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Was Jesus Christ a Jew? – Wesley A. Swift

By: Dr. Wesley A. Swift


Tonight we are speaking on a subject, which the Children of Israel must learn to understand. There are many people who are under a strange delusion, finding themselves serving a fake set of ideas, which are very disturbing to them in the light of what they know and see round about. There are many who have been told that Yahshua the Messiah is a jew, and therefore The Most High and Saviour of their faith comes out of a race which hates Israelites, does all that it can to destroy it, and is now working insidiously all over The United States to get the Bible and prayer out of our schools (and have done a very good job of it too), and to take the Name of Yahshua the Messiah out of every phase of our National Life.

Now this is hard for some people to understand. They ask how could Yahshua be a jew, with all jews fighting everything that relates to His Heritage and His Name. Of course the great confusion that exists in the minds of many is in the fact that they have been ill – informed concerning who the House of Israel actually is, and they do not know that there is a vast distinction between the House of Israel (the descendants of Abraham) and the people called jews today. But we can establish for you clearly apart from these phases of Identity that Yahshua the Messiah is not a jew, or else all the foundations of His Heritage have been wasted upon something that is fatuous and that has no foundation whatsoever. We will also establish this very clearly for you on the basis of Yahshua’s time, as well as facts, which are self-evident as key points within the faith of Christianity.

I tell you that I am not following the jew: I am following the Incarnate Revelation of The Most High. Before you ask me, Is Yahshua the Messiah a jew? I ask you this question: Is Yahweh a jew? We have Yahshua’ own words in Matthew 23:33 in which He turned and told the jews that they are serpents and a generation of vipers. He was not talking about the symbol of Lucifer’s kingdom. He said they are Lucifer’s descendants. I want to emphasize the fact that one of the first things that Yahshua did in that conversation was to deny any family relationship. (This is also one of the important records of the book of John.) He denied any relationship with them, and in the instance when they were creating great pressure upon Him, Yahshua made this statement: “I Am of My Father, and you are of your father.” Therefore, I want to point out something that is most significant concerning Yahshua. First, let us go to Isaiah 7:14, and read what it says about His birth. “Therefore Yahweh Himself the Eternal One shall give you a sign: Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a Son, and shall call His Name Immanuel” (which is “Yahweh with us”).

For further revelation on this subject we turn to Isaiah 9:6 (Remember, Isaiah is an Israelite but he is not a jew.) It reads: “For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given: And the government shall be upon His Shoulder.” Who is He? His Name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty Yahweh, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.” They are referring to the fact that He is The Everlasting Father, that He is The Prince of Peace; and in this identification, His Embodiment as Messiah would be the Embodiment of the Life of Yahweh.

Now let us for a moment recognize that it was not until the violation of Divine Law by Lucifer and his intermingling of nefarious forces with the races (before the coming of your Race) that there ever existed a jew upon the face of the earth. It is also noted that these unassimilable forces are referred to in the Old Testament as Yehudi, which word is translated jews. We realize that the Bible (the King James version) which we have, like the Vulgate, had also been guided in its translation by a great number of jews who, professing to be Hebrew and Greek scholars, thought to cover up many phrases that relate to the Identity of Yahshua and words referring to them and their own relationship to world situations; but they were unable to efface the most important phrases concerning Yahshua and Who He was.

Therefore we have these facts in writing of the Apostle Paul who, without question, is the greatest authority of the New Testament outside of the declarations, which Yahshua Himself made. We believe the doctrine of the Church is founded upon the contents of the writings of the Apostle Paul and the Words of Yahshua. Their premise was also that the continuity of The Scripture meant that the Word of Yahweh of the Old Testament continued in the development of the truths of the new.

In the book of Colossians we discover that this revelation means that Yahweh is both Spirit and Soul, and can be embodied; so Spirit, Soul, and Body is the fullness of Yahweh, and you are in His image, and you are also Spirit, Soul, and Body. The Body of The Man Messiah was the image of the Invisible Yahweh. We want you to know that this was the revelation of Eternal Deity and regarding the Messiah, we read these words in the first chapter of Colossians: “Who is the Image (or Body) of the Invisible Yahweh, the firstborn (begotten before) of every creature.” Then Paul tells you here in the book of Ephesians as well, that by Him were all things created, that is by Yahshua.

For by Him were all things Created that are in the Heavens, by Him were all things Created that are in Earth, visible and invisible (that means spiritual or material), whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: All things were Created by Him and for Him: And He is before all things, and by Him all things consist.” If we did not have anything to talk about, were would say that this was proof conclusively that Yahshua could not be a jew, because He was before any jew existed. He was before all things, and by Him all things consist. We point also to this: “He is the Head of the Body, the Church, Who is the beginning, the first born from the dead, that in all things He Might have the preeminence.” (Colossians chapter 1) It pleases the Administering Spirit that His Embodiment will be the fullness of all in all. That is in your Bible, and these are the facts concerning the Person of Yahshua. He is the Author, the Creator, the Maker, the Producer of the Universe; and the Embodiment of all this in the physical Body was His purpose.

I think it very important, then, that we also turn to things that are most significant in this prophecy. It is no wonder the enemy, the higher critics; the forces of darkness want to do away with any super-element in our faith. If you could destroy that super-element, you might destroy the whole foundation of Christianity, and you might challenge the Being of Yahshua Himself. Son in this instance they try to do away with, and they would like to take out of the story, the prophecies of Isaiah that a virgin shall conceive and bear a Son. They want to change it today to “a young woman”.

I can assure you that the text said a virgin, and this was the intent. This fact is brought forth as one of the mysteries known back in the days of Enoch. After his Heavenly experience, Enoch also included in his revelation “The Pillars of Enoch” that Yahweh Himself would come forth through a virgin in a body, the fullness of Deity, the fullness of Divine Creative Power.

Now we turn to the record in Chapter 1 of Matthew concerning the genealogy of the Messiah, and this is “The book of the generation of Yahshua the Messiah” He is referred to here as “the Seed of David, the Seed of Abraham”. David was not a jew; he came out of Jesse. You will discover that he is out of Ephraim and actually out of Joseph. David was given a Royal Line over Judah, but not one drop of the blood of David is in the veins of the Messiah.

We discover the fact in the book of Luke that Mary was of the house of Levi. The house of Levi was not jew. The house of Levi could never be called jews by anybody, nor could Judah be called jewish, nor can you call the other ten tribes jews by any stretch of the imagination, for they were not identified with the Kingdom of Judah. Jews are trying to identify themselves with the House of Abraham by saying they are Judeans, and that they descended from Judah. They only dwelt in the land of Judea, but they were never citizens of the House of Abraham, nor did they come through Judah.

We read the whole genealogy in the book of Matthew from the days of Abraham on down”…and Eleazar begat Matthan; and Matthan begat Jacob; and Jacob begat Joseph the husband of Mary”, and it was Mary whom Yahshua was born. So it would not make any difference in all the genealogy of the House of Joseph, as far as the blood stream of Yahshua was concerned, for Joseph was not the father of Yahshua the Messiah. He was only the adopted foster father, to Yahshua and thus added a rightful title as foster father to Yahshua. (The Jerusalem Bible footnote (Matt.1: 1) says”…Joseph legally the father of Yahshua”.) But Yahshua held the title by His right as King of Kings and proved that in His Own conversation with the people of Jerusalem, as we will introduce to you.

In the Bible we have no genealogy as to who Mary is. Mary is the only physical Embodiment and contact of Yahshua. Here in Matthew it says: “… Mary, of whom was born Yahshua, Who is called Yahshua”. Nowhere in the genealogy, if you go back to the Old Testament, was the mother ever mentioned. It always tells which father begat whom down through all time. Why was the mother mentioned here? Why did it not mention the mother down through this entire course? Because one of the facts of this time in history was that the Virgin Mary was the mother of Yahshua and His only physical contact on Earth. Was she a jewess? Absolutely not!

Mary is of the House of Levi, so by no stretch of imagination could she be called a jewess . Levi was given for the true priesthood from the days of Aaron right on down to the present time; the ministry was called the ministry of Yahweh “forever” Let us turn back to the hour of the birth of Yahshua. This was in the days of Herod the King of Judea, and there was a certain priest named Zacharias (his wife was Elisabeth the daughters of Aaron). John the Baptist was born of Elisabeth, and Yahshua came forth from the womb of Mary. Now Elisabeth and Mary were cousins, one family, and one Household. In Luke 1:36 we read (as the angel addresses Mary): “And, behold, thy cousin Elisabeth hath also conceived a son in her old age.” Now this will help us to understand. The priesthood of Aaron was continued in the Levitical priesthood. This proves Mary was of the Household of Levi.

We bring to your attention, for we have the evidence referred to time after time, that the body of Yahshua was born of Incorruptible Seed. If you want to go back in the miracle pattern of religious philosophy, you will discover that as far as Adam is concerned he was the issue of Yahweh; he was His Life, he was the seed which He begat in the earth for establishing the race from which would come His Kingdom.

As we called to your attention before, in the sixth day (era) Yahweh created and consummated through these geological ages of His time, the making of everything in the Universe. He had even made man. “Male and female made He them, “ But on the eighth day He Said, “there is no Adamite to till the soil”, and He brought forth Adam, the very issue out of Himself. Do you know what the Apostle Paul tells us in Corinthians concerning Yahshua? This was the Body of Yahweh, the second Adam; and as Adam is the issue of Yahweh, so the Messiah is the second Adam. But He was also the first-born of every creature, because He was before all things, and by Him all things consist.

Yahshua began to preach one day, and He challenged the people “ Do you know before Abraham was, I was?” If, then, He was before Abraham, those who think the jews started with Abraham would be forced to conclude that Yahshua (having been before Abraham) could not have been a relative of the jews. When Abraham went out on the plains of Moreh, he met an unknown personage; the one whom He met for the first time was called Melchizedek, the great mystery title of the Eternal Priesthood of the Eternal Yahweh.

The Apostle Paul tells you in the 7th chapter of the book of Hebrews who Melchizedek was: He was without beginning of days, or end of life, the Eternal Priest and King Forever. There is only one individual without beginning of days or end of life; and He, my friends, is Yahshua the Messiah. John was exiled to the Isle of Patmos for the testimony of Yahshua the Messiah. Suppose I introduce you to the fact that, according to the book of Revelation, while he was there and while he was meditating, Yahweh appeared before him? He heard the sound of a trumpet; and as he turned, he beheld the beautiful spectacle of radiant Majesty and Light. He saw Deity standing before him; he threw himself to the ground; he heard the words: “I am Alpha and Omega; I am The Ever-Living Yahweh.” John says he trembled before the symbol of Majesty. The voice said, John stand upon your feet. You walked with Me along the shores of Galilee; I am Yahshua. And he beheld and knew that the Ever-Living was the Very One with Whom he had walked. “Fear not. I hold the keys of death and the grave. Stand upon your feet.” Do you suppose that The Almighty Yahweh is a jew? Yahweh save the world!

When Yahshua was twelve years old, He, His mother and Joseph (His foster father) went down to Jerusalem. He became separated from them. Do you know where they found Him? In the temple, confounding the wise men and the scribes; He knew more that they did. He was expounding to them the mysteries of the Scriptures, for He has put them together. From that time on, Yahshua was busy on these things. Oh, you say, He was working in the carpenter shop? He lived in the City of Nazareth? Not very much. You want me to prove that to you? Joseph of Arimathea owned the tin mines of Cornwall in Britain and, being of the true stock of the Kingdom of Israel, he was one of the most powerful members of the Sanhedrin. His ships ploughed up and down the coasts of Europe, through the Pillars of Hercules, and in the Mediterranean. Joseph was a good man; he laid Yahshua in his tomb. This is a matter of history. You can go to Rome today and see where Joseph paid constant duty from one country to another.

Suppose I tell you that all during His Youth, up to the time He was 30 years old, He was in Europe? Yahshua was here, and he was there; He was preaching. You, say, You cannot prove that. Yes, I can prove it. I am going to show you something here that you will remember. In Luke we have a story of how Yahshua was baptized, and after Lucifer assaulted Him with temptation, He was away for awhile. After He returned to the City of Nazareth, He went down to the temple to preach. When He stood up with authority and power (for He had the symbol of authority; they had handed Him the scroll) and He talked, the people said, Who is this? Now, my friends, if Yahshua had been constantly in attendance here, if He had been growing up here since He was twelve years old, they would not have guessed or pondered who this was who stood up to preach.

I will show you something significant. If you turn to 1 Timothy 3:16 you will read these words concerning Yahshua: “ And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness; Yahweh was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the nations, believed on in the world, received up into glory.”

If Yahweh was manifest in the flesh, He was justified in the Sprit, and He preached unto the Nations—when did He do that? He did that before He commenced the three-year ministry, which was to be historic, that went up to His crucifixion. How I can prove to you that over here in the records, we have Yahshua as He returns from having been in a far country. As He arrives at the seat of Customs of the local government, they want to collect taxes from Him. Yahshua turns to His disciples, saying, Of whom do the kings collect taxes, of their own or of strangers? (Here was King Herod collecting taxes from Yahshua.) Yahshua, not to argue with them, said, Go down and catch a fish. They brought a fish to Him, and He said, Take the money out of its mouth. They found there the golden coin with which to pay the taxes.

What I want to point out to you is that Yahshua the Messiah had been outside the country and had returned at this instance. He had been preaching in a far country, and the records show that He paid taxes and paid customs. The jews recognized He was a stranger. More than that, in another instance we can show you something, which is significant to this pattern. You remember, in the book of John there are many mysteries; they are only mysteries because the Church never applied itself to these many things, and these are also correlated with evidence that we discover all through the writings of Matthew, Mark, and Luke; but especially in John are these things made known. I read here in John concerning that which Yahshua was speaking that the jews, the Pharisees, the chief priests in the time of Yahshua were fatuous, and came in the line of the Canaanites. They were not the true seed of Israel. That is why Yahshua told them: “I am of My Father, and you are of your father.”

In John chapter 7, He tells the chief priests and officers that came to take Him, I am going to be here a little while, and I am going into the Spirit whence I have come. “You shall seek Me, and shall not find Me; for where I am going you cannot come.” So it is obvious: Where Yahshua was going, the jews could not go. Yes, He was going to Heaven. Well, then, the jews could not get there.

The jews said, “Where will He go that we can not find Him? Will He go to the dispersed among the nations? Will He go there and teach them?” The priest and Pharisees asked the officers, “Why have you not seized Him? Why did you not bring Him?” And the officers answered, “Never spake man like this man”. Then spake the Pharisees, “ Are ye also deceived? Have any of the rulers or the Pharisees believed on Him?” Nicodemus (who visited Yahshua by night) stepped up. “Now Listen: The Law does not judge any man before it hears him.” They said to him: “Oh, are you also one of His disciples? No prophet comes out of Galilee” The jews said He was not a jew; they said He was a Galilean.

Now, remember, the Galileans were not jews. You say, prove that. All right, let’s turn to the sixth chapter of John. Yahshua the Messiah had twelve disciples. One of them was a jew; that was Judas Iscariot. All the rest came out of Galilee, out of the Household of His selection. He asked them a question concerning His identity, and Simon Peter said: “Master, where shall we go? Thou hast the words of Eternal Life. We believe and are sure that Thou are the Messiah.” That means the Embodiment of Yahweh, the Very Seed, the Embodiment of The Most High.

Yahshua said: “Have not I chosen you twelve, and one of you is a devil?” While that may be just a name you call somebody, to Yahshua it was a generation of Lucifer. Yahshua turned to the jews on Solomon’s porch, and said: “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. I am from above; I am of Yahweh, and ye are of the devil. I am Yahweh’s offspring, and ye are the devil’s offspring.” You say, is that in the Bible? That is in the book of John, which you have. John also says: “ He spake of Judas Iscariot…for he it was that should betray Him…”

In John 7:1 we read: “After these things Yahshua walked in Galilee: For he would not walk in Jewry, because the jews sought to kill Him.” You understand that in Galilee He would not be among the jews. The brethren of Yahshua, the friends of Yahshua, and the Galileans (the people of the community where Yahshua lived) went down to Jerusalem; but there, no man dared speak openly of Him for fear of the jews. Let us turn to the words of Yahshua in the eighth chapter of John. He makes the declaration concerning His purpose. He went over to the temple and all the people came, and He taught them, saying:” I bear record of Myself, and My record is true.” The Pharisees said” “Your record is not true.” So we have the jew Pharisees denying Yahshua. He said: I know whence I came I came and whither I go, but you cannot tell whence I came and whither I go.” They asked, “Where is your Father?” Then Yahshua said: “If ye had known Me, ye should have known My Father also.” These words spake Yahshua in the treasury, as He taught in the temple: And no man laid hands on Him. For His hour was not yet come. Then Yahshua said, “ I go My way and ye shall seek Me and die in your sins: Whither I go, ye cannot come… And He said, ye are from beneath: I am from above; ye are of this world; I am not of this world.”

So Yahshua said, You are of a different race, a different origin, and a different background. Let me tell you about the whole Race of Israel. Turn to John 17. John records that Yahshua praised the Father, and in this declaration, the Man Yahshua the Messiah, in the Body unveiling for posterity facts concerning the Eternal Spirit: “ I have manifested Thy Name unto the men which Thou gavest Me out of the world. Thine they were, and Thou gavest Me; and they have kept Thy word…. I pray for them. I pray not for the world, but for them whom Thou hast given Me; and they have kept Thy Word…. I pray for them. I pray not for the world, but for them whom Thou hast given Me; for they are Thine… and Thine are Mine.”

Yahshua said, I pray for those whom thou hast given Me. I have given them Thy Word, because they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world. I do not pray that you take them out of the world, but keep them in it, and protect them from evil (calamity). “ I am not of the world.” He was the Almighty Ever-Living One from Heaven.

That is why one of the mysteries you find in the book of Hebrews is quite clear. He said your Race was a Race of strangers and pilgrims here. Yahweh put a gracious forgetful-ness over you, so you would do the job, which you were sent to do.

No Israelite was related to a jew; and if he married one he could not enter the temple, nor could his posterity. You say, I thought Yahshua was a jew. No; Yahshua could not be a jew! If He was the Almighty Yahweh, if He was Holy Seed, if He was Incorruptible Seed, if He was before all things, that would be impossible.

In John chapter 12 the Pharisees said, We have got to do something about this man. Perceive ye how ye prevail nothing ever since He raised Lazarus from the dead? Many knew of this miracle. People all over the world were learning about the fact that Yahshua had raised Lazarus from the dead, and they had gone after Him.

Now great nations sent ambassadors and messengers, and certain Greeks who were important people came to worship Yahshua. They said to Phillip of Bethsaida, “Sir, we would see Yahshua.” Then Philip, Andrew, and the others came to Him saying, men are coming from these lands and places and they want to see you. Yahshua answered: “The hour is come that the Incarnate Revelation of Yahweh should be glorified.”

The Pharisees said, We had better stop Him; the whole world is coming out to see Him. And therefore we have the testimony of this impact, where the chief priests consulted how they might put Lazarus to death in order to stop acceptance of the truth. Yahweh walked among them as The Messiah. He raised a man from the dead and they were so filled with hatred and jealousy that they wanted to put him to death again! Don’t talk about brotherhood to me! I don’t want any part of them!

Since Yahshua made this declaration concerning His purpose and plan, the Pharisees were taking counsel how they might entangle Him as He spoke. Yahshua said, Who is The Messiah? There is only one answer to this. If they were acquainted with the prophets, the Messiah was going to be the Embodiment of Yahweh, Immanuel. He was going to assume the Household Throne, The Throne of David, because He is Yahweh and Father of such a throne. But because of their interpretations, He would be the Son of David. Matthew chapter 22 tells us that Yahshua asked them, How can you say He is the Son of David? When in the Psalms David called Him Yahweh? Now Yahshua said, “If David, then, calls The Messiah Yahweh, how could He be David’s son?” Hear this” He was before David, and David therefore sang of the fact that The Messiah was going to be Yahweh Embodied among men. Do you know what happened after this? Matthew says: “No man was able to answer Him a word, neither doth any man from that day forth ask Him any more questions.”

Never has there been a period when it was more important that men recognize what the Apostle Paul said in Colossians chapter 1: “That He is before all things, and by Him all things consist; that He is The Eternal One!”

Yahweh made a declaration in the Old Testament that He would visit His Own people, “that I Yahshua am Thy Saviour; besides Me there is no Almighty One.” In the hour of the revelation, the One who will be embodied will be Yahweh The Eternal Deity. By this declaration, you have the evidence right here in the Scripture that His Name was Yahshua. This is the Greek way of saying Jesu (Yahshua), and the people came out and recognized Him as such. On Palm Sunday they cried: “Hosanna: Blessed is He Who comes in the Name of Yahweh; Hosanna in The Highest!

As we look at Matthew chapter 16, we see Yahshua has returned from the coasts of Caesarea of Philippi, which is a Mediterranean seaport. He turns to His disciples (especially Peter) and asks: “Remember this: The words Seed of Man, now used in Scripture, are some of the most sacred words in the Hebrew language: They mean the Embodiment of Yahweh. They answered Him: “Some say you are John the Baptist, some say you are Elias, others say you are Jeremiah or one of the prophets.” He said to His disciples who had been with Him: “Who do you say that I am?” Simon Peter said, “You are the Messiah, You are the Seed of the Living Yahweh.”Yahshua said, “Simon Bar-jona, you did not receive this from flesh and blood; the Spirit of Yahweh alone could reveal it unto you, and upon this declaration of Faith I will build My Church, and all the gates of perdition shall not prevail against it.” Now let every Israelite throughout the world think: It is upon the revelation that Yahshua is the Embodiment of Yahweh that the Church is built, and upon the declaration of this Faith the jew is destroyed. Yahshua The Messiah is either Yahweh the Almighty One, or our Faith is hung on empty philosophy. Who has ever heard of an empty philosophy that raised the dead? Who has ever heard of Incorruptible Seed coming by any course other than out of the Spirit? This was evident when Yahshua told He was born of Incorruptible Seed!

We are told that He was Innocent blood that this was not Adam’s blood but was the blood of Heaven. You say; He was also Mary’s blood. Oh no: He was not Mary’s blood. Mary gave Him body and character; the blood is formed within the child; the blood that courses through the veins of the child is born of the embryo. The mother’s blood may nourish the child, but the blood within the child is the blood of the embryo. This was the Life of Yahweh; this was the Embodiment of Yahweh; and therefore this was Innocent blood, not Adam’s blood. Had this been Adam’s blood, He could not have been a Lamb without spot or without blemish. His atonement would have been of no value.

Now we have something else that is significant. He said, “You are flesh of My flesh and bone of My bone,” because He had identified Himself with His Own Household, and His Own people. Yahshua came to the land of His Own Inheritance. The occupiers there did not receive Him, and therefore He told them a parable of how imposters held the land, and when they beheld The Messiah, they beheld the Son (seed) of the King. They said, “behold, we are not the heirs, let us kill Him.” Thus, they identified themselves as not the heirs, and recognized that Yahshua was the heir, and they proved that they did not belong to His Family. They perceived that Yahshua spoke this parable against them, and they said: “Come, let us kill Him, and let us seize His Inheritance.” (Matthew, Mark, and Luke makes record of this matter.)

I think it most significant to know that the Apostle Paul said, “I am an Israelite of the tribe of Benjamin. I was of the sect of the jews, but not one by race.” In the book of 1 Thessalonians he tells us these words concerning the jews: “They please not Yahweh, and are contrary to all men.” Paul was an eminent authority on this subject because for a long time, he was under the influence of their false position, and suddenly the Spirit of Yahweh called him out of it. Yahshua said, If I had one lost sheep, I would search for him and, in the sovereignty of predestination He called Paul and designed this apostle for a Great Ministry. Paul beheld the vision in the Heavens and The Glory and The Majesty and The Revelation of Yahweh, and he heard His Voice, and answered, “Who art Thou, Yahweh?” The jews who were around could not see Yahshua; they only heard that it thundered. After the apostle had his eyes opened and could see again, he now discerned the difference between the false propaganda that had been carried to him over the Southern portion of Europe (where he had studied in the City of Tarsus) and the real truths that were involved.

You know, one of these days, all Israelites are going to have their eyes opened and know whom they are. They are going to be known, as they are known. They are going to think as He thinks, and know as He knows, and in that hour they are going to discover the Great and Tremendous Covenant that Yahweh has made with their Forefathers. In that place where you are called “gentiles” and “not My people”, it is going to be revealed that you are the Children of The Living Yahweh! As the sands of the seashore, you are the Children of The Covenant. Every last one of your Race came out of the Heavens to Earth by the process of birth, even as Yahshua came by this route, except He was Embodied as the fullness of Divine Offspring. If Adam was the first Adam, and Yahshua was the second Adam, then He was The Embodiment of Yahweh’s Life.

I turn in Revelation and Colossians to that which reveals a part of the mighty purpose of the Most High and tells us what Yahweh intends to do: That, therefore, He created all things which are in the Heavens as well as those that are in Earth, visible and invisible, thrones, dominions, principalities, and powers: All things were Created by Him, and for Him. He is the Head of the Body, the Church. He is the first-born out of the dead, that in all things He might have the preeminence. The Scripture says it pleases Deity and Spirit, that this fullness dwells within Him and, having made peace through the blood of His Own Cross, to reconcile all things unto Himself, whether they be things in Earth or things in Heaven. Now I point this out to you: This was the Incarnated Yahweh Who found Himself therefore in this form. I read in Philippians 2:8-10: “And being found in fashion as a man. He humbled Himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross. Wherefore the Creative Spirit, the Eternal Essence of Yahweh, hath highly exalted this body of flesh, and having bestowed upon Him a Name which is above every name: That at the Name of Yahshua every knee should bow, of things that are in Heaven and things that are in Earth, even things which are under the Earth, that every tongue should confess that Yahshua is the Eternal Yahweh for The Eternal Glory of The Eternal Father.”

Now therefore we point out to you that it is by this revelation that we are told here in Philippians 3:21 that He is able to change our bodies like unto His Own Glorious Body by the power that He possesses to subdue all things even unto Himself. John 8:58: “Verily, verily I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I was.”

I think a significant revelation when one proceeds into the pattern of the Old Testament is that you find the word Saviour (Yahshua) meaning The Eternal Yahweh. In the revelation when the Person of the Most High stands before Joshua, the Embodiment of Yahweh, the angel of The Almighty, stands before Him and the Body of Yahweh is there. We discover that Jacob wrestled with the Body of Yahweh. Yahweh became Embodied and walked with men! He appeared before Enoch and Job in the ancient mysteries of the records of the ancient City of On, where He visited Enoch and Job in the land of Egypt, and spread out before them and gave them the symbols of that early communion. You see, the revelation of Yahweh, the Embodiment of Yahweh, is not something new. Yahweh is the Same, Yesterday, Today, and Forever.

Yahshua said to the jews: “I speak and declare unto you the truth, but you cannot understand My words because you lack spiritual capacity.” I want to bring to your attention that in John chapter 10, Yahshua said: “I am the Good Shepherd, The Good Shepherd giveth His Life for the sheep…I have come for My sheep.” In Matthew chapter 10 He commanded His disciples: “Go unto the lost sheep of the House of Israel.” But in John chapter 10, He tells the jews: “Ye believe not because ye are not of My sheep. My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me: And I give unto them Eternal Life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of My Hand.”

Someone says, Is there any hope? There is hope for everything in the Universe. Turn over here in Acts 3:21 to Peter’s message as he speaks to a great number of Israelites who had come from many areas out of every Nation. They had heard great things about Yahshua, had come to the Passover and, now as Peter and the apostles under the power of the Spirit spake, they listened to His words: “Therefore repent and be converted…for the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of The Eternal, Yahshua Who before was preached unto you, Whom the Heavens must receive until the times of the restitution of all things, which Yahweh hath spoken by the mouth of all His Holy prophets since the world began.” Restitution means everything shall be restored as Yahweh made it. He made only three pure races — White, black, and yellow. Everything else is hybrid. The jews are hybrids.

We turn over to the book of Revelation again and we see the words: “I am Alpha and Omega.” The last chapter of the book is still the same pattern of Divine purpose, the Kingdom of Our Master Yahshua the Messiah, and in this instance you will note, “I am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and The End, The First and The Last… I am the Root…”

So I turn for one last happy thought and tell you this: There are many deceivers in the world. Who is a deceiver? He is the one that says Yahshua the Messiah is not come in the flesh. “This is a deceiver and an anti-Messiah.” (II John 7)

Then you have the words of the Apostle John as he writes about these things in his first epistle. He says in the fourth chapter that there are many spirits. “Try them to see whether they be of Yahweh, for there are many false prophets that have come into the world. Every spirit that confesses that Yahshua the Messiah is come in the flesh is of Yahweh; but every spirit that confesses not that Yahshua the Messiah has come in the flesh is the spirit of anti-Messiah, which you have heard and is already in the world.” Therefore the declaration of John is that everybody that does not recognize that Yahshua is The Embodiment of Yahweh is anti-Messiah.

Now all jews refuse to recognize that Yahshua is The Embodiment of Yahweh, (don’t take my word on this, go and ask one) and they deny that He is in their records and books such as “The Bible in the Hands of Its Creator” and many others. They say that Yahshua is Satan, and that the devil that they worship is El. I point out to you that Yahshua knew who their father was. No wonder He said: “I am Yahweh and you are of your father the devil.”

Take your choice: Yahshua or the jews, Israelite or jewry, The Kingdom of Yahweh or world government that leads to socialist and communist slavery. Their dream has been the thing they have financed not only throughout the ages, but from the time of Karl Marx to the revolutions of our time.

The Kingdom of Yahweh has brought Knowledge and Blessing to the ends of the Earth. You are of the “have” Nations of the world, the Israelite Nations of Yahweh’s Kingdom, and are Blessed by every Covenant Promise, which He made to them.

I want you to remember that Yahshua on the Mount of Transfiguration stood before Peter, James, and John and suddenly He was enveloped in radiant Glory. The effulgent Light that came forth from Yahshua covered His clothes until it became translucent with His Glory – so radiant – so bright, that the three men stood transfixed by the Majesty of sudden Light that had come from all around the Person of Yahshua and had enveloped Him in its Glory. Suddenly, Moses and Elias, stepped out of the dimension of Spirit, and they talked with Yahshua concerning the things of the Kingdom, proving the Eternal Cycle of Eternal Life that comes out of the Kingdom of Light and Life.

Then the disciples said, Let us stay here. Yahshua said, No, you go down from this Mountain. I just wanted you to see these things. And while they were talking “they saw no man, save Yahshua only.” They came down from that mountain filled and charged: They had beheld the Glory of Yahweh. This, my friends, was the Glory you had in part before the world was framed.

We are told that He has ascended into Heaven, and sits in the Seat of Authority, and that He holds the Scepter Hand of Authority. What did Yahshua say to the jews? “Where I go you cannot come.” What does He say to you? “Absent from the body is to be present with The Most High.” I bring to your attention that this is about the Children of His Kingdom and His Household.

Right now what is your responsibility? You are members of the Embodiment of Yahweh/Yahshua; you are citizens of a Great Nation of Yahweh’s Kingdom. You are to lift up the standards of this Great Nation; you are to carry forward the blueprint of Yahweh’s Kingdom; you are to resist the very enemy. You are to cleanse your Israelite society of the enemies of Yahweh/Yahshua that seek to pervert your Israelite Heritage and your Nation by destroying your Identity. They seek to remove the Deity of Yahweh/Yahshua from the thinking of this Great Nation. He is the Rock and the Corner Stone, and upon this Foundation our Heritage will survive!

Take a dollar bill and look at the Seal of The United States. Notice the reverse side of that seal as well. You will see a pyramid, the all-seeing eye of The Almighty Yahweh, the Chief Capstone upon it. Remember these words that Yahshua spoke: “This Stone is the Head Stone.” The Capstone. It is to become the Chief Corner Stone, and it is still going to be the Head Stone of The Kingdom. That is why Paul said concerning this Capstone of Yahshua, The Eternal Corner Stone, The Chief Corner Stone at the top “In Whom the whole building fitly framed together grows into a Holy Temple unto Yahweh,” in which He is the Chief Corner Stone sealing the whole thing in perfection. The perfect symbol of the entire building is the Capstone, for it has every angle, every facet, and every side that the rest of the building has when in completion, when He seals it in. And this, my friends, is the reason we tell you that He, Who is The Completer of all things, Seals The Children of His Household in perfection. So be it. Even so, come, Almighty Yahweh.


Questions and Answers 3-25-64 – Wesley A. Swift

3-25-64 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study – Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


Question:…The Apostles were to go unto only certain homes were they not?

Answer:…When HE sent out the Apostles, HE sent them only to ‘The Lost Sheep’ of Israel. Thus only to those who had the capacity to receive and to understand. HE spent no time in sending them out to those who lacked spiritual capacity. And if they were not of the seed line He never sent an Apostle to them.

Thus worthiness was built not on what they had accomplished, but on who they were, on the basis of what was invested in them. In other words: ‘Spirit of His Spirit’…’Life of His Life’..to those He sent the Apostles and disciples. The word is not merely..worthy..for this is just a matter of translation. Is this quote you read from the Amplified version? Well, the fact of the matter is that He sent them out to those who could receive, or understand. This is the same thing you find in the Book of Matthew:..’To you it is given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom, to them it is not given.’ Therefore He said:..I speak unto you in parables these mysteries lest they hearing might partially understand and ..join you. The thing HE did not want was for the enemy to join the children of the Kingdom, for this would be a catastrophe. They would only use their wisdom to destroy from within the center. Therefore He said:..I speak to you of mysteries which they lacking spiritual perception cannot receive.

We have to get over the idea that the program of God thru the instrument of the Apostles, or the ministry of the church was to gather as many people inside of the church as possible. To get them to give up lip service of acceptance to something which they lacked the spiritual capacity to understand. Thus we have the World Wide Evangelism program of today of church organizations, and of churches which even don’t believe in the real values of the Scriptures, but they still support some areas of missionary activity of social service, such as ‘The New Frontier’. And at the same time they go out to the ends of the earth to bear testimony to the truth about the true God, because they think they can win all people over to a way of life, or to a concept. But the Scripture did not say for you to do this. The Apostle Paul was forbidden to go to Asia, and the disciples wouldn’t understand, they lacked the capacity to understand. And those who were the Satanic offspring of the fallen Angels and Lucifer who make up the Jews, had no capacity whatsoever to understand. Jesus said:..you can not understand what I say..as he spoke to them..because you cannot hear my speech. In other words a better translation would be:…you cannot understand because my words do not make an image in the seat of your consciousness. Why? Because of who you are and what you are. So this is something you cannot alter. Probably the most dangerous thing in the converts which have been brought into the church is that they are really not converts at all but for various reasons of expedience they have joined the church because they thought it was good business. Because they thought this is a better social area for them to get into. Thus you have hundreds of converted Jews in churches all over who have no spiritual capacity. Of course this is what happened to our theology of today, because many of them went into the ministry, and areas of it were adjusted to suite themselves.

Question:…You talked a couple of months ago about a Social Gospel. I don’t understand?

Answer:…When I am talking about a Social Gospel this is a Gospel whose total operation is based on an area of what might seem like an area of social service but does not personify any recognition of Christ or of His Deity. For instance we have today what is called the Modernistic school of theology, and this was caused by the penetration into all major denominations by some who selected this as a profession. But many of them insidiously moving into the church became of the objective strategy of their political and social mentor. Thus it was that Jewry, Socialism, Extreme Liberal movements were assailing colleges, and in the Ecclesiastical circles were selecting various areas to move in on. Thus they stimulated the movement into the areas of the ministry a great number of Liberals who had no spiritual values or call, in order that they might carry a social revolution into the church. Thus this is what we refer to as the Social Gospel.

I do not think for a moment that this determines or eliminates the influence of the church to effectively control and regulate the areas of civic life thru its influence, and thru its program. But it is not the responsibility of the church to go to the ends of the earth and feed the Asiatic and the Africans and put out a false philosophy of integration and equality and Eternal Brotherhood, all of which is part of the Social Gospel. At the same time while doing that find no necessity in declaring any deity in Christ, but advocating Him as just a teacher. A great invisible God, a Spirit who rules all with a simplicity of not requiring any spiritual recognition of anything else. The Social Gospel makes no distinction in the categories of the beings who exist in the earth for the purposes of God and the kingdom as we know it. So it operates everywhere by telling the people, especially in the churches which seeks to finance it that if they but ‘Love’ one another they will love everyone to the ends of the earth until they assume the responsibility of feeding the earth, providing for it, following the general trend of Socialism which enhances the position of Karl Marx as tho this were a higher calling than any other challenge in philosophy. Therefore this must be Christianity because Christianity is the most self denying, highest calling of what they interpret to be Socialism. I tell you that this is a vast misconception of ‘Love’. You don’t serve people when you make them cripples in the areas of their own ability to even support themselves. In most of these areas as you bring Socialism in, then any initiative they might have is normally killed, and is exchanged for blackmail. This is what you have in Africa today, it is what you have even here in these United States. You bring in Socialism and they try to make it the Christians responsibility to provide for everybody from the cradle to the grave, on the basis of taking from those who have, and giving to those who have not. Then teach that if you are a Christian you will unselfishly be willing to do this. Actually it is not a matter of selfishness or unselfishness as to whether a person is willing to give the things he has provided or saved, or made to those who have provided no initiative or energy to accomplish or achieve any of these things.

Now;..there is a natural affinity and we might call it a pattern of Love to this extent, that there is an inherent love in man for his fellow man. But there is also a love inside of men for dogs, and horses, but this is all relative to their patterns of perception. They don’t think about a dog or a horse as they would about a man, or a relative or someone of this nature. So this word…’Love’ is used to loosely. When we think about ‘Love’ it is an emotion, we turn it off or on and it ceases to emote. This is the fantasy of today as to the way Semantics is used. It is used in political warfare and in almost all of what we call ‘the modernistic trend’ which moved into theology and has as one of its functions of existing this Social Gospel, which is a part of a conspiracy which is also Jewish inspired and designed.

The first wave of ‘higher criticism’ which moved in on the Scriptures were almost all of the Jews from central Europe, and Eastern Europe, and then they spread out to America and everywhere else. But they directed in Universities, and Seminaries, and managed to make their way into these Seminaries and passed themselves off as everything from Linguists to Pastoral Psychiatrists. And then started introducing everything from Pastoral Psychiatrists to business Administration which they had an aptitude for, so they were soon then teaching theology. The Social Gospel was developed this very way and we watched this impact when I was a boy. There was a very fine Missionary minded young Clergyman at that time in the Methodist church. He was E. Stanley Jones, and his desire was to do everything he could to step up theology and fundamental theology. He was very much concerned with Missionary activities in India and other places. He went to India several times, and the chief Socialist conspirator in India was Ghandi. And Liberals in the church like Collins and others used their influence around E. STANLEY Jones until he was thrown into contact with Ghandi, and they went to work one E. STANLEY Jones because he had great influence in the Methodist conference. They said:..now we like the teachings of Jesus but we don’t like Western Christianity for it is to selfish. And all America cares about is itself, she doesn’t care about anything but herself, not about the people of India, and as to whether they eat or don’t eat. This of course was an old con game but E. STANLEY Jones fell for this. They said:..we will take Christ for a teacher, but not your religion, nor your American form of Christianity. Well,..E. STANLEY Jones came home and wrote:..’Christ the Indian Road’, and this book was quite a volume as to how they listened to the teachings of Jesus, but they didn’t accept the Deity of Jesus, they would not then accept American Christianity which proclaimed HIS Deity, because we as a nation were so selfish. But if America could be talked into dividing up our wheat and our industries and so forth, then they would be a little more warm toward American Christianity. This was strictly conning…the conning of our nation, and if E. Stanley Jones had been a little more alert and realized what was happening he would have said:…I will not present your pleas to America if you do not recognize or accept the Deity of The Christ. But he was dealing with an Asiatic who lacked the capacity to perceive this beyond the emotional level. However Ghandi was one of the most brilliant minds in the Socialist revolution. His pacifism was a misnomer, for behind the scenes he activated all types of violence even while crying pacifism. Today the Reds are using the very similar tactics in the NAACP and CORE, they use leaders crying pacifism while behind the scenes they are instituting acts of violence; then holding these acts up in horror and warning the White man what will happen if he doesn’t capitulate. So the first book written by E. Stanley Jones was..’Christ the Indian Road’, and then he went back to India for a couple of years. Then he came back and wrote..’Christ of the Round table’, and by now he was saying that it would be wise for Christians to discover some of the great teachings of the Eastern Wisemen. The wonderful things to be found in the Bahai Vegeta. Well, actually most of the Vedic writings were written by Aryans of the Patriarchal line way back in the early times clear back to Seth, but of course E. Stanley Jones didn’t perceive this. So he talked about Christ at the round table and Ghandi said this and Confucius said that, but all this he got in India. then he sowed this into America and into the Methodist church as he was liberalized and he sought to liberalize the church. He supported the program for billions of bushels of wheat for India and that America should subsidize Indias Industry and the Methodist Church then built a great lobbying building in Washington D.C. This Liberal Socialist influence in that church had now built a building just as important in Washington D.C. as the AFL building which was almost as imposing as the Supreme Court. Thus the church began the lobbying for America to give things to India. And E. STANLEY Jones and others were then over in India saying:..look what we are doing for you now. And now Christ was showing up in Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, and Kali doctrines. Christ was showing up in Buddhism, and he said all he had to do was make a slight modification and recognize that each had his road and his approach to come to the same truth. A few years after this he came around on his world wide Preaching Mission and in this world wide Mission he had a Socialist named Tokyo Hogawa who came here from Japan. And remember this was before W.W.II and this man was trying to make Pacifists out of all of us. At the same time we would not lay that at the door of the Japanese war plan for at this moment they had no particular plans against America altho they had plans to expand in Manchuria which might have been more to our advantage than we realized, but this man was not interested in helping the Japanese government as such since he also wanted to overthrow the government of Japan and replace the leader with a Socialist government and actually he was an agent and a tool of the Soviet Union. But this Tokyo Hogawa wrote books which were sold in Methodist churches and then pretty soon in Baptist churches and others, and in these books he was teaching the Social responsibility of Christians. And that the great social curse of judgment rested on the White nations of the Western world if they didn’t share what they had with the starving people of India, and the crowded people of Japan. thus it was their responsibility to either thru their government or thru their churches to directly give them their substances. And he said that the average American must learn to tighten up his belt and give one half of what he is making as income for redistribution to the people of India so that their staples standards will rise.

Now, here was E. Stanley Jones, and Tokyo Hogawa and two or three other liberals going on a World Wide Preaching Mission, and they also went out thru the United States in all the churches, and they said:…don’t tell us about your Faith, lets see how much you are willing to give. Lets see how you are willing to share, to prove to all men that you ‘Love’ them enough so that they will accept your God. This was therefore a Socialist using mouthpieces inside the church, and then joining this with a great number of young Socialists saying:…now we can join the church and move into the theology of the church for the church will now embrace the E. Stanley Jones doctrine. These men then went into the ministry and some of them made up what was known as ‘The Methodist Social Action Committee’. I investigated this in San Francisco for the ‘Un-America Activities committee’ and I and another Clergyman covered this meeting night and day at their general conference, and here were communists who had joined this because they were persuaded that the Church was ripe for this great Social Gospel. Here was this man from Japan, one of their own, and now E. Stanley Jones, altho not a member of the Communist Party, but had now been Socialized to this point. Now:..E. Stanley Jones could not stand the selfishness of America so he moved permanently to India, and high up in the Himalayas which he now calls the Himalayas just this side of Rampur, he has a sanctuary in the mountains. He calls this a retreat and this is exactly a retreat like any of the old fakers of Jones now has a retreat just like the Buddhist and Hindus have in the mountains. And he sits there cross legged and people of all Faiths come there to talk to him, and they have given him a special title, and they say he is like one of their own Holy Wise men.

Now:..this American (E. Stanley Jones) thinks this is the highest of attainments. To be able to sit and contemplate the problems of the world, and to know that one has become an instrument to accomplish this. And in the process proving to those people that an American can care. So… We have today an American hermit in the Himalayas, but at the same time his material is more socialistic than ever, and is standing with the socialists of India, who stand in some areas even against their own government. Thus you see how far this goes…this misconceived concept of what ‘Love’ is has brought in an emotional irresponsibility. And it is replacing an area of theology which started out correct, but this has been a great negating


A lot of people will work night and day on one area of the Social Gospel, but never put one bit of interest or energy in trying to straighten out the thinking of men, or eliminate the great scourge which would destroy Christianity itself.

Yes, it is alright to work in the girl Scouts and the boy Scouts to see that they get Christian leadership, but if one never takes any stand against any social or political evil which is taking over the country, then all you are doing is sitting up ‘Little Lambs’ for the slaughter. And it requires more than just a social service, so this is just one phase of this, for the Social Gospel can have volumes written in it. The ‘Un-America Activities’ has much on this subject, and the National Council of Churches is, shall we say, the structural cathedral from which this Social Gospel functions.

Question:…What is the demarcation between the Kingdom and the church?

Answer:…The scriptural demarcation between the Kingdom and the church is like the demarcation line between a mans family and the White race. It falls in the same category as that, for when we talk about the Kingdom then the Kingdom is made up of nations, church and Throne. The church is only one facet of the Kingdom, the church is a part of the Kingdom, and the church is just a part of the Kingdom, but not the whole Kingdom. It is only an instrument inside the Kingdom. In other words the church today is the spiritual center of Gods Kingdom as a functional institution. The people who comprise that churches are the household of God and are the heirs of that Kingdom. And they produce the posterity of which the Kingdom is made. The Throne is a very direct part of the Kingdom which is also an administration. So the people and their family structure which makes up the nations are the household of the Kingdom. The church is the spiritual center of these people of the Kingdom, and the government itself makes up its part of the Kingdom. Thus nations, church and government (throne) are the Kingdom, with the nations actually the families of the Kingdom. We might also say… church, Race, and government would be the same thing.

Question:…Would you comment on the freezing of the silver dollar?

Answer:…Well, this is a very interesting thing, for one of the reasons why they froze the silver dollar of course is that the silver content of the silver dollar is out of proportion to the price of silver at this present time. They demonetized this to begin with because the Jews wanted to liquidate our silver like they liquidated our gold. As long as we had to retain it as the going media of the monetary standard that could be exchanged…or in other words, as long as you could take a silver dollar to the bank and get a stated amount of silver as required, then they couldn’t change the silver content of the dollar without an act of congress. So the silver content of the dollar is today higher than its equivalent of purchasing power, far less than its exchange rate of the past.

In other words when silver is worth $1.29 per ounce then there is $1.29 worth of silver in the coin which is only worth $1.00, so this hurts the Jews, and they wanted an excuse anyway to devalue so the International manipulators could get their hands on this silver. In Las Vegas it is getting harder to get this silver coin for their slot machines because the bankers are pulling out this silver every day. They have tried to stop the minting of silver dollars as well. They are minting one-half dollars but reducing the silver content of those half dollars, and thus lots of interests are unhappy with this. The mid-western farmer is unhappy if he can’t have a silver dollar, he probably didn’t collect to many of them before this, but since they aren’t going to make them he is protesting loudly to his Senators. So they are saying:..make the silver dollar even tho you reduce the silver content and they are discussing this process at the present time. However I don’t look for any action on this for what they have done is to circumvent silver to take us off a silver economy and draw that silver out from under the dollar. And now the silver dollar is no longer guaranteed by the United States Government, it is only a Federal Reserve note, even as on the dollar bill. So this will end any coinage of guaranteed money, where as the government backed the money by the production level of the nation, there will not be this amount now in circulation because the manipulators won’t let it get into circulation by pulling the silver. So there is to be no standard of value in the hands of the people which they can depend upon not to be manipulated. When you unhinge all currency from all equitable standards of equivalent weights in gold and silver you free this paper from inflation to devaluate its purchasing power. So as long as that dollar is tied to certain weights in gold and silver, no matter how much they might like to inflate that, there is one thing it will buy, which is silver. And this silver can go up with the inflation, but the dollar is exchangeable in silver so it holds it’s value level. The value of the dollar cannot inflate above the value of the silver you can exchange it for.

Now, by freeing this, by pulling us off this silver standard they can eventually inflate that dollar until it isn’t worth a dime. And the Jews don’t get hurt because that hasn’t been tied to a big hunk of silver. Outside of monetizing it for value and commercial uses of it, actually silver and gold are only for fictitious use anyhow, but they do have an attraction…especially gold. We could talk on and on about this silver movement between here and Europe and other places, but I don’t want to waste time on it tonight. The thing is that there is a strange strategy going on right now, and I happen to know that the communist countries are trying to gobble all the silver they can, and to sweep it off the market. They will hold all the silver and gold they can get.

Question:…Dr. Swift? Will you cover some of the Book of Romans, for there is so much of it that I don’t understand..about adoption and so forth?

Answer:…Well, that is why it was translated that way, so you wouldn’t understand, but then Jews themselves did this. The Book of Romans in the King James version has been tampered with, and of course the text from which it was translated become the texts from which Moffet and others were translated from..the same text. So for this reason you still have a degree of adjustment of these verses. But knowing what you know about the message you can find your way thru it, and find the explanation. First this is a pretty big target to shoot at in a single question, but we can point out many things here that probably fall in this same line. I wouldn’t get into the moral arguments which might fall into this line however. You have here a struggle of a created controversy which Paul expresses..between Grace and Law. Not seeking to disrepute the law but proving the Spiritual perception and spiritual capacity and spiritual Grace is something which is built in, and received that just determination and conduct cannot produce. So therefore, the law, does not make a man go, but a good man will keep the law. thus the law is a schoolmaster in that it forces obedience on a good man before he is spiritually responsible. And when they become spiritually responsible they don’t need the law other than a guidepost of conduct. The law breaker will break the law anyhow, but is a standard by which you hold him up to conduct if you have sufficient strength. The Apostle Paul said:..where as by one man sin entered the world, and death passed upon all men, but all men have sinned, and sin was in the world, but sin was not imputed before there was the law, it was not perceived or understood. A transgression of law is still a transgression whether you know it or not, but the guilt complex does not effect the individual if he is not aware of it. This does not mean that you are better off not to know, but it does mean that it weighs upon those who have the capacity to understand, and the area of responsibility, and this is the conscious factor which adjusts men to respond to it. For when he talks about men..the Apostle Paul is talking about the Adamic Race, he is not talking about those outside this race. Thus by Adam, transgression therefore passed on to this race, which became a guilt complex for this transgression, and it passed on all of us by inheritance. This is in the chromatin, in the genes, and in the chromosome from the beginning. For you inherited this remembrance, even the remembrance of a guilt complex back thru the years until the Atoning work of Christ. Then as one understands and perceives this they throw off this guilt complex, and then stand free. They may be prodded by the fact of conscious when they know the conduct is unbecoming their own standards, but they still stand without a guilt complex as it relates to the ultimate work of God, their spiritual stasis and so forth.

Of curse there are all types of theology, and Armenian theology is of curse an imperfect concept of theology. This is the theology that a man can be saved by God today and then if he gets out of adjustment tomorrow thru disobedience he is headed for perdition. And this perdition holds within it flaming perdition of judgments in some far off area after he dies. This is the Armenian doctrine.

Calvinistic doctrine was the contesting doctrine which conceded that the Grace of God would cover. That if a man recognized and believe that Jesus was The Christ then this was sufficient to establish that he had spiritual seed, and that God would give him Eternal Life, and he would never perish. And even tho he made numerous mistakes that he still possessed Eternal Life altho he might lose rewards, might lose station, but never would he lose Eternal Life ultimately. This was Grace which imputed and gave life unto men, not by what they did but by what God intended to do with them. The developing power of God being totally in the power of God to bring it to pass, and man only bettering his condition as he adjusted himself to awareness, but never was his final destiny in jeopardy.

Now;..Armenian doctrine is for a lower stasis of theology. It doesn’t matter to me what denomination embraces this. Great intellects in that group find themselves challenged all the time, in turmoil over this facet. They may use this to try to keep the masses in line. This was done by Rome in the past, to scourge the children of God by fear, into obedience, then your Faith is not as good as that Faith which secures its obedience by appreciation of not only of the Grace of God, but of the values of law. The law is not bad, it was the schoolmaster which was to bring us to the knowledge of Christ. Also to the Christ in you which is the hope of Glory. Also what the law could not do, the spirit of the Christ does do, and makes you want to obey it. Just making a law does not make one want to obey it, they make all kinds of laws today, some of them not even constitutional, but that doesn’t make us want to obey them. Sometimes you keep the law, and if it is unconstitutional you may not keep it at all. This idea of saying don’t do it isn’t the way to get obedience. But at the same time if it is a good law, and it shifts the balance to things men know to be right, then men don’t keep it from fear, they keep it because it is right and they desire to keep it. But when you deal with lesser mentalities which lack spiritual perception then they keep the law because you are big enough to make them keep it. This is..’The rod of Iron’..which is to be used. This is why today that only the white nations of the Western World of Christian civilization ultimately can enforce the laws of Gods Kingdom, because they have the spiritual capacity for this. The others will only obey when they are forced to obey the law, even tho it is to their best interest.

Now:..there are other areas of law, and other areas of loyalty to it such as you might find among the Mohammedans, for there is loyalty there to the commandments and to the teaching of Moses, and Abraham. Being Ishmaelites of course they accept some of these things. And there will be real loyalty in Mohammedan except in these Negroes who claim to be of the Mohammed religion. I am not counting them, for they were not Mohammedans to begin with, they are just a phoney cult. Now, I am not on the warpath but I am talking of the Ishmaelites, the Arabs, Egyptians and so forth. This doesn’t mean a blank check for their theology either, but it does say that these men keep the law, they like to keep it. However they don’t keep all the law because they have a different standard in morality and in conduct and a different standard to whom they owe a relationship as it related to obedience. In other words for an Arab to keep the law and deal unjustly with you, and get away with it you are not a Mohammedan. There are too many areas to try to break down, but there is one thing for you to remember:..’Those HE did foreknow he did predestinate to conform to the image of the son (embodiment)…and That they might be the first born or begotten of his many brothers’..Moreover..’Who He did predestinate He calls, and those He called He justified, and those He justified He Glorified.’ Who…’Shall lay any charge of Gods Elect?’

The Apostle Paul teaches the Election was before the foundation of the world. There were the children of God which He determined were to fulfill certain things, were going to occupy the earth, and to build His Kingdom. They were predestinated, which means Pre-Determined by the Sovereign God. And those He called He had already Justified, and those He has justified for his on purpose on Calvary, He has already Glorified. So Romans is a Sovereign Predestination BOOK FOR THE RACE WHICH GOD SENT IN HERE, WHICH OF COURSE IS ISRAEL.

Now:..in this instance when we say Israel, we are talking about all the people of the Adamic race who were Gods Issue..Bara..thus Gods Issue ruling with HIM. One of the specific things is that this was applied to the line of Seth, thru Noah, and thru Shem, from Abraham whom God called thru Jacob whose name was changed to Israel. This is why the Apostle Paul in the original text made a complete identification in the Book of Romans of this philosophy, the thinking, the positioning of Israel. Thus we read:..’Who are the Israelites, for to THEM pertains the positioning of sons.’ This word adoption or huiothesia is used, but it does not mean what this word does today. It does not mean going out and taking someone not your child and making him a part of your family by a legal process. The word huiothesia in the Greek meant the positioning of a son in the family. Which meant the planning of the parents for the birth of a child, and by such possibilities as the timing of His birth. This was an old Greek process, they tried to have their children placed around the Zodiac, or the months of the year of our solar system. The word huiothesia as used here and translated ‘Adoption’ had the meaning of positioning a son in the family.

Now:…’therefore to the Israelites…to them pertains the positioning of sons and the Glory of God.’ And in the Book of Isaiah it says:..’My Glory I will not give to another,’…only to my issue, to my household. Now:..the covenants of God, every promise of God pertains only to Israel, and the giving of the law was to Israel, both on Mt. Sinai, and otherwise. Paul says:..the services of God, and all the promises belong to Israel, and these are the people who are the fathers, and of whom concerning the flesh Christ came, who is over all, God blessed forever. Therefore it is made quite clear here in the Book of Romans that we are the race, the household of God, which God said He would join in earth. This household in earth which He calls His kinsmen, and His brethren is the household which makes up the Christians. This household alone to whom Christ sent His disciples and it is this household to whom Paul said over here in Galatians:..’If ye be Christ’s ye are Abraham’s seed’,..and ‘heirs according to the promise.’ Now:..Again:..’For they are not all Israel however which are out of Israel. ‘Thus we see Abraham’s sons, Ishmael and Isaac, and later others, and then Isaac had Esau and Jacob, and thus is this pattern then brought out..’Neither because they are the seed of Abraham are they all children…for in Isaac shall the seed be called.’ Thus the Ishmaelites were not the offspring of God, they were only a part offspring and as such God would recognize them as the children of Abraham, to always dwell in the midst of his brethren, but never of the stasis as Israel, never could they be the rulers of the Kingdom.

Thus in this instance the children of the flesh are not the children of God, but the children of the promise they are accounted for seed. Therefore the children of the flesh, the Ishmaelites which were not a spiritual seed could not be accepted for there has to be a spiritual ovum of the selected line. This is why when Abraham sent out his servant to find a bride for Isaac he said:…this bride must be from our own people. And later Isaac would do the same to find a bride for Jacob, so that he would marry among his own people. Thus Ishmael was the son of a handmaiden and those children would not be acceptable as posterity. But children not yet born having done neither good or evil…that the purpose of God according to Election shall stand…not the work but of whom he calleth. ‘It is written, the elder shall serve the younger’ and ‘Jacob have I loved and Esau have I assured. ‘ It is translated here as hated, but this did not exist in the original text. It means the one I selected, the other I rejected on the basis of his birth, seed line, spiritual capacities and so forth. This is also well brought out here in this Bible. And also the sovereignty of God which He sort of callously puts down here because you are supposed to be smart enough at this time to accept it. Therefore it says:…’Therefore hath he mercy on whom he will have mercy.’ And ‘who art thou o man, who art thou that repliest against God? Shall the thing formed say to him that formed it, why hast thou made me thus?’ Hath not the potter power over the clay? This is basically some of the themes found in the Book of Romans. Therefore the declaration he makes concerning Abraham and the children of Israel is:…’Has God cast away his people Israel?…No, he has not cast them away.’ Paul was here among Judah and Benjamin and he knew where the ten tribes were also. He knew that as far as Israel was concerned that Israel would receive the Gospel, and Judah and Benjamin would be driven out of Palestine into other lands, that they would accept the Messiahship of Christ where in the Jews of Palestine would not. So therefore the Apostle Paul said in this Book of Romans that there was no casting away of the children of God. There are other passages which take on added significance such as the grafting in of wild Olive branches to their tree. There is no place where the Apostle Paul looses or casts aside the promise that ‘All Israel shall be saved as it is written.’

Question:…Is this hard to prove to people?

Answer:…No, this is an easy one, in other words let me get this straight for you. An Olive tree is an Olive tree, wild or natural but still an Olive tree. You don’t make Olive trees out of fig trees or orange trees or banana bushes. When you get thru with this therefore an Olive tree when it is under cultivation in the center of the Kingdom was a natural Olive tree. If it was outside wandering, relocated, it was a wild Olive branch. In the Old and New Testament we discover that Israel is the Olive tree.

Now: Judah and Benjamin then were not going to accept the wild Olive branch because they had already been so effected by this influence of Jewry moving into Palestine. And the Jews didn’t want the Messiah to come, and the ten tribes to be joined back uniting Israel making a solid fighting force out of them. The Jews were afraid that Christ would unite all the white race with his Messiahship, and they would lift up the standards of the Kingdom and set the world free. They were afraid of this way back at that time, thus they sought to teach in their centers that those who were outside could never be brought back.

Now: the Apostle Paul even had to learn this the hard way, and he thus preached that these wild Olive branches were grafted back on to their Olive tree, because they were still Olive trees. Since the wild Olive branches could be grafted back then Judah and Benjamin also find their place in this tree as they migrated, for they were natural branches. And Paul is talking about this saying that Judah and Benjamin also find their place in this tree as they migrated, for they were natural branches. And Paul is talking about this saying that Judah and Benjamin would not lose their identity by what was going to come which he understood from Christ’s Prophecy, concerning the fact that they would be wiped out in Jerusalem. Not a stone left here one upon another, and of course when Titus the Roman came in, he wiped out the city of Jerusalem. But this never bothered Judah and Benjamin for they were transplanted into Europe. They were the Visigoths coming to join the Goths, and the Benjamin people were the Normans coming in. They were now among the nations of the kingdom in the west. Israel had now grafted back in all the wild Olive branches with all that they thought were the green branches. In the Book of Ezekiel it says:…’He will dry up the Green Tree, and cause the dry tree to flourish.’ The ten tribes in western Europe were not a kingdom, and Judah and Benjamin still had the Empire under this sign in Jerusalem, but when Babylon captured Jerusalem and took Zedekiah into captivity, then the Assyrians let the Dry tree go and it moved into Europe and began to grow and flourish. And we see that the Green tree in Palestine was governed by the Jews, but the prophecy is now fulfilled because over in Ireland the seed line was flourishing while in Jerusalem the Green tree dried up. The natural branches of Judah and Benjamin which stayed in Palestine for the coming of the Messiah, they would then as the dry tree goes thru their migration and be drafted back on to their own Olive tree.

Another thing which is quite significant here, he talks about the gathering in of all branches until All Israel is saved as written, that he would take away the ungodliness of Jacob. He makes the declaration that the Salvation of the Gentiles is the gathering of all the tribes of Israel back on to their own tree, be grafted back in to their own tree. Thus the Gentiles are Israel or the gathering of them back into their own tree wouldn’t be the saving of the Gentiles? In the place where you are called Gentile (not my people) there you shall be known as the children of God. This is why the grafting of Israel into the Olive tree again in the great spiritual work of Messiahship of Christ, thru the Spiritual outpouring of spiritual inspiration and guidance IS THE GATHERING OF ALL ISRAEL, SO THAT ALL ISRAEL SHALL BE SAVED AS IT IS WRITTEN.

I do not know what particular passage you might have had in mind but those are just some of those key passages. And if you want to stumble around over these you may stumble over this one:…’There is no difference between a Jew and a Greek’, and another one:..’If ye be Christ’s ye be Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise.’ But when you say: there is no difference between a Jew and a Greek, then you and I know there is a difference, and every Greek will tell you there is a difference quite emphatically. But the real meaning here is:…’There is no difference between a real man of Judah and a man of the Scythian (Israel) a Greek.’ They are just all Israelites, and the Apostle Paul said:..all our fathers ate of the same manna and drank of the same rock. But use of the word Jew for Judah is strictly an error here in translation. The codex proves this as well if you but look it up.

Now:..’if ye be Christs ye are Abraham’s seed, and you are heirs according to the Promise.’..But ‘The promise is made to Abraham and to his seed, not to many seeds but to ONE SEED, thru Isaac.’ Thus it cannot be scattered out in other directions.

Question:…I was reading a book called ‘A small voice crying in the wilderness’, by Walters a Christian Science book which had a little different outlook. There is much about the crucifixion and how it was mistranslated as a Cross…saying that Jesus was not crucified on a Cross???

Answer:…Not essentially so for Rome made it a Cross. Sometimes it is true that they just used a tree and so did the Scandinavians. Rome brought the crucifixion as a painful punishment and slow death into Western Europe as well as into the provinces of Rome. This was a pagan custom which went clear back to old Babylon as well, and the Jews in Palestine used this as well, as they gained control of Ancient governments. They used the Ancient Taid, they used to T stretch men on them by nailing their feet down without any apex or head board, but Rome hung 3 on crosses on Golgotha. This idea that His hands were just crossed and He was just nailed to a tree was gotten from the idea that they used to use trees in this manner. But in Palestine they had crosses for this, and even the Scripture says they make Him take up His Cross and carry it, it did not say He was to take up a tree …it was a Cross.

Now:…the thing is that Rome has some of the oldest woodcuts and engravings showing the use of the Cross. This goes back to the earliest parts of the first century. Some people want to make a big fuss over something… for instance over Easter. Alright then so don’t call it Easter, call it Resurrection Day. Yes, we know Ishtar..or Ashtoreth was a pagan goddess, but don’t get all excited because they have Easter bunnies for the kids, thinking by this that we have gone to Babylon. Really we haven’t for Christ resurrected from the dead. But a lot of people do get all shook about this. Every once in awhile someone wants us to preach a sermon on what was behind Easter. But we have more important things to talk about. As far as we are concerned there is only one thing behind Easter, and that is the Resurrection of The Christ. but is was at the same time period that the pagans celebrated Ishtar and so forth, but it was also at the equinox time or close to it when Easter takes place as well. We don’t find Easter on the same date every year, we shuttle it all around, and they try to get it on the Sunday closest to the vernal equinox, this is the idea, for He was Resurrected on the first day of the week, and this is not like a birthday.

Question:…When it says no bastards can enter the congregation…does it mean that?

Answer:…That’s a great idea, if we threw them all out of the church we would be better off.

Question:…but ten generations, that is quite a length of time?

Answer:…Well, let me explain to you just what a bastard is. This is a Hebrew word you are talking about. In Hebrew a bastard was one who was begotten by mingling with another race. It had to be adulteration, co-mingling with another race. Today a child born out of wedlock, or whose parentage is unknown is called a bastard, but this might not effect the bloodline of that individual child, not at all. He might still have good posterity, and seed, and only the absence of a formula said or not said as far as lineage is concerned or the title of fatherhood. This was not what was involved in this case. Here:…a bastard cannot enter the congregation for ten generations, thus a child conceived out of another race is what we are talking about. And ten generations is not to long to wait, for we don’t want them back at all.

Question:…In one of your lectures you talked about this, but how long is the Lord going to determine if there is enough true blood to bring them back in the ninth or tenth generation?

Answer:…Now, never trouble yourself about how God understands anything, this is a philosophic pattern. The sovereignty of Wisdom out of that which is Omniscience has this prerequisite, it never has an error. In other words there is nothing God doesn’t know. There isn’t anything you could tell Him. And I know a few men who think they can tell God a few things but really they can’t. There is absolutely nothing which God doesn’t know. Now:… under this instance again a lot depends on the areas of mongrelization. If the mongrelization is out of the areas of mulatto blood, you seldom find families which want to mingle with this breed, so as to bring them back to an area of this society. What a deal, your family would have to find a pretty powerful potentate to want to marry in that line for it wouldn’t do you any good. If it would take ten generations before your posterity would get into such an area, a person of that lineage wouldn’t have the spiritual perception to even evaluate that the ten generations was worth this anyhow. Actually this ten generations design was to permanently keep out of the congregations of Israel, the mongrel. Because ten families over those ten generations would have to sacrifice their entrance into the temple, their participation in the political life, their right to the equity of Israel, just to bring back this one. This was designed to shut the door on violation. If a man wants to shut the door, then out with him. If he wants to marry a Jap then out with him. You say:…but what happens to him? Well, as far as this man is concerned or this individual is concerned his seed is still a seed and in the fullness of time will be rectified, but not the offspring…in this Faith. The offspring has to be joined to the outlying races. This is so particularly true as you deal with the Adamic Race because you are a Spiritual seed. Thus no mutation of a spiritual seed is acceptable or permissible. Now:…where as the womb cleansing was to take seven gestations, they then moved to make this perfectly safe by outlining ten generations. This is how carefully God protected us. This is why Israel genealogy tables are kept. Back in the days when Israel was divided into tribes, they were pitched around their tabernacle, each tribe had their own tribal leaders. They had a Supreme Court virtually for the judging of the cases of all the tribes, and they had all the manifestations of what we might call provincial government. Each of these tribes kept the lineage of every man born, to what family that child was born, and it was permissible for a man to marry a woman of any of the other tribes. But if a man married out of another tribe of Israel then the bride took his tribe for her own. This the…generations of posterity were masculine as far as title was concerned, and always when a woman from one tribe of Israel married a man from another tribe of Israel, this was not mixing of the blood in the Scriptures. This was alright for this was Israel…this was the Race. But they did keep the records and if anyone married outside of their race they put them right out of the Israel society. The only way the man could stay was to send the woman and child out to her people. But if a woman married outside of her race she had to go, she could not just send someone away, she had to go because she could not bring a contaminated seed into Israel. Therefore what transpired was that the man had to send the posterity away or else go himself, and the woman just had to go. And if this posterity grew up and wanted to marry out into this line which is not outside, then they had to go out of Israel. So nobody was going to go out for the cause of bringing someone back in. A potentate might have accomplished this by having enough money to compensate for this, but generally for ten generations this did take place because nobody stayed around for ten whole generations to pay off. Therefore that would be a way to buy their way back in but it didn’t work. O, you say but people would forget, no..up until the destruction of the Temple they kept perfect genealogies. This is one reason why there were ceremonies and rituals carried out in the early days, in the Temple, and the genealogy tables kept a record of what was acceptable, what was to be performed, and who was to be identified at the Feast of Atonement and all of those things. That is why the Mormons of today are so vitally concerned about trying to run back the tribe from which a man descended. Thus they go back down thru the descendents of his records. For instance they don’t have a record which is so good today, but they think they have so that is O.K. for they are trying. But if they find someone who wasn’t baptized in their family tree, they are disturbed, because baptism takes the place of ordinances of those things which were finished at Calvary. In this instance if they find someone who was not baptized since the Cross, then they baptize, even the dead ones, so they will have in their record the ordinance of baptism. Thus their names will not have lost their value in the Kingdom, this is their interpretation.

Now:..this done by the early church before the Mormons because the Scripture says:..’If there be no resurrection of the dead then why are some of you baptized for the dead?’ Under this covenant..’As many as are buried with HIM in baptism shall be raised with HIM.

Question:—Do you pray for the dead?

Answer:…Oh, now people who just pray for the dead are just knuckleheaded. The only ones I know who pray to the dead are Romanized. You are wasting your time if you are praying for the dead, for the dead don’t know anything at all. As to the Spirits of the dead make sure you are talking to the good spirits. Lets not waste any time going second rank, lets go straight to Christ.

Question:…But they work for Him to…on Saturday in the temple (Mormon)

Answer:…But their work is built around the area of the theology which has them trying to make up for what maybe some of these fellows didn’t do in the past. This is Temple work, we could put together here tonight a lodge and make some stringent requirements which in a few generations could get to be real sacred. See? But as far as this is concerned this did not have real Biblical instructions. As far as our race is concerned we did not have in the Old Testament those rituals relative to sacrifice, and these things were consummated in the Cross. So we don’t have to go back and do what the Cross finished. Christ becomes our sacrifice, but we do have to have this Sacrifice. So this is why we have the Holy Communion because this is a living Sacrifice, this is a Mark of Israel, and it accomplishes a lot.

Question:…Is it possible for an Israelite who knows his enemy, knows the whole story, is it possible for them to be possessed of Demons, or act like a witch at times, and if so how can they get rid of it?

Answer:…Now you are getting into a subject which could take a night. We know much about this subject, to much to handle this easy. But I will just say this: there are various factors involved in this. The Celestial being or the Spirit of this Individual is not touched in most instances, where we have what is called obsession. There exists different kinds of beings which are invisible around us whose visibility could take place. We could put a circle on this floor and chalk that circle in, mark it and divide it in quarters and use a certain ritual and force to materialize that which is invisible in this room but this type of function is the misuse of power. But there is a formula which even Demons have to answer. I can show you the image of it, I can show you the formula but I don’t think it would be wise to play with this formula. But I know people who got involved with their curiosity and the first thing they knew they got carried away in the areas of Mediumship. Thus this is why there are definite directions against the misuse of the Scriptures, and these powers. You are to bind these powers but don’t put them on display for amusement, or just to prove that it can be done. There is such a thing as filling the circle and of demanding these things.

Now: the occult world operates in this kind of phenomena. In India and in Tibet, I could tell you of things I know about those areas, and about the Demon Temples, and how in Devil Temples many of them are existing right now which have Jewish Priests. There are all kinds of rites and rituals which take place in those Temples. But as to obsessions there are spirits which have been cast out, and many of them have been driven off of people, and they roam and hunt for people to possess. There are Satanic forces from the Netherworld that if people are not in complete control of their faculties that they might try to obsess this persons consciousness. This could happen also from an injury. This is why a Lobotomy is a dangerous thing, for a Lobotomy takes away whole areas of your perception. These areas are vital for you to possess because they are guardian areas. And when this is taking place you don’t have resistance when this is being done. You can be subject to a very easy type of hypnosis, and there are other types of hypnosis as well. Some individuals become prey to hypnosis which is a Satanic art. it has been used by some to try to release pain, in relationship to surgery but I still denounce the practice because of what is involved in it. Because of the use of hypnosis, irrespective as to what they try to tell you about it..when a person has submitted to hypnosis by experiment two or three times, if the person who controls this person is in error, and knows what they are doing they can hold and never fully release this consciousness. They can hold it in direct control and by concentration provided urges and responses and control the individual to some extent. Multiple hypnosis which reaches the sixth and seventh stages by the same practitioner is sorcery. And this kind of sorcery is that which a person might never get free from unless this sorcerer is willing to release them. When you talk about this, there are people today whom I am convinced have become obsessed. They are obsessed by human powers as it was in the old days, but it is not recognized today. Many of these Demon powers have a tendency to gain more control over the individual and sometimes throw them into fits. And sometimes such parents can pass this on to their posterity, and this effects not only the nervous system and other areas of their being, but is largely the background behind a great number of the type of fits and things which today people think is Epilepsy. I have watched people totally delivered of Epilepsy by prayer and when this transpired it was a battle of cursing, screaming demons, who cursed out of this person until they relaxed like a fainting, weak person, and come out of it with no recollection of any of this. Always you will note that in most cases of Epilepsy you start to pray for this person, and use the Name of Christ and they will curse and swear every time. This is a sure way to determine as to whether this was a mental injury created by a blow which mutated the nerve centers, and the thymus gland, or whether it was an obsession. This is known by a great number of medical doctors and psychiatrists who have spiritual discernment. This is known in theological circles as well and has been known for some time. Today the liberal doesn’t know anything relative to spiritual law so he doesn’t know this. But it is true that the church with Faith and the Clergy and the family with Faith can join with each other in casting out an obsession. There are people going around with obsessions but a large part of the people who we call Lunatics are only obsessed. The only thing other than this disarrangement of spirit which comes from the catalyst of darkness, the only other thing is when an injury is caused by a collapse of brain tissue. This could come from a terrible blow sometimes, but generally it comes from an injury which actually bruises the brain tissue itself, like a knife cut, or something like that. A fall or a blow has been known to damage the brain until they become victims to what we call a wrathful spirit which is an Epileptic spirit which froths and foams and so forth. This would be no fault of the person. There are many things we could get into in this subject but frankly when you talk about obsessions or witchcraft most of your true forces of witch- craft function out of Luciferian unassimalatables which we know as Jews, and their Priesthoods out of pagan religions. We find because of the phenomena involved that a Christian White nation might be quite lucrative because of the finance and because of the phenomena involved. This is the reason why people turn sometimes out of curiosity and are made the victims of the phenomena,…the spiritualist who raises a false spirit..the Ouija Board..the divining processes..and for instance people don’t know it but Ouija is a Demon of rebellion. And the Ouija board is not a phoney, it has a multiple of evil spirits who follow the WeenieBoard. Even tho you can buy it even in Sears and Roebuck, when it works it words out of Demonology. No Christian should ever have one in his home. As long as it is in his home he is inviting the operation of a presence whose vibrations and impact may be felt more inside that home than the occupants have any idea of. Even sometimes there are scrolls and manuscripts where as one retains them for research value, one has to bind their vibrations and influence. They do not belong in the average home. I can assure you of this. Some night we will take this subject up in full.

Question:…In tracing the children of Israel thru eight or ten pages of History I keep losing them on the map. Is there something smaller that outlines this migration?

Answer:…Well if you want to get them all thru that map just remember that the Scythians were Israelites and they settled in Greece, they were the earliest ones to get out. When Shalmanezar let the ten tribes go they went thru the Caucasus Pass into Europe and dispersed over the map of Europe in different directions. So now you have them in to Europe don’t ever lose them again. Ha.

I can show you their track tracings of the routes where they migrated. it is quite obvious these must have come this way for we find they had been there. We find the names of Danube names for Dan, and we find his name all over Europe before the ten tribes arrived. Dan…because he was the first tribe to move out entered into trading ventures both by caravans and ships everywhere. So you find Dan’s Land, Deniper, Danube, and so forth for his mark is everywhere. I can show you more of the mark of the tribe of Dan, and thus you know he was there for he marked his path everywhere he went. I am not going to get into this subject for various reasons, but I have looked at various maps of migration, and we know from the tribes settled. We know their family names which followed them around. And we know their traditions as it was redeveloped in Europe, whether in Germany or over in the Isles or in Scandinavia or Denmark, the high perception of spiritual values, the patterns of Eternal Life, of the Celestial children passing into a spiritual plane…all this was still working for the Kingdom, such as warriors still fighting out of the sky, the Valkyrie, the cry of Wooden, the son of an English and Scandinavian king line, all of this was an appeal to their Great ones who had ascended. We can know the intricate relationship of their Royal lines. In the course of these nations, and in their tribal battles and feuds in a race, but again they would turn and lock horns against any other race coming in. The Asiatic, the Mongols all tried coming in from Asia, and some from Labrador but before they got down there in their canoes they were turned back. In Asia the Asiatic would come in wave after wave into Europe, but the White race would all stand together to stop them.

Now: as you look at these maps you wouldn’t get lost if they continued to call some of these people Judah, or Benjamin or Gad or so forth. It wouldn’t be so confusing but no single writer ever did this.

Question:…why did Josephus say Jew and Israel?

Answer:…Josephus was a historian, and a man who lived in the Judah territory, but he had Benjamin blood. He tells you this, and as a historian he had this stasis. He paid his taxes and the Romans recognized him as not one of the Temple Jews. He said that he was around to record the big battle, and the Romans recognizing him as a great historian let him come and go. Josephus was not a Jew, he was an Israelite who was a reporter and writer. Today we have the translation of Josephus entitled ‘The Antiquity of the Jews’, but this was translated in England the same as the King James version of the Scriptures. So this translation of Josephus works was made by the same scholarship with the same areas of error as the King James version of the Bible, without the attempted modification of evasions, and capacities. The use of the word Jew then would be misunderstood if you didn’t know the tribal factors involved. I only find certain points of his work interesting, as when he talks about these Jews who were phoneys, and how they ate their own children. How they were the worst of all people, for some would know this like the man who was there.

Question:…In the days of Elijah there was tribulation and Elijah had to flee. And in the days of Jezebel people were persecuted. Then in the Book of Mark it says tribulation would come like it had never been before. Doesn’t it seem like we have reached this point?

Answer:…Oh, no, you see you are reaching for this idea. It says:…There shall be a time of tribulation such as there never has been upon the face of the earth. This means scope wise, in other words remember that since W.W.I we have come thru the greatest trying period in the history of the world. There has been more violence, more massacre, more warfare against the kingdom, more people have died under the scourge of the communist revolution, and the things which have transpired than ever before. There are more Israelites in captivity today than have ever been in captivity in history because we became so much greater in numbers. Back in the day of the captivity in Assyria we know those numbers, and today behind the iron curtain there are more white Israelites than there ever were in captivity before.

In other words they can’t do any more to people, for in the Soviet Union they boiled them in oil, they tore them apart, tortured them, did everything they could think of against them. So we are in this period of great tribulation, ever since the enemy has come in he has sought to destroy, has increased your tax burden, and harassed you in other ways, but all these things do not quite accomplish what they expected, because they don’t quite destroy us. We are in the time of Sorrow, and this started in W.W.I. and we are in tribulation moving toward the end of this age. We have as a race thru out the world been in great tribulation but we have fared better right here than any nation of the Kingdom anywhere on the face of the earth, and we are well aware of this. And this does not require the liquidation of all the Clergy or anything like that. But this is the end of the Age and ‘My servants will fight, and the kingdom will not be left in the hands of the Jews.’ However don’t think they won’t try to get rid of the Clergy for they will try even this. The difference in the days of Ahab was that Jezebel as Queen brought in great trouble with these Priests of Baal, and they sought to destroy all the Prophets of God. And the Prophets of God didn’t have any protection because the army was in the hands of the king, and Jezebel controlled him, with the Baal Priests.

Today this is a Christian nation and we have 149 million Christians, the Baal Priests are to be found in the Synagogues and in the National Council of Churches and so forth, and they are surrounding the President with their bad advisors, but there is more of us. Do not think however that they would not like to bring you down, and to liquidate you, for they would if they could. But I will tell you this, it won’t be as peaceful as it is if they try it. In other words there is other things to happen at this time. With great tribulation comes spiritual power for those of the kingdom if anyone comes shooting at me no matter what flag he flies, he is going to die as long as I have ammunition, remember that. Someone said: but suppose he comes shooting under the banner of your flag? Well, if the devil has my flag, I am going to rescue it.

Question:…In some places they have a grass with funny heads and they call it devil wheat; could it be something he has effected, or is it symbolic?

Answer:…Well it could be, and I can tell you something else, the authorities are expecting some kind of trouble for a whole group of shock troops have moved into our city. They are located here, but I have learned that they expect Negro trouble. I hope they are smart enough to be on the right side when the trouble comes. But the negroes are talking of violence, and I also got a call at 6 this morning from Florida. The Mayor of Jacksonville is a man named Burns. When we were in Jacksonville we had the privilege of meeting and knowing this man. He is a brilliant man, a right-winger, a segregationist, and very popular with the right. Now the administration is very worried about him because he is anti-Johnson, anti-Kennedy, anti-integration, and he doesn’t trust the Feds, so he is smart. I was called this morning and they said:…this situation here is not as it appears, altho Mohammed stirred up the negroes. But this has been a federal exercise so as to create such a rioting and bloodshed in the city so it will make it look like this Mayor can’t control the city, so the Feds have to take over. Thus if this man were to become Governor you would lose your peace, and be taken over so better get someone else who can get along etc. Thus this Negro trouble was actually stirred up to stop Burns who is running for Governor of Florida. But this is only the beginning for bloodshed will hit in other places. They have designed this type of tactic for all over the nation. Last week they listed every vacant house for rent in Lancaster, and Palmdale, and in other places as well, and the Jews are going to buy every place for rent, and put Negroes in these places, in every community in California. They know this is explosive and if people refuse to sell they will have trouble, and the trouble is set to get out of hand. Here Mumah does not bury Negroes, and some of these other undertakers do not do this, so it is going to be sort of stinky around here. Ha.

Question:…Why were the Galileans going to throw Jesus over the cliff?

Answer:…WHAT?…Oh, that was the Jews in the Synagogue. Jesus was safer in Galilee because there wasn’t such a big OGPU down there. Well, there were Jews all thru Palestine, but in Judea they had total control. They had an army and an OGPU, and assassins, and they controlled the Temple there as well. They controlled the Synagogue but they didn’t have a following in Galilee, and if they gave a man to bad a time then they might be in trouble in Galilee. But after Jesus identified Judas of Iscariot then he couldn’t have a nights rest in Judea for the OGPU were mad. It says: after this Jesus had to walk in Galilee because the Jews sought to kill him in Judea. The Galileans were not Jews in the main, but there were a few Jews in Galilee, and it was in the synagogue where they wanted to throw Jesus off the cliff. There was never a moment when the Jews were not after Christ, and they haven’t stopped even today. They know he isn’t here, but they know we are, so they work on us. Oh, they like for someone to do the work for them, but they still like to dance around the hangman’s noose. Remember Purim Festes isn’t far off now either.

Question:…Sarah’s handmaiden was she an Egyptian or a white person?

Answer:…There is a strong possibility that she comes down at least in part descendence of the ON people. There were white, there were some of them however who bred outside of the race and were not accepted back into the race, and this is a possibility. very few Egyptians served Israel however, and you remember that Abraham went down into Egypt to visit, and this is when Sarah picked up her handmaiden. The Egyptians didn’t like Shepherds, and they never ate mutton, thus it was not likely that an Egyptian would serve a man who had tremendous flocks. This is why it was thought that Hagar was of Sethite stock, and possibly Hamite, because remember that the Egyptians were not Hamites. But some of Hams seed did go down into Egypt and did settle there. Remember at this very time that the father of Abraham was the Prime minister under Nimrod in Chaldea. Nimrod died during the life time of Abraham. In knowing this we know there was some Ham stock under the Nimrod rule who were in Egypt, so there is a possibility that there was a fusion of blood, but it was not acceptable to God for the kingdom. They were cousins of the Ishmaelites but they were not to marry into the Israel line, and Israel was not to marry into the Ishmael line. I will accept that God has a very accurate record of this situation and He knows what that situation consisted of.

Now: when Joseph went down to Egypt and married Asenath the daughter of the Priest of ON..Potipherah..then this daughter was of pure White seed, a Sethite girl, and this is why the spirit permitted Jacob to say, let my name (Israel) be named on these two lads Ephraim and Manasseh. These were the children of Joseph and Asenath. If this seed hadn’t been pure and absolutely sealed this could not have been done.

Question:…When children are born into the world did God choose their parents for them?

Answer:…I tell you that marriages were made in heaven..to this degree.. that there is a foreknowledge pattern involved here, but there were permitted centers also. In other words there were affinities followed out here, and spiritual discernment doesn’t always create such affinities. Sometimes affinities develop if people are spiritually energized, but as far as that is concerned the Celestial being was a child of the Father before he came into the world. The vehicles and the process by which he would enter was known because the spiritual seed was the seed which would provide the physical being with the remembrances of the ancestors who produced these physical bodies of that family, in the chromatin, and were known to the father when he placed that consciousness, and permitted it to make this entrance. You are the child of Adam after the flesh, and a child of God after the Spirit. You are a child of Adam after the flesh, but then Adam was a child of God. But your Celestial being never had this physical body before, so this is its first entrance. But once identified with it, this body in its synthesis is yours, and resurrection will gather its elements of components which have not been reassimilated, into this body while it makes its completion, and is thus restorable. But the real entity of personality is still Celestial, altho the ego consciousness develops according to earth environment, and the Celestial body takes on a form we would say then that this physical body is the image of the Spiritual body, less all of the imperfections it has gained in environmental patterns. In other words this physical body can wrinkle and it can age but the spiritual body never ages. Under this instance…again, the maturity of the Celestial body is always complete, the physical body in maturity meets this schedule. You have features which will not change so you are not recognizable, but these features will take a pattern of perfect form. Consciousness and perception are also communicative. There is no area in which people have lost identity.

So we will say that your name was written down in the Lambs Book of Life before the foundation of the world. He not only knew you as a child but made promises and covenants to you in the spiritual planes, and knew who you would be in earth, and you came in and he knows your going out…if you were to leave, for the Scripture says this is so.

Question:…well that points to the fact that it was predestination does it not?

Answer:…No theologian can repudiate predestination, and still retain the sovereignty of God. And in these types of mental gymnastics which some think are erosive theology we have the evidence of nothing but human concept.

In other words this is something I run into every once in a while, but you be willing to recognize that God knows best. There is a permissive Will and a perfect Will and the perfect Will eventually will bring the permissive Will into a perfect Will, in the fullness of time. I can walk lightly and it is also possible for you to walk with trouble, for you can have this permissiveness.

Question:…What does it mean when it says the children of the kingdom shall be cast into outer darkness?

Answer:…This is just talking about the children of the kingdom that have served the enemy, like Warren and others. Who have to dwell outside of the area of the Kingdom and its blessing, in an area of its punishment, they are put out among the pagans for a season. Outer darkness is outside the great nations of the kingdom, outside of the center and the true light… it is cold out there.

Question:…Are they outside right now?

Answer:…Well this is true, but basically I am talking about something else. There occurs an area of correction, an area of chastening to some extent, for those who have become the proselytes of the enemy in which there are formative periods at the return of Christ. Now:…the Millennium does not start at once…for first we whip the enemy, we start putting the world in order, the administration and coronation of authority takes place but there comes a cycle of preparation, and there comes the beginning of a perfect administration. And between that time (the beginning of the Millennium and the perfect administration) things will be put in a perfect order. Now as to what degree the chastisement and association will go to, some of these is not totally determined. We do know that in a moment, and in the twinkling of an eye that transitions will come, and that which is imperfect will put on perfection, so we leave those things to Our Father.