him to dwell in. Thus we His children are the first begotten of the Father, the first formed of the spirit but YAHSHUA was the first begotten of the Spirit, out of the Adamic race.



The Apostle Paul reminds them of how the Gospel of the Kingdom was delivered to them, and how they responded as the spirit called to these LOST Sheep.

QUESTION:…’For ye brethren became followers of the church of God which in Judea, ye are in Christ Jesus, for ye also have suffered like things of your own countrymen even as they of the Jews who both killed the LORD Jesus and their own prophets, and have persecuted us; and they please not God and are contrary to all men.’ This still sounds as tho the Jews are Israel and killed their own prophets as well as YAHSHUA doesn’t It? (1:14)

ANSWER:…now, what did the Apostle really write to these Israelites who are Lost Sheep? Remember he was trained to be an Apostle to the Lost Sheep scattered among the nations of the world. There are probably 30 or 40 places in the Epistles of Paul where translation has occurred when it relates to the Jew. Incidentally he did not use the word Jew when he said they are contrary to all men, for the word Jew was not in use at that time, the word was YEHUDIN.

Why this mistranslation? Well there is nothing which pleases the enemy more and at the same time reduces the strength of the right wing of the kingdom than to get people to throw out the most of the New Testament as a Jew Book. Most of the New Testaments we have today were translated with this in mind, and each new translation carries this forward. The idea being to hide from you who the children of the kingdom really are, and also to try to make the Apostle Paul out of step with the teaching of YAHSHUA. But you now know that YAHSHUA which is translated Jesus Christ is YAHWEH in the flesh, and He not only fulfilled the law, gave commands, instructions, and tho some are bent and twisted in translated still the theme is good.

Then you come over here to the Apostle Paul and he talks about Grace, about things which are higher spiritual law than has been previously discussed. And some try to put Paul at variance with YAHSHUA by taking a twisted area of Scripture out of context and they pitch it against the areas of what YAHSHUA is reported to have said, and they try to show that Paul is setting aside the things YAHSHUA had said. But there is no truth in this and the purpose of breaking up our Faith, destroying all Faith in what revelation and truth has hidden in the Epistles of the Apostle Paul.

Now; the Apostle Paul said:..’The Yehudin (Jews) are against YAHSHUA who is YAHWEH in the flesh, and they are contrary to all men (Adamites..or men of spirit).’ This is how the Apostle ended this record and it doesn’t sound like a Jew trying to upset Christianity, it sounds like a white man trying to expose the Jews. Thus the Apostle Paul said:..’Men and brethren, fellow Israelites have also suffered persecution, some even from your own country- men in Judea, but they have also suffered at the hands of the Yehudin who not only killed YAHSHUA and the prophets, but they also have persecuted us (disciples, Apostles) and they please not YAHWEH, for they are contrary to all men.’

As you know the prophets were Israelites, but the Yehudin were responsible for all the righteous Adamic blood spilled on earth as YAHSHUA told them. (Matthew 23:24) YAHSHUA tells how He sent prophets, wisemen, scribes, into the world order, and some of these the Yehudin killed, some they scourged in their synagogues, and some they persecuted from city to city. They not only tried to prevent the Apostles from educating Lost Israel as to who they were, and to stop Lost Israel from finding out that this Jesus of Nazareth was YAHWEH in the flesh.

The Apostle Paul tells these Israelites how the Yehudin beat and abused him as well. This experience of the Apostle Paul was a two fold experience. Once on the road to Damascus when he was riding to persecute followers of YAHSHUA he was stopped on that road and those with him could not see or hear what the man Saul did, but the Apostle Paul got the message. Then he was taken into the heavens and instructed even by YAHSHUA and was told to return and record these great truths for Israel. Today we have the words of YAHSHUA in the Gospels, and we have the words of the Apostle Paul under commission and revelation, and there is no contradiction on any area of these tremendous truths which are revealed, in spite of the translators who have tried to bring this about.

In the Book of Timothy you will find that you are instructed to study so as to rightly divide the truth from fallacy. The Old Testament church and the New Testament church are then the same people. So the Apostle Paul tells us this New Covenant made with the House of Judah and the House of Israel is made to the same people. Thus as you deal with the gifts of discernment, of prophecy, and so forth this is still the work of the same people. And thru them comes the educators, the instructors, the informers, the oracle of the spiritual center of the kingdom called today…the church.

Now; under this instance the first thing the church was to do was to go out and gather up all Israel. The instructions were to go to the Lost Sheep of the children of Israel. So Paul went into Europe, to Britain to all places where Israelites lived, some had almost forgotten who they really were. Dr. Swift had volumes by the early church fathers telling where Paul was to go, what he said in those places, how he traveled, thus we have this all recorded.

Many were the Israelites who were scattered to the truth, thru the teachings out of the spiritual center of the kingdom. But the spiritual center then became an institution, a physical institution in the world, and developed into a Priesthood in some areas. And gradually the enemy infiltrated this visible church and set up their hierarchy within, the Yehudin when they could not stop this Faith then joined the visible church to change its doctrines. They tell of this in their own writings published by the American Jewish publication society. One of the books is by Cecil Roth entitled ‘Marranos’. Thus many of our people have never had a clear opportunity to have the truth uncontaminated. Spiritually they don’t reject Christ even tho they get things mixed up.

As time went on the enemy tried to get the visible church to deny that YAHSHUA was YAHWEH in the flesh, and today there are many clergy inside the church who do not believe in the Deity of YAHSHUA or any of these patterns. This the Apostle Paul will go into more fully as he talks to the Thessalonians and more truths are brought out. But the Apostle Paul never left the theme of His message to these Lost Israelites. He was a great Apostle to the Ethene..the Lost Israelites, and don’t let anyone tell you different. He fulfilled his mission and met a Martyr’s death, and we are sure YAHSHUA welcomed him home saying:…’Well done, you have walked worthy of the Kingdom and Glory’ verse 12.

QUESTION:…What is the Apostle Paul talking about as he says:..’For this we say unto you by the word of the LORD, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the LORD shall not prevent them which are asleep. For the LORD shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an Arch- angel, with the trump of God, and the dead in Christ shall rise first. They who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the LORD in the air, and so shall we ever be with the LORD.’ II Thessalonians 4:15-17. If this is not the Rapture then what is it talking about?

ANSWER:…The Apostle Paul is instructing the Israelites so they will not be ignorant as to what is to happen as YAHSHUA returns as KING OF KINGS and Head of His Kingdom.

Now; the word sleep was not in the original translation, so remember the King James translation into the English of that day reminds us that some of the words had different meanings than they do today. Thus the Apostle Paul said in verse 13., ‘I would not have you ignorant fellow Israelites as to those who have gone before. But don’t sorrow for them, or worry about them thinking there is no hope for them because (vs 14) since we believe that YAHSHUA died and rose again, then also we now know that those who have gone with HIM will be brought back with HIM.’

In otherwords God is YAHSHUA-Messiah and YAHWEH in the flesh, and He or anyone who died from the time of His ascension..their spirits also ascended into His presence, as did those He took with HIM out of the Netherworld. All His children…since He paid the price for their sins will now return at the death of their physical body to their Father. Thus when He returns He brings their spirits with HIM. (v 14) ‘For this we say unto you by the word of YAHSHUA..we (children) who are still alive (still here in the physical body) shall not hinder those who have died.’ We shall then not hinder those who have suffered death from participating in this Glorious Victory, in this triumphant day of YAHWEH’S return.

‘For the LORD Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an Archangel, and with the trump of God, and the dead in Christ shall rise first, and then we which are alive shall be caught up into the clouds to meet the LORD in the air, and so shall we ever be with the LORD.’ (vs 16-17) When the translators translated what the Apostle Paul was saying they used this translation so it would seem as tho all would be caught up into space. And people got the idea that this was what Paul was talking about. But that is not consistent with YAHWEH’S program for the kingdom. He is coming to earth to take the Throne of His Kingdom, not to stay floating around some place in space. He is coming to earth, and if you go to meet someone you go to the spot He is coming to.

So where did this plucking up into the heavens lead to the Rapture theory? Well, back in the days of the Moody Bible Institute a man by the name of Blackstone wrote a book entitled:…’Jesus is coming’. This became a text book on the second coming which became divided up into different phases. One being that YAHSHUA was going to come back out of some far distant heavenlies, and he would snatch out of the world, in their bodies, every one that was in His church or who was at the Holy level worth snatching. They would be lifted right up into the skies. If in cars then as they drove down the highway they would be gone but the empty car would keep going and people would be killed by empty run away cars. Or maybe a good engineer on a train would be taken and there was a train going down the track and boy it would be a bad time for the people when the engineer left. But they would go right up into the skies and be sustained up there on some level because physical bodies were going up. Maybe they would be changed in a twinkling of an eye, and they would then set down up there around a great table loaded with all good things imaginable. They would set there for seven years and God was to marry a bride which was supposed to be these of His church so they would sit at that table for seven years while the devil took over the earth.

Oh, there were lots of people here on earth that knew how to be good, they had accepted Christ, but hadn’t reached the standard of being baptized by a Baptist or maybe they hadn’t had a succession of Calvinistic Preachers or maybe they hadn’t taken communion every Sunday, all those little things which can get you into trouble, if you aren’t very strict.

Now; we are not spoofing doctrine, but will say that doctrine does not put men in hell, only the way they think. YAHWEH didn’t come as YAHSHUA…Messiah to enslave men, but to set men free. But every one who did not quite measure up to their level, those people were going to miss the rapture. And then after all these people were gone those left who didn’t quite make it knew the Bible was true. But there was not time to fiddle around with one foot in the world order and the other in the church. So they started to testify, but oh what a terrible time this was for the anti-Christ had taken over the world. They were seizing peoples homes and farms, and would grab Christians and torture them until they had to give up their Faith in Christ before the torture stopped: so everyone of the good people here who had acknowledged Christ had to either die a Martyr’s death or take the mark of the beast. Things were not to be to bad until the first 3 1/2 years were over, then torture and martyrdom would be going strong. At the end of the seven years of this rapture doctrine the church and all the martyrs will be coming back and then the powers of darkness are to be beaten. But you will sure be lucky if you get taken out, or don’t die in that seven year period.

Of course this was not what the Apostle Paul was saying, this is an empty doctrine, it is fictitious and a bit of imagination, and possibly a beautiful fantasy. Do you really believe there has been no martyrs as yet? Do you really believe that no one has stood for the Name of YAHSHUA before this and then lost their lives? Some people say:..if I am dreaming let me dream on. But if you are dreaming in error, then I would rather know the truth for why put your hopes in error. At the time when YAHSHUA returns we are to win the battle of Armageddon. We are people with the testimony of YAHSHUA.. this Jesus the Christ..against the enemies of the kingdom, the church, was taken out of the world there wouldn’t be anyone with the courage to stand against the Anti-Christ. If all the Christian nations were snatched out of the world there would not be an Armageddon. If you go to meet someone to herald His coming like they did on Palm Sunday in Jerusalem, you don’t go to the gate and anticipate staying at the gate for seven years, you move with HIM. In otherwords in this hour the fleets of heaven, and the armies of earth are all involved. There was no reason to interpret or even translate the Apostle Paul’s words this way, and the word Rapture is not in the Scripture. The kingdom is here on earth and YAHSHUA is not going to let Satan take over His kingdom and destroy it utterly.

A man by he name of Larkin…a fine man who thought he was doing a fine job took Blackstone’s book in one hand and a Scofield Bible in the other and drew what was called the ‘Larking Charts’. These charts then were copied and embroidered and all kinds of emblems and passages came out and were added to the doctrine.

Then preacher after preacher tried to fit all this together into a story. And the Jews got into the act for this was a place to send the Christians so they would be happy while the Jews took over the world, and it became a blinder so that people believing in the Rapture did not want to fight for their country, or even care that it was going into the trash can. But we tell you that YAHSHUA will be back, the kingdom will come in while some people will still be waiting to go.

So what did the Apostle Paul really say?…YAHSHUA has promised to raise the bodies of His family. That in the twinkling of an eye, re-synthesizing the spirit back into the elements of their physical bodies, enveloping them with Light will restore immortality to those who have died. Thus at the hour of His return He brings those spirits with HIM, and they raise their bodies first, and they are changed until they are again Immortal. Then any of the family alive here at this time also will have their bodies changed altho they will still be in their air breathing bodies but with the spirit now enveloping the physical and thus now immortal. And are joined with HIM while He occupies earth in Victory. The Apostle Paul is trying to make it clear that this is something tangible, that we aren’t doing to be dissolved into a spiritual mist, or exist only in a spiritual plane. That we are not by the return of YAHSHUA to be taken out of the physical bodies that we reside in, but that the physical body is to be given immortality. And our atmospheric air breathing bodies are now to be surrounded by Light, this is what putting on immortality means. Thus we put back on our immortality and the body cannot die when surrounded by this Light of Spirit, thus you have Eternal Life.

In otherwords there is then no catching up into the air, but these bodies which breath air have blood in there where as the oxygen purifies the blood, these bodies then will be changed like unto the body of YAHSHUA which He had after the Resurrection. But in that body remember He ate, and life and vitality and in that body He came to His disciples.

Actually what Paul is speaking of is the gathering of the great hosts of the kingdom around the returning YAHSHUA who is YAHWEH in the flesh. This is the time of transition, and the moment He enters this atmosphere and reveals His presence every one of His race will be changed instantly where ever they are in the world. Changed by the Effulging Glory of the MOST HIGH moving out to those who are His children. Every last one of the race of Adam will be changed in the twinkling of an eye in the elements of their being. But those Adamic bodies that have died will be raised and their transition comes to them first. But remember as we say the Adamic race that is exactly what we mean, any stepping out of the line to produce a child of the world…this child is not included in this situation.

Here in the Epistle to the Thessalonians the translation may suffer violence, but the fact remains that YAHSHUA does come and the transition takes place.




ERM – Tape 028 – Thessalonians





1. The Book of I Thessalonians

2. The Book of II Thessalonians

The Apostle Paul is still talking about immortality. He had said that he did not want to die, he just wanted to put on his Light and Glory which he knew belonged to him since his trip into the heavens. He knew however that if his physical body did wear out that he had a Celestial house in the planes of Spirit. It was eternal and consisted of Light. Thus the Apostle Paul said he did not want to die, but he did want to get into that Light. Just wanted that Light to envelope his physical body so that this mortal will be swallowed up with immortality and live forever. This means…restored to immortality.

This is why the Apostle Paul talked about the fact that there is only one thing we wait for which is the redemption of our bodies. We already have Eternal Life, we are living souls assured of Eternal Life. We are waiting to see Death stopped, for mortal to put on immortality. This process is already at work in us, and at the time YAHSHUA returns, it has not only been promised but has been generally accepted by the whole structure of Christianity that no area of interpretation or mistranslation could make you miss this, that there will be a perpetual immortality. That you are in the image of YAHWEH, you are spirit, soul, and body and you will become indestructible. That you will no longer die, no longer will your physical body be subject to death. All transgression which brings the price of death has been paid for, has been lifted off of you by the atoning work of YAHSHUA-YAHWEH in the flesh. The last enemy put down physically in this world would be at the moment of His return, this enemy is called death. No longer will death have any power over the children of the kingdom. In the moment when He returns the last barrier to immortality is removed. The Apostle Paul now understood this, and he said that he comprehended this mystery but he had not learned how to apply it. He understood what YAHWEH had promised but he did not know how to apply it so that there would be no disintegration of the body. His eyes were getting weak, he was having to write in larger letters than ever before. But as long as the Apostle Paul held to the fact that he was indestructible because he was YAHSHUA’S messenger, because the spirit in him was part of YAHSHUA, that His Spirit could quicken our mortal bodies, as long as he remembered this Paul could stand anything. He wrote remember to the Romans:..’The Spirit of Life in YAHSHUA has made me free of the law of sin and death.’ As far as his spirit and soul was concerned this was true. As far as his physical body was concerned it was as to his incomprehension. But you know that he was always under pressure, he was being put in prison and always pushed around because he proclaimed YAHSHUA was YAHWEH in the flesh. The Apostle Paul was always spreading the message, carrying this to Lost Israel and fulfilling Destiny. Then one day he became despondent as tho he felt his work was done and he wrote a letter saying:..’after I am gone, tell our people’, and as soon as he resigned himself to death he was gone. But every since his heavenly trip the Apostle knew that absent from this body was to be present with YAHSHUA. He didn’t want to taste death but he was told by YAHSHUA that every spirit of His Household who had never raised their physical bodies would return component parts reassembled, and their bodies thus raise. Altho it might be scattered still YAHWEH has the power to assemble these elements out of the Universe and to give them physical resurrection and surround them with Light and Glory.

Now; it says:..’The LORD shall descend from heaven with a shout.’ This signifies that He is going to make His presence known. It always bugs the devil when someone tells him off and he is going to shake when YAHSHUA comes for he will know it. When YAHSHUA stormed the Netherworld after the crucifixion He said:..’Open up ye gates for the King of Glory shall come in’..right away Beelzebub the devil in charge said:…’Who is this King of Glory?’ And the answer came:..’I am YAHSHUA of Nazareth, YAHWEH in the flesh, strong and mighty and all the Princes of the Netherworld quivered.’ They remembered how at one time they had held Lazarus. Then YAHSHUA came to Bethany and said to Mary:..’Don’t you think that I can bring Lazarus back? And then He walked over to the tomb and said:…Lazarus come forth.’ In the Netherworld the spirit and soul consciousness of Lazarus gave a mighty shake and laughing at the devil rejoined his decaying body and brought it out of the tomb.

The devil and his people don’t like this shout of God, because then things are going to happen. The Apostle Paul records that a trumpet is blown thus you will hear a great and mighty noise, a great challenge is coming forth. YAHSHUA is coming into the affairs of earth, in a noticeable way. He then brings the spirits of His children with Him, and they reassemble and raise their physical bodies. Remember also that the Apostle Paul has recorded time after time that He is ONE..spirit, soul, and body, that HE who came as Savior, Redeemer, thus YAHSHUA…was YAHWEH in the flesh. He let His physical body die by removing the spirit (Light) from it, then raised it before it saw corruption. With Lazarus He let the body start to decay then came and brought forth Lazarus. Did this as an example for His children to show them what would be done. Yes, He has the power. He can appear in any plane or dimension anywhere in the Universe. He can travel thru space with out the great crafts. He can arrive as a Celestial consciousness, step up the acceleration of the elements and be visible. He can transport His body in ships or walk thru walls by stepping up the electrons around the protons of the body. He can take it completely out of the areas of synchronization of those elements, and matter and walk right thru it like a bolt of lightening. This is HIS capacity, this is the capacity of the Divine household when you know how to do it, and you will.

In this hour when His household assembles to HIM this is not necessarily just individually, this is the nations of the kingdom as they rally around YAHSHUA. He is not going to spend much time at the Mount of Olives, His feet just brush that Mountain for judgment on that area. His kingdom is in the Western Christian nations. But as he sweeps in to bring judgment great events will be already taking place. Great battles will be going on all over the earth and the earth will be shaking because of these events, but not hurting the kingdom itself.

Now; since Absent from the Body is to be present with the Lord, there is no long waiting for judgments, the trumpet sounds, you are Celestial beings for you came down out of Celestial realms and you can go back into them. The Apostle Paul said when he was carried away that he could not tell whether he was in the spirit or the body so there is not all that much difference in the two planes, and you can dwell in both. In the hour when total immortality is restored it will be impossible for death to effect this body. The elements of Light will surround every element and protect the body until it cannot be destroyed. This is what the Adamic transgression lost as Eve cohabited with Lucifer and Adam partook of the violation with Lilith. The children of Light could not cohabit with the darkness thus the physical body would be the only thing which could be a part of this cohabitation. And the aura of spirit went off of Adam and Eve, and now they lived in dying bodies without the sustaining force, this Light of Spirit which keeps the physical body safe. Now the physical substance could deteriorate like anything else that oxidizes in this physical world.

This was made necessary the keeping of the covenant to keep alive His sons and daughters of the kingdom. This relationship to this balance of the Celestial to surround the physical was broken by violation of law, and our race has not had this enveloping Light since then, but will have as Immortality is restored to the children of the kingdom. HE paid the price for this restoration. He pre-determined that we shall conform to His image, and this will be consummated in a moment at His return to earth.

The Apostle Paul was telling us that these children coming back to earth with HIM are not going to stay up in the clouds, these multitudes coming with HIM are a triumphant army composed of His children who died in the flesh after the enemy threw everything possible at them. No wonder the earth will shake, think of the gathering of all these elements, the synthesizing of their bodies out of earth, this restoration of bodies will have a tremendous effect. Talk about an excited people, death is over, the power of darkness is over. And the Light of YAHSHUA is here, HIS power is here and we meet HIM in these air breathing bodies, right here in earth for this great transition.

Now; my friends do you still want to dream on waiting for a rapture, or do you want to see our Father fulfill all promises and set the kingdom administration in earth where every knee is going to bow and every tongue will proclaim that this YAHSHUA is YAHWEH in the flesh and we are His children, HIS Israel, ruling with HIM.

There is today available a system so that the image of the Beast (world order) speaks all over the world, this is thru T.V. networks world wide. They will be able to record for you great earthquakes, nuclear bombs falling, and hoards of Africa and Asia to come against the Western world. It will seem as tho the whole world is breaking into flames. When you see the intensity of that come to pass, then within three months we will need a lot of help for Israel soldiers who will be fighting on every front. This is something you go thru not around, but we will also win this final battle because the promise is that every knee shall bow. This time however He comes as King of Kings triumphant and the world will know who HE is, and who you are.

How do we know these things? Well if the spirit of YAHSHUA which raised His body from the tomb dwells in you then it will quicken your mortal body. It does not have to quicken it much until you put on immortality, and you will start to glow, the aura starts to show. This power of the spirit which dwells in you is all powerful. Electrons are going to revolve around the nucleus and every element which belonged to the physical body of one of His children comes together, and that body will be raised again. Lucifer thus will not be allowed to triumph over even the flesh of a son or daughter of YAHWEH. Thus those who have suffered death go thru their transition first, then those who are alive at HIS coming are restored. And yes, this transition will be visible on earth when He is ready to reveal it. There are some spiritual factors that can only be beheld by the spirit thus something will not be seen, or understood by the world order, but they will know something tremendous is going on.

Now; there were many Martyrs in the days of the Apostles, has been before and since that time. But when YAHSHUA comes we are going to put on our heavenly house and yet will be in physical air breathing bodies, only now surrounded by our Light of Spirit.

Here in this Epistle it was translated as to make it seem as tho this takes place in space, thus hiding the setting up of the kingdom rule on earth. But the Marriage Supper of the Lamb which they tie into their story is a symbolic pattern of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA in earth with His people supplying them with all good things. It is not necessarily a feast day for in Revelation it is in symbolism.

This transition of verse 17 is Shekinah Glory, the work of the effulgent Glory of Spirit which will surround you until you will be like Moses as he came off the Mountain after being in the presence of YAHWEH. This is effulgent Light which belongs to the children of the MOST HIGH, and when you put back on your Celestial house you will have that Light again. This is normal. it is natural for you, this is the transition that will take place. This is just a statement of fact which the Apostle Paul records. For He comes with the fleets of heaven, with Michael in charge, He comes to defeat the enemy and His mortal children put on immortality. We aren’t going anywhere else, why should we? The bodies to be raised are here in earth, and we are locked in the last battle with the enemy here in earth and He comes to help us hold the line. The outcome is that every sword, every spear of the enemy will be broken right here in earth. Thus this being caught up to meet Him in the air is translated fantasy. Volume after volume has been written on this translated fantasy, but the Apostle Paul was outlining facts, Mysteries in his Epistles not fantasy. He recorded that ‘absent from the body is to be present with YAHSHUA.’ In otherwords if this physical body crumbles, disintegrates then the Celestial body is not gone, the soul consciousness still resides in it because that body is an Eternal connect- ion. If the physical body disintegrates the soul is no longer hampered by the limitations of the electronic memory, or the patterns of retention when the veil was pulled down. For a resident in a physical body that soul is instantly thinking in the dimensions of spirit. At this moment your soul is capable of thinking in the dimension of spirit, because now the spirit gives it all its inspiration, and vision, all its extra sensory perception. All this moves out of the areas of spirit thus this is where you will be getting knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration until you think as He thinks.

Now; what is soul development? This is ego…what does it do? Where does it come from? It is the sum total of all your experiences, what you have seen, this is what you are and you are an entity made up of the sum total of your experiences shaped in the process by the thinking of these experiences. The spirit always thinks right, it does not view things as you view them in the flesh, as it moves thru your soul environment, thus the soul is the thinking you, and the soul thinks as the spirit thinks then you have made a great transition when this is true. In otherwords the soul conscious resident in a physical body is the resident thinking you, resides in a spiritual body as well, and when you say I..this is a personal ego, so how far can a soul go? Well..until it thinks with the synchronized perfection of the spirit which is already perfect.

QUESTION:…’For when they shall say Peace and safety then sudden destruction comes upon them as travail upon a woman with child, and they shall not escape.’ I Thessalonians 5:3.

ANSWER:…Paul is still thinking about this great and terrible day of the LORD as it is described in other places. He is reminding these Israelites and you that they have been taught that they are the children of the kingdom, and they know that the day of the LORD comes quietly, like a thief in the night. But the world order is still trying to lull you to sleep with claims of peace and safety when destruction comes upon Lucifers kingdom. Like a woman with child when the time is right the child comes forth, in this same way comes destruction upon the enemy..this Great Babylon. But the Israelites are children of Light, and you do not need to be surprised, for you will know the time and the seasons and be expecting the coming of YAHSHUA as KING OF KINGS. (v 4) Therefore let us not walk as tho asleep as others do. Let us watch events taking place, and be alert as to their measures of time..’For YAHWEH hath not appointed us to judgment but to salvation thru His work in the flesh as YAHSHUA-Messiah.’ (vs 9)

HE does not judge His children as He does those of the world order or those of the Luciferian kingdom. For you the judgment seat is in the inner Holy of Holies of your own being because His children stand here a Christed individual embodied in flesh, a physical temple, thus the Day of the LORD is not for you, but Salvation is.

In time all flesh is to be saved, and when some say they sing and pray all the time but are disturbed when they hear that ‘All Flesh’ is to be saved, then we suggest they stop praying and singing and STUDY..learn the program laid out by Our Father for it is restoration of all that has been destroyed by the rebellion of Lucifer.


Here in second Thessalonians the Apostle Paul is going to be reminding us of things which are to happen before this day he revealed in I Thessalonians 15:17. He also reminds us that when YAHSHUA comes to be glorified in His believing offspring this will be because in the day that the Gospel of the Kingdom was delivered to Lost Israel..then Israel believed it. (1:10) Paul then goes ahead to remind us that the Day of YAHSHUA coming as King of the Kingdom is not right away because many years will pass, and many things have to happen first. This event that marks His coming will be the great ‘Falling Away’..from the faith until the man of sin is revealed. There is this one termed ‘The man of sin’ or son of Perdition who will exalt himself above all that are the called out worshipers of YAHSHUA, this God of the Universe worshiped by Israel. This One will claim to sit in the temple of YAHSHUA and claim he is the Almighty. (2:1-4)

Now; first this falling away, this departing from the great truths delivered by the Apostles. Even in the days of the Apostle Paul it was already happening. It was a falling away from the Divine instructions. We find that leadership is covetous of power, or they would not make these strange alliances we see over the years which is wrenching our nation today as well. This reaches into the hierarchies of religion as both the Apostle Paul and John record. Both had visions that in the Ecclesiastical field we would find this battle against the true foundations of the principals of YAHWEH’S kingdom.

The Apostle Paul has been bringing forth these great truths to Israel so you are not so easily carried away by error. All false instructions in the areas of Ecclesiastical power are referred to as Harlot daughter of this mother of all false religions..Great Babylon, with her false prophets and Ecclesiastical power. In order to accomplish its objective against the Christian church an invasion of Satans children took place in the largest denominations, and the largest churches on earth. This is the visible part of the church, and they penetrated Rome early to try to make changes in its theology and doctrine. Then penetrated Protestantism to carry on these errors of the Ecclesiastical heirachies which are carrying out the work of the enemy. They who are supposed to be building and spreading the programs of YAHWEH’S kingdom in the institutions of His kingdom have became the harlot daughters of Babylon. Actually the men who set such institutions as the National Council of Churches in place had this in mind.

We should point out that Ecclesiasticism is now creating the climactic end of the many denominations which is also prophetic. Actually YAHWEH never established the Methodist church, or the Baptist church or any of these many denominations of Protestantism. He never established the Roman Catholic church either. But He did establish, and the Apostles delivered, ONE Faith, ONE Baptism, ONE YAHSHUA} Saviour who is YAHWEH in the Flesh which shows all the standards of the kingdom. That is the great Living Christian Church which shall make its appearance as the end of the Great Apostasy comes.

If you think these statements cannot be substantiated then we will show you that even the Apostle Paul warned us that these days would come. Warned that these perilous times would come because of this turning away from the proper instructions, and not carrying out the blue-print of the program of the kingdom. That the failure came first from the religious heirachies as strangers to our Faith took possession of the visible church and then departed from the instructions as outlined by YAHSHUA and delivered by the Apostles. This is what we call the Great Apostasy as the visible church lost the vision that was so essential in being transplanted into government into the building of the structure of government for the nations of His kingdom.

This Oracle of Truth..or ‘Thus saith YAHWEH’ was to come thru the spiritual center of His kingdom, to prepare the blueprint and foundation of a civilization and a society for His kingdom, which was to occupy and bless the earth. There has been no change in this program from the earliest perception of the Adamic Race. This was their understanding, they were to move from the stasis of families into cities, into states, into nations of YAHWEH’S kingdom. This knowledge is the foundation of the covenants and the blueprints of the whole world. This was known and understood in the days of the Messiah as He was recognized as embodied YAHWEH in the flesh, that His kingdom was tangible and real. This kingdom as then to spread, first by the dynamic awakening of the children of the kingdom as the Apostles carried the message to LOST Israel that Messiah had come and ‘ye are redeemed’. The Holy Spirit was quickened to help them to understand and when He called the Sheep answered. The message then was that the nations of the kingdom would now emerge and the struggle against the forces of darkness would begin in earnest. At no time has the program of YAHWEH’S kingdom been a pacifist movement. At no time has the kingdom had an easy time, and not been faced with enemies. The powers of darkness have always used violence against His kingdom. The Apostles, disciples and early followers of YAHSHUA experienced this violence.

Now; the greatest thing to happen will be this coming into human affairs by YAHSHUA but as Paul records, this will not happen until this falling away from the Faith comes which will reveal who the ‘man of sin’ really is. This will be Lucifer himself embodied in flesh once more leading his kingdom hoards. Thus this son of perdition is to be ruling in earth embodied. This ‘son of perdition’ is also a progeny of Lucifer and the world is plural. Thus all offspring of Lucifer and the fallen Angels are devils, there are many devils then in the world today, and have been since long before Adam. The word for ‘man of sin’ actually is either singular or plural. In some translations is referred to as the Forces of Evil directed by the embodiment of Lucifer. But in the King James Version it is rendered as ‘son of perdition’ in that translation.

Now; the Apostle Paul understood that the earth was under bondage to a Satanic force, but that the kingdom of YAHWEH consisted of the Adamic household, and this is the message he is bringing to his Epistles. That YAHSHUA pointed out that none of His Household were lost, only this ‘man of sin’ who has no place or lot with his family. Paul records that ‘we are not of THEY who can fall into perdition.’ Thus we are not of this Luciferian household who still fall away even after the resurrection of YAHSHUA. Still those of this Luciferian go into the Netherworld like Judas of Iscariot did who hanged himself to get back to his own place, or where he came out of. Thus Judas of Iscariot was the ‘man of sin’ at that time, and he fell from something he could not totally embrace because it was not a part of him. He came into the presence of YAHSHUA and then went out again because he was not a part of Him, but we cannot do this because we are spirit of His Spirit, life of His Life. The translation may be poor, but we have this declaration:..’He who is born of YAHWEH cannot sin.’ Oh, you say how can this be for we haven’t seen a man who hasn’t made mistakes? But we tell you that the real you, the spirit which YAHWEH begat can never transgress. This is why His Sheep can hear His voice. It is because of this that His Spirit can unveil the knowledge of the Father. It is because of this that you and I, and all our race were sent to build a kingdom in earth. And you will build this kingdom even in this time when this great ‘falling away’ is taking place so that those included in this rendering of ‘the son of perdition’ can be revealed.

The Apostle Paul thus tells of this Satanic invasion of Lucifer’s household..embodied, that come against YAHWEH’S kingdom. They make their major drive on the visible church to destroy if possible all that would make the kingdom strong. They would especially like to remove from America the Cross and the Flag, for they realize that America is the last resistance center they must conquer.

Paul tells us that this ‘falling away’ from the high principals of the kingdom comes when actually religion is going at full speed. But there is a vast difference between religion and the Faith delivered by the Apostles. This Mystery of Iniquity is working however long before YAHSHUA comes for this great victory. And He who leteth will turn Lucifer and his kingdom loose to see what they can do. To prove once and for all times that they cannot win.

The Apostle Paul tells us that these powers of darkness will oppose and exalt themselves above all that is called God, and they will virtually seek to be worshiped in the temples of God, as tho they were God.

Now; to understand this remember your body is the Temple of YAHWEH because His Spirit dwells in you. And these forces of darkness will seek to be worshiped by the children of YAHWEH’S kingdom s tho they were Messiah Himself. In case you don’t think this has been going on I suggest you acquire and read..’The Miracle of the Passover’ by Zola Levitt., copyright 1977 and this can be purchased in any brotherhood book store. He is supposed to be a converted Jew and talks much about Jesus but never that He is YAHWEH in the flesh. Tells you that you must bring the Jews into your Christian churches so that you can understand your Bible for it is all Jewish. Talks much about the Jewish Passover Supper, but does not tell you that it is different from the Communion Supper that YAHSHUA set in place. Read also ‘Satan in the Sanctuary’ by Thomas S. McCall and Zola Levitt published by the Moody Bible Institute in 1973, and maybe you will under- stand better what I am talking about.

Now; remembering that the Apostle Paul makes it quite clear that the powers of darkness, the forces of evil are the children of Lucifer, the children of Perdition, and that YAHSHUA pointed this out as well, then remember that transgression does not make a man a son of son of perdition is progeny by seed.

The only thing which was restraining this Mystery of Iniquity in the days of the Apostle Paul, restraining it from wiping out the ‘called out people’ completely, these called the church, was the Sovereignty of YAHWEH who worketh the council of HIS own WILL. Ephesians 1:11. But there would come a time when this hindering would be removed, and then would come an acceleration of the work of iniquity.

Back in the days of the Apostle Paul you find that this Lucifer and his kingdom people were working hard to stop this truth that YAHSHUA was YAHWEH in the flesh, and had redeemed His people. They worked for His crucifixion which finished the atonement, thus was allowed, and for a moment they thought they had won. Then when they saw the Faith of the Apostles and disciples and how Lost Israel responded, they reacted with vengeance. They move in one the theology, to divide and conquer, created heirarc which was to have all authority, and used fear to erect a God of fear. But it is one thing to fear violations of Divine Law, and another to fear YAHWEH Himself. Fear is the same word as LOVE for you of His kingdom, but the enemy may fear HIM. With their control of theology then came the concept that Lucifer is winning and YAHWEH is losing in their great checker game. So for Peace in the world, the church design must be a compromise between good and evil. Make all people the same, and destroy the concept that ‘the tares’ are a separate and distinct seed, planted to choke out truth.

Remember the iron and clay of the feet of the Great Image of Nebuchadnezzar’s time, symbolizing a kingdom with a mixture of good and evil ruled over by the sons of Lucifer? This is their dream of a one world government they are their own Messiah. In their great one world organization there would be only an Apostate church called the Laodicean church, half way between good and evil or as translated ‘neither hot nor cold’. The visible church then under these men set in place heirarc and tried to deny the idea of a Great Archangel becoming a devil, that Lucifer has a counterfeit for most every symbol of YAHWEH and His kingdom. Always thru out history we find that the Yehudin have grabbed the Mosaic pattern and then warped it, and adopted the promises promised to you, and then set Satan as god while they tear down areas of truth.

The Mystery of Iniquity then is the Luciferian design to violate the laws of YAHWEH as to form and to type. The Mystery of Iniquity is mutation of race, of the laws of YAHWEH, and since restraint was to be removed so as Lucifer could see if he could totally take over these children of the kingdom, then the children of His Spirit were to expect this attack to come on the visible church which is all they can enter, as well as on every facet of our individual and national life.

Always we get this question, that if we are the children of spirit why do the wicked prosper, and not us? The Psalmist asked this as well as Jeremiah and the answer given was that YAHWEH’S instructions to His race were not always carried out totally. Sometimes Israel did not obey all, sometimes part way was all the compliance and this brought chastisement on herself, for her own good..for her education. Today in this time of all out attack with no restraint we seem to be doing just opposite of our instructions. We joined the World organization, the United Nations, and if it were not for the plan which says that YAHWEH set in place this stone kingdom as outlined by Daniel and that this kingdom was to eventually destroy Great Babylon with its feet of iron and clay, then we might have seen a more disastrous result. There is also this built in knowledge which many of the race carry. When you know you are an Israelite then you know this secret place of THE MOST HIGH which is this spirit in you with the capacity to believe YAHWEH, and that YAHSHUA was YAHWEH in the flesh, and we are His embodied offspring. This is also a built in hindrance for He did not totally abandon His children. The story of Job remember is symbolic of Israel being tested but not necessarily abandoned.

Remember the prophecy ‘A nation to be born in a day’, which is subject to many meanings. There will be in this climactic time small groups all over our nation who will know what is going on. And when the proper time comes leadership will rise up and a nation will be born in a day. No more will people set in church and listen to their minister, and never think for them selves, for they will begin to see, and to hear. All those with His Spirit will be stirred like Abraham who saw that this New Jerusalem was people, out of his loins, and he thanked YAHWEH for letting him understand and believe. This belief was then counted to him as righteousness, and is the possession of every one of His children when you reach it. When you believe and when this Faith is real to you then no longer will you need the Laodicean church which goes retrograde and joins the world order. Then all Israel will see that the whole theme of the Bible is the establishment of the kingdom of YAHWEH in earth as it is in heaven, and the historical genealogy and background from the Adamic birth unto his hour of a race of people who YAHWEH intended should bring this kingdom into being. This is the story the Apostle Paul has been outlining as he records that Israelites are strangers and Pilgrims in earth. That this great falling away would come until the visible church actually supports and subsidies communism, until the enemy has actually changed the Shekinah Glory to hell, perdition, and the visible church has even condoned this. If you don’t think the church is subsidizing communism then check where the money given to the N. C. churches and the World Council of Churches really goes. Thus the Apostle Paul points out that errors of the visible church came because some of the leadership wanted the Scriptures to conform to their leadership not to YAHWEH’S leadership.

And the Scripture has told us of this catastrophe introduced by Satans offspring. This word ‘wicked’ translated from the Hebrew is referring directly to a seed, a posterity, and the posterity of a nation which is under control of Lucifer is referred to as ungodly. But the people who were descendants of fallen Angels and the areas of that violation of law were referred to in the Hebrew and translated into the English as ‘the wicked’. Most Clergy being blind because of Laodicean church doctrine do not wish to discuss such things even tho YAHSHUA, Paul, and Peter pointed them out as those who seek to do only evil, and called them ‘the wicked’. They are then a progeny of Great Darkness which holds the world in bondage, you can quickly point out to blind Clergy that it is from Africa, India, and Asia where the very gods they worship are dragons and serpents. Then we have the archaeological evidence and historical patterns of race to show that the emblems and standards identify them with Lucifer. Thus we have proof even outside the perimeter of the content of the Scripture for what we are saying.

In the British Museum are the records of Summerian theology and background. They refer to the Mighty God of Outer space as YAH, and they talk of Tiamat the Chaos monster. They say that the serpent was the god of this world, and they must serve him for he was their first leader out of the sky. These pre-Adamic people thus worshiped an Archangel who is his rebellion became a devil. Science in its continuing process, and in its archaeological research thus established that violation of Divine Law came about because this Archangel, now a devil, sought to upset the calmness of Peace of the Universe. Sought to change the thinking of men, changed responsibility to depravity and degeneracy. Sought to violate the principal of law, mongrelize the races, and even the creatures of creation. Thus this fallen Archangel now a devil took over the earth, and became a god of this world long before Adam, and those races are still trapped in that situation and they admit they still worship the dragon-god, the great serpent.

With the coming of the Adamic race these children of Adam worshiped YAHWEH and the two kingdoms thus collide on every level. We then find the archaeological and historical patterns of race, the emblems and standards which identify both kingdoms.

The Luciferian forces know who they are, know more about themselves than most people realize. We point this out because if you have the ‘wicked’ in your Bible you will get a strange interpretation. Thus another reason the wicked prosper is because they have learned to control peoples minds, and they then take from blinded people all they possess. After all they are parasites, could not exist if you did not support them. There is no doubt that we have the wicked prospering in America today, in fact there is tremendous Satanic power in the United States today as well as in the Soviet Union. The Hammer and the Sickle is a symbol of this Satanic power, the earth thus to be beaten down and reaped. This is the symbol of the Soviet Union which also shows their Red Star. And they do prosper because in the U.S. today we have not obeyed our Father, and have let the enemy come in to live among us. They do prosper because the people of YAHWEH’S kingdom seem to be fast asleep.

Listen:….this conflict between the two kingdoms does have an end, the transgressors shall be destroyed, and the end of the wicked shall be cut off. But the Salvation of YAHWEH is your strength in time of trouble. You have arrived at this time when all restraint was to be removed until Lucifer will think that he can win. This brings things to a climax, and is called the time of Jacobs trouble. We have been in this time of trouble for some time, this time also of the ‘great falling away’ for some time, but the Biblical answer of ‘why do the wicked prosper’ is because you let the wicked come in and operate the kingdom for you, and don’t look after your own affairs.

The pattern today is that the true church is a powerful influence inside of the nations of YAHWEH’S kingdom. It is battling the powers of Anti-Christ while false clergy come in and set up the heirarc to try to remove the influence of truth. We know however we are going to win, in fact have already won, for we have Eternal Life and this body is going to come back if necessary to participate in putting down the last enemy. So even in this area we are not defeated. In fact we believe that the enemy will not be successful in removing all the children of the kingdom from the earth for some will be alive at HIS coming. The enemy may laugh at us for believing this but we know that our Father will quicken our consciousness until His children are capable of thinking as He thinks. We see HIM as stepping in to overthrow the world order even tho they imagine a vain thing.. thinking they are going to win. But YAHWEH will triumph and we will go thru this difficult time, and the kingdom administration will be set in place. Remember they beat the Apostle Paul, they threw him out of a city thinking he was dead, but whether YAHSHUA raised him up or just what happened, he came back to denounce the Yehudin-Jews. Here in his Epistle to the Thessalonians he is still reminding you that there are these rascals. They could not stop the Apostle Paul for he was to enlighten the House of Lost Israel that YAHWEH had come in the flesh, and as YAHSHUA Messiah had completed His work.

Back there in the days of this Apostle the enemy was trying to move into the visible church to twist the message about YAHSHUA..twist it into socialism and Marxism. Today our people have become blind as to what the Bible does contain, and if you quote the Apostle Paul as saying the Yehudin are against God and contrary to all men they will turn and say:..that cannot be true because the Apostle Paul was a Jew, and so was Jesus. When the church says that anything which disagrees with the doctrine of their hierarchial even tho their footnote tells you this was not in the original Scripture, isn’t it strange to think there would be any value in these false passages, and that they would become church doctrine above the teaching of YAHSHUA and His Apostles. However this could not happen unless YAHWEH’S people were confused in their minds in this battle with Satan. It is a great mystery as to how Israel can be so blind concerning their identity in these days of the great falling away until Christendom acknowledges these people, and says they are the ‘chosen’. They even seek to rebuke Jesus who said the Yehudin were of their father the devil. They talk of the rapture so that they can take over the world and the children of the kingdom will not resist, will not fight for their faith or their land.

Back thru our history we find that time after time as the restraining hand lifted for a time, then always the Yehudin found a force to finance and throw at the Christian West. Today we see this on every front, but especially thru the hierarchial of the visible church. The Apostle Paul thus warned us they will even sit in the visible church and tell Israel what they are to believe for they are the ‘chosen’ and that is where our Christian Faith came from..their Judaism. We see this in full bloom today here in 1984..and the program calls for a great drive this fall thru T.V. to bring this all about so as there will never be any doubt in your minds.

Now; whether the enemy knows this or not this hindering influence of Lucifer is lifted so that YAHWEH may bring everything to a climax. Lucifer is permitted to turn loose all he has to try to take the kingdom. But YAHWEH also has the power and will adjust the power of His kingdom to combat this evil for the course of the program of YAHWEH for this earth is to destroy this Satanic power, this Mystery of Iniquity and all the sons of Perdition as well.

Satan’s household has called for the closing of the ring around the kingdom of YAHWEH…calls for the destruction of everything YAHWEH has declared such as this recognition that He is our Father, that this seed must not be cut off for it is building the kingdom. And since America under the family system was bringing to fruition a great nation then the enemy moved to bring about a moral breakdown in this nation to reduce it because they must rule America first, then the other white nations will be easy as they take over with their One World Government. To tear down the Faith of America they would move to destroy our economic system as well until people would lose Faith in this type of Government. Social revolution instead of military invasion would be the proceed used altho always they would hold the threat of military invasion over our heads.

Yes, scoffers have come into our culture and they say:..did you think that things would always continue as they have in the past? America must change, Caucasian citizens must bow to the wishes of their minorities or there will be revolution in the streets. Speak out against communism and you are a hater according to those who control the World Council of Churches.

Yes, the workers of Iniquity looked at this great nation of these United States and they saw this great civilization founded on this Bible, they saw that our founding fathers moved by inspiration had established this great nation. That even in the churches sermon after sermon was preached by our early church fathers lifting up the standards of the kingdom, these were the guiding influence of the nation. And the Devil being a clever fellow knew that the way to capture men was to capture their minds. So that was the way chosen to change your thinking, and using this method they have gradually accomplished their goal. Lucifer knew that if the children of Iniquity could join the visible Christian church they could be more successful in blocking the operation of YAHWEH’S kingdom. This is not something new, it is only something which has intensified in this time of ‘the falling away’. Before the fire in 1672 or 82..the British Museum had in their possession thousands of manuscripts showing this work of the infiltration of the visible church, so they were burned, but they are still available in scroll and text in different places, and many have been reprinted, and they are not noticeably tampered with. Every so often someone is bold enough to print them and these manuscripts go way back.

Now; the Scripture does outline for us this catastrophe introduced by Satans offspring. Tells how they seek always to bring about their One world government. Seeks to mix and subordinate the great nations of YAHWEH’S kingdom, these nations called His Sheep nations. The enemy seeks to bring the Sheep nations to slavery and tie them up with the world order taking away their privileges and their strength. This battle of the mind is thus very important. The devils bring very devious ideas, have people even thinking that if you start searching for truth that you may even be doing yourself harm. You aren’t a satisfied person, or you would not be searching so look to them for instruction, only they can satisfy your curiosity as to what is to happen for they understand the Scriptures. But we tell you that they are a part of this great ‘falling away’ in that they take advantage of the blindness of Israel.

We point out to you that we are seeing prophecy fulfilled. The structure of the physical church with its so called authority, and its instillation of the N.C. of churches, and the N.C. of churches, to its ecumenical conferences with the Catholic Church spreading out with a so called Evangelism of its the church of Apostasy. Why do we say this? Because it became the church of Apostasy as the Church of Jesus Christ starts to announce to the world as it did in 1960 that it no longer believes that Jesus The Christ is the image of the invisible God, or that all things were made by HIM, and for HIM. That He is the Sovereign YAHWEH-God. When they say He was just a good man even tho a great teacher they made God a liar. They say this YAHSHUA (Christ) lied as He said:..’He who hath seen me hath seen the father.’ They say, oh..he was just a man, he was deceived, he was emotionally disturbed. They let the man who wrote ‘The Passover Plot’ make a basic contribution to the translation of the Scriptures, allowed him to defame the Name of YAHSHUA (Christ). Thus this Apostate church listens to men like this one and he confuses people. In fact my friends the literature of today which is put out as the high work of theology is being distributed today in Bible book stores over the nation, and the world with the approval of the National and World Council of Churches, and even now is appearing in Catholic book stores…these are volumes of Apostasy. Dr. Swift reported this back in 1965.

This then has been going on for some time while seminaries have been infiltrated and devout men have gone into those schools anxious to study the Gospel of The Christ but they find that He was just a man, and they are trained to be social workers, to try to help people with their problems. These could be referred to as theological seminaries not training men for the work of YAHWEH and His kingdom but for burying their Faith. Also for burying our people who have become casualties in this fight. This is the great Apostasy and it brings troubles, problems, taxation, mongrelization, integration upon you and your nation more than has ever descended upon a nation of the House of God in many generations. They are reaching out to analyze the people, helping them with all social problem, saying all men are the same irrespective of their religion. They are saying reach out to engulf the people of Buddhism, and Hinduism, all people altho they are devil worshipers, bring them altogether because God is Love, we are all one household, all brothers. We even hear that Jesus was not to well educated, He was confused at times and we understand things better today.

The Apostle Paul here in II Thessalonians is warning you of these things that we have not seen come to pass. In verse 11., we read:..’and for this cause God shall send them a strong delusion that they should believe a lie.’ We want you to know that YAHWEH never deceived His children or anyone and this god is not YAHWEH, this is BAAL…translated as God. Lucifer tells his people that he is god and they are the ‘chosen’ and they believe it because it gives them pleasure to move in unrighteousness. Verse 13.

When you come right down to it, which religion on the face of the earth does the Yehudin move against? Christianity of course, for they hate YAHSHUA, they hate the purposes of His program.

Now we do not want you to ever get the idea that the Anti-Christs are going to take over the kingdom completely. It is the world order they rule over. They have fifth columned the Christian nations but that will come to an end. The Pyramid has always been the symbol of the Messianic Destiny of His Kingdom and the message that it portrays is that YAHSHUA comes to take the throne of His kingdom and to rule forever and forever. This Mystery of iniquity works until that time which is set for it to fall, and the Shekinah Light then destroys it for no error can live in the Shekinah Light.

The Apostle Paul then tells you that you are called by this Gospel of the Kingdom, to the Glory of YAHSHUA who is YAHWEH in the flesh (vs 14). There- fore stand fast, hold the word and traditions you have been taught for by the Grave of our Father who loves us, all things will work for our good. Pray also that the Apostles and disciples be delivered from Wicked men for all men have not our Faith. (3:2)

And do not leave this Faith delivered to you, remember we command when with you that if some will not work neither shall they eat. (vs 10) The Apostle Paul is talking about working for the kingdom, and the bread of the kingdom. Some of our race will be busybodies pretending to be working for God but actually they are not. (Could this be such as the ministers who in June 1984 went to the Soviet Union and came home and were praising the Soviet churches and their type of religion as did Billy Graham?), those will not understand the Gospel of the Kingdom. You are to have no company with them yet if they are Israelites then count on him not as an enemy but admonish him as a brother, (vs 15) or it is YAHSHUA Himself who gives you the understanding, always, by all means. The Grace of YAHSHUA be with you all, thus Paul ends his Epistle to the Thessalonians.

In the Epistle to the Thessalonians the Apostle Paul has revealed many things as to what is to happen as YAHSHUA steps back literally into mens affairs. His message in II Thessalonians was about this great falling away from the Faith, even while religion is going great speed. Also comes the revealing of the ‘man of sin’, this son of perdition as translated marks this force. This seems a good time to answer questions with a sermon. Ha.

We find that this is a great Satanic force led by Lucifer the Great Archangel who is now a devil in nature. This is a family tree of darkness totally opposite from the family tree of YAHWEH’S kingdom. We find that these Satanic forces are reincarnationist and Lucifer can be embodied as he has been many times in the past. He and his fallen Angel hosts embodied produced progeny in earth who are termed Serpent or Dragon seed, they are thus the family tree of good and evil.

This falling away from the Faith has been effected by this Satanic force and is a part of the Mystery of the Gospel of the kingdom which you are given to know.

These Ancient symbols of the Dragon and the Serpent have marked earth dynasties back thru pre-Adamic history. To understand YAHWEH’S word you also have to identify who the children of the Dragon of symbolism are, and what Serpent seed really is, and why that symbolism is used.

Back thru the history of the Adamic race we see historical incidents each seemingly a duplication of the one before showing the battle between the two kingdoms. As it effects our Adamic race we find the stories of the battle are between Adam Cadman and the Dragon which was an historic struggle between light and darkness. In the Dead Sea Scrolls this is symbolized as the battle between the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness.

Back in the background of the concept of the Dragon it must be remembered that this symbol of the Serpent was the symbol of Mystery Wisdom, but not necessarily of the Eternal YAHWEH. The Pre-Adamics considered the symbol of the Serpent as a symbol of wisdom, altho that wisdom was not necessarily all good for it could be in error as well. Thus in the writings of Moses the story of the seduction of Eve was this symbolism of ‘the tree of good and evil’. This Serpent was only the symbol of the wisdom Lucifer in rebellion carried, this would be where the Dragon of the heavens got his wisdom as he fell,..then this turned around. There are many great truths in the Book of Genesis that are hidden in symbolism because it was not written for the general knowledge of the World Order, but for the children of YAHWEH’S kingdom, and for these things to be understood they were interpreted by the Great Mystery Schools of His Kingdom and by the schools of the Prophets, by the Levites and later given to you by HIS Messiahship to lead you to all truth.

In the Book of Revelation there is much symbolism historic and Ancient, more than any writings which relates to our Christianity. We find that John also was given the symbols which reach back into the Millenniums of time, thru the history of our race in the heavens, and then in earth. In this revelation given to John you find the relationship to Divine Knowledge, and the relationship to the Adamic race of certain symbols of wisdom which YAHWEH had used to keep knowledge from fallen forces. Today perhaps we do not have the approach which the Apostles had to this symbolism which is a work of prophecy, but there were mysteries of wisdom given to the Patriarchs from Adam to Seth, Enoch and Job, and so forth. And Enoch and Job these two Masters of knowledge walked with YAHWEH, they built the Pyramid, measured the sun, moon and stars showing that this was what YAHWEH intended to do. This gift of prophecy has never departed from the children of the kingdom except certain times when trodden down by the pagans. YAHWEH kept a Prophet in Israel right up to the time when He came as Prophet, Priest, and King in His Messiahship of His Kingdom, and fulfilled the Atonement for His own race according to His plan. He gave a ministry in which the wisdom in almost everything He spoke was in allegory or it related to things He intended to do. And He intended the meanings for His people, but never intended that those of the Yehudin, Lucifers kingdom were to understand HIM. He never went out of His way to explain it to the Yehudin who after all had no capacity to understand.

Since this ‘man of sin’..Lucifer and his kingdom people are to be revealed then we should find out as much as we can about them so as to recognize them today. In fact since all restraint is removed for Lucifer to see once and for all times that he cannot win then we need to recognize this force. Why? What is the reason he cannot win?…well, it is this built in radar system in you which our Father can activate, this spirit which is of His Spirit.

We thought we should look at these great battles of the past and see that this Dragon or Serpent is in all of these struggles even before Adam. But with the coming into flesh of Adam and Eve with their Shekinah Light..this light bothered those of the kingdom of darkness, thus the struggle between the kingdom of Light, and the kingdom of Darkness began in earnest as is the story of our Scriptures which you should understand.

Always this Luciferian force tries to copy the symbols of YAHWEH and His kingdom. Sometimes they are only similar for the Yehudin do not understand the symbolism of the Light Kingdom. For instance in the writings of Seth and of Enoch, the Throne of YAHWEH had 33 steps but on either side of the steps were Cherubims and Seraphims. Lucifer as he copied this throne for his in Ancient China used the 33 steps but on either side of the steps were two dragons, and always there were the serpents all around. Archaeology has uncovered much of these Ancient temples scattered thru out Asia and always the Dragon and the Serpent symbols are seen. Lucifer is trying to capture the symbol of Light so he used fire to impress people, but fire does not have the same radiance as the Shekinah Light.

Now; Seraphim were created heavenly beings, and those who rebelled with Lucifer were then called Serabs. They did not keep their first estate, became embodied and looked like men, but were devils. There is then those little Salamanders which can bury themselves into the ground and survive a forest fire, these are the symbols of the fallen Seraphim. In the Hindu religion they serve the Salamander for they say they can walk thru the flames, and not be burned..because the Serabs control the flames. When Israelites were told not to put their children thru the test of passing thru the fire this was one of the meanings of that Scripture, they were being warned for this is Satanic power that controls that flame.

Now; the first battle between the Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of Darkness was between Adam Cadman or YAHWEH’S man…uncontaminated.. Master builder, and Lucifer and his kingdom embodied. We have told you before how Adam and Eve lost their Light, and how YAHWEH had to set them on the right road so the kingdom would continue. Well the Ancient people also knew that the name ‘Cain’ meant serpent or serpent god. Those people also knew that Seraphim and Cherubs were Divine dwellers in the flames of Light until they followed Lucifer in rebellion and became Serabs. Thus this name Salamander came from this old Aramaic word Serab. And the Serabs looked like men embodied but they are the children of darkness, and the Apostle Paul tells us that they are progeny, the children of the kingdom of darkness. They have our supreme leader who is Lucifer and he has been embodied many times, has lots of progeny as does the fallen Angel hosts who rebelled with him. Lucifer was known then as the god of this world, the god of fire, and he has a counterfeit for most every symbol of YAHWEH’S kingdom.

In the Egyptian Book of the Dead we find another of this Adamic race described as one who battles the Dragon, the old serpent of the heavens. In that Book there is a story of Hermes who we say is Enoch, and we are told that he had a great staff, and on that staff was the symbol of completion. This was a cup held by the two wings of a great Eagle whose tail and head were hanging downward, and in each talon of the Eagle was a serpent with the heads of the serpents downward, as they entwined around the staff. This was also the symbol of the supremacy of the Eagle Kingdom over the serpent kingdom and his kingdom that eternal enemy of the Saints. When this symbolism is understood this is also the story of the Bible.

In the Egyptian history at this time Enoch and Job went into Egypt for the building of the Pyramid and their other work they found the Satanic forces were led by Sette and Soth. They had an old reptile confined to a cave and he was called a dragon, and was used to scare the people and keep them in line. Well, Hermes who was Enoch did not scare and Hermes with this great staff overthrew this dragon and was known thereafter as the Dragon Killer. The Egyptians recorded that the serpent was Dragonis from the sides of the north, in the heavens to begin with. And Hermes or Enoch is pictured as holding in hand the Book of Life which was a green color, and in the other hand he held this great staff with the cup, the Great Eagle and the serpents hanging head downward and his foot was on the head of the dragon he had killed, thus he was described as the Dragon Killer.

Always we keep getting this question as to where did the doctors get their symbol, the two serpents on the staff and the wings…the Cadussa? This is a hold-over from tradition altho the heads of the serpents are now up instead of down. The tradition which came down thru our race was the serpent on the staff, and was the destruction of the serpent which brings healing to the earth. This symbol portrayed always by the Adamic race was to show the fulfillment of YAHWEH’S work in earth. The Doctors met many years ago in Venice for a conference and they were searching for a symbol of the healing practice of all doctors and they finally adopted this symbol of the two serpents with heads up instead of down, and the wings of an Eagle. They don’t really know or even like to talk about it but the symbolism leads back to Hermes the Dragon Killer event tho they have forgotten the meaning of symbolism.

There were two great Wisdom Schools set in place in Egypt and they carried all these symbol’s of YAHWEH’S Kingdom. These two schools were portrayed down thru Israel’s history as two Pillars of Wisdom and you find this symbolism many places in our history. These two Pillars:–The Jerusalem Pillar of Word, and the Universal Pillar, or Word. The Jerusalem Word, this school of spiritual wisdom was established by Enoch. And this taught many things of spirit. The name first given to this mystery school was ‘The Master of the Rose Cross’…PHO-HANOCK…or sons of Enoch. In this school, men were taught the power of Spiritual Light. They knew of the power of the Great Disc of polished brass with the Eye of YAHWEH in the center which reflected a blinding light when turned into the sun. Another symbol they carried was the ‘Winged Orb’. And this you see even today in many Israel Nations.

The Masters of the Rose Cross taught that Spiritual Wisdom was a symbol of the family center, the spiritual center of the Kingdom, New Jerusalem, the race with the Spirit of YAHWEH. They drew their symbol from the Crux of the Southern Cross of the heavens. Enoch knew that under Divine direction, this spiritual wisdom could be applied to mens philosophy, their thinking, while the knowledge of science would come to all areas and aspects of earth as it related to Justice and Righteousness.

The Universal Word or system portrays the idea of the Grand Master of the Universe the symbol of the Ultimate attainment..Adam Cadman..YAHWEH’S Master Builders in earth building a temple unto YAHWEH. This the Priesthood of the Universe..Mason, and this an old word derived from Master Builders. This Mystery School was established by Job. And here the law of the Fulcrum existed and all patterns of the science and law for use by these Master Builders now in earth. These two Mystery Schools came on down thru Israel’s History. Always you find the Yehudim trying to penetrate these Mystery Schools to counterfeit their symbols and their wisdom. The whole strategy of course was to mutate the areas of the symbolism and to seal off these areas of information.



The Day God Was Born – Wesley A. Swift


The Day God Was Born

We turn today with all Christians to the celebration of Christmas, and it is good that all of Christendom has set aside such a day, to celebrate an event of such tremendous importance to all mankind. This has become a festive day throughout all Christendom, when the children of God lift up their voices and hearts in joy, because God kept His covenant with us, because He visited us and dwelt among us a man among men, the fullness of God thus dwelling bodily. Here is the miracle and the mystery of the ages.

If there ever was a day when a birthday became important, if there was ever a single event in all time and history, fulfilled, in all the covenant purposes of God that carried with it a mighty and mystical strangeness, it was the day when God was born in earth in the body of a man.

To talk about the day that God was born seems a strange to phrase a great truth, because we know of Him that as the Apostle Paul said in the Book of Colossians, that He was before all things, and by him were all things created. But the Disciple John proclaimed the real magnitude of His person when he said in the Gospel of John, “All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made.”

It is difficult conceive that He who created all things was Himself born on earth. The one who created all form in the vastness of the universe, who controlled the direction of all matter in all of the sidereal systems and caused all things to fall into proper pattern, like the clockwork of the finest artisan, and keeps all things in balance as in the palm of His hand, by the power of His will, this One who was Almighty God was born as a child in a body of flesh. To think that God, who was before all things and by whom all things have come into existence, emerged as a living and embodied person and was born out of the household of His own creation, is one of the great miracles of transition in all time and history.

We should recognize that there is a direct relationship between that miracle and each one of us, a relationship that exists between us and our Father, and between the Eternal God and that babe which was born nearly two thousand years ago in the town of Bethlehem. We should also recognize that the relationship of our Heavenly Father, to us, is entirely different and greater than His relationship to any other people on the face of the earth.

It is true, today, that the impact of this cry, Merry Christmas, reaches from one end of the earth to the other. And the reason why, today, whether it be in the streets of Tokyo or in the land of Egypt, whether it be in the streets of India or an Arab encampment, when you hear the words, “Merry Christmas” it is because there have been sons and daughters of your race that have gone around the world. The impact of that message was so great, of the Lord God of Israel who was the God of your race, and it became so much a part of you, that you have left the very spirit of it everywhere you have gone.

Do not let the exactness of the date become the important thing, today, but rejoice in your hearts that there is an hour of festivity when our children can enjoy merrily the receiving of gifts, because, behind it there is something that is never removed: this is the birthday of Christ that men are celebrating, even if it is not with exactness on the day He was born. This is the important thing that God became man and dwelt among us.

I was rather pleased to see the headlines on the front pages of our newspaper, this morning, proclaiming the news story of the birth of Christ, in the Examiner and all Hearst newspapers across the nation. We have moved into an hour when the front pages of newspapers herald the fact that Christ was born and declared in no uncertain words that God visited us. That, my friends, is a symbol of a great people, who now by universal acceptance recognize that this was the birth of God. We may have had our hours of “higher criticism,” we may have, in some of the better pulpits of the nation inside the material church, those who do not understand the mystery of this experience and should not be behind the sacred desk; but it’s pulsing truth has been so great, has reached so far, that none can silence it, and now, even the newspapers cry out what the Church should have proclaimed at all times, everywhere. And especially in the congregations of the Christian faith, there should never have been any doubt that this was so.

The miracles of this hour are the miracles that happen every year in the hearts of our people that surge through us every time we approach this season of the year. There is a stimulus in our thinking, and only God could have ordained such an impact of festival and holiday spirit as that which abounds in our celebration of this great event. It is something that surges through us and stays with us throughout the year, but has its greatest impetus on this particular day. It has stirred consciousness to think, for several days before and after, that this is the hour we celebrate the birth of God that God dwelt among us. And that we are a special people unto Him also becomes clear. For as we survey the peoples from one end of the earth to the other, we find them serving their many concepts of deity, we find them serving doctrines of demons and idols and superstitions and darkness. But wherever people are saying, “Merry Christmas,” they are celebrating, today, the birth of God who is the God above all, who visited mankind and, when He did, He identified the people who receive Him as being a special people unto Himself.

I think there is something very significant about the prophecies of Isaiah in which God, speaking to Isaiah, spoke also to us throughout all ages and gave us the promise and explanation of the route and mystery of how this event would take place. When He said, “a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and thou shalt call His name Immanuel,” what a strange mystery of spiritual force would embody the life force of birth within one who knew virginity; and yet this was the mystery of the covering force of God’s spirit, to produce this miracle.

“Unto us a child is born” is the way Isaiah proclaimed it. No heralding cry could be more important to any people than this message. Unto us is this whole event dedicated by covenant and promise. So Isaiah said, “Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon His shoulder.” What government? The government of the kingdoms and the nations of this world! The government of all the divine plan of the ages for the earth! “The government shall be upon His shoulder: and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, the Might El, The everlasting Father, and The Prince of Peace.” Such title never had been bestowed upon man before.

What man in all time and history could have received such honor? What man in all time and history had been born of woman, of whom they could say, this is the Mighty El, the everlasting Father? But this is the event, which we celebrate today; this is the mystery of the ages.

The entire universe was gathering for this event. The whole area around Palestine was charged in a supernatural way on the night of this promised deliverance of the people of earth. Strange as it might seem, there had been plans laid, that reached back millenniums and millenniums ago. We mentioned, as we talked to you about that Star of Wonder, how God had set the stage for these events in this earth, a spot called Uranta by the ancients and known as the spot wherein God was going to focus all the panorama of the history of the universe, for one of its greatest acts. This was the stage being set, of God, as Shakespeare with all His marvelous command of words could never have described it. For this was the plan of God: that here, the mightiest fulfillment of all prophecies would occur, when God embodied would appear.

In the millions and millions and millions of eons of light years before, there had been a continually creating sidereal expanse, as one sidereal system after another was put in place. Constellation after constellation grew and developed; and had you been out on the edges of the farthest perimeter of the sidereal system, you would have found even beyond that, ages extending into the light years beyond, of a continued panorama of more and more and more universe. For our Father always was, He had no beginning and therefore has no end. So there is no edge and no end to His creations.

When we contemplate the untold numbers of galaxies, which God has created, we must realize that they were all put into their proper position with a design, by the mind of God, for a spot where He was going to put this grain of sand in the vastness of His universe that we call earth. For it could only be so. There is no other place in all God’s universe where there could be observance of the sidereal systems that would make the zodiacal picture and the pattern in the heavens that we see here. And there is not a race on the face of the earth, nor are there a people or a nation where the symbols and the signs have not been indicated in almost universal picture language. We understand what is meant in the Psalms where it says, “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament showeth His handiwork. Day unto day they uttereth speech and night unto night they showeth knowledge.” For the patriarchs had already been given the knowledge that enabled them to read the signs in the heavens.

But I want you to think of the endless eons of existence beyond the ability of your mind to fathom by comparisons, for your earthly existence has not given you the capacity to measure by comparisons such antiquity. It was all in a plan that had long ago been put into its proper order, for only from earth could the stars look as they look and can be read as they are read only from this point. From anyplace else the picture angles would have been different; from anyplace else the measure would have been different. And the measure was the announcement of an event of tremendous importance. The importance of it was that the people whom God had planted in the earth to build His Kingdom, the children who were the seed of His own life, who were a holy seed, which He had planted for the establishment of His Kingdom, were going to be visited by His own embodiment.

He knew what His children would do when they were placed here on earth. You see, God has never been disappointed. God has never been taken by surprise. All the errors and mistakes, the original transgression, the fall of our Adamic race, had been known to Him from before the foundation of the world. When we say God promised and covenanted that He was going to redeem us from before the foundation of the world, before Adam was even placed on the earth, long before the seed of which your race was begotten had ever been planted here, God knew exactly how you would perform.

God said, “To show you that I am not only identified with you and I am going to carry out My purpose and My program for you, I have predestinated each one of you, which I have planted in the earth, to eventually conform to My own image. I have predestined that each one of you shall carry forward the mighty Messianic purpose with which I have planted you, as the mighty body of My own being, in the earth, for you are life of My life, breath of My breath, flesh of My flesh and bone of My bone.

“Therefore, to accomplish this in all its magnitude,” God said, “I also shall be born out of a vessel of the same flesh as your bodies are composed of. I shall come out of the very race of which you are a part, and be as one of you. I shall be a living example that God and the sons and daughters of God are one family, and that you are My kinsmen. With all your error, with all your transgression, I am not going to say, I am ashamed of you, because you are My family. But I am going to redeem you with the only kind of redemption that I alone as God can do. So I have predestinated each one of you to conform to My own image, and there shall arise a Deliverer in Zion, and He shall take away all the transgression of His people.”

This is the covenant. These are the things that Paul talked about; these are the promises that were made to us, before the foundation of this sidereal system and this cosmic order. So it was that all the events of time and history moved toward this goal.

Men could be subconsciously aware of spiritual presence, but not consciously aware of the intricacies of the plan. But the plan went on, with every detail of its energy and all the elements within it, measuring the movement of all the stars: the breaking of a nova, the crossing of the sky of a headless comet from the head of Aquila to the head of Virgo, which Enoch had been told about in the heavens. Men looked at these things with amazement while wise men and servants of your race searched the sky for the promised sign of that great event, the birth of God.

No wonder the air was charged that night in Palestine when the angels came to herald His coming and spoke to the shepherds upon the hills. To some people, Palestine was but a province in the empire of Rome. To some, Palestine was just a part of the empire across which Augustus Caesar’s marching legions had carried the strength of Rome, from Egypt to the fiords of Norway.

Surely the Roman legions were numerous, for they were the power and the authority of the day. Certainly Herod, a Jewish king from Pergamos, was ruling on the seat of authority in the province of Palestine and, as such, was known as King of the Jews. Truly the people of Judah and Benjamin in the land of Palestine were under bondage and had no political freedom, and they had no religious freedom either. In fact, they had had very little religious freedom during the preceding six hundred years, since the days when their ancestors had been taken into the Babylonian captivity. Surely they looked for a Deliverer who would come, a Messiah King, a Mighty God, to set them free and they hoped for and anticipated the birth of such a one.

On this night above all nights the air was charged. But I tell you the air had been charged around Palestine for some time before this. For fifteen months unusual events had been transpiring. The Gospel of Luke tells us about when an angel appeared unto Zacharias, a priest in the temples of God, and said to Zacharias, “Your wife Elisabeth, who is also a daughter of Aaron, is to have a child and there is going to be something miraculous about it.”

And Zachariah said, “It would surely have to be miraculous, for my wife is full of years and she is barren, and how could she have a child like that? How can I believe that such a thing could be?”

Then the angel said, “Because ye doubt what God can do, thou shalt not speak again until this event has taken place. But she will have a child, and thou shalt call his name John. He will prepare the way in righteousness before the Messiah, for the Messiah is going to be born and John is going to be the messenger that will go before Him.

An angel had arrived from space, with the mighty hosts of heaven, and all attention was focused on this earth. Palestine was to become the focal point of an event, which had been in process of preparation for thousands upon thousands of years. One hundred and sixty thousand light years or more, before, we are told by Harvard University, a nova had burst and sent forth a headless comet, which had taken 160,000 light years to get into position to move from the head of Aquila to the head of Virgo.

So we see the vastness of time preparation. No Adamite had walked the earth when God made the plans and set in motion the chain of events that would culminate, 160,000 light years later, in the appearance of a sign in the sky, to herald His own arrival on earth as Redeemer of His people. And He was born on earth, in the racial family of His own begotten offspring, less than 5,500 years after He had placed Adam on the earth. The plans of God may seem to grind exceedingly slow, from the standpoint of human measures, but let me assure you that they have come with an exactness that causes you to know that all things are in the hollow of His hand.

When we think of the magnitude of the preparations God made for His birth and appearance, among those that were His family on this speck of earth, when we realize these plans were made so many millenniums before the event occurred, we can begin to appreciate the tremendous importance of the event. And please remember that his event took place in a great panorama of this world’s history. How many conquerors had stepped down out of the steppes of Asia to destroy the Adamic race? How many hordes of Philistines and Canaanites had come against the household of Adam and the seed of Israel? But through all the heartaches and problems and troubles, which were a part of their lives and living, their Heavenly Father was born among them as a babe, at the exact time and place He had planned the event to occur, more than 160,000 light years before yes, even before this earth was formed.

When we sometimes think about the situations that surround us today, we may say, how can we survive these things? Let us be assured that all things are a part of His plan. For He has demonstrated how He works with minuteness and detail, even in the vast expanse of the universe, for a single point of event, and all other events of history were only incidental and only a part of the route by which men traveled to arrive at that event. So also every catastrophe that surrounds us today, whether it be the hordes of world communism, whether it be the threatening Khrushchev or the battle in Laos with the Red Chinese, or the troubles within our own nation with the enemies of Christ seeking to destroy us, or any of these things or of all these things, remember they are all a part of the panorama of God’s plan.

Now we are on the track to another event that will be greater in magnitude than the hour of Christ’s birth, and this event is grinding out, with the same precision as the one of His birth two thousand years ago.

When we look back upon the event of His birth, which was tremendously important and absolutely essential for the redemption of His own family, we know it was an insignificant event to the other racial people on earth. But when He comes again, it will be an earth-shattering event, because of the great power of His glory and His majesty, which will be revealed at that time.

When this event comes to pass, we can look back on all our present troubles and say, as the Apostle Paul said, “I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.” The grace of which you are part of will be revealed in us, because, one day in a panorama of great events, this mighty God, with the hosts of heaven in space ships from His entire universe, came to visit us.

One of those who came was Michael, a great archangel to our God, who commanded the battle fleets of the Most High and all the hosts of heaven. These were thousands upon thousands times ten thousand times ten thousand ships at his command, a multitude beyond your ability and mine to understand and count. And Gabriel, one of the great and mighty archangels of the heavens who commanded one-third of all the creations and angelic hosts and the whole vast area of the Milky Way, also came to earth before Christ was born, nine months before the event, to speak to a woman in the city Galilee called Nazareth. This was not just an ordinary angel, not just a messenger, but Gabriel himself who commanded one-third of all the creations and angelic hosts of the universe.

I want you to realize that when we say we have one hundred and twenty-six trillion suns out there, and we magnify that by all the other planets in the solar systems around them, and here is a living being, an archangel who controls all creations and angelic hosts on the planets surrounding one-third of one hundred and twenty-six trillion suns, you can understand how important he was. But Gabriel received at command from the Eternal, from the center of the universe, from the throne of God. For it says there came an angel from the throne of God, and he was Gabriel the archangel, and he came to this lass in Palestine nine months before the event which we are discussing to place, and he said to her, “Hail, thou art highly favored, the Lord is with thee: blessed are thou among women.” (Never had anything like this happened before.) “Thou hast been selected, thou are to have the greatest honor anyone has ever received in all history of creation, for thou art to be the mother of God. Thou shalt conceive in thy womb and bring forth as a son the fullness of God dwelling bodily, and thou shalt call his name Jesus.”

She said, “How could this be? I have never known a man. How could this be, that God would so honor me?”

Then the angel said to her, “This is your destiny, for thou art to be the mother of God. And thy cousin Elisabeth also has been visited, and she also is with child and is already now in the sixth month, and the child which she has is the messenger of God. He is to go and prepare the way for the Messiah, he is to tell the people to make the way straight, and he is to proclaim righteousness and the coming of the King. What a strange phenomenon!

The Gospel of Luke portrays some of the mighty pageantry of these events, and many of the churches of Christendom continually repeat the words because they are enthralled by the magnitude of what was said. “And Mary said, Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word.” And the angel departed from her.

Mary then arose and went in haste into the hill country, into a city of Juda, and entered into the house of Zacharias, and saluted her cousin Elisabeth. And when Elisabeth heard the salutation, the very babe John the Baptist leaped in her womb; and she was suddenly filled with the Holy Spirit, the mighty vibration of the life wisdom of God.

And Elisabeth said to Mary, “Blessed are thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb. Whence is this, that the mother of my God has visited me? For, lo, as soon as the voice of thy salutation sounded in my ears, the babe leaped in my womb for joy. And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord.”

Then said Mary, “My soul doth magnify the Lord, and my spirit hath rejoiced in Yahweh my Savior. For He hath regarded the low estate of His handmaiden: for, behold, from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed. For He that is mighty hath done to me great things. And holy is His name. And His mercy is on they that fear Him from generation to generation. He hath shewed strength with His arm; He hath scattered the proud in the imagination of their hearts. He hath put down the might from their seats, and exalted them of low degree. He hath filled the hungry with good things; and the rich He hath sent away empty. He hath helped His servant Israel, in remembrance of His mercy; as He spoke to our fathers, to Abraham and to his seed for ever.”

It is recorded that Mary remained with her cousin for about three month, and then she returned to her own house to await the passing of the nine months of her conception. She was a waiting a great event, and, in anticipation of that event, the very sky was unfolding the miracle.

Jupiter and Saturn, the symbols of God’s Kingdom and Satan’s kingdom, and the Wanderers in the Sky, had three times come in conjunction. Across the heavens above had moved the “Sign of Wonder.” And in that hour, as the shepherds were upon the hills, the magnitude of the event again became quite clear. “And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them; and the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, for unto you is born this day in Bethlehem, the city of David, a Savior who is Christ the Lord.”

He didn’t carry that message to Africa. That message wasn’t carried to Asia. It was carried to you. And through you the world would sing, because God was redeeming His people, was reestablishing His Kingdom, was fulfilling the purpose of the plan, which He had made from before the foundation of the world.

The very air was charged. There had been coming, from all over the universe, great and mighty hosts of space; and now, the hosts of heaven were standing by.

The magnitude of this event can be understood only when we realize that, nine months before, the great archangel Gabriel had been sent in person, by God, to tell the Virgin Mary that she would conceive and bear a child that would be the embodiment of God. Then at the time of his birth the archangel Michael, with command of one-third of the universe, had been sent in person to bear the message to the Shepard’s, and with him came the mighty and tremendous hosts of heaven. For Michael was the commander of hosts; and everywhere he went, there went with him, always, the hosts of heaven. In that day when the announcement was made to the shepherds, it says in Luke, “And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the hosts of heaven.” You can read what it says in the Gospel of Luke. It says that round about were the heavenly hosts!

In a daylong before, when Elijah was speaking as a prophet, the hosts of the enemy were gathering against him, and his servant was greatly disturbed, and he said, “O man of God, the enemy is gathering around.” Then Elijah said, “I just want you to see something, something I see which you don’t see. Just for this moment, I hope your eyes can be focused on this.” And his servant looked, and lo, he saw the great and mighty hosts of God’s Kingdom. He saw the chariots round about, he saw the mighty warriors, he saw the great military staff of Michael, and he saw the force of divine power. So it isn’t always with your video plane to see some thing, even when they are all around you.

We have discovered in our time that there are laws of science that we do not understand. But there are technicians out in space, in the universe, who know so much more about these things than we do, at this time, that even their solid ships can be invisible to us, except when they wish them to be seen. We have proof of this, because across our radar screens we have seen the evidence. We see things passing across the screens, but we don’t see the objects with our eyes then suddenly, maybe, they do appear.

But I want you to know that at the time of that event, nearly two thousand years ago, the hosts of heaven were standing by and they displayed their presence, for when the Wise Men left the palace of Herod, remember that a “light” went before them. The Scriptures says, “Star,” but this is a mistranslation in the King James Version, as the old Alexandrian script tells us. And the light, which came out of the heavens, shone down upon them and led them down the road the spot in Bethlehem where the Christ child lay.

We know that no star came down, but the light did go before them. The Wise Men couldn’t see the ship they were following, but they could see the glory. The shepherds couldn’t see the great fleet of accompanying ships that were in the sky above them, but they could see the glory.

I would like to call back to your remembrance that magnificent day when the Eternal came and stood upon Mount Sinai and spoke to Moses and brought the law to Israel. It says in the thirty-third chapter and the second verse of Deuteronomy, that the Lord sailed or flew from Sinai over mount Seir and shined for His lights from mount Paran, and there was with Him ten thousand of His saints. You read that second verse of the thirty-third chapter of Deuteronomy and you will learn that God didn’t come alone. He came with one of the great fleets of space. He came with the mighty hosts of heaven. And ten thousand of His saints were there, on that great day, when He delivered unto the race, which was His Kingdom, the laws and oracles of the Kingdom.

But how much greater was the magnitude of the day when God was to be born into the body of a man, when the transference of the fullness of God was to pass from heaven to earth and lay in a manger, when all the guardian angels of time, without challenge, were charged with the super job of standing by, when the forces of the hosts of heaven were to proclaim their joy for this event.

It shows you, my friends, that all the thinking in the planes of spirit are attuned with God, that great numbers of celestial beings would gather for this event and sing their carols of heralding joy; because the redemption of the sons and daughters on the earth, was an event of such magnitude to them, that they were happy about it and expressed their happiness.

Sometimes we become so deeply engrossed in our affairs that we hardly think abut the children of the Kingdom, about their welfare or about their status. But there is a great love that fills God’s children. There is a force that brings them to meditate on the same things in a pattern of thought. But if you want to know something about the magnitude of the pattern that exits among the spiritual beings in the celestial planes, and understand something of their great desire to see all things in harmony in the universe, then consider how it must have been for the angels and mighty minions of God, like Gabriel and Michael and all who were there, who were so filled with the intensity of this event that their hearts were filled with joy.

Some people say they don’t like to think about heaven, they just like to think about the earth. But I like to think about earth, when heaven bends so close to it that everybody on earth hears the hosts of heaven sing. I like to think about what God has placed around us, when I hear the great war threats coming out of the Canaanites of today, when today’s modern Philistines are making their mighty missiles and their mighty jets, while men are talking about peace on earth and good will to all men.

We know there is no peace, because the powers of darkness and evil hate God’s Kingdom. Then I like to think how close to earth heaven bends, how close to earth’s battlements and its fortresses, how great is the magnitude of the events which God has planned and of which we are a part.

There can be no question about the events of that night, for there, traveling before the three Wise Men, was the vehicle of glory, and it led them exactly to the spot were they had journeyed to meet. History was to show us the exactness of the scientific revelations which these men had been following, for the revelations had been recorded and the event was anticipated; and the words of Enoch prove that our people knew what they were looking for, as they had known all those years from the time of those revelations until the Wise Men arrived. The race that looked for the Messiah are the people, today, who worship Him and are in festivity, today, because He was born.

Some people have said this should be so solemn an event that men should be somber and they should be meditative and they shouldn’t be filled with joy and laughter. My friends, there is no somberness in God’s Kingdom. He doesn’t want His people to be somber. He wants a people rejoicing, He wants a people happy. He wants a people filled with the light and the glory of His presence. He came to set you free, not to put you in bondage. He came to let you see the vastness of His grace, to be that grace and manifestation, not to cast upon you fear. He didn’t want men to drop down at His feet and not look up at His face. He wanted His children to be able to run up and say, “Hello, Father, “just as you want your children to throw their arms around you. You wouldn’t want them to fall down in fear when you came by. And your Father had tried to cast out all fear and has justified you by the act of His grace: it started with His birth it culminated with His resurrection.

You are the children of freedom, the household of liberty, the Kingdom that God planted on the earth. Probably, no nation in this world can appreciate the value of liberty as much as we do in this nation, because God gave unto us the responsibility of lifting high the image and standard of liberty to the world.

So it is that we look back upon that event and consider the magnitude of it, when the heavenly choirs sang and the mighty fleets and hosts of heaven stood by, for it was an hour in which God was born among men. This was the mighty miracle; this was the thing in vision, which became the cardinal doctrine of Christian church: that God identified Himself with His kinsmen who were His relatives and He said, therefore, that He came to be one of them. He was born out of the same substance of flesh and the body, the bones, the structure of the body God dwelt in, was like that of your race. And the spirit that dwelt in Him was like the spirit that dwells in you but the absolute fullness of it dwelt in Him, for this was very God. That is why the Apostle Paul could say the fullness of God dwelt bodily with us. No wonder an effulgent glory shone around that manger.

Many people think that the events of those days were fulfilled in twenty-four hours, but it was not that way. The Wise Men had been coming; they say the “star.” The shepherds were on the hills when the announcement of the birth of Christ was made; they went down to the manger. The Wise Men journeyed from Jerusalem to Bethlehem. They didn’t get there the same day that the shepherds arrived; they arrived a day and a half later. And still the event was in operation.

It was almost eight days after the birth of Christ when the fourth Wise Man arrived, when he went to the temple, and then went to the seat of authority and found that Herod was a very angry person, because, so far, the other Wise Men had not returned to tell him where Christ was born.

It was the eighth day after Christ’s birth that Mary and Joseph took the child Jesus to the temple for His presentation. And there in the temple was Simeon, an aged priest who had all of his life waited for the deliverance of his people. As Simeon took the Christ Child in his arms he thanked God that there had been spared unto him the opportunity to see this visitation of God among His people, the promise of salvation to the people of Israel an event concerning which the whole world eventually hear and know: that Christ had come. And he said in prayer, “Now let Thy servant die in peace. My joy is full, now that I have beheld this.” And there was one Anna, a prophetess and a widow, about eighty-four years of age, who departed not from the temple but served God continually day and night, who proclaimed, “This is very God!”

Mary and Joseph then took the child and left the temple after the blessing, and they returned to Nazareth. There, the spirit of God moved upon them and warned them to go down into Egypt. They left that night and went down into Egypt, because they had been warned in a dream of the evil that would seek to destroy the child soon after his birth.

That is why it was on the ninth day that the fourth Wise Man arrived. It was on the ninth day that he fulfilled his destiny, about which we will have more to say in our sermon tonight, as we consider the vastness of this great design of the heavens and of its purpose and measure. But there is no question, today, that all the values of God’s plan and purpose that involved His identifying Himself with you, were filled with a mystery that thrills the soul to contemplate.

It is hard for us to realize that in that babe was the life energy that held the universe together. It is hard for us to realize that, as that boy grew in stature, the wisdom and the knowledge which was within Him would confound the wisest theologians; that the miracles He was to perform and the things which He was to declare, as He walked the earth, were to become living words whose vibratory capacity would change the minds of men and transform their lives and change the world.

When Jesus spoke about John the Baptist, who was born of Elisabeth the cousin of Mary, He said, “Never has there been a man born of woman like this man.” For this was Elijah that was to come, whose spirit had ascended into heaven, but by some strange miracle had been incarcerated by God in the body of John the Baptist, to prepare the way for the King.

You and I, living at the present time at the close of another year, look back over that panorama of history and our hearts overflow with joy when we contemplate the significance of the birth of Christ, even after the passage of nearly two thousand years of time. The enthusiasm had not diminished. The great lift in the hearts of the children of Israel, the Christian civilization of your time, had not in any way lost its zeal for the celebration of His birth, Nor, my friends, has there been any thing that has eclipsed in magnitude this event in the lives of men.

We have had philosopher’s come and go. We have had historians record the pageantry of the conquerors. We have been moved by oratory and we have been swayed by the work of the artists. We have felt the emotion that comes from listening to some magnificent musical creations by composers of tremendous talent. Human emotion can be touched in its vibratory plane but the strains of beautiful music. But there is nothing that charges the soul of man quite like the realization that God is his kinsman that God made a special trip out of the vastness of His universe, from the throne of God in the far off Pleiades, to earth, and that God was born in earth among his own particular race of people. And did you know that for the following thirty-three years, after His birth in earth, that the earth was the throne, the seat of the universe? Did you know the whole universe hung around this point?

Did you know that all of Satan’s design, to destroy Christ, was to take over the universe? Did you know that Satan worked incessantly to that end? And for thirty-three years, at every opportunity, he tried to destroy this body. For he knew that God had not put on immortality in this body, but had taken on a body just like you have, so He could conquer and overthrow death; in that body, for you. Yes, this was the miracle of God.

The heavens above had been filled with angels. The sky was clear, and suddenly it was overshadowed by the glory of heaven. In every part of the world, people are still remembering that. There has been lighting of lights, there has been decking of trees and someone has said, “My, this is a pagan custom.” It might be, but it still proves who you are. Do you remember what the scripture said? It said that you would go out in the forest and cut down a green tree, a workman with an axe, and you would bring it into the house and you would fix it with hammer and nails and deck it with silver and gold. That is what the Scripture said you would do and you are doing that. Don’t let someone tell me that the Palestinians are God’s Israel. I don’t here any of any Christmas trees down there in Palestine. You see, my friends, the children of God have adopted strange customs and picked up traditions, and may have added these things to make a part of their celebration, but the fact remains that you who the Scripture said would do it, are the ones that are doing it. And the real reason you do it, is because it is a part of the organization of your festivity.

It is good to say, Merry Christmas. It is good to say, Joyous Christmas. Could there be any greater joy than to know that God has become one of us, and then has lifted us back again to His own stature? That you stand guiltless and you stand free, that you can sleep without fear!

You know, the greatest conquest of fear was what God accomplished for us in His body, that as God dwelt among us, He let us understand God, as men in the flesh had never been able to understand Him before. In the power of His resurrection and before His ascension, He told His disciples that they were free; and when He carried into the heavens the body of a man and He was enveloped in glory, He raised the element of humanity to its highest level of divinity. Because of that, today, those words “Ye are gods, and all of you are the children of God. Why shall ye die like men?” are the words that take on stupendous significance. For the hour is coming when, because God was born as man, and there was a day when God was so born, you shall live as gods and never die. What greater hope, what greater fulfillment? What greater reason for rejoicing?

This day when we look back over that panorama, we realize why God charged the event, why the angels and the host of heaven, the mighty company of the Eternal, all were present that day. It was because of the tremendous importance of the hour. Then I know the promise will be fulfilled, that this same Christ shall return as King of kings and Lord of lords. Then I know the promise will be fulfilled, that his same Christ shall return as King of kings and Lord of lords. Then all the space ships, that men’s eyes do not as yet behold, will be visible for all to see. At that time, every invisible force shall become visible, all the angels and hosts of heaven and all of your race, the sons and daughters of God from the four corners of the universe, the elect of God from the four corners of heaven, shall accompany Him in that forthcoming majestic hour and that hour is not very far removed.

I can lift up my eyes to Leo; I can see also that there, in Leo, is a promise. I wait for it to burst like a new nova; for some night, before your very eyes, there shall be in that sign of Leo, a bursting glowing light, as though a star had exploded. You will say when did it explode? It might have exploded a hundred thousand years ago, but it is going to dawn on you one day with a great bursting light, and the light will only be overshadowed by the suddenness with which His glory will fill the earth.

He will keep that appointment. Then suddenly will disappear all the problems and fears, and even in the moment of that mighty conquest, when every sword shall be broken and when every enemy shall cry out, and when all the powers of darkness shall lose their force, the light that will fill the earth will also flood every soul. In that day when they will say, bring forth the royal diadem and crown Him King; you will know that it started with a birthday in the city of Bethlehem. It shall end when every knee shall bow and every tongue shall proclaim that He is King of kings and Lord of lords.